11 Best Juice Cleanses To Boost Your Immunity

best juice cleanse

When you’re seeking new and innovative ways to lose weight effectively, you may well have considered the best juice cleanses, and how they can help us to achieve our goals.

Juice cleanses are great for helping to boost your immunity, supporting your bodily functions from the inside out, and all while helping you to lose weight. This article includes a range of juice cleanses, differing in price, duration and content to give you a selection of options to choose from.

We’ll also answer all the burning questions you might have about juice diet detoxing, and how you can make the most out of any diet you choose to undertake.


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What Is A Juice Cleanse? 

Juice cleansing, also often referred to as a juice detox, is a type of diet where an individual only consumes fruit and vegetable-based juices. They are used as a method of detoxification, boosting immunity and for weight loss. They typically last from 3-10 days. 

There are a range of benefits of juice cleanses that range from being rich in vitamins and minerals, possessing anti-inflammatory compounds responsible for promoting a healthy immune system while also providing energy-boosting qualities too. 

Avid juicing cleansers believe that while restrictive, you’re still providing your body with ample fruit, vegetables, vitamins (especially those vitamins good for your immune system) and minerals that support your immune system. For this reason, juice detox and cleanses may be attractive to you. 

But how do you do them? 

There are various companies that market themselves as creating the best juice detox on the market. Some make and deliver the juices directly to your door with options of how long you want your cleanse to be, with others tailoring specific juice programmes for you. 

The next section will outline some of the best juice cleanse programmes so that you can make an informed decision about which is best for you and your immune system. 

11 Best Juice Cleanses To Boost Your Immunity

#1 - Presscription’s Signiture Cleansing Juice Diet

Price: From £65

First up on the list of the best juice diets are UK-based company, Presscription. Their signature juicing detox is their most popular cleanse, ideal for juicing newbies as it is super straightforward to stick to. 

Each day, cleansers are provided with 5 x 500ml of organic cold-pressed juices, 1 x 500ml nut milk and 2 x 30ml booster shots. Each presents their own set of attractive benefits ranging from boosting your immunity, increasing your antioxidant count and providing your body with rich, nutritional ingredients.

With this juice diet detox, you’ll kick-start your day with ‘The Green Revive’ juice, a tangy juice containing cucumber, celery, apple, citrus fruits and a hint of ginger (one of the best antioxidant foods) and cayenne (one of the best herbs for weight loss) to provide a boost to your metabolism in the morning. 

You’ll then follow this with ‘The Amber Boost’, a lemon and coconut juice to cleanse your immune system with your first booster shot coming after to give you an energy boost to get you through to the afternoon. 

‘The Orange/Red/Green Juices’ will keep you full for the remainder of the day, each packed with a whole range of other fruit and vegetables including pineapple, beetroot and carrots to fuel your body with copious vitamins and minerals.

Finally, ‘The Milk-Well’, a vegan-friendly drink to be consumed towards the end of your daily juicing detox, promises a sweet, indulgent taste, packed with active micro-organisms and enzyme inhibitors to help with digestive functions and glucose conversion. 

With Presscription’s juicing cleanse diets starting from £65, you can reap a whole range of immunity-boosting and weight loss benefits for an affordable price. 

Additionally, this juice detox is delivered right to your door with you being able to select the date of arrival for ease and convenience. 

#2 - Daily Dose Juice’s Colour Cleanse

Price: From £45  

Next up on the list of best juicing diets is Daily Dose Juice’s Colour Cleanse! If you fancy a juice detox from UK-based suppliers, you’re in the right place. 

This consists of 7 x 300ml juices that include an apple, ginger and lemon juice called Zenzero, a coconut and spinach juice drink called Coco Verde along with a beetroot and apple juice called Rouge, plus many more!

Along with these, you will receive a 500ml bottle of Black Lemonade drink that you’re to sip throughout your day. This drink contains activated coconut charcoal, an incredible natural mineral that replenishes the liver, as well as being great for an immune system boost and helping keep teeth white.

Finally, you will have a booster shot termed the ‘Hot Shot’, a spicy 60ml drink that promises to enhance your energy levels more so than even black coffee benefits us.

Daily Dose Juice recommends that you consume each juice in 2-hour intervals alongside plenty of water. It is also noteworthy that some of the juices may contain traces of nuts - please be wary of this if you have such allergies. 

