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17 Best Meal Prep Containers

Are you looking for the best meal prep containers in the UK? 

There are tons of benefits of meal prepping, from saving you time and money, to making it much easier to stick to a diet plan.

Whatever your reason for meal prepping is, we have got you covered with reviews of the best meal prep tubs and containers just below.

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Now let’s find out where to buy meal prep containers! 

#1 Igluu - 3 Compartment Meal Prep Containers

meal prep containers tesco

Igluu’s main focus is meal containers, so it's no surprise that meal prep food containers don’t get much better than these! 

This product is made from highly durable food-safe plastic and is BPA free, meaning you won’t have to worry about any chemicals affecting your health whilst storing your food in these containers. 

If you’re on the hunt for 3 compartment meal prep containers, then look no further. The compartments keep your foods completely separate but also make this the perfect option if you’re looking for portion control meal prep containers to help you to stay on track.

In terms of size, each container can store up to 946ml of food (236ml, 236ml, 473ml). 

When trying out this product, we loved that these containers had raised lids which allowed extra storage capacity, stopping food from getting all squashed.  

If you have a sweet tooth, why not add protein cookies in one of the compartments for the extra protein boost and sweetness during your lunch break. 

The meal prep tubs are made from premium, high-quality materials that are much more durable than cheaper brands on the market.

The containers are microwavable and dishwasher safe and can withstand low and high temperatures, ideal for anyone who wants freezable meal prep containers. 

The Igluu containers come in a batch of 10, and are all reusable, meaning you won’t be running out of them anytime soon. 

Price: £14.95 for a set of 10

#2 FineDine - Superior Glass Food Storage Containers 

meal prep containers uk

Perfect for those looking to invest in glass meal prep containers, this one manufactured by FineDine is the pick of the bunch. 

Unlike plastic, glass is environmentally friendly and chemical-free. 

The glass on this storage container can tolerate rapid temperature changes without warping or cracking, meaning it’s entirely safe to transfer it from the freezer to the oven instantly.

Also, hot foods can be transferred directly into this container, and it won’t absorb stains or smells. 

Chemicals won’t enter into the food either, and the glossy surface will keep the tastiness of the food for long periods. 

If you’re after a food container for meal prep that’s leak-proof, then you’re in luck. 

The FineDine container has a locking lid that creates an airtight seal, ensuring that your food stays fresh. 

It also means that the container is leak-proof, so you won’t have to worry about your food seeping out when the container is in your bag. 

Similar to this leak-proof design are some protein shakers where you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary spills either! 

These glass containers for meal prep are just the right size, with them being able to hold up to 1040ml of food each. 

Additionally, these containers are dishwasher safe (the lids aren’t), making them easy to clean. 

This product comes in a stackable set of 3, so they won’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen. 

For us, this is definitely the best glass meal prep container on the market today! 

Price: £17.99 for a set of 3

#3 CREST Glass Meal Prep Containers 

best meal prep containers uk

For those shopping for glass containers for meal prep, we recommend you take a look at these, manufactured by Crest. 

Crest’s glass containers are made from borosilicate glass, meaning it’s stronger than your standard glass container, and can withstand temperature changes of up to 95°C without breaking. 

It’s great to know that these are airtight meal prep tubs. With snap-locking lids (that are BPA free) and have four latches, these containers are completely airtight and leak-proof, meaning your food will stay fresh for longer.

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These glass containers are made to be stacked and can nest inside each other, saving you a lot of kitchen space when you’re not using them. 

As well as being freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe, these meal prep containers are leakproof have lids that come in different colours, including: 

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink 
  • Light Green
  • Multicoloured 

These are some of the best versatile glass meal prep containers in the UK and well worth considering if you're shopping for containers! 

Price: £29.99 for set of 10 

#4 Prep Naturals Meal Prep Tubs

meal prep food containers

Prep Naturals product is ideal for anyone looking for reusable meal prep containers. 

Prep Natural’s product is made from heavy-duty plastic and can hold up to 35% more weight than other similar products on the market! 

Your foods are guaranteed to stay fresh and tasty in these meal prep boxes, thanks to the highly durable, BPA-free food friendly plastic containers.

The meal prep storage containers durability means that they’re both freezable and microwaveable. 

They can withstand temperatures from -20°C to +110°C, though it is recommended that you don’t use them in microwaves with a wattage output higher than 800 watts. 

Like the other products on this list so far, these containers are leak-proof, meaning there won’t be any messy spills when you put them in your bag. 

