13 Best Indoor Cycling Apps of 2022

apps for indoor cycling

Having a plethora of indoor cycling apps at your fingertips can be both hugely resourceful and overwhelming. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult deciding which one is best for you. 

Don’t worry, to save you the time of testing each one yourself we here at OriGym have done the work in order to put together the ultimate list of the best indoor cycling apps. 

Fitness apps can be a fantastic tool to help you keep track of your progress and goals. It’s never been easier to stay organised and motivated, especially within the comfort of your own home. So, check out our list below for some of the best apps for indoor cycling and find the right one for you on your fitness journey.


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Why Use Indoor Cycling Apps?

Indoor cycling training apps are a great way to record your progress if you’re serious about improving your performance times. By using scientific analysis, they help to increase your fitness and endurance levels, as well as focusing on areas of weakness. 

Using cycling apps indoors can also be a suitable substitute for training when you can’t get outside. While it doesn’t beat the real thing, these apps can create expansive digital landscapes that immerse cyclists into a virtual world. Some indoor cycling apps even allow cyclists to train and compete against one another within a series of digital races. This is ideal for beginners who want to gain the experience of competing but may not be confident enough in their abilities to enter races. 

Nevertheless, indoor cycling apps are not just for beginners. They can be used by seasoned cyclists too. We understand one of the reasons outdoor cycling is so popular is because of the sense of freedom and adventure it provides.

However, whether it’s because of equipment issues or simply the weather, indoor cycling workout apps should not be viewed as inferior substitutes. On a rainy day, why not grab your exercise bike and give one a go? 

Did you interest in indoor cycling stem from an enjoyment in spin classes? If so, do you want to be the reason for someone else to find the same passion as a result of your teachings? Our guide on how to become a spin instructor gives you a step-by-step on how to do exactly that.

The Best Indoor Cycling Apps

Before we get started, it’s worth mentioning that in terms of technology, most of these apps are similar and are based on real-world cycling. However, while there isn’t a difference between Android indoor cycling apps and indoor cycling apps for iPhone, some programs may run smoother on certain devices.

For most of the indoor cycling training apps on this list you will need the following:

  • A bike (or smart bike)
  • A smartphone, tablet, or computer with Bluetooth or ANT+
  • Power measurement tool using Bluetooth or ANT+: smart trainer, power meter, or speed/cadence sensor
  • Turbo trainers or set of rollers

For added convenience, you may also want to invest in a bike phone holder; don't allow a notification alert to hinder your ride.

While we hope this doesn’t put you off too much, if you’re a beginner it’s best to know exactly what equipment you need to buy first and whether it’s an investment you want to make right now.

#1 Zwift

Apple Rating: 4.6

Google Play Rating: 4.6

If you’ve been searching for indoor cycling apps then it’s likely you’ve already come across Zwift. Considered the go-to virtual cycling app, it’s certainly the most popular among riders. More than 3 million people have cycled or ran using Zwift. Even Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah is a regular user!

Since 2014, Zwift has evolved from an online training platform to a series of virtual worlds. Cyclists can enjoy exploring places like the fictional Watopia or real-life settings such as London or Paris. Users have the choice of over a thousand workout sessions geared to their ability. In these worlds you can also get involved in social events with other riders and compete alongside them in races. Or if you’d prefer to train solo, you can simply enjoy a spin in these digital landscapes alone. 

In basic terms, Zwift is technically a video game or rather a ‘cycling simulator’ if you prefer. It works by taking live data from any sensors connected to the platform and uses it to power your online avatar. Your virtual self will mirror your actions. If you pedal faster, they will too. If you come to a standstill, so will they.

This is one of the best indoor cycling apps for cyclists who still want an immersive training experience but may not be able to get outside. The community aspect is what makes it popular as you can even train with friends which can help keep you motivated.

However, if you’re looking for free indoor cycling apps, Zwift probably isn’t the one for you. This app is available on any Android or IOS device and can be used on computers and tablets too. Zwift offers a risk-free seven-day trial if you make an account but after this has finished; monthly membership is £12.99 / $14.99 per month.

#2 Rouvy

Apple Rating: 4.6

Google Play Rating: 3.9

Rouvy is an indoor cycling app that differs slightly from its competitors. While apps such as RGT Cycling and Zwift offer simulations of roads and provide cyclists with virtual worlds, Rouvy combines altitude data with videos of real roads. There are over one hundred augmented reality courses as well as thousands of different route videos available.