Now, when considering the various juice programmes, reviews may play an important role in determining which is best for you. Well, you may be pleased to know that this juice cleanse has developed an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, awarded by over 100 participants.

So, if you’re wanting to get a better insight into the best juice diets on the market, why not consider the Colour Cleanse for your detoxing and immunity-boosting needs? 

#3 - Juice Fast Diet

Price: From £55

Want to learn more about the best juice cleanse for weight loss? Then this Nosh Detox diet is worth reading. This UK juice cleanse promises that you can lose up to 3kg in just 1 week with the Juice Fast Diet. But what does this consist of?

With a total of 4 x 500ml of fresh, raw and unprocessed juices and a lemon and ginger tonic, you’ll be provided with over 2 litres of blended superfoods that will nourish your diet and provide your immune system with a fantastic boost.

The juices range from exotic pineapple and coconut juices to more traditional kale and spinach, each presenting you with a range of different flavours and benefits for your body. Explore more on the benefits of coconut water with OriGym’s comprehensive report.

The lemon and ginger tonic also helps to increase the rate of digestion which, in turn, promotes weight loss effects, and even keeps you feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer.

This juice detox is delivered right to your door, so there’s no need to create any meal plans or supermarket visits with Nosh Detox’s service. And with a starting price of just £55, this is among the best cheap juice cleanses for UK customers.

#4 - Home Juice’s Clean & Lean Cleanse

Price: From $213 AUD (approx. £113)

Home Juice provides consumers with the best juice cleanse programmes that you need to know about. This Australian-based company has been running since 2014, and with their glowing reviews and pedigree, it’s safe to say that they know what they’re doing when it comes to juicing detoxes. 

Their cleanses last for either 3 or 5 days depending on your preference, and they assure consumers that they’ll feel lighter, brighter and energised all the while losing weight. The average cleanser loses between 3-5kg with the Clean & Lean range. 

Each juice diet detox comes with 15 hand-bottled and organically-pressed juices, each of which is 375ml. The cleanse also comes with 3 almond nut “milks” and 3 alkaline-infused waters aimed to reset your digestive system.

All juices are packed full of plant micronutrients that are equivalent to 30 organic vegetable serves and 24 fruit serves. With this cleanse, it’s fair to say that you’ll achieve your 5-a-day of superfruits and vegetables (plus much much more!) 

Home Juice provides a run-through of what is encouraged to be consumed at each point in the day. For example, day 1’s cleanse is started with the ‘Kick Start’ juice to energise you for the day ahead. 

You also have the ‘Vanilla Bliss’ or ‘Chocolate Mylk’ at the end of the day, functioning as a healthy dessert after your savoury evening juice. 

This puts new juice cleaners at ease since the juices correspond to the meal that you would typically have at that time, making them easier to do as they don’t divert too far from a regular diet.

With a starting price of $213 AUD, this is slightly more expensive compared with other options on this list, but with its glowing reviews and well-established reputation, it may well be the best detox juice diet for you. 

#5 - Plenish’s 5:2 Juice Diet Detox Programme

Price: From £59 

Plenish’s 5:2 programme is arguably the best juice cleanse for weight loss, as it places much less of a restriction on your diet. Let us explain.

The idea behind this option is that you consume solid foods for 5-days a week and then for 2-days, you substitute food with juice. This reason may rank Plenish’s 5:2 as the best detox juice option on the market.

Restricting your diet to solely juice can be tricky to sustain for long periods, so striking a balance between eating normally and dieting makes it easier to attain your goals. But, what does this 2-day juice diet consist of? 

Firstly, there are two different programs; one tailored to males and another for females. The primary difference between the two is that the men’s package offers 6 juices per day of fasting, whereas the women’s offers 5, and suggests hot water and lemon as a substitute for the sixth.

Both juice cleanse options from Plenish offer a wide range of flavours and foods, though, incorporating all of the best foods for energy boosting at the start of the day, and more subtle, satisfying flavours for a relaxing evening.

When considering your juice programme, reviews are an equally important factor to consider. Customer’s reviews on Plenish’s website state that while sceptical about juicing cleanses to begin with, after doing the 5:2 cleanse, they’re thrilled that they gave it a go after reaping incredible weight loss effects.

