How Hard Is It To Become A Personal Trainer?

How Hard is it to Become a Personal Trainer

Many aspiring professionals often question, how hard is it to become a personal trainer? 

If you fall into this category you likely want to make the jump into the fitness industry, but have various questions regarding whether it’s a feasible career option. 

To understand how ‘difficult’ it is to become a personal trainer, there are three crucial questions you need to look at: 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of launching a fitness career, check out our guide on Becoming a Personal Trainer. This article breaks down the entire process, from earning a qualification to becoming employed.

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How Hard Is A Personal Training Course?

Man making notes on how hard is to become a personal trainer

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question as everyone who enrols on a personal training course will have a different background. For this reason, aspects of the qualification that are easy for some may be difficult for others.

Due to the subjective nature of this question, you will have to personally evaluate how challenging the course will be for you specifically. 

Let’s explore what you should consider in greater detail:

#1 Your Previous Experience With Fitness

If you have previously studied a health and fitness-related subject, then you may find completing a Personal Training Diploma easier than students who hold no previous experience. 

This is because you’ll have a pre-existing set of skills and knowledge to be drawn from when completing your course. For example, elements of the module dedicated to anatomy and physiology will be easier if you have studied the likes of:

  • P.E (GCSE/A-Level)
  • Biology (GCSE/A-Level)
  • Sports Science (Degree)

That’s not to say that you need to study these courses to become a personal trainer. Having the added experience may make understanding the content easier. 

#2 The Last Time You Were In Education

teacher in front of greenboard

When questioning ‘how difficult is a personal trainer course?’ you may be surprised to learn that those who enrol after recently finishing school or university typically find the qualification process easier. 

This is because these students are accustomed to studying in a similar environment, while developing their new personal trainer skills and knowledge. They’ll likely have a schedule in place and will know what mode of learning suits them best. 

On the other hand, those who have been out of education for extended periods (e.g. 5-10 years) may struggle to reintegrate themselves back into a learning environment. 

But again, this isn’t to say that you won’t be able to earn your personal training qualification if you fall into this category. Instead, you’ll be able to make use of the various resources your training provider offers to ensure your future success.

For example, at OriGym our team of expert tutors can be contacted 7-days a week via phone, email, or chatbox to answer any questions you may have regarding your qualification.

#3 The Amount Of Time You Spend Studying

Woman holding qualification showing how easy it is to become a persoanl trainer

As the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’ and you can’t expect to become a personal trainer without putting the work in. 

To pass a personal trainer course, you’ll need to dedicate your time to studying both the theoretical and practical aspects of the qualification. 

This will ensure that both your skills and knowledge are as sharp as they can be, meeting the standards held by your training provider. As a result, you will be fully prepared for your assessments. 

A lot of students feel pressured by course deadlines, believing that they do not have an adequate amount of time to study. To combat this, some providers such as OriGym will offer self-paced study methods. 

#4 The Study Method You Enrol Onto

image of people holding supportive messages

How you study can also influence the difficulty of a personal training course.

No two students are the same, some may prefer learning in person from a classroom-based environment. Others will work better studying independently online, completing their qualification at their own pace. 

Conforming to a set study method will only make the course feel more difficult. For example, as previously mentioned some may find the set-deadlines of a classroom environment too stressful. 

You will therefore need to opt for a training provider that offers multiple different learning methods and select the option that suits your preferences. 

#5 The Support You’ll Receive

Tutor shaking hand of student

The level of support a training provider offers can make completing a personal training course less of a daunting task. 

Any reputable provider will ensure their team is staffed with experienced tutors to answer any queries you may have throughout your study. For example, at OriGym our tutors are available via email, telephone or through our chatbox feature, 7-days a week.

Without the correct support, you may find it difficult to complete certain modules, which will hinder your development as a personal trainer.

So when posing questions such as ‘how difficult is a personal trainer course’ you need to consider these aforementioned factors to make an informed decision that suits your specific needs. 


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Is It Easy To Fund A Personal Training Course?

Image of money in a jar

Remember, questions like ‘Is it hard to become a personal trainer?’ are entirely subjective. Some aspiring PTs will ask this in regards to qualifications content, whilst others will be wondering whether funding a course is easy.

This is largely due to the misconception that you have to pay for an entire personal training course upfront as soon as you enrol. Furthermore, many wrongfully believe that these courses are far more expensive than they are. 

Not only are personal training courses affordable, but many providers will allow students to spread the cost of their qualifications to make the payment process as easy as possible. 

For example, you won’t believe how easy it is to become a personal trainer with OriGym, as we offer:

#1 Payment plans

Student studying to become a PT

As previously stated, many aspiring personal trainers assume it’s difficult to pursue this job role due to the cost of the qualifications.

