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17 Best Fitness Trackers For Kids

Finding fitness trackers for kids is difficult, there’s a lot to consider from price to usability, it can be a nightmare to narrow down…

Don’t give up just yet! Origym have listed the 17 best kids fitness trackers to ensure you don’t have to spend hours on the internet researching the fitness trackers.

It’s very important that kids do exercise on a daily basis to ensure kids reach their full physical development potential.

This will have a positive relationship to decrease body fat and help kids with weight control and positive body fat distribution to stay fit and healthy. 

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What are you waiting for? Scroll down below to see the best fitness trackers.

1. Fitbit Ace 2 – Fitness tracker for kids 

Price: £69.99

Fitbit are the leading brand when it comes to fitness trackers. The company have created a kids Fitbit to ensure parents can track their child fitness levels.

The Ace 2 tracks all day steps and active minutes to show every move to help with healthier and an active lifestyle. The kids fitness tracker provides vital information to know if kids are in a good sleeping routing as it plays a major part in their health and well being.

What’s also fantastic about this fitness tracker for kids is the Ace 2 is water resistant up to 50 metres. This means kids can wear it in the shower, pool and most important any spillages or splashes on the tracker is completely fine!

The heart rate watch has up to 5 days battery life which is fantastic as kids do not want to wait for their tracker to charge!

The smart bracelet encourages kids to do at least 1 hour of physical activity which if you are a parent you can create via the app so as a fitness tracker for kids, it’s very useful!

Another useful part of the app is setting up a family account and creating child accounts accordingly. In the Parent View part of the app, the parents can easily see the kids activity and approve their connections!

The fun badges and avatars that the children will get along their Fitbit journey will inspire the kids to become more motivated and get moving and exercising with the family!

The Ace 2 is completely customisable however you would need to purchase the straps separately.

The retail price at the moment is £69.99, so it is one of the best fitness tracker for kids, it’s worth the investment if you want to see your kids fit and healthy!

2. Nuband Fitness Activity Tracker

Price: £30.00

Nuband have created a fitness tracker for kids to encourage fitness motivation.

It’s designed with energy efficient batteries to ensure long lasting performances. Also what’s fantastic is the adjustable screen brightness to ensure that even at night times, the screen will not wake up your child. 

The Nuband app also records kids sleeps so you will be able to adjust sleep time and quality due to how informative the data will be.

There’s also an alarm clocks which could help the child wake up, medications reminders or even study reminders to ensure your child can be reminded on almost anything. This is definitely one of to consider!

If you're looking for children fitness tracker, this has to be one of market leaders as it supports phone calls, text messages, app notifications or anything important so your children will not miss out on the important information! 

The step counter wristband has a custom strap ensures there are many holes to ensure comfortability is key and for the kids to not feel restrained whilst wearing it! 

Nuband kids fitness tracker costs £30.00 and has a range of up to 7 colours so the kids will stand out from the crowd and for the price, it’s definitely one of the best fitness tracker for kids due to the price and colours available.

3.Huawei Band 4 Fitness Tracker 

Price: £60.00

Huawei have created an interesting fitness tracker for kids to rival the market leaders. The product can be found here.

Unlike the majority of fitness trackers, Huawei Kids Fitness Tracker has a coloured screen which improves the users experience.

Using the app that can be found either or the App store or Google Play, meaning you can get wireless data syncs from the tracker to the phone. The tracker for kids would automatically sync the time and date.

The step counter wristband also measures heart rate and it can be turned on via the tracker. The monitor also records daily steps, distance and the calorie in take.

The product also monitors sleep and has an alarm clock built in which is perfect to analyse sleep patters and to improve sleep quality.

Huawei has also designed an incoming call alert and message alert to ensure the kids will be notified when a notification will come in.

Another interesting idea is the sedentary reminder to ensure the kids will be keeping active on a regular basis. 

The kids fitness tracker is sweatproof, rainproof and can be water proof up to 1 meter. It comes in a range of 5 colours so there is plenty to choose from!

The cost of the tracker is very reasonably priced at £60.00, it’s definitely one the best fitness tracker for kids to consider.

