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13 Best Meal Prep Bags in the UK (2020)

Have you recently taken up meal prepping your food, either for convenience purposes or with the aim to lose weight, and you’re looking for the best meal prep bags to aid your organisation and sustain your motivation? You’re in the best place.

When you’re looking to lose weight but wanting to do so on a budget, it goes without saying that wholesome home-made meals are your answer. The only issue with this can be transporting your delicious healthy meals with you whilst you’re on the go throughout the day, and that’s where meal prep bags come in.

What is a Meal Prep Bag?

Similar to that of a lunchbox, a meal prep bag is designed specifically for storing your ready-made meals/meal prep which can be taken with you on your daily commutes and to various events. 

What makes a meal prep bag differ from other food storage boxes is the capacity it can hold; most meal prep bags feature large storage space and compartments that will hold roughly between four and eight separate containers, allowing you to prep and store for every meal of the day. 

The features these products have vary from one product to the next, but just to list a few of the most popular, they include:

  • Ice packs
  • Insulated features
  • Water bottle storage
  • Seperate compartments

Before we jump into our first meal prep bag, with you being here it shows you have a general interest in the nutrition side of fitness, or life in general. Did you know here at OriGym we provide you with the qualifications to turn your nutritional interests into a successful career? 

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#1 - ThinkFit Meal Prep Lunch Box 

Price: £36.85

Kickstarting our shortlist of the best meal prep bags in the UK is the ThinkFit Meal Prep Lunch Box, one of the best offerings on the market right now.  

The ThinkFit meal prep bag comes equipped with everything you could ever need for meal prep, including: six meal containers, a drinks cup, a pill container, and a pair of reusable ice packs. 

All of this fits comfortably within the pack, so you can carry absolutely everything you’ll need for a balanced diet wherever you go.  

Not only that, but the meal prep cooler bag is doubly insulated, so if you’re hoping  to keep your hot meals hot, and your cold meals cold, then you’re in luck!  

ThinkFit’s meal prep bag comes with a handy shoulder strap, so it’s easy to carry, especially alongside other packs for gym equipment, or anything else you’ll need throughout your day.  

However, if you would prefer to have a seperate bag for your gym essentials, we have a full article dedicated to the best gym bags for men here.

In addition to its practical benefits, this meal prep gym bag also comes in a couple of different colour options, so if you’re looking for a stylish bag that will help you stand out, then this would be perfect for you.  

One of the greatest features about this food prep gym bag is that with every purchase ThinkFit offers all buyers a lifetime guarantee, so this could very well be the last meal prep bag you’ll ever buy.  

So, if you’re in need of a bit of help to achieve your nutrition goals, then the ThinkFit meal prep bag would be a very smart  investment. It will carry everything you need to keep you healthy, keep them at the right temperature, and is pretty stylish to boot. You could definitely do much worse than this, which is why we highly recommend it to anyone looking to take back control of their mealtimes. 

#2 - Isolator Fitness Meal Prep Duffle Bag

Price: £130.22

Next up we have the meal prep bag for those who don’t want to carry around multiple bags with them, and instead want to keep all of their equipment, meals, and necessities in one place.  

The Isolator Fitness Meal Prep Duffle Bag is similar to any other duffle bag you might  find, but in addition to its expected benefits, comes with an added insulated compartment to keep your meals in. 

You can fit up to 4 containers in this compartment, while the rest of the duffle can store any gym gear you might need. You also get a few extra pockets to keep your wallet, keys, and other smaller items.  

With how spacious this bag is, there is even room to store any cutlery and crockery as opposed to eating straight from the container. One of the most popular factors to weight loss is portion control; read our full list of the best porton control plates that you can store in your meal prep bag.

You get a small choice of different colours here too, with some incredibly bright options for anyone looking to really stand out from the crowd.  

