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17 Best Massage Balls

Looking for the best massage balls in the UK? OriGym have your back! 

We’ve tried and tested hundreds of massage balls and narrowed it down to the best 17 you can find.

A massage ball is very important for recovery, especially after any workout. They’re light, compact and can be taken in a gym bag. 

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Let us briefly explain what they are, how to use them and other questions you may have.

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What is a massage ball? 

A massage roller ball is a ball made out of plastic or rubber and comes in different shapes and sizes. The ball can be used to target hard to reach muscles.

Regardless of whether you’re at home or in the gym, massage balls are a great tool to help work your aches and pains. 

They are often a lot cheaper than other rehabilitation tools, and they’re a lot easier to store and transport than similar products such as foam rollers. For that reason, massage balls are a must-have in any gym bag.  

How to use a massage ball? 

If you haven’t used a massage ball before, don’t worry we’re here to help. 

All you need to do is find a hard surface that the ball can roll around on. Examples of good surfaces to use include the back of a sturdy chair or a hard floor.

You can simply sit or lay on the ball and use your body weight to apply pressure to the tight muscle. 

If you use the pressure of your body weight to the ball correctly, you can really target those trouble spots and help the muscles to relax.  

First of all, use the massage ball and place it where you think the knot is, apply soft to medium pressure by rolling the ball around until the pain slowly goes away. 

If you find that the sensation is overly painful, it's likely that you’re applying too much pressure on the ball. 

Keep rolling the ball until the knot has released, follow this up with some gentle stretches to target the same muscle. 

You should perform some light stretches and wait at least 24 hours before fatiguing the muscle again. 

How often should you use a massage ball?

If you’re unsure of how often to use a massage ball, the answer is that it really depends on the severity of the knot, ache, or pain. 

If you feel a particular muscle needs attention, then you can repeat the process twice a day. 

If the pain does not subside after using the ball for a prolonged period, see a sports massage therapist or visit your doctor for further advice. 

What size massage ball should I go for? 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, massage balls come in many different shapes and sizes. 

The ‘right’ size depends on what muscle or area of the body you want to pay attention to.

Just below, we’ve explained which size massage ball will help to relieve aches and pains in various parts of the body. 


Due to the larger surface area of your chest, you should look for a massage ball with a diameter of at least 70 mm upwards. 

Choosing this type of ball will definitely help you recover faster, especially after a tough chest session. 

Calves, Hamstrings, Upper and Lower Back and Neck

Due to the smaller muscle size of these muscles, the right massage ball for your calves, hamstrings, back, or neck, should be a little smaller than one you might use for your chest. 

This can range in sizes between 63mm - 73mm depending on the design and which specific area you want to target. 

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of massage balls in this size on our list just below! 

Hands, Feet and Forearms 

These are the smallest areas around your body so as you might expect, you should use a smaller massage ball. 

For best results, you should try and find a massage ball that is between 40mm - 63mm in diameter. 

Right so now you know what they are, how to use them and what size to go for, let's find out where to buy a massage ball!


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17 Best Massage Balls (UK)

1. The Miracle Soft Massage Balls

Price: £15.50

pilates massage ball

The Miracle Ball set is more than a massage ball roller, it is a method of therapeutic massage. 

The method was created by Elaine Petrone, based on her own experiences with chronic pain, and is intended to ‘Relieve your pain, Reshape your body and Reduce your stress.’ 

The Miracle Ball method set comes with two small balls, each about the size of a grapefruit, perfect if you want to specifically target certain areas of the body such as your neck, hamstrings, or calves. 

The design of the balls are simple, as they only come in a plain blue; however, they are very practical and can target a host of muscles like your calves and hamstrings.  

The material provides some give, making the balls comfortable to use. This product is also really durable, so you can be sure it will last for years to come. 

What’s more, when you purchase this product, you also get the full Miracle Ball programme, which gives in-depth instructions on how to heal muscle aches and even carpal tunnel syndrome through a method of ‘un-exercise’.

2. Invincible Fitness Massage Ball Set

Price: £26.00

masssage ball shoulder

This Invincible Fitness set is great value for money as you get 4 different balls in the set. The massage balls include:

  • a dense massage ball with a 5-inch diameter;
  • a 2.5-inch diameter lacrosse ball;
  • a soft, foot massage ball; and
  • a foam, peanut-shaped ball.