The fitness meal prep containers are stackable and can hold around 710ml of food with the lids on. 

These containers are for portion control and will undoubtedly help you with your diet, making this the perfect product for anyone shopping for weight loss meal prep containers.

These well designed, premium looking containers are perfect for anyone working on a budget who wants to buy cheap meal prep containers. 

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Price: £9.49 for a set of 10

#5 Emerald Living - Reusable Meal Prep Containers 

bodybuilding meal prep containers

If eco-friendly meal prep containers are what you’re after, then Emerald Living will have you covered. 

These reusable food boxes are made from environmentally friendly polypropylene plastic, meaning you can recycle them once they become disposable! 

These environmentally friendly meal prep containers are described by Emerald Living as being thicker, stronger, and more flexible than ever. 

Their whole range of plastic meal prep containers have been updated to the highest quality plastic material available, so you’ll be able to tell them apart from some of the cheaper containers on the market. 

For those looking to buy microwavable meal prep containers, you’re in luck as not only are Emerald Living’s ability to withstand heat, they’re also able to deal with cold temperatures too, making them very freezer friendly. 

The containers are lightweight and can hold up to 600ml of food each, making it the perfect product for portion control. They’re also stackable. 

If you’re wondering about how to improve your diet, read OriGym’s article on the best superfruits you should eat regularly! 

As a bonus, when you buy this product it comes with a free, bonus meal prep ebook (worth £9.99) that’s full of tips and great meal prep ideas to support your weight-loss, bodybuilding, or just your general fitness! 

This is worth checking out if you’re shopping for bodybuilding meal prep containers that are reusable! 

Price: £9.99 for a set of 10

#6 Home Planet - Glass Prep Containers 

reusable meal prep containers

As meal prep glass containers go, these by Home Planet are up there with the best!

These glass containers are made in the UK and are reusable, meaning you won’t have to keep going out to buy more all the time. 

The single compartment container is freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and oven friendly. It can be taken straight from the freezer and stuck in the oven without getting damaged. 

The containers can hold up to 840ml of food each and weights of up to 600g, so you won’t have to worry about leaving some of your lunch behind due to space! 

The non-absorbent meal prep container doesn’t retain stains or smell and doesn't attract chemicals into your food like some plastic containers do. 

The snap-lock feature on the lid ensures that the container is airtight, rendering it leak-proof, which is ideal if you’re going to be carrying it around in a bag with you all day. 

Home Planet has designed this glass container to be eco-friendly, and have made efforts to reduce the plastic packaging by 97%, so you’ll be helping the environment by purchasing these meal prep tubs!

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Price: £20.99 for a set of 5

#7 Igluu - 2 Compartment Meal Prep Containers 

microwavable meal prep containers

Similar to the 3 compartment meal prep container (#1), this product is made from highly durable, high-quality food-safe plastic, that’s thicker, stronger, and more versatile than any other container on the market. 

Igluu’s second entry on this list is ideal for anyone shopping around for 2 compartment meal prep containers. 

The 2 compartments are guaranteed to keep your foods separate, with each compartment being perfectly portioned to assist you in sticking to your diet plan. 

Each container in this set of 10 can hold up to 887ml of food, making it more compact than their 3 compartment meal box, yet deeper, ideal for anyone looking for meal prep containers for bodybuilding!

The impressive durability of these containers means that they’re microwave, dishwasher, and freezer-friendly, and can withstand sudden changes in temperature without breaking. 

Additionally, as with many of the other entries on this list, these containers are stackable, meaning they won’t take up much space in your kitchen cupboards. 

These are the perfect option if you’re looking to buy cheap plastic meal prep containers. 

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Price: £13.95 for a set of 10

#8 Casa Di Cibo - Glass Food Storage Container

glass meal prep containers uk

If you’re after meal prep glass containers with 3 compartments, then stop looking, because we have the product for you! 

These high-quality food storage containers can hold up to 930ml of food and are guaranteed to be leak-proof, meaning you won’t get any nasty surprises when you take them out of your bag. 

The snap-lock lid makes the container airtight, thus keeping your food fresher for longer. 

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Like many of the other containers on this list of the best meal prep containers, Casa Di Cibo’s product is also dishwasher, freezer, and microwave friendly, and can withstand temperatures between -40°C to 400°C, making it an incredibly sturdy piece of kit! 

This glass food storage container is easy to use and incredibly easy to clean, and it's a perfect way of saving time and money as you can just take your meals with you on the go.

Casa Di Cibo’s product is perfect for anyone shopping for portion size meal prep containers, or simply those looking for a leak-proof container that will stand the test of time! 

