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17 Best Medicine Balls for a Full Body Workout (2020)

Are you looking for the best medicine ball in the UK? We don’t blame you, as they are one of the most useful pieces of exercise equipment for building strength, stability, balance and coordination. Here at OriGym, we have tried and tested all of the most popular products available online and created a shortlist below, so that you don’t have to spend hours researching them yourself! 

Not just this, but we've also included a handful of frequently asked questions at the bottom of the article, and answered them so that you leave our site feeling entirely prepared to make an informed decision. 

Before we get straight to providing you with an answer to the question of which medicine ball should I buy today?, if you've ever considered a career within the health and fitness industry, be sure to take a look at our Level 4 Nutrition Course, or download our prospectus for more information!  

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1. TRENAS Professional Double Handled Medicine Ball 

Price: £34.99 - £67.99 (Depending on weight) 

If you’re looking to buy a double handle medicine ball, then this TRENAS product could certainly be the one for you. Coming in a variety of weights ranging from 3KG to 10KG, this product is suitable to be used within a home setting, or in the gym itself.

The double grip medicine ball is incredibly easy to grab and use, and it can also double up as a kettlebell too, meaning that you can do a wide range of extra exercises you wouldn’t usually be able to do with just a ball. If you want a workout to perform that is tailored towards kettlebells, take a look at our full-body kettlebell workout. You can use this to vary your usual medicine ball workout!   

The double-handled feature gives you the perfect grip and makes it a true all-rounder for all types of sports. 

An excellent option for those who want to work on their core strength, this TRENAS dual grip medicine ball also has little to no bounce, so you won’t have to worry about getting injured during your workout. 

2. BodyRip Exercise Equipment Medicine Ball

Price: £14.99 - £64.95

The BodyRip gym medicine ball has a range of weights, from 1KG all the way up to 15KG. 

BodyRip’s impressive range will undoubtedly motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. The no-bounce medicine ball is highly durable and is ideal for gyms and for home use. 

Depending on what exercise you’re doing, this easy-grip medicine ball can work your triceps, pecs, shoulders, and your core, especially your abdominals. It can be used by anyone, whether you're a beginner or a pro, as it is really simple to train with. 

If you're looking for another way of increasing your upper body strength, why not take a look at our article on the best slam balls that you can find online? 

The weighted medicine ball has been specially designed to increase your core strength, and the vinyl cover will give you all of the extra grip that you need. It will also ensure that the durability of the ball will last for years to come. 

As mentioned earlier this product isn’t a bouncing medicine ball, therefore lowering the risk of you injuring yourself and others around you during your workout. It is a must-buy for those after good quality products. 

3. JLL Weighted Medicine Ball 

Price: £17.99 - £26.99 

If you’re looking for a cheap medicine ball, then JLL could well have what you need. Even better, the balls come in a variety of colours, so you can add a bit of flair to your workouts. 

Made from high quality and heavy-duty rubber, the JLL large medicine ball is designed to be slammed off the floor and walls, and is able to withstand high impacts. 

This product has a raised and textured surface that allows you to grip it very easily, and this also means that you do not need to worry about dropping the ball when you are working out. 

This product can be used for HIIT, strength, CrossFit and rehabilitation training, giving you a wide range of fitness options to use them for. If you’re thinking of getting into CrossFit, read our step by step guide on how to get into CrossFit to help you out! 

The actions of slamming and throwing are perfect for developing explosive power, and the JLL no bounce medicine ball, you’ll be able to do just that. 

The balls also come in 10 weight variations, from 1KG all the way up to 10KG, giving you the opportunity to choose one that suits your workout best. 

4. Bytomic Double Grip Medicine Ball 

Price: £33.98 

Made by Bytomic, the martial arts fitness company, this double handle medicine ball is also available in different sizes and weights, namely 4KG, 6KG and10KG, giving you the option of choosing one that your workout will benefit best from. 

This dual grip medicine ball is a great option for doing a multitude of different workouts. The two handles give you the opportunity for it to double as a kettlebell, thus opening up more workout options for you. So if you want to work on your flexibility by swinging the ball, or you want to increase your core strength and build muscle, then this product for you. 

