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13 Best High Protein Yoghurts

Are you looking for the best high protein yoghurt available in the UK? This article has got you covered.

We understand how important it is to hit your daily protein goal so we have decided to compile a list of the best protein yoghurts you can buy in store or online. 

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What is a Protein Yoghurt?

If you compare regular yoghurt to a protein yoghurt, a regular yoghurt will typically have fewer calories and contain more calcium. 

A protein yoghurt, on the other hand, contains more protein and less sugar, and has a much thicker consistency. Both protein yoghurts and regular yoghurts are packed with probiotics and are great for heart health.

However, if you want the extra protein boost in your diet, you should choose a protein yoghurt!

Yoghurt is easy to digest and can come in two forms: Casein, a slower absorbing protein, ideal for overnight recovery. The other is whey, which is high in BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and is popular amongst bodybuilders and elite athletes. 

How much protein is in yoghurt?

It really depends on the type of yoghurt, for example, 100 grams of Greek non-fat yoghurt will contain 10 grams of protein. Whereas, a regular yoghurt may only have 3.8g of protein per tub!

There are some other protein yoghurts which contain up to 15 grams of protein per 100 grams. It really is e down to you choosing the right one!

Are protein yoghurts good for you?

Protein yoghurts have been a massive hit with those who are either looking to lose weight or looking to build muscle. 

These yoghurts have been eaten for years and can be used as a snack or a dessert!

Protein yoghurts contain beneficial bacteria which provides a range of health benefits like strengthening your immune system and improving heart health. 

However, some yoghurts do contain a level of high sugar per serving, so its essential to make sure you look at the label to see whether it really is healthy as it is marketed to be!

Now you know the general benefits of protein yoghurts, let us help you find out where to buy protein yoghurts!

#1 Brooklea - Vanilla Protein Yoghurt 

Price: £0.75 per 200g pot

high protein yoghurts

If you’re after the yoghurt with the highest amount of protein, then look no further than this product from Brooklea! 

The Brooklea vanilla yoghurt contains a whopping 25g of protein in a single 200g tub! 

As well as being high in protein, this yoghurt is incredibly good for you. One 200g tub of Brooklea protein yoghurt only contains 143 calories, 8.9g of carbs, and 0.9g of fat. 

Suppose you’re not a fan of vanilla then all isn't lost as Brooklea has various flavours available. Some of these flavours include raspberry, strawberry, and peach & passionfruit. 

As for price, one 200g tub will only set you back by £0.75p, meaning you can get a huge, healthy dose of protein for a low price! 

In terms of high protein yoghurts, they don’t get much higher, or better than this product from Brooklea! 

#2 Graham’s - Protein Range 

Price: £1.00 per 190g pot 

greek yoghurt protein

If you were to ask ‘which yoghurts have the most protein in them?’, we’d most definitely point out Graham’s Protein Range to you as a perfect example! 

Graham’s Protein yoghurts contain a tremendous amount of protein in them, with one 190g pot containing approximately 22g of protein which is impressive!

Not only will this product give you the protein boost to help repair and maintain healthy muscles, but it’ll also leave you feeling fuller for longer, ensuring you won’t be snacking when you shouldn’t be. 

Graham’s Protein yoghurt range is healthier than some other big-name brands out there. The Graham’s Protein Range only contains around 0.4g of fat and just 5.5g of sugar per 100g, making them an excellent healthy addition to your diet. 

There is a range of flavours available to choose from, including blueberry, peach, raspberry, and strawberry! 

Wondering how much these yoghurts cost? Supermarkets like Sainsbury’s are selling Graham’s Protein Range yoghurts for just £1.00 each. In terms of protein in each tub, we reckon that’s an absolute bargain! 

If you’re looking for a way to boost your protein intake, but don’t want to spend too much money, take a look at OriGym’s article on the best cheap protein yoghurts!

#3 Arla - Protein Raspberry Yoghurt

Price: £1.00 per 200g pot


soya yoghurt protein

Arla is a well-known yoghurt brand, and is one of the first names that come up when you search for high protein yoghurts online! 

Like the previous two yoghurts, Arla yoghurts are packed with protein, with one 200g tub containing around 20g of protein.

This protein rich yoghurt is a healthy addition to your everyday diet too, with one tub containing 126kcal, 0.4g of fat, and just 11.2g of carbs! 

Additionally, these yoghurts are free from lactose and are suitable for vegetarians. 

As with most yoghurts, there is a range of different flavours to choose from, including raspberry, blueberry, caramel, and strawberry. 

At just £1.00 per pot, you’ll be able to make a healthy change to your diet at an affordable price with Arla! 

#4 EasiYo - Protein Vanilla & Raspberry Yoghurt Mix

Price: £16.99 for four pack of sachets

high protein dairy free yoghurt

Ever considered making homemade protein yoghurts? Well, with this vanilla & raspberry yoghurt mix from EasiYo, you can now create high protein yoghurts at home! 

This box comes with two sachets each of vanilla flavour and raspberry flavour, giving you a choice to put on your breakfast cereal or fruit. 

