23 Best Gym Shorts for Men

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The marketplace for men's gym shorts is now more competitive than ever, so deciding which product to buy can be a somewhat overwhelming experience. But have no fear, we here at OriGym are going to break down the 23 best gym shorts for men, whilst also providing you with links to the online stores that distribute said products.This article will also feature a brief guide, detailing what factors you should take into consideration before deciding which workout shorts to purchase. 

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How to Choose the Right Workout Shorts

You may think that finding a good pair of men's workout shorts is an easy enough task, however there are a lot of variables that you need to consider before hitting that checkout button.

Fit: When it comes to fit, there are typically two types of exercise shorts that men purchase. The first being skin-tight lycra exercise shorts, which provide your muscles with the support they need to carry out strenuous activities.

Alternatively, other customers love the comfort and breathability of a simple pair of baggy shorts. There is no one universal fit, so shop around and maybe try on a few pairs before committing to a fit that you think works best for you. 

Length: The correct length of your gym shorts depends on your workouts. Runners can’t have excess material, therefore they usually prefer something around 5 inches. Meanwhile, lifters like coverage between their legs and the bench, so they’re better suited with nine-inch shorts.

Material: The best workout shorts will always have moisture-wicking capabilities. Nobody wants to workout in clothes that are weighed down and covered in sweat, so look for shorts that advertise this capability!

Additionally, the stretch of a fabric is so important too. Regardless of what kind of exercise you do, you won’t want to feel confined or trapped within your gear. Look for shorts that are labeled as being made of ‘four-way stretch material’ which means they can stretch both clockwise and anticlockwise.

Style: Looking good whilst working out is always a plus! Whether you want an eye-catching design or a toned-down look, your sense of style will always influence your purpose. But now with the rise of streetwear, exercise clothing is being worn as part of everyday fashion, so it may be worth buying a pair of shorts that look good with your everyday wardrobe too.

Pockets: Now this may not be a factor that you initially thought about, but pockets are so useful that you should definitely look out for them when deciding which exercise shorts to buy. Now that most of us take our phones and keys everywhere, ensuring their protection is of paramount importance. If your gym doesn’t provide lockers, you may want to look for shorts with zippered pockets that can store your things safely, whilst you exercise.

Whilst all this information may look somewhat overloaded, it can be summarised very simply. Pick whatever pair of exercise shorts appeals to you most. When it comes to you and your personal preference, there is literally no right or wrong answer.

23 Best Gym Shorts for Men 

The following list has been compromised from a variety of companies at varying price ranges. The main goal of this list is to ensure that there is something for everyone, but we feel it is important to mention that this list is not a definitive ranking of the entire marketplace.

The products in this list are in no particular order, and if you feel we have not included one of your favourite products, that in no way devalues it.

#1 - Pace Breaker Short 7” New Liner Fit - Lululemon

mens gym shorts

Price: £58.00

Lululemon is one of the leading brands in workout clothing over the past 20 years, so we thought this pair was a great starting place for our list of men’s training shorts. 

Whilst this is one of the more expensive options out there, this pair of exercise shorts for men are dual layered which covers you across a range of workouts and is definitely worth the money.

The underlayer is a mesh liner that is quick drying to keep sweat lingering on your skin, with an inbuilt pouch for extra comfort and support and a streamlined fit for better movement. There is also a no-bounce phone pocket with a cord opening, which is perfect to keep your phone safe at the gym without ruining the fit of the shorts.

Gym shorts with zipper pockets are always a great buy; so alongside the internal pocket these exercise shorts have two outer pockets with zips for added security for your valuables. 

The elasticated waistband has internal adjustable ties which can be tucked away, and the length of these make them ideal gym training shorts because you’re well covered without too much excess fabric.

The outer layer is made of 4 way stretch polyester for ultimate mobility, whilst also being lightweight and sweat wicking to keep you dry as you workout. The polyester is 100% recycled, so it’s great to wear and even better for the environment!

