Healthy Habits: The Best Resources for Better Eating Today (2018)

    Healthy habits can be hard to come by, and even harder to stick to…

    Think about it: we all live busy lives. We wake up early, drag ourselves into the shower, put on some semblance of work-appropriate clothing…By the time we even begin to think about eating or drinking, a big chunk of our motivation for the day may already be missing.

    If you’re sat there thinking this food vs. time dilemma sounds all-too-familiar, don’t threat. You’ll be reassured to hear that you are by no means alone. In fact, statistics show that convenience foods that can be eaten on the go are the fastest growing sector of the UK food market.

    But here lies a problem…

    Sure, convenience foods are, by definition, easy; they are ideal for busy lives and hectic schedules. But many of us, as well as demanding faster and easier meals, also want to stay healthy while we’re at it (we’re a needy bunch, aren’t we?).

    Of course, 80% of the battle when it comes to fitness is good nutrition.

    If you want to track your macros, ensure you are consuming the correct amounts of vitamins, while also keeping your diet varied and exciting, you’re going to need to put in a lot of planning.

    And suddenly we’re back to square one, scrabbling around for spare minutes and seconds in a week of precious little free time.

    Fortunately, you no longer have to scrabble alone. The rise in busy, health-hungry people has caused an increase in demand for resources, tools, and services providing everything you need to start a new health kick.

    You want healthy food delivered to your door? No problem!

    Want personalised vitamin packs tailored for you every month? Easy!

    Want your own nutrition coach and diet plan? All you had to do was ask!


    Become a Level 4 Qualified Nutritionist

    Follow Your Passion for Nutrition & Become a Nutrition Advisor


    And here, we’ve surveyed our amazing Level 2 and Level 3 fitness students to bring you the best meal box delivery services, personalised vitamin packs, and online nutrition coaches available today!

    For once, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let us show you how to maximise your chances to sticking to a regimen of healthy habits in the easiest ways possible!


    The Best Meal Box Delivery Services to Kickstart Healthy Habits

    With increasing demand for meals on the go, a handful of fitness-driven entrepreneurs have spearheaded a burgeoning market of deliverable meal boxes.

    Whether it’s a paleo-themed diet delivered straight to your door, authentic pasta dishes, or meals planned according to your exact weight, height and desired routine of healthy habits, there are a great many quality providers prepared to cater you.

    To help you make a decision, we’ve picked out some of the best…

    Fit Kitchen

    Fit Kitchen is a popular and effective meal delivery service in the UK. From humble beginnings, the company has grown and now has its own app and software to provide users with personalised meal plans according to lifestyle choices. Spearheaded by Amar Lodhia, fitness nuts with busy lives can sleep easy in the knowledge that Amar too has been in their situation: himself a CEO and fitness fanatic under extreme time constraints, Lodhia decided he needed concrete solutions to integrate healthy habits into his day-to-day routine.

    “Fit kitchen was set up to make counting calories, macros, and meal prepping easier. We started off in 2014 with just two of us and a handful of customers in East London. In those days, we planned all the diets by hand but, as you can imagine, this process was quite cumbersome.

    “Over the next two years we developed the unique software that powers our website. This allows customers to simply enter their data, their goals, and other basic information about their day-to-day activity and gym routine, along with their meal preferences, and the system generates bespoke meals that are different every day and calorie specific. The kitchen that receives this order makes the food to a high quality, and it is then delivered to the customer’s door (not just in East London, but all over the UK).

    “Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t tie customers into any contracts, which helps in terms of people wanting to change their diets or travel.”


    Prep Perfect

    Prep Perfect are a big name in the healthy habits and food delivery industry, especially in the UK. With a huge choice of meals, Prep Perfect also offer innovative and professionally curated meal plans. These include Weight Loss plans, Muscle Gain Plans, and Keto meal plans, to name but a few. Customers can also choose everything, from which meals they prefer, to how many they want in a week and their desired delivery date, leaving Prep Perfect to deal with the rest.

    “We at Prep Perfect feel that we come recommended due to our wide range of services. We cater to all requirements and allergens and our range includes Gourmet dishes, Meal plans for Weight Loss, Maintenance, Muscle Gain, and Keto. We also offer a simplicity meal builder whereby you can build your own meals choosing from a selection of Protein, Carbs, seasoning and Vegetables, in addition to choosing portion sizes.

