22 Best Long Sleeve Running Tops (2022)

Long Sleeve Running Top

Every runner needs a long sleeve running top in their wardrobe, they’re a staple piece of activewear that offer benefits for any type of weather or environment. In the colder months, these tops can act as the perfect base layer to keep you warm, whereas in warmer weather their moisture-wicking capacities will help to keep you cool and feeling fresh.

Here at OriGym, we have curated a list of the best 22 long sleeve running tops for both men and women available on the UK market to make your job of finding one easier. We know that everyone is looking for something different, but here you will find a list that puts the best of the best in one place.

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What is a Long Sleeve Running Top?

Long Sleeve

While this may seem self-explanatory, before we get into listing the best long sleeve running tops on the market, some of you may want to know exactly what one is and what purpose do they play in our running attire.

Whether you’re using it as a base layer during the cold months, or on its own during hotter climates, a long sleeve running top is an essential piece of clothing in any runner's wardrobe. 

When opting for a long sleeve running top, it is crucial that you choose one that offers the right material that will combat sweat and therefore not hinder your running performance. The best running tops are designed with fabrics that keep you comfortable and cool whilst out on a run, for further information relating to the ideal fabrics scroll down to the FAQ section of this article. 

A common misconception of long-sleeved clothing is that it’s solely for the winter seasons, however, this is not the case as long sleeves can also protect our skin from UV rays that are prominent in those summer months.

Thanks to technological advancements, it is possible to get a long sleeve running t-shirt with built-in UPD protection against direct sunlight. Alternatively, if you’re running in colder climates, there have been many advancements in long sleeve thermal running tops, which will ensure that you’ll retain your body heat regardless of how cold it gets.

So, as you can see this one piece of clothing can be highly adaptable to any kind of situation you find yourself in whilst running.

22 Best Long Sleeve Running Tops 

Before we delve into the shortlist, we feel it is worth noting that these products are presented in no particular order, and are all a reflection of the best on the market.

Additionally, this list is focusing solely on long sleeved running shirts; if you’re searching for a more diverse assortment of products,  then head over to the 17 best running tops of 2020 from OriGym.

#1 SOAR Elite Tempo Top 2.0

Price: £138

ladies long sleeve running top

If you are someone who frequently runs in cold, windy climates, SOAR’s Elite Tempo Running Top 2.0 could be the warming solution to your problems.

Designed specifically for the cold weather, this long sleeve running top for men will carry you through those difficult winter warm ups, those late night runs and the cold early morning park runs.

With a full-length zip and stretch cuffs, SOAR have thought of everything to keep out the chills. You can therefore wear it alone, or pair this thermal running top with a thin base layer to increase the comfort-factor even more!

Although created with warmth in mind, this is not one of those long sleeve running tops that will cause you to overheat. 

Made in a lightweight French fabric, and with a sweat-wicking 3D-textured weave, you can wear this Elite Running Top for both your warm-up and when the pace begins to rise.

As well as controlling your temperature, SOAR have designed this to be a high vis long sleeve running top, with reflective details on the shoulders and the rear to aid visibility. Not only will you be comfortable, but you’ll also be warm too!

Speaking of comfort, the running top has been created with an elastane-equipped stretch fit, flat-lock stitching, and bonded seams, all of which give this a form-fitting yet cosy fit.

As a bonus feature, SOAR has even added a zippered rear pocket with a discrete headphone port. So, not only is this men’s long sleeve running top great for keeping you warm, it will also help to keep you motivated through those cold winter mornings! 

#2 - Prix Workout Black Stretchy Zip Long Sleeve Top

Price: £28.00

Women's Long Sleeve Top

This long sleeve running top for women’s athletic needs is brought to you by Prix Workout. A highly versatile garment which can be worn either on its own or over a base layer depending on the temperature/weather outside. 

Exercising outdoors is no easy feat, if you’re new to this style of workout then check out this article from OriGym which will guide you through the process of outdoor training

Additionally, this running long sleeve shirt for women is perfect for runners who prefer form-fitting running gear, as it is crafted with a stretchy material that remains close to your body. Though, despite its close-fit, the fabric makes it super comfortable and practical for wearers, as it won’t impede your run by becoming too tight or bunched up. 

When you’re out running the last thing you want is an item of clothing weighing you down, which is why this women’s long sleeve running top makes the ultimate item of running gear.  Made with high quality fabrics, such as 87% nylon and 13% spandex, Prix Workout promises lightweight wear with their Black Stretchy Zip Long Sleeve Top. 

The combination of the materials make the running top ideal for sweat-wicking, flexibility and durability - no matter how much you stretch and move, this long sleeve running top is sure to redeem its natural shape after use.

