How to Become a Kettlebell Instructor 2024

become a kettlebell instructor

In the fitness industry kettlebell training has grown in popularity. As a result, you may question how to become a certified kettlebell instructor.

Throughout this article, we'll discuss how to become a kettlebell instructor by discussing:

Before we begin, did you know you can begin your kettlebell instructor career with a level 3 PT Diploma?

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Step 1- Understanding The Role Of A Kettlebell Instructor

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Your journey to become a kettlebell instructor begins by understanding the definition of the position and the responsibilities associated with the role.

First, a kettlebell instructor teaches kettlebell-based group fitness classes. Within the role, they’re responsible for many tasks, including:

  • Organising and conducting classes
  • Motivating class members 
  • Tracking and assisting class members' progress

To carry out these responsibilities effectively, you’ll need to possess the following skills:

  • Confidence-this is essential to controlling the groups of students you teach since it shows your expertise and increases the likelihood of people following your instructions.
  • Ability to clearly explain complex movements-this will allow you to physically and verbally demonstrate kettlebell movements to either beginners or experienced kettlebell enthusiasts.
  • Motivation-this can help encourage beginners to gain confidence in performing kettlebell exercises with words of encouragement.
  • Organisation-this can help you structure warm-ups, main components and cooldowns of a class to optimise people’s performance.

You can find employment as a kettlebell instructor by seeking employment through a fitness company or working in a self-employed position. 

We’ll explore your career options in step 4 later but first, let’s discuss the type of qualifications you need so you can understand how to become a kettlebell instructor.

Step 2- Qualifications Required To Become A Kettlebell Instructor

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After learning the responsibilities of a kettlebell instructor, you’ll need to learn how to become certified.

There are three qualifications to help with your development, these are:

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • CPD Kettlebell Training
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

Let’s explore these qualifications in more detail and how they can benefit your development as a kettlebell instructor.

A Level 2 Gym Instructor Starts Your Journey To Become A Kettlebell Instructor

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A level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification is essential to get a job as a fitness instructor, without one, a gym or leisure centre won’t be able to employ you.

This allows you the opportunity to run group exercise classes and gain experience running classes with large groups of people that will complement your future kettlebell classes.

It’s important to recognise this qualification as the first step onto the fitness career ladder. As you'll read later, employers want to employ staff who can provide a wide range of services.

A CPD In Kettlebell Training Is Beneficial When Becoming A Kettlebell Instructor

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After becoming qualified as a personal trainer, you will have a strong understanding of fitness. However, to become a successful kettlebell instructor, it's a good idea to gain specialist knowledge.

OriGym’s kettlebell instructor course is CIMSPA-endorsed and Ofqual-regulated, so you can confidently apply for jobs!

OriGym’s CPD in Kettlebell Instructing can help you become an expert by teaching you:  

  • The history of kettlebell training
  • Benefits of kettlebell training
  • How to perform and identify kettlebell movements
  • How to plan and deliver kettlebell classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students

We offer a kettlebell instructor training course at OriGym, so you can begin your journey as a kettlebell instructor right away!

The only prerequisite to enrol on this CPD course is to have a Level 2 Gym Instructing qualification

A Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification Can Increase Your Employment Prospects

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The next step in your fitness career journey may involve achieving a Level 3 Personal Training qualification. 

A level 3 qualification compared to the level 2 qualification, gives you greater freedom to work with clients, including:

  • The ability to train clients on a one-to-one basis
  • Creating a tailored training plan
  • Helping clients achieve specific exercise goals

This qualifies you to work as a personal trainer, which is essential to train clients one to one, such as this job advertised by Gokay Fitness:

how to become a kettlebell instructor uk 4

After you’ve read this job description, you’ll see that they require the successful applicant to be Level 3 qualified to work as a personal trainer/class instructor.

The qualification can act as a stepping stone to achieving the goal of becoming a successful kettlebell instructor.

Employers rarely hire kettlebell instructors exclusively but instead, look for qualified personal trainers. 

Without a Level 3 qualification, you simply won’t fit these criteria as it will help teach kettlebell classes as well as provide a strong foundation in fitness knowledge.