#2 - Ranger Short in Slate - BarBell 

Training Shorts Men - BarBell

Price: £33.96

The Ranger Short in Slate gym shorts with zipper pockets by BarBell are another incredibly popular product which is available for purchase in 4 unique colours. These shorts are made up of 88% poly and 12% spandex, to offer you a comfortable pair of stretch shorts that are expertly designed for your workouts.

The material used to make these gym training shorts proudly claims to be moisture-wicking as well breathable. If you are someone who tends to overheat during your workouts, you may want a product that isn’t too tight and will allow your skin to breath. If this is the case, we would recommend the Ranger Short, for a comfortably cool workout.

In addition to this, the exercise shorts also claim to be wrinkle resistant. This may not seem like too big of a deal, but let’s be honest nobody likes their clothes to look wrinkled and creased. Having this guarantee provides you with the reassurance that your shorts will look stylish and sleek no matter what. 

The zipper pockets are a real selling point of this product, as you’ll be able to work out with your valuables safely on your person. This is well suited if your gym doesn’t provide lockers, or if you’re just wanting to keep things like your phone close to you. 

Valuing the safety of your possessions is a natural worry that many gym bunnies face, if you can’t find any shorts with pockets we would recommend bringing a gym bag with you. Additionally, the decision of which bag to buy couldn’t be easier, thanks to OriGym’s list of the 17 best gym bags.

The shorts have a perfect 5-star score and a total of 294 reviews on the BarBell website. Many of the reviewers applaud the product’s breathability, with many claiming it helped them stay cool during even the most intense of workouts. The reviewers state that this is down to the thinness of the stretch the fabric which ‘far outweighs the competition

#3 - Men’s Athletic Workout Shorts - Danish Endurance

gym shorts for men

Price: £27.00

Getting men’s gym shorts in the UK may require some shopping around, but luckily for us some of the best gym shorts have UK delivery options for a good price or even for free! For example this pair from Danish Excellence is available in the UK and offers free delivery for orders over £60.

These are the ideal weightlifting shorts because they’re longer in the leg and offer you more overall coverage between you and the bench so you can be more comfortable as you train.

The fabric is super lightweight and comfortable, and you’ll be able to move as much as you need during your workout. Polyester is a synthetic fibre that has excellent sweat wicking properties that will keep you dry during a more strenuous workout without weighing you down unnecessarily.

Best of all these are made from 100% recycled polyester so you can buy with confidence knowing you’re helping remove plastic from landfill. At £27.00 a pair, this is certainly great value for money and for the environment!

These are endlessly practical gym shorts, with zipper pockets to keep your phone and other valuables safe if there are no lockers at your gym. The internal drawstring lies flat on the inside of the waistband so you can adjust the fit as you need but still keep it tucked away whilst you work out.

#4 - Utility 2-in-1 Shorts - TCA

Workout Shorts - TCA

Price: £24.00

If you’re looking for a versatile mid-weight product that has multi-functional performance features, then the Utility 2-in-1 shorts. With TCA’s D.R.Y technology at the core of the exercise short’s manufcation, you will be kept dry by this light and comfortable product. 

This list has already featured many different kinds of men's gym shorts, all of which will appeal to a different audience. The Utility shorts have a highly compressed inside, to help increase your muscle power and help further develop your endurance skills. 

We have also already discussed multiple different men's gym shorts with pockets, but one unique feature that these shorts provide is a pocket specifically designed to hold your phone. This is built into the inner thigh of the shorts, so you don’t have to worry about it falling out or being visible to others. 

But just in case you need to hold more valuables than just your phone, then you may be interested to know that this product also comes with 2 other zip lined pockets. 

As we have already discussed, picking the right product is no easy feat. If you purchase the product and aren’t fully satisfied then you can apply for a refund for up to 365 days guaranteed. 

The reviews for this product are mostly positive, with the Utility 2-in-1 shorts currently rated 4.5 on the TCA website. Many of the reviewers seemed to like the fact that the product is double layered, without feeling too bulky. In addition to this, the reviewers also seemed to like the stylistic quality of these shorts, claiming that you can wear them with any coloured workout top.