Another added benefit that this fabric provides is that you don't have to worry about nagging issues, such as general discomfort, cold hands or your sleeves bunching up. This is owing to the fact that this top from Prix Workout is a long sleeve running top with thumb holes; ideal for running in cold weather.

This running long sleeve shirt for women also comes with a zip, which means that you can wear it as either a top or jacket. Whatsmore, the Prix Workout top is great for those who are on a budget and need some core pieces you can utilise throughout the changing seasons. 

#3 - Progression Activewear Studio Long Sleeve Top

Price: £18.00

Breathable Long Sleeve Top Image

If you’re looking for a women's long sleeve running top that suits every climate, Progression Activewear has designed the perfect top for you. We can especially recommend it to any runner who likes unique and fashionable fitness gear. 

The Studio running top is long sleeved and completely adaptable to all types of weather. For example, during the hotter seasons, you are provided with coverage and protection from the sun thanks to the sleeves, whilst the mesh detailing will help to keep you cool through its strong ventilation capabilities. 

This long sleeve running top for women in the UK is made up of 90% polyester and 10% spandex for a sweat-wicking and quick-drying top to help your body moderate its temperature, meaning that there’s no chance of discomfort or overheating affecting your run. 

The materials that make up this women’s long sleeve running top are also anti-static and stretchy, promoting a slim and comfortable fit, and the mesh sleeves are designed to be looser for added breathability and less restriction.

Alongside practicality, this long sleeve running top for women is one of the more stylish entries to appear on our list. So, if you like activewear that looks as good as it performs, then we would highly recommend picking up a Studio top today. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your running wardrobe, we recommend checking out our guide to the 13 best women’s running hoodies. 

#4 - Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 2.0

Price: £68.00

Long Sleeve Top Women UK

Lululemon Swiftly Tech 2.0 will tick all your boxes if you’re after a long sleeve running top that is breathable enough to keep cool and dry during the summer months. As a highly respected brand in the sportswear industry, customers rave about Lulu Lemon’s construction quality, stating how the top retains its shape after many uses and washes. 

This running long sleeve top is form-fitting, providing skin-tight support without the risk of riding up or negatively affecting your performance.

The fabric profile consists of nylon, recycled polyester, elastane and X-static nylon. This mix of fabrics makes the women's long sleeve running tops lightweight, whilst its sweat-wicking properties help your body to stay cool and dry in areas where sweat typically gathers. 

The fabrics sweat-wicking properties are also specifically chosen to stop the growth of odour-causing bacteria. In areas that are considered to be ‘high in sweat’, LuLuLemon has included a mesh material for extra breathability. 

This is a great example of a ladies long sleeve running top that is designed for all-weather running, whether you need protection from the sun or a base layer during colder climates. The fit and fabric of the 2.0 version were inspired by customer criticisms that Lululemon sought to solve within their previous designs. 

What’s more, this is a ladies long sleeve running top with thumb holes and longer cuffs to keep your hands warm and the sleeves in place during your run.  In addition to this, there are many colours to choose from, making it the perfect choice for both practicality and personalised style.

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#5 - Sweaty Betty Athlete Seamless Long Sleeve Top

Price: £70.00

Long Sleeve Exercise Top

With sweat-wicking capabilities, the Sweaty Betty Athlete Seamless Long Sleeve Top is lightweight and breathable, meaning you can look and feel your best wearing gear that is made for women, by women.

This women’s long sleeve running top is also sweat-wicking, breathable and lightweight for all-weather running. 

The fabric used within Sweaty Betty’s running top is 100% polyamide, making it soft, tough and chafe-free. The 4-way stretch means it won’t restrict your movements but will retain its shape after many uses and washes. You can sweat with confidence knowing that the sweat-wicking fabric will stop any discomfort. 

For further information on how you can combat sweat, check out OriGym’s article on the 15 best wrist sweatbands to assist you on your journeys.

Customers have used the women's long sleeve running top as a base layer or on its own and praise both uses. There is also mesh detailing within high sweat areas, ensuring optimum breathability for ultimate, non-disrupted performance. An added bonus and a personal favourite feature of ours is that the  Athlete Seamless is a long sleeve running top with thumb holes, sure to keep your hands warm and sleeves in place. 

With intricate details, this women's long sleeve running top is very flattering and stylish, in addition to being slim-fitting, which sits on the hips to provide you with the ultimate level of comfort. This Sweaty Betty running top also comes in many colours, meaning that you can personalise it to your taste and fashion style and feel confident when out on your run.

#6 - New Balance Transform Half Zip

Price: £50.00

Running Long Sleeve Top

If you’re looking for a long sleeve half zip running top, New Balance is a great option for sportswear designed with increased performance levels in mind! 

