23 Best High Protein Vegan Snacks

vegan protein snack

Are you looking for the best vegan protein snacks in the UK? We’ve got you covered!

We understand how hard it is to find high protein vegan snacks when you’re on the go and that’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of the very best snacks you can make at home or buy whilst you’re out and about.

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What are high protein vegan snacks?

A lot of people think that following a plant based diet makes it difficult to hit their protein goals, but they are wrong!

As you’ll see in the list just below, there are tons of vegan protein sources that provide a plant based protein boost without the need to eat meat or dairy.

Protein is vital for our muscles and internal organs, especially the brain and heart. For that reason, getting enough protein into your diet is key.

Not being able to eat high protein foods such as meat and dairy does make it a little more difficult for vegans to get enough protein, but it only takes a little research to see that there are actually plenty of vegan foods that are rich in protein.

A lot of protein vegan snacks also contain essential amino acids to help with normal body function. There are nine essential amino acids that we need to consume as the body cannot make these amino acids by itself. Those amino acids are histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. 

Whether you’re cutting down on meat or just want a delicious on-the-go healthy snack, high protein vegan snacks are a great way to suppress hunger until your next meal. 

Want to know where to buy high protein vegan snacks or how to make your own? Lets get stuck into our list of the best vegan protein snacks.

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23 Best Vegan Protein Snacks (UK)

#1 Trail Mix

vegan protein snack

Trail mixes have been around for decades, and for good reason! They’re a reliable, healthy way to up your protein intake and they’re easy to prepare, too. 

Nuts and seeds are loaded with natural plant proteins, and they’re also low in calories, so high protein vegan snacks don’t come much healthier than this. 

Any trail mix will also contain a lot of fibre, which has the knock on benefit of keeping you feeling fuller for longer, and reducing the urge to snack between meals.

Trail mix ranks high on the list of easy vegan protein snacks because there’s hardly any preparation! 

This tasty, nutritious snack is just a mixture of nuts and other ingredients like almonds or seeds. There’s no cooking, no prep - just mix the ingredients, and then you’ve got yourself a vegan, low fat, high protein snack that’s bound to leave you feeling full.

Best of all, trail mix is a snack that’s simple to customise. A standard mix will usually include some combination of nuts, granola, and dried fruit. 

That type of mix has been around for over a century, but there’s nothing to stop you throwing in some pumpkin or sunflower seeds to mix things up a little. 

Trail mixes are widely available, and they’re one of the best vegan protein snacks you'll find in the supermarket, with some caveats. 

When you make a trail mix yourself at home, you can control exactly what goes into it. The same isn’t true of shop bought alternatives. 

It’s always important to read the label and make sure that a) the trail mix you’re buying is suitable for vegans (this isn’t the case sometimes!) and b) it’s free from unwanted additives.

Added sugar is also somewhat of a risk with commercially available trail mixes. Still, there are countless recipes available online, and the process is so simple that you should have no trouble whipping up a blend of your own!

Want to try making your own trail mix for a high protein vegan snack? Follow the recipe below or buy this Active Foods premade option if you’re too busy:

#2 Glazed Maple Pecans

vegan protein snack recipes

Pecans alone make excellent vegan protein snacks, but if you pair them with some kind of glaze then you can transform them into something truly gourmet! 

Nuts are some of the best protein sources around and often recommended for vegans to make up for missing out on protein from the typical sources like meat or cheese.

If you’re interested in plant-based protein sources, read our article on the 18 best vegan and vegetarian sources for your diet today! 

Pecans are especially protein rich, and contain 9g per 100g serving, making them one of the healthiest nuts you can eat. 

Better still, they’re tasty and exceptionally versatile, so you use them as the basis for all kinds of recipes. This glazed maple pecan snack is one of our favourites, and it’s popular with vegans across the world who are after an extra shot of protein to get them through the day.

They’re straightforward to make, and here’s how: 

  • Take a serving of pecans.
  • Simmer them in a sauté pan with a mixture of pure maple syrup and a “warm” spice like cinnamon (although something like ginger would also work well). 
  • Toss the pecans around in the pan to ensure it’s fully coated, and then you’re good to go! They make an excellent salad topping or on the go snack.

