9 Best Lat Pulldown Machines

lat pulldown machines

Lat pulldown machines are currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity. If you’re looking to build your own home gym, purchasing one of these machines may be a top priority for you. However, with such a booming market it can be difficult to decide which one to buy.

Here at OriGym, we are here to make your decision that much easier by breaking down the 9 best home lat pulldown machines available for purchase today. Before we begin our list, we feel it is important to mention that these machines can be quite expensive, but we have done our best to ensure that there is a product for every kind of price range. 

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What is a Lat Pulldown Machine?

Some of you may already know how to use a lat pulldown from the gym. But for those of you who are new to fitness, with this piece of equipment you can work out your lats in the same way that pullups and chin-ups do, but with significantly less weight. 

Instead of pulling yourself up to the bar, you’re pulling the bar down towards your upper chest. Effectively, the lat machine is for pulldowns which may benefit you if you haven’t built enough body strength required to perform a chin-up.

As a form of strength training, pulldowns can greatly benefit your overall fitness and strength. Whether this is a personal area of interest, or if you're a complete strength training newbie learning more about how strength training benefits your lifestyle will only benefit your overall fitness and wellbeing. 

You may also see this machine advertised as a lat pulldown seated row machine. There isn’t much difference between this and the original machine’s design, think of this as more of a 2-in-1 type of product. You’ll not only get a lat pulldown machine, but a row machine will also be built in too. 

When questioning how to use a lat pulldown machine, the most important tip we can pass along is to think of your arms as if they’re hooks. You must begin the pull with your lats, in order to feel the most benefit. Let your arms follow the lats, otherwise you’ll be working out your biceps rather than your lats. 

This article won’t cover specific techniques however, if this is something that interests you then you should check out our guide on how to perform a face pull.

9 Best Lat Pulldown Machines 

Now that we have covered the question of ‘what is a lat pulldown machine?’, we can offer you a detailed list of products and the unique benefits they provide. 

Before we begin our list, we feel it is important to note that we have not placed these machines into any particular order. This is merely a list that is designed to inform you about the great products that are readily available for you to purchase today. 

#1 Lat Pulldown Machine With Seat Wall Mounted KSSL017 - TSport 

Price: £160.00

Weight Pulldown Machine Image

Starting out our list of the best lat pulldown machines is this entry from T-Sport. This top-of-the-line product is made with high-quality Polish steel, with the added additions of 4 wall plugs and a maximum load capacity of 200 kg, you can rest assured that this machine is perfectly safe to use.

When purchasing a wall-mounted lat pulldown machine, it is so important to know the equipment’s dimensions, as you’ll need to know whether or not it will fit against your chosen wall. For example, this pulldown machine’s dimensions are as follows: 2000x1210x1100mm. 

We would advise all our readers to research the dimensions of a piece of equipment, before deciding to purchase it. 

If you’re interested in a wall-mounted lat pulldown machine, then this is the product for you. It will easily insert your wall for added support when exercising, but also provides the possibility of installing a checker plate and additional handles, should you want to vary your exercise routines.

Another great feature of this TSport product is that it comes with an adjustable seat, with a range of 40cm. This sounds minor, but by adjusting the seat’s placement you alter your workout's intensity and difficulty. Which is beneficial for those of you who want to set your fitness goals and advance within this practice.

Another important factor to consider before purchasing a piece of equipment such as this is the delivery options. If you’re ordering this lat pulldown machine in the UK, you can receive free delivery on Monday-Friday.

However, if you’re looking for the machine to be delivered on a Saturday then you will need to pay an additional £15. For those of you outside the UK, delivery will cost up to £40 extra. 

#2 Lateral Pulldown / Low Row - Exigo.

Weighted Pulldown Machine


When it comes to the best lat pulldown machines, you can’t get much better than the Lateral Pulldown / Low Row machine from Exigo. As we briefly spoke about, lat pulldown seated row machines are basically a 2-in-1 piece of equipment, which will allow you to work out through either rowing or performing lateral pulldowns.