Each of the massage balls offers a different style of massage. 

For instance, the 5-inch ball offers a multidimensional roll, which is perfect for giving a more concentrated massage to specific areas of the body. 

The 2.5-inch lacrosse ball is also good at targeting smaller areas because of its size.

The spikey ball is ideal for use on feet after a long run or walk. Even if you own a brand new pair of marathon running shoes, you should definitely invest in a ball to help the muscles in your feet recover quicker. 

Lastly, the unique shape of the peanut-shaped massage ball neatly cradles the spine and is great for boosting blood flow, increasing joint mobility and enhancing muscle performance. 

Moreover, when you purchase the Invincible Fitness set, you get a free ebook, which gives in-depth instructions on how to use each of the massage balls. 

This is ideal for those who are new to self massage therapy balls as it teaches you how to get the most out of the balls.

What’s more, the set comes with a portable bag to carry the balls around in which is great for on the go massages.

Furthermore, the balls are all lightweight so they’re easy to transport.

In terms of design, the massage balls do come in bright colours: blue, orange, red and a classic black.

3. Rolling With It Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball

Price: £47.00

hamstring massage ball

Much like the Hyperice and Wolady massage balls, this ‘Rolling With It ‘Peanut Ball includes a vibrating feature, which allows you to increase the intensity of your massage to suit your liking. 

There are four different levels of vibration so you have further control over the intensity of your massage.

This Rolling With It ball is different to other massage balls on the market because of its peanut shape. 

This allows it to cradle different areas of the body which is great for providing a targeted massage with added support. 

Perfect if you’re looking for a massage ball for the shoulder as you can work both at the same time! 

If you want further support for growth and repair of your muscles, take a look at buying some BCAA tablets to help with recovery! 

Whilst this ball is small, about 10cm x 17 cm, its peanut shape does make it slightly harder to transport than regular massage balls as it is more awkward to fit into your bag.

The design of this massage ball is vibrant as it comes in a bright blue colour. 

This, combined with its unique shape, it is bound to make it stand out from other balls in the gym.

The only downside to this massage ball is that it is quite a bit more expensive than some standard massage balls.

However, when you consider the unique shape and varied functions that this ball has to offer, it is definitely worth the steeper price tag.

4. Hyperice Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball

Price: £116.00

goosebumps massage balls

This Hyperice Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball provides relief for muscle tightness and soreness in all areas of the body, such as the back, feet, forearms, glutes, hamstrings and shoulders. 

This ball is great for precise massages, as it is specifically designed to target areas of the body that are harder to reach.

It also comes with three levels of vibration so you can control the intensity of the massage, depending on how tight your muscles are. 

Moreover, this muscle massage ball has a dual exterior, consisting of a silicone texture and a dense shell. 

As well as being very comfortable to use, this material is non-slip so you can be sure the ball will stay in place during your massage.

The Hyperice ball is also great for travelling as it is small, with only a 5-inch diameter. 

Furthermore, this product uses rechargeable lithium batteries with each charge lasting around two hours. 

The Hyperice ball comes with a choice of two designs. 

One option is neon green and black stripes, which provides a bright but basic look;  alternatively, if you prefer a more classic look, you can opt for all-black.

The only real downside of this ball is the hefty price tag.

However, if you are in the market for a very intense massage ball and you do have a bigger budget, it is definitely worth the extra money.

5. Ferswe Yoga and Pilates Massage Ball Set

Price: £12.99 

physio massage ball

These Ferswe Massage Lacrosse Balls are the ideal tools for relieving muscle tightness, improving blood circulation, increasing flexibility and boosting overall physical performance. 

The set comes with two balls, both of which are made of 100% silicone, meaning they are soft and bouncy on the surface with a firm, dense core. 

What’s more, this material is extremely durable so it will maintain its shape even after extensive use.

These soft massage balls are super dense, weighing in at 150g. This is so the balls stay in place, thus giving you more control over your massage. 

What’s more, the smooth texture of these Ferswe massage balls also helps you to control the movement, allowing you to apply pressure to specific areas of the body.

The design of these massage balls is simple yet stylish. 