Of course, the addition of maple syrup does up the sugar content of these snacks somewhat, but the beauty of preparing them at home is that you can measure the exact amount of sugar yourself. 

Store bought glazed pecans often contain a great deal more sugar, so we recommend making them at home, where you can control the blend. 

People searching for vegan snacks high in protein often complain that the snacks are straightforward and not inspiring. 

A snack that's not particularly tasty or filling isn’t a great way to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner, and it can encourage you to snack on other, less healthy alternatives. 

The simple addition of a maple glaze to pecans gives them a new taste level, so you won't feel inclined to look elsewhere.

Below is a recipe on how to make glazed maple pecans or if you want to save yourself some time, check out this premade mix that we found online: 

#3 Roasted Chickpeas

high protein vegan snacks

Roasted chickpeas are a classic, pure and simple. These snacks are incredibly moreish, and it’s hard to stop at just one or two! Fortunately, they’re also extremely healthy, so you won’t have to. 

Chickpeas are a staple on the list of protein vegan snacks, and they’re one of the most widely consumed vegan foods and especially useful for vegan weight training. 

A 100g serving of chickpeas contains an impressive 19g of protein, one of the best nutrition profiles you can find. Moreover, chickpeas are naturally high in fibre and have a decent amount of iron and folate.

They contain a modest number of calories (46 per 100g,) so they might not be suitable for those looking purely at high protein low fat vegan snacks, but that calorie count shouldn’t deter many

The process of roasting a chickpea is as simple as seasoning them, sprinkling them with a little oil (a healthy fat like olive oil is your best bet), and then baking them on an oven tray. 

That’s only half the story of this versatile little snack, however. You can flavour the chickpeas with virtually anything. 

Many opt for spiced chickpeas, and paprika or cayenne works incredibly well. Cinnamon or ginger makes an excellent, sweet alternative, and if you’re not worried about increased sugar/calories, glazing them with honey makes a delicious treat.

Packaged roast chickpeas are widely available in nearly every conceivable form, from coffee flavoured to hot and spicy, and everything in between. 

These make great alternatives if you’re pressed for time (but remember to check for additional salt, sugar and any additives). Since these snacks are so easy to bake at home, you should be able to prepare them to your specifications.

Below is an option to buy roasted chickpeas online or if you’re feeling up to it, follow the recipe to make your very own high protein vegan snack!

#4 Avocado protein boats

vegan protein snacks

High protein low carb vegan snacks don’t come much healthier (or tastier!) than the classic avocado boat. 

These snacks are easy to prepare and are just half an avocado with a portion scooped out, and a healthy filling put in. That filling can be anything you like, so you’re only limited by your imagination!

The humble avocado is a nutrient-dense superfruit. Just one half contains 13 different minerals and vitamins, as well as around 6.5g of fibre, so it’ll keep you feeling full for longer and help sate the urge to snack. 

However, avocados aren’t exceptionally high in protein, so they all come down to what you fill them with. They make tremendous hosts for a variety of beans, and the addition of chickpeas or black beans makes these boats some of the best protein vegan snacks around. 

As mentioned earlier, roasted chickpeas are an excellent choice, especially if you season them with an extra hot blend of spices like paprika, pepper or garam masala. 

The crunch of roasted chickpea’s contrasts beautifully with the avocado’s softness, and the protein hit is fantastic. You'll be getting all the protein of the chickpeas, along with the nutritional benefits of the avocado.

Black beans are similarly effective, and you might want to flavour these with garlic or cumin. A spicy bean filling gives the perfect hot kick against the gentler taste of the avocado. 

You can even prepare a quick chilli salsa to spice things up. Whatever you choose, this is a snack that you’ll want to keep coming back for more!

Below are a few recipes if you want to try out avocado protein boats for your next snack!

#5 Oat and Coconut Bars

vegan high protein snacks

These bars provide a combination of two different protein sources, one moderate, the other high. 