One thing to mention here is the price – this is definitely up towards the higher end of the scale, however, you have to factor in that you’re actually gaining two bags in one with the Isolator Fitness Meal Prep Bag, meaning you will more likely be saving money overall. Plus, you get 8 different containers in 4 different sizes included in the price, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.  

This really is one of the best meal prep gym bags you’ll find, and is 100% worth the price tag attached. So if you are the person who wants it all, and wants it all in one place, consider investing in the Isolator gym meal prep bag, and have all of your storage problems solved. 

#3 - ProElite 3 Meal Bag 

Price: £29.99

The ProElite meal prep bag is a fantastic lightweight option for anyone looking for a compact meal prep lunch bag that you can carry with you wherever you go.  

This small meal prep bag can carry 3 separate food containers, which would be enough for three light meals, or one large one. For that reason, we would recommend this as a great lunch bag more than anything else.  

The fact that it’s smaller than most bags may appeal to many buyers who want to avoid investing in one of the more sizable options. It’s smaller, less bulky, and lighter than other meal prep bags out there; but you’re still getting a lot of storage, with two extra  pockets on the side for water or extra snacks for the day.  

The ProElite Meal Prep Bag comes in a larger range of colours than most other bags we’ve found, so if customisation is an important factor to you, then you’ve found the right bag.  

What’s more, this is one of the more inexpensive items on our list, priced at just £29.99. Considering the high quality, portability, and the free ice packs thrown in, this is one of the best value meal prep bags out there, especially if you’re looking for a budget option.  

If you’re after a large meal prep bag, we would recommend taking a look at some of the other items on this list, because you’ll be sure to find one that will suit you. However, if you’re happy with a smaller product that contains just the essentials, then the ProElite meal prep lunch bag will be perfect for you. 

#4 - MyProtein Essentials Meal Prep Bag Holdall 

meal prep lunch bags

Price: £45.00

Leading the way for sports nutrition foods, supplements and gym gear, it should come as no surprise that MyProtein has made its way onto our shortlist with their meal prep bag entry. 

One of our top picks for the best meal prep bag on the UK market right now, the MyProtein Essentials Meal Prep Holdall is designed to optimise its storage capacity to ensure that you can fit every meal that you’ll need for your day inside.  

The first thing to mention is the absolute monster capacity – while we don’t know for certain how many meals can be stored in this product, one buyer posted on the product reviews that: “The food bag looks good and can store 4 Myprotein medium lunch boxes as well as plenty of room for water bottles and protein powder.” Pretty impressive if you ask us! 

While it is not insulated, this attractive large meal prep bag comes with the addition of ice packs, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your food cool; the bag does everything for you.  

This is not the first time we have featured MyProtein in one of out shortlists. You may also recall their Beta Alanine took a spot on OriGym's list of the best running supplements to fuel your run; there is no denying they are empires in the fitness industry.

This meal prep gym bag also features two mesh side pockets, perfect for protein shakes, water bottles, or powder tubs, along with two zip pockets, which are great for storing your more personable belongings. 

The storage doesn’t stop there, as this MyProtein meal prep bag is finished off with a top and front compartment too. With so much storage, it’d be a fair guess that this bag is too bulky to carry around, but it really makes brilliant use of its storage space, which means that it is much smaller than it could be. 

If you’re looking for a simple meal prep bag that can carry all that you need it to with no fuss, then you could definitely do worse than this MyProtein meal prep bag. It has a simple aesthetic, and just gets on with the job. You won’t be disappointed with this one, so we’d definitely recommend you grab it and give it a shot.

#5 - MIER Adult Lunch Box 

Price: £24.58

If you’re going to be transporting food around with you throughout the day, you want to know that it is going to keep well; our next product is a great meal prep cooler bag that is perfect for packing a wide variety of food in an efficient and ergonomic way.  