The balls come in two light, tranquil colours: baby blue and pale green. 

If you’re looking to kit out your gym bag with the latest recovery equipment, take a look at the following rehabilitation tools for further help: 

6. T P Massage Ball

Price: £14.50

t p massage ball

The unique design of the TriggerPoint Therapy Foam Ball allows you to get the most comfortable and effective massage possible.

It is made up of multiple layers of foam, which makes it super comfortable to use and gives it a funky black and lime green striped design.

These bold and unusual colours then contrast well with the white ring around the top of the ball, which encircles the ‘TriggerPoint’ logo. 

Aesthetics aside, the foam is also non-slip, so you can be sure it will stay in place during the massage. 

The massage ball roller is extremely small, with only a 2.5-inch diameter. This makes it ideal for targeting your feet and forearms. 

The foam that makes up this physio massage ball has been constructed so that its density replicates the feeling of a massage therapist’s thumb. 

This ensures that you will be getting just the right amount of pressure during your massage. 

7. Foot Star 2-inch Massage Ball

Price: £5.00

massage balls for neck

If you’re after small massage balls, then this product is perfect! 

It is the most affordable option on this list and is the perfect tool for anyone who is looking for an effective acupressure massage tool to use at home.

This hard massage ball is made of non-slip rubber and has a solid polyurethane core. 

Its surface is covered in small, star-shaped spikes that are perfect for targeting pressure points and relieving muscle tightness.

If you want to learn more about myofascial release, head on over to OriGym’s step by step guide on how to do self-myofascial release! 

Even though the spikes are pretty small, they may be too intense for those who are new to sports massage. For that reason, this ball would be best suited for those who have used massage balls in the past. 

Back to the positives, with a diameter of just 2 inches, this Foot Star Massage Ball is super travel-friendly. 

So, this massage ball is really handy to have with you in case you need a quick massage at the gym or work.

This product comes in a choice of two colours: black and blue. In terms of design, this surface of this massage ball is covered with star-shaped spikes.

8. GoFit Back Massage Ball

Price: £15.70

back massage ball

If you have a lot of tightness and soreness in your muscles, or some knots that won’t seem to budge, this GoFit Massage Ball is perfect for you.

This body massage ball is definitely for those who are looking for a more intense massage as it gets right into your deep muscle tissue and works out any problems you may have. 

As we mentioned earlier, rest is vital in order to help your muscles recover. So, ensure you stick to your rest days, especially after a tough workout! 

As with most of the balls on this list, this product allows you to use your bodyweight which means you are in full control of how much pressure you apply. 

This muscle massage ball is made of a dense, yet lightweight foam with a completely solid core and a soft, textured surface for maximum comfort. 

What’s more, the material is non-slip so the ball will stay in place during your massage. 

As mentioned, the GoFit Ball is super lightweight and has a diameter of around 5-inches that can help target your neck, upper back and lower back!

In addition to the actual ball, you also receive a free training booklet when you purchase this product. This booklet provides in-depth instructions on how to effectively use the GoFit Massage Ball to relieve muscle pain and tightness.

In terms of design, the overall look of this ball is bright but simple. It comes in an almost luminous lime green colour, which ties in nicely to GoFit’s green and purple logo.

9. SKLZ Accupoint Sports Massager

Price: £15.99

hard massage ball

Created by a professional sport’s trainer, the SKLZ’s Accupoint Sports Massager is the perfect tool for relieving muscle tightness and back pain. 

This back massage ball has a unique design and mimics the shape of two tennis balls in a sock which allows it to provide a therapeutic massage by cradling the supportive muscles on either side of the spine. 

Furthermore, its Accupoint features help promote blood flow circulation, which is excellent for alleviating muscle soreness. 

If you’re looking for a product that will last, this massage ball roller is made of a durable rubber material which will last a long time. 

What’s more, the material is super soft, so it is very comfortable to use. 

SKLS’s Accupoint Sports Massager is on the small side although the shape can be slightly awkward if you are trying to fit it in a gym bag. 

Regarding the look of this massage ball, it comes in a bright yellow colour which is perfect if you like a pop of colour.

