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15 Best Grip Strengtheners: Buyer's Guide (UK)

Grip strengtheners: the essential piece of equipment you didn’t know you needed.

Want to beat your PBs in weightlifting but can’t quite lift enough? Got a recent wrist injury and want to rebuild your muscles, or starting a new climbing hobby but can’t grasp that hold properly? Grip strength is the key to all these issues, and more. 

OriGym have found 15 of the best grip strengtheners so you can build up your grip strength quickly and easily. Whether that’s with a ball, finger strengtheners, or a spring loaded product, there’s a great hand exerciser for you on our list. 

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What is a grip strengthener?

A grip strengthener is a handheld piece of equipment specially designed to build wrist, finger, forearm, and/or general grip strength, and it uses resistance to do so. They come in a few common variations:

  • Spring hand grip strengthener - built with a spring mechanism, this works by squeezing handles together to work the hand and wrist muscles.
  • Hand strengthener ball - a ball or egg shaped item, usually made from rubber or squeezable plastic, these work by squeezing with the hand or fingers and are also used as stress relieving balls.
  • Finger strengthener - there are a few variations in these as some come in a glove-like design which work by stretching the fingers with resistance, or a block-like design that you squeeze with resistance. 

We’ve got examples of each of these varieties on our list (as well as a few more!), so read through to find the one that will best suit your goals. 

#1 - Captains of Crush IronMind Hand Grippers

Price: £26.99

spring hand grip strengthener

Our first item is a brilliant and versatile product, with different options for athletes of all levels. The IronMind is made with solid manufacturing, and will do everything you want a grip strengthener to do with efficiency.  

The IronMind hand grip strengthener is made of an aluminium alloy, which is extremely tough, so you can be confident that this will be long-lasting and durable. The high quality finish will make you feel like you’re training with professional-grade equipment, which can do a lot to promote the kind of positive mindset that an athlete needs.  

It’s an incredibly simple product as well, being essentially one moving piece. There are no tricky adjustments, just straightforward operation – so if you’re looking for the best grip strengthener for ease of use, no questions asked, then the IronMind is the one for you.  

One caveat with the IronMind hand strengthener is the fact that it isn’t adjustable, so as you progress with your exercises you’ll have to repeatedly buy the next strength up. This can end up being pretty pricey in the long run, but that aside, it’s still a fantastic piece of kit and worth the price if you’re just starting out and taking your strengthening slowly. 

So no matter where you’re looking to start, the IronMind gripper has you covered and, apart from the potentially larger price tag, sits as one of the best grip strengtheners you can buy right now. So if you’re serious about improving grip strength then we couldn’t recommend this gripper more.

#2 - Gonce Hand Grip & Finger Grip Strengthener 

Price: £6.99

grip strengthener for small hands

At the other end of the spectrum from the IronMind gripper, we have the Gonce Hand Grip Strengthener. The Gonce is a great option for beginners who are looking to improve both grip and finger strength. When you buy this set, you get four grippers: two hand strengtheners and two finger strengtheners, and for a price that’s under £10 this is an absolute steal.  

The finger strengthener is particularly good for climbers who are looking to really improve their grip; it’s easy to use and small enough to carry around with you, so it’s perfect for on-the-go exercises. 

The wrist grip strengthener is similarly simple and effective. It’s really just a case of squeezing it whenever you want to get a workout in. It’s also particularly good as a forearm grip strengthener as well, making it easy to gain muscle in your forearm.  

These grippers are made of lightweight silicone, and are a one size-fits-all product – you stretch or squeeze as much as you’re able to. These may not be perfect if you’re looking for a real high-end kind of finger or wrist grip strengthener, but they are an absolutely ideal beginner’s product for anyone looking to get started on improving grip and forearm strength.  

So, we would recommend the Gonce as one of the best grip strengtheners for climbers in particular, but also for anyone looking for an inexpensive and effective hand grip strengthener. 

#3 - Luxon Adjustable Hand Gripper Exerciser

Price: £8.79

hand strengthener ball

The first thing to mention about the Luxon hand grip strengtheners is that they come in a pack of two, so if the efficiency of exercising both hands at once appeals to you, then the Luxon has got you covered. We really like this, since it can be difficult to exercise both hands equally when only one hand exerciser is available, and having to pay twice is frustrating. 

We are also big fans of the fact that the Luxon is adjustable, from 10kg to 50kg, so you’re able to increase the resistance to match your progress. This is an improvement from other lower quality hand grip strengtheners, and means that the Luxon is one of the most affordable and cost-effective hand exercisers you’ll find.  