#6 - Press’ Weekend Reset

Price: £65 (2-day cleanse) 

As one of the pioneers of the 2 day juice detox, Press provides a 2-day weekend cleanse to reset your body after a busy week of treats. This gives you the opportunity to rectify any guilty meals and evenings out for an affordable price. 

Each day, the Weekend Reset contains 7 items, some of which are a little different compared with other juice cleanses. For example, it contains 2 x 485g soups that can be heated up for a healthy lunch and evening meal.

For this reason alone ranks Press as one of the best detox juice cleansers on the market. You get the best of both worlds with fresh and fruity smoothies with hearty soups making the cleanse easier since the food mimics what you could typically consume on an average day. 

Each day of cleansing limits you to 852 calories which, while restrictive, still fuels your body with a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables, thus boosting your immunity. 

Moreover, since the diet is only for 2-days, you’re not restricting your diet so much to the point where your metabolism would massively slow down, reducing the risk of you putting the weight that you’ve lost back on, and meaning you can start to build in foods that are good for your metabolism.

Now, when considering starting one of these juice programmes, reviews are worth considering. Press’ Weekend Reset has acquired an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot which is comforting to know if you’re on the fence about starting a programme anytime soon. 

#7 - Your Super Detox Bundle

Price: £121.90 

Your Super is offering a great 5-day juice cleanse with delivery to your door all for £121.90. This equates to just over £24 a day which is one of the most affordable options on this list. 

The bundle contains various mixes to give some variety to your detox. They are:

  • The Super Green Mix - this is a micronutrient-dense juice that is rich in green fruit and vegetables to increase your vitamin A, C, E and K count. 
  • The Forever Mellow Mix - this is an antioxidant-rich juice packed with a range of berries and chia seeds to boost your omega 3 fatty acids. 
  • The Golden Mellow Mix - a turmeric and ashwagandha juice that is high in minerals such as magnesium, potassium and iron to keep your immune and digestive system happy and healthy.
  • The Skinny Protein Mix - a 9g of protein in one drink along with many flavoursome greens.
  • The Starter Pack - contains 7 travel-size packets, so you can get the full picture of what this juice cleanse package offers.

But, not only do you get these amazing juices, you also get a printout containing over 35 recipes so that you can keep healthy even when you’re not detoxing. If the idea of healthy recipes are appealing, we’ve compiled a rundown of the best keto cookbooks for healthy, minimum-carb meals.

And with a limited time price of £105.90, you’ll be able to get one of the best juice detoxes on the market for a heavily discounted rate, and one that’s much more affordable. So, if you want to get in the know about the best juice detox for Uk consumers, you’re in the right place with Your Super.

#8 - Think Press Juice Cleanse

best juice cleanse

Price: From £45

This juice cleanse has made a statement in the industry by their juices boasting 100% raw and organic ingredients. 

They have found a balance between a recipe that is high in vegetables and their goodness, low in sugar and all the while tasting good.

You don't have to trust their opinion, they conducted a customer feedback survey which had overwhelmingly positive results. 

  • 90% of people felt better after a cleanse
  • 81% lost weight during their cleanse
  • 100% would recommend Think Press to a friend.

These are huge results and really communicate why you should trust their products, especially if you're looking for the best juice cleanse for weight loss.

You can choose from a range of different options with their best seller being The Lighten Cleanse including 5 x 500ml a day. 

So, if you're looking for only the best juice cleanse in the UK, this should certainly be on your shopping list!

#9 - Nosh Detox Cleansing Juice “Raw Smoothie” Range

Price: £34.99 

Here we have another product for you by Nosh - one of the best organic juice cleanses available. 

Each purchase comes with a total of 8 x 250ml smoothies that are packed with so much organic product that will be sure to keep you full and satisfied. Their products aren’t made with added sugar, preservatives or GMO’s, perfect for those wanting to fuel their bodies with natural fruit and vegetables. 

It’s also one of the best options for those following a more restrictive diet, such as a ketogenic regime or the military diet.

The cleanses are designed to keep you hydrated with nutrients that are known for hydrating the intestines and keeping you energised throughout your day. 

Nosh pride themselves on being far better than detox tea diets which attract a similar sort of clientele as juice cleansers. Nosh note that fueling your body with superfoods that are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that contribute towards your 5-a-day is better than any other tea detox option. 

