35 Best Gym Masks of 2022

35 Best Gym Masks

We may have come out the other end of lockdown in the UK and most gyms have resumed their normal opening hours, but COVID-19 changed the way in which we go about our normal tasks for the unforeseeable future – and with that you may want to add one of the best gym masks to your kit for ultimate safety that doesn’t affect how you work out.

At OriGym, we’ve compiled a list of the 35 best sports face masks in the UK, all of which are designed to filter air to your lungs, allowing you to exercise with comfort and ease. 

In this article we will cover the following topics: 

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What is a Gym Mask?

The clue is in the name, quite literally. A gym mask is a face mask which covers your nose and mouth when you’re working out in the gym! 

Think of your classic face masks that you probably have lying around for trips to the supermarket or public transport that you have adopted since early 2020. With a gym appropriate exercise mask, you’ll want to purchase something similar, however, with this you will require a mask with added breathability for when you’re working hard. 

When choosing a gym training mask, you have multiple different options to choose from. Cotton is a perfect material for breathability, but there are also eco-friendly masks that are made out of recycled plastic bottles that also offer great protection. 

Current government guidelines (as of July 2021) state that face masks are not needed when you’re actually exercising, however you will need one for when you’re walking around and between stations in gyms and fitness facilities. However, please note that different gyms may have their own restrictions in place, and we’d strongly advise that you always adhere to the venues specific rules and practices. 

For more information about your gym’s rules be sure to check their website or social media pages. Alternatively, message or visit them to ask the simple question in person - ‘Do I need a face mask in the gym?’.

Whether your gym specifically asks you to wear a gym mask while exercising or you just need one for those in-between periods, keep reading to see our recommendations of the best gym masks in the UK!

35 Best Gym Masks for Exercise

#1 - MERRIMEN Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks with Elastic Earloops

Price: £7.99 per box (100 masks per box)

For some material exercise masks are too uncomfortable, and may even trigger feelings of claustrophobia. If you fall under this category we’d recommend purchasing some disposable exercise masks. 

These MERRIMEN Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks come in three colours: a classic black that will go with all your gym gear, the standard blue, and a fresh pink if you prefer a pop of colour. The mask's ear loops are described as providing superior levels of comfort, reducing the likelihood of chafing after a long workout session. 

If you experience chafing in any area after running it may be time to reevaluate your gear. Check out our guide on the best running base layers, for products which are sure to provide you with superior levels of comfort. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to read reviews for sports face masks before purchasing a product then you’ll be pleased to know that MERRIMEN’s product currently holds a 4.4 star rating on Amazon, after receiving an impressive 1928 ratings. 

Please note, that these sports face masks are only available in one size. Whilst they won’t provide the same fit as material masks, they will still provide the levels of protection. 

#2 - NUÜR 100% Cotton Breathable Face Mask, 5 Pack 

Price: £12.99 for 5

With 5 colours to choose from in every pack, matching your sports face covering to your favourite gym outfit has never been easier, thanks to NUÜR’s 100% Cotton Breathable Face Masks. 

With a comfortable fit, these cotton fitness masks provide unique stretching to ensure it sits well on your nose and chin. Whatsmore, the mask’s ear-loops also provide high-levels of stretchability, in order to reduce the likelihood of chafing when exercising. 

By providing the government recommended 3-layers of protection, these exercise masks protect you from any airborne particles including, coronavirus, dust, pollen and pollution. With the additional protection the gym face masks are incredibly versatile, for use both inside the gym and throughout everyday life. 

These masks hold a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, having 1260 reviews, and are one of the best gym masks to keep yourself safe while you deadlift to your heart's content. Speaking of which, Origym's article on the benefits of deadlifting is sure to impress you if this is your favourite sports activity. 

#3 – ASOS 3-pack face covering with adjustable straps and nose clip 

Price: £14.00 for 3

ASOS is another example of a name brand which provides the highest quality of face masks for the gym. If you want a simple mask that can be purchased online and delivered to your door we highly recommend choosing ASOS 3-Pack Face Covering with Adjustable Straps and Nose Clips. 

Not only do you get three high-quality gym masks included in the price, but you will also receive a matching pouch where you can store your masks, so that it doesn't go missing in the depths of your gym bag. 

Speaking of gym bags, click here to read a list of the 17 best gym bags for men on the market today

This is an ideal face mask for the gym as it has elasticated straps with toggles so you can adjust it for the best fit. Whatsmore, if you wear glasses you’ll be excited to know that these gym masks also come with a nose clip, which provides added comfort and stops your glasses from steaming up. 

These have a 4.2-star rating on the ASOS website, and 82% of customers who have bought these masks would recommend them, making them a good choice for when you need a face mask in the gym. Be sure to check the website for a range of different styles and colours of the same gym mask!

#4 – UNIQLO AIRism Mask 

Price: £9.90 for 3

The UNIQLO AIRism Mask provides a sleek, simple design which is fantastic for the gym, or when conducting other forms of exercise. They are currently available in three colours and four sizes, small through to extra-large, with the small being a good fit for children. 

For more advice relating to children’s fitness, OriGym has provided a detailed article dedicated to providing advice on how you can become a personal trainer for kids.

Featuring the government mandated three layer protection, these gym masks filter out 99% of bacteria and pollen, making them both antibacterial and hypoallergenic. In addition to this, these masks also use AIRism mesh for extra breathability, making them ideal to use when exercising  in the gym.