The fit of this women’s long sleeve running top is designed with an active lifestyle in mind, so there’s plenty of room for movement within the upper body. Additionally,  this running top also provides a close-fit around the waist and hips without being restrictive. New Balance understands that you need running gear that will adjust to your movements, rather than impair it. 

Customers have raved about this lightweight women’s long sleeve running top which, similarly to others on this list, can be worn on its own or with a base layer underneath. It is crafted of 91% polyester and 9% spandex for durability, stretch and fast-drying technology to keep moisture away from the body. 

The ‘waffle-texture’ of this long sleeve running t-shirt provides all-around comfort and breathability, meaning that even during the most strenuous exercise routines, your attire won’t hinder your performance or negatively impact your range of motion. 

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The long sleeve half zip top extends down the body, meaning that you can lower it in order to cool off and style it as you wish. The curved hem has side splits and is also slightly longer at the back for added coverage and a flattering finish. 

This long sleeve running top in women’s sizes is available in four different colours, allowing you to opt for a style that most reflects you.

#7 - Asics Long Sleeve Running Top

Price: £36.00

ASICS Long sleeve running top

Designed to keep you cool and dry, this Asics Long Sleeve Running Top is made of sustainable and quick-dry fabrics that all play a role in helping to reduce the risk of overheating, whilst also preventing chafing and excessive sweating.

If you need another quick fix to solve an unwanted sweat issue, then you may be in need of a yoga towel. OriGym’s list of the 13 best yoga towels on the market today, will offer you some guidance on what products are out there and what features you should be looking for. 

The recycled materials used to make this ladies long sleeve running top feature technical mesh on the back and sleeves for extra ventilation. If you prefer running at night or during hours of low visibility, it may interest you to know that this running top also has reflective details for high visibility to keep you safe and visible in public. 

Customers have praised this running long sleeve tops for its comfort, flexibility and lightweight feel. The Japanese characters running down the sleeves, also make it a more stylish sports top, adding a dash of personality to an otherwise straight forward looking design. 

This garment is a great choice for anyone looking for a more relaxed fitting women's long sleeve running top. The style is cropped, falling just above the hips, without being too short. It’s ideal for warmer weather, but if it’s too cold you can choose to layer the Long Sleeve Running Top with other clothing to ensure your body heat is retained. 

#8 - Stio Women’s Divide Tee Long Sleeve

Price: £69.00

Long Sleeve Running Shirt

Stio’s entry to our shortlist is a women’s long sleeve running shirt with a thumb hole that can double up as your favourite exercise top and the one you can also wear for everyday use. It’s a casual, close-fitting cut and perfect for anyone who prefers a bit of room in their running tops. 

The Divide Tee is a great choice for all climates thanks to the long sleeve running shirts lightweight, soft fabric. You’ll  get protection from the sun during warmer months, in addition to helping your body to stay cool with an excellent ventilation system, it can also make a great base layer for wrapping up for cold weather running. 

For those trying to shop more sustainably, you will be pleased to know that this long sleeve running shirt for women is made of 85% recycled polyester and 15% organic cotton. This makes for a fast-drying, moisture-wicking, long sleeve running top that will keep you comfortable in all weathers.

But tops aren’t the only moisture-wicking piece of gear that can combat sweat, as caps can also protect your head from the sun’s UV rays all while helping to keep sweat at bay. Why not read OriGym’s list detailing the 17 best caps for men and women

The sustainable fabrics make the top highly durable and encourage it to wash well and dry quickly overnight, which is perfect for those who run frequently or are looking for a running shirt that can be taken away during travel. On the topic of travel, this women’s long sleeve running top won’t lose its shape or quality no matter how many times you wear or roll it up. 

Stio have designed these running long sleeve tops in dark and light shades of neutral greys or brighter colours, such as the red long sleeve running shirt, for better visibility. The flat seams also stops any chafing or discomfort from ruining your run. So, not only will you look good but you’ll feel good whilst wearing the Women’s Divide Tee Long Sleeve running top too. 


#9 - Sundried Eclipse Long Sleeve Top

Price: £20.00

Running Long Sleeves Top

For a sportier running long sleeve top, Sundried’s Eclipse tee is a stylish and comfortable choice. You’ll be recommending it to your running friends and incorporating it into your gym wear whenever you can. 

This ladies long sleeve running top is available in black, with reflective logo details for visibility when running in low-light. The fabric is soft, sweat-wicking and offers multi-way stretch to ensure that chafing or overheating will be stopped in its tracks. In addition to this, on both sides of the running top, there are mesh ventilation panels for added breathability. 

Whilst the long sleeve running t-shirt ventilation panels are designed to keep you cool during the hot weather, they can also act as the perfect base layer in the cold. This is due to the fact it can protect you from the wind with it’s weather-resistant capabilities. 