This juice detox and cleanse contains the following flavours: 

  • Apple, Mint and Spirulina 
  • Banana, Dates, Almond and Chia Seeds
  • Coconut, Banana and Acai

Working out at just £34.99, Nosh's range is one of the best juice cleanses for an affordable price. Why not start your cleanse today? 

#10 - Nutriseed All Green Juice Diet

Price: From £44.99 (RRP £56.24)

Want to hear more about the best organic juice cleanses available to you? If so, Nutriseed’s All Green range is certainly worth checking out. 

Made entirely from fresh fruits and vegetables and cold-pressed in-house, this juice diet will provide a serious energy-boost for you and your immunity. Each package comes with a total of 5 juices consisting of 2 different juices.

These deeply flavourful juices contain a vast array of greenery, ranging from pears and apples, to more savoury flavours like broccoli, kale, parsley and romaine lettuce.

Green fruit and vegetables are rich in phytonutrients called chlorophyll and lutein while also rich in Vitamins A, C, E and K, helping to better support your overall health as well as being some of the best immunity-boosting vitamins

Additionally, this juice detox is delivered directly to your home, fully frozen so that you can select precisely what day you wish to start your cleanse. Nutriseed encourages cleansers to take the juices out of the freezer 12-hours before beginning your cleanse to give them adequate time to defrost. 

#11 - Medicinal Juice Cleanse

Price: From £75 

Another UK juice cleanse supplier is Pure Earth, known for their incredible medicinal juice cleanse with a low starting price of £75. 

This award-winning cleanse blends high-potent superfoods and infuses them with medicinal mushrooms, ayurvedic herbs, tonics and their signature raw cold-pressed juice to create a cleanse that boosts your overall health and liver function.

This course is suitable for all levels of cleansers as you opt for your duration with ease. Each juice is made from 100% organic produce that are plant-based, thus accommodating a range of dietary requirements. 

A bonus for you, whenever you purchase the medicinal juice detox, delivery is completely free of charge. Moreover, each juice comes in sustainable glass bottles that can be recycled with ease. 

Each course comes with a total of 8 drinks - 5 x 550ml juices, 1x wellness shot, 1 x 270ml flavoured water and 1 x 270ml medicinal tea. 

As ever, when considering your ideal juice programme, reviews are important to consider. Well, did you know that Pure Earth’s medicinal range has a fantastic score of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot? This is from a total of 212 reviews (September 2021), showing that the product’s description certainly lives up to customer satisfaction. 

In summary, if you want to gain a better insight into a great juice diet from UK company, Pure Earth, look no further. 

So, there we have it - OriGym’s complete list of the best juice cleanse programmes on the market. There's a full range of options for you in price, flavour options and duration of cleanses so that you can make an informed decision of which is the best juicing diet for you. 

But how should you start when looking to choose your first juice cleanse?


Explore more with these related articles:

How to Choose the Right Cleanse

Now that we’ve covered the best juice diets on the market, we’ll now discuss each aspect of a cleanse that you should consider before starting. All of these are incredibly important, and should always factor into whichever juice cleanse you opt for.


The likelihood is that the most important factor for you determining which is the best juicing diet for you is the price. As we’ve seen with some of the entries of our list of the best juice cleanses, they can be pricey.

However, this list also includes cleanses that vary widely on price, and there are certainly options out there that suit a more tight budget, or offer more flexibility in terms of how and when you pay. 

It may be worthwhile considering a cheaper juice cleanse option if you’re new to juice diets so that you can make an informed decision of whether it’s something you’d like to do again. 

You might also opt to try different juices at home first, without the obligation of expensive juice detox diets. Check out our complete guide to the healthiest types of juices for tips and tricks on how to get started at home.


Another factor affecting which cleanse you opt for may be down to the flavour options in the diet. These often vary wildly between different options, and may include tastes or aromas that you don’t particularly enjoy.

It’s hugely important to examine any options you’re considering in detail to check the different ingredients, and ensure that each of them fits with your personal preferences.

The juice cleanses in this list provide options for those with a serious sweet tooth along with accommodating for those who prefer savoury with warm soup options so that you have a range of juice choices. 

Alternatively, you might opt for a mix of the two, and choose a juice detox plan that offers a range of flavours, textures and options throughout your day, so that you’re never bored or put off by certain tastes.

We’d suggest making a note of the juices you’ve had over the course of the day (in a dedicated fitness journal, for instance) so you can always balance it out, and experience the flavours you enjoy at key times in the day, such as lunchtime and in the evening.