What sets the MIER Adult Lunch Box apart from other products is the fact that it’s divided into two large sections, one of which is insulated. This means you can keep different  foods of different temperatures separate, for example: smaller snacks in the top, and a hot meal in the insulated bottom. You also get a third, smaller compartment to store keys, wallets, and other small personal belongings, so you’ve really got space for anything you might need throughout your day.  

When searching for the best meal prep bag in the UK we took appearance and practicality into great consideration, and these elements are where MIER shined. For carrying your food prep gym bag, you have a choice between a detachable shoulder strap and a rubber carrying handle, both comfortable enough to carry your bag with you for as long as you need to. 

You’ve got a reasonable choice of some subtle designs, none too flashy but still fairly slick (we’re particularly fond of the bluesteel option). Other than the colours, the bag is stylish yet unobtrusive, so will easily blend in with your outfit or any other bags you’re carrying.  

If you’re looking for great meal prep lunch bags that have you covered no matter your choice of food, then the MIER would be a solid choice. It’s versatile, easy to carry, and has a large enough carrying capacity to see you through your day. At a price that’s lower than many other bags out there, there’s really no reason to miss out. 

#6 - Isolator Fitness Meal Prep Backpack 

Price: £186.04

Next up, we have another product in the Iso meal prep bag range, but this time in the form of a backpack. This item is a meal prep bag combo, similar to the Isolator’s duffel bag. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to store plenty of meals alongside the rest of the day’s equipment.  

As well as meal storage, this meal prep backpack has a large pocket for gym gear, as well as papers for the office, books for the library, and a large padded section for a laptop. With that in mind, it goes without saying that this is an incredibly versatile bag, which you can use for everyday use, while having plenty of space left over for your meals.  

The mesh panels at the side make for a great holder for any water bottles or shakes you require during the day. Be sure to check out this list of the best protein shakers to help your workouts by OriGym if you don't own one already! 

The section for meal storage can fit 6 smaller containers or 4 larger ones, meaning that you’ll certainly have enough storage space for a full day’s meals. These containers are included in the price as well, which is always a plus! 

Now the price is worth talking about; like the Isolator’s duffle meal prep bag,  this is a pricey piece of equipment. But again like Isolator Fitness’ other offering, you are getting a whole lot for what you’re paying, and it would mean you wouldn’t have to buy a separate backpack for carrying everything else that you would need throughout the day.  

In addition to that, you also get your choice of colours – we’re particularly fond of the  ‘blackout’ choice, which looks incredibly sleek.  

If you ask us, we truly believe this to be the perfect meal prep bag; you’d be hard -pressed to find a better one that can be used for so many different functions. If your lifestyle finds you out of the house for most of the day, then it would be a smart call to get your hands on this meal prep gym bag’s offering, and make sure you’ll always have access to anything you’ll need. 

#7 - Fit and Fresh Meal Prep Bag 

Price: £30.69

Now for a small, chic and incredibly sleek option that makes a great entry for those looking for a more compact product that will take up little space on their commutes. 

The Fit and Fresh Meal Prep Bag is a fantastic product for a multitude of reasons, and  we think it’s particularly handy as a meal prep bag for a long day at the gym. 

One of the primary reasons we chose this Fit and Fresh product for the best meal prep bag (UK) shortlist is due to the huge water bottle that comes with it. 

It can hold 28 ounces, or just over 800ml of water, and there is also a handy side pocket in the bag for storing it. This is perfect for keeping you hydrated, which is just as important as eating balanced meals – if not more important! So if you’re planning a big gym day, then this meal prep gym bag would be perfect to have with you, to keep you fed and watered. You may want to take a look at our list of the 13 best hydration tablets if you struggle to sufficiently hydrate yourself. 

As for the bag itself, it’s big enough to hold 6 meal containers, included in the price, as well as a large ice pack. This is more than many of the other meal prep lunch bags on our list come kitted out with. The bag is insulated, and will keep your food cold and fresh for as long as you need it to.  

