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21 Best Healthy Cereal Bars (UK)

A quick and tasty way to pick up your energy after a workout, healthy cereal bars are a perfect grab and go snack. Beware - some brands aren’t as healthy as they seem, so always check labels to make sure you’re not getting high sugar, fat, salt, or calorie content! 

Our list of cereal bars is packed full of the healthier options; we’ve got low carb, low calorie, organic, whole grain - you name it, we’ve got the best cereal bars (UK) to eat alongside your fitness regime.

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What are cereal bars?

Yes, this may seem like quite an obvious question, but there are so many types of snack bars and sweets that it can get a little confusing! Usually containing healthy ingredients - like nuts, fruits, seeds, oats - cereal bars (healthy ones!) can be an easy way to get some added fibre, protein, and vitamins in your diet, and are often eaten for an on-the-go breakfast or post-workout energy boost. 

However, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the innocuous cereal bar as many are loaded with added sugar and fats, with some containing almost the same amount of sugar as a standard chocolate bar - and that doesn’t sound like a healthy breakfast! 

Luckily, we’ve found some of the healthiest cereal bars that won’t give you a sugar rush and will actually provide a nutritious and healthy start to your day.

#1 - Trek Protein Nut Bars 

Price: £16.99 for a pack of 16 x 40g

best cereal bars healthy

Vegan, gluten-free and packed with natural, plant-based ingredients such as gluten-free oats, dried fruits and roasted nuts, the Trek Protein Nut Bars are a UK top seller in high protein cereal bars. If you’re looking to cook up some of your own vegan snacks, then check out our article on the best vegan cookbooks to see if you can find some new favourites!

The Trek Protein Nut Bars have between 9-10g of plant-based protein per bar derived from oats and nuts. In addition to fueling you, whether it be on the work commute, at the gym or enjoying the outdoors, Trek Protein Nuts Bars are fibre rich with 12g per bar, almost half the daily recommended intake for adults, so can contribute to feeding your gut microbiome. 

Each of these healthy cereal bars has less than 5g of sugar, 2g of saturated fats (nut-based saturates) and 213 Kcal per bar. Their selection includes varieties such as 'Blueberry and Pumpkin Seed', 'Coconut and Raspberry', 'Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt', and 'Dark Chocolate and Orange' so make for a sweet alternative to, for example, a chocolate bar with an average 25g of sugar and 14g of saturated fat. 

With all of the high protein cereal bars formed of only a few ingredients such as whole almonds, toasted coconut, roasted peanuts and antioxidant-rich blueberries they're filled with slow-release energy to battle any chance of a blood sugar dip before your next meal. 

#2 - Adonis Keto Bar

Price: £25.90 for a pack of 16 x 35g

best cereal bars uk

With 100% natural ingredients whilst also being vegan, low sugar, gluten-free and promising a perfect ketogenic macronutrient profile, Adonis Keto Bars are one of the best options for low carb cereal bars for UK customers with less than 3g of net carbs per bar.

One of the best cereal bars for diabetics these have up to 48% nuts, are therefore rich in healthy fats and plant-based protein, are milk-free and suitable for Paleo, Atkins and Ketogenic Diets. Sweet and nutty using only a few ingredients per bar, the Adonis Keto bar product line includes ingredients such as antioxidant-rich dried acai berries, brazil nuts, pecans, and goji berries. 

These healthy cereal bars also include science-backed superfoods such as turmeric, one of the most health potent spices we know of, with positive effects in anti-inflammation, cardiovascular health and boosting the potency of other antioxidants we consume in our diet. Adonis Keto bars use Erythritol as a sweetener which is derived from fermented fruits and bars are free of high sugar ingredients such as dates and syrups. 

Whether grabbing one of these natural cereal bars on the go or at your desk, the Adonis Keto Bars come in at an average of 175 Kcal per bar with slow-release energy to keep you more sustained for longer and reduce the chance of over-eating later in the day. 