But what are the benefits of rowing? For an in-depth discussion into this topic, click here to read OriGym’s article on the 13 benefits that rowing machines can provide

A great feature of this commercial lat pulldown machine is that it is completely customisable. You can personally decide what colour frame, textured finish, and upholstery that you want. This feature is especially beneficial if you're starting your own gym and want to create a recognisable brand. However, you can also use it to match the equipment to your home gym/personal taste if you so wish. 

If you are starting to build your own personal gym, check out our list of the 21 essential personal training equipment you need in your home gym

Exigo’s website clearly sets out the machine’s dimensions as being:

  • 74 Inches in Length
  • 37 inches in Width 
  • 86 Inches in Height

It may also be worth noting that this particular machine for lat pulldowns weighs in at 555lbs. Naturally, take care when unloading the product as well as during the set-up process. 

If you’re interested in altering the lat pulldown machine weighted stack, then you may be interested to learn that Exigo’s product allows you to alternate between weights ranging from 75kg-150kg. This will create a variety within your workout, giving you room to advance as well as take it easy during rest days. 

However, since you’re working with weights you should take a look at this post on common weightlifting injuries. That way you know what you can do to avoid these mistakes. 

Another benefit of purchasing this product above others on the market today is that the frame comes with a lifetime guarantee. Whether it is broken or damaged, Exigo will replace the frame for you.

#3. Monster Lat Pulldown / Low Row - Rogue Fitness

Price: £2,130.00

Lat Machine Pulldown Image

This is one of the more expensive lat pulldown and row machines to feature on this list. However, when you do a little research into the quality of the product, it is undeniable that rogue fitness provides one of the best pieces of equipment for lateral pulldowns.

As the name implies, the Monster Lat Pulldown and Low Row machine occupies a 40 x 60 footprint and stands at 8’ tall. When purchasing this product, you’ll also receive a 300LB weight stack that increases with 10LB increments. 

You’ll also receive:

  • Stainless steel lat bar
  • Diamond-tread adjustable footplate
  • 6” nylon pulleys 
  • Set of custom-built black carabiners

These are some of the largest pulleys to feature on this list, which helps to reduce friction and ultimately prolonged the life of the lat pulldown and row machine. You can also customise these pulleys by purchasing different sets from the Rogue Fitness website. This is great for those of you who want to change up your routine and practice with different types of equipment.

If you're interested in building a home gym but are on a tight budget, then have no fear! Our article on 7 household items that can be sued as gym equipment is sure to give you some fun ideas of how you can have a cost-effective workout. 

Rogue Fitness claims that their product is not the sort of lat pulldown machines you’ll find in other sporting goods stores. Rather they claim that it is made with the highest quality gauge steel and refined by their in-house designers and testing team. 

Reviewers seem to rave about this product, claiming that it is completely versatile and great for those of you who want a high-intensity lateral workout. In addition to this, reviewers also back up Rogue’s claims and state that it is one of the highest quality products within the marketplace to date.

However, it is worth noting that this machine comes fully assembled and is incredibly heavy to move. We would advise anyone who is considering buying this product to take this factor into account, before hitting the checkout button. 

#4. Powerline Lat Machine (PLM180X) - Body Solid UK 

Price: £345-408.00

Cheap Lat Pulldown Machine Image

Perform a variety of upper body strength exercises with this lat pulldown cable machine. With Body Solid's products, pull downs, triceps press downs, seated rows, and upright rows are incredibly easy to practice. The features included within this product are 8” foam rollers to hold you in position and a patterned nylon bushing for smooth operation. 

With its heavy-gauge steel construction and electrostatically applied powder coat finish, the Powerline Lat Machine is one of the finest-looking pieces of home gym equipment you can buy. As a 2-in-1 piece of equipment, the low rowing bar is already built into the equipment and requires no additional purchases. 