Like all of the best grip strengtheners, this is great for both hand and finger strength, although it doesn’t have a specific section for finger strength, like some others do. But it does the job that it sets out to do, and is great for acquiring muscle mass in the forearm as well.  

One of the downsides of this product is that it’s not the most comfortable to hold, being made largely of hard plastic. But for such a low price for a pack of two, we can’t really complain.  

We would recommend this as a great hand strengthener for anyone looking to get started in improving their grip strength but aren’t ready to spend a significant amount of money quite yet – because, for what you’re paying for the Luxon, you’re really getting a decent product. The Luxon gripper is one of the best grip strengtheners on the market due to its adjustability and the fantastically affordable price.  

#4 - Gripmaster Hand Exerciser 

Price: £13.70

finger grip strengthener

This next product is a great lightweight hand strengthener - compact enough to take with you wherever you go.

The Gripmaster comes in a variety of different strengths, which will suit anyone from beginner to veteran athlete. We’ve picked the Gripmaster X Light because we think it’s a great product to start improving your strength, but there are 5 different resistances so you can build up at a pace that’s comfortable to you.

The stand out difference in the Gripmaster is the fact that you can exercise each finger individually, instead of using the whole hand at once. This is great, because it means that weaker fingers aren’t being supported by the stronger ones, so you get a great all round workout that strengthens all fingers equally. This makes the Gripmaster one of the best grip strengtheners for climbing, gymnastics, and other sports that require more robust finger strength.  

The Gripmaster does have the same consideration that some of the other grip strengtheners on our list have, in that it isn’t adjustable, and you have to buy a new one with the next resistance up each time you want to progress. However, if you’re serious about strengthening your grip then we think it’s worth the investment.

These are, however, great grip strengtheners that are ergonomically designed and easy to carry with you everywhere, which is also incredibly handy for those that don’t want to waste a moment (or even chronic fidgeters!). So, no matter what strength you’re starting at, you can be sure there is a Gripmaster hand strengthener that will be perfect for you. 

#5 - Powerball Power Gripper Metal Series

Price: £13.99

how to use a hand grip strengthener

The Powerball hand strengthener is an incredibly sturdy unit. The spring is made of reinforced stainless steel which makes for a challenging workout, and the grips have a diamond etching which makes for easy gripping. The whole thing feels high quality and professional grade, so it really inspires confidence. We think this is a high quality, serious hand squeezer – if your equipment isn’t taking the workout seriously, how can you?  

It comes in a variety of different colours that correspond to different resistance levels, from an extra-light 50lbs, right up to the elite 350lbs. This last one is very much not a product for beginners, but rather for anyone looking to really push themselves. 

The Powerball is perfect for grip strengthening, but also is ideal for working on your arm muscles, and increasing bone strength – whatever you’re looking to work on, you can bet the Powerball hand strengthener can help.  

There is the familiar problem of having to buy multiple iterations as you progress, but anyone who is looking to invest in the Powerball is definitely serious enough about hand grip for this not to be a painful investment.  

So, if you’re looking for a pro-level bit of kit that will help elevate your hand strength, then you could do much worse than the Powerball. It’s one of the best spring hand grip strengtheners you’ll find, so you can be sure that it won’t let you down.

#6 - Peradix Hand Exercise Stress Balls 

Price: £7.99

powerball hand strengthener

The Peradix is a hand grip strengthener ball that also doubles as a stress ball, and is a fantastic hand strengthener for kids, adults, and those recovering from injury. For some great advice on injuries read through our article for common weightlifting injuries and prevention guide.

The Peradix comes in a set of 3 thermoplastic eggs of 3 different resistance levels. The strongest is only 30kg, so this probably won’t be the best option for hardened athletes, but is perfect for beginners or for children who are looking to start a sport such as rock climbing or gymnastics.  

You can buy two different colour sets: red, yellow, and blue, or black, orange, and green. There are no differences between the two sets, so it’s entirely down to your own preference. 

One of the advantages of using a hand strengthener ball is how portable they are. They are super lightweight and small in size so you can easily pop it in your pocket or bag and carry it with you at all times. That way, any time the mood strikes, you’re able to fit in a quick grip workout!  

Another great thing about these balls is that they can double as a stress or anxiety relieving device. In a stressful situation, it’s always handy to have something to siphon off some energy, and these ball hand strengtheners are perfect to do just that. Plus, if you're really looking to improve your fitness at work, have a look at our article on office fitness for some great tips and advice. 

So if you’re a beginner, or if you have a budding young athlete in your life, then we would highly recommend these hand grip strengthener balls: they’re the perfect starting point for anyone looking to improve their hand strength, for any reason. 

