15 Best Low Carb Protein Powders

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Muscle growth and development is one of the most sought after goals of gym-goers when exercising, and using a low carb protein powder can be the best way to achieve your desired results. 

But with so many different options available, and in all different flavours, it can be difficult to determine the best low carb protein powder for you and your fitness goals. Not to mention that having the right protein shake can make or break your fitness journey.

Whether that’s a sugar free, low carb protein powder with no artificial sweeteners, or a whey protein powder that’s low carb, our list has options to suit all tastes and lifestyles. We’ll explore each option in detail, and answer any burning questions you might have.


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What Is A Low Carb Protein Powder?

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Though you may already be familiar with protein as a supplement and it may seem unnecessary to explain what a low carb (or keto) protein powder is when we’re choosing our favourites, we feel as though it’s important to dispel any misconceptions or misunderstandings when it comes to low carb protein powders.

Let’s break it down.

A protein powder is a supplement particularly common amongst bodybuilders, gym-goers and those who are looking to build muscle quickly and effectively, but note that it is also appropriate for anyone who wants an effective way to receive more protein in their diet.

It’s most often mixed with water or milk, but there are a few other options for what to mix your keto protein powder with - our comprehensive exploration of whether to have your protein powder with milk or water investigates the options available.

A low carb protein powder is simply a protein powder with a very low (or nonexistent) carbohydrate content. It’s often associated with those who are undertaking a calorie deficit or ketogenic diet (which severely limits carb intake), and many seek out specific keto protein powders.

Let’s explore some of the best keto friendly protein powders on the market!

The Best Low Carb Protein Powders

#1 - Bulk’s Pure Whey Isolate

best low carb protein powder

Price: £15.99 for 500g (£29.99 for 1kg)

Bulk’s signature low carb whey protein is comfortably among the best low carb protein powders available on the market, and for good reason.

It packs a significant punch when it comes to protein content, with a colossal 25g of protein per 30g of powder. And given it’s miniscule fat content (less than a single gram!), it’s a superb option if you’re after a low carb protein powder for weight loss.

Combining this with a selection of high healthy fat foods ensures a balanced diet that’s ideal for gaining muscle and smashing past your milestones.

But what really sets this low carb protein powder (UK) apart is the quality and care taken in its design, utilising only premium whey in its creation, and providing a superb quality,  low carb, high protein powder that’s difficult to match.

Not to mention the vast array of flavours, ranging from staple tastes like vanilla and chocolate, to decadent sweet treats such as banana fudge and chocolate malted honeycomb. 

#2 - PeakBody’s Super Whey 100

low carb protein powder uk

Price: £39.99 for 2kg

Endorsed by John Citrone, Britain’s most successful bodybuilder, this low carb protein powder (UK) is fully deserving of its illustrious clientele. Here's why.

Manufactured entirely in the UK using the highest quality ingredients, Peak Body’s microfiltered super whey protein powder contains a massive 24g dosage of protein in every 30g serving. 

This low carb whey protein powder not only has a low carb content, but it also represents one of the best low fat and low carb protein powders on the market. 

Looking to bulk but on a budget? Cheaper keto protein powders can often be difficult to come by, but Peak Body offers a great balance of quality and cost-effectiveness, with a comparative cost of just 49p per serving of this low carb protein powder.

And with a variety of flavours, including the intriguing and unique BanChoco, this low carb high protein powder can fit comfortably into any diet as one of the highest quality yet cheapest whey protein powders

#3 - PINK SUN’s Natural Whey Protein Isolate

low carb protein powder for weight loss

Price: £27.95 for 1kg

Looking for a whey protein powder that’s low carb as well as free from soy? 

PINK SUN’s offering combines a soy-free construction with an enormous 92% protein content to create a low carb protein powder that’s ideal for those with an allergy to soy, or those seeking an all-natural protein powder.

This entirely natural process ensures that you’re receiving the highest possible quality low carb whey protein powder, plus the top quality filtering procedure creates a powder that’s exactly what you need, and no nasty extras.