#3 - Kind® Breakfast Cereal Bars

Price: £12.37 for a pack of 12 x 50g

Kind® makes snack foods based on the principle that if you can't pronounce an ingredient, it shouldn't go into your body. One of the best cereal bars for healthy ingredients, Kind® breakfast cereal bars live up to their promise. Sweet and soft baked these bars use 5 health fueled grains: oats, quinoa, millet, amaranth and buckwheat, for slow-release energy to sustain you until your next meal.

With additional, wholesome ingredients such as blueberries and almonds, the Kind® breakfast cereal bars each have 22g of whole grains, 30% from gluten-free oats. With evidence showing a diet rich in whole grains, 90g per day, may reduce the risk of heart disease by 22%, the Kind® bars are a great swap for other snacks high in saturated fats.

With 20g of sugar per 100g, they are on the higher end of sugary but most of this comes from natural sources such as dried blueberries and dried cranberries which are healthier than alternatives using white sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.

These contain no artificial flavours, preservatives or sweeteners. With 5g of fibre per bar and 220 Kcal per bar, the Kind® breakfast cereal bars are one of the best whole grain cereal bars available and a great sweet treat swap or breakfast option.

#4 - Kashi Chewy Granola Bars

Price: £6.05 for a pack of 6 x 35g

low fat cereal bars

Kashi Chewy Cereal & Granola bars are vegan, use non-GMO ingredients, and are packed with healthy fats from almonds, chia or flax seeds with one bar providing 300mg of plant-based ALA omega-3s, 20% of an adult's daily recommended intake.

Other ingredients found in the Kashi bars: healthy wildflower honey, rosemary extract, peanut flour (so are not safe for anyone with a nut allergy), dark chocolate and coconut: high in copper, iron, selenium and manganese.

These healthy cereal bars are packed with whole grains and seed blends including oats, millet, quinoa, brown rice, barley and chia making for a total of 15 to 19g of grains per bar. Whilst providing key whole grains to benefit the body, Kashi bars do have a higher sugar content with 7g of sugar per bar from ingredients such as cane sugar and brown rice syrup. 

That said Kashi are low-fat cereal bars at 3.5 grams of total fat with 1.5 grams of that being saturated. Kashi Chewy Cereal & Granola Bars are also one of the lowest-calorie options for a cereal bar at only 120 Kcal per bar and 3g of plant-based protein. Chewy, sticky and sweet, Kashi Granola Bars are the best cereal bars for a low calorie option, and with essential whole grains are a great swap for a processed snack bar.

For more inspiration on how to incorporate healthy snacks into your personal training diet, read through our article on a personal trainer meal plan.

#5 - Alpen Light 

Price: £14.99 for a pack of 10

breakfast cereal bars

The healthiest option out of the Alpen range, Alpen Light has 0.7g of fat, 0.3g of which are saturated fat, 8.3g of sugar, and only 63 Kcal per bar so are a fantastic option for low calorie dieters.

These healthy cereal bars are packed with multi-grains and come in 6 flavours such as 'Salted Caramel', 'Jaffa Cake', 'Summer Fruits', Chocolate and Fudge', and 'Cherry Bakewell' making for a great low-calorie swap for your favourite sweet snack. 

Alpen Light bars are a great source of fibre with around 4.4g per bar, making them one of the healthy ‘extra b’ cereal bars from the official Slimming World plan. Alpen Light is a nice option for a taste of something sticky and sweet at (on average) a third of the calories of eating a standard bakewell tart or salted caramel chocolate bar, so make for a tasty and sweet swap for anyone following a low-calorie diet. 

#6 - This Bar Saves Lives

Price: £21.92 for a pack of 12 x 40g

The This Bar Saves Lives cereal bar has 170 calories per bar and is packed with almonds for vitamin E, antioxidant-rich blueberries, blood sugar lowering pistachios, dark chocolate, and coconut and flax seeds loaded with healthy fats. This Bar Saves Lives bar is also on an important mission to end malnutrition in children, donating proceeds from each bar to sending food packages to children in need.

These cereal and granola bars have 9g of fat with only 1g of that being saturated, a low 6g of sugar and are a good source of plant-based protein at 4g per bar and fibre at 8g per bar. These low carb cereal bars come in a huge variety of flavours including 'Blueberry and Pistachio', 'Peanut Butter and Jelly', 'Dark chocolate and Coconut', and 'Madagascar Vanilla Almond and Honey' to name only a few.