This product is made from rubber, which ensures that it can take all of the abuse that you throw at it, and for just £33.98 it's a great purchase for a medicine ball with handles. If you wanted to challenge yourself further, take a look at our best weighted vests that you can buy online today! 

5. J/fit Medicine Ball Weights

Price: £51.08 - £139.22

Starting at 4KG, this gym medicine ball by J/fit has been designed to withstand the toughest of workouts, if you’re looking for quality then this is your answer. 

J/fit’s products have gone through over 10 re-designs over the years, with the ultimate aim being to give you the perfect workout, indoors and outdoors so if you’re after a medicine ball in the UK with years of satisfied customers, then this is your answer. 

This isn’t a soft medicine ball so it’s ideal for those looking to work on their strength and conditioning, partake in polymeric and core training, or to have a good cardio workout and build muscle. If you are thinking of combining this ball in circuit training, pair this up with skipping ropes to really challenge yourself. 

Perfect for wall and floor slamming, squats and lunges, this ball also comes in a range of weights and sizes. J/fit is an American company, therefore the measurements and weights are slightly different, but we can tell you that the medicine ball weight ranges between 4KG and 22KG. 

6. TRENAS Exercise Equipment Medicine Ball 

Price: £17.49 - £44.99 

Here’s another cheap medicine ball from TRENAS. This product comes in a variety of weights and colours. It’s made from rubber and has been designed to be durable and is guaranteed to be sturdy enough to endure your vigorous workouts. 

The rubber also gives you maximum grip, so it won’t be slipping out of your grasp anytime soon. The ball is also washable and sanitizable, which is an added bonus during these unprecedented times. If you’re a PT and researching equipment for your clients to use, why not use our personal trainer equipment checklist to help you. 

The ball is inflatable with a valve and since it’s a bouncing medicine ball, it can be used for a variety of different kinds of sports. It’s also suitable to be used in a range of settings, such as schools, throwing clubs, gyms, fitness centres and during athletic sports. 

As mentioned, the ball comes in different sizes, namely 1KG, 1.5KG, 2KG, 3KG, 4KG and 5KG (all in different colours too), making it the best medicine ball if you’re on a budget. 

7. Phoenix Fitness 3KG Medicine Ball

Price: £22.69

If you’re looking for a small medicine ball, look no further than this product by Phoenix Fitness. This Phoenix Fitness Ball is made of rubber and has a textured surface for improved handling and grip, designed specifically for improved comfort during a workout, thus leading to a more focused training session. 

This medicine ball doesn’t bounce, as it is designed to be slammed on solid surfaces, which is perfect for fat loss, core training, CrossFit and resistance training. 

Unfortunately, it’s not a twin handle medicine ball however it still does a great job in strengthening your abs and core muscles. If you wanted to know more about your core muscles, luckily for you we have written an article on how to engage your core effectively

The ball is filled with sand and won’t be rolling and bouncing away from you during workouts. It’s also inflatable and can be deflated through the valve. This is the perfect product for someone who is looking to invest in a singular medicine ball weight, or for someone who is working on a budget! 

8. Fitness Mad Twin Handle Medicine Ball 

Price: £87.99 

If you’re looking for a 10KG medicine ball with handles, then look no further than the Fitness-Mad Double Grip! This ball offers all the benefits of your regular ball, but with increased control and ability to bear up heavier weights. 

The ball is yet another made from rubber, and also has two handles, giving you all the extra grip you’ll need. The handles are easy to hold with either one or two hands. Also, despite the handles, the ball is still a perfect sphere. 

This product can be deflated or inflated to suit the hardness you want it to be via a valve. Like most of the balls on the list, it also can come in a range of different sizes, dependent on your workout needs. If you wanted to work out your core even further, read our best ab rollers article to push you further. 

This is perfect for those looking for a heavier option, or just a good quality twin handle medicine ball. 

9. Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball 

Price: £20.66 - £79.16

Champion Sports have recently designed a thick synthetic leather outer layer and this means the ball is guaranteed to endure any workout you put it through, no matter how hard you go. It also gives you maximum control, and most importantly, plenty of grip on the ball. 