#5 - Nike Pro - Nike

Men's Short Gym - Nike

Price: £54.95

For some shoppers, the best gym shorts are often the most recognisable gym shorts, and when it comes to name recognition you’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger brand than Nike. Designed with recycled polyester, Nike products are healthier for the environment as their products begin life as recycled plastic bottles.

In addition to lowering waste, the recycled polyester produces up to 30% lower carbon emissions, compared to regular polyester. This lightweight, stretchy fabric will let you lunge, squat and sprint without any type of restrictions.

The fabric is also breathable along the back of the waistband, which will allow airflow into your body when you begin to heat-up. When it comes to the elasticated waistband, it will feel comfortable for everybody of any kind of body type. In addition to this, Nike also offers a much wider size guide, ranging from S-4XL ensuring that everyone feels included. 

With Nike the quality of the men's gym shorts is reassured, you won’t have to worry about them being poor quality. In addition to this, this product is available in two colours and are fashionable forms of streetwear that can be worn outside exercising hours too.

#6 - Adidas Heat - Adidas 

Gym Shorts UK - Adidas

Price: £37.95

Speaking of high quality men's workout shorts, Adidas is another brand that you can reliably trust to deliver top of the line products. Their Adidas Heat shorts are immensely popular among customers and it is easy to see why.

The Adidas Heat is made out of 71% nylon and 29% elastane double knit. These factors combine together to offer you a cool and breathable visit to the gym, thanks to the temperature regulated function that the shorts possess. 

Within the description of this product Adidas claims that the shorts are built to handle any kind of heat, be it from the weather or from your body. So, if you want a looser style of gym shorts that will allow the lower half of your body to stay cool with breathability, then we would recommend purchasing this product. 

With an elastic waistband that comes with drawstrings, these are some of the best workout shorts that can accommodate everybody's size, thanks to Adidas’ wide array of sizes. 

Ranging from XS to 2XL, these shorts should comfortably fit everybody without a tight feeling that could affect your overall performance. However, it may be worth noting that in terms of length these gym shorts are somewhat shorter than others.

These short gym shorts are designed in the eye catching colour Semi-Flash Red, which many of the Adidas customers seem to enjoy. You can see on the company’s website that the shorts are used as both streetwear as well as exercise gear, making them the perfect fashion statement for summer.

The customers also praise these short gym shorts, for their functionality too. Currently resting at a 4.7 star rating on Adidas’ website, the reviewers all seem to be in agreement that the shorts are a comfortable fit that keep you cool when exercising.

#7 - GymShark Critical Shorts - Gymshark 

Mens Gym Shorts - Exercise Sharks

Price: £20.00

If you’re looking to buy gym shorts but are on a budget, you don’t have to compromise your desire for a high quality product. GymShark offers an outstanding pair of gym training shorts, which are both highly fashionable as well as practical to your exercise routine.

These essential gym shorts are made for durability and reliability above all else. With long lasting soft material, such as polyester, cotton and elastane, these cheap gym shorts were designed to offer comfort during any kind of workout. 

As we have discussed, men's gym shorts with pockets are in demand, and Gymshark meets this demand with two pockets placed at either side of your hips. Whether you’re going on a run or using the weight machines, you can enjoy your workout with the peace of mind that your valuables are safe and close to you. 

Ultimately, Gymshark may be the best gym shorts for men who value options and variety. The Critical shorts aren’t plain or bland, they’re eye-catching and stand out among many of the products both on this list and the pre-existing market today. With a choice of 13 designs, there really is something for everyone, whether you want a more traditional pair of exercise shorts or want to be more adventurous in your fashion statement. 

The GymShark Critical Shorts are an excellent reminder that cheap gym shorts don’t have to be low quality. So if you want something that is both affordable and reliable, we highly recommend this product.