A level 3 qualification can also help increase your career opportunities, helping you stand out from the compeition. This means you'll have a greater earning potential as you’ll possess a greater range of skills and the ability to offer more services.


Become A Personal Trainer

Enquire today to see how you can qualify to become a personal trainer! 

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Most employers will require that your qualification is accredited and regulated by the relevant bodies indicating a course meets the industry standards of education in fitness. 

This means that the course is endorsed by CIMSPA (the UK’s professional body for health and fitness) and regulated by an Ofqual-approved awarding body, such as Focus Awards.

how to become a certified kettlebell instructor 5

become a kettlebell instructor 4

OriGym's Personal Training Diploma gives you both your Level 2 and 3 qualifications in as little as four weeks. This is a great option if you want to understand how to become a kettlebell instructor in the UK quickly! 


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Step 3- Kettlebell Instructor Coverage Is Required

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Once you’ve achieved your qualifications to become a kettlebell instructor, you’ll then need to secure insurance.

There are different forms of insurance that you’ll need to purchase to make sure you're covered for all types of claims, these include:

  • Public Liability Insurance 
  • Public Indemnity
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Loss of Earnings Insurance
  • Equipment Insurance

Let’s explore these in further detail to understand what they cover and the costs associated with each one.

Public Liability Insurance Can Help You Against Any Claims Made Against You

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Public liability insurance is the first form of insurance you should secure as a kettlebell instructor. 

This will provide you with financial coverage should a claim be levied against you, in the event you: 

  • Injure a gym member who is participating in your class
  • Damage or loss of property owned by a gym member

In the event one of these scenarios occurs, public liability insurance can assist you with replacing the property or any legal costs associated with a claim.

You might, for example, be training people in a kettlebell class and a member of the group drops a kettlebell on their foot and injures themselves.

This person, as a result, could claim you as their injury happened whilst attending one of your classes.

Accidents can occur, no matter how hard you try to create a safe environment for your class members.

You can suffer a financial setback without public liability insurance, which might harm your capacity to succeed in business or your profession. Nonetheless, you will be protected against such lawsuits if you have public indemnity insurance.

AXA Insurance is an insurance provider you may want to secure public liability insurance, as they’ll be able to cover you for the following:

how to become a certified kettlebell instructor 6

Once you’ve secured your public liability insurance you’ll need to secure public indemnity insurance next.

Public Indemnity Insurance Can Help You Against Claims For Incorrect Advice You Give

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Indemnity insurance covers claims made by gym members who feel they received poor advice that resulted in injury or illness.

This type of insurance will apply to any kettlebell classes you instruct but also to any personal training clients you work with too.  

Claims could be made against you if you worked as a kettlebell trainer and:

  • You demonstrated incorrect kettlebell exercises for a class member to carry out at home which later resulted in their injury.

If you worked as a PT, this type of personal trainer insurance would be useful if you:

  • Gave poor advice on how to perform an exercise
  • Didn’t help a client achieve their fitness goals based on the tips you have them

The following scenarios would be covered with Hiscox's: professional indemnity insurance when you read what they provide:

how to become a kettlebell instructor uk 9

Regardless of the professional knowledge you may possess, providing inaccurate advice to clients is always possible.

Professional indemnity insurance provides you with financial coverage should a client or gym member claim you, following the advice you give them.

Personal Accident Insurance Protects You In Case You’re Unable To Work

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Whilst it’s professional to secure insurance in the event a client or gym member is injured under your supervision, it’s also important to get coverage for yourself.

This is why it’s important to have personal accident insurance which covers you in the event you become ill or suffer an injury whilst you’re working.

This type of insurance will cover any small injuries you suffer that temporarily place you out of work but also long-term injuries that affect your ability to work.

In the event you’re injured, it will cover treatments and rehabilitation costs associated with your recovery.

You may, for example, twist your ankle whilst performing a kettlebell exercise which temporarily prevents you from working.

Following a consultation with your doctor, you may need physiotherapy on the affected area for the next couple of months to assist with your recovery.

This could prove costly if you don’t have this insurance, however, with it, your physiotherapy costs will be covered including any treatments and medication you might need. The cost of this insurance will vary between insurance providers and your policy.