The reason this make-your-own yoghurt kit is on this list though is that it’s rich in protein, more so than many of the other brands of yoghurt out there on supermarket shelves. 

In fact, per 100g, this yoghurt contains around 16g of protein, putting it up there with some of the highest protein yoghurts you can find online and in store. 

As well as being free from any artificial ingredients, flavours, and colours, this yoghurt mix is also gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. 

Are you looking for other vegetarian or plant based protein sources? Take a look at our article on the best vegan and vegetarian protein sources if you’re looking to cut down on eating meat! 

There is a range of flavours available, including strawberry, vanilla, coconut, rhubarb, and a natural unsweetened version. 

This pack costs £16.99 and contains four sachets, each of which makes 1 kilo of yoghurt! 

Unsure how you will eat that much yoghurt in a short space of time? Well, once you’ve made the yoghurts, they can sit in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

#5 Light & Free - Skyr Icelandic Style Yoghurt Blueberry Blast 

Price: £0.65p per 150g pot 

protein powder yoghurt

If you’re after a healthy, high-protein yoghurt to add to your diet, this product by Light & Free could well be one of the best options for you! 

This blueberry flavoured yoghurt is packed with 14g of protein, which is quite a lot considering the pot is only 150g. 

The product is smaller than some of the other yoghurts, but the amount of protein in it will undoubtedly stop you from snacking when you shouldn’t be.

If that wasn’t enough, one single 150g pot is only around 81kcal and contains 0% fat, and 0% added sugar, making it an excellent healthy option to add to your diet. 

The yoghurt contains over 30% fewer calories than most full fat fruit yoghurts on the market, emphasising how healthy it is! 

Sainsbury’s have two flavours available on their online store: strawberry and the blueberry mentioned above. At just 65p per pot, you’d be wrong not to consider adding these yoghurts to your everyday diet! 

#6 Fage - TruBlend Coconut Yoghurt

Price: £1.20 per 150g pot 

high protein vegan yoghurt

If you’re shopping for coconut yoghurt with plenty of protein, we have the yoghurt for you! 

One 150g pot of this Fage coconut yoghurt contains 12g of protein, which will undoubtedly leave you feeling full, as well as making sure your muscles are repaired and maintained correctly too.

There are no added sugars or sweeteners in this yoghurt, and one 150g tub only contains 119kcal, 3.9g of fat, and 6.6g of carbs, which is exceptionally healthy!

As well as being gluten-free, this protein rich yoghurt by Fage is also approved by the Vegetarian society. 

If you’re interested in other gluten free products, look at our article on the best gluten free protein bars to help you out!

Additionally, if coconut isn’t your favourite flavour, Tesco also has a mango flavour on offer too! 

At £1.20 per 150g pot, it is slightly more expensive than some of the other yoghurts on this list, but we still think you should consider giving Fage yoghurts and their excellent high-protein profile a try!


#7 Müller - Light Style Icelandic Strawberry & Açai Yoghurt 

Price: £1.25 per 150g pot 

which yoghurts have the most protein

Here is another contender for the best yoghurt for protein, it’s Müller Light’s Icelandic Style yoghurt! 

If you’re wondering, how much protein is in a muller light yoghurt? Well, a regular muller light yoghurt contains 7.8 grams of protein per 150g serving. 

Suppose you compare the regular muller light yoghurt to this Icelandic alternative. In that case, this 150g tub of yoghurt contains around 14g of protein, which is a big enough serving to ensure that you stay feeling fuller for longer! 

As well as having an impressive protein profile, this protein yoghurt is also incredibly healthy, with one serving containing less than 1g of fat, 5g of carbs and 0% sugar too. 

This product also contains 89mg of calcium, 16% of the NRV (nutrient reference value)  of your calcium intake per pot. If you didn’t know what NRV is, it’s a set of vitamins and minerals a healthy adult should have daily to prevent deficiency.

There are three different flavours of this thick and creamy yoghurt: strawberry and açai, salted caramel, and peach & guava. 

With three delicious flavours available, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is choosing which one to try first! 

At £1.25 per 150g tub, you’ll be getting great value for money with this high protein yoghurt that’s available in UK stores and this yoghurt is also suitable for vegetarians. 

#8 Arla - Skyr Icelandic Style Yoghurt Natural 

Price: £1.25 per 450g tub

best yoghurt for protein

Here is another protein rich yoghurt from Arla, there’s a reason that this brand has made our list twice!

Based on the Icelandic skyr, a part of their everyday diet, this yoghurt by Arla will make an excellent healthy addition to your very own daily diet! 

The big tub of yoghurt comes in at 450g, so you know it will have a lot of protein per serving.

If you’re thinking about how much protein is in a 100g of natural yoghurt? Well, this product from Arla contains 11g of protein per 100g! 

If you’re looking for other protein products, take a look at the following articles to help you out: 

Now you know how much protein is in natural yoghurt, Arla’s Icelandic Style Yoghurt also contains around 95kcal per 150g, and includes 0% fat, 0g of fibre, and just 6g of carbs! 