With each purchase, This Bar Saves Lives can send a high-calorie nutrient packet to a child. With three packets a day over eight weeks a child can be taken from severely malnourished to healthy. The This Bar Saves Lives healthy cereal bars are not only a nutrient-packed choice but also a donation to a great cause which could, as labelled, save lives.

#7 - Pulsin Orange Choc Chip Fruity Oat Bar

Price: £14.16 for a pack of 24 x 25g

high calorie cereal bars

The Healthy Food Guide's 2019 winner of 'Best Gym Bag Snack' and winner of Mama and Baby's 2018 award for 'Best Healthy Snack for Toddlers', Pulsin fruit cereal bars use the finest natural ingredients, are non-GMO and vegan-friendly

One of the top contenders for the healthiest cereal bar for kids, Pulsin's Choc Chip Fruity Oat bar is packed with plant-based protein, gluten-free oats, is high fibre and a great grab and go snack bar. With each one of these healthy cereal bars packed with orange peel and dried fruit, one serving counts as one of your five day, and the chocolate chips are a minimum of 72% cocoa solids and xylitol-sweetened. Xylitol is one of the healthiest sugar alternatives available and is tooth-friendly. 

These nutritious cereal bars are cold-pressed, dairy-free, soy-free, and are 50% packed with oats, dates, apricots, and raisins. Each bar has only 87 Kcal, meaning Pulsin Orange Choc Chip Fruity Oat Bars are a very low-calorie snack which delivers a punch of nutritious ingredients. Bars have 3.9g of fibre or about a quarter of a day's worth of recommended fibre for a child under 11 and have 2.8g of fat per bar, 1.2 grams of which are saturated. 

Pulsin also offers other nutritious cereal bars such as a 'Choc and Raisin Kids' Fruity Oat Bar' and the 'Strawberry Kids' Fruity Oat Bar' with macronutrient breakdowns tailored especially for children. Pulsin bars are some of the healthiest cereal bars for kids that are a great way to get whole grains and dried fruits into your children's diet.

#8 - Boka Bars

Price: £26.80 for 12 Packs of 4 bars (48 bars)

best cereal bars for diabetics

Very low in sugars, fats and salts, Boka bars are another great competitor for the best cereal bars for diabetics. Great value, Boka’s healthy cereal bars have no hidden or added sugars, and have a UK traffic light food label that’s completely green, low in fats, saturates, sugars and salts.

Winner of Healthyfood's 'Best of Health Awards' 2018, Boka’s bars come in 'Choco Mallow', 'Apple and Cinnamon', 'Caramel' and 'Strawberry' flavours. These bars come in at 96 calories per bar. Each bar is 25% oats, has a quarter of an adult's daily recommended intake of fibre per day and has only 1.6g of sugar per bar. 

Boka’s high fibre cereal bars are a great, guilt-free alternative to other higher sugar snacks and bars which are great for dieters, or anyone concerned about sugar, fat or salt intake.

If you’re looking to lose some weight but find the various types of body fat super confusing (don’t worry, we do too!) then take a look at our helpful guide on the types of body fat for some clear information.

#9 - Chia Charge Energy Bars

Price: £9.96 for a pack of 10 x 60g

high fiber cereal bars uk

A favourite option for healthy cereal bars for UK athletes, Chia Charge Energy Bars use unprocessed, whole-grain chia seeds in place of traditional cereals. With their nutty taste Chia seeds are high in antioxidants, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and contain 20g protein, high fibre and low in sugar.

Vegan, gluten-free and wheat-free each bar has 20g of protein - half the recommended daily intake for an adult woman - and on average 3g of fibre. Their crispy and natural cereal bars come flavours such as 'Cocoa', 'Salted Caramel', 'Jaffa', and 'Mixed'. 

High in protein with slow-release whole grain energy, you'll feel fuller for longer, helping you boost your performance at the gym or battle hunger off until your next meal. High-calorie cereal bars built to help boost your performance, Chia Charge high protein cereal bars come in at 279 calories per bar and an average of 9.4g of fat

Chia Charge energy bars have packed nutrition and energy into every single bar, and with 4.5 stars on Amazon UK out of 168 ratings are worth a try.