    “Our meals contain no additives or preservatives and are carefully crafted by highly experienced Chefs.”


    Kous Kitchen

    Wales-based Kous Kitchen is the healthy habits solution for anyone following a vegan diet who finds themselves short on time, but high on fitness ambition. Despite their Cardiff base, they offer UK wide delivery, and guarantee that all their meals are 100% plant based, taking away any need for lengthy meal-planning and ingredient-checking. Kous Kitchen operates on a meal plan-based model, with options ranging from a simple to a 20 meal bundle, and recipes including Chickpea pancakes, Spaghetti Bolognese-style with garden peas, and Vegan Meatballs. In their own words:

    “We show fitness enthusiast and health-nuts how to be vegan the right way, with meals that are healthy without compromising on taste.”


    Pasta Evangelists

    I mean, who doesn’t love pasta?

    For those wanting to take their love of carbohydrates to the next level, Pasta Evangelists offer a premium pasta delivery service at affordable prices. Now, you may be sat there thinking: pasta? That’s no way to start new healthy habits.

    Pasta Evangelists, however, argue otherwise…

    “Outside of Italy, pasta is often seen as a vice; certainly not something that the weight (or health) conscious should consider eating. Italians are incredulous about this, as pasta is an integral component of the Mediterranean Diet, which has been long-celebrated as one of the world’s most healthy.

    “We believe it’s important to avoid demonising certain food groups… any starch-based staple food, be it rice, pasta, potato or bread, can be more – or less – healthy depending on the way it is prepared and served. For example, avocado on toast has proliferated as a “health food” whilst chocolate spread on toast has fallen foul. The starch base – here, the bread – is not the problem; rather, what makes the difference is what is piled on top of it.

    “The same applies to pasta. Italians, for example, do not tend to heap vast quantities of Cheddar cheese on top of their pasta dishes… rather, a scant amount of Parmesan cheese is preferred. Nor do Italians typically serve pasta with rich sauces made from butter and cream; often, the base of a pasta sauce is tomato, but high quality, rich, flavoursome tomatoes that produce a sauce just as delicious than their fattening counterparts.”


    Simply Prep Meals

    Simply Prep Meals has a clear and precise goal for all of their operations: to provide premium healthy meals, at affordable prices. Another business with humble beginnings, Simply Prep Meals is the brainchild of Lou Witterick, nutritionist and renowned Birmingham chilli eating competition winner. Joking aside, Simply prep Meals is a winning formula of intuitive ordering platforms, whereby customers choose their plans and desired proteins and customise their own meals, and high quality food.

    “Simply Prep Meals has simplified meal prep, healthy habits, and fitness food for the general public. We provide precision designed fat loss and muscle building plans alongside our build-your-own-meal service. Not only is this service simple and easy to use, it gives the consumer full control of their macros.

    “As a company we use British meat, fresh salmon and only produce of the highest quality. We hand-make our burgers and meatballs and use clean seasonings created by ourselves. Our recipes are unique to us, we believe in minimum ingredients for maximum flavour. We also offer free UK delivery in specially designed temperature controlled boxes, a tailor-made meal prep service on request, allergies catered for, and a halal option if required.

    “We believe Simply Prep Meals is a market leader in meal prep and fitness food.”


    Kettlebell Kitchen

    When it comes to promoting healthy habits, Kettlebell Kitchen is a bit of a jack of all trades. Not only do they provide a fantastic range of meal prep options, including KBK Shred, Vegetarian options and their hugely popular Kettlebulk packages, they also own their own restaurants in the North West of the UK, provide events-catering, and have their own line of supplements. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, the company has enjoyed local and national notoriety, boasting partnerships with associations like British Weight Lifting, and having received awards including the North West Business Awards 2017.

    “Kettlebell Kitchen meal prep is unique: all of our products are natural and nutrient-dense. All sauces are cooked fresh within our production unit, free from any artificial additives and free from refined sugars. We use honey, prunes and other natural products to sweeten our sauces, and everything we make is seriously low cal.

    “We bake our bread products in our own bakery, our snacks are also clean and made in-house. Our meats are locally sourced, free from fillers, antibiotics and anything to modify the ingredient. We cook our meat fresh too: we do not skip corners by buying in pre-cooked meat. We are in full control of what is going into our meals and we are extremely proud of this. With two fresh deliveries weekly, no freezing required, we are really steaming ahead on food quality.