In terms of dimensions, this commercial lat pulldown machine is:

  • 48 inches in length 
  • 43 inches in width 
  • 81 inches in height

The greatest aspect about the Powerline Lat Machine is that its pulley system is completely customisable. Whether you want to practice with the Revolving Straight Bar, Triceps Ropes, or Adjustable Nylon Handle, the choice is completely yours. 

If you’re in the United States and wish to purchase this product, you won’t have to worry about any additional shipping costs. Because Body-Solid also has a US-based store. In addition to this, the US store also offers free PDFs of the machines' schematics and instruction videos, all of which you can view before even purchasing the product.

#5 RIP X Stationary Lat Pulldown Machine- Amazon

Price: £219.99

pulldown workouts

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to purchase a lat pulldown cable machine, this may be the product for you, as RIP X ships through Amazon.

This product is perfect for multiple strength-based exercises, designed to improve and maximise your training.

Made of solid construction steel, this product was designed to be durable in order to handle any kind of intense workout. Whilst the steel is sturdy, the machine’s seat will provide you with a comfortable cushion, which you will need for added support.

In terms of dimensions, the machine is:

  • 202cm in Height
  • 60cm in Width
  • 139cm in Depth

Although this product alone would be beneficial for those of you wanting to practice some resistance training, if you want to challenge yourself with strength training, you should invest in some weight plates to go alongside this lat pulldown machine.

The Amazon reviews for this product show that it is well received, despite not having the weight plates that the other machines provide.

Many of the reviewers state that this product is for those of you who like to change and adjust your workout on a daily basis. If you like to switch up your levels of intensity, then we highly recommend giving the RIP X lat pulldown machine a look over, as you won’t be disappointed!

In addition to this, Amazon users also commend the product for being easy to assemble. 

Setting up a lat pulldown cable machine is no easy feat, which is why many of these products come pre-assembled. However, with this one, simply follow the instructions and you won’t go wrong!

#6. Lat Pulldown Machine - CB-12 - Valor Fitness 

Price: £246.00

Compact Lat pulldown Machine Image

The Valor Fitness CB-12 Lat Pulldown Machine is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. With your purchase, you will also receive a Lat Bar, adjustable Lower Utility T-Bar that offers a range of lat, shoulder, and arm exercises. It will also include a double stitched harness strap with handles to perform crunches easier.

Constructed from 12 gauge strength steel, this plate-loaded lat pulldown machine is specially designed to offer strength and stability whilst exercising. In addition to this, the product's seat is also incredibly durable, with padded dual-layers that are built to withstand intense stress over time.

Whilst on the topic of the seated pad, this area can adjust up or down in 4 positions, for a 5” range of motion. It also comes with locking pins to ensure your safety when operating the machine. Textured, diamond-plated footplates are also positioned to offer the user extra stability when performing curls and upright rows. 

When it comes to dimensions, the Valor Fitness lat pulldown seated row machine is:

  • 51lbs in Weight 
  • 80inches in Height 
  • 53inches  in Width 

If we look at the reviews for this product, we can see that this machine for lat pulldowns is extremely popular, with a perfect 5-star rating. Many of the reviewers have commended the machine’s durability and longevity. One reviewer in particular, noted that they purchased their machine 3 years ago, and have yet to notice any damage or negative potential changes. 

The only maintenance issue this reviewer recommended, was to oil the pulleys every few months, in order to ensure that everything runs correctly. Apart from that, other reviewers have claimed that this lat pulldown machine is a must-have for any of you looking to build a home gym. 

However, something to keep in mind is that the weights for this machine are sold separately. In addition to this, many customers taller than 6ft, have claimed that this machine is somewhat difficult to use, and is rather suited for individuals who are shorter than this. 

Whilst training with weights is a great form of resistance training, it is not the only method that you can use. For more information on the topic read our article which debates the topic of resistance bands vs weights, in order to determine which one is a better form of resistance training. 