These exercise masks are also beneficial to those of you who are on a strict budget, and are looking for a mask which does it’s job without any crazy patterns or brand logos. 

Customer reviews on the UNIQLO site describe them as true to size, and give them a 4-star rating overall from 361 reviews, certifying the coverings as a great face mask for the gym.

#5 – The Body Doctor 5Ply AB Mask Reusable Antibacterial Mask 

Price: £10.00

In these difficult times you can never be too safe, so if you’re after one of the best sports face masks the UK has to offer, look no further than the Body Doctor, which provides higher levels of 5Ply protection. 

With antibacterial freshening technology, the Body Doctor’s 5Ply AB Reusable Antibacterial Mask’s fabric helps to eliminate bad smells and unwanted bacterial build-up that may occur. In addition to this, the mask also comes with a compart for inexpensive replaceable filters, which will remove up to 95% of non-oily, airborne particles, protecting you from coronavirus and any other unwanted flus or colds. 

To protect yourself against these viruses we’d recommend eating immunity-boosting foods, a full list of which can be found on the OriGym website. 

Replacement filters are £5 for a pack of 5 from Boots, whilst many may not want to pay for the additional purchase of filters, we can assure you that the protection they provide is well worth the small price. 

It’s so important to take any preventional measures you can in order to protect yourself from coronavirus. The Body Doctor is unquestionably the best face mask in the UK for providing said protection, so take action and purchase one for yourself.

#6 - Asics Runners Face Cover 

Price: £35.00

Attention all runners, this is the mask you have been waiting for! Designed with you in mind, the Asics Runners Face Cover won’t restrict your breath and fits comfortably around your entire head, erasing the worry of an exercise mask falling off due to bouncing. 

Only the highest quality of material has been used in the manufacturing process of these sports face masks. Not only is it completely weather resistant, designed to repel water droplets and moisture, but it also contains air holes to help with airflow. 

For other weather-resistant products, we’d recommend reading OriGym’s list of the 15 best waterproof trousers, ideal for those of you who love hiking or being near the shore. 

If you prefer to shop for environmentally friendly materials, this fitness mask is also made with 31% recycled materials, in a bid by Asics to make their sportswear more sustainable. 

The Asics spots face covering has received rave reviews from customers, all of whom deem it to be a high-quality mask, which provides exceptional comfort and levels of breathability. In addition to this, many runners have commended the sports masks' spacious feel, stating that at no point during their run did they ever feel restrained. 

#7 – Buff Ape-X Black

Price: £25.16

The Ape-X mask has become an essential piece of any fitness enthusiasts' kit. 

This is one of the masks for the gym, shopping or just everyday errands. Now that mask wearing is a part of our daily life, a good mask is an investment worth making. 

Plus, whatsmore, you are able to do your part for the environment, in reducing your own waste by getting a reusable mask. 

This sports face mask features a 3 layer replaceable filter system in a washable mask design. The material is made from CoolNet® fabric boasting reliability and comfort.

Aside from comfort, the filtration efficiency works at 99%, so you can feel as safe as possible when out doing your daily activities. These filters meet surgical mask standards and are fully certified.

How does this work you may ask? The Ape-X mask is powered by HeiQ Block, which ultimately protects the inside pocket of fabric. This contains biocide, with ingredients that you can find an extensive list of on the webpage.

So long as you clean this mask after each use, you will be doing your best to contribute to a safe environment, indoors and outdoors.

#8 - Adidas Face Coverings 

Price: £15.00 for 3

Speaking of name brands, the next entry on our list of sports face coverings is from Adidas. These comfortable Adidas Face Coverings come in a variety of colours and sizes, and are even available with football team logos, so you can show your support to your favourite club. 

These gym masks are made out of a material called Primegreen, which Adidas has personally introduced to combat plastic waste. Instead of using materials that cause pollution damage to oceans, Adidas uses a series of high-performing recycled products in order to create these masks. 

To combat plastic waste further buying reusable gym items is essential. Our list of the 17 best protein shakers for example, will provide you with information relating to  popular reusable bottles, eliminating the need to buy a shake following your gym session.

Adidas Face Coverings currently hold a 4.8-star rating on the company’s website, with reviews praising the fit and look of these gym masks, as well as their breathability capabilities. We would always recommend reading reviews when buying face masks for the gym, as you will be able to get a better sense of how they actually function. 

Easy to machine wash with your gym gear and breathable for maximum comfort, this is a great fitness mask for the gym. At £15 for 3, the Adidas Face Coverings are also cost-effective, much cheaper than buying multiple single masks at once.

#9- NAROO F.U Plus Breathable Face Mask With MICRONET™ Fitting 

Price: £15.00

Developed and tested in every weather condition, the NAROO F.U Plus Breathable Face Mask is designed to provide protection come rain or shine. If you’re someone who likes to get out and run in the blazing sun, this mask provides your skin with 99% protection from dangerous sun UV rays and is completely water repellent for those rainier days, too. 

In addition to providing weather resistant protection, the MICRONET™ fitting of the NAROO F.U. face mask also provides 99% protection against allergen particles. This is effective on both pollen and dust, but will still keep out other harmful airborne pathogens such as coronavirus, even after 100 washes. 