    “As a group business, we have recently acquired Soulmatefood, one of the first prep companies. As a group business, this now positions us as one of the largest prep companies in the UK.”



    If you’ve done any research into the meal box delivery industry in the UK, then you will have heard of HelloFresh. Long established as one of the industry’s main players, HelloFresh offer weekly menus of seasonal, fresh food, which can be ordered using a wide set of flexible plans. Rather than fully completed meals, HelloFresh boxes include all the ingredients you need, alongside amazingly intuitive instructions: the logic being that to truly invest in yourself and in healthy habits, learning some culinary skills is as important than the food itself. This formula has brought them deserved success, and judging by their testimonials, they will long remain a popular option for those looking for easy nutrition fixes.

    “HelloFresh is a fuss-free and convenient way to cook from scratch. We provide all the fresh ingredients straight to customers’ doors so they can enjoy nutritious meals at home.”


    Welsh Food Box

    No prizes for guessing the national affiliations of Welsh Food Box…

    This company has a slightly different take on the food box industry, opting to provide subscribers with ingredients and meals from exclusively local providers. With local, fresh, and organic produce, comes obvious health benefits. Indeed, Welsh Food Box’s dedication to local providers, sourcing the best ingredients, has garnered them a popularity outside of their immediate area.

    “I can only think that we were recommended because of our commitment to fresh, organic and local produce. We work very hard to source the best quality we can and are passionate about supporting local producers and the local economy. We also know how our customers feel about the environment, so our philosophy of lowest possible food miles and minimum packaging fits with our customer’s principles.

    “We really try and help our customers get what they want from our boxes, and keep a database of each customer’s ‘dislikes’, whilst also looking to introduce them to new products, by including some really easy to follow recipes in each box.

    “We also offer a ‘Student Survival box’ – A box full of nourishment to help any hard-working student through the week and to keep them focused on their healthy habits (includes organic fruit & veggies, free range eggs, organic tinned items, meat (or veggie) item and either rice/pasta/pulses).”


    Spring Green

    Behind the stylish, elegant, and hunger-inducing brand of Spring Green London, is Bonnie Stowell, a professional chef who has trained under names including the Michelin-starred Matt Tomkinson. Rest assured then, the food provided by Spring Green is never going to be boring. Combine this with the meal plans that Spring Green offer, suitable for people of all dietary requirements including Vegan menus, light protein menus, and active protein options, and you begin to see how Stowell’s food enterprise continues to expand in popularity and size.

    “Spring Green London is a healthy food delivery service with a plant-based focus. Founded by Michelin-star trained chef Bonnie Stowell, Spring Green London use innovative ingredients from around the world all with a plant-based focus. They create inventive, delicious menus that are not only full of flair but are able to transform perceptions of what healthy food looks and tastes like. Spring Green London is not about fads or quick fixes, it’s a lifestyle – intelligent eating for the future.

    “We trust in the power of fresh, nutrient-rich, multitasking foods and use innovative ingredients from around the world. Our carefully crafted meals use a hybrid of raw and cooked foods for full nutritional benefit. Each has been designed to leave your body, skin and mind completely nourished – to help you feel your happiest, brightest, most gorgeous self.

    “And for us, taste is as important as substance. Everything we make is not only restorative, but also completely delicious. We select from a whole rainbow of ingredients.”


    My Food

    Long established as one of the leading providers of deliverable meal boxes, My Food are more than a safe pair of hands when it comes to kickstarting new healthy habits. The company is run by fresh food and macro meal experts, and has set menus including weight loss options, their popular SIXPAX menu, and bespoke planned meals.

    “I think My Food was highly recommended because of our underlying values of providing great nutrition, excellent customer service, and innovating at every opportunity. Between our founders, chefs, managers and nutritionists, we have well over a hundred years of shared experience in tailoring and delivering delicious fresh food to assist people from all walks of life with their health and fitness goals.

    “Our investment in technology allows us to give our customers unparalleled choice and control over their meal plans, which ultimately lets our customers choose their own flavour of healthy eating. We also aim to be as inclusive as possible, catering for people with different nutritional needs, lifestyle choices and cultural values. If our customers want to eat well and achieve their health and fitness goals, we want to give them everything they need to do just that!