Another reason why you may opt for one cleanse over another is the duration of it, or how long you’ll need to follow the program before you start to see your desired results.

Some cleanses are just 1-day long, others stretching up to a week. If you’re wanting to lose weight but in a controlled and sustainable way, consider doing fewer days a week but over a greater time frame. 

For example, you might choose to do a juice cleanse once a week for 8 weeks in total, meaning you’re able to maintain that weight loss, and tailor your usual habits to better fit with a healthier lifestyle.

It also means that you’re not restricting your diet too much, but you are still in a calorie deficit that can help facilitate weight loss. Understanding calorie restriction, as well as the different types of body fat, is crucial to choosing the right juice cleanse plan for you.

Alternatively, other juice cleanses offer more days, or longer periods of time where you’ll be primarily consuming juice. These can lead to more weight loss, but will usually tend to be more expensive.

The Nutritional Information

You may also lean more towards a type of cleanse based on its nutritional information, or the specific vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that the particular plan provides. 

The best juice diets are bursting with natural fruits and vegetables to enrich your body with a range of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to ensure you’re still achieving your 5-a-day when dieting (often an issue in more restrictive diets, such as the carnivore diet). 

Always refer to the nutritional content before parting with your money, as ensuring you’re still fueling your body with all good things is the best way forward. This is especially important if you’ve got any specific dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances that might be present in any of the drinks you’ll be consuming. 

So, now that we’ve covered some of the best organic juice cleanses on offer to you as well as some factors determining which cleanse to opt for, you may be curious as to how it is that juice cleanses actually work. Read on to find out more. 

How Do Juice Cleanses Work?

Now you know which is the best juice detox for you, you might be interested in getting an insight into how they work. 

Juice cleanses are a form of dieting where you severely restrict your calorie intake in order to lose weight. However, you’re still fuelling your body with copious fruits and vegetables that have an array of amazing benefits for your body, especially boosting your immune system. 

You are essentially substituting solid foods with blended fruit and vegetables so that you attain a calorie deficit while still providing your body with the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals to function sufficiently. 

It’s recommended to prepare for 3-5 days before your cleanse, gradually reducing the amount of coffee, sugar, meat, dairy and alcohol that you consume so that your body has time to adjust to fewer calories. 

You should also increase your fruit and vegetable content, again, so your body has time to adjust to a change in diet, and you can start to build up your levels of vitamins for energy and wellbeing.

When you’re cleansing, make sure that at least half of the juices are made with green vegetables. It is important to provide your body with nutrients that aren’t solely packed with sugar (from fruit). Even though fruit has natural sugars, getting green vegetables is key to keeping your diet balanced. 

After your juice detox, consider gradually introducing solid foods back into your diet. As you do your juicing cleanse, your metabolism will slow down. This means that when you begin to reintroduce solid foods back into your diet, any excess calories that your metabolism doesn’t burn will be stored as fat. 

We’ll explore our tips on how to get the most from your chosen juice detox shortly, but let’s explore why you might choose to do one.

Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

It’s natural that we might want to know how a cleansing juice diet is benefiting our bodies, and the range of advantages they provide us with is extensive and wide-reaching. 

#1 - Promotes Hydration

One of the great benefits of cleanse juice diets is that you have improved hydration as your organs are actively working, and being augmented by the additional intake of vitamins and minerals you’re experiencing. 

Moreover, when you’re juice dieting, you’re also encouraged to drink at least 1.5 litres of water too. While this is usually recommended by doctors for everyday life, too, it’s incredibly important as part of a juice cleanse.

There are some fantastic benefits of being hydrated, from improving the quality of sleep to enhancing cognitive function, meaning you’re able to concentrate much better at work, or pursue your hobbies with increased enthusiasm.

More adequate hydration also improves your mood - studies have shown that even slight dehydration can have an adverse effect on our mental health, and make us less likely to attempt tasks throughout the day.

If you feel like hydration might be something you struggle with, we’d strongly advise investing in a good running water bottle, especially as this can help you to increase your water intake even on busy days.

#2 - Increases Energy Levels

Another of the benefits of cleansing juice diets is that it can help to boost your energy levels. This is thought to be down to the natural sugars in various fruits giving you a push.

Given that you’ll be consuming much more fruits and vegetables than you otherwise may have been, and therefore all the vitamins and minerals they contain (including some of the best vitamins to combat fatigue), it’s natural for you to feel more energised.