Also included within your purchase is a small pill container, perfect for storing any  vitamins and supplements you might need throughout the day. We think this is a nice touch, and it shows that Fit and Fresh know what you need to keep yourself at the top of your game, and are willing to supply it. The Fit and Fresh iso meal prep bag really is a brilliant piece of kit, and has you covered for anything you’ll need to stay healthy throughout the day. 

With the addition of the water bottle and pill case, you are supported fully, which means you have that little less to worry about as you go about your life.

#8 - FineDine 2-Compartment Meal Prep Lunch Bag 

Price: £16.29

Our next item is a sturdy bag, ideal for the working professional who needs a healthy lunch prepared to keep them going throughout their day and not only that, it is the cheapest option on our list making it the best budget meal prep bag on the market. 

What sets this meal prep cooler bag apart from other similar products is that the  containers that are included are made of glass, instead of plastic. This means that they are that much hardier than the average container, and will last a whole lot longer – so you won’t have to worry about replacing the containers when they get older. For the low price, we are delighted with this addition as it adds an element of class and confidence to your meals.  

The bag itself is fully insulated as all good meal prep bags should be. Like some of the other meal bags on our list, it’s separated into two compartments, so you can easily keep your food separate and organised. Another great feature is the fact that this meal prep cooler bag is fully water-repellent, so you don’t have to worry about leaks.  

However, one drawback is that you can only fit three containers in your bag (maybe more if you have smaller ones of your own to swap out for the larger container included), so this is better off used for lunch and snacks than for a whole day’s worth of meals. But if that’s what you’re here for, then it really does a perfect job.  

As you know, meal prepping is a great way to keep you motivated when healthy eating; if you're interested in reading more about ways you can live a healthier lifestyle, make sure you check out our guide to creating your own personal trainer meal plan

So, we would recommend this as a great meal prep lunch bag for anyone who needs a sturdy and reliable lunch set to keep them going. This would also serve as a great picnic bag to take along with you during any hikes or longer cycles. Whatever your need, you could do much worse than FineDine’s addition to our meal prep bags in the UK shortlist!

#9 - Bear KompleX Meal Prep Management Bag 

Price: £62.49

While you may not be familiar with the brand Bear KompleX, the likelihood is you’ll want to be. The Indiana based company began by producing their ‘best grip in the world’ gloves back in 2015, and have since gone on to provide all other essentials for the fitness community. Their Meal Prep Management Bag is a further reflection that they know the industry inside out. 

This is an absolute beast of a meal prep lunch bag, with a huge carrying capacity, loads of different compartments, and an overall sturdiness that we at OriGym can’t help but admire.  

You can fit 3 of the containers (included in the price) in the main compartment, or more if you use smaller containers, with plenty of space for ice packs to keep everything cool. You also get loads of extra storage in the side pockets, which can store everything from extra snacks to water bottles and protein shakes.  

One thing you don’t need to worry about is overstuffing this meal prep bag – it’s made from a combination of top quality materials, and the strap is as hardy as they come. 

The containers are simple and come in a few different sizes, so it’s really simple to plan out your meals and your snacks, and have them organised in a way that works for you. This takes a lot of the fuss out of the meal prep process, as well as helping you with portion control.

This food prep gym bag only comes in one colour and is a little on the pricey side, but it is a solid bag, and you’re getting a lot of quality for what you’re paying for. 

In our opinion, this is one of the best gym meal prep bags out there, with plenty of room for everything you’ll need to stay healthy and energised during a long workout. So do you and your routine a favour by investing in this Bear Komplex product, and get prepping! 

#10 - RitFit Meal Prep Lunch Bag 

Price: Currently Out of Stock

We know that gym bags, particularly when they’re targeted towards storing food don’t always prioritise their appearance, however we believe that we have found one of the rare meal prep bags in the UK that consider aesthetics as much as practicality. 