#7 - SQUEGG Digital Dynamometer

Price: £32.97

adjustable hand strengthener

Not even the world of grip strengtheners is safe from the technological revolution, which is why the SQUEGG hand strengthener ball exists. It’s a brilliant ball that you can pair with your phone via Bluetooth in order to give yourself the ultimate precision grip workout.  

The SQUEGG works by connecting to an app, which you then use to set the resistance level for your grip exercising. The app then gives you updates on the progress you’re making in real time, and shows you data such as your current grip strength and your blood pressure. This allows you to see how far you’ve progressed, and to set realistic goals based on this.  

The ball itself is ergonomically designed, so it's very comfortable to hold. It’s lightweight, and small, so it’s easy to keep to hand for any impromptu workouts.  

This gadget does come with a slightly larger price tag, but that’s to be expected when dealing with technology of this calibre. You’re really getting what you pay for with the SQUEGG, but if you are looking for a simpler adjustable grip strengthener that improves grip and nothing else, then this might not be the right gizmo for you.  

So if you’re looking to upgrade your workout regimen, then this is a worthy investment. It offers fantastic support for improving finger, hand, and arm strength, and even lets you compete against your friends to see who can progress the most. This really is the next level in developing grip, and the best hand grip strengthener for tracking progress!

If you are wanting to track your fitness progress but don't want invest so much money, try using one of the 15 best fitness journals instead.

#8 - GD Iron Hand Grip Strengthener Light

Price: £62.90

grip forearm strengthener

The GD Iron Grip stands out as an incredibly adjustable and customisable piece of equipment that is sure to be perfect for any athlete out there.

The best thing about this adjustable grip strengthener is the fact that you can adjust how far apart the handles are, meaning that this is the best grip strengthener for small hands, large hands, and anyone in between! This is a rare find in a hand exerciser, which often caters only to larger hands, so this is a big plus in our book. You can also easily adjust the resistance level to suit your preference, so this is entirely suitable for a wide range of experience  levels.  

The grip strengthener itself feels like a sturdy bit of kit, with robust aluminium handles and an extremely tough compressed spring. What’s more, the company guarantees it will last at least ten years, which is an impressive claim for any piece of exercise equipment.  

All of this added together equals a higher price than some of the other items on our list, but you’re getting a lot for your money with this hand squeezer, with unprecedented levels of customisation to suit any need. Plus, with the ten year guarantee, you know you won’t have to buy another one any time soon. 

This is certainly high on the list of the best hand grip strengtheners you can get, due to its adaptability to suit all strengths and sizes. We would definitely recommend it, especially for those who have had trouble finding a hand and wrist grip strengthener that fits their hands. 

#9 - CAMRY Digital Hand Grip Strengthener 

Price: £29.99

best grip strengthener

Up next we have another hi-tech hand exerciser, but this one is a little simpler than the SQUEGG. It’s great if you want to accurately measure your progress, but don’t want to drop a lot of cash to do it. 

The CAMRY has an LED screen attached, which tells you what resistance you’ve chosen, as well as your current grip strength. Just apply pressure for five seconds, and you’ll get an accurate result. It will show you how you are doing compared to your previous result, and will also let you know how close to average you are with regards to age and gender, so you’ll know if you’re doing well, or if you still have room to improve.  

This hand exerciser is a little bulky, so won’t be much use if you want to exercise your hands while on the move, but the LED screen means that this is better suited to a dedicated workout anyway. 

One of the best things about this piece – the price. At almost half  the price of the SQUEGG, this is definitely a smart investment for anyone looking for a bit of tech to support their progress, but is less keen to pay a huge sum of money.  

Another thing to point out is that it has a five-year warranty, so you won’t have to buy another one any time soon. It can also store data for up to 19 different users – these factors combined mean that this a common choice for personal trainers, or PE teachers. If you happen to be a PT, you may find our guide to personal trainer marketing useful! 

This is certainly a nifty hand and wrist grip strengthener for those needing a little extra guidance, and the added LED screen is a brilliant gadget that will help support you no matter your goals.

#10 - Flawless Fitness Hand Grip Strengthener 

Price: £23.99

forearm gripper

The Flawless Fitness Hand Grip Strengthener is a great choice for anyone who is after a lightweight and compact hand grip strengthener for small hands, large hands, children, adults - everyone! 

The key thing to point out about this hand squeezer is the weight – it’s one of the lightest hand grip strengtheners you’ll find, weighing in at less than 15g. For a full hand exerciser, this is unbelievably light, and is therefore perfect for carrying around.  

