17 Top Fitness & Gym Motivation Videos

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If you’re on the hunt for the best gym motivation videos on the internet, then look no further. 

We’ve handpicked our favourite clips that will guarantee to keep you inspired and dedicated towards your health and fitness goals. 

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17 Best Fitness & Gym Motivation Videos 

#1 -  Alone Fitness Motivation Video - By Natural Gym Motivation 

Starting off our list of the best videos for motivation is by YouTube channel, Natural Gym Motivation

The video begins with a series of slow-motion shots of 3 different men.

  • One appears to be lacking motivation, walking sluggishly to the gym.
  • Another is staring at his shelf of trophies with a determined expression. 
  • The final man is looking up at a poster of Arnold Swarzenegger while recovering from a set. 

These smaller narratives show that each man has a goal - they each know how to achieve it, yet doing so can often be challenging and require a lot of hard work and dedication. 

This video shows the natural journey that any fitness enthusiast goes through while showing some serious dedication and the want to succeed. 

Each carefully considered, high-quality shot creates a relatable and truly inspiring clip, which is why we’ve ranked it as our no.1 gym motivation video. 

#2 - GROW - Female Fitness Motivation Video - By Alpha Motivation 

This next example is one of the best female fitness motivation videos out there. 

The 8-minute video begins with a collage of slow-motion shots of different women focussing on their workout.

These snapshots present women with different body types, doing various activities, and so each have different goals, with individual paths, making it easy to relate and get fitness motivation from the video.

There are also several moments during the video with voice-overs, such as:

“These challenges that you face, they are gonna do their best to take you down. Do not let them.”

All of these features combined is what makes this one of the best workout motivation videos on the internet and one you should save for when you need a reminder to keep going!

#3 - Natasha Augey & Brooke Ence Workout Videos for Motivation - By Alpha Motivation 

Female gym motivation videos like this are well worth the watch as from the offset, the video screams high energy and inspiration. 

A voiceover begins the video with:

Winners fail and get up. Fail and get up. Fail and get up. You always get up and that is a winner.

A montage of high-quality clips show women working out in their respective settings:

  • The gym
  • Running in the street
  • In their garden

The variety of settings make for an immersive, as well as relatable, video that will easily get you feeling pumped and motivated!

The comments section shows you why this is one of the best female fitness motivation videos, because they’re littered with success stories and people feeling inspired!

#4 - My Fitness Journey | Advice and Motivation Tips - By Conagh Kathleen

Next on our list of motivation gym videos is something a little bit different from Conagh Kathleen, an influencer who has one of the best fitness YouTube channels herself!

Her platforms gained popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic as she frequently discussed various pieces of advice, tricks, and tips to stay healthy and keep active while at home. 

In the video, she chats about her journey as a whole where she breaks down her advice holistically to inspire others wanting to maintain weight loss and tone up. 

Delving into various tips and tricks will help viewers obtain all the necessary information to facilitate their own goals rather than just seeing the end result.


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This is why we think it’s one of the best female gym motivation videos out there!

Some examples of motivational tips that Conagh discusses include:

  • Using apps like MyFitnessPal
  • Keeping your exercise routine varied - HIIT, weight training, and yoga
  • Keep a post-it-note on your desk reminding you to work out
  • Any fitness journey is a marathon, not a sprint

Moreover, Conagh is an incredibly transparent individual who doesn’t shy away from discussing her experiences with lacking motivation and struggling with consistency. 

For all these reasons, we think that Conagh has created one of the best motivation videos on the internet that offers a more personal approach to fitness.

#5 - Ep.1: Movement - By The Body Coach TV

It may come as no surprise that one of the best fitness motivation videos on the internet comes from Joe Wicks, The Body Coach as he's an internally recognised fitness sensation.

The Body Coach TV YouTube channel is home to an extensive library of:

  • Exercise videos
  • Challenges
  • Fitness Q&As

Joe’s new series discusses the ways that COVID-19 has reshaped the way that he approaches exercise focusing on the mental benefits of exercise as well as the physical!

The first episode is particularly inspiring for fitness newbies who are perhaps considering starting their own health and fitness journey but may not know where to begin. 

Joe mentions:

Exercise doesn’t just have to be burpees or sprints or lifting weights. All movement is good and all movement has the power to lift us to help us to feel happier and more energised.

If you’re after inspiring gym motivation quotes and videos with tips, Joe’s series is well worth the watch.

#6 - Make Them Jealous Gym Motivation Video - By Gym League 

The Gym League YouTube Channel is dedicated to providing fitness enthusiasts with the best gym motivation videos to keep viewers working towards their goals. 

The channel’s motto is: We Inspire! We Motivate! We Are Gym League!