#10 - Bounce Almond Protein Hit Energy Balls

Price: £19.99 for a pack of 12 x 49g

healthiest cereal bars for kids

Full of nuts, whole grains, seeds, and whey protein, Bounce Energy Balls are high protein cereal bars in the more exciting form of soft-baked, 49g energy balls. Balancing 11 grams of protein per ball, and complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats in a high fibre, vegetarian and gluten-free package, the Bounce Energy Balls are packed full with vitamins and antioxidants.

Their 'Almond Protein Ball' is rich in manganese and heart-healthy fats, their 'Coconut and Macadamia' with vitamin E contributing to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, and 'Peanut' with 135% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin E, and 13g of protein to keep you full for longer. As part of their vegan range, their 'Almond Spirulina' energy ball uses spirulina, considered to be one of the most vitamin and mineral-dense foods known. 

Bounce offers ten varieties of these round energy cereal bars, plus a variety pack of 6 balls for £9.99. For anyone looking for a nutrient-dense, high fibre cereal bar with a twist, Bounce Energy Balls are a modern take on classic healthy cereal bars and are a must-try.

#11 - Eat Natural Bars

Price: £15.71 for a pack of 20 x 45g

kashi cereal bars healthy

Made in Halstead, Essex, Eat Natural Bars live up to their name as some of the most natural cereal bars. These bars are high in fibre, packed with an average 20% dried fruit and include delicious ingredients such as almonds, figs, apricots, whole grain oats, sultanas and brazil nuts.

On Eat Natural's list of cereal bars, there are high fibre cereal bars such as 'fibre Packed' with dark chocolate and sea salt and 'Apple, Ginger and Dark Chocolate' with cashews, linseeds and coconut shreds. Their fibre range also includes three 'Fruits and fibre Bars' fruit cereal bars with apricots, plums and cranberries. Eat Natural has also released a vegan cereal bar 'Simply Vegan' with peanuts, coconut and roasted chickpeas for copper, folate, manganese and iron. 

Bars come in at an average of 220 calories per bar, around 5g of protein and 5g of fibre per bar. Eat Natural Bars are also one of the more sustainable natural cereal bars with Eat Natural reducing the plastic in their packaging by 30% over the past 5 years and have partnered with NGO to support Brazilian nut growers affected by crop failure. 

Normally dipped in a base of yoghurt or chocolate, Eat Natural Bars have a higher sugar content than some bars with around 10g per bar or a high 22g of sugars per 100g. Some of these sugars will be fructose based from dried fruits. If however sugar is less of a concern for you, Eat Natural Bars are otherwise healthy cereal bars packed full of natural, vitamin-packed ingredients and make a great, healthier alternative for a post-workout energy hit. 

#12 - PowerBar Real5 

Price: £40.50 for a pack of 18 x 65g

cereal bar healthy

From the American-based company Powerbar, known as specialists in energy bars and sports drinks, PowerBar Real5 uses only 5 simple ingredients in the fruit cereal bars, including: 39% raisins, 27% oat flakes, 15% goji berries, 14% roasted cashews and added magnesium to boost metabolism.

PowerBar Real5 Bars are vegan and come in three flavour options 'Banana Hazelnut', 'Goji Cashew', and 'Strawberry', all of which contain no added sugars. At 65g each bar is slightly larger than some of the other nutritious cereal bars, with on average 15% of an adult's daily recommended intake of magnesium, 250 calories, and 6g of protein per bar. These bars are very high in sugars (compared to some of the others on this list of cereal bars) with 22g per bar. However, the sugar content will be from naturally occurring sugars in ingredients such as raisins, berries, dried strawberries, and banana flakes.

PowerBar Real5 is a great option for performance-enhancing, vegan, high calorie cereal bars for competitive training or the gym. And, if all this stuff on nutrition has grabbed your attention, check out our article on how to become a nutritionist or even have a look at our level 4 advanced sports nutrition course to change your career today!