Similar to Zwift, Rouvy allows cyclists to compete against other users of the app. Your online avatar can race against ghost cyclists as well as virtual versions of your own records, allowing you to continually improve your times. Rouvy also has the enjoyable feature of allowing users to compete with friends on cycling meetups, adding a sense of community to the app.

Apps such as Rouvy and Zwift place their focus on you riding your bike, as opposed to other apps which are geared more towards workouts and training. However, what sets Rouvy apart is that it allows you to journey through the outside world without leaving your home. The real-life roads on Rouvy are less artificial than the virtual ones created on other apps.

They have a more natural feel to them, providing cyclists with the random ups and downs of real roads as opposed to manufactured ones that can seem too regimented. This feature also gives riders the chance to tackle roads they may be competing on during an upcoming race or simply allow them to train on their favourite routes when venturing outside isn’t an option. 

Rouvy can be used on any device such as Androids, IOS Smartphones, Tablets, Mac and Windows computers, and even Apple TV’s. It also offers a 14-day free trial for you to decide whether it’s the right indoor cycling app for you. After this period, membership is $12 a month, just over £8, making it much cheaper than Zwift while still offering many of the same features!

On a seperate note, if you're looking to combine both indoor and outdoor training, we imagine having bikes to accomodate each ride can take up quite a bit of space! why not have a look at our top picks for the best folding electric bikes and save yourself the addiitonal room in your home!

#3 TrainerRoad

Apple Rating: 4.9

Google Play Rating: 4.7

Before you purchase or download anything, it’s important to understand what your reason for cycling indoors is. Is it simply for leisure or training? The reason for this is because TrainerRoad differs slightly from the other indoor cycling apps mentioned above. This app is a lot more focused on the individual’s fitness goals and workouts rather than the social aspect and racing elements of Zwift and Rouvy.

TrainerRoad is one of the best apps for indoor cycling for those who are serious about training without distraction and seeking solely to improve their performance. It’s great for riders who want long-term training as it allows you to create plans across a season, based on the type of event and how much time until it occurs.

TrainerRoad also offers a workout analysis feature, allowing you to compare records during previous seasons against current ones.

This app probably isn’t the best indoor cycling training app for those seeking leisurely rides because of its focus on long-term goals and consistency. We’ll be honest, with its racing features and community of cyclists, an app like Zwift is probably more fun. However, if you have a particular target in mind then the progressive workouts, fitness analysis, and focus on structure does result in an app that produces higher-quality training. 

The purpose of TrainerRoad is to make you faster, not provide you with entertainment, so keep this in mind when considering indoor cycling apps. While it may not be as mentally stimulating as other apps that feature virtual racing, it’s excellent for helping you smash your fitness goals!

TrainerRoad offers a 12-month subscription at $189 / £153.70 or alternatively, a month-by-month subscription of $19.95 / £16.22. If you decide the app isn’t the right one for you, there is a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that allows you to claim any money back. 

This would make as a great present for a keen cyclist in your life, or alternatively, check our our ultimate buyer's guide with 23 helpful cyclists.

#4 Sufferfest

Apple Rating: 4.8

With a rating of 4.8 stars based on well over two thousand reviews, Sufferfest has established itself as a popular app for cyclists. It falls in the middle of the spectrum of indoor cycling apps, between the interactive features of Zwift and the workout focus of TrainerRoad. 

Sufferfest leans more toward TrainerRoad in terms of similarities but differs as it provides more mental stimulation during workouts. While it doesn’t feature expansive virtual races, most workouts do include real racing videos and an accompanying soundtrack. This helps to create an immersive experience for the rider as opposed to the more technical visuals of TrainerRoad.

Subscribing to the app gives cyclists unlimited access to its library of structured indoor training cycling workouts. It also contains over forty workouts that don’t feature an associated video. The other perks of subscribing include access to triathlon workouts, strength training, as well as dozens of yoga for cyclist’s videos, a powerful 10-week program to build mental toughness, and over 100 easy-to-follow training plans for road and triathlons. 

Sufferfest can be used on any Windows or Mac computer as well as any IOS smartphones and tablets. However, as mentioned above, if you’re seeking indoor cycling apps for Android then this isn’t the one for you. While a Sufferfest app for Android is in development, it is not yet available. 