Oats contain an impressive 16.9g of protein per 100g, but better still, 80% of that protein is avenalin, which is a high quality source similar to found in legumes like chickpeas or black beans. Coconuts aren’t too shabby either, and contain a decent 3g per cup.

The combination of these two sources is not only healthy, but tastes fantastic. Oat and coconut bars are easy to prepare and can be consumed either raw or baked for a more solid texture. 

Recipes involve mixing the oats, coconuts and other optional, high protein ingredients like almonds or cashews, forming them into individual bars. Mixing in nuts is a fantastic way to up the protein count even higher, without adding too many additional calories.

Depending on how concerned you are about the sugar content, you can also add peanut butter (another protein dense foodstuff) or even a dash of maple syrup for a delightfully sticky consistency. 

The bars only require around 10-20 minutes in the oven, if you choose to bake them at all, and then they make a perfect snack for those on the go, or something to take to the gym for a post workout dose of protein.

These bars are widely available, so if you’re searching for high protein vegan snacks in the UK, then you should have no trouble locating them on supermarket shelves. 

Below is a recipe for you to try and make these delicious bars at home. Pressed for time? We also love this shop bought option from OTE:

#6 Soya Yoghurt

vegan snacks high in protein

Soya is a high protein foodstuff. A single serving contains from 10-14g of protein, which equates to roughly 20% of your adult daily allowance. 

That’s impressive enough on its own, but soya is fortified with calcium, which is why it tends to score so highly on lists of high protein vegan snacks. It’s good for you and for the planet, too.

Soya yoghurt is easy to come by nowadays, and it’s one of the most common vegan protein snacks in the UK that you’ll see along supermarket shelves. 

It’s rich and texturised, and makes a perfect alternative to dairy yoghurts, while still packing that protein punch. Pairing it with a similarly high protein topping like granola or muesli comes in for the extra protein boost. 

Soya yoghurt might not have the lowest fat content globally, but it's fats are of the unsaturated, healthy kind, and its high protein count more than makes up for any calories.

If you wanted to treat yourself with a great dessert, look at our article on the best healthy ice creams and we have listed soy and other vegan alternatives as well! 

Learn how to make your soy yoghurt down below or if you’re pushed for time check out the product alternative! 

#7 Granola

high protein snacks vegan

In the pantheon of vegan high protein snacks, granola has some advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it’s high in protein, with around 10g per 100g serving, which is more than most other cereal-based snacks. 

It’s packed with other nutrients, including B Vitamins, iron, zinc and Vitamin E. High fibre content will also keep you feeling fuller for longer, and help with digestion.

That said, it isn’t all good news. Granola has a moderately high calorie count, and it can be more sugary than its undoubtedly healthier cousin, muesli. 

Nonetheless, granola is one of the high protein snacks vegan dieters love for its varied and sometimes intense taste and moreish qualities. 

Granola is made from nuts, rolled oats and other ingredients, sometimes with the addition of brown sugar.

Nuts and oats are high in protein and are variously recommended on their own or as part of other snacks elsewhere on this list. 

Their inclusion in granola accounts for its protein dense nutrient profile, which is why it makes such a great snack.

Granola is easy to prepare yourself by merely mixing oats, nuts, and perhaps raisins or dried fruit. It’s also one of the most commonly available cereal based snacks in supermarkets (containing added sugar and other additives, so beware!).

Granola is one of the most calorie dense snacks on this list, but it's high protein count does make up for this. Granola variants specifically designed to be even higher in protein are readily available from fitness shops. They’re marketed for bodybuilders and weightlifters who need that extra hit of protein and are less concerned about the calories.

Want to make your own granola? Check out the recipe below or give Rolla Granola a try! 

#8 Rice Cakes 

high protein vegan snacks uk

Rice cakes provide 8g of protein per serving, which makes them excellent vegan protein snacks, but they do have several other benefits, too.

Rice cakes are a favoured snack of bodybuilders around the world and for a good reason. The carbohydrates in rice cakes are of the healthy kind and are useful for replacing glycogen lost during a workout. Glycogen is a type of glucose that’s stored in the muscles and is essential to proper function.

