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17 Best Gym Bags for Men (UK)

Finding the right men’s gym bag is important when it comes to putting together your gym kit, but it can be so difficult to find one that looks great and fits all of your needs. 

Here at OriGym, we understand the struggle; you want it to look the part, but still be functional. So, we’ve taken the time to research the best gym bags for men (UK) and compile a list of the best products so that you don’t have to!

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#1- Tumi McCoy Gym Bag

Price: £465.00

best mens sports bags

If you’re looking for a men’s gym bag that is both stylish and practical, the McCoy Gym Bag from Tumi is the perfect choice. Although it is on the higher end of the price spectrum, we think that it is well worth the investment! 

Being made from ballistic nylon, this gym bag for men is super lightweight, weighing in at just 1.93kg. This makes it incredibly easy to carry your sports gear around with hardly any extra weight.

Although it is lightweight, it is also durable. It can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, meaning that you can throw it into your gym locker or the boot of your car without worrying about damage!

There is a main zip compartment plus several extra zip pockets on the inside, including a dedicated pocket for your dirty clothes. 

If you need a men’s gym bag with a shoe compartment, the Tumi McCoy has a waterproof pocket for exactly that. No more putting your dirty football shoes in with your clean clothes! 

Plus, if you’re into yoga, there are also handy elastic loops on the front for carrying your mat. 

The laptop sleeve is another great feature if you go to the gym before or after work. No need to worry about having a separate laptop bag, as this bag makes it easy to transition from the office to the gym in style!

If you want to add even more style to this already cool gym bag for men, Tumi offers the option to add a colour accent to your bag, or even add a personalised initial for free. 

Combined with its impressive spec, it is the sleek and modern design that sets this bag apart. This stylish mens gym bag is both functional and fashionable, which is why we think it is one of the very best on the market. 

#2 - Madlug Black Duffel Bag

Price: £34.99

gym duffle bag mens

This men’s gym duffel bag is perfect if you want to carry a lot of sportswear and equipment whilst also looking good! 

With a 25 litre capacity, you can easily fit all your gear into this large men’s gym bag. Having one main large compartment makes it ideal for quickly throwing everything in and getting on with your day. 

There is also a separate zipped pocket on the outside, which is handy for keeping those things you want to access quickly, such as your gym pass, keys, phone or headphones. Plus, the chunky zips make for even easier access. 

When it comes to carrying this men’s gym bag, choose from either the 2 short sturdy straps, or the detachable longer shoulder strap. 

In terms of design, it is subtle yet stylish! The main colour is black, but the iconic orange and yellow Madlug logo gives it a cool pop of colour. 

Another great feature is that it is made from 600D durable fabric, so it can withstand any daily wear and tear.

With so many great features and such a modest price tag, we think that it is one of the best value men’s duffle gym bags out there! 

#3 - Towels R Us Varsity Barrel Gym Bag

Price: £20.00

Cool gym bags for men

If you’re wondering what’s the best men’s gym bag to buy on a budget, this is undoubtedly one of the cheapest on the market. 

But a low price tag doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on quality. Made from 600D polyester, this is a super durable mens barrel gym bag. Plus, it is wipe clean!

Measuring 50 x 25 x 25 cm, there is plenty of room to hold all your gym gear, clothes and equipment. There is also a handy external zip pocket to keep your important belongings separate. 

This stylish men’s gym bag has a webbed carry handle as well as a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, so you can carry your sports gear in both style and comfort!

Choose from French navy and off-white, classic red and off-white or French navy and classic red. You can even customise it with your embroidered initials from just an extra £6. 

Despite being one of the cheapest, we think that this is certainly up there with the best men’s gym bags. There are a lot of men's gym bag reviews out there, but this one certainly deserves its spot on our list! It is stylish, functional and durable; what more could you ask for? 

#4 - Rains Gym Bag

Price: £59.00

mens gym duffel bag

When Rains designed this bag, they did so with a singular aim in mind: they wanted to make a perfect men’s gym bag, one which combines durability, storage and ease of use. We’re pleased to say that the end result really does tick all the boxes, so much so that you’ll find it useful even beyond the gym environment. This bag would make a perfect travel companion for short trips and overnight stays, or as a work and gym bag (men's).