The mask is available in sizes small-large, and comes with its adjustable earloops this product can also be fitted to the face of customers with a smaller frame. 

This is ideal for those who are looking for a simple facemask with no crazy designs or patterns. The NAROO F.U Plus Breathable Face Mask with Micro Fitting is available in 4 neutral colours, beige, black, grey and navy blue, all of which can be easily incorporated into any outfit.

#10 – Lulu Lemon Face Mask 

Price: £10.00

You may recognise Lulu lemon as one of the big players in the fitness wear industry. 

This non-medical face mask has adjustable straps that go around the back of your head and neck while smooth fabric contours your face.

This is a great option for your exercise needs thanks to the structure of the mask. It is certainly not going to budge easily, it will stay in place for as long as you need.

Whatsmore, you can wear your mask with style, with a low profile seam for a streamlined look. This provides a shape to help to lift the mask away from your mouth, particularly important during exercise when there is more heavy breathing than usual involved.

This is one of the sports face masks that is simple to wash, you can simply wash it in the washing machine in a laundry bag and tumble dry.

With mechanisms to customise your fit and a chic looking fit, it is a great option to add to your fitness wardrobe.

#11 – Casetify Reusable Cloth Mask  

Price: £12.00

For all those looking for an eco-friendly face mask for the gym, the final entry on our shortlist of the best gym masks for exercise from Casetify is for you! If you want further incentive to buy these masks, with each one that is bought Casetify will donate another mask to Direct Relief, in order to support communities and individuals who have been affected by the pandemic. 

Made out of breathable cotton, this exercise mask also comes with elasticated ear-loops with both design features being specifically chosen to ensure unparalleled levels of comfort. 

This mask also features a filter pocket, and when you buy your first mask you receive two filters to get you started, which will provide further protection from airborne pathogens. 

Take your pick from three colours – blue, pink, or black – but, please be aware that these exercise masks only come in one size. However, Casetify offers reassurance that the elasticated ear loops will help stretch comfortably across your nose and chin, simply keep this in mind when purchasing your chosen product. 

#12 - Muc-Off Reusable Face Mask

Price: £5.99

The next entry on our list of the best fitness masks comes from Muc-Off, who have created their Reusable Face Mask with athletes in mind. If you are someone who enjoys exercising outdoors this mask protects you from dangerous UV rays, whilst also being completely water repellent, meaning that it can be worn in any weather condition be it rain or shine. 

One of its most notable USP’s that sets it apart from other products on this list is that this mask has been designed with glasses in mind, so never again will you have to put up with misted lenses again! Even better yet, the Muc-Off Reusable Face Mask has been crafted to prevent allergies too, with a dust filter mid-layer any contaminants or irritants that are in the air won’t pass through your breathing system, allowing you to exercise in peace.

With seven different designs to choose from, Muc-Off has provided a unique brand of exercise face coverings, with a simple browse through their website one mask is bound to cast your eye. Furthermore, the masks are also available in a variety of size ranges, so rest assured regardless of your frame there will be a mask to fit you comfortably.

The Muc-Off Reusable Face Mask has proven to be a hit with customers online, and with an impressive 4.8 star rating these fitness masks are sure to please even the toughest of critiques. 

#13 – är Face Mask Small Logo Black with valve

Price: £26.00

The phenomenal är gym face mask can protect you against 99.8% of diseases, dust, bacteria and other air-born pathogens when working out. This is thanks to the effective FFP2 class filtration effect, as well as the three-layer laminates (2 layers of nonwoven materials, 1 layer of submicron fibres (nanofiber).

For the most effective results, är recommends changing the mask's filter every 40 hours after active use, or 2 weeks following general use.

Another great aspect of the är workout mask is that it is entirely waterproof, this means that you won't have to worry about it becoming soaked with sweat following an intense session at the gym. For those interested, the mask's fabric is treated with Eco Acqua Zero in order to achieve these water repellent results.

Finally, with the är mask, you won't ever have to worry about purchasing something that is too large, or too restrictive for your face. 

Whilst är does provide an incredibly detailed size description with recommended advice, their highlighted masks come with a small buckle. This means that you are able to loosen or tighten the fabric around your face at will, meaning that your workout will not be compromised. 

Do yourself a favour and purchase an är mask today, whilst we have only displayed the black option the product does come in six other colours, meaning that there really is something to suit everyone's taste and personal style.

#14 – BLOCH B-Safe Adult Lanyard Face Mask 

Price: £7.30

BLOCH is a dancewear company founded in 1932 that has since branched off into making fitness masks designed specifically with dancers in mind. BLOCH have stated that the reasoning behind the creation of their B-Safe Adult Lanyard Face Mask is to ensure that everybody feels safe when doing physical exercises, providing the freedom to move throughout the gym safely. 

For further information relating to gym safety, we’d advise you to brush up on your overall behaviour at the gym. The ultimate guide to gym etiquette from OriGym will teach you everything you need to know, in order to behave safely and sensibly at the gym.

How many times have you finished with a piece of equipment only to spend time looking for your mask through bags or pockets? Well, this problem is a thing of the past thanks to BLOCH’s B-Safe Adult Lanyard face masks for the gym, which have been created with a lanyard so that your mask can hang from your neck and is available for whenever you need it. 