Insure4Sport’s personal accident insurance, for example, can provide you with cover for up to £50,000 including the cost of treatment and rehabilitation:

how to become a kettlebell instructor 6 

Nobody is immune to experiencing an accident that prevents them from working. In the event the worst should happen, personal accident insurance can support you.

Loss Of Earnings Insurance Provides You With An Income In The Event You Can’t Earn Your Salary

how to become a kettlebell instructor 3

If you experience an injury working as a kettlebell instructor, there could be a period where you’re unable to work whilst your recovery. 

As a result, this will impact your ability to earn money as you may be out for several weeks until you’re fit to return to work, which the loss of earnings will cover you for.

You may, for example, experience a serious injury during a kettlebell class, which after an appointment with your doctor, advises you to rest for several weeks at home. 

This could have financial consequences for you as without loss of earnings insurance, you could find yourself without money to cover your basic needs. 

Loss of earnings insurance can assist with costs like these, providing you with financial coverage until you’re able to return to work.  

Insure4Sport, for example, can provide you with a year of loss of earnings insurance, should you find out yourself injured and out of work:

how to become a certified kettlebell instructor

Despite your best efforts, accidents can happen that have a financial impact on you. For this reason, you must have personal accident coverage.

Equipment Insurance For Helps Provide Coverage For Equipment You Need To Carry Out Your Duties

become a kettlebell instructor 1

If you’re working in a self-employed capacity that requires you to use your equipment, you’ll benefit from purchasing equipment insurance. 

This form of insurance covers you in the event your equipment is lost, stolen or damaged. It can provide coverage for your kettlebells or a laptop you use for work, for example:

  • When you’re running a kettlebell class from your place of business and you discover that your kettlebells have been stolen.
  • Your laptop is damaged whilst preparing for an upcoming class

There is no fixed rate for this type of insurance as providers will offer different prices to purchase equipment loss insurance.

This will be determined by the value of the equipment they can insure or whether they offer replacement equipment too.

Insure4sport, for example, offers to replace any equipment that you own that is valued up to £2,500 each:

how to become a kettlebell instructor uk 3

Before purchasing this equipment insurance, it’s important to make sure the policy you’re looking for covers the costs of your equipment and the ability to have it replaced.

Step 4- What Positions You Can Undertake As A Kettlebell Instructor

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Once you’ve secured the correct insurance to operate in the fitness industry, you’ll then need to find a position as a kettlebell instructor.

Since kettlebell instructors are rarely sought after, it’s difficult to provide an average salary for this position, so it might be worth estimating your earning potential around a fitness instructor position.

According to Indeed, the average hourly rate for a fitness instructor is £14.95, with the potential to earn a maximum of £30.25 per house. 

There are different types of positions you can undertake to become a kettlebell instructor, these include:

  • Working as a personal trainer who specialises in kettlebell training
  • Running a kettlebell training club or gym
  • Holding online kettlebell classes

Let’s look at these job titles in further detail.

Working As An Employee Full-Time At A Gym

become a kettlebell instructor 2

If you’re looking to work in a gym or fitness centre as a kettlebell instructor, you’ll likely be working as a fitness instructor who can deliver classes.

As we mentioned previously, if you're searching for kettlebell instructor jobs only, you’ll have a hard time finding an employer looking to recruit an employee for this sole purpose.

However, if you search for fitness instructor jobs, you’ll find that employers are looking for experienced fitness instructors who can deliver other services to members, including kettlebell classes.

If you lived in Birkenhead, for example, you could apply to become a fitness instructor at PureGym, allowing you to deliver kettlebell classes, amongst others:

how to become a kettlebell instructor uk 2

If you were to apply for this type of position, it’s important to make sure you're qualified in others of fitness, we’ll touch up this in step 5.

The average salary of a fitness instructor is £23,289 according to Glassdoor which is a great starting salary for a fitness professional in entering the industry.


Become A Personal Trainer

Enquire today to see how you can qualify to become a personal trainer! 

Start A Kettlebell Training Club Or Gym

Starting your kettlebell training club or gym is a great way for you to work as a kettlebell instructor.