The design is nicely minimalistic, and you can carry the bag over your shoulder or cross body. Perhaps the biggest draw here is the waterproofing, though, and if you spend a lot of time outdoors this might be the bag for you. It comes with a waterproof front pocket, perfect for keeping your kit dry, and the fabric is generally robust and sturdy.

Rains went even further with stainless steel and rubber trimmings, so you know your things will always be kept dry. This men’s canvas gym bag does only come in one size, and while 27 litres will be more than adequate for most, anybody searching for a men's large gym bag may be a little disappointed. That said, it is perfect in nearly every other department, with a spacious main compartment and webbed handles that make it comfortable to carry over longer distances.

The Rains bag might just be the best men's gym bag UK shoppers with an eye on durability will be able to find. Its water repellent, all weather exterior provides maximum protection for your gear, and all in a sleek, stylish design. 

#5 - Fred Perry Classic Barrel Bag

Price: £80.00

fred perry gym bags for men

This is very much the most sleek option for a barrel gym bag (men’s), and Fred Perry is renowned for its classy designs, which have a timeless feel. The Classic Barrel Bag might be the most stylish men's gym bag on the market, and we absolutely love the scaled back, retro approach, which is reminiscent of the 50s. The subtle Fred Perry branding adds another touch of class, and the fashion-conscious gym goer will likely be seduced by the design.

Fortunately, these retro gym bags for men offer a lot of substance beneath the surface. It comes in a variety of colours (the timeless navy is our favourite) and some fantastic ways to sort your stuff. There’s a separate zip compartment at one end of the bag, which is perfect for sweaty gym gear at the end of workout. An outer slip pocket is large enough for drinks and energy bars, and another inner zip pocket and compartment add yet more storage options. We've got a list of the 17 best energy bars too, so read through that to find the best ones to fuel your workouts!

These bags are made from highly durable PU, so for a men’s leather gym bag that will last these are the best. The exterior has a faint sheen that doesn’t wear off easily, so it will stay looking brand new for a long time. We particularly liked the webbing on the handle, which makes the bag much more comfortable to carry, and these Fred Perry gym bags for men have a detachable strap for added convenience. 

If you’re in the market for a men's retro gym bag, or a high quality men’s leather gym bag, then there really is no need to look any further. The Fred Perry name alone is an assurance of quality and style, but this bag has enough functionality beneath the surface to meet the needs of even the most demanding gym enthusiast.

#6 - Nike Vapour Power

Price: £37.95

mens nike gym bag uk

There are a lot of reasons to choose a Nike gym bag (men's): Nike is one of the biggest names in sport, and their products are used by top athletes around the world. It’s no real surprise that their bag has made the list, and it’s not the only one to have earned a top place for best gym bags for men. 

The Vapour performs strongly in all areas. Anybody looking for a men's gym bag with a shoe compartment will be delighted with the Vapour Power. The compartment is spacious and nicely separated from the rest of the bag, so your trainers won’t be getting your clean gym wear dirty. In fact, storage is probably this men’s gym bag’s best feature.

There are multiple zip pockets spread inside and outside, which are perfect for storing smaller bits of kit like gels, bottles or bars. The main compartment is vast and easily accessible, and we particularly liked the handles, which can be closed together to make carrying the men’s Nike gym bag that bit easier. This is a great but often overlooked feature, and of special benefit to anyone who carries a lot of gear.

The shoulder strap is padded for added comfort, and it’s removable too. A 100% polyester lining provides a little added protection, and the majority nylon body is robust. All in all, these Nike gym bags for men are exactly what you might expect from Nike, and we highly recommend them. 

#7 - Osprey Transporter

Price: £110.00

best gym bag mens

Osprey advertises the Transporter gym bags for men as adventure proof, and with its 400D water-resistant nylon and durable exterior, it’s well equipped to handle the rough and tumble of a trip to the gym. Although not specifically designed as a gym bag, the Transporter ranks highly in men's gym bag reviews due to its size, durability and many useful features.