Rice cakes are also low in calories and high in fibre, making them an exceptionally healthy choice. Rice cakes are often seen as a staple in many meal plans including those for bodybuilders, weight loss, and even specific diets such as cycling nutrition plans.

Since that 8g of protein isn’t the highest on the list, we recommend upping it a little more with a protein rich topping. 

Since rice cakes are so versatile, it’s easy to transform them into some of the most nutrient packed high protein vegan snacks around.

If you’re interested in experimenting with making rice cakes, we have found a great recipe from One Green Planet ! Otherwise, this sweet treat from the Nature Store will do the trick:

#9 Sunflower seeds

high protein low carb vegan snacks

The small sunflower seed is one of the best high protein vegan snacks around. A 100g serving contains an impressive 21g of protein. 

That’s one of the best profiles on the list, and the seeds are also a brilliant source of fibre and Vitamin E. They’re small, tasty, and have a wonderful nutty flavour that belies their size. 

If you’re looking for high protein low carb vegan snacks, sunflower seeds are undoubtedly the way to go. 

They’re so carb light that they’re a favourite of keto adherents. They’re a brilliant way to top up your protein levels if you're following a ketogenic diet or working on muscle growth. Sunflower seeds make a fantastic post workout snack when your body is craving that extra dose of protein.

High protein vegan snacks don't come much more convenient than the humble sunflower seed. 

These can be eaten straight out of the packet or added to other dishes like muesli or porridge. You can even roast them in the oven with a sprinkling of spices like ginger or cinnamon for a warming, sweet snack with no added sugar or salt!

A bag of sunflower seeds is all you need to see you through the day, and pre prepared batches are readily available.

As always, though, it’s essential to read labels carefully. Supermarket bought sunflower seeds are sometimes loaded with ludicrous amounts of salt, which carries an array of risks.

Fortunately, you can find raw, unsalted pumpkin seeds in various health food outlets, including Holland and Barrett. 

#10 Pumpkin seeds

high protein low fat vegan snacks

Much like their sunflower equivalents, pumpkin seeds are high in protein, low in carbs, and make excellent high protein low carb vegan snacks. 

They’re light on calories too, so if you’re searching for high protein low fat vegan snacks, they tick that box. 

Better still, their high fibre content means that they take longer to digest, stifling food cravings and stopping you snacking elsewhere. All in all, they’re incredibly healthy for anybody trying to lose weight without missing out on protein. 

They contain slightly less protein than sunflower seeds per 100g, but 19g is still great!

They’ve also been linked to improved cardiovascular and prostate health, better digestion, and may even have protective benefits against some cancers. They contain quite a bit of zinc and magnesium too. 

Not bad, considering you can easily eat these snacks on the go without any preparation time. 

Pumpkin seeds are versatile. Although snacking on them over the day is undoubtedly a tasty option, you can incorporate them into many of the other dishes on this list. 

They’re a great addition to trail mixes, for example, and the chewy texture and slightly sweet taste will complement the mix. 

By adding a few to a homemade granola or muesli mix will up the protein count considerably, too.

Keep an eye out for additional salt in packaged pumpkin seeds, especially those explicitly marketed as snacks. 

Raw, unsalted varieties are best, such as those from health shops like the Holland and Barrett option below. For added peace of mind, it’s a good idea to shop organic too and ensure that you always know exactly what’s in your for:

#11 Nut Butter

high protein vegan snacks on the go

Nut butter is one of those snacks that taste so good, it almost feels as though it shouldn’t be healthy! 

Despite this, the process behind producing nut butter couldn’t be more straightforward. 

Nuts are grounded into a spreadable paste, and you can use the butter on anything from toast to fruit. There’s a nut butter available for nearly every kind of nut, so you’ll find almond, cashew and hazelnut varieties, to name but a few.

Nut butter excels big in the protein department - and we mean very big. A 100g serving provides around 25g of protein, as well as roughly 24% of your daily fibre intake. 

Those figures will vary, of course, depending on the type of nut butter you choose, but there’s no arguing with the fact that this is one of the best high protein vegan snacks you’ll find.