10. Pro-Tec Athletics The Orb

Price: £18.00

foot massage ball

If you are looking for goosebumps massage balls that provide intense massages and will help work out any knots or tightness in your body, Pro-Tec Athletics ‘The Orb’ is the perfect ball for you. 

The Orb offers a multi-directional roll which allows you to focus the massage on targeted areas.

What’s more, The Orb is covered in tiny bumps which provide an intense, deep tissue massage. 

Perfect as a hamstring massage ball, it can also work on your quads and calf muscles as well to release any tightness. 

The Orb is available in different sizes: 8cm and 12cm, so you can choose depending on how intense you want the massage to be. 

The smaller ball will allow for a more targeted massage, whereas the larger one is better if you are looking to release overall tightness.

Not only should you massage your muscles for faster recovery, you should also increase your protein intake to help build and repair your muscles.

If you have a moment, take some time and read our article about casein protein so you can have the extra protein boost as you sleep. 

As well as reducing muscle fatigue and tightness, ‘The Orb’ is a great performance enhancing tool as it helps to increase flexibility. 

Pro-Tec Athletics’ ‘The Orb’ is also practical as it is only either 8 or 12cm in diameter and very lightweight, perfect for people who are always on the go! 

The Orb is also available in two bright colours: blue and pink, so you can choose depending on your preference.

11. SKLZ Roller Ball

Price: £18.99 

massage ball for back

This SKLZ Roller Ball offers the ultimate relaxing massage experience. 

The roller ball is made from stainless steel, which is kept insulated by a special gel that helps maintain its cool temperature. 

As well as being cooling, the stainless-steel ball glides smoothly over the skin to provide a comfortable and relaxing massage. 

It is important to note that it is recommended to use this ball directly on bare skin for optimal results, making it the ideal product if you need a massage ball for your neck. 

This SKLZ Roller Ball is also really compact, with only a 3-inch diameter, meaning it's a great product to target various muscles like your calves, hamstrings, biceps and triceps! 

Moreover, it comes with a removable rubber comfort grip which is made to fit all hand sizes. 

The overall design of this small massage ball is extremely simple and sleek; the bright yellow roller ball is set in a plain black base.

12. Wolady Vibrating Massage Ball

Price: £19.99

trigger point massage balls

This ball is the perfect tool for an intense, deep tissue massage that will help to relieve muscle tightness and soreness anywhere on the body. 

Unlike some other balls, this Wolady massage roller ball vibrates to increase the intensity of your massage.

What’s more, there are four different levels of vibration to choose from, so you can control how hard or light you want the pressure to be.

The ball is heavier than some of the others on this list but still only weighs around 300g, with a 4-inch diameter, it can help target your hamstrings and calves in an instant. 

This makes it super easy to travel with which is perfect if you want to take it to and from the gym.

Another great feature of this ball is that it is completely waterproof. 

This is great if you are using it after a particularly sweaty workout, or if it is going into a bag with your water bottle for example. 

If you do need an upgrade of your water bottle, you’re in the right place as OriGym has written an article on the best running water bottles if you’re struggling to find any you like online!  

Moreover, this massage ball is rechargeable, so you don’t have to purchase any batteries for it.

The design of this massage ball is very simple as it is just plain black with a silver ring at the top. However, the bumpy texture does add a bit of interest and individuality to the style of the ball.

13. Beastie Ball

Price: £24.95

therapy massage balls

The Beastie Ball is perfect if you are looking for a very intense, deep-tissue massage that works out any knots or tightness you may have. 

It is available in two different densities: firm and extra firm, so you can choose, depending on how intense you want the massage to be. 

However, it is important to note that both options are best suited to those who are more advanced in self-massage and have a high pain threshold as the intensity is too much for a beginner.

The surface of this massage ball is covered in large, tall bumps that are evenly spaced, which is ideal for targeting specific areas of the body.

Furthermore, this massage ball comes with a detachable base, which allows you to secure the Beastie Ball in place. 

Using the ball like this is perfect for pinpointing small areas of the body to massage, especially if you’re looking to buy a hip flexor massage ball. 

However, you can easily take the ball out of the base and use it as a traditional massage ball.

The Beastie Ball is also practical as it is very small, with only a 3-inch diameter and targets your neck and your upper and lower back. 

The design of this massage ball is truly unique, as the lime green colour, combined with the large bumpy surface, creates a fun, quirky look. 

