Gym Business Cards: Why You Need Them, Examples & More

gym business cards

When you’re marketing your studio or fitness centre, a gym business card can act as a great way to present a snapshot of what you can offer, and how you’ll help customers and clients achieve their goals.

But why should you have one, and how can you get started? We have all the help you need, including:

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Why You Need Business Cards for Your Gym

Before we get straight into the mechanics of what you should be including on your gym business cards, you should be aware of why you need one in the first place.

#1 - Increases Brand Awareness

gym business cards

First off, it is important that you have brand awareness when trying to set up or run a successful gym and business cards are a great way to do such. 

Your fitness logo should be in place at this point, and is a vital component of your gym business card. 

It immediately provides a recognisable element, and can act as a lasting impression for customers.

This is ultimately how you will increase your brand awareness, as it’s unlikely people will recognise your name right away, but they’re more likely to recognise a visual representation. 

If this business card is sitting in somebody's wallet everyday, they may be looking at your logo every time they open their wallet and this kind of repetition is something that won’t happen if your information is solely online.

#2 - Reach A Wider Audience

business cards for the gym

Business cards for your gym or any brand are the perfect way to feel confident that you’re not leaving those people who don’t use the internet out of your target audience. 

Though many people find the Internet is the easiest and most effective way to communicate with potential clients, there is a huge margin that won’t use social media, or don’t use the Internet to discover services. 

With this in mind, an evergreen business card is the perfect solution. It is a great way to hand over your contact information without anybody having to search for you online without any direction. 

However, having your socials on your business card is the perfect way to have multiple channels of communication ultimately hitting a wider target audience overall. To make social media even more successful, check out our article '17 Creative Gym Social Media Post Ideas'.

cards for a gym business

One place where you can guarantee to meet your target audience would be at fitness and personal trainer networking events.

Keep an eye out for events like these in your area to hand over your business cards to people who are genuinely interested.

Another way to reach a younger audience is to hand out your business cards at freshers fairs, or student gatherings. You will have plenty of time to chat to potential customers and even offer student offers to get people joining your gym.

Spending the time to have conversations with people while you hand out your business cards is a great as you can establish a connection before even training them. This is important to make money as a personal trainer as people are more likely to use your service if they feel you actually care about them as a person, not just a paying client.

#3 - Ideal For Quick Contact Exchange

how to make a business card

Finally, though exchanging phone numbers, email addresses and social media handles is a good way to keep in touch digitally, it can be a lengthy process when compared to a simple exchange of a small card. 

Chances are, if you’re trying to advertise your services in the field, it is difficult to find those who have the time and desire to stop and talk. 

The perfect way to get attention to your gym is by handing out business cards to those interested. 

Not only that, but your advertising in the area where your gym is situated could be in a small town, or it could be in a big city. 

Whichever it is, it’s unlikely people want to hand over personal contact details on a whim, especially if they’re busy, or you’re in a crowded gym. 

That's why having a business card for your gym is the best solution as you can hand over your details and they have the ability to contact you directly. 


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What To Include In Your Gym Business Card

So now that you’re clear on the main reasons why you need to invest into some business cards, these are the key components that are crucial to a successful gym business card.

Your Business Name & Logo

First and foremost, your business name has to be clear and easily readable on the card. 

This can be in the form of your logo, or your business name with the logo clearly visible. For a gym, however, we suggest that your logo clearly states your business name just like other commercial gyms do. 

For example, take a look at the gym giants PureGym and JD Gyms' logos below.

Gym business card

Gym business cards

This is a great way to place your logo and the gym name on your business card without it feeling too cramped and clearly, this works!

Remember, most standard business cards are only 3.5" x 2.0" so your space is scarce and you should use it wisely.

What your business is

You're going to want to make it clear what your brand is on your gym business card design. Though the clue may be in the name, you should make it known. 

Take a look at this example below to show you just how easy it can be:

 create a gym business card

This has the logo, the name of the gym and a clear indication that this is a gym centre. Simple!

This is definitely necessary if you’re a fitness centre with a particular niche or target audience.

Below you can see an example that we mocked up to display how clear it should be if your gym is dedicated to a particular niche or group of people. 

business cards for the gym

This makes it easy to give your cards out to the correct audience and have people who could genuinely be interested in your services. 

Not only that, but it makes it even easier to find the correct places to locate your business cards, maybe you could leave a stack in a local pregnancy group or related areas, like community centres.

Whether you have a niche gym or you own a generic fitness centre, make it clear on your business card.


Taglines are important when it comes to gym marketing, and thus, your business card. 

For example, below you can see a simple mock up of what a tagline could look like.

what do I need on a business card

It is a memorable couple of words that are attached to your brand, and provides a perfect accompaniment to your gym’s name and logo. 