Let’s face it when it's hot, you want to wear as few layers as possible. Many athletes turn to barefoot running during these scorching temperatures. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of shoes that are suitable for this practice, then we would recommend reading the 17 best barefoot running shoes from OriGym. 

For those who like their long sleeve running t-shirt to have a bit more coverage, the cut is long and flattering, with flat seams and a subtle snakeskin design on the fabric. 

Sundried is a reliable choice that has all the technical aspects of a decent running top. If you want a long sleeve running shirt for women that is high in quality but cheap in price, then we would highly recommend purchasing this running top.

#10 Adidas Own the Run Long Sleeve Top

Price: £38

long sleeve running shirt

Our next entry when it comes to the best long sleeve running top comes from Adidas, and is perfect for longer distances and track training.

The Adidas long sleeve running top is durable, lightweight, breathable, and wicks moisture away from your body. Being lightweight enough for warmer temperatures, whilst easy for layering up in the colder months, it’s perfect for all seasons!

Adidas have even ticked the sustainability box with this running top, which is made with 100% recycled polyester, and also repels UV rays for added sun protection.

If you prefer running in the evening or early mornings, then this hi vis long sleeve running top could be perfect for you. 

This is because it has reflective designs on the front, back, and the sleeves, allowing drivers or other runners to identify you as you approach them.

Being a long sleeve running top with thumbholes and crewneck, some people may be put off by the thought that it could cling to you as you run.

However, rather than restricting your movement, this Adidas long sleeve running top is made in a relaxed fit, whilst ensuring that your sleeves stay in place on cold days, so you can put this worry to rest.

Coming in a variety of colours, this ladies long sleeve running top can be effortlessly incorporated into your gym wear, as well as your everyday wardrobe!

#11 - On Running Weather Shirt

Price: £100.00

Long Sleeve Running Top Womens UK

On Running have created a ladies long sleeve running top specifically for those colder months. This comfortable running top will see you eagerly anticipate winter running as it presents the excuse to wear the Weather Shirt. 

The technical fabrics of 79% polyester and 21% lyocell make this a warm, soft and lightweight long sleeve running shirt for women. On Running even added a wool-blend front panel for extra insulation in the torso, where women lose a lot of body heat. 

Any runner who exercises in cold weather understands the risk of overheating, however, the technical fabrics used to make up this long sleeve thermal running top are breathable, moisture-wicking and stretchy to ensure your body can still cool itself down. 

Although stretchy, this high-quality long sleeve running top in women's sizes won’t sag or lose its shape even when wet. The reflective details also help with visibility during darker winter days.

The Weather Shirt presents one of the best entries for a ladies long sleeve running top with thumb holes and a neck warmer for even more protection from the cold. For added convenience, the cuffs have ‘watch windows’ so you can keep check of your smartwatch with ease! 

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on a smart watch of your own but unsure where to invest your money, why not read OriGym’s article outlining the market’s 21 best running accessories.

#12 - Odlo Women’s Essential Seamless Long-Sleeve Running T-Shirt

Price: £35.00.00

Long sleeve running top with thumb holes

If you’re after a stylish running shirt, that will keep you comfortable and dry all whilst looking great, then Odlo has you covered. 

This women’s long sleeve running top is made of 71% polyester and 29% polyamide with 100% organic ZeroScent technology. These materials all have antimicrobial properties to keep you feeling fresh, with polyester and polyamide also offering wick-moisture capabilities. This all helps to direct moisture away from the body to promote fast, cooling evaporation. 

Alongside keeping you dry and cool, the seamless construction of this long sleeved running shirt for women will prevent chafing and guarantee comfort for the entirety of your workout. 

For a ladies long sleeve running top that enhances comfort, Oblo has designed the top with plenty of stretch and elasticity. This means that the running top moves with you, rather than constricting against your body.

There are also reflective details to help with visibility on the roads during hours of low light. However, the options for brighter colours in this ladies long sleeve running top also help to keep you safe if running earlier or later on in the day. 


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#13 - ASICS Half-Zip Long Sleeve Running Top

Price: £35.00

ACIS Long Sleeve Running Top

This ASICS long sleeve running top for men is essential for every male runner’s wardrobe. It offers the ultimate wardrobe addition for cooler temperatures and perfect for winter with a base layer underneath. 

The knit fabric that the top help to reduce chafing and makes this a very lightweight running top, although it will keep you warm on colder days. Whatsmore, the Half-Zip Long Sleeve running tops' comfortable and breathable material also stops you from overheating. 

In terms of fit and shape, the ASICS Half-Zip Long Sleeve Running Top has an elongated rear hem for extra coverage that moves with you. The mid-height collar design ensures to keep you warm even on the coldest of mornings and you don’t need to worry about any irritation to your neck thanks to the top's functional fabric.