    The Best Personalised Vitamin Packs to Fuel Healthy Habits

    So you think you’ve got your diet pretty much spot on… Then you read an article that tells you about all the vitamins are the key to healthy habits, and that they are going to help you reach the next level of your fitness journey. The only problem is, finding out which vitamins are best for you.

    That’s where vitamin delivery services come in. With just a few clicks, you can get either a fully personalised plan or a whole month’s regimen of vitamins, from companies with their own scientific research and strict quality controls.

    Sound right for you?

    Well, check out some of the best providers below!



    VITL have a fairly unique platform for determining which vitamins will best accompany your healthy habits lifestyle. Operating online consultations, the VITL website will gather data on your lifestyle choices and recommend the vitamins it believes will benefit you most. Having gathered these insights, your personalised vitamin pack will be delivered to you, and will be available for a repeat order.

    “VITL takes a complete and holistic view of your health, taking into account dietary and lifestyle factors (as well as DNA and blood test results if you want to go into further depth) in order to fully personalise a supplement pack based on your needs and goals.

    “Additionally, all VITL formulations are all 100% non-GMO and free from nasty ingredients such as fillers and bulking agents, artificial colours, and preservatives, so you know you’re getting exactly what your body needs, and nothing you don’t!

    “All you need to do to get started is take the short, interactive consultation (free!) to find out more about what’s going on with your health. This makes our platform perfect for those new to nutrition and looking for advice on where to begin improving their health.”


    Vitamin Buddy

    Vitamin Buddy are popular because of the long list of guarantees that accompany their service. For example, all their products are gluten free, vegetarian society approved and vegan friendly, and all their capsules are pharmaceutical grade. Vitamin Buddy operates on a monthly delivery basis, offering tailored vitamin plans and flexible subscription packages, once customers have taken their free online lifestyle quiz. For a quick and trustworthy vitamin fix to give your healthy habits a boost, there aren’t many better!

    “My reason for starting Vitamin Buddy coincided with my personal health journey. I wanted to be healthier, but found that finding the right vitamins and supplements was a complicated and confusing process. Multivitamins seemed like a generic solution, and trying to research which vitamins suited my lifestyle best was too arduous due to the amount of conflicting information on the internet.

    “That’s where the first seeds of Vitamin Buddy were planted. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could just tell someone about my lifestyle, concerns and health goals, and receive a personalised vitamin plan based on this information? And that’s what we set out to do. We created a unique questionnaire that takes key data from our customers, and generates bespoke vitamin plans for each person.

    “These vitamins are then packed into 28 daily sachets, and then delivered in a handy 4 week box straight through your letterbox. Not only does it take the hassle out of figuring out what you should take, but also helps to make sure you keep on top of taking your vitamins every day.”



    So far, everything has been about personalisation. Ritual, however, look at vitamins a little differently. Producing a single product aimed at women, Ritual believe that people are more similar than they are different. Rather than customising their products for which healthy habits customers want to improve right now, Ritual take the long-view that a balanced intake is better for health. Their tablet is therefore optimised to cover the common deficiencies in women’s diets and daily lives, and this no-fuss approach has garnered them some real popularity.

    “Succinctly, Ritual is a simple, daily multivitamin for women that combines the 9 essential nutrients most modern women are missing in their daily diets.

    “Despite personalisation becoming somewhat of a buzzword in the supplement industry as of late, Ritual noticed that our bodies are more alike than different. The biggest issue with personalisation is that somebody’s desires (i.e. better hair, skin, and nails, or more energy) will undoubtedly lead to them taking unneeded nutrients that may unbalance other essential needs. Also, needs change with time, meaning the process should be repeated frequently, adding cost and complexity.

    “Ritual’s approach is to scour the wealth of peer-reviewed, published scientific population data to pinpoint as precisely as possible, what we all need in terms of essential vitamins. It’s personalisation in the sense that the brand doesn’t rely on government daily values for doses, they look to the most recent science. Ritual also gets obsessive about dose, because to garner the best possible results, ingredients need to be carefully and specifically balanced – all of which Ritual does on your behalf.”


    Multiply Labs

    Another variation on the personalised vitamin, Multiply Labs lets you customise a single capsule with all the vitamins you are lacking in your diet and daily healthy habits. Having designed your capsule, you can then have it delivered to you in 2 week instalments, and can even update your capsule online between deliveries. The science behind the capsule is also impressive, with unique controlled time release technology to measure which vitamins are released into your body at different points in the day.