#8 - Zone3 RX3 Compression 2 in 1 - Zone3

Exercise Shorts Men - TCA

Price: £60.00

Men's lycra gym shorts are known for offering skin tight compression, making them the perfect choice for those of you who want added support when you exercise. But what about those of you who like the breathability that a loser pair of shorts provide? If you are someone who is indecisive and can’t decide between the two styles, why not cut out the middleman and purchase this 2 in 1 product by Zone3. 

The lycra undershorts are made with sweat-wicking woven outer fabric, which offers compression, support, coverage and freedom to move throughout your workout. Expertly designed to be worn during training, these men's lycra gym shorts use the latest sports and design technologies to help compliment the outer layer. 

If you sweat profusely, then you’re obviously going to want products that help with this issue. Click here for OriGym’s guide into the 15 Best Wrist Sweatbands.

The combination of fabrics offer a firm yet soft fit, which wicks sweat away from your skin in order to regulate your body temperature and keep you dry. Comfort is maximised with the 3c, waistband and drawstring cord, which won’t dig into you or make you feel uncomfortable at any point during the workout.

In addition to all of this, these men's fitness shorts also come with a heat taped, zipped pocket on the back, as well as an easy to access pocket in the undershorts to store all your valuable possessions.

Whilst they are somewhat expensive, these may be some of the best gym shorts to feature on this list, as reviewers on Zone3 rave about their quality and comfort. With a 5 star rating, one reviewer in particular added that these shorts offered their body the support it needed, giving them the confidence to return to running following an injury.

#9 - FTS 100 Fitness Cardio Training Shorts - Domyos 

Gym Shorts Liner - Domyos

Price: £4.99

The topic of cheap gym shorts has already appeared on the list, but this entry by Domyos is perfect for those of you who are on a tight budget. For just £4.99 you can receive a high quality pair of men's gym shorts, that will offer you support and comfort during your workouts. 

The cut of these shorts was specifically chosen and designed to offer you freedom of movement, allowing you to exercise in any way you see fit without constraining your body. In addition to this, the shorts are also made up of moisture wicking fabric that will keep you both dry and warm during your gym trips. 

Within this article we have also touched upon men's weightlifting shorts, however this product states that they are the perfect shorts for all types of exercise. This is due to the way in which the Domyos team has designed their products in collaboration with R&D labs to make them longer than typical exercise shorts.

These men's long gym shorts will keep you covered when you bend over for movements such as squats, when raising your legs to do lunches and whilst moving quickly whilst jogging. Instead of focusing on one specific type of exercise Domyos has created a pair of shorts that is both breathable and beneficial to your practice. 

Since this product is so centred around cardio it may benefit you to know some of the benefits that cardio and aerobic exercises can provide.

#10 - High Stride 7’ Short - Outdoor Voices

Men's Gym Short Shorts - Outdoor Voices

Price: £48.08

If you’re looking to buy gym shorts that are designed with outdoor fitness in mind, then you may be interested in this product by the company OutDoor Voices. This product comes in 3 unique colours that could easily adapt into your everyday wardrobe too.

If you’re looking for gym shorts with a liner built into them, then this may be the product for you. The High Stride shorts are designed with a liner built into them, which also conveniently features a pocket to store your phone in. 

Another interesting fact about this product is that it is made with 100% recycled polyester. If you’re someone who is conscious about where your clothes come from and the reduction of your carbon footprint, then looking further into this product may be of some benefit to you, far beyond just general workout gear.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that these shorts are designed a lot shorter than most, as they were specifically tailored for hot climates. The reviews for these men's short gym shorts do somewhat reflect this, as some buyers do applaud the shorts general comfort, but state that they do feel a bit short when running.

If this product interests you, then we would recommend keeping this in mind when deciding which size you’d like to purchase.

#11 - FourLaps Extend Shorts - Athluxe 

Men's Exercise Shorts - Athluxe

Price: £52.00

When it comes to gym shorts men want comfort, style and practicality, the next entry on our list features all of this and so much more! Arguably one of the more stylish options to feature within this article, the FourLaps Extended Shorts is a little pricey but well worth the money for any dedicated runners.