The lightweight aspect also makes this a brilliant wrist and forearm grip strengthener for rehabilitation. If you’re suffering from a hand injury and need to start slowly, then this would be a great product to help you out. Plus, if you're looking for an extra product to help improve your forearm strength then why not invest in some of the best adjustable dumbbells to really give your fitness a boost! 

This is a fairly small hand grip strengthener too, so will suit a wide range of hand sizes. Its resistance level is also adjustable, so you don’t need to buy a load of other grippers as you progress.  

Since it’s designed more for rehab and smaller hands, the Flawless Fitness hand exerciser might not be suitable for someone who has already built  up a lot of hand strength and wants to really push themselves. But for what it’s designed to do, it does extremely well. 

So this is certainly one of the best hand squeezers out there for anyone looking to improve their grip from a relatively low level, especially if you are rehabilitating after an injury, or are looking for a product that will support a casual desire for grip strength.

If you’re not sure if this equipment is for you, then consider nabbing the Flawless Fitness spring hand grip strengthener as you might find it’s exactly what you need. 

#11 - Powerball Strengthening Gyroscope 

Price: £34.99

finger strengthener

Powerball’s Gyroscope is a little different to some of the other hand exercisers on this list: it’s a hand grip strengthener ball that uses isometric resistance to increase not only hand strength, but wrist and forearm strength as well. 

The Powerball works by winding up a built-in gyroscope, meaning there are no cords or batteries to worry about, and as it spins at up to 18,000rpm and generates resistance you can use it as a forearm grip strengthener or wrist trainer, as well as a standard hand strengthener.  

The product comes in three different types: The Classic, The Pro, and The Pro Fusion, all generating different levels of power. You can pick which one would best suit your needs based on your current fitness level.  

The Powerball is certainly a different mode of exercising, particularly because it relies entirely on you for how much force it outputs: the faster you spin, the more force it generates, the more  intense the workout. This means it’s suitable for all levels and fitness goals, whether you’re an elite athlete, or just starting out. 

It’s also an incredibly tough bit of kit, being made of some high quality materials that make it fully drop resistant. This is important, as you don’t want to be constantly dropping money if you’re constantly dropping your equipment.  

So if you’re looking for something a little bit different to aid in hand strength, then you should definitely consider trying out the Powerball Gyroscope, and see if it’s for you. It’s an interesting bit of kit, and is guaranteed to produce the results you’re after, particularly if you are looking for a gripper that doubles as a great wrist grip and forearm strengthener.

#12 - Clinically Fit Xtensor Reverse Hand Grip Strengthener

Price: currently unavailable 

how to use a grip strengthener

Our next hand exerciser is an odd looking thing, but is fantastic for improving finger strength in a way that’s more effective than most other products. Clinically Fit’s reverse hand grip strengthener does exactly what is says on the tin: instead of pushing down, you pull your fingers up, working a different set of muscles you normally would.  

A fantastic feature of this finger grip strengthener is the fact that you can adapt the resistance level of each individual finger, so if you are having trouble with the strength of one in particular, you can adjust the grip to suit it.  

This is another hand and finger strengthener that is particularly good for physical therapy and rehabilitation, but is still great for anyone of any level who wants to work on their grip strength.  

The Xtensor is attached by a strap around the wrist, so it’s adjustable enough to fit most hand sizes. The device itself is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time, and is lightweight enough that  it won’t cause aches from heavy equipment.  

This is probably best used in conjunction with another gripper if you’re keen to really work on your finger strength, and may not be as useful after hitting a certain level of strength. But as a reverse grip strengthener, this definitely hits all of the points that you’ll need it to, and is definitely the best grip strengthener for climbing or gymnastics, where strong fingers are essential. 

#13 - Sportneer Wrist and Forearm Grip Strengthener 

Price: £9.99

hand grip strengthener

The Sportneer gripper is the best grip strengthener option if you want to focus on wrist and forearm strength, and provides all of the support you’ll need to really gain muscle and increase strength. If you also want some great exercises to build your forearm and grip strength then check out our blog post for the 17 best forearm exercises for mass a grip strength!

The Sportneer is a high quality bit of kit that feels sturdy enough to survive anything you put it through. The springs are heavy duty carbon steel, and thick enough to really give you a workout. The forearm rest is padded and rounded, so it’s very comfortable and there’s no risk of rubbing or chafing. It’s also lightweight enough to carry with you to the gym.  

While it can help improve your grip strength, its primary function is as a wrist and forearm grip strengthener. If you’re looking to improve hand strength as well, we’d recommend combining this with one of the other items on this list in order to benefit from an all round workout.  