    “The Multiply capsule is the first-ever personalised supplement capsule, completely customised to the needs of each individual. After taking our personalisation quiz, you receive a supplement capsule customised to your health goals, and taking into account your diet, exercise schedule, and lifestyle. We only recommend exactly the supplements that you need, which means nothing unnecessary goes into your body.

    “With the Multiply capsule, you get: high quality, research-backed vitamins and minerals – and only the ones you need; custom dosage levels that complement your diet and lifestyle; a unique capsule designed for optimal absorption.”


    Vita Five

    Take one look at the Vita Five website and you’ll see that theirs is a fairly unique take on the personalised vitamins industry. You’ll first notice the vitamins themselves…they come in the form of chewable sweets. This makes them perfect for parents wanting to introduce some healthy habits for their kids, and for anyone with a sweet tooth. Don’t be fooled by the playful appearance though: the science behind their personalised vitamin packs is solid. Customers can choose between a wide range vitamin chews, from brain-healing Omega-3, to Melatonin which helps with sleep. Having customised your own pack, you receive four week’s worth, which can be bought on a rolling subscription.

    “I believe that Vitafive was chosen due to the unique value of the personalised gummy vitamin packs. As we are the only custom gummy vitamin pack on the market, we work to kickstart a healthy life for those that want an easy, yet fun way of taking their vitamins and supplements.”


    The Best Online Nutrition Coaches

    If meal boxes and planned supplements aren’t your thing – maybe you like maintaining a degree of autonomy, but dislike the burden of choice when it comes to planning your nutrition and healthy habits plan – then an online nutrition coach might be for you.

    With the proliferation of online health blogs, and digitised services, nutritionists too have taken to the online sphere in order to help clients fix their nutrition.

    With services including meal plans, consultations, and comprehensive life-style coaching, there is enough choice to set your well on track to achieving whatever health targets you may have.



    Based in the North East of England, and led by registered dietitian Dawn Shotton, Dietwise offers affordable nutrition services tailored to their clients’ needs. Shotton’s credentials are impressive, having enjoyed a long career in the NHS and private healthcare, and having earned degrees and postgraduate certificates in weight management and counselling respectively. Despite their reputation, the company is small and welcoming, and their flexibility in terms of services offered means that clients are guaranteed a positive experience throughout their journey into the world of healthy habits.

    “Dietwise is led by a registered dietitian who offers only quality evidence-based solutions to people’s dietary challenges. No nonsense or quirky fads here!”


    Taelor Bennett

    Taelor Bennet is a qualified and registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, teaching her clients how to feel better and thrive through nutrition and wellness advice. Herself a sufferer of conditions including rheumatoid arthritis and anemia, Bennett combines her personal experience with her expert knowledge in order to treat her clients. Her online nutritional therapy service is therefore perfectly suited to those struggling with illness, coming as they are from an expert with a real understanding of how to improve health with diet.

    “Every protocol I give is 100% personalised: not everyone one looks the same, so why should everyone eat or live the same way? This is why my clients see results – personalisation. I also give my clients realistic protocols, support them throughout their journey, and help them to feel empowered.

    “I have a strong desire to help others live their healthiest lives. I also believe people seek out my help because I’m relatable with my own health journey. I was diagnosed with RA at 16, had double knee replacements at 25, gave birth to my son at 30, and today I snow ski, chase after a busy toddler, and help others change their lives for the better.”


    Esther Donoff Nutrition

    Esther Donoff offers nutritional therapy specifically designed to make the transition into healthier living as easy as possible for her clients. Using a Functional Medicine approach, Donoff seeks to help individuals suffering with chronic health conditions, skin conditions, stress, and other health complaints. Her services are also consultation based, meaning clients can make the most of direct contact with an expert nutritionist.

    “Nutritional therapy is a complementary medicine that is relevant for individuals with long-term sub-optimal health, as well as those looking for support to enhance their health and well-being. Esther considers each individual to be unique and recommends personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

    “Clients come with a range of health goals, including wanting to lose or gain weight, address digestive or hormonal health, help with symptoms of menopause, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, as well as management of diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.”