As the name implies the fabrics used within this product offer a 4-way stretch, meaning that you can exercise in any direction without the worry of rips or tears. In addition to this, this product is also another example of gym shorts with a liner. However, within this product, it is a jersey mesh that saves weight and adds breathability. 

Laser-cut ventilation and a sweat wicking anti-microbial brief liner, these shorts are designed with your safety in mind, no longer will you overheat or sweat excessively with these shorts! In addition to this, the elastic waist and drawstring ensure that this product is comfortable for everyone regardless of your body type, the last thing you want to be worried about whilst running is tight shorts. 

Ultimately, these shorts are the ideal running short. With a 5-inch inseam it makes them the ideal running length, perfect for anything from light jogs to high intensity marathon training, which you can learn more about within this article by Origym. 

If you’re further interested in products specifically designed for runners, you might want to check out this list of the best running water bottles by OriGym.

Furthermore, if you’re an avid runner check out this article on the benefits and risks of running every day.

#12 - Limitless 2-In-1 Shorts - Squatwolf

best mens gym shorts

Price: £50.00

Squatwolf might be on the more expensive end of the scale but these are some of the best workout shorts available, regardless of whether you prefer running, weight training or even yoga!

These are dual layer training shorts for men with a considered design that offers some of the best support for the thighs and glutes. The underlayer is a Dry Tech compression layer to keep everything in place whilst you exercise so you can train for longer with the added support. 

It’s also a great moisture wicking layer to move sweat away from the skin and keep you cooler for longer. The inner side pocket is perfect to keep your phone in, so you have less chance of misplacing it between the weight machines or elsewhere in the gym.

The outer layer of these exercise shorts is lightweight with 4 way stretch, so they move easily with the liner to support your mobility. The outer fabric has a mesh design to let air circulate through the material and keep you cool.

To avoid distractions the gym shorts come with zipper pockets that lay flat against the body and don’t bag out when you move. The design is simple and stylish, with 11 colours to choose from you’re sure to find some gym shorts for men to suit you!

#13 - Men’s Rush Compression Shorts - UnderArmour

Men's Lycra Shorts - Under Armour

Price: £26.67

Whilst on the topic of men's lycra gym shorts, if you’re looking specifically for compression based shorts, then we would recommend checking out these shorts by UnderArmour. 

Available in 2 colours, whilst these shorts may not be able to be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe like some other entries on the list, they can offer you excellent support during any kind of workout. 

Designed specifically for intense bouts of exercise, the Rush Compression shorts are not only a great fit, but will keep you dry and make you fill you with confidence no matter what exercise goal you’re pursuing. 

If you’re using compression pants we can assume you may be doing so in order to practice weight training. When practicing this form of training, it is so important to ensure you’re being careful, which is why we’d recommend looking at OriGym’s guide to the 13 best weightlifting chalk, to ensure that your hands are supported too. 

It’s worth noting that these compression shorts are skin tight and act with what’s called ‘second skin fit’. But have no fear, this does not mean that you will overheat, as there are two mesh panels that are placed for strategic ventilation, keeping you cool as you push yourself to new exercise heights.

The encased elastic waistband will also offer you support and can be adaptable for a variety of body types and sizes. Ranging from a size S to XXL, UnderArmour caters to everyone and the reviews for this product reflect that mindset. 

The product currently has a 4 star rating and the reviewers state that they enjoy the comfort and stability that this product provides. If you’re looking for compression based shorts, then we would highly recommend checking out the Rush Compression shorts.

#14 - Lightweight Shorts - On-Running

Men's Workout Shorts - On Running

Price: £70.00

As we have learned when it comes to gym shorts men don’t all want the same thing. Not everyone is after a compression based pair of shorts, some may want a pair of shorts that is baggy and offers plenty of room for breathability and room for movement. This is where the Lightweight Shorts comes into play.