This is a great choice for anybody searching for a men's gym bag with compartments. It comes with an array of external and internal pockets, as well as a large zipped compartment on the lid, perfect for separating your kit before and after a workout. There’s even a padded sleeve for your laptop and tablet, and a scratch free zippered pocket for sunglasses and other electronics.

The external pockets are all easy to access, and we loved the number of storage options available. The men’s gym bag itself is an impressive 30 litres, and with all those pockets you’ll be able to arrange your kit easily, keeping shoes and sweaty gear separate.

As this is a rucksack rather than a men's gym duffel bag, Osprey has included a soft back panel, which makes the bag super comfortable to carry over long distances. The panel is made from foam, so there’s no awkward chafing as you walk. A removable hip belt adds another dimension of convenience, making the Transporter incredibly easy to carry.

Its combination of high-level waterproofing and compartments make this a brilliant choice if you’re looking for a men's gym bag rucksack rather than the more common duffle.

#8 - Adidas Convertible 3 Stripe Duffle 

Price: £31.46

leather gym bags for men UK

The 3 Stripe is another multi-purpose, convertible men’s gym bag from another big name brand. Adidas is, of course, one of the most influential brands in sport, so it’s no wonder that their bag has made the list. The company offers quite a few different cool gym bags for men, but we’ve chosen the 3 Stripe for its durability, pockets and ease of use.

Being able to swap between a men's gym duffel bag and a rucksack is obviously a big bonus. It’s the unique selling point of this bag, and the conversion is nice and simple. We loved the opportunity to switch between the two, and while the duffel will probably be your setup of choice for a quick trip to the gym, the rucksack is perfect for longer outdoor sessions.

It comes with quite a few other benefits too. Apart from the spacious main compartment, there’s also a ventilated side pocket for your shoes, a zipped pocket on the end and three easy access slip-in pockets on the inside. You certainly won’t be short of space, and the TPE base gives this men’s large gym bag some added durability.

Both shoulder strap and carry handle are padded for extra comfort on the move, and we love the subtle three stripe design. Better still, you’ll love the 100 day free return and exchange programme with Adidas gym bags (men's), which guarantees satisfaction.

The convertible design makes this one of the best gym bags for men who don’t limit their workouts to the gym. If you’re going on a trek or a hike, or even going for a long walk, you’ll love the 3 Stripe. 

#9 - Sealander Hero

Price: £223.30

mens large gym bag UK

We absolutely love Sealander. Founded by two surfers, it’s a company with a difference, and one that’s trying to make a positive impact on the world. All of their products are handcrafted and made using a combination of upcycling, recycling and eco-cycling. You simply won’t find another company or men’s gym bag as eco friendly as this, and in a world of mass production it’s brilliant to be able to get a handcrafted product.

Impressively, the Hero is made from upcycled yacht sails and canvases. At 50 litres it’s nice and spacious, so if you have a lot of kit and are looking for large gym bags for men then you’re in luck. There’s a huge range on offer too, with lots of different styles and, since everything is handmade, no two bags are the same.

The Hero is also the most multipurpose men’s canvas gym bag available. It functions as a duffle bag, rucksack, and it’s soft enough to be a travel pillow if you take it on the road. There’s a special hidden compartment for valuables, a separate pocket for shoes, and another sleeve located at the top of the bag.

You won’t be short of space, and the handles come with thick padding, which makes carrying these cool gym bags for men comfortable even over long distances. It converts easily into a rucksack for added convenience, and we do enjoy the subtle, naturalistic styling and soft palette design.

If you’re worried about your eco footprint, or just want to invest in a company that’s trying to do some good in the world, the Hero is without doubt the best men’s large gym bag for you. We love the individual, handcrafted designs, and when you buy a Hero you know you’re always getting something completely unique.