It’s also one of the best vegan protein snacks in terms of sheer versatility. You can combine nut butter with nearly anything, whether you’re looking for a convenient on the go snack or something more substantial. 

It’s great to spread across a banana or rice cake, but it can be used into smoothies to boost their protein count through the roof.

We love adding nut butter into high protein snacks such as protein cookie

Nut butter is available in most supermarkets, so this is one of the more easily locatable vegan protein snacks in the UK. If you get tired of one variety, simply switch to a different nut! Not many other snacks can offer this much protein or versatility, so nut butter is a definite winner.

It’s super easy to make your nut butter if you follow the Minimalist Baker’s recipe, but jars of nut butters are also readily available in shops in various sizes too!

#12 Vegan Protein Brownies

vegan protein snacks uk

Everybody loves a brownie, but if you’re on a strict diet, they can seem off limits. Fortunately, it’s effortless to whip up a vegan friendly, healthy brownie that’s rich in protein. 

It’s hard to believe that brownies could ever be considered a health food, but they make fantastic vegan protein snacks if prepared in the right way.

Recipes tend to follow similar lines of substituting non vegan ingredients with protein dense alternatives. 

For example, pumpkin puree and almond butter are excellent substitutes for standard dairy butter. 

Not only are they vegan and lower in fat, but both pack a serious protein punch. Including them in the recipe is enough to make these brownies a great post workout snack.

Many recipes go one step further, though, and include commercially available protein powders instead of flour.

It might not sound like it works, but believe us, these brownies taste great, if not even better when you know you’re loading up on protein at the same time! 

Around 1-2 scoops is usually enough, and all of a sudden you’re not just snacking, but taking a supplement as well.

Protein vegan snacks don’t get much more luxurious than this. Brownies prepared in this way hold beautifully in the fridge and develop a rich, chewy and oozy texture. 

Sweetener is often an issue with recipes like this, but using a healthy alternative like stevia is a great way to make the brownies taste delicious without adding sugar like the Big Mans World recipe just below.

If you’re interested in learning more about other vegan protein sources, take a look at our recent articles on the benefits of pea protein and the best pea protein powders you can find online!

If you’re looking for a vegan protein brownie to buy online, take a look at Bulk as they sell a box of 12 to last you!

#13 Roasted Edamame

best vegan protein snacks

Soya has already been featured on this list, and it’s an excellent source of protein. Edamame is essentially immature soybeans that are cooked in the pod. Much like soy itself, they’re a brilliant source of protein. 

When prepared correctly and with a little creativity, they’re also the best tasting vegan snacks high in protein. They're something a little different too, which not many people will have sampled before.

Once you do try these beans, though, you’ll never look back. Edamame tastes a little like peas, but they’re much firmer and have a sweet, nutty taste that makes them easy to snack on. 

Their versatility sets them apart and, much like chickpeas, how you prepare them makes all the difference.

A basic recipe would involve simply drizzling the beans with a healthy oil like olive oil, giving them some light seasoning (sea salt tastes excellent!) and then roasting them for around 30-40 minutes. 

That will give you a delightfully moreish snack, but you can mix things up. Adding in some spices like paprika, cumin or even curry powder will provide them with a hot kick, or you can go down the avenue of sweet with some ginger.

Since edamame contains 11g of protein per 100g, they’re an excellent source that you can enjoy guilt-free, and one of the more versatile high protein vegan snacks around. 

Pre-prepared versions aren't as widely available in shops as other additions to the list, so cooking them at home is probably your best bet. 

Of course, that’s no bad thing, because it means you can control the salt content and you won’t have to worry about any other nasty additives. 

If you’re looking for other soya protein sources, take a look at OriGym’s article on the best soy protein powders.

If you’re interested in making your roasted edamame, ‘The Kitchn’ has a great recipe. Looking for a good shop bought alternative? ‘Buy Whole Foods’ has a great option if you’re after something more convenient!

#14 Hummus

protein vegan snacks

A classic in every sense of the word, hummus remains a go to snack for vegans and non vegans alike. 