Designed to be ultra lightweight and versatile, allowing you to exercise without the fear of chafing or any other kind of irritation. In addition to this, the fabric is also breathable and will keep you cool in high temperatures. 

Another great factor relating to On-Running as a company is that they’re dedicated to creating sustainable products. Even the products that are currently not sustainable will be in the future as stated in the guarantee offered by the On-Running website.

You should be made aware of the fact that due to the fact that these shorts are somewhat looser than other products, that they are designed to be slightly longer. The product should cut off just above or on level with your knees. 

The reviews for this product show that the lightweight design is the real selling point of this product. Customers seem to enjoy the comfort and breathability that On-Running’s men's long gym shorts seem to offer. 

#15 - Shapes Triangle Shorts - Converse

Men's Long Gym Shorts - Converse

Price: £42.00

Speaking of men's long gym shorts, you don’t get much longer than the Triangle Shorts by Converse. Like with any name brand to feature on this list, with converse a high quality product is guaranteed. But you should be aware that these shorts are specifically designed for participating in sports, particularly basketball. 

The brand defines these shorts as being based on body shape and not gender. Whilst they are highly comfortable for male athletes, they can also be worn by just about anyone. Simply by wearing these training shorts men and other customers alike, will be filled with body confidence needed to power through your exercise plan or sports event.

The great thing about these shorts is that the elasticated waist line voluminous leg pleats, allows for more comfort and flexibility than any other pair of shorts on the market. 

All of this comes with the added bonus of the shorts being a fashionable element of street style. You can effortlessly incorporate into your wardrobe far beyond the constraints of just going to the gym or playing basketball. Whether you’re looking for an eye catching statement piece in orange or a muted colour such as black and grey, you will be pleased with these fashionables shorts. 

If you are someone who loves everything fashion, check out this article on OriGym’s Fitness Fashion guide.

#16 - Impact Run 3 Inch Split Shorts - New Balance 

Short Gym Shorts - New Balance

Price: £30.00

Now going the complete opposite direction men's short gym shorts don’t get much shorter than the 3inch Split Shorts provided by New Balance. These shorts are designed to offer you maximum comfort, during high intensity workouts and hot weather.

Made up of 100% recycled polyester these athletic fit shorts are designed to rise close to your body and skim your hips and thighs. But just because they are shorter, does not mean that the quality in features dips in any way. The inner brief lining will stop any chafing from occurring whilst also adding an extra layer of comfort.

Additionally, there are drop-in hip pockets as well as a back zippered pocket. Just because they are a little shorter than other products on this list, does not mean that you have to compromise your expectations, when it comes to the functions that exercise shorts should offer. 

Reviewers seem to enjoy this product as it currently has a 4.5 star rating on the New Balance website. Gym Shorts in the UK don’t typically cater to hot weather, but many of the reviewers state that this is the perfect product for days when things just get too hot to handle.

In addition to this, reviewers also compliment the shorts stylish appearance as well as the comfort they provide. Many can’t seem to believe that a pair of men’s training shorts this short wouldn’t cause irritation.

#17 - Ingara Enduro Run - BAM

Exercise Shorts - BAM

Price: £32.00

In terms of gym shorts men's instinct may be to brand loyalty, this doesn’t just apply to gym shorts but to most clothing in general. As we have already discussed, with big companies there is a certain level of quality that is guaranteed, but newer independent companies are making big strides within the marketplace. 

One of these companies being BAM, with the Ingara Enduro Run Shorts, you will be helping this ecologically conscious to save 248 days of water, 6.3km in fuel emissions and 2.2 m2 of land farmed without pesticides.

These bamboo compressed shorts for men are designed to warm and support your hamstring and groin. By purchasing this product you can avoid strains and injuries within this area and feel comfortable whilst doing it! 

These shorts are made with a high quality jersey that is supremely soft, giving you figure-sculpting support that offers freedom of movement. These tight gym shorts are men's wear that is specifically beneficial for cyclists, who can ride easily knowing that their gear is there to support them.