#13 - Special K Kellogg's Protein Bars 

Price: £15.58 for a pack of 18 x 35g

healthy cereal bars uk

In 2018, to meet consumer demand for healthier cereal bars, Kellogg's overhauled the recipe of their previously unhealthy high calorie cereal bars to replace the ingredients with whole grain oats, dried fruits and added vitamins such as B6 and folic acid. These healthier snacks went up in weight from their original 21.5g to 27g or higher. The Special K Protein Bars are some of the healthiest cereal bars available in the UK.

The Special K Protein Bars are available in flavours such as 'Berry Clusters and Seeds' with wholewheat cereals, linseeds, sunflower seeds, whole oats and freeze-dried blackberries, blueberries, redcurrants and raspberries, and 'Nuts, Clusters and Seeds' with similar wholegrains plus hazelnuts and almonds. These breakfast cereal bars are packed with additional niacin, iron, Vitamin D, folic acid and B vitamins including 26% of an adult's recommended daily intake of B12. 

Kellogg’s breakfast cereal bars are also some of the less calorie-dense at around 150 calories per bar and meeting customer demand with lower sugar, with around 5g per bar or 14g per 100 grams. Kellogg's Protein bars have around 5g up to 8g (23% of an adult's RDA) of protein per bar depending on which variety you choose and a decent amount of fibre at around 4g. The standout feature of Kellogg's next generation healthy cereal bars is the added vitamins with a single bar packing almost 50% of an adult's daily requirement of vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.

If you love Kellogg's Special K then their high protein cereal bars are a great option for a low-calorie snack and a great treat swap with added health benefits.

#14 - Graze Protein Oat Bites

Price: £9.00 for a pack of 15 x 30g

low carb cereal bars uk

From Graze's in-store line of wholesome, healthy snacks, the Graze Protein Oat Bites come in seven varieties all including whole oats in superfood-packed square bars. Graze Protein Oat Bites are made with a variety of unprocessed, natural ingredients such as cocoa nibs, mixes of seeds, chia, blueberry, peanut butter and baobab (an antioxidant-rich fruit native to Madagascar).

The full product line includes 'Cocoa Vanilla', 'Lemon Blueberry', 'Raspberry with Chia', 'Peanut Butter and Chocolate', 'Banana Protein', and 'Honey and Oat' flavours. A low-calorie option for those concerned about their energy intake, each cereal square comes in at 138 calories, has 4.5g of fibre, an average 4.5g of protein and is low salt. These natural cereal bars are suitable for vegans and Graze use no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Graze Protein Oat Bites have 45% less sugar than the average cereal bar with around 4g per bar, or a low 14g per 100g, and are a great source of manganese for metabolism. From a brand dedicated to giving healthier alternatives, these low carb cereal bars are a great source of energy for fueling your day for slow-release energy from whole oats and soy protein.

#15 - Wild Trail Fruit & Nut Snack Bars

Price: £14.25 for a pack of 16 x 46g

healthy extra b cereal bars

Gluten, dairy-free and vegan, Wild Trail Fruit & Nut Snack Bars use only 5 ingredients including gluten-free oats, dried fruits, sea salt and apple juice concentrate. These nutritious cereal bars are high in fibre at around 5g per bar and include no added sugar.

Available in 'Carrot Cake', 'Sweet and Salty', 'Cacao', and 'Seed and Nut' flavours, these natural cereal bars use ingredients such as pumpkin seeds for magnesium and zinc, dried carrots, peanuts, cashews for vitamin E, and 90% of the fats in Wild Trail bars (around 8.8g total) are unsaturated. Wild Trail bars are also some of the lowest-calorie cereal bars at an average of 118 calories per bar.

Marketed as "Simple. Outdoor. Energy", Wild Trail Fruit & Nut Snack Bars have been designed to keep you fueled when outdoors, for example when hiking or camping, and these high fibre cereal bars are slightly higher on the sugar scale at 15g per 46g bar or 32g per 100g. However, as a way of fueling your outdoor adventures or gym sessions, where you're likely to need the sugar, Wild Trail Fruit & Nut bars are high energy cereal bars with a clean label. 