Hummus is made from pureed chickpeas, which are one of the best sources of protein you'll find. A typical 100g serving contains a whopping 19g of protein.

Making hummus is incredibly easy. It only requires blitzing a portion of chickpeas, along with a light oil like olive oil (with the option of adding another flavouring like tahini), until they're a smooth paste. That’s all there is to it, so hummus is perfect for anybody searching for high protein low fat vegan snacks that don't take much effort to prepare!

The vegetable you pair this with is entirely up to you. Many opt for something like celery or carrots sticks, which are great for dipping, but hummus also tastes fantastic paired with cucumber or peppers.

Since this snack consists purely of chickpeas and vegetables, it’s one of the healthiest high protein low carb vegan snacks you’ll find. There are no additional sugars, flavourings or other additives. 

Having a pot of freshly prepared hummus in the fridge is a great way to use up any leftover veggies. The blended chickpea mix pairs well with nearly every vegetable you can imagine, making this one of the most varied protein vegan snacks.

Hummus remains the base though, so whatever you pair it with you can be sure you’re getting a great deal of high quality, healthy protein. 

If you’re looking for an extra boost to fuel your workout, why not take a look at the following articles to help you on your fitness journey:

You can easily make it at home following the BBC Goodfood recipe, or you can buy organic hummus for a healthy shop bought option! 

#15 Tempeh

easy protein vegan snacks

Tempeh is an Indonesian dish made from fermented soy. Since soy is such a protein rich foodstuff, tempeh contains an impressive 19g of protein per serving, making it one of the best vegan protein snacks you’ll find. 

Another benefit of tempeh is that it's unique, and doesn’t taste like anything else on the list, so if you’re looking for a change, this could be the way to go.

The taste is slightly nutty, but the fermentation process gives tempeh a unique flavour that has to be tasted to be understood. 

It’s a versatile ingredient that you can bake (roughly 20 minutes at 350 should do the trick), fry or even add to salads. Sliced and oven baked tempeh makes a perfect on the go snack, but you can get quite creative with this versatile little ingredient.

Tempeh comes in blocks which you’ll need to slice into individual pieces, but from there the sky's the limit. 

There’s no doubt that tempeh is one of the best vegan protein snacks around, but you have to be somewhat careful in your preparation. Tempeh is an easy dish to spoil. Out of date tempeh, can taste sour or even alcoholic (due to over fermentation). 

You can lightly spice the tempeh for a hot snack, or drizzle it in olive oil for a more Mediterranean flavour. Tempeh (including the option just below) can be marinated in maple syrup and makes a luxuriously sweet snack. Still, whatever you choose, the chewy, hearty texture of the tempeh shines through.

#16 Chia seeds

vegan protein snacks uk

Another seed to make the list, chia is considerably less well known than its more famous pumpkin and sunflower equivalents. 

These seeds might not look quite as delicious, but they provide a dizzying array of vitamins and nutrients with hardly any equivalent calorie. They are generally considered one of the healthiest foods on earth. 

The word "chia" is an ancient Mayan word for strength, which tells you all you need to know about these superfood seeds.100g of chia seeds provides a hearty 17g of protein, but that’s not all. 

It also provides over half your daily allowance of calcium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus, all of which are essential for overall health. Furthermore, it is loaded with vitamins including niacin, Vitamin B2, zinc, potassium and Vitamin B1.

The seeds have an excellent crunch and taste a little like poppy seeds. You can eat them raw or soak them in a bit of water. 

Chia absorbs liquid very well, so this process will plump them up, and they’ll still retain some of their crunch. They can also be added to smoothies, salads, fruits - just about anything you like!

#17 Popcorn

vegan protein snack recipes

Bear with us on this one. We know popcorn is usually associated with the cinema and is  generally considered an unhealthy luxury, but it doesn’t have to be! 

The popcorn you find in theatres usually contains ludicrous amounts of added sugar and flavourings, making it a no go for anybody serious about their health. Cinema popcorn can contain as many as 1090 calories!

When prepared at home from popping corn, vegan protein popcorn is healthy, and it’s one of the best vegan protein snacks you can make. 