Reviewers rave about this product, which is very much evident by its 5 star rating on the company's website. Many of the reviewers commend these men's lycra gym shorts for offering support to your muscles and providing skin tight protection. In addition to this, the comfort of this product is also highlighted, with nearly every review mentioning how comfortable these shorts are.

#18 - Men’s Element Light Shorts - Odlo 

Gym Shorts with pockets - odlo

Price: £30.00

Made with 100% polyester, these gym shorts menswear is designed for the elite runners among us! Designed to offer a discrete approach to performance innovation, these shorts by Odlo are perfect for those of you who want to buy a product that is simplistic but effective.

But what is an elite runner without the shoes to match? Click here for OriGym’s guide into 15 best long distance running shoes

Some of you may not be looking for added bells and whistles, some may genuinely want just a pair of basic black running shorts, that can help to offer them comfort whilst exercising. Whilst the design may look basic in comparison to other shorts to feature on this list, the simplicity of the garment is what makes it fashionable. Pair it with literally anything you want, and it is guaranteed you’ll still look stylish.

This product not only looks good on everyone, but with its adjustable waist band can appeal to everyone too. When you’re exercising your sole focus should be exercising, not how tight or loose your gear is. Eliminate this fear with the purchase of a product that will support you and your body. 

This product has been hailed by reviewers as the perfect ‘go to’ running shorts. With simplicity comes markablity, everyone should find a use and benefit to using the Odlo Men’s Element Light Shorts. 

But even if you’re not a runner, it’s never too late to pick up a new hobby and there are so many benefits that come along with this practice. For information into how running can help your mental health, read this article created by OriGym.

#19 - Reflect360 Men’s Running Shorts  - ProViz Sports 

Short Men's Exercise Shorts - ProViz

Price: £29.00

We have offered many different products within this list, in an attempt to appeal to as many different types of customers as possible. Now we’ll share a pair of running shorts for those of you who like to exercise outdoors at night. 

But running shorts can’t do all of the work alone, make sure your body is fully covered in hi vis clothing. For more information on how to shop for these products, check out this article detailing the 17 best hi vis & reflective jackets

When it comes to crossing vehicles at night, it is important that the driver can see you at all times. This requires a substantial amount of reflective material, positioned down on each side of the shorts that will help to ensure you’re seen during any hour of darkness. In addition to this, vehicles coming from behind you will also be able to see you thanks to the reflective panel on the back of the shorts. 

These men’s training shorts are both lightweight and water-repellant, suitable for anyone looking to clock up miles. They're are also made from a comfortable 140gsm microfiber and incorporate soft, supportive inner mesh.

These gym shorts with a liner are supportive and can prevent any kind of discomfort that may occur during long runs. 

When it comes to the marketplace for men's gym shorts the uk is a highly competitive market. It is somewhat hard to make a decision on what to buy, but the endorsements for this product by ProViz may sway your mind. For these gym shorts have received praise from outlets such as GQ and Men’s Health.

All of these professional reviews seem to agree that this product is great for dark nights, proving the wearer with the peace of mind that they’ll be seen by any passing driver. If staying safe whilst running in the dark is important to you, then feel free to read this list of the 10 best running headlamps by OriGym

Alternatively, this list into the 17 best running lights may also be beneficial for this purpose. 

#20 - Men’s Training Shorts - My Protein

grey gym shorts men

Price: £12.99

If you’re looking for a great budget pair of men’s training shorts this product from My Protein is excellent value for money - and the initial expense is fairly low so you can try them out to see how they work for you.

These gym training shorts are part of their essentials range to get you started with the right workout gear, and will help you decide whether exercise shorts are for you. The fabric is a blend of polyester and elastane which will give you some extra flexibility and mobility compared to others on this list.

Both of these are synthetic fibres that are great at keeping sweat from lingering on the skin, keeping you cleaner and drier during your workout. 