It packs a substantial protein punch, too - the low carb protein powder (UK) contains 23.4g of protein in just a single serving of 25g.

Still unsure if this is the right keto protein powder for you? The customer reviews are wildly positive, with 5 stars across over a 100 reviews, and many people praising the “high quality” and “great taste”, as well as the reasonable price point.

OriGym’s full exploration of whey protein isolate and concentrate provides a much more in depth look at the options available to you.

#4 - The Bulk Protein Company Serious Protein

keto friendly protein powder

Price: £29.99 for 4kg

When it comes to keto protein powders that combine affordability with quality and scientific method, there are few better choices out there than this huge 4 kilo tub from The Bulk Protein Company.

With two delicious options available for this low carb protein powder (cookies and cream, or chocolate peanut butter), you can feel as though you’re indulging in a sweet treat, but still be getting a massive boost to your protein intake.

One 30g serving of this low carb protein powder (UK) contains 24 grams of protein, as well as a specific blend of whey, micellar casein, and soy protein isolate, ensuring you’re not only get a huge amount of protein, but it’s also delivered in a variety of ways.

This versatile delivery system means this is an ideal keto protein powder for athletes, or those at the very top of their fitness game who want to push it to the next level.

What really sets the Bulk Protein Company apart, though, is the price. With 133 servings in a £29.99 tub, this cheap low carb protein powder is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to value for money. 

#5 - Protein Works Vegan Protein

keto protein powder uk

Price: £15.99 for 1kg

Low carb vegan protein powders are few and far between, but they can make all the difference, especially if you’re on a vegan diet and have been struggling to find a plant based protein source.

Our personal favourite is this excellent vegan protein from The Protein Works, utilising only plant-based proteins to create one of the best low carb low calorie protein powders that are suitable for vegans.

It combines 5 sources of plant protein - hemp, brown rice, sunflower, soy, and pea - to create a more complete nutritional package that allows your body to receive as much protein as possible.

Vegan powders can often lack a complete nutritional profile, which is why The Protein Works’ comprehensive offering is not only one of the best low carb vegan protein powders out there, it’s also one the best low carb protein powders in general.

This quality nutritional content is coupled with a range of delicious flavours - whether you’re looking to indulge in a millionaire’s shortbread, or are simply looking for a low carb protein powder that’s cookies and cream flavoured, there’s a flavour out there for you.

And that’s without mentioning the low price point - at just £15.99 for a kilo, it’s among the cheapest low carb protein powders, too!

#6 - USN Diet Whey Isolean Cookies & Cream

low carb vegan protein powder

Price: £25 for 1kg

USN is a reputable, well-established name when it comes to keto protein powders. Their years of experience and hard-earned pedigree means they’ve perfected their formula for an ultra-low carb protein powder, and can offer a fantastic option.

With just 1.5g of carbs in a hefty 35g scoop, and a substantial fibre content to ensure you stay feeling fuller for longer, USN’s high protein, low carb powder is an ideal accompaniment to long gym sessions, whether you’re focused on cardio or feeling the benefits of calisthenics.

Our favourite is the sumptuous cookies and cream flavour, but there’s also the delicious strawberry cheesecake if you’re craving a low carb diet protein powder that tastes like a delectable dessert.

Don’t want to take our word for it? The reviews for both of these flavours are unanimously positive, with many complimenting the flavours and the texture, but also the feeling of fullness that comes with the flavourfulness.

#7 - Purition Macadamia & Vanilla

low carb whey protein powder

Price: £15.99 for 500g

Purition may not be a name you recognise immediately, especially if you’re new to keto protein powders, but they’re fast becoming one of the best options when it comes to premium protein powder with low carb content.

Here’s just a few reasons why.

Utilising only the highest quality, real ingredients, Purition blends together naturally occurring sources of protein, fibre, and vitamins to create an organic low carb protein powder for weight loss, muscle gain, and everything in between.