#16 -  KIND® High Protein Bars

Price: £20.00 for a pack of 12 x 50g

what cereal bars are healthy

Made with 12g of plant protein and 25% bigger than the original KIND® bar, these low carb cereal bars come in 'Crunch Peanut Butter', 'Dark Chocolate Nut', 'Almond Butter Dark Chocolate', 'Caramel Nut' and 'White Chocolate Cinnamon Almond', as well as a 60 count variety pack.

All KIND® High Protein Cereal Bars are kosher, have 0 trans fats, are gluten-free, low sodium and have a low glycemic index to help you stay fuller for longer. These natural cereal bars come in at an average of 250 calories per bar and have an impressive 21% of an adult's daily recommended intake of fibre. The high fibre cereal bars contain no artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives and are relatively low carbohydrate at 12g, using chicory root fibre and a variety of nuts for protein, depending on which bar you go for.

KIND® High Protein Cereal Bars are a great snack for on the go with delicious flavours such as roasted caramel, rich dark chocolate and peanut butter coatings. For anyone looking to boost their protein intake but are searching for plant-based sources or who are concerned about their intake of trans fats, these are some of the best high energy cereal bars.

#17 - Taste of Nature Organic Cereal Bars

Price: £12.00 for a pack of 12 x 40g

high fibre cereal bars uk

Gluten-free and vegan, Taste of Nature Organic Cereal Bars use only organic ingredients such as sesame seeds, coconut, brazil nuts, goji berries, almonds, apples, cashews, and dried blueberries to provide a great taste and extra nutrition.

The natural cereal bars use agave syrup to sweeten but no fillers or additives, and Taste of Nature is committed to responsible sourcing and sustainability with all ingredients sourced from sustainable farmers. Taste of Nature additionally uses only 100% green energy to power their production centres. 

The healthy cereal bars have on average 200 calories, 0 trans fats, a good 5g of plant-based protein and around 3g of fibre. If you’re specifically looking for brown rice cereal bars then the Taste of Nature Almond Organic Cereal Bars will be the best choice for you! All their flavours use organic ingredients, either nuts, fruit juices, plant-based syrups, seeds, or whole-grain brown rice. 

For anyone looking for healthy cereal bars in the UK, packed with real, organic ingredients from a green and sustainable brand, Taste of Nature Organic Cereal Bars are a smart choice for your body and the environment.

#18 - The Primal Pantry Bars

Price: £20.00 for a pack of 18 x 45g

cereal & granola bars

For anyone looking to avoid grains altogether but who is still in need of a great snack bar, The Primal Pantry bars are vegan, dairy-free, halal, gluten-free, use no added sugar and as their name suggests are great cereal bar alternatives for anyone following a Paleo or Ketogenic diet

With brand values of simplicity and honesty, The Primal Pantry uses no artificial ingredients to make their bars and these keto cereal bars have transparent ingredient lists. Their snack bar product line includes varieties such as 'Almond and Cashew' using only three ingredients (dates, almonds and cashews), 'Coconut and Macadamia', 'Lemon and Poppy Seed', and 'Hazelnut and Cocoa', plus an 18 bar variety pack. Plus, if you need a great bag to stuff all your healthy cereal bars into, check out our articles on the best gym bags for women and the best gym bags for men now!

All ingredients are raw and unprocessed with an average of 200 calories per bar, 3g of fibre, and 14g of naturally occurring sugars. All of the natural cereal bars contain 5 ingredients or less and are handmade in the UK. These cereal bar alternatives contain no palm oil and for anyone following a raw, paleo or clean eating diet are a great alternative to more sugar-laden and high processed snack bars. 

#19 - KIND® Bars

Price: £11.99 for a pack of 12 x 40g

organic cereal bars

An Amazon UK bestseller in "fruit and nut bars', these are another great option if you're looking to avoid grains and cereals but need healthy cereal bar alternatives. The original KIND® bars are dairy-free, gluten-free and each bar contains up to 60% nuts

With flavours such as 'Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate', 'Caramel Almond and Sea Salt', and 'Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate' to choose from, all of the energy cereal bars are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Each one has around 200 calories, a good amount of protein at 8g per bar and around 10% an adult's daily recommended intake of sugar at around 10g per bar. 