Like all the best running t-shirts and clothing items, this men's long sleeve running top also has sweat-wicking properties which are specifically designed to keep you dry. While on the topic of fabrics, ACIS places importance on comfort and ease of movement. 

If you want a running top that won’t be too tight or prohibit the full scope of your movement, then we would highly recommend checking out this running top for yourself.

In addition to this, those of you who are after extra ventilation and added coverage will want to purchase this ASICS long sleeve running top with half zip. Additional hi vis features are dotted throughout the running top to ensure that you’re visible to cars and other runners, during hours of low light. 
With a

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#14 - New Balance Accelerate Long Sleeve

Price: £28.00

New Balance Long Sleeve Running Top

If you’re after a hi vis long sleeve running top for men, then we can recommend purchasing this New Balance top. For extra visibility, we would recommend choosing the ‘Bleached Lime Glo’ colour option, which ensures that you’re seen during even the darkest hours. 

However, if the green option does not reflect your personal taste or style, then the black variation of this running top also comes with reflective accents designed to catch the light. 

Alternatively, you can invest in hi vis gear, such as a running head light. For advice on which products are best suited for runners, OriGym’s comprehensive guide puts the 10 best running head torches in one place for you to compare and consider.

One of the best aspects about this men's long sleeve running top is the focus on performance. New Balance uses dry tech fabric to wick moisture away from the body and to keep your workout comfortable and dry. They’ve even added back neck tape for durability, so we can attest to the fact that you’ll incorporate this top as a staple of your active wardrobe.

For runners looking for sustainable gear, it may interest you to know that this men's long sleeve running top is made of 100% recycled polyester. It’s also lightweight and the perfect fit for any body shape. 

The fit of this men's long sleeve running top is also ideal for active movement and won’t restrict or hinder your run. It’s an athletic fit built to skim your chest, waist and hips without being too tight. We guarantee that you’ll find the Accelerate Long Sleeve running top to be breathable and versatile for all-weather running. 

#15 Brooks Dash ½ Zip

Price: £50

red long sleeve running top

If you’re looking for a lightweight, yet warm long sleeve thermal running top, Brooks has designed a layer that will keep you warm without the fear of overheating.

With mesh sections under the armpits and a specially-designed long zip, this ladies long sleeve running top offers extra breathability when required, and doesn’t feel suffocating at all.

It is also made in a DriLayer fabric, which wicks sweat away to help you maintain an ideal temperature, as well as keeping you comfortable and dry throughout your run.

Another great feature of this running top is that it is made with a special blend of polyester and spandex which, as well as giving it a super soft feel, means that it is sustainably made.

In fact, the design process of one of these long sleeve running tops helps to recycle 14 plastic water bottles!

If you’re looking for a long sleeve running top with thumb holes, then this one from Brooks is a great option, as the thumb holes enhance the cosy feel of this top.

The shirt also has a small pocket by the collarbone, which is ideal for protecting your phone, card, or keys without worry.

When the weather calls for more than just a t-shirt, you can’t go wrong with this running top from Brooks for warmth, practicality, and comfort!

#16 - Nike Trail Dri-Fit Element Half Zip Trail Top

Price: £59.95

Nike Long Sleeve Running Top

Built for off-road running, this Nike long sleeve running top is made of soft knit fabric and is ultra-breathable. The dri-FIT fabric used to make this top is 100% polyester and creates a lightweight top that will keep you dry and comfortable throughout your run.

This is a great choice for running in all weather as the polyester repels UV rays, keeps you warm when it’s wet, whilst also wicking away sweat from your body in order to help the cool down process. In short, you can head out on a trail run with the Nike long sleeve running top and not worry about getting too hot or too cold. 

If you’re just getting started with off-road running, then why not check out our trail running beginners guide, sure to provide you with insightful knowledge that will optimise your running experience. 

Whilst this is a long sleeve half zip running top with knit fabric, the running top also comes with plenty of added ventilation. The overall fit is not too tight but will offer support by hugging around your waist in particular. 

It’s also one of the more stylish and unique men's long sleeve running tops on our list, with an all over graphic detail of a topographical map. It even comes with side pockets to store away any valuables you may have on your person during your workout.

The pockets featured on the Nike long sleeve running top are ideal for storing running gels, or other valuables deemed essential to your workout. 

For added comfort and practicality, the Dri-Fit Element Half Zip Top is a long sleeve running top with thumb holes to keep everything in place. The last thing you want on a trail run is a top that rides up or sleeves that bunch up! 

#17 - ON Weather Shirt

Price: £100.00

ON Long Sleeve Running Top Image

For runners who venture out into the colder weather, the Weather Shirt by ON is a lightweight and insulating long sleeve thermal running top, designed for comfort in cold conditions whilst also ensuring to maintain high levels of breathability. 