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#10 - Arc’Teryx Granville 20 Backpack

Price: £150.00

mens small gym bag

It’s certainly not one of the cheapest men's gym bag reviews on the list, but it just might be the most stylish. With its subtle, geometric weave and smooth lines this bag has a very classy, sophisticated look which is bound to impress. The Arc’Teryx logo, nesting at the corner of the bag’s top flap, only enhances the look, elevating this men’s small gym bag to the status of genuine fashion item.

That said, there is plenty of substance beneath the stylish exterior. It comes with some of the best waterproofing technology that you’ll find on good gym bags for men, with Advanced Composite Construction that protects your kit through rain, snow - basically anything the weather can throw at it. 

Despite the all weather exterior, the Arc’Teryx is one of the lightest bags on the list, so it’s comfortable to carry and you can safely fill it to the brim without having to worry about excess weight. A sleeve and mesh zippered pocket provides some extra storage inside, so you can easily arrange your gear.

Everything is easy to access, especially the main compartment which comes equipped with Arc’Teryx’s custom one hand release buckle. At just 20 litres it’s on the small side, so if you’re on the lookout for a small men's gym bag with a sense of style, then the Arc’Teryx will be right up your street. We love the design, the weather proofing and the comfortable, lightweight feel.

#11 - Gymshark X Series Backpack 0.3 

Price: £55.00

gym rucksack mens

There’s nothing worse than a poorly ventilated gym bag for men. The build up of smells over time can become really unpleasant, and in the end no amount of compartments can protect your kit from odour transfer. Fortunately, Gymshark has implemented a genius solution with the Backpack 0.3 gym bags for men, which is one of the best ventilated on the market. Smells won’t have the chance to build up, and your kit will come out of the bag fresh and odour free.

This also happens to be one of the best men’s gym bags for organising your equipment, too. The interior T Frame is detachable and adjustable, so you can customise the compartments into any layout you like. Better still, the bag comes with an impressive 4 side zipper pockets and an open pocket for storing your water bottle, or even one of the 17 best protein shakers

Shoulder straps are adjustable and padded, so this men’s gym bag is never uncomfortable to carry, and the chest harness is a neat addition for extra security. Even the back panel has some added comfort in the form of mesh padding, and there’s a carry handle located on the top for ease of use. The 100% polyurethane body is extremely durable, and the polyester lining gives some nice cushioning.

We loved the style too, especially the faintly embossed Gymshark logo which covers the rear of the bag. The aesthetic is sleek and modern, and we think that anybody looking for a black gym bag (men's) will be more than happy.

#12 - Gaiam Metro Gym Bag

Price: £26.43

small gym bags for men

Another fairly small men's gym bag, the Gaiam is perfect if your gym session incorporates some yoga. There’s a cinch cord attached to the bottom of the bag, which is perfect for transporting a yoga mat to and from the gym. Specialised yoga men’s gym bags are somewhat hard to find, and a mat can be cumbersome to carry on its own, so these are nice gym bags for men that are a welcome addition to the list.

There’s plenty of storage for other bits of kit too. The exterior snap pockets are easy to access and can hold most smaller pieces of equipment, and there’s a larger, interior zip pocket situated inside the main compartment. It’s easy to keep your stuff organised, and the pockets are all nicely cushioned for added security. There's enough space for your best yoga matyoga towel, and your yoga leggings!

This is certainly one of the cheaper small gym bags (men's) on the list, but it sells itself on being “grab and go” - it’s perfect if you like to travel light to the gym and don’t have massive amounts of kit. There’s room for a water bottle, and we love how easy it is to clean. The 100% polyester doesn’t require any special treatment, so you can just keep the bag fresh by wiping it down with a damp cloth.

The Gaiam is without doubt the best men's gym bag that UK yoga practitioners will find, but it’s also brilliant for people who look for convenience from their gym visits. Not everybody wants to lug a huge bag, overflowing with equipment, to the gym, and if you travel light you’ll love the simplicity of these little and cheap gym bags for men.