As we have stated, during these difficult times your safety is paramount, and this sports face mask takes this belief and runs with it. The BLOCH B-Safe is not only created with environmentally friendly, breathable materials, but also contains zinc oxide particles within the fabric, to help with filtration as well as providing UV protection. 

But the material benefits of this gym mask don’t stop there, as it also boasts an antimicrobial agent which helps with odours and fabric degradation. In addition to this, not only will you be protected from the sun, but the outer layer is water repellent for rainy days, making it the perfect exercise mask for any season. 

These face masks for the gym also come with adjustable ear loops and a nose bridge to help the mask to fit your face better. While these fitness masks only come in one size, the adjustable features mean that you can fit it perfectly to your face, and you can choose from 4 colours to match your favourite outfit!

#15- Mission Adult Cooling 12-in-1 Gaiter 

Price: £14.54

If indoor gyms aren’t really your thing, you may enjoy exercising outside, in which case this is the exercise mask for you. 

The Mission Adult Cooling 12-in-1 Gaiter is a great example of sports face masks in the UK which provides unbeatable weather protection. By blocking 99% of UV rays, not only can you wear this whilst running or cycling, you can also turn it into a headband or neckwarmer, to provide full coverage protection for your head. 

In addition to this, the fabric used to make these gym masks are lightweight and super soft, providing the highest rates of breathability to ensure that you stay cool and sweat-free for hours whilst exercising in hot conditions. This is especially important in summer months, as breathable fabrics reduce the risk of your body overheating. 

Another way to stop overheating is to stay hydrated, thankfully OriGym has an entire list dedicated to the 15 best running water bottles, so why not treat yourself to one!

Not only are these gym masks completely chemical free, but it is also machine washable, meaning that after a long sweaty session, you can throw it in with your regular wash, ready to wear again the next day.

#16 - Zensah Performance Face Mask  

Price: £9.00

Attention all runners, are you looking for a fitness mask that has been tailored specifically with you in mind? If so, the Zensah Performance Face Mask is a must-have product!

Whilst many face masks for the gym are made with cotton, Zensah uses their own uniquely branded material, which has been crafted to wick moisture and be breathable. These two features are incredibly beneficial to runners, not only will your airways remain unrestricted, but the Performance Face Mask also ensures that sweat doesn’t build up across your face.

In addition to this, the fitness face mask also has silver particles embedded within its woven fabric. Silver has been known to have antibacterial properties, meaning that these masks protect you from both bacteria build up and any nasty airborne contaminants. 

Run with effortless ease with the Zensah Performance Face Mask, with tailored contour designed to sculpt to your face you truly won’t find a better cardio mask on the market. 

#17 - Mayamiko Buy One Give One Face Masks 

Price: £10.00

If you like to make a fashion statement with your fitness mask, or even match it with your gym attire, the funky patterns provided by Mayamiko in their Buy One Give One Face Masks are sure to impress. Available in a range of colours and patterns, from bright geo patterns to zebra print, this is certainly an option for those searching for a bold product. 

If you love to look fashionable whilst exercising, then why not read OriGym’s listicle on the 13 best women’s running hoodies

Not only do these exercise masks look great on, but it is incredibly ego-friendly; made with leftover cut-offs from Mayamiko’s clothing collections. Even better yet, when you buy one of these face masks for the gym, another will be donated to a community in need. These exercise masks are available in two sizes, regular and large, it can also be bought in bulk in order to receive a partial discount, making it the perfect present for both you and a friend. 

As we have previously stressed, buying a breathable face mask for the gym is simply a must. The breathable cotton material that makes up these Mayamiko masks never restricts your breathing, and even comes with a built-in slot to insert your own filter. 

The Buy One Give One exercise mask is not only a great product to buy, but it’s a great cause to support. This purchase of a face mask in the UK could make all the difference across the world to individuals who desperately need protection. 

#18 – Airpop Pocket Mask 

Price: £24.99 for 4

If you’re looking for the best sports face mask in the UK, Airpop’s Pocket Mask provides a high quality product that was certified and rated 94% by Which?

The gym masks feature a 99.9% bacterial filtration and 99.3% particle filtration rate, ensuring that you are kept safe from any harmful pathogens whilst at the gym. As the website details, this far exceeds all legal requirements, meaning that it’s an even better mask than the government recommends wearing.

The masks design has been regarded as innovative, for featuring a unique ergo-foam which seals across the nose bridge, ensuring comfort whilst exercising. In addition to this, the gym masks also provide unparalleled levels of breathability, with a unique 3D structure which creates a canopy of air.

As an exercise mask, this one is a high performer that will keep you safe not only in the gym but out and about as well. In order to conduct yourself in a safe manner, we’d strongly advise reading our complete gym induction guide

#19 - Blue Bear Protection ProSport Mask ft. Nanotec Filter Stripe Series 

Price: £12.27

Blue Bear Protection offers one of the most highly rated exercise masks, featuring the choice of six different colours and coming in sizes suitable for both adults and children. With adjustable ear loops and a slim fit, this gym mask will coordinate seamlessly with your gym outfit, reducing the added stress of it coming loose or falling off whilst wearing it. 

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be wearing a sweaty gym face mask, which is why the ProSport Mask comes with the added benefit of being made with a breathable material. This reduces sweat build up, whilst allowing you to breathe comfortably when moving from one machine to the other. 