A women’s variation of this long sleeve running top has already been featured in this article. However, here ON has altered this popular design to specifically accommodate the male runner’s body.

The Weather Shirt for men is 97% polyester and 21% lyocell and great for sensitive skin. The polyester makes for a durable, non-absorbent top to repel UV rays and keep your body temperature under control, whilst Lyocell is also extremely soft and excellent at wicking away sweat. 

This long sleeve running shirt with thumb hole cuffs help to keep your hands warm and the sleeves exactly where they should be. If you use a watch, the cuffs also have a ‘watch window’ so you can check your stats without getting your hands cold or having to stop running to pull up your sleeves. 

This particular long sleeve thermal running top comes in olive and navy and can easily match your workout gear. There are also reflective details for visibility after dark, a great feature to ensure the safety of any of you low light runners.

If you need to brace yourself for colder weather, the Weather Shirt is one of the best mens long sleeve running tops to have in your collection. You’ll be reaching for it whenever there’s a chill in the air. 

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#18 - Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour Long Sleeve 

Price: £30.00

Under Armour Long Sleeve Running Top

Featuring once again on our shortlist of the best long sleeve running tops, Under Armour have designed a great performance base layer that wicks away sweat, stretches to fit your movements and is a second-skin fit.  

If you’re after a men's long sleeve running top which will help you stay dry and stop any discomfort ruining your run, then we’d highly recommend the Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour Long Sleeve.

The ultra-tight fit offers compression to promote blood flow and improve the amount of oxygen getting into the muscles. This makes for better performance and better overall management of your body temperature. 

Made of 84% polyester and 16% elastane, this long sleeve running shirt for men is built to keep you cool, stay flexible with your movements and whilst being lightweight enough to not weigh you down. 

Under Armour added mesh underarm and back panels for extra ventilation in those high-sweat areas. They also finished it off with anti-odour technology to stop odour-causing microbes from growing, so don’t worry, there’s no harm in throwing this top on for more than one run! 

The red long sleeve running shirt is a popular choice, but it also comes in white, blue, black and grey. After one run in this top you’ll be wanting one of every colour!  You may even want to buy one for a friend, and for further ideas for gifts that runners will love, click here and read OriGym’s runners gift guide. 

#19 Vital Seamless 2.0 Long Sleeve Running Top

Price: £21

long sleeve running top with thumb

As one of the most successful and popular gym wear brands, did you know that Gymshark also create great women and men’s long sleeve running tops?

This Vital Seamless 2.0 Long Sleeve Running Top is designed with a supportive, yet form-enhancing fit, to not only help you look your best, but also to help you feel your best whilst pounding the pavements or the trails.

The raglan sleeves are also detailed with figure-contouring shades to flatter you even further, as well as having thumb holes to prevent them from rolling or shifting during your workout. 

Long sleeve running tops with thumb holes are therefore not only practical, but stylish too!

As part of their strategy to lower environmental impact, Gymshark make this running top with dope dying technology, which uses less water, energy, and chemicals for sustainability.

With a sweat-wicking material offering comfort and dryness, and coming in a variety of colourways, this ladies long sleeve running top from Gymshark combines all the features you’d ever need for running, with a sleek and sophisticated design!

#20 - Salomon Agile Long Sleeve Tee

Price: £40.00

Long sleeve running top with thumb holes

For comfort in all-weather running, Salomon’s Agile long sleeve running shirt for men is 100% polyester for a quick-drying, lightweight and breathable top. The style of this top is very simple, with a fit that won’t feel too tight or too loose and won’t compromise your performance in any way. 

Available in black, navy or red, this long sleeve running top features mesh panels under the arms for excess heat to escape. This is particularly useful as under the arms is considered to be an area in which sweat builds up the most.  The design of the Agile Long Sleeve Tee also features reflective details for extra visibility, which is ideal and highly recommended when running during darker hours.

Deciding what to wear can be a challenge during any kind of weather, but when you’re facing the unknown you want something you can rely on no matter what. This is why it may interest you to know that the customers for this long sleeve running top for men have also given this top a high breathability rating which makes it perfect for unpredictable weather.

Customers have raved about how comfortable and chafe-free the Agile mens long sleeve running shirt is, stating that it keeps its shape after many uses and washes. It’s also true to size and an easy style for runners who prefer fuss-free gear. 

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced runner, this top is one for throwing on and forgetting about whilst you enjoy your workout. For beginners who are looking to learn more about the practice, we believe you will find our guide on the risks and benefits of running everyday particularly useful.

#21 -  Craft Training Advance Essence long Sleeve Tee Men

Price: £30.00

Mens Long Sleeve Top UK

For the perfect men's long sleeve running top for everyday training, we would recommend Craft Training’s Training Advance Essence Long Sleeve Tee Men. It comes in many colours and works well as a base layer for colder weather or on its own during the hotter seasons. 