#13 - Core25 Backpack

Price: $125.95 (international shipping)

best mens gym bag with compartments

The Core25 doesn’t do things by half. Make no mistake, this is a huge bag that will easily house all your kit and more, plus it’s brilliant if your workout incorporates any weightlifting. It comes with an external weightlifting belt attachment, so you can wrap your belt securely around the outside of these gym bags for men rather than trying to fit it inside. If you're looking to buy a weightlifting belt then check out our article on the 17 best weightlifting belts to find the best one for you.

The weightlifting feature is a great addition, but there’s plenty to love here for anyone looking for a men’s large gym bag. The bag is divided roughly into two, with a gigantic main compartment and a second one on the front. There’s a sealed internal shoe compartment too, and even a laptop sleeve, so you’ll have no trouble organising your all items.

The space on offer here is really impressive, and you’ll just keep finding more and room to store your kit. Two water bottle pockets add to the appeal, and the bag really does feel bottomless at times. Heavy duty buckles and velcro straps keep everything sealed in place, and the nylon lining offers some great padding. Despite its impressive size, these large gym bags for men still feel lightweight, and the webbing on the straps makes carrying them around especially comfortable.

The Core25 is obviously the best gym bag for men who have a lot to carry, and those who lift. This is the only men’s gym bag we came across that caters specifically for weightlifters, and it’s a massive relief not to have to carry your belt separately or have it take up space inside your bag.

We also have an informative article on the 13 best weightlifting gloves if you need an upgrade for those too!

#14 - Lululemon Command the Day

Price: £128.00

mens leather gym bag uk

Lululemon is very much a high quality lifestyle brand, and if you’re looking for the best men’s gym bag that doesn’t scream gym and could be used in any setting, then the Command The Day is probably for you. This label offers designer gym bags for men, but it doesn’t come at a premium price: while it certainly isn’t the cheapest item on the list, it won’t completely break the bank.

As you might expect, the design is subtle, classy, and feels timeless. These nice gym bags for men come in three colours, but our favourite is burned caramel, which looks chic and would go perfectly with any outfit. 

Beneath the surface, you’ll find a spacious 37L main compartment and lots of smaller storage spaces. There’s a separate space for your shoes, perfect for keeping trainers separate from fresh gear, and another external pocket designed to hold protein shakes. A few more internal pockets complete the men’s duffle gym bag, and they’ll hold smaller pieces of equipment like gels, bars, glasses and sweatbands. 

The padded laptop space is a nice addition if you plan to hit the gym from work, and need somewhere to safely store your computer. We loved the water repellent fabric, which feels soft and luxurious, but is easy to wipe clean. It’s durable too, and this men’s large gym bag will give you years of loyal service.

Lululemon is a trusted and stylish brand with a long history, so it’s no surprise that their designer gym bags for men represent a blend of great looks and functionality.

#15 - Nike Brasilia

Price: £31.95

barrel gym bag mens

Another fantastic offering from Nike, the Brasilia is a gym duffle bag (men's) that’s cheap and very cheerful. It’s one of the lower cost options on the list, but it doesn’t compromise on any of the features of its more expensive counterparts. If you’re looking for high quality yet cheap gym bags for men from Nike, then the Brasilia is definitely worth a look. 

It comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, and with its padded shoulder strap it's extremely comfortable to carry. Nike has also done a brilliant job at making the Brasilia as durable as possible, with a coated, water-resistant bottom and wipe clean, 100% polyester fabric. 

There are plenty of compartments for arranging your kit in this men’s Nike gym bag, and the shoe section is ventilated, so your trainers can breathe after a workout, rather than building up odour. The bottom zip compartment is excellent for storing sweaty clothing, and there are quite a few external pockets for things like bars, water bottles and gels. 

Emblazoned with the Nike tick, the gym duffle bag (men's) is quite stylish, and it certainly looks the part. The logo also makes an appearance on the huge shoulder pad, which is one of the largest on the list. It stops the strap chafing as you move, and makes the bag extremely comfortable to carry, even when full to the brim.

Nike is, of course, a dependable brand, and it’s refreshing to know that you don’t have to spend big to get cool gym bags for men that are quality, dependable and long lasting.