#7. Lat Tower|10 - 300lb Selector - Titan Fitness 

Price: £1061.00

Pulldown Weight Machine

This high-quality lat pulldown machine and weight stack can be used for lat pulldowns as well as low row positions. For those of you looking for a machine that provides plate weights, you may be interested to know that this product increases in increments from 10-300lb, using the selector style of a simple pop-in pin. 

Are you a beginner to resistance training? If so, why not educate yourself with the benefits of resistance training here as well as some of the risks associated with it. 

Controlling the amount of weight you’re exercising with is greatly beneficial for those of you who like to numerically track your progress, as with plate weights, you can set yourself personalised goals to meet. Similarly, you can also decrease the weight for lighter/rest days. 

In addition to providing a plate weight selector, this product also comes with 6 thigh pads and 8 footplate positions, to make every workout different and unique to your personal preferences. Band pegs for adding resistance bands, a low pull handle, and a lat bar will also be included, to change up your pulldown routine.

If you’re interested in this plate loaded lat pulldown machine, you may be interested to know that the dimensions are:

  • 41 inches Wide
  • 87 inches in Height 
  • 530lbs in Weight 

The product is currently rated 5 stars on the Titan Fitness website, with reviewers who seemed to really enjoy the machine’s stability and durability. This in large part is down to the high-quality steel used within the construction process, with one reviewer labeling the product’s stability as ‘bomb proof’.

In addition to this, many of the reviewers claim that this product is well worth the money. Whilst it is somewhat on the pricey side, it is of such high quality that you’d expect to see it at a high-end gym. So you’re effectively getting what you pay for.

One thing that is worth noting before ordering is that this product requires self-assembling. Multiple of the reviewers note that this isn’t something that you can rush, and will require some time specifically dedicated to the construction. 

#8. Senshi Japan Home Wall Mounted Cable Machine - Amazon

Price: £137.99

What is a Lat Pulldown Machine Image


If you’re after a simplistic wall-mounted lat pulldown machine, then this product from Senshi Japan is a must-buy item to add to your home gym. This lat pulldown cable machine is incredibly versatile, allowing you to perform upper and lower body workouts all in one compact machine. 

When it comes to building a home gym, Senshi Japan believes that simplicity is key. That is why their compact lat pulldown machine does not take much setup. In as little as 4 drill holes, you can have your machine mounted into the wall and ready to use. 

However, it is important to note that the placement of this machine can greatly alter its maximum weight-bearing load. Depending on the strength of the mount's location, this compact lat pulldown machine is capable of bearing up to 200kg in weight. The weight pun is compatible with standard weight plate discs that are 25mm in diameter.

If you don’t have a ton of free space and need to rely on smaller pieces of equipment, head on over to this article from OriGym and read all about the 13 Best Compact Multifunction Gym Equipment

Whilst weights are sold separately, you won’t need to buy different weights that accommodate the machine's smaller stature. Simply use traditional weight plates that are available in most fitness stores.

When purchasing this product, you will also receive a lat bar and straight bar to allow you to perform various cable pulley exercises. However, for an additional £13.95, you can purchase a tricep/bicep rope to differentiate your workout routine.

Amazon reviewers seem to enjoy this product, as it currently has a 4.5-star rating on the company's website. The positive reviews seem to praise the machine’s simplicity, with reviewers claiming that the product is both easier to set up and use. Most reviewers seemed to state that the setup process took 20-60 minutes.

In addition to this, many reviewers seemed comfortable with the aforementioned weight-bearing capacities of the product. The vast majority of them stated that they never felt unsafe whilst using this Senshi Japan product.

#9 Elikliv Pulley Cable Machine Attachments System- Amazon

Price: £29.99

wall mounted pulldown

The vast majority of entries on this list have been somewhat pricey, but for those of you who are after a cheap lat pulldown machine, finally this is the product for you.