A serving contains 11g of protein, but the health benefits don’t end there. It’s whole grain, fibre rich and doesn’t have many calories. It’s effortless to prepare too. 

You can either fry the corn with some oil (healthy olive oil is the best option) and a little seasoning until it pops or simply put it in the microwave on high for around 3-4 minutes. 

The beauty of homemade popcorn (apart from the cool popping sound it makes in the pan) is how you can control the sugar and salt content. 

A light sprinkling of salt or sugar is one way to give the popcorn a little added flavour, but you can get more creative. 

Cinnamon tastes great, as does a drizzle of maple syrup. Ginger works well, but you don’t even have to limit yourself to sweet spices. Savoury popcorn with a dash of vinegar has a great, tangy taste.

It might seem surprising to feature popcorn on a high protein low fat vegan snacks list, but it is a great way to up your protein and fibre intake without consuming many additional calories. Go easy on the salt and sugar, and there’s no reason that you can’t routinely enjoy this healthy snack.

There are tons of vegan protein snack recipes like this one from Simple Vegan, or there are plenty of options for you to pick shop bought ones as well!  

#18 Vegan protein bars

vegan high protein snacks

Perhaps an obvious choice, vegan protein bars are the ultimate high protein vegan snacks on the go. 

They’re great gym companions for a post workout pick-me-up and easily stored in pockets if you’re going on a run. It can be challenging to find vegan protein bars that taste good and pack a decent amount of protein.

The protein content in a single bar contains between 15g and 23g, which often outperform many natural alternatives on this list. 

Vegan protein bars can be sold individually or sold in boxes of 12, which should be enough to keep you going. 

Not everyone has time to prepare high protein vegan snacks at home, so these bars represent a great alternative to grab on your way out. Their protein content is one of the highest on the list too, so you aren’t losing for the sake of convenience. 

#19 Vegan Protein cubes

high protein snacks vegan

Protein vegan snacks don’t come much tastier than protein cubes. A single serving might only contain 7g of protein (making these snacks one of the lower ranked entries on the list), but the cubes’ taste and variety more than makes up for that. 

If you’re looking for vegan snacks high in protein that don’t compromise on taste, then you’ll love these cubes. 

There’s plenty of flavours to choose from like brownie, chocolate orange and mint, as well as some more creative additions like sticky toffee. We recommend giving them all a try until you find your favourite. The flavours are surprisingly good and genuinely taste like their (much less healthy) namesakes.

Cubes are individually wrapped, making them that bit more convenient, so they’re perfect for taking down to the gym and loading up on protein when you need it most. They also contain a decent amount of fibre (1.1g) with all its accompanying digestive benefits, and a tiny amount of salt at just 0.2g. That’s an impressive nutrition profile for a snack that packs such a big flavour punch!

These are some of the best vegan protein snacks for people on the go. Best of all, NutreeLife offers free deliveries on all orders over £30, so there’s no reason not to sample these cubes for yourself!

#20 Lupin beans

high protein vegan snacks uk

When it comes to vegan protein snacks, lupin beans are big hitters. They deliver a massive 36g of protein per 100g serving, which is substantially more than alternatives like black beans or chickpeas. 

Despite this, they’re not a well known food, and not as widely as available as the likes of chia. Perhaps the best thing about these vegan high protein snacks (aside from their staggering protein count), is how few carbs they contain, a single serving gives you net zero!

They’re complete proteins too, with a significant fibre content as a bonus. You’ll find them in small jars of brine, not dissimilar to how pickles and gherkins are stored, and you can eat them fresh from the jar with zero preparation. 

The skin is edible, but many prefer to make a small incision, pop the bean out and eat it that way. 

Lupin beans are undoubtedly one of the best vegan protein snacks available in terms of pure protein content. 

They also contain a high level of antioxidants, which are essential for fighting inflammation and preventing the build up of harmful free radicals in your blood. 

These humble beans can even lower cholesterol, so they’re a great choice for anybody making a healthy, sustainable dietary change. 