Not only are OriGym courses affordable, but as a student, you can spread the cost by setting up a payment plan similar to one you’d pay for the likes of a phone contract. 

This makes the course more accessible for students of all backgrounds and creates a positive learning experience where you don’t have to worry about finances. 

#2 0% interest

When students agree to a payment plan, they may be concerned about any accruing interest. However, at OriGym we believe you should only pay for the course, which is why we offer 0% interest.

In addition, we never ask for a guarantor and instead focus on ensuring our courses are as accessible as possible.

Image of coins 

#3 Free resits

At OriGym, we don’t believe in penalising you for retaking assessments, which is why we offer free unlimited resits to all students. 

Having the ability to retake any failed assessments is crucial to helping you pass your course. You can study with the peace of mind that you are not going to encounter any additional financial obligations.

Essentially, free resits provide a safety net that allows you to focus on what matters, your education! 

#4 - No Hidden Fees 

Some training providers will make it more difficult for their students to qualify, by including hidden fees into the overall cost of the qualification. Typically, this will apply to services like:

  • Exams 
  • Resits 
  • Certification fees - e.g. producing the certificate 
  • Admin fees - e.g. processing the qualification 

When it comes to determining ‘how hard is it to become a personal trainer?’ hidden fees will always make things more challenging for students. For example, some individuals may not be able to afford all these costs and will thus not be able to qualify..

At OriGym, we don’t believe in charging additional fees, the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay!

How Hard Is It To Get A Personal Training Job?

Person stamping a CV with the word 'Hired'

Questions like ‘is it easy to become a personal trainer?’ can also be influenced by the industry itself. Thankfully, there has never been a better time to break to kickstart a career in fitness! 

To take advantage of this consistent growth and secure a PT job, you must consider the following factors:

#1 The Quality Of Your CV- A professional-looking personal trainer CV can make it easier for you to become a personal trainer. This is because it will showcase your various qualifications and experience, painting you in the best possible light to employers.

#2 How Well You Interview - All it takes to break into the industry is one successful job interview. But rather than leaving it to chance, you can set a good first impression by preparing!

This can be achieved by looking up frequently used questions or attending mock interviews. In doing so, you can strengthen your answers and make a lasting impression. 

#3 Whether You Have Network Connections - Sometimes questions like ‘how hard is it to become a personal trainer?’ can come down to who you know, rather than what you know.

If you have existing industry connections, be it other personal trainers or other fitness professionals, you may find it easier to become employed than others.

For related advice and guidance, check this OriGym article exploring ‘How to Make a Career Change to Personal Training’.


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Is It Easy to Become a Personal Trainer With the Help of Career Services?

Man standing  next to a job checklist and lock

Any good training provider will help their graduates find employment upon completion of their course. For example, at OriGym we offer a plethora of career services including:

#1 CV Analysis And Distribution:

OriGym helps graduates find employment by analysing and distributing their CVs to corporate partners within their local area.

Through these services, your CV will be developed and edited to make it as appealing to employers as possible. Through this action, your chances of securing an interview and becoming employed greatly increase. 

#2 Interview Preparation

Effective preparation can help you make a good first impression during an interview with potential employers.

At OriGym, we can help you sell yourself to employers by making sure you know how to demonstrate relevant knowledge of the fitness industry, the implementation of training programs and how to communicate with clients.

Remember, personal trainer candidates who are well-prepared, stand a greater chance of securing a position in the fitness industry. 

image of megaphone with cvs coming out of it

#3 A Guaranteed Job Interview With Industry Partners 

Again, in some instances, all it takes to break into the industry is one successful job interview! There is a long-established connection between OriGym and industry partners such as JD Gyms, Sports Direct and DW Fitness. 

To help our graduates get their foot in the door, we forward your CV to these partners in order to secure you a guaranteed job interview.

You can even attend one of our mock interviews to ensure you’re fully prepared! 

Before You Go!

Now that you understand questions like ‘how hard is it to become a personal trainer’ are entirely subjective, you can begin to take the necessary steps outlined in this article to better your chances of finding employment. 

Remember, every successful career starts with the proper training. Enquire about OriGym’s PT Diploma today and earn a qualification with the highest-rated course provider in the UK.

Alternatively, you can learn more about this qualification by downloading our FREE course prospectus

Written by Luke Hughes

CEO and Co-Founder

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Luke is the CEO and Co-Founder of OriGym. Holding a first-class degree in Sport and Exercise and an MSc in Sport and Nutrition, he is also qualified as a Level 4 Personal Trainer with various specialist credentials covering the entire spectrum of health, fitness and business. Luke has contributed to a variety of major industry publications, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Metro, Cosmopolitan, The Mirror, The Sun, The Standard and more.

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