This long sleeve running top for men is made up of 93% recycled polyester and 7% elastane, giving the polyester extra elasticity for comfort when you’re on the move during your workout. This also makes it super lightweight and soft, ensuring that your comfort is placed above all else.

In addition to being one of the softest tops to appear on this list, Craft has also ensured that their running top comes with excellent moisture-wicking technology, to guarantee you’ll stay dry no matter how far you run. This is assisted by the ventilation system which runs through the long sleeve running shirt for men, in order to ensure maximum levels of breathability. 

If you need a hi vis long sleeve running top, then the bright flamingo or red variants will be the most effective during the darker hours. There are also more neutral colours of navy, black and grey, for those of you looking to incorporate this top into your everyday wardrobe. 

There is a concealed zipper pocket within this running top too, which is designed to store away any small valuables that you’ll want on hand during your run.  This means that you won’t have to worry about carrying a backpack around with you.

However, if running backpacks are your thing, why not read this list curated by OriGym outlining the 19 best running backpacks on the market today.

#22 - Adidas Techfit Compression Long Sleeve Top

Price: £28.00

Adidas Long Sleeve Running Top Men Image

If you have some sense of brand loyalty and are looking for a white long sleeve running top that will stand the test of time, look no further than the Techfit Compression Long Sleeve Top from Adidas.

Having already featured in the list before, Adidas is a frontrunner in the sportswear industry, and they showcase this once again with the Techfit Compression Long Sleeve Top.  It has been designed with the best moisture-absorbing fabrics, which will help you stay fresh and boost your levels of endurance. 

For further guidance on how you can boost your own endurance levels, check out OriGym’s guide on cardio and aerobic exercises

Adidas promises with this white long-running top for men to keep you dry and sweat-free throughout even the most intense workouts. 

The compression fit supports your run by promoting blood flow and helping increased levels of oxygen get to your muscles. What’s more, the mesh back panel will support your movements with comfort and breathability. 

If you’re interested in sustainability, you’ll be pleased to know that this white long sleeve running top is made up of 88% recycled polyester and 12% elastane single jersey. Not only are these materials great for the environment, but they will also help to ensure your comfort, regardless of how long you’ve been running for.

The simplicity of this white long sleeve running top for men is a favourite among Adidas customers. With no added designs, many have noted that it’s easy to pair with just about any kind of running pants and keeps them cool during warmer days. However, there are also other colours available in this design, so we’re sure that you’ll be able to find something you’ll enjoy. 

For those of you who are looking for better visibility, we recommend purchasing the bright red long sleeve running top. Out of all the colours available for this running top, the colour red is the only one that is vivid enough to be seen during darker days.


How Do I Choose a Long Sleeve Running Top for the Appropriate Weather?

Thermal Long Sleeve Running Top

We’ve covered a lot of excellent long sleeve running tops in this article! However, we’re aware that the amount of choice may be overwhelming to some of you. Don’t worry, we’re going to offer a basic guide, into some of the characteristics you should take into consideration, before deciding upon your purchase. 

Before choosing a running top with long sleeves, it’s important to think about your running environment, this can affect what sort of style, fabrics and even colours you choose. For example, a white long sleeve running top will be better for hot weather, whilst darker colours are good for colder climates. 

Some brands may also design clothing for specific climates which will help you decide between tops, such as On Running’s for extreme climates or an Adidas long sleeve running top for any kind of weather. 

Alongside climates, if you prefer to run at night or early in the morning, consider a hi vis long sleeve running top or one that includes reflective logos to help with visibility. Alternatively, you can try to purchase the top in a brighter colour, this will benefit those of you who feel unsafe when running at night.

Here at OriGym we can offer some guidance when picking out running tops for specific seasons.


If you’re looking for winter running gear, layering up is the best option. Within this article we have highlighted specific running tops as being ideal for layered outfits, whilst also including zipper tops such as the asics half-zip long sleeve running top, that allows extra ventilation and quick removal of heat when needed.

Long sleeve running shirt with a thumb hole will protect your hands whilst keeping layers comfortable and in place. Tops with high necklines will keep the cold out, whilst a long sleeve thermal running top or one with extra insulation is perfect in very cold temperatures. 


If you’re searching for a running long sleeve running t-shirt to wear during spring and autumn, the weather can be unpredictable with fluctuating temperatures and conditions. We recommend choosing a top that is quick-drying and breathable.

Form-fitting running long sleeve tops also make the perfect base layers during spring and autumn seasons. You can wear them alone or underneath other layers on colder days, as these kinds of products are easy to remove, and can be tied around your waist if it gets too warm. 