You can either put your tagline on the front or back of your business card. It shouldn't take up too much space yet should still be visible as part of your gym business card structure, which we’ll touch on more later.

People will expect to see your tagline wherever your logo or business name is, and it should become just as recognisable.

Contact information 

Arguably the most important thing on your business card is your contact information, ultimately the reasoning behind all of these components is so that you can be contacted. 

For reference, take a look at this example that is simple, uniform and has contact information that’s not overwhelming and fits perfectly with the theme of the card. 

gym business card

With this example in mind, you can either take this approach or you can take up one whole side of your business card for your:

  • Address
  • Gym phone number 
  • Email address
  • Social media handles (optional)

This is a popular approach and we will have an example of how you can structure this a little later. Not to forget, it is also a good idea to have your logo and/or gym name at the top of this side too.

The Structure of a Good Gym Business Card

business cards

After you have all of the correct details that need to be components on your card, you may be wondering how to structure them, and where the best placements are for the front and back.

The Front of Your Business Card

Business Name

Your business name should be the biggest thing on the front of the card. This can be in the:

  • Centre
  • Along the top of the card as a header 
  • Along the bottom as a footer

All of these work because the size is what makes it stand out, and allow it to take centre stage when a potential customer views your gym business card. 

If it is your first time designing a business card, you may not want to start from scratch, so you should make use of the many templates that are on free softwares.

Most reliable softwares offers a range of structures and placements for your business name. 

Take a look at these lists of example templates from Canva, a great piece of gym business card software, below.

business card ideas for a gym

As you can see, the business names are all in different placements but they are still all of the biggest components.  

All of these options look professional and aesthetically pleasing, so don’t dwell on the placement but focus insted on size.

You should also be paying attention to your colour scheme, as you ideally want your branding colours to match what is on your card.

For example, if your gym is designed with blue and white colour schemes, your business card should replicate this. 

So you can see the effectiveness of this in action, take Fitness First as your example. Below, you can see the correlation of colour scheme from their logo, the physical interior of their gym, and of course their gym business cards.

examples of good gym business cards

Avoid using any colours that clash or too many different colours. We’d recommend only using two or three, as these are optimal for a professional looking business card.


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Your tagline should be placed directly underneath your business name and logo. It is a physical representation of how this ideology is embedded into your brand. 

This should be short and sweet, just like this gym business card template from Canva:

How to make gym business cards

It should be easily readable and not overwhelm the reader with more than a few words. 

Regardless of whether you place your business name in the middle or off to the side, your tagline should still be underneath the business name regardless. 

These two elements should be the only two components on the front of your gym business card, it should be easily recognisable and high quality.

The Back of Your Business Card

You have got the simplicity and aesthetics of the front of your card in place, so now for the important part, the information. 

Contact Information

The back of your business card is where all of the vital contact information should be. We mentioned what components you need to be contactable so let’s see where the best placement for each is. 

Since you’re running a gym, people are going to want to know where it is located. This should be at the top of your contact information, like this example below:

Business cards gym

It is clear, and as a gym it only makes sense to be handing out your cards to those in the same area. 

This way, your customers will recognise the address, whether it is the city town or postcode, giving them all the more reason to hang onto your business card and join your gym when the time is right. 

Next in line is your contact information, this is useful for those who are looking to get help or ask questions. Here is an example of how you can clearly show this:

Business card gym

All you need is two points of contact that are responsive. An email address and a phone number are simple ways to get in touch if they need specific information, however, if it is generic information they are after, you should direct them to your business webpage or fitness social media accounts.

This is when your contact information side of your gym business card should be complete, you can see an example of what this could look like below:

Gym marketing business card

This is the perfect way to be contactable from all possible customers who want to join your gym. They now have the ability to call, email, speak to you in person or find out more information through digital channels.

- - - -

For some more useful resources on how to improve your fitness business, check out our helpful articles below:

The Best Softwares to Use

There are countless softwares to use, regardless of how much experience you have with creating gym business cards.

Online platforms make it easy and simple for you to create professional looking cards with minimal effort on your part. 

We’ve compiled a few suggestions of the most accessible software on the market, covering a range of different budgets and needs.


Business cards gym

Price Bracket: 50 business cards for £14

Canva is a popular platform when it comes to creating professional looking gym business cards for either little to no price point. 

They offer tons of templates, such as those we demonstrated earlier, and you can also pick your business type so you don’t have to sift through all unrelated templates. 

So in this instance, you can click on fitness, and immediately see templates and ideas that are relevant to the gym business card you want to create.

Business cards for gym

This gives you the most relevant designs and ultimately, saves you time which is precious if your business is new and you have no employees.