The RifFit lunch bag is lightweight and compact, so it is perfect for toting around your lunch and other snacks. First of all, this is one of the smallest bags on our list, so if you’re  looking for a heavy duty backpack to feed an army with, then feel free to read on! However, as an ultra lightweight choice, this is perfect and can easily be carried alongside other bags.  

Despite being small, this meal prep cooler bag has a decent carrying capacity: you  can fit up to three meal containers in the main compartment, as well as  some extra snacks or drinks in the smaller one on the top. 

The strap is ergonomically designed and very comfortable, so don’t worry about carrying it around when it’s full. 

RitFit’s meal prep gym bag comes in a few different colours, all inoffensive and  stylish. You have to pay a little bit more if you want any colour other than grey, but it’s certainly worth it if you want a bag that really pops.  

A fun addition to this product is a free 28 Day Eating Plan booklet, with suggestions for recipes you can fill your bag with. We love little extras like this because it means that you’re getting your money’s worth, and just makes your life that much easier. Always a huge plus!  

This is a perfect little iso meal prep bag for anyone looking to make lunchtime less stressful, healthier, and more organised. It’s comfortable, it has a respectable storage capacity, and it’s more than affordable. All-round, this is a great product! 

#11 - Lifewit Cooling Bag 

Price: £24.99

Another option for those looking for a cheap meal prep bag comes from practical and functional household company Lifewit. 

In conjunction to its small price point, we also chose the Lifewit Cooling Bag due to its simplicity; this is purely a great product for storing food and beverages and keeping them cool, and it’s as simple as that. 

This primary function of the Cooling Bag is the storage of drinks and cans, but it also works great as a meal prep bag, due to its insulation, large storage capacity, and waterproof materials. 

You can fit as much food as you need for your day in this meal prep cooler bag, but do be aware that unlike a lot of the other items on this list, this bag does not come with its own containers. This is a good thing, however, if you already own plenty of containers and are just looking for a bag to carry them in, or alternatively, we have an article on the best meal prep containers here.

You can choose between the 23L and the 30L options, and with very little difference in price, you really can just pick which would be better for you.  

The great thing about this gym meal prep bag is that it can be used in a variety of  different situations. You can use it as a meal prep bag during the day, then fill it with ice and drinks for a beach party in the evening. Or, you can fill it with enough sandwiches and water bottles for a group picnic. It truly is a versatile bit of kit that you can be sure you’ll get a lot of use out of.  

So, if you’re after a simple and adaptable product then we’ve got you covered with the Lifewit cooler bag. It’s no-nonsense, and gets the job done. What more can we ask for?

#12 - Isolator Meal Prep ISOBAG

Price: £105.11

Once again, we present you with yet another item from the iso meal prep bag range, and it’s another homerun for Isolator Fitness. With unrivalled carrying capacity and storage options, this is the meal prep bag for the most serious devotees of nutrition.  

Right off the bat, we’ll tell you that you can hold up to 8 containers at any one time in this iso meal prep bag with space left over for ice packs, and water bottles/snacks in the side pockets. It is absolutely massive, and is definitely enough to keep any one person going for the day – in  fact, you could probably fit enough food in here for two!  

You might be worried about having to invest in all of these containers, but you actually get 12 included for free, which is more than you’ll need. This means that you can have a few spare parts if you break one or leave it at the gym or office, which is incredibly handy. It just gives you that extra layer of security which we really appreciate in our products. 

Like most Isolator products, you have your choice of colours from red to blue, to pink, to black – whatever you fancy, the chances are that Isolator has you covered.  

While this product follows a similar price point theme to the other offerings from Isolator on our list, just like the rest, it is fully justified. The storage capacity for this meal prep cooler bag is truly unparalleled, so if you’re serious about nutrition then it’s a worthy investment. For that reason, we recommend this as one of the best meal prep bags in the UK that you will find. 

#13 - FIVE ONE NINE Fitness Meal Prep Backpack 

Price: £69.23

Rounding off our list we have another meal prep bag here in the form of a backpack, and this one has even more storage space. 