The ball is a great cross trainer for any sport and combines flexibility, cardio, strength and muscle training all into one. If you're interested in combining all of these features into a career, take a look at our strength and conditioning CPD for more information. 

The ball also comes in a variety of colours and weights. The medicine ball weight increments start from 2KG all the way up to 10KG. It seems to be a pretty popular product online too, with an average review of 4.7 out of 5 from over 500 reviews on Amazon alone. If all this isn’t enough of a selling point for this leather medicine ball, we don’t know what is. 

10. Physical Company Double Handled Medicine Ball 

Price: £49.96 - £78.51 

This medicine ball with handles can be used in much the same way as a regular ball, but they provide so much more versatility during your workout. 

Made from a durable, heavy-duty rubber, its textured surface gives you improved grip, whilst also being able to withstand continuous, intense use. The dual handles also give you more options for rotational power drills and snatch type exercises. This ball is perfect for functional training and circuits too. If you want to run your own circuit class, enquire about our circuit training CPD and become your own boss! 

As with most of the products on this list, Physical Company offers theirs in a range of sizes, ranging from a 4KG medicine ball with handles all the way up to 10KG, giving you a variety to choose from. 

On top of all this, the black finish with the green stripes gives you one stylish looking ball to workout with. Now, who wouldn’t want that?  

11. Metis Fitness Slam Ball 

Price: £14.99 - £43.99

If you’re after a heavy medicine ball, then Metis have you covered. Their product comes in a range of weights and sizes, starting from 3KG and going all the way up to 20KG. 

Made from hard-wearing PVC, the medicine balls with weights have a tyre tread design with grooves to provide the best grip, as well as long term resilience against any type of damage. This ball won’t be breaking in a hurry, that’s for sure. 

The ball has also been designed to improve an array of muscle groups, making it perfect for training that works on your strength, endurance and speed. On top of this, due to the weight composition of the ball, it will provide you with a low or little bounce, ensuring you have complete control over it during your workout! 

This ball is perfect for anyone not looking for a small medicine ball, or for those looking to up their strength training then we have a real winner here. 

12. Opti Medicine Ball Set 

Price: £15.99 

This set of 3 is perfect for anyone looking to work with a soft medicine ball during their workout. 

These balls are ideal for your workout routine as they will help improve your agility, flexibility, and of course, your strength. They are perfect for a wide range of exercises and will give your upper body, lower body, and abdominal muscles the workout that they need. You should definitely take some time after reading this article and look at our top push up bars for an upper body workout! 

The balls have a PVC surface and can be inflated and deflated depending on your preference of how hard they need to be via the valve. They are easy to grip and comfortable to hold during your workout. 

The 3 balls are 3 different weights, which are 1KG, 3KG and a 5KG medicine ball. The price of £15.99 for all three balls is definitely a bargain and is perfect for anyone working on a budget and looking to buy a cheaper option. 

13. Sveltus Medicine Ball 8KG 

Price: £53.47

If you want to buy an 8KG medicine ball with handles, then Sveltus could just have the one for you.

This rubber, black and orange medicine ball has two handles, which A) ensure that you have a proper grip of it during your workout, and B) give you the option of using the ball in a very similar way to dumbbells. If you wanted to use dumbbells instead, take a look at our best adjustable dumbbells for more information. 

Using this medicine ball with a handle is a great way to improve your core stability, and is perfect for strengthening muscles and improving your coordination. It is also ideal for use in resistance training and will help strengthen your joints, work on your abs and all your functional movements. 

It is also available in other weights too, including 4KG, 6KG and 10KG, should you want a different sized option. Despite being a little on the pricey side, this is still a great option for anyone looking to invest in the best medicine ball you can find online. 

14. Max Strength Leather Medicine Ball 

Price: £39.85

The Max Strength ball is a great option if you’re looking for a heavy ball to buy, and has been described by the manufacturers as the ‘ultimate tool to be used in functional training and competition’. 

The Max Strength ball has a thick leather hide, ensuring maximum durability during the toughest of workout sessions, and light-textured exterior that allows for a firm grip whilst holding, doing throwing exercises or simply maintaining balance. 

This ball has been built for lifting, but it can also be used for push-ups and planks too as it does not roll easily, giving you the stability that you’d need whilst doing these exercises. 

