The Highest Paying Fitness Jobs

highest paying fitness jobs

Salary is one of the biggest factors to consider when looking for a new career, so it's understandable that you want to know what the highest-paying fitness jobs are before making the jump.

In this article, we list the most lucrative fitness jobs and breakdown how you can get qualified to start earning!

Before we get started, have you considered becoming a personal trainer? As a PT, you can start your own business and access an unlimited earning potential! 

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#1 Sports Massage Therapist

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When working as a sports massage therapist you can earn an average salary of £42,443 each year. This can increase up to £61,000, making the role one of the highest paying jobs in the fitness industry. 

Sports massage therapists can work in many different locations, from gyms to medical facilities. Naturally, where you're employed and the type of clients you treat will heavily influence your salary. 

Here are some key responsibilities that you’ll need to carry out if you’re looking to become a Sports Massage Therapist:

  • Conducting fitness assessments 
  • Testing joints for a range of motion and pain
  • Liaise with other fitness professionals

If you're looking for ideas for a career change in fitness, then you might be interested in becoming a sports massage therapist, you can take the first step by earning your Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy qualification. This is an entry-level qualification, suitable for students aged 16 and over.

#2 Fitness Instructor

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If you're looking to get into the fitness industry, and want to apply for some of the highest-paying fitness jobs, you should train to become a gym instructor. For reference, the average salary of a Fitness Instructor is £24,523 per year, with the potential to earn up to £32k. When employed in this capacity, you’ll be working in a gym or fitness centre and will be responsible for tasks such as:

  • Performing gym inductions
  • Assisting members on the floor
  • Running group workout classes

When applying for this position employers will ask applicants to hold a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification as a minimum requirement. This is an entry-level course that is suitable for all students above the age of 16, regardless of their previous experience or skill set. 

You can learn more about this qualification and the role itself, by reading our article 'How To Become A Fitness Instructor'.

#3 Personal Trainer

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When it comes to the highest-paying fitness jobs, the salary of personal trainers must be discussed. The income of an average PT is estimated to be around £40,064 per year, with more experienced individuals earning up to £76,000.

Personal Trainers have many roles and responsibilities including working with clients on a 1-1 basis and creating bespoke training programmes that help to facilitate fitness-related goals. Other responsibilities associated with this position include:

  • Conducting initial fitness assessments
  • Carrying out 1-on-1 training sessions
  • Offering nutrition advice such as meal plans

Those who earn on the higher end of this wage scale typically work on a self-employed basis. Whilst in this position you will have more control over how much you earn, as you can set your pricing structure and decide how many clients you wish to train. 

To become a personal trainer you will need to hold a Level 3 Personal Training Qualification. Not only is this a necessity for employment purposes, but it is also a legal requirement to purchase vital PT insurance. 

#4 Yoga Teacher

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Teaching yoga is another example of one of the highest-paying fitness jobs, with a reported salary of £37k-£57k every year.

When you become a yoga teacher you’ll be responsible for:

  • Planning and delivering both group and individual classes
  • Tailoring your sessions to different skill levels and abilities
  • Ensuring students understand the rich history of the practice

There are many ways you work as a yoga instructor too, for example, you could pursue contracted employment with studios, gyms and fitness centres. Here you will receive a guaranteed fixed salary, that you can depend on every month.

However, when employed in this capacity your earning potential will be limited to the wage set by your employer. 


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If you wish to earn a higher salary you should consider working on a self-employed basis. In this capacity, you will have direct control over the prices of your services and will be able to take on additional students to increase your earnings.

As a self-employed yoga teacher, you could also offer additional online services, expanding your client base beyond your local area. 

To become a yoga teacher you will need to hold a minimum of a Level 3 Yoga Qualification. The best part, this is an entry-level course, meaning you don’t need any prior experience to enrol. 

#5 - Sports Nutritionist

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Becoming a nutritionist is one of the nutrition and fitness careers that offers the highest-paying jobs in the fitness industry, with an average salary of £36,869 and the potential to earn up to £44,000. The roles and responsibilities associated with this position include:

  • Creating tailored meal plans for clients
  • Performing body tests and analysis 
  • Establishing short and long-term health goals for clients

Many personal trainers choose to earn this qualification to offer nutrition advice alongside their bespoke workout programmes. In doing so, you can essentially double your income, charging a higher price for these additional services.

But for those who are ready to kickstart a career, enrol on OriGym’s Level 4 Sports Nutrition Course and qualify in as little as 12 weeks!


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#6 Strength and Conditioning Coach

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On average, strength and conditioning coaches earn £29,287 per year, with more experienced and skilled professionals generating up to £39,000

The demand for strength and conditioning coaches is rising rapidly along with the popularity of weightlifting as a recreational and competitive sport. When operating in this position, you will typically be employed by the likes of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Since you will be working with these specialist clients, you can generally charge more for your services as these individuals will be more invested in their training than the average gym-goer.

The main roles and responsibilities associated with the position are: 

  • Creating and planning a training program for an individual athlete or team.
  • Delivering training sessions on the field, court or in a gym
  • Supervising and motivating athletes during the sessions. 
  • Assessing and monitoring athletes’ progress during and after the program. 

As you can see, due to working with a high calibre of clients, being a Strength and Conditioning coach is both a highly rewarding and lucrative role!