Even though this is one of the larger items on the list, it’s actually one of the cheapest, so if you’re not keen on spending a lot of money on a strengthener, then this would be perfect for you.  

We would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in a  sport where forearm and wrist strength are important, including tennis, squash, and gymnastics; but it’s also a fantastic hand and forearm gripper for anyone looking to improve their general fitness in an efficient, low cost way. 

#14 - IronMind TUG Gripper 

Price: £27.25

ball hand strengthener

The IronMind TUG Gripper is an absolute gem of a hand exerciser, and is perfect for anyone looking for a compact but heavy duty gripper to improve hand and finger strength.  

The TUG Gripper is notable for being absolutely tiny, one of the smallest grippers you’ll find. This means that it’s incredibly portable and will fit into pretty much any pocket or bag. It is still a very hardy piece of equipment, being made of an aluminium and steel alloy that is tough  enough for any workout, and don’t worry – the handles are very thick and easy to grasp, so if you have bigger hands that won’t be a problem.  

The small size means that it’s designed to be used when you’re focusing on specific finger strength (including the thumb). It’s great for climbers, or even musicians, who need to up their finger strength quickly.  

Like a lot of other grippers in this list, you will have to buy more as you progress, as it only comes in one strength. This is a common caveat with grip strengtheners, and is unfortunately often a necessary investment if you’re really serious about improving grip strength.  

So if you’re looking to put your fingers through an intense and individual workout, then you can really do no better than the IronMind. Another top contender as best grip strengthener for climbing and grip related sports, this will boost your strength in no time.

#15 - Fitbeast Workout Kit 

Price: £13.58

hand strengthener for kids

Now, we know what you’re thinking: every single product on this list looks fantastic, and in an ideal world, you’d purchase them all. Well, don’t say we don’t know how to deliver, because this next item is a grip workout kit from Fitbeast, who has every kind of grip strengthener you can think of.  

In the kit is a standard grip strengthener, a finger strengthener, a finger stretcher, an exercise ring, and a grip ball. So no matter what area of hand strength you’re thinking of working on, this kit will have you covered.  

The adjustable grip strengthener is fantastic, ranging from 10kg to  60kg, so perfect for beginners or old hands. The finger stretcher and the finger strengthener are perfect for improving finger strength, and work together to effectively build up all the finger muscles you’ll ever need. The ball and the ring are similarly effective methods of working on your hand muscles.  

The kit even comes in a variety of colours, including black, light blue, navy blue, and red, so if a little pop of colour is important to you, you’re in luck!  

So whether you’re a tennis player looking for a forearm gripper, or a rock climber after a finger grip strengthener, or a boxer interested in a wrist strengthener, (or even all three!) then this kit will have what you need. It’s a brilliant grip strengthener set of good quality and an extremely affordable price. 


How to use a grip strengthener

The answer to the question of how to use a hand grip strengthener? usually depends on the format of the equipment.

For example, ball hand strengtheners are probably the easiest to use as you just grip them, either in your palm or with specific fingers, and then squeeze. Others, such as a specially designed finger grip strengthener, are a little more complicated as they require more specific positioning and movements. Generally though, a squeezing action of the hand and tensing of the wrist will be involved.

The more complicated equipment will come with clear instructions so definitely read through those to make sure you’re getting the most out of your hand grip strengtheners.

How often to use a grip strengthener

grip strengthener how to use

This will depend heavily on your overall grip goals. If you’re looking to really develop your grip then using a hand exerciser everyday will be more likely to be necessary. If you’re recovering from an injury or just generally looking to improve your grip at a comfortable pace, then every other day will be more suitable. 

Ultimately, this is completely up to you and your fitness level to decide, but make sure you're including rest days in all of your workouts: if you need more advice on this check out our article on the importance of rest days and how many you need.

What is the best grip strengthener?

As there are so many varieties, some are more tailored for specific areas than others, which makes this an impossible question to answer. Hands, wrists, fingers, and forearms are all involved in developing general grip strength, and each area has its own specific grip strengtheners, so there really is no definitive answer - it all boils down to your individual goals! 

Before you go!

Grip is a fundamental element of exercising and fitness, and even everyday life. Without grip you wouldn’t be able to hold the phone you’re scrolling through this page on! So, whilst you probably don’t need to improve your grip for phone holding, it’s a good idea to invest in a great hand grip strengthener to make sure your fitness game is as strong as possible.

If you want to take your fitness knowledge further then become a personal trainer and really push yourself. Take a look at OriGym’s level 3 personal training course to get started, or download our course prospectus for other ideas.

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