This app offers a free 14-day trial period so users can download and try it out before purchasing. If you think it’s the right one for you, a yearly subscription is $129 / £92. Alternatively, a monthly subscription is $14.99 / £10.

#5 RGT Cycling

Apple Rating: 3.9

Google Play Rating: 3.7

Claiming to be the ‘world’s most realistic indoor cycling simulator’, RGT Cycling offers both a free and premium program. Of course, the free option is limited but it still has some great features! RGT Cycling offers riding and racing across real-life road replicas, as well as giving you access to its huge library of workouts and training plans. 

It also allows users to upload their own custom routes and engage in group races. This sets it apart from other indoor cycling apps as its unique ‘Magic Roads’ feature takes a GPX file of your favourite ride and turns it into a virtual world for you to train on. 

This customisation is great for those wanting to train on familiar roads but don’t have the time to get to their desired racing spots. However, it should be mentioned that a common complaint among users is that this feature is prone to glitch as it is still being improved.

RGT is serious about its dedication to providing riders with realistic training. Unlike other cycling simulations, you can’t ride into corners at full speed as the app will slow you down. Your online avatar also won’t go through other cyclists either, it requires you to increase your effort and ride around them as you would in a real race.

Although there are limited features, this is probably one of the best indoor cycling training apps for free. Users of the free version have access to a selection of real roads, partial access to the workout library, and the ability to join races and group rides. This is a good choice for those who want access to basic features without paying anything extra or cyclists who rarely train indoors but still want an exercise bike app.

The premium package of RGT Cycling is £6.99 / $9.99 a month, making it much cheaper than some of its larger competitors. It is also compatible with all Android and IOS devices, as well as Mac and Windows computers. So, if you want a similar app to Zwift for half the price, this may be the one for you.

#6 Kinomap

Apple Rating: 4.5

Google Play Rating: 3.7

As with the other indoor cycling apps on this list, Kinomap works in much the same way. Available on all Android and Apple devices, it is a free download that can be used on nearly any exercise bike with a Bluetooth function. 

With over 186,000 miles of routes, and more constantly being added, it’s not an app you’re going to quickly get bored of. All the workout routes on Kinomap are shot with high-quality cameras by riders from all over the world, providing cyclists with a realistic experience. This feature sets it apart from other similar apps as it moves away from being a virtual cycling app used for entertainment into a performance-based workout app.

During training, the app adjusts workout intensity and resistance to what is being shown on screen. If available, it will also alter the incline of your exercise equipment. For the real-life experience however, head over to our cycling uphill guide which combines all the tips, benefits and risks surrounding this style training.

Essentially, Kinomap offers the closest experience for cyclists to ride these routes without being outside. You could spend one workout riding a stage of the Tour de France while another could be spent more leisurely, maybe a quiet ride through Central Park? Whatever mood you’re in, it’s likely Kinomap has the right route for you. 

Another benefit of the apps real-world videos as opposed to virtual races is that it factors in other cyclists and obstacles riders would face on an actual route. Vehicles and people must be avoided which makes for a fun and engaging experience.

 Though, as many of these videos are uploaded by ordinary cyclists, there can be a dip in quality across the app. Some user complaints are that certain videos aren’t as smooth as others and can lag depending on the speed of the cyclist.

Kinomap offers three different subscription packages. After a 14-day free trial, it’s £9.99 a month. Users can also choose a yearly subscription at £79.99 or even lifetime access for £229.

#7 Peloton

Apple Rating: 4.9

Google Play Rating: 4.3

The Peloton app is one of the most popular fitness apps currently out there. Most people probably know the name because of the Peloton Bikes – exercise bikes with a large screen and two speakers for immersive workouts. The screens allow users to work out to one of the thousands of available classes through its all-access membership.

There’s a reason why Peloton is one of the more popular indoor cycling workout apps. It’s great for motivation as its videos feature real trainers who help keep you energized and gives the app a personal touch.

One of the common questions people have when considering the app is ‘do I need a Peloton bike to use it?’ The answer’s no! You can use their digital app with your own spin bike as it includes all their live and on demand cycling workouts. 

While there are a few differences when using the all-access app which comes with their own exercise products, there are still many great features. It has over 10 workout types which include cycling, outdoor running, stretching, strength, boot camp, yoga, and meditation. You can track your progress, challenge yourself, and work out alongside others. 

Another way in which you can track your progress is via a specialist fitness watch. Don't know where to start your search? We have you covered; our shortlist of the best heart rate monitors puts the 11 best gadgets to track your data in one place.