Because of this care and attention to detail, this low carb protein powder is one of very few to be non-GMO certified, meaning nothing artificial or synthetic can be found in a single bag of Purition’s signature low carb protein powder (UK).

The natural ingredients also mean that the flavours are all natural, too - they use real vanilla pods and macadamia (one of the healthiest nuts) to design a taste that ensures it’s one of the most organically delicious keto protein powders available.

And with proper portioning, this small bag goes a long way, lasting two weeks with just one 500g container.

#8 - Kinetica Whey Protein Powder Mint Chocolate

low carb high protein powder

Price: £31.99 for 1kg

Looking for luxurious low carb protein powder, but unsure where to start? With their professional athlete endorsements, Kinetica stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to world-beating quality keto protein powders.

We’ve already looked at some really high quality low carb protein powders, so what sets Kinetica apart from the competition? 

Their construction quality is arguably the first thing you’ll notice - their flagship keto protein powder contains an additional 5.3g of BCAAs (which would normally be taken as a BCAA tablet to boost workout performance), as well as a solid 22g of high quality whey protein per 30g serving.

Not to mention the boosted amino acid content, which strengthens the immune system and ensures the body can continue to perform at its peak, especially during and after exercise. 

Kinetica is also one of only a select few that are completely authorised as an athlete-specific low carb whey protein powder, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure compliance with strict sports rulings. 

We selected the smooth mint chocolate flavour to be featured on our list of the best low carb protein powders, but there’s an array of options available, ranging from traditional vanilla to fruity banana.

#9 - MyProtein Collagen Protein

protein powder low carb

Price: £16.12 for 1kg

Collagen is often recommended as an ideal keto-friendly protein powder due to its non-existent carb content, but it can often be difficult to find the right one.

We’d always recommend MyProtein’s offering, especially given the company’s pedigree, and worldwide credentials, not to mention the high quality construction, which definitely warrants the praise.

With a 90% protein content, and absolute zero carbs and fats, this low carb sugar free protein powder is ideal not only for those following a ketogenic diet, but it’s great for those who are looking for a low carb protein powder for weight loss.

It’s also one of the fastest acting solutions when it comes to low carb, high protein powders - MyProtein created the blend with “hydrolysed peptides”, which are more bioavailable, meaning the body can put the protein to use immediately, whether that’s to repair, build, or revitalise muscles.

Collagen’s advantages for the body don’t stop with a keto protein powder, though - learn more in OriGym’s comprehensive exploration of the benefits of collagen.

#10 - TDN Nutrition Smooth Chocolate Keto Diet Shake

best protein powder for keto diet

Price: £21.99 for 750g

Keto protein powders are difficult to find - the ketogenic diet removes many of the usual components we’d find in a usual protein shake, and so powder makers need to strike the right balance to create a sustainable, effective keto-friendly protein powder.

In our opinion, this is where TDN Nutrition excels. With only 2g of carbs in a 30g scoop, it represents the ideal balance between being the best protein powder for keto diets, and providing a deliciously indulgent flavour and texture.

It’s also a fantastic option if you're looking for the best low carb protein powder for weight loss. A scoop contains just 135 calories, and 1.1g of sugar, meaning it fills the body with exactly what it needs, and nothing more.

The weight loss doesn’t stop there, though - this low carb protein powder with no artificial sweeteners is infused with MCT oils, which have been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss, and reduce the risks of heart disease drastically.


Enjoying this article? We’ve put together 3 more we think you’ll find useful:

#11 - Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Chai Turmeric

best low carb low calorie protein powder

Price: £34.99 for 500g

Flavours can often be very limited when it comes to choosing a sugar free low carb protein powder. Sometimes, it can be disheartening to only have the choice of the usual vanilla or chocolate.

This is just one of the reasons Nuzest’s offering makes our list, and we’ve chosen the inspired blend of chai and turmeric as our favourite.