With Elikliv’s unique pulley system, you can exercise in whatever method works best for you, whether that is back pulldowns, bicep curls, tricep pulldowns, or horizontal lifts.

You can easily achieve this, by simply changing the connection between the guard buckles and the high-strength steel cable. 

This cheap lat pulldown machine consists of a heavy-duty steel with 360-degree rotation, to ensure the stability and durability of the pulleys.

The cables are made with high-strength PU material and steel wire, meaning that it can withstand strong friction and is not easily broken. This machine can also hold a maximum load of 200kg!

Due to its compact nature, this home lat pulldown machine can be installed anywhere you like. It’s also completely portable, and can be used in any location. This provides great versatility for your home gyms, personal training studios, physical therapy centres, and various workout environments.

When it comes to the reviews for this product, Amazon users currently rate it at 4.3 stars. Many reviews claim that this is a dream product for those of you on a budget!

Not only is the product cheap, but it is of gym quality too. So, don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to fork out a lot of money, in order to get a high-quality product.

In addition to this, many of the users comment on how adaptable this product is. Whether you want a slow and aggressive workout that will target your muscles, or a quick burst of high-intensity training, then this product is sure to meet your needs.

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How to Choose the Best Lat Pulldown Machine:

Rope attachment Pulldown

As you may have gathered from glancing over our list, there isn’t one set design for lat pulldown machines. There are multiple different types, all of which are beneficial in their own unique ways. 

Within this section, we will break down the different types of lat pulldown machines and what elements you should look for when purchasing one for yourself.

What are the different types of lat pulldown machines?

#1 - Stand Alone

This is a stand-alone piece of equipment, that merely operates to exercise your lat muscles. This is not a big piece of equipment by any means, which is why it is often regarded as the home lat pulldown machine. 

The only thing you’d need to take into consideration before purchasing one of these machines is that while they are compact they can be quite tall. Measure your desired home gym floor to ceiling before purchasing, to ensure that one can be properly installed. 

#2 - Power Rack Attachment

This variation of the is built around the idea of strength and power. Much like when people incorporate a lat pulldown machine and weighted stack, these lat pulldown machines are built into a power rack.

This is considered to be more of an attachment/accessory for the power rack, rather than a separate piece of equipment entirely. If you don’t have much room within your home gym, buying one of these attachments will save you a lot of space.

#3 - Single Stack Home Gym Attachment

This is arguably the most common variation of the machine, one that you will probably see this lat pulldown machine at the gym. These will be machines that are multi-functional, for example, the 2-in-1 lat pulldown and row machines we featured prominently throughout this list.

If you’re building a home gym, this machine can be viewed as another space and money-saving option. You won’t need to buy two machines that take up twice the space when you can instead buy one machine that allows you to practice multiple different exercises.

For more information relating to these types of equipment, click here to read OriGym’s article on the 23 best power towers

So the question remains, which variation of the lat pulldown machine is the best? That answer is ultimately up to you to answer, as everyone’s opinions on these different pulldown weight machines are different. In order to determine which variation is right for you, we would recommend doing your research before deciding to purchase.

But what should you be looking for, when deciding to purchase a lat pulldown machine? That is something we can answer.

What to Look For in a Lat Pulldown Machine:

Lat Pulldown Rope Machine

Whilst we can’t decide for you which machine you should purchase, what we can do is offer some recommendations into what makes a good machine. We suggest that when deciding to purchase a lat pulldown weight machine that you take the following factors into consideration:

  • Weight Capacity: If you are relatively new to the world of exercising, you may have no indication of how much weight you can lift or how much you even want to lift. We would suggest that you look at the maximum weight capacity of the machine, before planning your fitness goals around that.
  • Weights Options: In most incidents, the weights for a lat pulldown machine are sold separately. These weights can be quite expensive in their own right, so if you already own barbell weights you can use these. Many companies will brand weights as being specifically designed for lat pulldown machines, try to avoid falling into this trap.
  • Seat: When you purchase a commercial lat pulldown machine, you may be more preoccupied with your fitness goals to even realise the importance of the machine's seat. But this factor could make or break your entire workout. We would suggest buying a machine with an adjustable seat, so you can adjust the height to fit your desired workout routine.
  • Low Pulleys: A low pulley is commonly found in multifunctional machines such as lat pulldown and row machines. These are attachments that allow you to do multiple exercises, which standard lat pulldown machines don’t offer. Whilst they may be slightly more expensive, it may be beneficial to your overall practice, to purchase a piece of equipment that fulfills more than one purpose.
  • Quality: We know that lat pulldown machines are often expensive, but what you will find is that the expensive ones are made to the highest possible standard. As we made reference to within our list, the pricey machines will often use the finest steel and will be certified by fitness experts. That’s not to say that there aren’t cheap lat pulldown machines that are of high quality. But we would advise that you check the machine's certifications before making any purchase big or small.
  • Warranty: If you’re going to be spending a lot of money on anything, you’re going to want a warranty on the product. If you plan on making a big purchase with this lat pulldown machine, ensure that it comes with a warranty should anything become damaged, either during the shipping process or whilst in your possession.

Deciding to purchase any kind of lat pulldown machine is a big commitment, whether it's for your home gym or personal business. We would highly recommend taking all of these factors into account, along with your own personal taste when it comes to buying one of these machines. 

Muscles Worked by the Lat Pulldown Machine 

Pulldown Machine Lat

The lat pulldown machines can offer the body many benefits. When using a lat machine for pulldowns, you will be exercising multiple muscles at once, such as:

  • Rhomboids - These muscles are located on either side of the upper back. The rhomboid minor and rhomboid major help to retract the scapula.
  • Trapezius - This is a large triangular-shaped muscle that sticks out from the middle of our spine, out of the shoulder, and to the base of our necks. Fun Fact - Professional bodybuilders find that this muscle stands out during specific poses.
  • Serratus Anterior - This muscle sits in front of your body and runs from our first to our eighth rib. It usually extends from the side of the chest over the scapula.
  • Levator Scapulae - This muscle is located at the back and side of your neck. It is the muscle that helps to lift the scapular.
  • Posterior Deltoids - These are the muscles that help with the downward pulling motion required to accurately use a lat pulldown machine. They are located at the back of our shoulder muscles.
  • Pectoralis Minor - This is often called the upper chest muscle. It is a thin, triangular-shaped muscle that acts to draw the scapula up.
  • Biceps - This is the most commonly known muscle to appear on this list. When performing a lat pulldown, your biceps help with the pulling motion. In order to exercise these accurately, you will need a proper form when exercising, otherwise, they will take over the entire movement of your body. Remember to exercise your lats and then let your bicep muscles follow. 

If you own a multifunctional machine such as the 2-in-1 lat pulldown low row machines that we featured on our list, you could potentially exercise even more muscles by engaging with a different section of the machine. However, since this article is primarily focusing on lat pulldowns, we chose to only highlight the muscles that benefited from this exercise.

What Exercises Can You Do With a Lat Pulldown Machine:

Using a lat machine for pulldowns is the baseline functionality of this machine. For example, as this article from OriGym demonstrates you can also use it to perform tricep pushdowns, as well as the following exercises:

  • Tricep Press Downs 
  • Bicep Curls
  • Low Cable Rows 
  • Standing/Seated Cable Curls
  • Cable T-Bar Rows

There are multiple different kinds of handles that you can attach to your lat pulldown machine. All of these attachments can greatly alter the exercise you do, in order to get the most versatility out of your machine, we would recommend investing in some of these attachments. 

  • Tricep Ropes
  • Exercise Handles 
  • Straight Handlebar 

These attachments can often be bought in one bundle. They are often advertised as ‘Pulley Cable Attachment Systems’ and can be found for quite cheap online. 