The main difference of using the Peloton digital app without their exercise equipment is the metrics and leader board display. If you’re using the Peloton machine, you will have metrics built in. These let you know your resistance, cadence, heartrate and where exactly you rank on the leader board. However, other than the metrics, it’s largely the same.

The Peloton app can be used on any Android and IOS devices, as well as on TV’s and web browsers. It can be downloaded for free and after the trial period is £12.99 per month. The subscription owner can also add others to the app at no additional cost.

#8 Tacx Training

Apple Rating: 4.4

Google Play Rating: 3.9

By downloading Tacx, you’ll never use the weather as an excuse for skipping training again! Similar to Kinomap, for premium subscribers this indoor cycling app uses real-life films of road routes rather than virtual simulations. The extensive library features over 150 scenic training films from all over the world, including legendary rides such as the Passo dello Stelvio, Alpe d’Huez, and the Col du Galibier. The Tacx smart trainer also simulates the incline of the road, creating a realistic ride for the user.

If you plan on combining your indoor cycling with outdoor rides also, then it's best to prepare for all weather conditions. Check out our thorough guide on winter cycling, including useful tips for nailing your routine to ensure those lower temperatures don't hinder your performance.

Aside from the real-world training videos, the all-access version of the app has GPS routes too which provides a bird’s eye view of your ride. This allows cyclists to see the route from above and prepares you for how much effort you’ll have to exert in the next stage of your training.

You can also create your own GPS rides using either the Strava Route Builder or an online GPS creator. This customization can be extended to workouts if you have a particular focus or goal you want to achieve. These workouts can be created on tablets or desktop computers and catered to what it is you want to achieve. If this isn’t for you then don’t fear, there are many other workouts created by Tacx and other users to choose from.

Tacx Training offers a free app and a premium subscription. The free version allows users to create personalized workouts, analyse data, and compete with live opponents who are riding the course at the same time. For less than £10 a month, users can upgrade to premium and have access to the app’s greatest features. 

Premium subscribers will receive all the apps free features, as well as high-quality cycling movies, training plans, and workout videos. We believe for the clear route videos the price is worth it! With movies being continually updated, it is unlikely riders will get bored of this indoor cycling app.

#9 CardioCast

Apple Rating: 4.8

Google Play Rating: 4.8

We’ll be honest; this is one of the simpler indoor cycling apps on this list. If you’re seeking a virtual cycling app, this probably isn’t the one for you. However, if you simply want an exercise bike app then look no further! 

CardioCast is more of an audio app than anything else. It features music from your favourite artists across a range of genres and uses real coaches who listen to your feedback and push you to achieve your goals. The combination of upbeat music and enthusiasm of instructors from some of the top fitness studios creates a fun environment and helps keep you motivated.

A great thing about audio apps is that you don’t have to keep your eyes on the screen during workouts. All you need to do is put your headphones on and get lost in the music. This may make it feel like less of an intense workout and more of an enjoyable experience. In need of a new pair of headphones to make the most out of this feature? Check out OriGym't top picks for the best cycling headphones in the UK here.

The app also consists of various workouts and times, from 20 minutes all the way to 60 minutes, depending on how tight your schedule is. 

While it lacks the advanced features of popular apps like Zwift and Kinomap, CardioCast is ideal for those who want a basic app for the sole purpose of working out on an exercise bike. This is opposed to seasoned cyclists or keen trainers who are missing the experience of racing and cycling outside. 

Users who download the app for free get a 7-day trial period to test it out. If you’re happy with this indoor cycling app, you can purchase it for less than £10 per month. The app also features many workouts for exercises other than cycling such as running, elliptical, rowing, and yoga too. If training to music is a big factor in keeping you motivated, this may be the app for you!


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#10 CycleGo

Apple Rating: 4.7

Google Play Rating: 4.6

If you’re a complete beginner looking for a cheaper version of Zwift, look no further than CycleGo! This app is very similar to other virtual cycling apps on our list but caters more towards cyclists who have just started their journeys.

Users follow a virtual cyclist around many different scenic routes, focusing on their speed and trying to keep up with their revolutions per minute (RPM). It’s ideal for those who are new to cycling or those seeking structured indoor cycling workouts. This is mainly because it provides detailed programs, informing you when to increase and decrease the resistance, as well as the RPM. The feature of following a virtual cyclist around and matching their speed is great for beginners who are still trying to figure everything out.