Price: £14.95 for set of 5

#9 PrepBox - Meal Prep Container

small meal prep containers

If you’re buying meal prep containers in bulk, then PrepBox’s set of 10 containers will be one of your best options.

PrepBox claims that they’re redefining the standards of meal prep containers by using more expensive, high-quality materials than other brands out on the market. 

These large meal prep containers are designed to be stronger, thicker, and much more secure than some of the more standard containers out there. 

The size of the food container for meal prep is perfect for portion control and encouraging healthy eating, as well as being the ideal size without taking up too much in your bag and cupboards. 

These meal prep containers are reusable, leak-proof, and airtight, ensuring that your food will stay fresher for much, much longer. 

As with all the other containers on this list, this PrepBox meal prep lunch box is freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe, and is built to withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures. 

This product is also stain-resistant, meaning cleaning them won’t be such a chore and if you’re following a plant-based diet, you should take a look online and check out the best vegan cookbooks around! 

With these containers being reusable, this is the perfect product for anyone looking to buy eco meal prep containers, as you won’t have to keep throwing them away after using them, thus helping the environment!  

Price: £15.42 for a set of 10

#10 U-Miss - 3 Compartment Lunch Box 

meal prep containers bodybuilding

For anyone shopping for gym meal prep containers, then U-Miss might just have the container for you. 

Their size makes them perfect for putting in your gym bag and taking with you to your workout, saving you time and money on buying food after a heavy session in the gym. 

You can reuse these containers as many times as you like, as they’re made from durable, BPA-free, food-safe materials, which means that they’re designed to last.

Leaks will be a thing of the past with these containers. The lids will prevent anything from falling out of your box. Plus, this product is freezer safe and prevents any absorption of other odours from the freezer. 

This is ideal for anyone looking for microwavable meal prep containers. U-Miss’ containers are, like many others, microwave and dishwasher safe, making your life a lot simpler when it comes to cleaning. 

You’ll really be getting your money’s worth with these containers, combine it with keto friendly drinks for a great pick me up at lunchtime! 

When you buy this product you’ll receive 20 meal prep containers, 20 sauce cups, 20 forks, and 1 packing bag. 

All of these qualities make U-Miss’ 3 compartment lunch box one of the best containers for meal prep on the market today! 

Price: £15.99 for a set of 20 

#11 Mcirco - Glass Meal Prep Containers 

meal prep containers reusable

As meal prep storage containers go, these ones by Mcirco are going to stand the test of time. 

The high-quality containers, made from borosilicate glass are designed to be stronger and able to adjust to changes in the temperature much better than some of the cheaper glass meal prep storage containers on the market. 

These leak-proof meal prep containers have airtight smart-locking lids on them, meaning your food will stay fresher for longer than if it was in a plastic container. 

Additionally, these meal prep containers are microwave safe, as well as dishwasher, freezer, and oven friendly (up to temperatures of 260°C), meaning that you’re guaranteed a sturdy piece of kit if you purchase these containers. 

If you’re looking for portion size meal prep containers then these by Mcirco will be up your street.

They’re able to hold up to 1064ml each, making them the ideal containers for meal prepping.

Mcirco’s product is undoubtedly one of the best meal prep containers on the market today.

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Price: £21.99 for set of 5 

#12 Igluu - 1 Compartment Meal Prep Containers 

black meal prep containers

Yet another entry for Igluu on this list, and good reason! These black meal prep containers are made from premium quality, BPA-free plastic, that’s thicker than other brands, and are designed to last. 

The containers can hold up to 828ml of food and are ideal for taking to the gym, prepping meals, or storing last night’s left-overs. 

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Like many of the other containers on this list, Igluu’s 1 compartment lunch box is airtight and leak-proof, and has a raised lid which means your food won’t be compressed when in the container. 

The single compartment is also perfect for helping you manage your portions, ensuring you’ll be sticking to your diet. 

Igluu’s product can be used in the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave without any worries, and can be reused as many times as you like. 

Price: £12.95 for a set of 10

#13 Joseph Joseph - Nest Lock Meal Prep Tupperware

disposable meal prep containers

For anyone looking for small meal prep containers, or containers that won’t take up a lot of storage space, then Nest Lock Containers, manufactured by Joseph Joseph, will be your best bet. 

The unique design of the Nest Lock Containers means that the containers fit snugly inside each other and the lids clip together conveniently for space-saving storage. 

Each piece is colour coded, making it easier for you to match the lids with the containers when you need them.