4. Letscome Fitness Tracker for Kids 

Price: £15.99

The Letscome sleek monitor all day long with the slim, stylish design. The smart kids fitness tracker such as steps, calories burned and active minutes.

In the evening, the monitor will track kids sleep cycle and how to sleep better and then wakes you up silently in the morning.

The smart bracelet also has a notification function so your kids will get texts and calls at a glance of a screen.

There’s a built in USB plug which means it’s very easy to charge to a computer or any usb source! There are interchangeable bands so your kid will look trendy.

The battery life to this kids fitness tracker will last for 5-7 days which is fantastic for on the go kids.

If the kids are sitting down for long periods of time and playing computer games, the tracker will remind them to start moving around to ensure kids are not inactive for long periods.

The fitness tracker for kids is also very handy as it’s compatible to most smartphones like Apple or Android! This means parents are able to track their kids fitness progress on majority of smartphones.

For the price of £15.99 it’s definitely a one of the best fitness tracker for kids especially if parents are worried from paying too much for a tracker.

5. YOYOFit Kids fitness Tracker

Price: £26.99

This kids fitness tracker records your steps, distance and calories. This helps you to do any exercise scientifically and reach the kids fitness goals.

The heart rate watch has a light weight and slim design which meaning it’s perfect for children of all ages. There’s multiple sports modes which is included in the tracker and records all the exercise data so parents can view their daily activity.

The fitness tracker can synchronise phone notifications, the bracelet will vibrate and display texts or calls whenever a message comes in. Perfect for parents trying to contact their kids. 

The sleep monitor aspect of the fitness tracker would help record the deep, light and quality of kids sleep so parents who are looking to purchase the monitor will be able to plan a good sleeping habit.

This is one of the kids fitness tracker uk to buy as it is waterproof, dustproof and sweatproof. However it’s not ideal for swimming or in the shower. This means majority of exercise children do apart from swimming, can be measured in how many calories are burned.

The fitness tracker for kids comes in 5 colours so there’s plenty of choice to choose from and the RRP of £26.99 is definitely affordable. One of the best fitness trackers for kids in my opinion!

6. Garmin Vivofit Junior, Motivator and Fitness tracker (UK)

Price: £48.95 

Kids Fitness Tracker Garmin

Garmin’s children fitness tracker is comfortable and secure enough for children to wear on a daily basis. The stretchy band is designed for wrists of up to 150mm.

It’s swim and shower safe and it’s up to 50m water resistant which is fantastic to use and it’s provided with a 1 year battery life and there’s no recharging needed. Another fantastic use for children is the time, date and can be personalised with the child’s name.

There’s a free, easy to use parent controlled app that motivates children which has rewards and adventure trails that unlocks fun facts for kids to learn.

The step counter wristband allows parents get a summary of their child’s progress towards achieving their 60 minute daily goals.

Parents can also set up tasks for many household tasks for example brushing their teeth or doing their homework. This kids fitness tracker would help remind them to complete their tasks. 

Garmin vivofit jr kids fitness tracker records steps, sleep and active time and the tracker reminds children to stay active, this can all be accessed by a parent controlled free mobile app. The parents can customise the child’s animal by using the app.

Parents can add multiple children and see their daily activity, responsibilities, sleep and more. Another fun use for the whole family is weekly missions which would motivate the whole family to become fitter and healthier.

The app allows parents to assign responsibilities that kids complete to earn coins that can be redeemed for rewards, the dashboard on the app provides a snapshot of the childrens day.

The price of the kids fitness tracker start from £48.95 and it comes in a choice of 3 colours. This means that your kid will definitely stand out from the crowd.

It is a moderately priced fitness tracker however with the means of not recharging the batteries every couple of days and can be replace with a single battery means it has to be considered as one of the best fitness trackers for kids on the market. 

7. Aupalla Kids Fitness Tracker (UK) 

Price: £25.99 

Aupalla kids fitness tracker is brilliant and perfect for any kids who wants to stand out from the crowd!