For many people, not just beginners, virtual workouts are often preffered, with many people finding this environment much less intimidating and a lot more productive than that of a gym. If you know this is your preferred form of workout but need an extra push and support, you don't need to delve into the depth of a gym to achieve this. Check out OriGym's shortlist of the best virtual personal trainers that you can access from the comfort of your own home - or wherever else you'd prefer to workout. 

CycleGo has a range of different workouts which vary in terms of length and intensity. It also provides visuals on the screen of the entire route, showing upcoming areas where you’ll need to increase effort as it becomes more intense.

If we're being transparent, when it comes to graphics, CycleGo doesn’t rank as highly as some of the other indoor cycling apps. Regarding virtual cyclists and scenic routes, it’s similar to them but its graphics and realism have a long way to go. However, if you’re a beginner who is focused more on the experience of training and wanting to improve your ability then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

The app offers a free trial then is only £3.49 a month! A yearly subscription is £32.99 and for these prices, we think it’s worth it. This is great for beginners who may have only just started cycling and don’t want to spend a lot of money on something they may not want to continue with. For less than £5 a month, why not give it a try?

#11 Xert

Apple Rating: 3.9

Google Play Rating: 4.1

One of the lesser-known indoor cycling apps on this list, Xert has quickly established itself as a reliable app for cyclists. It is a training platform that helps athletes coach themselves using data from a cycling power meter. Xert provides training that matches your abilities, goals, and schedule, as well as adapts training without fitness tests. It allows athletes and coaches to monitor, predict, and optimize athletic fitness.

Xert claims it has ushered in revolutionary ideas and innovations in measuring fitness, how much power you have, and which energy systems you use. These SMART workouts are based on strain and generated power, rather than using zones and simple duration-based intervals. These workouts are tuned to your ability, allowing users to know the focus and difficulty of workouts beforehand.

These SMART workouts use mathematical modelling to know exactly where you will be from a fatigue standpoint at any point during a workout. Workout players also use these advanced mathematical models in real time to adjust either interval duration or power to assist athletes in meeting their goals.

This makes Xert one of the more technical and scientific indoor cycling apps on this list. It certainly leans much more to an indoor cycling workout app than a virtual cycling app. Cyclists who are seeking an app purely to improve their performance times and endurance then this is ideal.

For those avid cyclists who will still be taking to the outdoors additionally, is your cycling gear up to standard? No? Well then, head over to OriGym's best cycling jackets for men & women shortlist and don't let your attire affect your performance any longer.

Due to its scientific analysis and algorithms, this may be better suited to a more experienced cyclist. However, beginners who are looking to quickly improve their performance will benefit from this app too.

Xert is available on all Android and IOS devices. Once you’ve created an account, the app is free for up to one activity a week. After this, it’s $9 / just over £6 a month which does make it cheaper than some other indoor cycling apps.

#12 FulGaz

Apple Rating: 4.7

It’s likely you’ve heard of FulGaz, a virtual cycling app like Zwift, with a small and loyal following. The app features over 2,000 hours of high-quality 4K content filmed across locations all over the world. 

The team behind FulGaz believe if you’re riding inside then only the best experience will do. The app is passionate about the quality of its videos, having its team of Ride Engineers testing each one of them to ensure a great user experience. 

FulGaz also allows users to organize their own private group rides on any route for you and your friends. This means you can create social events or simply train alongside one another and have fun.

FulGaz claims to be the only app that combines real world terrain and cutting-edge coaching knowledge to help riders achieve their goals. Users can either get the video to play at the speed it was recorded at or automatically speed up and slow down, depending on whether you’re going faster or slower than the rider who recorded it. There’s also data on the side of the screen including gradients, speed, power, as well as the completed and remaining distance.

When you’ve completed your ride, FulGaz gives you the option to automatically upload the data to Strava, TrainingPeaks, or Today’s Plan for you. It also emails you a .fit file, allowing you to import the ride to whatever training software you prefer.

The app can be used anytime on Mac, IOS (iPhone & iPad), Apple TV, Android, and Windows devices. FulGaz seems to be more of a popular indoor cycling app for iPhone users rather than Android, but it is still available on both types of devices.

It is free to download and comes with a free 14-day trial that gives users access to all the features on FulGaz. After this, you can purchase the app for £9.99 a month or £85.99 per year. This makes it a slightly cheaper alternative to Zwift while still offering a lot of the same features. 