Speaking of machines, if you love to push yourself to the limit, incorporating smith machine exercises into your workouts is a must. For our take on the 15 best smith machines on the market today, click here. 

When looking at face masks for the gym you should always take breathability into account, catching your breath can be hard following an intense workout, the last thing you want to do is restrict your air intake. 

This is particularly true if you suffer from allergies, if you fall under this category it will please you to know that the ProSport Mask is a hypoallergenic face mask for the gym. Meaning that it will also protect you from any unwanted reactions to triggers such as dust, which could make breathing even more difficult. 

Made by American brand Blue Bear Protection, who also manufacture many different types of masks and sanitisers, the ProSport Mask comes with a replaceable filter, so that when you’re wearing this fitness mask at the gym, you’re even more protected from coronavirus. 

While not medical grade, the filter provided with this fitness mask offers an extra layer of protection that will keep even more germs at bay, making it suitable for cold and flu season too. 

#20 -  Migrate Art Mask Hiba Schahbaz Face Mask 

Price: £20.00

If you’re an environmentally conscious gym goer who wants a fitness mask that won’t end up polluting the earth, then Migrate Art's Hiba Schahbaz Face Mask is the perfect product for you.

This face mask for the gym is made with triple layered breathable nylon, which has been 100% regenerated, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about it blocking your airways during a gruelling workout. The mask’s fabric is also dyed using dye-sublimation and printed using recycled paper, meaning that the mask contains no water or paper waste. 

This fitness mask not only benefits your exercise routine, but with one simple purchase you can help to improve the lives of others in need. For every Hiba Schabaz Face mask that is sold 100% of profits go towards the Refugee Community Kitchen charity, with Flight Logistic donating £21.00 towards providing two meals for the charity.  

When shopping for gym face masks why not take the opportunity to help others rather than just yourself. If you’re someone who likes to donate to worthy causes, we strongly recommend a Migrate Art Hiba Schahbaz Face Mask, not only do you receive a suitable fitness mask that accommodates your needs and comfort at the gym,  but your money will help to improve the lives of others. 

#21 - notjustclothing Mask with Filter 

Price: £12.99

When you need a face mask for the gym, it’s good to find one with a filter pocket to provide that bit of extra protection, and this mask from notjustclothing is perfect for this very feature. These masks are designed specifically to hold a N95 PM2.5 filter, which can also be found on the notjustclothing website. 

Whilst providing adequate providing for yourself is at the top of everyone’s to-do-list, by purchasing this gym mask notjustclothing also donates 50% of sales to Masks for NHS Heroes, who are finding PPE for frontline workers. 

Made with one continuous piece of thread, these fitness masks are made in the UK and come in both adult and children’s sizes. In addition to this, they also come in a variety of colours, and patterns, including zodiac signs for all you astrology lovers out there. 

For further advice on clothing and gym wear, the OriGym article 22 best cushioned running shoes is sure to be a fun read. 

#22 - Wawaclothing Face Mask

Price: £12.00

With a stunning selection of 10 optional colours and designs, the Wawa Clothing Face Mask is perfect for those of you looking to make a fashion statement at the gym. These made to order exercise masks are crafted with 100% organic cotton and are double layered for your protection.

Exercise in even the harshest of weather conditions with the peace of mind that this breathable face mask from Wawa Clothing is 100% waterproof. This is thanks to the BCI approved wax coating, which repels water away from your face should storm clouds strike. 

The elastane loops also ensure that the Wawa Clothing Face Masks can adapt to all face shapes and sizes, a benefit for those of you who struggle to find an exercise mask that adequately provides protection for your face. 

This particular face mask for working out has received rave reviews from customers across the country, making it one of the most sought after face masks in the UK. With an impressive 5 star rating across 205 reviews, the Wawa Clothing Face Mask is simply a must have for any style-conscious athlete. 

#23 - David Watson, William Morris Wey Face Mask

Price: £55.00

Speaking of stylish fitness masks, the William Morris Wey Face Mask is arguably the most high end product to appear on our list. Whilst the price may seem a little more expensive in comparison to other gym masks on this list, please keep in mind that you are also purchasing a neckerchief as part of a matching set. 

The self proclaimed ‘arty’ fitness mask has been designed with soft 3-Ply fabric that fits to the contours of your face. In addition to this, the elasticated ear loops adjust to your personal comfort, allowing you to wear the mask as loose or tight as you wish.

The company has worked in collaboration with the William Morris gallery in order to bring this mask and scarf set to life. William Morris was a British textile designer, poet, novelist and an all around lover of the arts, making this stylish set a beautiful way to honour his legacy. 

If you’re after a product which is more than just a fitness mask, that you can effortlessly incorporate into your formal attire, we would strongly recommend purchasing William Morris Wey Face Mask from David Watson’s site. 10% of all of the proceeds made from the masks go towards NHS charities, making your purchase beneficial to you and others. 

#24 - är FFP2 Respirator 

Price: £14.00

With an outer surface made with premium textiles the FFP2 Respiratory mask from är protects you from 99.9% of viruses, dust particles, pollen and any other harmful airborne pollutants or contaminants. 

The world-class filter technology used within this exercise face mask provides customers with one of the most consistent and breathable respirators on the market today. These respiratory filters are what makes the FFP2 Respirator one of the best face masks for working out, as it assists your breathing passages without the threat of any contaminants slipping through. 