The 0.96-inch screen size means it’s the perfect size for kids and it’s bright to see in any environment.

There’s a brilliant face design which shows the date, time goal progress and kids can choose their favourite style. 

This fitness tracker for kids helps track a child’s sleep duration and includes light and deep sleep, parents from there can plan how to make sure their child gets the appropriate amount of sleep.

The tracker can monitor a child’s heart rate for the whole day and track the child’s daily steps, calories and active minutes. 

The heart rate watch has a double colour band design, it is a soft to touch silicone to ensure comfort lasts all day. The combinations of the bands go up to 8 colours so choosing the right colour combination is very easy!

Battery life lasts up to 5 days ensuring the kids can use the fitness tracker as much as possible. 

The RRP is £25.99 and with the amount of information the tracker provides, if you're looking for the best watches for kids, this has to be up there! 

8. Garmin VivoFit 4

Price: £48.95

The Garmin Fitness Tracker for kids is definitely one to consider as it's a great investment at £48.95. It’s definitely a reasonably cheap fitness tracker to consider.

The children fitness tracker consists of a sleep monitor, remote camera, step counter, fitness goal setting, fitness information sharing, sedentary alert, alarm clock and a Bluetooth function. 

The step counter wristband has a bluetooth function means that your tracker will vibrate to remind you of incoming call of any Apple or Android devices.

The waterproof design on the best watches for kids means that children can wash their hands and even exercise in the rain.

With the use of the app, with the built-in motion sensor, the tracker can measure your blood pressure and parent can always keep tabs on their kids’ blood pressure.

The large OLED screen means the display is clearer, crisper the touch screen is simple and user friendly. 

The device can be compatible with any android or apple device and supports various languages as well. 

The device comes in 4 colours and for the price you pay for the product at £48.95. It’s definitely one of the best fitness tracker for kids for the value for money.

9. Cheereki Fitness Tracker ID153C 

Price: £30.91

Cheereki have released a fantastic fitness tracker for kids as the smart watch helps to track activities like steps, distance and calories burnt.

The childrens fitness tracker auto syncs the time and date, so you don’t have to! There’s a sedentary reminder which is great against fighting screen time for kids, so they’ll be active on a regular basis.

There’s a smart alarm installed to ensure kids can wake up at the appropriate time and the kids fitness tracker has a touch display screen to ensure ease of use for any user.

The kids fitness tracker automatically tracks and records sleep duration and provides comprehensive analysis of sleep data. This is fantastic for kids as parents can create a plan for their children to improve sleep efficiency. 

The smart bracelet can be easily charged by the built in USB charger, it’s fantastic as you do not need a charging cable. The charge takes up to 1 hour and the standby time can be up to 5-7 days once fully charged. 

The watch will also vibrate if you have synced a phone to the fitness tracker, it’ll notify any messages that comes from the phone to the tracker to ensure kids are up to date with any notifications.

The app that is used can be found on Apple and Android and parents can analyse the number of steps and sleep the children who have the fitness tracker are getting. 

The kids fitness tracker has a choice of 4 colours so there’s plenty to choose from. In terms of price, the RRP is £30.91 so it’s definitely one of the best kids fitness tracker to consider. 

10. Lintelek Fitness Tracker (UK)

Price: £26.98

kids fitness tracker

Lintelek have created a brilliant fitness tracker for kids, it has a step counter, including 14 types of activities to ensure precise heart rate data, calories consumed and distance. The device even captures more stats even when a phone is disconnected from the device.

The step counter wristband has a built in USB design to ensure the charge is simple and easy to use. Also, the fitness tracker can be used whilst swimming or even when you take the tracker to the shower. 

The kids fitness tracker no only monitors the quality of the sleep, it allows parents to monitor the health status of their children. What’s also very impressive about this product is the silent alarm for kids to wake up naturally and not disturb others.

The heart rate watch has a 0.96-inch colour screen activity tracker with adjustable dual colour design ensures you will stand out from the crowd.

There’s a one-year warranty and life time technical support, this ensures the longevity of the kids fitness tracker so whatever the issue may be Lintelek are there to assist you every step of the way.