Every product within the Nest Lock range fit together, meaning you can build your little collection of containers without having to sacrifice any additional storage space. 

As with all the products on this list so far, the Nest Lock containers have lids that make them air-tight and ensure that they’re leak-proof. 

They can also be used in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer without any issues. 

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There are three sets available on Amazon, including a 6 piece set, an 8 piece set, and a 22 piece set. The Nest Lock containers are perfect for anyone looking to purchase meal prep containers in bulk. 

Price: £22.25 for a set of 8 

#14 Almias Plus - Stainless Steel Meal Prep Containers 

best containers for meal prep

For anyone looking for stainless steel food containers look no further as these, manufactured by Almias Plus, are by far the best ones on the market! 

Almias Plus’ containers are made from high quality, food-grade stainless steel that doesn’t break, rust, or retain flavours and odours.

It’s also far more durable than glass containers and some of the cheaper plastic containers out there. 

This set of three come in three different sizes. The biggest container can hold up to 828ml of food and is perfect for holding takeouts and sandwiches. 

The second container can hold up to 532ml of food (such as salads and entrees), whilst the third container has a capacity of 354ml and is ideal for holding snacks.

All three containers can be stacked together, saving you vital storage space.

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The containers come with plastic lids that have latches on them to make them completely air-tight and leak-proof. 

This product is completely versatile, so it’s no surprise that these containers are safe to use in the dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven! 

This is a must-buy for anyone shopping around for stainless steel food prep containers.

Price: £14.99 for a set of 3 

#15 iGadget - Meal Prep Lunch Box 

gym meal prep containers

If you’re shopping for disposable meal prep containers, then we have the product for you. 

The iGadget meal prep containers are made from plastic that’s BPA-free and FDA approved, meaning you won’t have any nasty smells or chemicals leaching into your food whilst using them, unlike some of the cheaper plastic containers on the market. 

These meal prep containers feature two compartments, ensuring that you’ll stick to your portion control when using these lunch boxes. You could even fit a healthy cereal bar in the box if you fancy something sweet.

Each container can store a total of 739ml of food, which are perfectly controlled portions to ensure that you stay full and fit! 

The boxes and lids can withstand temperatures from -40°c to 250°c, making them very sturdy, and completely freezer, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Additionally, the containers can be stacked within each other, saving you precious storage space. 

And, as a small added bonus, the containers come with little sauce tubs, so you can take your favourite dressings with you wherever you go! 

Price: £10.95 for a set of 14

#16 VonShef - Glass Lunch Box For Meal Prep 

meal prep containers microwave safe

The VonShef glass containers are perfect for anyone looking to buy a versatile piece of kit that is going to be able to handle anything that’s thrown at it and isn’t going to have to be replaced for many, many years. 

Made from borosilicate glass, the VonShef containers can withstand both cold and hot temperatures, making it entirely oven and freezer friendly (up to 220°c in the oven). 

You could easily store some protein popcorn as a great on the go healthy snack with these food containers!

As well as this, these glass containers are also scratch, stain, and odour proof, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking if you put them in your bag and go for a run or a hike.

There are 5 sizes available in this set of 12 containers, including:

  • 3 x 350ml
  • 3 x 400ml 
  • 2 x 690ml 
  • 2 x 800ml 
  • 2 x 1050ml  

The durability of this set is very impressive, making these meal prep containers ones you should check out if you’re after something a bit tougher than some of the flimsier containers on the market!

Price: £29.99 for a set of 12 

#17 Sistema Klip-It Meal Prep Box  

portion control meal prep containers

For those looking to buy meal prep containers from Tesco, your best bet is going for the Sistema Klip-It pack, which will only set you back by an incredibly cheap £8.50! 

These are perfect for anyone shopping for large meal prep containers, as the containers on offer here have a capacity of 1 litre, meaning there’ll be plenty of space for your meal, and more, inside! 

The Sistema Klip-It locking clips make sure that the container is airtight and leak-proof, thus ensuring that your food will stay fresher for longer.  

Like most other containers, this product is stackable and is entirely safe to be used in microwaves, freezers, and dishwashers without any issues. 

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The Sistema Klip-It is an ideal option for anyone looking to buy a cheap meal prep container from Tesco, that does everything a normal container does, for a much cheaper price! 

Price: £8.50 for a set of 3

Before you go! 

There it is, the 17 best meal prep containers to help you to get organised and on track with your meal plan.

Whichever one you choose, we can assure you that it will be worth every penny and last you a long time.

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