Vista Print

Business cards for a gym

Price Bracket: 250 card for between £15 - £40

Similarly, you can create your own gym business cards with VistaPrint. One thing that makes VistaPrint so popular is that you can shop by shape, which is useful if you have specified dimensions or designs.

There’s clear direction on how to create your cards with VistaPrint, with easy-to-follow instructions that allow you to produce high-quality designs.

You can either browse templates, upload your pre-designed card, or even work with a designer to ensure you get the most professional looking business card for your gym.

gym Business cards

As for the price point, you can see above that for 250 cards, you can expect a starting price of around £15, perfect for a first time investment.


gym Business cards

Price Bracket: 50 cards approx. £14 - £50

MOO is quite a unique service, in that it allows you to create a luxury business card that you may not find as commonly distributed. 

They give you the opportunity to provide a card that will definitely catch the eye of anybody who holds them.

As you can see below, they offer cotton business cards. This is certainly a step up from anything you typically see, along with the Luxe business cards too.

Business cards gym

This is a great way to make a statement for your business and an even better way to reflect the atmosphere and personality behind your business. 

For example, you may run a luxury gym with a higher price point than normal,  and Luxe or cotton cards could convey this more successfully than your average regular card.


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Business cards fitness centre

Price Bracket: 200 cards approx. £30+

Gimmio lays out clearly how they can help you create professional looking business cards and the process of which it goes through. 

One of the great things about Gimmio is the fact that it goes through a journey prior to getting to you, including a double independent review process, ensuring that you’ll always receive the highest quality end product. 

Business cards gym

This goes to show how you can count on a professional feel with Gimmio. Not only that but the fast delivery is also a popular perk. 

Being so busy as a brand owner, these finishing touches such as gym business cards can often go forgotten about. 

So, with Gimmio’s delivery being sent within 24 hours, you can design, order and have it delivered to your door in no time. 

All of these brands have their own unique perks yet all provide a professional looking card for your business, so be sure to check out which software works best for you and your budget.


Do I Need Money To Create Gym Business Cards?

how to create a gym business card

Unfortunately, you are going to need some level of investment to distribute business cards. 

The good news, though, is that you can create your dream gym business cards for free, and only need to pay for the printing and delivery of your cards.

However, even for this aspect, you have a range of pricing and delivery options that can tailor the overall price to your budget.

Depending on the level of detail and the materials you wish to use for your business cards, your pricing will fluctuate.

Nonetheless, for the most cost effective option, you should opt for basic business cards that we are all accustomed to seeing.

cards business gym

With VistaPrint you can expect a price point of approximately £15 - £20 per 250 cards as we mentioned earlier which is a great starting investment.

On the other hand, you can expect to pay up to or even over £50 for luxury business cards from the likes of MOO for 50 cards. 

This is a big jump but this is the price to pay for luxury cards such as MOO’s letterpress business cards.

The only person who can decide what best reflects your gym space is you. You may be able to find cheaper and you will certainly be able to find more expensive, but use this as your base price on what to expect.

How Many Gym Business Cards Should I Initially Order?

examples of gym business cards

Many services will offer a minimum, usually starting at around 50 prints. However, it is likely that you'll make your money go further if you buy a larger number to start.

Let’s take the example of £15 for 250 cards, which is an average price across all the software we’ve looked at. 

250 business cards are going to last you a long time, especially as it’s unlikely that you will hand out 250 cards all at once. 

So, you will be able to hand out a fraction while leaving some at your reception desk or dotted around local areas such as: 

  • Salons
  • Shops
  • Community centres
  • Other gyms and studios 

We’d advise opting for 250, as this can ensure you’ve always got one to hand if you need to pass out your contact details.

Before You Go!

Now you’re equipped with the tools you need to create a professional looking gym business card, you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level.

But to really stand out from the crowd, earn a specialist qualification with OriGym's Level 4 Sports Nutrition CourseThis prestigious course allows you to diversify the services you offer, and create a much more compelling service to display on your gym business cards.

Download our course prospectus to see exactly what else you can offer clients by gaining additional qualifications.

Written by Kimberley Mitchell


Having gained a B.A Hons degree in Media, Culture and Communications, Kimberley has gained experience in areas of web journalism, website production and marketing.

Alongside this, Kim expanded her knowledge and passion for fitness, by becoming a fully qualified fitness instructuor and personal trainer. Kim has also gained specialist qualifications in yoga, nutriton, spin and many more.

After working in the industry as a PT, Kimberley went on to study an MA in Digital Marketing and continues to expand her knowledge in the industry. Her main focus is to keep up with current trends and communications with a focus around health & fitness, writing and being creative.

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