If you're looking for some of the healthiest cereal bars that are packed with plant-based protein and uses only whole, natural ingredients then the original KIND® bars are a pocket-sized pack of wheat, oat and gluten-free goodness.

#20 - Graze Super Snackers

Price: £13.50 for 9 packs of 4, 36 bars.

brown rice cereal bars

Designed by Graze as healthy cereal bars for children as well as great for adults, the Graze Super Snackers contain 50% less sugar than the average cereal bar (marketed at children): when comparing to 80 competitor brands, these come in at 97 calories, so are a lunchbox friendly low-calorie snack and are a good source of fibre.

Graze Super Snackers come in three flavours including 'Chocolate', 'Strawberry', and 'Toffee Apple' and so are a great sweet treat swap. The bars are packed with whole rolled oats, 18% of the daily recommended intake of manganese for a healthy metabolism, and uses naturally sweet chicory root fibre. Graze Super Snackers contain only 2.9g of sugar per serving or a low 13g per 100g and only 4.3g of fat, so also a one of the best cereal bars for diabetics in terms of sugar content. 

If you're looking for sweet but healthy cereal bars to give your kids (or even snack on yourself!) which won't lead to sugar highs and crashes then the Graze Super Snackers are a fantastic and nutritious choice.

#21 - Nature Valley Crunchy Oats & Honey

Price: £5.00 for a pack of 5 x 42g

whole grain cereal bars

The number one bestseller on Amazon UK for whole grain cereal bars, Nature Valley's Crunchy Oats has 5 stars from over 2000 ratings and are packed with 100% whole grain oats

Nature Valley does a variety of options in their Crunchy bars product line including 'Peanut Butter', 'Roasted Almond', 'Oats and Hazelnut' and 'Ginger Nut Crunch' amongst others. Each serving of 42g is low in salt, contains around 200 calories, contains only 1g of saturated fat and these nutritious cereal bars are free from colours and preservatives. 

Nature Valley's Crunchy Oats contain 11.9g of sugar or 28.3g per 100g which is on the higher end of sugar content for whole grain cereal bars. That being said, at an average of 60% wholegrain oats these natural cereal bars have good amounts of manganese, copper, iron, zinc and vitamin B5 and so are a healthier alternative to more processed, high calorie cereal bars when reaching for a quick breakfast or a between meals snack. 


What cereal bars are healthy?

Hopefully after reading through this list you’ve got a much better idea about which bars are healthy and will give you an energy boost without making you crash from sugar overload thirty minutes later. 

A quick and easy way to check the nutrition info on healthy cereal bars is to look out for the red, green and orange traffic light system on the packaging: avoid the reds like the plague, be a little cautious about the orange, and add the green to your basket.

If low carb cereal bars don’t seem like the best snack for you, check out our blog for the best protein popcorn instead!

What makes a cereal bar healthy?

organic cereal bars uk

The majority of healthy cereal bars all have a few things in common:

  • Low sugar content - and some sugar will be naturally occurring from added fruit, for example
  • Low calorie content - some do have a higher calorie content whilst still being nutritious, and we recommend these for bulking rather than weight loss or strength training
  • Ingredients such as fruit, nuts, seeds, grains
  • High fibre and high protein content - this varies a lot depending on the ingredients

When to eat cereal bars

While they were originally intended as an on-the-go breakfast alternative, the nutritious value and ingredients in healthy cereal bars make them a great choice for after a workout to give you an easy energy boost. The size and easy format also make them perfect for a quick snack!

They can be consumed at any time during the day as a healthier alternative to crisps and chocolate bars, and can work well as part of a balanced lunch for work or school. 

Before you go!

We don’t know about you, but reading about all these healthy cereal bars have made us a little peckish! The combination of great tasting fruits and nuts with a quick and easy format makes nutritious cereal bars a top contender for best snack. 

Be sure to check the ingredients and information on the packaging before you purchase to make sure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients and sugar content for your training programme!

If thinking about food and fitness has piqued your interest then why not consider taking that into a career? Check out our courses like the level 4 advanced sports nutrition or level 4 diabetes control and weight management. You can also download our latest course prospectus for free!


Enquire about our Level 4 Nutrition Course

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