This 450g tub contains three servings of yoghurt and at just £1.25 is an absolute bargain! 

If you’re working on a budget and you want to add one of the best protein yoghurts into your diet, you’d be wrong not to consider this one by Arla! 

#9 Ísey - Skyr Vanilla

Price: £1.25 per 170g tub

protein rich yoghurt

Another Icelandic style yoghurt on this list, this option is one of the highest protein yoghurts on the market in 2021! 

This 170g tub contains around 17g of protein, which will ensure you don’t start snacking on foods when you shouldn’t be after you’ve eaten this! 

Ísey claims that their yoghurt is not only fat-free but low in carbs too, making it a great healthy addition to your everyday diet! 

This product doesn’t have any added sugars either, because the yoghurt contains naturally enough occurring sugars as it is! 

Waitrose’s online store has four flavours available, including the vanilla mentioned above, blueberry, strawberry, and a baked apple flavoured yoghurt which comes in a bigger, slightly more expensive, 450g tub. 

For just £1.25, you can be eating this healthy dessert alternative at an affordable price.

#10 Yeo Valley Organic - Super Thick Kerned Yoghurt 

Price: £1.98 per 450g tub

protein yoghurt uk

Everyone’s heard of Yeo Valley and their dairy products, but did you know that they make high protein yoghurts too? 

This big, 450g tub is packed with protein, making it a worthy addition to this list of the best high protein yoghurts.

A 100g serving of Yeo Valley’s Super Thick yoghurt contains 9g of protein, which will go a long way towards keeping you feeling full after you’ve finished eating it.

This product also contains just 5g of fat and 3.5g of carbs per 100g, making it a great healthy addition to your everyday diet.

As well as containing no added sugar, this organic, high-protein yoghurt is also suitable for vegetarians. 

This product is one of the thickest, creamiest yoghurts Yeo Valley has ever made and the 450g tub will only set you back by £1.98, which we reckon is excellent value for money!

If you’re looking to store your protein yoghurt to have as a snack on the go, read our article on the best meal prep bags you can find online!  

#11 Longely Farm - Greek-Style Yoghurt 

Price: £1.30 per 450g tub

coconut yoghurt protein

If you’re after a greek yoghurt that’s protein rich, then you’re in luck, because Longley Park might just have the yoghurt for you.

Not only are Greek-style yoghurts a great source of vitamins and minerals, but they are also always a great source of protein, and this yoghurt by Longley Farm is no different. 

If you’re wondering how much protein is in greek yoghurt, well, a 100g serving of this yoghurt, for example, contains 6g of protein. The tub is 450g, so you know there’s quite a lot of protein in it! 

This yoghurt contains 10.1g of fat per 100g serving and includes just 4.6 carbs as well. 

As well as being gluten-free, this yoghurt is also suitable for vegetarians and contains no artificial additives. 

At just £1.30 for a 450g tub, you know you’re getting a great price for what you pay for and more with this Greek style, high protein yoghurt from Longley Farm! 

#12 Asda - Free From Plain Soya 

Price: £1.00 per 500g tub

high protein yoghurt uk

Asda might be a supermarket chain, but their ownbrand products are fantastic! The company has been previously mentioned in our article about the best healthy ice creams!

If you’re looking for a high protein vegan yoghurt, then Asda’s Free From Plain Soya option could be the best one for you! 

This product from Asda is free from milk, meaning it’s a high protein dairy free yoghurt! 

1/4 serving of this 500g pot contains approximately 5.4g of protein, which will help you feel full during periods when you’d usually be snacking. 

As well as having a decent protein profile, this high protein dairy free yoghurt is low in fat, has minimal carbohydrates and is fortified with Vitamin D and Calcium! 

It is a great soya yoghurt protein boost for any vegans out there who want a sweet treat during the day. 

Despite not being a ‘big-brand’ in the yoghurt industry, this is easily one of the best options out there on today’s market! And for just £1.00, who can argue with that?

If you wanted a further boost of protein, perhaps you can add soy protein powder or pea protein. 

#13 Tesco - Protein Fromage Frais 

Price: £1.00 per 500g tub

how much protein in yoghurt

Tesco’s protein yoghurts brand is a worthy final addition to this list of the best high protein yoghurts!

Made in France, this yoghurt by Tesco is packed with protein, it is extra thick and contains 8.8g of protein per 100g. 

Considering how big the tub is, you’ll be hitting your protein goal daily as well as saving money. 

As well as being high in protein, this yoghurt is also low in fat and high in fibre. It only contains 4.6g of carbs in a 100g serving, meaning this would be an excellent healthy alternative to many regular yoghurts.

As well as being vegetarian friendly, this yoghurt from Tesco is also incredibly cheap too, with the 500g tub only costing £1.00! 

Before you go!

Well, there you have it, the 13 best high protein yoghurts you can buy online! Eating any of the yoghurts on this list will help satisfy your hunger whilst hitting your protein goal at the same time.

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