#7 Gym Owner

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Whilst the potential earnings of gym owners are somewhat unlimited, the average salary is estimated to be around £47,157 per year , according to Glassdoor.

If you’d like to run your own business and operate in one of the highest-paying fitness jobs, here are a few tasks you’ll be responsible for: 

  • Creating a business plan
  • Recruiting and managing staff
  • Finding and purchasing property and equipment
  • Researching marketing strategies to raise brand awareness


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Be aware that this career requires you to deeply understand how the fitness industry operates. For this reason, we advise newly qualified professionals to gain experience within the wider industry, before deciding to become a gym owner.

If you want to gain some knowledge about the business side of the fitness industry, why not take OriGym’s personal training business CPD? Taking place over just one day, you’ll get an insight into how to run a personal training business, which could start you on your way to eventually becoming a gym owner! 

As well as the modest annual salary, another benefit of being a gym owner is that it can provide long-term financial stability. Even when you have retired yourself, the gym can continue running and making money for you.

#8 Physiotherapist

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Figures collected by Glassdoor indicate the average salary associated with the position ranges between £42,317-£49,000. 

There is a difference between physiotherapists and personal trainers, with physiotherapists helping patients who have physical difficulties, injuries or disabilities to restore and improve their movement through specifically designed exercises. 

Tasks that physiotherapists are expected to take on include:

  • Clinical assessments with patients
  • Designing rehabilitation programmes
  • Liaising with GPs, occupational therapists and social workers

Given the high levels of responsibilities and skills required for the role, you will need a degree to become a physiotherapist. Whilst this is a large commitment, it’s necessary if you wish to operate in one of the highest paint fitness jobs in the world. 

#9 Sports Journalist

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When it comes to the highest-paying fitness jobs, becoming a sports journalist is a popular and lucrative career path that you may have otherwise not explored. 

According to Payscale the average salary of a sports journalist is estimated to be £24,897 per year. However, as one of the highest paying jobs in the fitness industry, when employed in this position you can potentially earn up to £39k. 

The exact roles and responsibilities of a sports journalist will depend on whether you are working for an online or print publication, but some of the key tasks you’re expected to carry out include: 

  • Conducting research using up-to-date resources 
  • Interviewing sporting professionals, either in-person or online
  • Writing up reports that show your findings

You’ll also need to possess the following skills: 

  • In-depth knowledge of the sport 
  • Strong writing and research skills 
  • High level of organisation

This particular job does require more academic skills compared to the likes of a personal trainer. As to be expected, you will need a journalism degree to become a sports journalist to be considered for these positions. 

#10 Sports Psychologist

highest paying fitness jobs 9

If you’re interested in becoming employed in one of the highest paying jobs in the fitness sector, why not consider becoming a Sports Psychologist?

According to PayScale, the average Sports Psychologist can earn anywhere between £25k - £67k every year, making it one of the most lucrative prospects to appear on this list. 

Sports psychologists predominantly work with high-level sportspeople and athletes to help prepare them for the demands of their job. For example, a sports psychologist could help an athlete deal with the pressure and stress they may feel before an important competition


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Being a sports psychologist is, therefore, a highly demanding yet rewarding role, and can involve the following tasks:

  • Assessing their client's needs and behaviours
  • Creating and implementing strategies to help client’s mental health
  • Deliver 1-to-1 counselling sessions or group workshops
  • Implement strategies to improve clients’ mental health

As you can see, this role is quite different from many of the other entries on our list of the highest paying jobs in fitness. It is a very academically-focused role, rather than a physically active role. 

It is therefore no surprise that you will need a degree in sports psychology for this role. If you are dedicated and passionate about pursuing this career, then committing several years to a degree is worthwhile.

#11 Fitness Lecturer

highest paying fitness jobs 1

We couldn’t talk about the highest-paying fitness jobs without mentioning one in education, and this one certainly earns its place on our list. 

According to Checkasalary, the average salary for a fitness lecturer in the UK is £34,387, with the potential to make up to £47,840!

A fitness lecturer is simply a lecturer in any fitness-related subject, such as Sports Science, Sports Psychology, or Sports Journalism. This can be either at degree or college level, i.e. higher education rather than primary and secondary school. 

So, what does a fitness lecturer do?

Fitness lecturers teach at college and degree levels, fulfilling responsibilities such as: 

  • Delivering lectures, seminars and tutorials
  • Designing and develop teaching materials 
  • Assessing students’ work
  • Moderating examinations- both written and practical

To become a fitness lecturer, you will need an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject, a master's degree, and a PhD. This may seem like a lot, but this level of commitment is what makes it one of the best-paid fitness jobs in the UK.

Before You Go! 

So, that concludes our list of the best-paid jobs in fitness. We hope that you’re feeling inspired to start a career in the fitness industry or progress even further in your existing role!

If you’re not already qualified, our PT Diploma is the best way to kickstart a career in the fitness industry. Enquire today, or download our latest prospectus here to browse our full range of courses 

Written by Alice Williams

Content Editor & Yoga Teacher

Alice graduated with a First-Class degree in French and Linguistics from the University of Leeds in 2019. As part of her degree, she spent a year living in France where she worked for a lifestyle blog, gaining professional experience in both translation and content writing. 

Alice is also a qualifiied yoga teacher, allowing her write from a place of expertise when it comes to yoga!

When she’s not writing or practicing yoga, she also loves running, cooking and music! 

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