Fat content is also low in these beans, and they’re quite a versatile ingredient.

Aside from just snacking on them straight out of the jar, you can roast them on an oven tray with some seasoning for around 45 minutes (on 190c). The result is a delightfully crunchy snack, and a spicy one too if you use seasoning like paprika or cumin.

If you’re after super healthy high protein, low carb vegan snacks, then lupin beans are perfect:

#21 Seitan

vegan protein snacks uk

You won’t find a much more potent protein source than seitan, which contains an incredible 75g per serving. 

That’s far more than everything else on this list and makes it one of the best high protein vegan snacks (if not the best) for anyone looking to load up on protein fast. 

It’s a slightly unusual dish, but pure vegan protein snacks don’t come much better than this.

Seitan is made from wheat gluten and water: that’s all it is. This pure gluten protein is a popular vegan substitute for meat, and since it’s not much more than a solid lump of protein, you won’t find a much better source. 

It’s also popular amongst vegans with a soy intolerance, as many popular vegan foods like tofu and tempeh are soy based.

If you’re searching for vegan snacks high in protein, you don’t need to look much further than seitan. 

You’ll be able to find it in most supermarkets, but it’s also possible to prepare it yourself. To do this, simply mix purified dry gluten with water, and then bake. The result is an extremely versatile snack.

It can be cut into slices and marinated or even used to make kebabs. Seitan jerky is particularly popular, and it’s reasonably easy to prepare. 

Either make or buy the seitan and then cut off small slices to be dipped in teriyaki sauce. Grill these slices, and you'll have a protein rich, utterly vegan version of traditional jerky!

#22 Hemp seeds

easy vegan protein snacks

Hemp seeds are an increasingly popular snack, although they haven’t reached quite the same levels as sunflower and pumpkin seeds. 

Hemp comes from the cannabis plant, but these seeds don’t have any of the psychoactive chemicals associated with the leaves so that you can snack on them safely and without concern.

They contain quite a lot of protein too, making them excellent high protein vegan snacks. 

30g of hemp seeds provides an impressive 11g of protein, which is about equal to red meats like lamb or beef, but without any of the accompanying fat. 

Best of all, these seeds are considered a complete protein, which means that they also provide amino acids.

Amino acids are essential for day to day bodily function, and play a role in everything from muscle repair and growth to warding off disease. 

Your body can’t produce amino acids by itself, so being able to get a complete source from your diet is vitally important. 

The seeds are also a brilliant source of fibre, which will help with digestion. High fibre content has also been linked to a lower risk of developing diabetes. It has also been used in vegan meal replacement shakes to help keep you fuller for longer.

Being seeds, they’re fantastic for anybody searching for high protein low fat vegan snacks, as they don’t contain many calories.

You can snack on these seeds raw, straight from the bag, or add them to other snacks like salads or smoothies. 

High protein vegan snacks on the go are all about convenience, and hemp seeds fit the bill perfectly. They have a beautifully nutty taste not dissimilar to a pine nut, which makes them great to munch on whenever you’re feeling hungry. 

#23 Vegan Jerky

vegan protein snacks uk

Another one of the more processed options on the list is these vegan jerky strips which are incredibly healthy and make fantastic high protein vegan snacks on the go. 

Each serving contains a decent 10g of protein and not much else by way of additives apart from natural seasoning. 

Vegan jerky is made from dehydrated soy, and once it’s rehydrated, it has a ‘meat’ like texture. If you’re on the lookout for high protein low fat vegan snacks, these jerky strips might not seem like the most obvious choice. 

However, if you’re looking for a quick and easy snack, look no further than vegan jerky!  

Whatever option you choose, you’re guaranteed a healthy snack that doesn’t taste as it should be! 

These jerky strips taste like a treat, and their packaging also makes them easy to carry around, so if you’re looking for a quick hit of protein in the gym, post workout, then they’re a great place to start.

Before you go!

Well, there you have it, 23 different types of high protein vegan snacks for you to try! 

Whichever one you choose you’ll know it’ll be a great pick me up whether you’re at work, before or after the gym, or if you want something to tide you over before a meal.

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