    Synergy Nutrition

    Run by registered nutritionist and nutrition tutor Sonal Shah, Synergy Nutrition offers a range of nutrition services for young professionals, particularly those interested in fitness, weight loss, or weight gain. Shah also specialises in vegan and vegetarian diets, as well as helping clients with dietary requirements including gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance. The flexibility of her services means that a wide range of clients would benefit from Shah’s expert advice with regard to improving healthy habits. Such services includine 1:1 Nutrition consultations, personalised diet & mean plans, and group talks and workshops.

    “My approach to health is holistic and I take my time with each client to thoroughly asses their health goals. Whether it is low energy levels, anxiety, weight complaints, hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances or digestive complaints, I have the experience to make a real difference. I aim to find out where the client is at present with their health journey and what they’ve tried before so I can then provide the best advice to jump start them back on the road to wellness.”

    “My advice is personalised to the individual and the recommendations I provide are discussed with the client before an in-depth plan is devised for them. A big part of what I like to do is to inspire and empower the client so they feel motivated to make the positive changes to their everyday life where they feel good and look good.”

    Tracy Tredoux

    Tracy Tredoux offers high quality, one-to-one consultations with her clients in order to improve their nutrition and approach to health and healthy habits. As a registered Nutritional Therapist and accredited Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Health Coach, clients receive the highest standard of advice from Tredoux’s sessions. What’s more, despite having a London-based office, Tredoux also offers online and phone consultations, increasing the accessibility of her expert advice.

    “A lot of people want to take control of their own healthcare, but there is so much conflicting information out there, often written by people with little or no qualifications, that it is easy to become swamped and disheartened. As a qualified nutritional therapist, my goal in setting up my website was to do most of the legwork in terms of research, and give my readers the most up-to-date nutritional advice in the form of manageable, readable articles, tips, and recipes.

    “I make my living through 1 to 1 consultations with clients, so I have no need for sales pitches or advertising on my site. I run nutrition programmes for people who want to make a real commitment to their health goals, but my website is a standalone resource and entirely free to anyone who wishes to learn. I never recommend diets or quick-fixes on my site, or in my nutrition programmes. I believe that good nutrition is a lifelong journey, not a temporary fad.

    “Visitors to are invited to join the free Facebook group, Your Health is in Your Hands, where they can ask me any health and nutrition question they might have. If I really like the question, I may even turn the answer into a dedicated article on my website.”


    Lelani Loubser

    Lelani Loubser is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist, and Naturopath, helping people to achieve their health goals from a Functional Medicine perspective. In short, this means that she attempts to address the root cause of a client’s chronic illness, and Loubser’s services are geared towards this, offering highly-tailored one-to-one consultations.

    “I provide a highly-personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans to each client as every person is unique with their own genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors that can affect their health. My number one goal is to listen to my client to identify their health challenges and goals, and bridge the gap in between to help them achieve their ideal health with practical and achievable steps.”


    Sunshine Nutrition

    Stephanie Goold runs Sunshine Nutrition and she is a registered Nutritional Therapist (DipION mBANT CNHC). Sunshine Nutrition is based in central London, and offers clients one-to-one consultations in person, via Skype or Telephone.

    Together with their clients, they look at enhancing or improving food and lifestyle choices, drawing on functional testing and supplementation when required.

    Sunshine Nutrition is committed to seeking out the root cause of health problems, rather than simply treating symptoms.

    “Sunshine Nutrition works alongside clients to bring positive change to their quality of life. As individuals, we are unique, and so are our requirements to reach optimal health. On that basis, highly personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes are formulated so that individuals may become the very best version of themselves.”


    Nutrition Devon

    Having been on the wrong end of bad nutritional advice from an ex-GP, Marilyn Minter-Newson is uniquely qualified to help clients suffering health problems as a result of poor diets. In addition to this life experience, she has qualifications in Nutritional Therepeautics, and has specialist knowledge of conditions including Candida Albicans, food intolerance, constipation, headaches, among others.

    “I think the feature that makes my practice stand out from the rest is: I don’t have fixed appointment lengths. My patients can take as long as they feel appropriate to discuss their issues. My business is not about cramming them in to fill up the bank account. It is patient-centred and not profit orientated. The average first consultation usually takes between one and two hours, but can run on for a more complex case.”