Some avid cleansers report that these effects can take a day or two to become noticeable as your body is adjusting to fewer calories. However, this isn’t to say that after it has, you won’t experience an energy boost from all the nutrients. 

So, if you’re someone who would like to benefit from these qualities, why not consider selecting one of the best juice cleanses on this list? That way, you’re losing weight while still feeling like you can conquer anything.

#3 - Significantly Boosts Weight Loss

As we’ve already touched upon, one of the best benefits of juicing detoxes is that they promote weight loss. 

They are super effective at allowing people to see results quickly while still fuelling their body with a diet that is rich in fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. 

However, while this is the case, juice diets can be restrictive. It is not recommended that you do a juice diet for long periods, or if you’ve got any serious dietary digestive or bowel issues (such as IBS).

For example, most people do not do a juice diet for any more than 7 days, as after this point, the risks start to outweigh any potential benefits, and your body may start to suffer. 

While there are some great weight loss benefits to juice diets, consider incorporating them into your lifestyle in a 5:2 format. This is where you consume solid foods for 5-days of the week and then juice diet for the remaining 2-days. 

This way, you’re still providing your body with a balanced diet consisting of all food groups rather than solely food and vegetables each day. You’re also able to experience the benefits of healthy eating, and learn to understand the principles of weight loss on a much clearer level.

#4 - Eliminates Toxins

Toxins, when considered in relation to detox diets, can be found in processed foods and pollutants that can negatively affect your health. This ranges from unhealthy, pre-packaged meals to environmental pollution, like heavy traffic and smoke.

What juice diets do, however, is help to eliminate these harmful toxins, and cleanse your body from the inside out. 

Fruit and vegetables such as celery, grapefruit and berries naturally contain detoxifiers in addition to their high antioxidant content. The more that you consume this kind of produce in your juices, the more that your body will be able to eliminate the harmful toxins residing in your body. 

Furthermore, should you catch a cold, you may not feel as poorly as you would otherwise, which is largely due to the body not needing to fight off toxins alongside foreign bacteria. 

#5 - Improves Nutrient Intake

Another of the fantastic benefits of juice detoxes is that you are providing your body with much greater amounts of nutrients that you may have otherwise gotten. For example, in just one glass of juice, you could get around 5 or 6 portions of fruit and vegetables. 

Each of these portions will support your energy cycle and metabolism due to the high-rate of antioxidants in each juice while also giving your immune system a great boost. 

For further information on boosting your metabolic rate, check out our complete report on the best foods for speeding up the metabolism.

So, there we have some fantastic benefits of juice cleanses that you should definitely consider taking advantage of to boost your immunity, get a great energy-kick all the while shedding the pounds.

But, while all these benefits are incredible, it’s vitally important to understand how long you need to undertake this juice cleanse for.

How Long Does A Juice Cleanse Last?

While there’s no set time limit for a detox diet of this nature, juice cleanses range anywhere from 1-10 days long. However, the optimum time for a juice cleanse is thought to be between 3-7 days. 

The best juice cleanses outlined in this list range in their duration. If you’re new to the concept of juice cleansing, it may be beneficial for you to try a juice cleanse for 1-2 days to adjust to the process, and to see how you go. 

As mentioned earlier, the 5:2 method may be a good place to start as you are incorporating solid foods into your diet for 5 days, while juice cleansing for the additional 2. 

It is recommended that you build up the duration of your juice diet gradually. Telling yourself that you’re going to begin with a 7 day course may result in you giving up more quickly, especially as you won’t be used to not eating solid foods for that long. 

Instead, increase the days of your juice diet over time, starting at 1 - 2 days, and increasing should you feel confident in doing so. You could also opt to ease yourself into this, eating more immunity boosting foods and following a diet that’s tailored more to plant-based meals.

The next section, arguably the most important thing to consider before starting a juice cleanse, is to get an understanding of what you should eat following a cleanse. But, why is this important? Read on to learn why. 

What To Eat After A Cleanse

This section will provide an insight into what you should eat after a juice cleanse. But, why is this important?

Juice diets restrict your calorie intake with the average juice cleanse limiting you to between 800-1,200 calories per day. This slows down your metabolic rate. Your metabolism is responsible for converting the food and drink that you consume into energy. 