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14. Risefit Cork Trigger Point Massage Balls

Price: £10.97

soft massage balls

These Risefit Cork Self Massage Balls are perfect for massaging your whole body. They act as a great tool for deep tissue trigger-point therapy, muscle pain relief, and yoga therapy. 

They are made from recycled cork, making them a more natural and eco-friendly alternative to standard massage balls.

These therapy massage balls are great value for money, costing less than £11 for a pack of 2. 

They are small, with just a 2.5-inch diameter, and thanks to the cork material, they’re 4 times lighter than rubber massage balls.

What’s more, they come in a cotton bag and the overall look of these massage balls and the cotton bag is really simple, but it fits in well with their ‘eco-friendly’ branding. 

The balls are just plain cork, with no design, which gives them a very rustic style.

One final feature that we really liked about these Risefit massage balls is that they come with a 30-day return and money back guarantee. 

Therefore, if at any point during the first 30 days of receiving your massage ball set, you are unsatisfied, you can return them and get a full refund.


15. 4KOR Fitness Fireball

Price: £45.00

body massage ball

The 4KOR Fitness Fireball works with trigger points to provide an intense deep tissue massage, whilst also being a relaxing experience. 

The surface of the ball is split into lots of different sections, creating a bumpy texture that is great for varying pressure during the massage.

A great feature of the 4KOR Fitness Fireball is that it is made of slip-resistant rubber.

This means that, regardless of how intense your massage is, this body massage ball is guaranteed to stay in place. 

As the 4KOR ball is extremely compact, with less than a 5-inch diameter, it can help target your hamstrings, calves and your upper and lower back. 

Moreover, in keeping with its name, ‘Fireball’, this massage ball comes in a bright, fiery red colour, which is bound to stand out from other massage balls in the gym. 

What’s more, 4KOR offers a lifetime guarantee, so if at any point, you are not satisfied with the massage ball, you can return it and get your money back!

The only downside to this massage ball is the price tag as it is much more expensive than some of the other massage balls on this list. 

However, when you consider the quality and durability of the ball as well as the lifetime guarantee, it is definitely worth the money.

16. Vive Massage Self Massage Therapy Balls

Price: £11.60

massage balls for feet

The unique design of these roller balls allows for a versatile massage. This ball comes with a handle so that you can easily apply pressure from your hands, which is great for varying the intensity of your massage. 

This product acts as a great foot massage ball as it has a stabilising base to prevent it from rolling around during the massage. 

The design is sleek, with a simple white and teal colour scheme.

We loved that you can use massage oils with the roller balls to make it an even more relaxing experience.

But whilst this product is for a relaxing surface level massage, it might not be the best choice if you’re looking for more of a deep tissue massage. 

Nevertheless, this massage ball pair is super small and lightweight and can target not only your feet, but also your hands and forearms. 

You could easily put this ball in a men’s or women’s gym bag and have a great cool down after your workout. 

17. Kieba Self Massage Balls

Price: £12.20

massage ball roller

If you’re looking for a massage ball for your back that is a simple, no-nonsense design, then this product will be the one for you. 

These massage balls are great for relieving tightness and muscle knots. All you have to do is place the massage ball on the affected area and let the ball do the rest. 

Unlike some of the other balls on this list, the Kieba rubber massage balls are completely smooth. 

This allows them to glide smoothly over the body, without getting caught on clothing or hair.

This does, however, mean that the Kieba Massage balls provide a slightly less intense massage.

The Kieba Massage balls are pretty small and are only 6cm in diameter, which makes them great to target your upper and lower back. 

Design-wise, they are very simple, but you do have a choice between 3 colourways:

  • Blue and Red
  • Yellow and Green
  • Orange

Before you go! 

Well there you have it, the 17 best massage balls you can find online! 

Whichever one you choose, we’re sure the massage balls will help target those sore muscles. 

As we mentioned at the start of the article, the size of the ball you choose will depend on what muscle you want to roll out with, so be wise when choosing your massage ball!

If this article has inspired you to jump in a brand new career in the fitness industry, take a look at the different personal trainer courses OriGym currently has on offer. 

Otherwise, download our free prospectus to see the full range of courses available. 


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