The RRP of the fitness bracelet is £27.04 which is a reasonably cheap fitness tracker and is one of the best fitness trackers for kids as it comes in a vibrant 3 colours so they can stand out from the crowd.

11. Delvfire Pulse HR Fitness Tracker

Price: £29.99

If you’re looking for the best watches for kids, this has to be considered!   The product track steps, calories burned, active minutes and distance. The kids fitness tracker also sets daily exercise goals and the fitness tracker will flash and vibrates once kids have achieved the goal.

The fitness tracker for kids also has 14 multi-sport modes to ensure greater accuracy. If a parent could help a child out in setting a GPS to a phone, the tracker would be able the app would be able to provide analysis of pace, distance and time. 

The automatic heart rate tracking system would be able to provide information on health and fitness. The silent alarm will help kids wake up slowly with the quiet vibrations added so it won’t wake others either.

The smart bracelet can also receive incoming calls, text or even social alerts to ensure kids are up to date with any important information.

Delvfire also ensure there’s a full 30 day no risk money back guarantee to ensure you will be completely happy with the service.  It’s also handy to know that the device also comes with a 1 year warranty.

The RRP is £29.99 so it’s a fitness tracker and one of the best kids fitness tracker and can be chosen of up to 5 colours.  

12. Nuband Flash HR Tracker

Price: £59.99

The Nuband Fitness Tracker for kids is one of the best on the market. The product measures your vitals, heart rate, quality of sleep and more. Unlike other devices, it reminds you not only to keep on the move but to drink more water.

One of the watches for kids accurately track steps, distance, active minutes and calorie burned. The activity tracker would be able to track exercise activity in real time.

There’s a sedentary alert every hour to ensure kids are feeling refreshed and to encourage a healthy lifestyle. 

The kids fitness tracker will also alert any messages to ensure kids will be notified of important messages. The fitness tracker is also fantastic as it’s waterproof from splashing water, sweating and rain. 

Philifit also offers a 12-month warranty and has a customer service system through Amazon to ensure your customer service is the best. One of the best fitness trackers to consider!

As one of the best fitness trackers for kids the RRP is £59.99 so it's very affordable to buy! It doesn’t hold back on the quality that a kid will receive for that price. The Fitness tracker does only come in one colour, black. However the sleek design ensures that kids will stand out from the crowd. 

13. Beurer Bluetooth Activity Sensor 

Price: £27.00 - £59.99

The Beurer Bluetooth Activity Sensor ensures kids will be on the right track to health and fitness. The exercise modes available means that parents can track activity from their phones and can see essential stats. 

The fitness tracker for kids tracks steps, distance calories burned and active minutes. The tracker also sets daily exercise goals.

The heart rate watch collects data without having an uncomfortable chest strap and it also monitors sleep duration including the important, deep and light sleep. The monitor has a quiet alarm so kids do not wake up brothers or sisters if they’re in the same room. 

If your child has a smartphone, the smart bracelet can connect to call, text and social alert notifications so that kids will not miss any important information to them. From Whatsapp to Facebook, this kids fitness tracker has parents covered! 

There’s a 30 day money back guarantee with the product to ensure that kids will be satisfied with the product. 

It costs £27.00 - £59.99 and it’s definitely one of the children fitness tracker to consider. This product does come in 6 colours so kids can have a choice and will stand out from the crowd.

14. Huawei GT 2 

Price: £199.00

The Huawei GT 2 Fitness Tracker for kids has leading heart rate sensor technology which accurately monitors and automatically updates. This means parents can adjust to ensure kids lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

The activity tracker ensures that kids will be able to take their monitor wherever they go even without a use of a phone.

The product review ensures for a fuller and detailed explanation of data findings, is to download the app on a smart phone so parents can get more functions from the monitor.

The sedentary reminder ensures kids are not spending copious amount of hours in front of screens and to be more active,  this also means kids can be motivated to do exercise.

The app which can be downloaded on the smart phone, kids will be notified of any calls, texts and social media notifications. The alarm of the tracker ensures kids can have a peaceful wake up.