Common Mistakes Made When Using a Lat Pulldown Machine: 

Mistakes Lat Pulldown Machine Image

We briefly discussed how to use a lat pulldown machine, at the beginning of this article. However, we have yet to discuss the many mistakes that often arise when beginners use the lat pulldown machine. In order to avoid these mistakes, we thought we’d share them with you.

  • Don’t Pull With Your Biceps: We have already discussed this within the article, so it is the easiest point to start with. When operating one of these pulley machines, you should be flexing and pulling with your lats. Keep your biceps as unflexed as possible, remember they should be following not leading in this exercise. Experts often recommend a thumbless grip, in order to minimise the bicep muscle involvement with this workout. 

For more information on the best grip strengtheners on the market today, you can read this article from OriGym.

  • Don’t Pull The Bar Too Low: You should be pulling the bar towards your upper chest. Any lower and you’ll basically be taking your lats out of this exercise. Pulling the attachment low can also strain your shoulders, which may lead to more serious injuries if the behavior is repeated. To avoid this, we recommend keeping a strong form in addition to adding extra weight. If you can pull the attachment towards the bottom of your chest, the machine lacks the correct resistance your body needs.
  • Do Not Use Momentum: Let your muscles do all the work, rather than relying on the machine’s momentum. If you let the machine pull you back into place, rather than feeding it back and correcting your posture yourself, then you are depriving your body of the correct method of exercise. 
  • Perfect Your Form: Your grip should be a shoulder-length apart or slightly bigger at a maximum. Make sure you keep your chest out and keep your elbow facing forward. Take time to perfect your posture and form, doing this exercise with incorrect form will just result in a complete waste of time. 

These mistakes are somewhat minor, compared to operating other pieces of equipment which require precise focus to avoid injury. However, it is still important that you are made aware of them in order to avoid letting them negatively influence your practice. 


What is considered to be ‘1 rep’ when operating a Lat Pulldown Machine?

If you want to do a set of reps, it may be beneficial to know what is considered to be 1 rep when operating a lat pulldown cable machine. To accurately perform this rep ensure that you’re pulling the attachment towards your chest and leaning back at a 10-20 degree angle. Make sure you’re pulling in a slow and controlled fashion before gradually correcting your posture to its correct form. 

Remember you should be feeding the attachment’s cable back to the machine, rather than having the machine do all the work.

Are there other safety precautions I should be aware of when using a lat pulldown machine?

Pulling the attachment behind your neck is not recommended for safety reasons. The rotation of your shoulder joint and possible spine contact with the bar could lead to several injuries. Additionally, if you have pre-existing wrist, elbow, or shoulder issues, talk to your doctor or physical therapist to see if using a lat machine is appropriate for your condition. 

Remember, no exercise should cause you any kind of pain. If something doesn’t feel good you should stop immediately. 

Before You Go!  

We hope our article has shed some light on the existing market for lat pulldown machines. Making a decision regarding a big purchase can be intimidating for anyone, so before committing to one variation in particular we cannot stress enough how important it is to research your product. 

Take time to work out which machine is right for you and your lifestyle. In addition to this, make sure to familiarise yourself with the different techniques, which can be used in order to pull the attachment down towards you. 

One more thing, if you’re interested in a career in fitness you might just want to take a look at our personal training courses on offer here at OriGym; Or, if you’re already a personal trainer, you can expand your knowledge with our range of CPD courses here.

Written by James Bickerstaff

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

James holds a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing and Film Studies and has recently gained a MA degree in Film, both of which he attained from Liverpool John Moores University. After taking up the couch to 5K challenge on a whim, James found a new passion for running, which he combines with his love for healthy cooking and writing. All of this led him to becoming a copywriter for OriGym.  

When he is not writing content for the site, James can be found researching new recipes, writing music reviews, reading and watching latest film releases.   

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