#16 - Camel & Black Barrel Bag

Price: £39.99

best gym bags for men

The Camel & Black is something a little different. It doesn’t resemble any of the other best gym bags for men on the list, and it doesn’t really look much like a men’s gym bag at all! The style is unique, quirky and has a classic feel. Jim Bag is a British brand who specialise in high fashion apparel, so if you’re after a designer gym bag (men’s), then you’re in luck.

The company is making quite an impact on social media, and these bags are certainly on trend. We think the camel skin look is the best of the bunch, and the stitched Jim Bag logo really sets the design off.

Everything is made from soft cotton, and the canvas material makes the bag especially lightweight. Soft padding on the handle adds a degree of comfort too, so it never feels cumbersome even when full. 

Although there aren’t a huge number of compartments, the main space is big enough to store everything you might need. We found that these good gym bags for men could easily hold a towel, shoes, a change of clothes and a few water bottles. 

A solid interior zip ensures that all your valuables are safe and secure, and the fabric is breathable enough to stop unpleasant odours building up. A men’s canvas gym bag like this is eye catching, so it’s perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd. It looks so good, in fact, that you’ll want to use it even outside the gym, and it makes the perfect overnight or travel bag.

#17 - Nike Supreme X

Price: £450.00

Nike leather gym bag for men

Expensive and somewhat difficult to find new nowadays, the Nike Supreme X men’s gym bag makes the list because it’s an absolute classic. Made from high quality leather, it’s without doubt the best choice for anyone in search of a men’s leather gym bag. The fact that the bag is still in such high demand is testament to its appeal.

Everything about this bag is quality. The red leather exterior is iconic. Emblazoned with the Nike tick on one side and the company name on the other, it immediately stands out from the crowd. Of course, the use of leather means it’s extraordinarily durable, water and weatherproof. It will last for years, and the leather retains its sheen no matter how many times you use the bag.

Inside you get all the benefits of a spacious, well constructed gym bag. The main compartment is huge, with an added internal zip pocket for any smaller items. There are a further two zipper pockets on the sides, and the handle is padded with an extra bit of leather to make the bag more comfortable to carry.

Clips and buckles keep everything secure, and the iconic design means this will be more than just a men’s leather gym bag; it will become a treasured possession. The fact that so many still search for these Nike leather gym bags for men, the Supreme X is proof of its enduring legacy. There have been many imitations, but nothing beats the real thing. 

How to choose a men’s gym bag

Finding the right men’s gym bag will depend heavily on how much kit and equipment you need to take with you to the gym. Other factors such as price, design, amount of pockets, weather-proof or waterproof, should also be considered!

Our advice would be to decide on the style of gym bag first, such as a gym duffle bag (men’s) or even a multipurpose bag, because this will cut down your initial search volume significantly, and you can filter through the brands and designs much easier. 

What size men’s gym bag to buy

best mens gym bag uk

As we mentioned before, this will depend entirely on what you need to take with you to the gym. If you’re a weightlifter, then something like the Camel & Black Barrel gym bag (men’s) will be most suitable, but if you only need your gym gear and a water bottle then one of the small gym bags for men, like the Arc’Teryx Granville 20 Backpack, will be much more convenient. Take a thorough look at all the stuff you usually take to the gym and use this to narrow down your search!

What’s the best men’s gym bag?

We couldn’t decide which bag was the best overall, as the truth is that what's best for one person may not be the best product for another. That’s why we created a well-rounded list of the 17 best gym bags for men!

That being said, there are plenty of great options on this list that will suit even the most picky of gym goers. We were picky when creating the list, so you'll only find products of the highest quality here. 

Before you go!

Finding the right men’s gym bag shouldn’t be a chore, but we know that searching through hundreds and hundreds of products can be too much for anyone. With 17 of the best gym bags for men (UK) included within this article, we hope we’ve taken most of the pain out of upgrading your gym gear!

If you feel like you need another outlet for your love of fitness then why not look into becoming a personal trainer? Have a look at our various personal training packages or download our latest course prospectus here to find out more!

Written by Dee Hammond-Blackburn

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