When running in the hot summer months, long sleeves may seem counter productive, however, it can be the best way to protect your skin from UV rays and wick away sweat from your body. In addition to this, running long sleeve tops can also keep you cooler as they shield more of your skin from the hot sun. 

Summer running gear should be lightweight, loose fitting and made of fabrics that are breathable to keep you cool. If for whatever reason a fabric is not breathable, you should look for tops with mesh lining, which helps to improve ventilation throughout the body. 

It’s also important to choose lighter colours during Summer, as they won’t retain the heat whereas darker clothing such as black or grey will. 

What is the Best Material for Running Tops?

Ladies Long Sleeve Running Top

The fabric used to make your running long sleeve top can mean the difference between a good and a bad run. 

We recommend staying away from 100% cotton because it retains moisture when wet and will only get heavier or lead to chafing. If you really want to wear cotton, choose a top that blends cotton with a more breathable, quick-drying material, such as polyester.  

Below is a list of all the materials covered in this article and their specific benefits.  

Polyester: A plastic-based fabric, polyester is lightweight, breathable and non-absorbent. It also repels UV rays and keeps you warm, even on cold and rainy days. Check out the men’s Nike long sleeve running top for 100% polyester! 

If you love running in the rain then we can also recommend giving this OriGym article a read over. Here we detail some tips relating to the benefits and safety hazards of running in the rain.

Nylon: This is one of the most popular fabrics for running gear. It is sweat-wicking, breathable and very stretchy, so it will easily move with you for a comfortable run. 

Spandex: Also known as lycra, this is a very stretchy and flexible material for unrestricted movement. Spandex is great at snapping back into place and retaining its shape after many uses! Our list includes long sleeve running top women's uk made of spandex. 

Polyamide: Similar to polyester, polyamide is a synthetic fibre. It’s very durable and keeps moisture away from the body. It also stops chafing and is crease-free! Within our list Sweaty Betty’s running long sleeve shirt women can be found to be 100% polyamide. 

Lyocell: Eco-friendly and natural, lyocell is a man-made fibre of wood pulp. It has natural breathability, is very soft and anti-bacterial. It’s also perfect for sensitive skin! On Running use lyocell for their running top long sleeve collection. 

ZeroScent: This organic-based fabric helps to minimise body odour by preventing the build-up of bacteria when you sweat. This can help you enjoy your run and feel fresher for longer. 

If you’re looking for a zero scent based long sleeve running top in women's UK sizes, then check out Odlo’s range, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Elastane:  A soft, lightweight and chafe-free fabric, elastane is great for running gear! It is often mixed with other fabrics to make clothing more comfortable to wear. The Adidas long sleeve running top for men blends elastane with polyester for the perfect, sweat-proof top. 

How Can I Look Stylish While Running? 

Long Sleeve Running

Although breathability and comfort are the most important factors when running, it’s also nice to wear clothes that suit your style and make you feel good! This can boost confidence and lead to better running performance.

Alongside colours and patterns, the fit of a long sleeve running top can make or break the overall feel, regardless of the fabrics or colours used. If it doesn’t fit right on your body, it can make running feel awkward and uncomfortable. 

Below are all the styles included in our list of best running long sleeve tops. Choosing the right fit for your body and preferences will strike a balance between practicality and personal style. 

Skin-tight: Tops that feel like a second skin and fit very snug against the body are perfect for runners who want to throw on their top and forget it’s there. This sort of fit makes the best base layers and allows for a workout unrestricted by clothing. 

Form-fitting / slim fit: This style is perfect for runners who prefer to meet in the middle - not too tight, not too loose. Although the style is a tapered cut, there’s more room for breathability and the top won’t cling to your skin. The ladies long sleeve running top by Prix Workout is a great example!

Athletic: Athletic fit is cut closer to the body and is often made with stretchy materials. The fit is tapered around the waist, whilst providing more room for the chest and arms, creating a ‘V’ shape. A good example of this is the Nike long sleeve running top. 

Relaxed: perfect for warmer days and runners who prefer looser clothing, relaxed fit is a great option for more ventilation and breathability. For a relaxed fit long sleeve running top in women’s uk sizes, check out Asics on our list.

Before You Go!

We here at OriGym hope that our list of the best long sleeve running tops has been beneficial in helping you decide which one to purchase. 

Due to the market being so saturated, the decision can be very overwhelming, though with our recommendations in mind, we hope the decision will be no hassle.

We can only offer some recommendations of the products we think will work best. But you may want to consider trying some tops on in person, in order to decide which style is most comfortable for you. 

OriGym’s world-beating personal training courses offer unparalleled support and advice, and with guaranteed post-course interviews at gyms across the country, they’re the sensible choice if you’re considering a career in fitness.

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