This will give you the freedom to deliver kettlebell classes that you believe will be beneficial to the members who join your club or gym.

Jason Elliott at Personal Trainer Wirral, for example, delivers kettlebell training as a separate service to his work as a personal trainer:

how to become a kettlebell instructor 4

This is a brand you could emulate, providing kettlebell classes as stand-alone sessions whilst offering personal training as a separate service. 

Starting your kettlebell training club or your own business is no easy challenge and would need several years of experience in the industry, along with following these steps to write a personal trainer business plan.

This is because you’ll need to be confident in delivering instructions but also competent in other elements that come with starting a business such as finances, administration and marketing.

Offer Online Kettlebell Classes To Maximise Your Earning Potential

Another role you could undertake as a kettlebell instructor is by offering online classes. It’s becoming increasingly popular as more clients want to train from their homes. 

Offering online kettlebell classes allows you to expand your client base as you’ll be able to train people who may not be able to travel to your place of business which helps increase your client retention rates.

Exclusively offering online kettlebell classes allows you to work in the area of fitness that you are passionate about and identify a gap in the market that you can cater to.

Bath Kettlebell Bootcamp, for instance, offer a 4-week training programme that people can attend online:

how to become a kettlebell instructor uk

It’s also possible for you to adopt this type of programme, not only will it provide a stable income but it will also provide guaranteed numbers for your online classes.

For more information about how to start offering online kettlebell classes, you can learn more by reading our complete guide to how to become an online trainer

Step 5- Kettlebell Instructor Career Progression To Maximise Your Earning Potential

how to become a certified kettlebell instructor 3

After you’ve settled into your role as a kettlebell instructor, you’ll want to start to find ways to maximise your earning potential. Below we’ve listed some of the opportunities available to you.

Gaining Additional CPD Qualifications Can Help You Earn More

Alongside your CPD in kettlebell instructing there are some other OriGym CPD courses that you could enrol on including the likes of Medicine Ball Training.

Whilst not directly related to kettlebell training, a lot of the skills you’ll learn in these courses are certainly transferable to kettlebell training.

These kinds of classes can also involve a mix of different strength training and cardio exercises performed in a circuit, with rests in between each set of exercises. This subsequently means that instructors who can teach circuit classes are very in demand!

how to become a certified kettlebell instructor 7 

CPD courses can also increase your chances of landing a job in a gym or fitness centre. As we’ve previously mentioned, you will rarely be exclusively teaching kettlebell classes.

Most gyms will be looking for someone who can teach a variety of classes, so if you’re able to complete additional CPD courses, you are immediately more appealing to an employer!

If you’re self-employed this would also be a great opportunity to offer additional services to increase your business’ revenue!

Complete A Level 4 Course 

how to become a kettlebell instructor 5

If you’re looking to offer services for a niche market in the industry, you may want to complete a nutrition course with OriGym.

This would be a great opportunity to learn a new set of skills that would give you a competitive edge in the job market but crucially, if you’re self-employed it also creates a new revenue stream.

After you’ve learned about meal prep and planning and nutrition guidelines, you could offer nutrition advice and guidance for clients, alongside your kettlebell services.

Ben Malton, for instance, offers something similar. Alongside his PT services, he offers dietary services to increase his revenue:

how to become a kettlebell instructor uk 6

So if you’re looking to progress your career there are plenty of qualifications you can complete with us at OriGym to help you take your career to the next level in the fitness industry.

Before You Go!

Now that you’ve read this article, we’re confident that you have all the information you need to understand how to become a certified kettlebell instructor.

Remember, no kettlebell instructor’s journey can begin until they’ve completed their Level 2 fitness instructor qualification.

You can also learn about OriGym’s full range of courses by downloading our free course prospectus.

Written by Alice Williams

Content Editor & Yoga Teacher

Alice graduated with a First-Class degree in French and Linguistics from the University of Leeds in 2019. As part of her degree, she spent a year living in France where she worked for a lifestyle blog, gaining professional experience in both translation and content writing. 

Alice is also a qualifiied yoga teacher, allowing her write from a place of expertise when it comes to yoga!

When she’s not writing or practicing yoga, she also loves running, cooking and music! 

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