These are gym shorts with zipper pockets; but rather than be sewn into the seam the pockets are sewn ‘welt’ which means they’ll lie flatter and not disrupt the fit of the shorts, or drag them down like could happen with other training shorts for men.

In terms of style you’ve got 4 colours to choose from to match or contrast with the rest of your exercise gear. They also come in 7 sizes so they’re fairly inclusive to cover a variety of body shapes.

#21 - 4505 Training Shorts - ASOS

Best Workout Shorts - ASOS

Price: £18.00

Many people know ASOS for delivering fashionable and affordable clothing straight to your door. Exercise gear is no exception to this rule, and these stylish shorts are just further proof of the online company's fashionable capabilities. 

These men's short shorts gym wear are perfect for those of you who value comfort and breathability within your exercise equipment. Made up out of soft, stretchy fabric you will be able to perform rep after rep, without the fear of any kind of damage showing. In addition to this, the elasitcated waist band fits comfortably around any type of body.

In addition to this as part of ASOS own line of gym clothes, this product comes with a guarantee that offers high quality gear. Their website states that this and any product sold as part of ASOS activewear, will keep you cool, dry and fly. Reflecting your personal style ensuring that your gym gear doesn’t have to be boring and plain.

In addition to this, ASOS will also provide you with suggestions for what you can pair specific products with. When it comes to these shorts you can even buy a matching t-shirt.

#22 - Banks Shorts - Vuroi 


Men's Short Gym Shorts - Vuroi

Price: £48.09

When it comes to style versatility, you’d be hard pressed to find a pair of exercise shorts that are as varied in style as the Bank Shorts. With 10 unique patterns and colours, you’ll be able to find a pair that not only aids you in your workouts, but will also look great on you whilst doing so.

Made with 44% recycled polyester the fabric used to make the Banks Shorts is both quick drying and combats sweat with anti-odor protection. In addition to both of these great features, the exercise shorts also provide 4-way stretch, meaning that you’ll be able to use them in a wide variety of routines without constraining or chafing your legs and groin. 

When it comes to exercise shorts in menswear can get a little repetitive and boring. However, Vuroi proudly claims that they deliver the most versatile product on the market, not only in terms of style and colour, but in fit and comfort too. 

This in part is thanks to their wide selection of sizes such from XS to XXL, as well as the scalloped leg openings and elastic waistband. 

When it comes to reviews, the Banks Shorts have been received with high praise, currently having a 4.9 star rating on the companies website. Many of their customers seem to enjoy the products' lightweight feel and the comfort they provide. 

In addition to this, many reviewers also praise the exercise shorts fashionable appearance, with many claiming they get complimented when wearing them at the gym.

#23 - Triumph Red Shorts - Vanquish

red gym shorts for men

Price: £11.99

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best men’s gym shorts around the UK are these super comfortable and stylish exercise shorts from Vanquish. 

If you’re looking for gym shorts for men that you can wear inside or outside the gym these might be the pair for you! They’re slightly longer than other options for optimal coverage and would look as good wandering around town as they do in the gym.

The longer leg of the design also makes them ideal weightlifting shorts to keep you comfortable on the bench. Plus you can easily switch to cardio or even other sports when you’re wearing these training shorts for men.

The cotton lycra blend means they’ll be incredibly comfortable with some added stretch so you’ll be able to move easily through your workout. However cotton is incredibly absorbent so we wouldn’t recommend them for more strenuous workouts where you’ll sweat a lot because they’ll get heavier from the moisture and take longer to dry.

The design also boasts 2 zipped side pockets with plenty of room for your phone or wallet if you want to keep them close - which is brilliant if your gym doesn’t have any lockers available. These are solid all round training shorts for men that are comfortable, practical and excellent value for money.

Before You Go! 

We hope that you have found our guide into the gym shorts marketplace to be informative and insightful. 

From this list alone it is abundantly clear that there are many options to choose from. Take your time before rushing into a purchase, and pick a pair that are going to be the most beneficial to you and your practice.

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