    Kyla Newcombe

    London-based nutritionist Kyla Newcombe offers a premier service, targeted to help people feel good about themselves, improve digestion, instil achievable healthy habits into their lives, and reach their ideal body weight. She has a master’s degree in nutritional medicine, and over 8 years experience practising nutritional therapy. What really makes Newcombe stand out is her range of online diet plans on three different price plans, all of which include daily messages, recipes, tips, videos, and nutrition challenges.

    “Nutritionist Kyla Newcombe provides online nutrition programmes using Facebook messenger to keep in regular contact with her clients, offering them daily tips, videos, recipes, challenges to follow, and unlimited communication. Kyla specialises in skin health, tailoring nutrition advice to calm inflammation and promote healing.”


    Nutrikind Nutrition

    Claire Hargreaves, aka Nutrikind Nutrition, is a registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in areas including weight loss, fertility, pregnancy, healthy eating, hormonal imbalances, mental health and wellbeing, and more. Under Nutrikind Nutrition, Hargreaves offers supplement and lifestyle advice, and dietary analysis. Clients can also choose face to face consultation, or ongoing online interactions, to support their health improvements.

    “I am degree trained and have 10 years of experience, and my work experience (companies I have worked with) is broad. I have many testimonials relating to specific conditions that I have successfully treated, and I am committed to updating my knowledge and training in order to become the best I can be.

    “I offer many services other than just one-to-ones and my knowledge range is broad relating to diet, supplements testing & lifestyle interventions. I offer different options for treatment depending on your budget, and a free initial assessment and free recipe (just a bonus on top of the other things!)”


    Nutritional Bio-Balance

    Using Nutritional therapy and holistic healing, Nic Everton of Nutritional Bio-Balance is trained in nutritional therapy and hair mineral analysis. Having suffered from conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Nic used nutrition in order to improve her general health and wellbeing. She is now in the position to offer personalised advice and nutrition planning, taking the stress out of improving your life through eating the right diet.

    “I take a holistic approach to health and healing – this is how I have been healing my own complex health conditions. I’m open and supportive, and when I work with someone, I look not only at what they are eating, I seek to find imbalances. I dig deep: I look at their emotional health and environmental factors that may be playing a part in ill health. I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ way of eating, I make tailored recommendations to help the people I work with restore balance and regain their vitality.”


    May Simpkin

    May Simpkin is a big name in nutritional therapy. Herself a qualified and UK-registered Nutritional Therapist, she has a self-proclaimed no nonsense approach to healthy eating. Simpkin offers a plethora of scientifically-backed advice on her website and to her clients, culminating in her 6 week health improvement programme, in which she has the expertise and experience to treat issues like gut health, weight management, stress and fatigue, and skin health, to name but a few.

    “May Simpkin shares a simple, no-nonsense approach when it comes to ensuring your health with healthy eating and meal choices as well as lifestyle—backed up with her expert, qualified recommendations. She believes in easy, practical, achievable food and lives by the advice she offers. She is also a consultant, speaker, workshop/retreat leader, and a sought-after contributing health writer for MailOnline, Healthista, the Express, Mirror and various health websites. She has a number of long-term clients who have remained with her to continue their health journey with her inspiration and to further their knowledge.

    “May is the perfect ambassador for her brand. She lives and breathes easy, good food and communicates this daily to everyone she encounters. She absolutely loves engaging with people about their health and well-being.”

    Unique Nutrition

    Edinburgh based Marie Dandie provides nutritional therapy services, specialising in helping people with chronic conditions. Dandie is flexible in the services she operates, offering traditional one-to-one consultations, group classes, and even tropical skincare advice. Dandie herself is perfectly suited to offering the highest quality nutrition-based advice, having completed degrees in nutrition and food science, and having taught home economics for a number of years.

    “My personalised approach, not only in terms of the client’s nutritional and lifestyle requirements but most importantly, in the delivery of successful achievement for each client, with different support methods and options, all agreed with my client. Achievable and life changing habits not fads.

    “Professional dedication and working with the body in the natural way to identify root cause for system imbalances to allow the body to be supported to rebalance itself and my client gain optimal health.”



    Job done!

    You now have everything you need to plan, execute, and enjoy a new lifestyle of healthy habits.

    Whether it’s ordering some delicious meal boxes from our featured providers, delving into the world of personalised and planned vitamins, or consulting online or in person with one of our shortlisted nutritional coaches, we want to hear from you!

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