If this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, we urge you to check out their ‘Make Them Jealous’ weightlifting motivation video.

The video is made up of a range of shorter snippets of people working out in the gym.

Some use gym machines while others use free weights, enabling weight training lovers to find someone in the video that they connect with.

The montage of clips is accompanied by a series of inspiring quotes, such as:

If not now, when? If not you, who?"

Focussing on yourself is not being selfish, it’s called self-care."

Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself. Take it, and make the most of it.

These quotes speak to each individual spectator and make them think about their own achievements. That’s why it’s one of the top motivation fitness videos on our list!

#7 - How to Start Weight Training for Women (Beginner’s Gym Guide) - By Shelley Darlington

This video from Shelley Darlington offers a comprehensive guide for fitness newbies with a series of tips, tricks, and motivation fitness videos to get you inspired. 

What Shelley does differently to other motivation videos is she breaks down her content into digestible chunks so as not to overwhelm her audience when introducing new topics. 

Some of these sub-sections include:

  • How to keep motivated with home workouts
  • Full-body workouts vs. specific muscle training
  • How to structure a workout
  • Mind-body connection
  • Tips for keeping consistent

Shelley shows that a video needn’t be packed with fast-paced music and quotes to be deemed inspiring, and she instead offers a more personal approach to getting newbies involved in fitness.

If you’re after female fitness motivation videos, Shelley’s video and channel is worth checking out. 

#8 - Top 40 Gym Motivation Quotes and Video Tips - By Quotefancy

This 5-minute long video is one of the best videos for motivation as it offers viewers 40 incredibly inspiring quotes to keep driven and dedicated. 

These quotes have been said by big names in the health and fitness industry including:

I hated every minute of training, but I said “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion - Muhammad Ali

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable - Jillian Michaels 

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength - Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is one of the best gym motivation videos on the internet that will be sure to keep you engaged and driven.

You can even save these, along with some other motivational quotes from personal trainers, to keep you pumped and motivated throughout the day!

#9 - Wake Up and Conquer Your Day! Morning Motivation - By Let’s Inspire 

Let’s Inspire’s channel offers some shorter options for our list of the best workout motivation videos, which all function as super valuable tools for getting you out of bed in the morning!

A voiceover begins to play which, with the way the video is edited, seems as though it’s the figure in the video, speaking to his audience directly.

He says:

I know you don’t want to get up. I know how comfortable those extra minutes in bed might be after a long week. So you snooze your alarm to enjoy 10 more minutes of sleep."

But, are you done with your goals? Are they accomplished? Are you where you want to be?"

If not, get up.

Messages like this can be incredibly effective and remind you of why you started your journey in the first place. 

So, why not save this gym and workout motivation video and have it ready for mornings where you feel like you’d rather stay in bed and lie in? 

If this list is inspiring you to challenge yourself and develop your fitness practice, check out more of OriGym’s articles below, for hints and tips for workouts and more!

#10 - FEARS - Workout Motivations Videos - By Howard Freeman 

Now, this list simply wouldn’t be complete without discussing Howard Freeman who has created one of the best motivation videos of all time. 

On YouTube, FEARS has amassed over 6 million views, keeping people working towards their goals and encouraging them to never give up.

The video is just 4-minutes long yet is packed with some extraordinarily inspiring words, including some of the most famous lines from FEARS:

Championships aren’t won in the theatre of the arena."

They are won from the thousands of hours in the training room and the labs and the 5am runs when it’s raining and everyone else is sleeping. That’s when they’re won. "

The heart of a champion is a light switch that’s always on. It doesn’t go on and off when someone’s watching - it’s constant.

We strongly encourage you have this as one of your go to gym motivation videos if you’re serious about achieving your health and fitness goals

#11 - Creed Motivation Training - By Motivational Vids 

This video is something a little different to our other fitness motivation videos: a montage of clips from the 2015 film, Creed

The film follows Adonis Johnson, portrayed by Michael B. Jordan, who has big dreams of being a professional boxer like his dad, Rocky Balboa, as depicted in the Rocky franchise.

The video in question presents snapshots of Johnson in moments of success and struggle including:

  • Relentlessly training in the gym
  • Going on runs
  • Seeking advice from his father
  • Seeking advice from his coach

Even non-boxers will be able to relate to the peaks and troughs of training towards various goals and take something from the video. 

So, for anyone searching for top motivation workout videos, it communicated that regardless of how tiring training can be, consistency and dedication are paramount! 

#12 - TikTok Gym Compilation - By BeastMode

BeastMode is a YouTube channel that offers a range of gym motivation videos to keep you working towards your program each and every day. 

The video in question is a montage of women doing a number of fitness activities including:

A key benefit of watching compilations is that the TikTok user’s name is watermarked on each video.