The aromatic flavour of chai, combined with turmeric’s added benefits as an immunity boosting food, creates an incredibly beneficial and complete flavour profile that’s unique to this keto protein powder.

This taste is reinforced by a dense nutritional profile, too - this keto protein powder (UK) synthesises naturally low carbohydrate levels with all nine essential amino acids, ensuring that it forms a complete package when it comes to nutrition.

Not to mention that utilising only natural ingredients makes Nuzest’s signature product one of the best keto vegan protein powders, which is no mean feat, especially as it can often be difficult to create a total nutritional profile without animal products such as whey or casein.

#12 - Isopure Zero Carb WPI

best low carb protein powder for weight loss

Price: £37.61 for 1.3kg

Low carb protein powders don’t get any lower than this offering from Isopure which boasts an impressive total of zero carbs.

An ideal option if you’re looking for keto protein powder in the UK or across Europe, the lack of any carbohydrates is more than made up for by the substantial 25g hit of protein from every 30g serving scoop.

Isopure’s flagship powder is primarily made from 100% whey protein isolate (read more in our thorough exploration of whey protein benefits) that’s been filtered to ensure the highest possible quality and purity, as well as providing the ultimate in protein delivery that your body can put to immediate use.

While we’ve highlighted their low carb protein powder with cookies and cream flavouring, they also offer numerous other options, including indulgent low carb Dutch chocolate, fruity banana cream, and refreshing mint chocolate chip.

#13 - Wyldsson Vegan Protein Powder

low carb protein powder no artificial sweeteners

Price: £29.99 for 1kg

Looking for a low carb vegan protein powder that only uses completely natural and organic plant-based proteins? How about a low carb, sugar free protein powder? Well, Wyldsson’s nutritional vegan protein meets both of those criteria!

Providing a complete nutritional profile, this low carb vegan protein powder uses only plant sources, as well as a boosted hit of fibre, to create a perfect blend that provides a huge 20g of protein per serving of 40g. 

Not to mention that is arguably the best low carb protein powder if you’ve got any form of food allergy - it’s completely gluten free, soy free, and lactose free, all of which can seriously affect your decision when it comes to choosing a keto protein powder.

This lack of allergens also means there’s more room for additional vitamins and minerals, with just one serving of this low carb protein powder providing you with your RDI (recommended daily intake) of Vitamins D, B6, & B12 (all essential vitamins for energy), as well as high levels of iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium.

The benefits of choosing this high protein, low carb powder go beyond your body, too - with every pack purchased, Wyldsson will plant a tree, and give back to the environment that provides so much!

#14 - Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Powder

low carb sugar free protein powder

Price: £30 for 908g

There’s many high protein, low carb whey powders on the market, but there’s very few that can match the complete nutritional profile and high quality ingredients that are part of Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard range.

Offering a massive 24g of protein from just a 31g serving scoop, as well as 5.5g of naturally occurring BCAAs and just 117 calories, the Gold Standard earns it’s rating as one of the best low carb, low calorie protein powders.

Its natural sweetness is fantastic, especially if you’re a protein purist - their French vanilla creme (our pick of the flavours) contains a miniscule 0.8g of sugar, and no additional sweeteners so the protein you’re consuming is entirely pure.

Still unsure? The reviews for this super low carb protein powder are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising everything from the flavour profile to the quality of the powder, to the results they’re seeing from combining the powder with the benefits of strength training.

#15 - Sunwarrior Organic Raw Vegan Protein

whey protein powder low carb

The final entry on our list of the best low carb protein powders uses all natural protein sources (such as the diverse goji berry, and pea proteins) to create a potent blend that’s not only ideal for vegans, but it’s also arguably the best protein powder for the keto diet.

SunWarrior only uses raw ingredients to create an organically high protein, low carb powder that not only provides you with an incredible 18g of protein in just a 21g scoop, but that also has a naturally silky vanilla flavour.

This flavour has often been compared to a milkshake or a healthy ice cream, but what really sets this keto protein powder (UK) apart from the rest is its nutritional profile, and exactly what it contains to really take your workouts to that next level.