är recommends either replacing or disinfecting your respirator every 2-weeks, however, this can vary depending on the situations in which you wear the mask. At OriGym we strongly advise you to use your best judgement and wash your fitness mask according to your schedule, e.g. if you are regularly in busy public spaces, wash more frequently. 

These exercise masks have been incredibly well received by online customers, and are available in a variety of sizes suitable for all body types. Purchase yours today and see what all the hype is about! 

#25 - Isko Vital Premium Face Masks 

Price: £10.55

The Isko Vital Premium Face Mask is an eco-friendly exercise mask that provides protection that lasts for up to 15 washes. If you’re looking for an exercise mask that can also be adapted into your everyday life, Isko Vital clearly states that their product is versatile and can be used both in the gym and on your commute.

But how is this mask for working out considered to be ecologically friendly? Well, the Premium Face Mask has been created with organic cotton and is completely biodegradable, meaning it won’t pollute the environment once it has been discarded. 

This mask for working out is also designed slightly differently from others to feature within this list. With a four-fold structure, the Premium Face Mask from Isko Vital is the perfect product for those of you who are looking for a more elegant fit, rather than a loose one.   

This face mask for exercising is incredibly popular, and thanks to rave reviews many sizes sell out instantly once it has been restocked, so be sure to act fast and buy yours whilst you can.

#26 - Pacamask Daisy Print Face Mask 

Price: £17.95

Loved by thousands across the country, Pacamask has undoubtedly created one of the best gym face masks in the UK. Not only is this mask super stylish and comfortable, but it has been manufactured with cotton that kills 99% of all germs for up to 50 washes.

As we have discussed at length, some individuals may require gym masks for different reasons, whilst the vast majority wear to protect themselves from coronavirus, others may wear them for allergen purposes. If you fall under this category, you will be pleased to know that the Daisy Print Face Masks provide the highest levels of protection against both dust and pollen.

In addition to this, these exercise masks are also designed to provide water repellent weather protection. Therefore, if you are someone who likes to exercise outdoors you should consider investing in one of these masks to protect your face from all weather conditions.

If you’ve been searching high and low for fashion forward gym masks that provides you with the utmost protection, your search is over! The Pacamask Daisy Print Face Mask is unquestionably one of the best exercise masks in the UK market today, so don’t miss out and purchase one whilst they last! 

27  - Paisie Adjustable Face Mask 

Price: £6.00

The product description for Paisie Adjustable Face Mask clearly sets out the company's mission statement within its opening paragraph, it encourages customers to wear fitness masks whenever necessary in order to defeat the coronavirus epidemic once and for all.  

These exercise masks by Paisie not only provide excellent protection whilst you’re exercising, but it is also ecologically-beneficial as it's made with the leftover material used in the brand’s studio. Speaking of design benefits, whilst the mask itself provides 2-layers of protection, it is designed to work hand in hand with filters, so be sure to have some on hand. 

The design benefits for the Paise Adjustable Face Mask don’t stop there, as it is also fitted with nose wiring to ensure that the wearer can appropriately adapt the mask to their face. This is particularly beneficial to anyone who struggles to find a mask of a suitable size; never again will you have to deal with a face-covering which is too tight or loose.  

This breathable face mask for the gym has been found to be incredibly popular with online customers. Based on the reviews left on the companies website, it is apparent that Paisie’s Adjustable Face Mask is both breathable and incredibly comfortable, and if these are two qualities you value in your coverings, we highly recommend purchasing one today. 

#28 - The Big Silk Face Mask 

Price: £16.90

If you’re after a super soft, gentle fitness mask that provides unparalleled levels of protection and comfort, then the Big Silk Face Mask is the perfect product for you. Readily available in 9 colours, these sports face masks from The Big Silk can even be purchased alongside matching scrunchies and pillowcases.  

As the name of the company implies, this sports face mask is made 100% Mulberry silk, providing a comfortable and snug fit across your entire face. One of the benefits of wearing silk is that it’s naturally hypoallergenic, meaning that you can wear it for prolonged periods of time without the worry of allergies flaring up. 

If you find yourself coughing after running allergies may or may not be the cause, OriGym has provided further information on this subject within this article

These exercise masks are a little on the pricey side when compared to others on this list, however, please keep in mind that silk is more expensive to purchase, naturally, the price of silk products will reflect this. 

Said gym has been incredibly well received by customers of The Big Silk, who have rated them an impressive 4.8 stars, thanks to a total of 921 reviews. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, why not treat yourself to a different type of exercise mask.

#9 – Under Armour Sportsmask 

Price: £26.00

As another recognisable name brand, Under Armour has created a sleek exercise mask suitable for both sports and everyday wear. Available in either black or grey, this is suitable for a variety of body types, with sizes ranging from XS-2XL. 

The ear-loops of these gym face masks are designed to provide stretchy comfort. When exercising you don’t want to feel restricted in any way, having an Under Armour Sportmask with stretch fabric and ear-loops provides you with a greater sense of space and ease. 

The fabric used in the manufacturing of this gym face mask is completely water-resistant, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your mask getting wet, when exercising in the rain. 

In addition to this, the water-resistant capabilities also mean that the mask is sweat-resistant too, so you won’t have to worry about any nasty bacteria build-up. 