There are plenty of different compartments in the FIVE ONE NINE Fitness Meal Prep backpack that will fit almost anything you could possibly need for a full day’s work.  

To start with, we’ll talk about the most important part of a meal prep bag: the meal storage capacity. You can fit 6 meal containers into the meal compartment – and these containers are of course included, as are 2 ice packs. 6 containers should be plenty for any one person, but consider combining this bag with one of the other items on our list if you’re looking to feed a whole company.  

The rest of the storage is perfect for anything else you might need, including gym gear and equipment, books and papers, or extra snacks and water. There is even a padded slot for your laptop, so you’re totally covered no matter what your plans are.  

If you like to try out trending diets or switch up your lifestyle from time to time, you will likely be aware that there are few diets that do not encourage meal prepping. A key example of this is the yoga diet. To find out more about this, including the anwer to: "What is a yoga diet?" and everything you need to know, check out our article.

Now, all of this storage capacity means that the Five One Nine is a little on the bulky side. If your commute sees you squeezing onto the tube or a crowded bus, this bag might get in the way when it’s at full capacity. However, that’s really the only problem we found with this bag, so if you can look past it then you’re golden.  

This is one of the best meal prep bags that you will find, with enough storage to sort you out for your whole day. If you’re a busy person who likes to organise everything from their papers to their meals, then this is the perfect bag for you. 


What Are The Benefits Of A Meal Prep Bag?

Meal prep bags provide multiple benefits that appeal to a range of people, not just fitness fanatics. 

#1 - Routine and Diet

Meal prep bags are great for those wanting to maintain a diet or routine with their eating. By preparing set meals for the day ahead, you’re less likely to order in or buy a non-nutritious lunch from your local supermarket. 

#2 - Time-Efficient

Meal prep bags are great for those who don’t have mass amounts of time throughout the day and are sure you’re providing your body with the required nutrients it needs. 

#3 - Saves Money

While you may be looking at some of the products on our list and wondering how they can justify being so expensive, meal prep bags are in fact a great investment for those wanting to save money. A recent study reported that UK workers spend approximately £1,580 per year just on lunch, euting to £6.08 a day. By preparing your meals, you’re immediately saving yourself a great sum of money over the course of the year.

meal prep gym bags

Should I Buy a Meal Prep Bag?

As you can see from both our list of products and the benefits a meal prep bag has to offer, there is no one that a meal prep bag wouldn’t benefit. We believe everybody would gain many advantages from investing in one of these items; whether you’re actively trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, or simply wanting to make your life easier - you don’t need to be a gym enthusiast or nutrition expert to profit from one of these impressive meal prep bags. 

Before You Go!

We’ve reached the end of our list for the best meal prep bags in the UK, and by now we hope that you have found an option that suits your needs, or that you’re at least debating between a couple of the options we have presented to you. 

Within these 13 options, we have worked hard to provide you a variety that will target the lifestyles, needs and demands of people from all different walks of life. From gym-size products to smaller and more compact lunch boxes, we truly believe there to be something for everyone. 

Now that we’ve finished here, why not follow us over to our Advanced Sports Nutrition Course page to find out more about qualifying in nutrition?

Alternatively, you can download our course prospectus to see all the qualifications we have on offer here at OriGym, and get the ball rolling on a new career within the health and fitness industry.

Written by Annie Williams

Fitness Content Executive, OriGym

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Graduating from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA (Hons) in Journalism, Annie specialises in mental and physical wellbeing, with a specific interest in nutrition and mindfulness. Her long standing interest in fitness is what brought her to OriGym, and led her to become a qualified Personal Trainer and obtain specialist qualifications in Advanced Sports Nutrition. Annie’s primary professional attraction lies in following and tracking the ever-changing trends in the fitness industry. Beyond OriGym, Annie divides her time between personal writing, her passion for the countryside and mountain walking, and charitable runs.

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