With an added 4g of BCAAs that help you recover, and MCTs to boost your brainpower, SunWarrior’s signature keto diet protein powder provides you with everything you need for after your workout too, ensuring you can continue to progress and thrive in fitness.

It also comes with it’s own scoop, meaning you’re never too far away from the perfect portion size!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Protein Powder Keto?

high protein low carb whey powder

The keto diet can often be a difficult one to find the right foods for, especially if you’re looking to train hard and see serious results. That’s often why many will wonder “can you have protein powder on keto?”.

Fortunately, we’re here to help, and let you know that the answer is yes!

At its core, a keto diet (also referred to as a ketogenic or ketosis diet) keeps the body deprived of carb intake, which can be incredibly beneficial for weight loss as well as muscle gain. Finding the right foods and the best keto drinks, as well as the right keto-friendly protein powder (UK), is imperative.

Our list has explored numerous low carb protein powder options, but it’s always vitally important to read the nutritional information to ensure you can strike the right balance, and continue to see the results you’re searching for.

Opting for one of our picks of the best protein powder for the keto diet will not only guarantee you’re staying under the carb intake necessary to stay in ketosis, but will give you an extra kick of vitamins and minerals, too!

How Much Low Carb Protein Powder Should I Have?

best low fat low carb protein powder

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer for this question, as each low carb protein powder (for weight loss or for muscle gain) is different.

However, as a general rule, most protein powder (low carb or otherwise) will advise mixing one scoop (typically 30g, but this can vary) with up to 300ml of a liquid of your choice.

This can then be utilised before, during, or after a workout to repair and strengthen your muscles, and promote effective and efficient recovery. One question that we’ve noticed reoccur, though, is how many low carb protein powder shakes you should have per day.

Our advice on this would be to strike a balance between having a protein shake, and receiving naturally occurring protein through your meals. We would always suggest only having one to two protein shakes per day, as they can often be very filling, and you’ll therefore be less likely to have more complete meals.

Balance is a key part of fitness, and understanding what your body needs to fuel your workouts, as well as the importance of rest days, is all part of creating a sustainable routine that works for you and your body.

How Do I Use Low Carb Protein Powder?

low carb diet protein powder

As we’ve just mentioned, all protein powders (low carb protein powders are no different) need to be mixed with a liquid. 

This liquid is most often water (especially when considering keto-friendly protein powders), but it can also be mixed with milk or a milk alternative, such as oat or almond milk.

We’d also suggest buying a good protein shaker, as this is ultimately how you’ll consume your low carb protein powder shake - OriGym have compiled a full report on the best protein shakers to enhance your workouts.

It’s also recommended that, after preparing your low carb protein powder, that you consume it on the same day, and keep it refrigerated as much as possible. 

If you’re ever in doubt, though, our advice would be to thoroughly check the instructions that are printed on the packaging, or on the website you choose to purchase your low carb, high protein powder from.

Before You Go!

Our aim with this exploration of the best low carb protein powders was to provide you with everything you need to make the right choices for your body, your lifestyle, and ultimately your fitness goals.

Fitness is often an individualised journey, and having the right low carb protein powder can spur you on to success.

But if you feel you’re already at the peak of your physical fitness, and want to take that to the next level, then a career in the fitness industry could be your calling.

OriGym’s internationally recognised personal training qualifications not only offer guaranteed post course interviews and 7-days-a-week support, but they’re also the most competitively priced option on the market.

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Written by Chris Allsobrook


Chris is a former English teacher, turned content editor. He holds a first-class honours degree in English Language and Creative Writing from the University of Central Lancashire, before going on to complete his teacher training, and obtain a PGCE at Liverpool John Moore’s.

Chris is a keen runner and is currently undertaking both his fitness instructing and personal training qualifications here at OriGym. 

Outside of fitness, you’ll often find him gaming, watching the football, cooking, or spending time with his family.

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