The waterproof performance ensure you can wear it when you wash your hands or swim. The kids fitness tracker also tracks movements in run mode to ensure parents get statistics of time and distance.

The battery on the monitor is one of the best on the market, it lasts on standby 2 weeks with a 1-2 hour battery charge. It’s an easy charging process as you just need to remove the straps and insert the USB connector to any USB port.

In terms of price, the RRP is £199.99 which is a reasonably priced tracker to purchase. In terms of colour, there is a restriction as it only comes in black, however due to the additional free band, kids can mix up the colours. 

15. Samsung Galaxy Fit E Smart Watch

Price: £35.00

This Samsung Fitness Tracker for kids is a brilliant device which tracks your heart rate and all day activity.

The app that parents can get for free is called ‘Galaxy Fit’ and this will enable to sync all data that’s collected on the kids fitness tracker to the app. This will ensure parents can have an overview on how much a kids exercising.

The Samsung kids fitness tracker also tracks how long and how well kids sleep. There’s an alarm clock also to wake kids up peacefully.

If kids have a smart phone, they are able to connect their phone to the Bluetooth ensuring kids will never miss a notification.

The data that’s shown on screen is backed by LED screen brightness which can be set manually. This helps the displayed data even when the sun shines on it!

The product comes with an adjustable strap size so it’s perfect for kids! The comfortable touch strap ensures kids who wear the monitor for long periods will not feel uncomfortable. This has to be one of the best fitness trackers for kids on the market.

In terms of price it costs £35.00. For that price it’s definitely a cheap fitness tracker to consider! In terms of colour, it comes in 3 colours! 

16. Latec Fitness Tracker

Price: £35.99

Latec fitness tracker for kids has a fantastic LCD colour screen which shows data even in bright sunlight.  There are 5 levels of brightness for kids preferences! 

There are 14 fitness modes to chose from, 8 already preinstalled on the kids fitness tracker and the further 6 more can be installed via the app! Perfect for on the go kids.

The step counter wristband has a great feature unlike the other fitness trackers is kids can control music from their monitor to ensure they can work out to their favourite music! If you are undecided on what the perfect watches for kids is, this product needs to be considered!

This amazing watches for kids ensure children do not have to have a monitor strapped to their chests. This would help parents understand kids activity levels and plan on making their kids even fitter and healthier.

The kids fitness tracker will have access to notifications from their smartphone if it’s connected. Therefore, kids will never miss any important messages or notifications from their parents.

The smart bracelet can last up to 5-7 on standby with full power and charging the fitness tracker can be between 1-2 hours. This means that kids can take out the monitor without the worry of charging it every evening.

The choice of colours can be chosen in 3 colours to ensure kids will stand out from the crowd. In terms of price the RRP is at £35.99, which for it’s price is a reasonably cheap fitness tracker to purchase for kids.

17. Chereeki Fitness Tracker

Price: £27.99

Chereeki fitness tracker for kids ensures that the visual effect can be seen under sunlight. The tracker would still be able for kids to see at night time with the adjustable brightness.

There are 14 modes that can help kids track their fitness activity. 3 are already preinstalled to help kids straight away, the other 11 can be easily installed on the app.  This guarantee kids can have a range of sports they can track whilst exercising. 

This kids fitness tracker can also be used to receive any messages from friends or family. Kids will not be able to miss any important phone calls or messages!

The smart bracelet is fast charging so anyone can use it. The battery lasts for over a week which means kids can use it without the worry of charging the monitor constantly.

The Chereeki supports accurate heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring so parents can have a good overview as to how fit and active their children are. Also there’s a sedentary reminder to make sure children to be more active for sitting around for long periods. 

In terms of price the RRP £27.99 it’s one of the best fitness tracker for kids to consider. 

In terms of colours there’s a choice of 2 colours so it’ll mean that kids are sure to stand out from the crowd! 

Before you go! 

So now that you’ve seen the best fitness trackers for kids, we hope you’ve found a tracker that’s perfect for whoever you're shopping for. 

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