So, when you put fewer calories into your body, your metabolism has less work to do. 

Now, when your juice diet comes to an end, jumping back up to your regular calorie intake could hinder your weight loss progress. If your metabolism has adjusted to 1,000 calories but you’re now increasing that dramatically, your metabolism cannot convert all the calories into energy without several high intensity, vigorous workouts.

If you’re seeking more key tips and tricks for intensive workouts, explore our complete guide to the benefits of HIIT workouts.

The excess calories could then be stored as fat which, in turn, counteracts the efforts you put in with the juice diet. So, to prevent this, gradually increase your calorie intake once the juice cleanse is complete. 

To do this, consider still eating a range of whole fruits and vegetables. Consider including some other organic produce into your diet too such as healthy nuts and beans. Low-fat meats are also a good go-to such as white fish, lean beef and turkey breast.

Every 3 days, consider increasing your calorie intake by 50 calories until you’ve built up your metabolism so that it can convert greater amounts of calories into energy. This will prevent you from putting on the weight lost during your juice diet so you can reap the full effects. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Juice Is Best For Immunity?

When approaching this article, it’s likely that you were curious about which fruit and vegetables are best for boosting your immunity. You’ll be pleased to know that there isn't necessarily one set of fruits or vegetables that are any better than others as they are all rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

So, if you’d like an insight into avid cleansers' favourite go-to fruit and vegetables to boost immunity, we’ve compiled a few selections that offer a complete nutritional profile, and high levels of essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Orange, grapefruit and lemon
  • Kale, tomato and celery
  • Watermelon and mint
  • Kiwi, strawberry and raspberry
  • Beetroot, carrot and apple

Many of the best juice cleanses will take advantage of these dense nutritional profiles, and make use of them in their juice blends, as well as incorporating all their features to create a well-rounded profile.

However, if you’re looking for more commercially available options for immunity boosting, there are a huge amount of benefits of apple juice.

Can You Drink Coffee On A Juice Cleanse?

One of the most asked questions when juice cleaners begin their diet is whether they can drink coffee or not. It often forms part of our morning routine, and there are numerous scientifically proven benefits of drinking black coffee.

Unfortunately, drinking coffee when on a juice cleanse is not recommended. This is because caffeine is broken down and detoxified by the liver, as is the juice that you are to consume. 

It is thought that putting additional, and potentially unnecessary, liquids into your body can overwhelm the liver as it is functioning at a greater rate than it is used to, especially if you’re undertaking a juice cleanse that requires you to drink two or three litres per day.

It is recommended to stick to consuming the juices and water throughout your cleanse and waiting until your detox is over before going back to coffee. As with your regular diet, we’d strongly advise gradually bringing coffee back into your diet after a cleanse.

Is A Cleanse Juice Diet Good For Losing Weight?

As we’ve previously mentioned in this article, one of the primary purposes of a juice cleanse is to lose weight quickly. Juice diets are ideal if you’re wanting to be mindful of the number on the scales. 

They reduce your calorie intake as you’re solely consuming blended fruit and vegetables instead of eating solid foods. The typical calorie intake when on a juice diet is 800-1,200 calories, but some can be as low as 600.

To put this into perspective, a 40-year-old female who is 170cm, weighs 70kg and does moderate intensity exercise 1 - 3 times per week requires 1,950 calories per day. So, if you essentially half the daily requirement, you will see weight loss effects. 

However, this is a diet that should not be done for any more than 10 days as it is an unsustainable method of dieting long-term. It is encouraged to do a juice cleanse for around 3 days to see weight loss effects taking place without restricting your diet over longer periods of time. 

Before You Go!

This article has covered a range of different cleanses, differing in price, duration, format and contents to give you an accurate overview of the types of juice cleanses available to you.

Again, if you’re new to juice cleansing as a concept, consider starting out a cleanse for just 1-2 days and then increase the duration should you feel comfortable in doing so. Essentially, you are restricting your calorie intake quite considerably, so it is important not to do too many consecutive days if your body isn’t accustomed to it. 

However, if you’re completely confident in how to effectively fuel your body, and you’re seeking to pass that expertise on, then a career in nutrition is the next step.

OriGym’s prestigious sports nutrition course offers the ultimate package for budding nutrition professionals, with industry expert guidance available 7 days a week, a custom-built online learning platform, and ultra flexible payment plans.

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