This benefit is further supported by anti-microbial properties found within the make-up of the fabric. This property kills any micro-organisms such as bacteria,  preventing them from growing again and potentially causing you harm - Under Armour also provides an anti-microbial bag to store your mask in between usages. 

If you’re an Under Armour lover then click here for our list of the best running gear, for products we know you’ll go crazy for. 

#30 - Isabel Manns Sapphire Pebbles Cotton Mask 

Price: £12.00

This sports face mask from Isabel Manns may be slightly cheaper than some of the previous entries on our list, however, that does not mean it’s any less effective in providing adequate protection. Whatsmore, the Sapphire Pebbles Cotton Mask is arguably one of the chicest and fashionable face masks to appear on our list.

Isabel Mann’s design for the Sapphire Pebbles Cotton Mask places it’s wearers safety first, not only does it come with adjustable ear straps in order to fit to different face shapes, but it is fitted with a small gap to place your own additional filter. 

In addition to providing its wearer safety, this sports face mask has been made for charitable purposes, with the profits of the purchased masks being donated to Maggie’s Cancer Care. If you are someone who wants to donate to a good cause, then we’d strongly suggest investing in a Sapphire Pebbles Cotton Mask.

The Sapphire Pebbles design is exclusive to Isabel Manns, so don’t miss your opportunity to help those in need, whilst receiving one of the most fashionable gym masks the UK has to offer. 

#31 - ChooseAlly Reusable Nanofiber Black Mask

Price: £12.00

For a gym mask that promotes comfort and safety as its primary objective, OriGym recommends purchasing a ChooseAlly Reusable Nanofiber Black Mask. 

With a lightweight, ergonomic design, this breathing mask for the gym also includes a movable nose bridge and adjustable ear toggles to ensure that it stays on your face even during the most gruelling workouts. Whatsmore, this mask also comes with 4 layers of built-in nanofiber filtration, going one step above the UK governments’ recommended number of layers.

Furthermore, by purchasing this exercise mask you’re not only benefiting yourself, but others who are in desperate need of PPE. For every mask that is sold ChooseAlly will donate £2.00 to the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation, ensuring that those battling coronavirus on the frontlines receive the highest levels of protection possible. 

If you’re looking for an ethical consensus exercise mask, then we would strongly suggest purchasing a ChooseAlly Reusable Nanofiber Black Mask. 


#32 -  SMRTFT Sports Mask S1

Price: £19.00

Are you after a breathing mask for the gym that can also easily adapt to your everyday wardrobe? If so, the SMRTF Sports Mask S1 is the mask that you’ve been looking for. 

Both stylish and easy to use, the Sports Mask S1 is made with lightweight MICROKNIT filter fabric, which blocks out 99% of ultra fine dust. This exercise mask also maintains its protection levels after 100 washing, continuing its near perfect 99% filtration rate. 

As previously mentioned, this gym face mask is incredibly fashionable and is available in 8 eye-catching colours. Therefore, not only does the Sports Mask S1 provide unrivalled protection from coronavirus and allergy triggering particles, but it effortlessly adapts to everybody's wardrobes.

If you’re an online shopper who likes to hear the opinions of others before committing to a purchase, it’s worth noting that this particular breathing mask for the gym boasts an impressive 4.5 star rating. Customers rave about the mask’s comfort, breathability and overall aesthetic look, so if this all sounds appealing to you purchase your SMRTFT Sports Mask S1 today. 


#33 - AEIBE 3Ply 3 Filtered Face Mask, Faces B&W 

Price: £45.00

If you’re looking for the perfect breathing mask for the gym, then the 3Ply 3 Filtered Face mask from AEIBE is sure to impress. As the name implies, this workout mask provides the recommended amount of protection as certified by UK law, so you can workout with the assurance that you’ll be safely guarded. 

This gym training mask is made with breathable cotton, and comes with one free disposable filter pre-fitted into the mask’s fabric. In addition to this, you receive two further mask filters for no additional cost, this is incredibly beneficial as you’ll be acquiring several layers of protection for an affordable price. 

If the filtration process is of paramount importance to you, then you’ll be pleased to know that this sports face mask provides 90% filtration efficiency. This process allows you to breathe comfortably and protects you from any unwanted irritants/pathogens that may be floating in the air. 

The AEIBE 3Ply 3 Filtered Face Mask puts your health and safety first, the manufacturers even provides a small cotton bag to keep your mask when not in use, this will protect its fabric from any unwanted bacteria and diseases. 

#34 – Falke 2-Pack Face Masks

Price: £15.00

Drawing our list to a close is a bright and colourful option from Falke. 

This is a sporty and dynamic mouth and nose exercise mask that boasts elastic, quick-drying material and a 2-layer construction.

This is made with 2-layer construction with separately integrated fleece material that can actually be used multiple times for daily use.

This mask is available in various sizes for a perfect fit for just about anybody. It consists of a round-knitted 2-layer material, with the outside being composed of hydrophobic material.

It is unisex and available for all, aged 7 and upwards and can be easily washed for daily use. All you need to do is pop it with your washing at 95°C.

You can stay safe while making a statement all the while, it is perfect for those who want a pop of colour for the summer.