This allows you to view the profiles of videos you like on the app and download them to your phone.

So, if you want gym motivation videos with free download options, be sure to check out the compilation videos to find profiles that you can truly relate to!

#13 - Female Fitness Gym Motivation Video TikTik Compilation - By BeastMode 

If the previous option sounds attractive to you, then you’ll like this will be one of the best motivation fitness videos for you too. 

With that in mind, watching female fitness motivation videos will be sure to spark some inspiration and this BeastMode video does just that by compiling some of the most famous transformation videos on TikTok!

Most videos show the before and after shots of various women’s journeys and show you what you too could achieve with hard work and dedication. 

This allows you to view various gym and fitness-related content with utmost ease to maintain motivation each day.

If this sounds good to you, head on over to BeastMode’s channel to check out their incredible range of motivation and fitness videos.

#14 - Cut Out Everything Else: Motivational Video - By Michael Farah 

Next on our list is another one of the best weightlifting motivation videos from Michael Farah, a gym enthusiast and avid weightlifter with plenty of content on YouTube!

The 4-minute long clip begins with a voiceover which includes the line - “The hardest part about going to the gym is putting your trainers on”, starting with an acknowledgement that motivation can be the biggest barrier to success!


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Cut Out Everything shows Michael’s entire lifestyle including:

  • His journey to and from the gym
  • His workout - lifting weights and using cardio machines
  • Michael making meals with fat burning foods full of protein
  • Shots of Michael struggling yet not giving up

Michael offers a bigger picture when it comes to achieving fitness goals; not just the workout itself but morning motivation, diet, and hardships too. 

This is why we think this is one of the best gym motivation videos on the internet and one we’d recommend you check out before your next workout. 

#15 - The Zach Zeiler Transformation - By Zach Zeiler 

Despite being slightly older than other examples discussed in this list,  Zach Zeiler’s transformation is arguably one of the best motivation videos out there and has stood the test of time.

Zach Zeiler was diagnosed with cancer as a teenager and the video starts with footage from this time, living in the hospital prior to his transformation.

The video shows Zach working out with weights in his living room, gradually getting bigger and stronger, before showing him with a completely different physique and healthier than ever!

Over 4 million people have engaged with his story, touched by his resilience and that’s why it’s one of the best videos for fitness motivation around!

We guarantee that you’ll think differently after watching it. Plus, at just 4-minutes long, there’s no excuse but to not watch his story when you need a bit of a boost?

#16 - Whitney Simmons Fitness Model Motivation Video - by Motivation Overload 

Whitney Simmons is an influencer with one of the best fitness Instagram accounts around with a whopping 3.3 millions followers!

She knows anything and everything about the gym and workouts and inspires countless people around the world. 

Motivation Overload is a YouTube channel that features various big names in the industry to show their workouts and techniques.

This one in particular shows Whitney in short, high-quality clips working out in the gym doing a variety of exercises including:

This video will be ideal for many fitness enthusiasts who need a video to hand as the go to motivational tool to give their workouts and confidence a boost! 

#17 - The Rock / Dwayne Johnson Motivation Gym Video

Finishing up our list of gym motivation videos is one that includes one of the most influential figures in the fitness industry - Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

The video opens with a slow-motion shot of The Rock in the gym as he recovers from a set with an exhausted expression. 

A voiceover of The Rock sounds over the slow-beat music. He says:

You gotta work everyday. It doesn’t end.

The video then moves into a montage of The Rock working out; headphones on, mind focused and lifting some seriously huge free weights. 

After we’ve seen him working out for a while, struggling through a variety of exercises, and managing to maintain his focus, we get another quote:

You have to earn it. On the other side of your pain is something good. The only way is through hard work.

That’s why it’s one of the best for gym motivation, quotes, and one of the videos for tips on getting going when workouts feel impossible!

Before You Go! 

There we have our favourite gym motivation videos! We hope that you found a few clips that you’d like to save to your YouTube library to watch on mornings when you feel uninspired and in need of a boost.

Don’t forget, if you’re feeling inspired to start your own fitness business you can combine the two qualifications you’ll need with our diploma in personal training!

Remember to download and browse our free course prospectus too for more details and information on other courses we offer.

Written by Emily Evans

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Emily studied English Language and Literature at the University of Sheffield, graduating in 2021 with a 2:1 BA honours degree. Alongside her degree, she also gained experience in student publication as Forge Press’ Lifestyle Editor and Deputy Editor for Post-Production. This is where her love for content writing stemmed from, which also led her to OriGym. Outside of her work, Emily will either be found on a long hike, at the gym or making a mess trying new healthy recipes in her kitchen!

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