#13 TrainerDay 

Apple Rating: 4.7

Google Play Rating: 4.7

We’ll start by mentioning something on this list you’ve probably been waiting for. TrainerDay is a free indoor cycling app! It is a workout and plan sharing community with over 20,000 members.

TrainerDay claims it is the perfect app for the self-coached cyclist. It has over 10,000 workouts available with new ones being added and shared continuously. TrainerDay is a community app, allowing users to share workouts with friends or strangers. Essentially, it is a huge library of user-contributed workouts.

Working out with friends is a great way to keep motivated and engaged in you workout, no matter the exercise. Read more benefits of group exercise classes here.

Aside from downloading from others, you can also create your own workout and training plans. This makes it a great app for people who are looking for something more social or a community of like minded cyclists. 

The free version of the app restricts access to only 20 of its 10,000+ workouts. However, it has unlimited training plans and downloads, and allows you to create all your own workouts and training plans. In terms of simulation, this app is one of the simpler ones on this list as it’s more of an indoor cycling workout app than a virtual cycling app.

TrainerDay is available on all Apple and Android smartphones, as well as tablets and desktop computers. It also offers a premium subscription which is $3.99 a month or $41.99 a year. This subscription grants users unlimited access to all its workouts and training plans as well as access to private ones.


Can You Burn Fat by Riding a Stationary Bike?

High intensity workouts are great for burning calories and building strength, which can lead to weight loss. A study conducted in 2010 found indoor cycling, when combined with a low-calorie diet, was effective in reducing the weight and body fat of participants. These participants cycled for 45 minutes three times a week and consumed only 1,200 calories per day for twelve weeks.

The purpose of an exercise bike is to replicate the experience of cycling indoors. Any sort of high-intensity exercise will burn fat. Low-intensity exercise on a stationary bike is unlikely to burn a lot of fat even if done for an extended amount of time. Burning body fat isn’t so much based on the length of time you exercise but how intense the exercise is.

Need more information to be convinced? No bother, you can find all the explanation and answers you need in our report into cycling for weight loss, accompanied with 17 tips for optimising results.

Is 30 Minutes on a Stationary Bike Enough to be Effective?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, a 155-pound person who cycles at a moderate intensity for thirty minutes can burn 260 calories. A 125-pound person can burn 211 calories when cycling for the same time and intensity. Similarly, a 185-pound person can burn approximately 311 calories in the same way. From this study it’s clear that the heavier a person is, the more calories they will burn during exercise. 

Exercising for thirty minutes on a stationary bike will make a difference but whether it’s ‘enough’ for you will depend on how much weight you want to lose. If it’s purely for health and fitness, then half an hour is a good amount of time to make some sort of difference. This is a reason why indoor cycling apps are great because they provide workouts with various times and levels of intensity to provide you with ‘enough’ exercise.

Is It OK to Use an Exercise Bike Every Day?

If you are using an upright exercise bike, it’s not recommended you use the same one every day as this can put too much stress on your joints and cause injury. However, if you are using one that doesn’t require as much physical effort then it is fine to use one every day.

As always, it’s best to listen to your body! If you’ve had a high-intensity workout that’s left you feeling less than stellar the next day, it’s best to give your body enough time to recover. If you’re not pushing yourself too much or obsessing over it then there isn’t really a reason why you can’t use an exercise bike every day.

Before You Go!

We hope this insight into indoor cycling apps has not only help you decide on the app which best fits your needs and fitness goals, but has also shed light into the features which make for the best quality indoor cycling apps.

As you’ve seen, there are many indoor cycling apps for all kinds of levels and purposes. Whether you’re a beginner looking for the best place to start or an experienced cyclist who wants to keep track of your performance and up the intensity of your rides, we’re sure you’ll settle on the right app for you.

Want to become a Personal Trainer? Check out our Courses in Personal Training, nutrition or download our latest prospectus.

Written by James Brady

Fitness Writer & Enthusiast

James graduated with an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Manchester. His desire to find a place where he could combine his passion for writing and love of fitness is what brought him to OriGym. He believes his passion for daily exercise, especially running, is imperative in keeping him motivated and productive. As a result, he has a particular interest in the psychology of health and fitness and the relationship between physical and mental health. Outside of work, James enjoys reading, swimming, writing short stories, watching classic movies and has a keen interest in journalism and filmmaking.

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