#35 –
NEQI Original Reusable Face Masks 

Price: £15.00 for 3

If you’re after the best gym face masks in the UK, you should know that the NEQI Original Reusable Face Masks have been highly rated by Which?, meaning that it has been certified by the independent product review body here in the UK.

Which? scored them highly for bacterial filtration and comfort, meaning that these gym masks provide superior protection against coronavirus and other related diseases. 

These fitness masks appeal and cater to a wide customer-base, available in sizes small/medium and medium/large for adults and are also available in children’s sizes. Whatsmore, the masks come in a variety of colours, from pink, to black, to leopard print, meaning that there really is something for everyone.

NEQI Original Reusable Face Masks are super breathable and comfortable, making them one of the best face masks for the gym. Never again will you have to adjust your mask due to discomfort or to allow for the passage of oxygen. 

If you’re looking to improve your passage of oxygen whilst exercising, we’d recommend reading our article on the 17 tips to improve your running technique

Additionally, these gym masks are washable at 60 degrees, and with the £15 you pay for them you will receive three masks, making for incredible value for money. 


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What to Look For When Buying a Gym Mask

For a sports face mask to offer the best protection, government guidelines must be adhered to. This means that you want a mask with at least three layers of protection. By having this protection there is far less chance of droplets spreading from your mouth into the air and onto other surfaces such as gym equipment.  

Remember, face coverings help to protect other people from the transmission of COVID-19 and other illnesses, not just yourself. With that in mind we believe you should take into consideration the following conditions when looking for a mask for working out.


Whether you’re looking for a cardio mask for intense workouts, or just something you can wear when lightly engaging with group sports, choosing the right fabric can make the difference between a relaxing workout and a strenuous one.

Similar to workout clothes, you’ll want a mask for working out that is made with lightweight, moisture-wicking materials. The best masks will wick away sweat in order to keep your face dry and comfortable. 

When shopping around for masks for the gym you’ll also want to consider a stretch fabric too, look for words like elastane or spandex. This ensures that the mask stays flexible and stays put, moving with you during exercise, rather than falling off you. 


Through listing the best sports face masks in the UK we have mentioned on a number of occasions the importance of breathability at length. You never want to feel as if you’re suffocating (obviously), so be sure to choose a fabric that you can safely and comfortably breathe in.

This is particularly important if you’re shopping around for a cardio mask, when moving from machine to machine the last thing you want to do is strain yourself struggling to breath and also hinder that much-needed recovery time. 


Whether you’re after a face mask for the gym or something to wear whilst jogging or riding a bike, you should ensure that the mask provides a snug fit. Face masks that tie on using elastic straps around the ear are great for this, just make sure to buy one with adjustable straps, to keep the mask secured in place. 

When shopping for a mask for working out, many athletes choose the gaiters of balaclava style covering, which can be worn like a hood. These masks provide an extra section, which covers your entire face as well. 


How Often Should I Wash My Gym Mask?

Ideally, you should clean your sports face covering after every single use, as well as before you first use it. 

If you’re wearing it in and around the gym and other people, it’ll get sweaty and covered in germs on the outside, so if yours is machine washable, try and wash it immediately after wearing. 

It’s good to have a stash of gym training masks handy so that you don’t need to wash yours every single day - and who doesn’t love having a different colour of mask to choose from every day?


Why is My Gym Mask Labelled as Not For Medical Use?

Masks for medical use are a very specific type of product, often pleated and designed for single use only. The requirements for a mask to be medical grade is that it has to have a 95% droplet filtration system and multiple layers of very fine fibres to help with this. 

This doesn’t mean that fabric gym training masks aren’t effective, though! They are still very effective at preventing the spread of droplets and protecting both yourself and other people. 

Do You Have to Wear a Mask in the Gym?

The question of ‘do you need to wear a face mask in the gym?’ is difficult to answer as answers may vary depending on your gym. 

The official government guidelines recommend wearing one while moving around the gym, but it can be removed during exercise. However, your gym might have different rules and these are what we would recommend abiding to in order to keep everyone around you safe. 

If you don’t wear a mask while exercising, make sure you wipe down the equipment that you’re using with antiviral spray or wipes, and remember to always follow social distancing.

For more information relating to this topic, simply message or visit your local gym and ask the question ‘do I need to wear a mask in the gym?’. This will provide immediate clarity on the matter, the staff should also provide a better understanding of said specific locations rules and regulations. 

Before You Go!

We hope that you enjoyed this list of the best gym masks in the UK! Remember to stay safe and social distance in the gym, and sanitise your hands before and after using any equipment. 

Be sure to wipe down all the equipment that you use too. Using a gym training mask when you’re working out can help to protect both you and other people, so make sure you have a few handy when you’re going to work out!

Please remember, if you ever wanted to work in the fitness industry OriGym’s award-winning personal training diploma will help you kick start your career, with the help of an incredible team who are on hand to guide you 7 days a week. Better yet, OriGym can guarantee a post course interview at gyms nationwide!

Interested? Download our FREE comprehensive prospectus today, and explore everything we offer, and how it could be right for you.

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Lauren is a history graduate with a first-class degree from Lancaster University and is currently completing her Masters Degree. She worked on the university paper Scan for her 4 years there, eventually becoming the Carolynne Editor, overseeing 5 sections underneath her. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her lifting weights at the gym, trying to beat her current 5K personal best, or with her head in a long book.

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