As always there are different weights available, those being 8KG, 10KG and 12KG medicine ball and has a balanced level of bounce, meaning you’re in control of it throughout your workout. 

15. Phoenix Fitness Double Handle Medicine Ball 

Price: £49.99 

This 8KG medicine ball with handles made by Phoenix Fitness is perfect if you’re after a great quality ball to workout with. The ball has an anti-slip textured surface, that ensures that you won’t injure yourself during a workout. 

This product has a textured surface and the aforementioned two handles, giving you increased control and the ability to handle heavier weights. 

The double grip medicine ball can also be used to make the ball act more like a kettlebell or a dumbbell, thus increasing the range of exercises you’re able to do with it. 

The ball won’t be rolling away from you either, making it a perfect tool to use during exercises such as planking and crunches. 

The ball has a reduced bounce element that will help you improve your core and tone your muscles. If you wanted to challenge yourself if you find push-ups too easy, take a look at our 13 push-up variations to try at home or at the gym!

16. SKLZ Unisex Performance Medicine Ball 5KG 

Price: £26.12 

For those looking for a 5KG medicine ball, then the SKLZ Performance is one you should definitely take a look at. 

The SKLZ unisex product has a maximum grip pattern which gives you ultimate control over the ball and ensures that it won’t be slipping out of your hands during a vigorous workout anytime soon. The design of the product gives you a bouncing medicine ball with consistent bounce results. 

The SKLZ ball is perfect for improving your throwing, swinging and hitting, and is the ideal tool to use when you’re training your upper body, core strength and rotational power. 

One of the cheaper options you can find online, this product you should consider if you don’t want to be spending a lot of money on gym equipment. Yes, unfortunately, it’s not a 5kg medicine ball with handles, but if you’re not wanting to break the bank then this is the option to go for. 

17. GymStick 4KG Medicine Ball With Handles 

Price: £58.12 

Available in different weights and sizes, the GymStick ball is ideal for anyone after a twin handle medicine ball to complement their workout. 

Like many others on this list, the GymStick ball has two handles. It offers all the same benefits as your traditional ball, but it also gives you increased control of the ball and is perfect for training your core stability, mobility, agility, and your overall fitness. 

This medicine ball with a handle feature means you can again use the ball in a similar way to kettlebells and dumbbells and opens up a wider range of workout exercises for you. 

As mentioned before, the ball is available in 4 different weights, including 4KG, 6KG, 8KG and a 10KG medicine ball with handles, giving you the option of picking and choosing one that you think will benefit your workout the best. 

Whatever size you choose, this product is extremely effective in developing your core strength, speed and explosive power. If you wanted a career in developing athletes to become stronger and faster sounds like a good career plan, read our article on how to become a strength and conditioning coach in 2020! 


How to use a medicine ball?  

If you're still wondering how to use a medicine ball after reading through our product list, don't panic. We're about to explain everything that you need to know when it comes to medicine ball basics. 

The first thing that you should know is that medicine balls can be used in almost every exercise and movement you can think of! It's a pretty versatile piece of equipment, and can be used for static or dynamic movements, as well as those that are performed whilst seated, standing, or even lying down. 

So, in answer to the question of how to use a medicine ball, you can pretty much use it within most training programmes. It's difficult to answer the question directly in the form of step-by-step instructions, but you should always ensure that the type of medicine ball that you're using matches the exercise that you're performing for your own safety. 

If you want to try out some exercises (the best way to learn), check out our video of over 100 different exercises below! 

What size medicine ball to buy?

This will all depend on the actual weight that you choose when you are buying your ball. The heavier the weight, the bigger the ball so bear this in mind prior to purchasing one.  

If you’re planning on using the ball and slamming it to the ground, we suggest you should pick a lighter weight as long as it still allows you feel some form of resistance. You don't want to go too light. 

On the other hand, if you’re using this product during core exercises then we suggest you use a heavier weight to help support you as you work out. 

What weight medicine ball should I use?

This will be entirely down to you! However, if you're a complete beginner to medicine ball exercises, we at OriGym suggest you start off with a lighter weight and work your way up.  

It's important to note if you're using a medicine ball, to also choose a weight that will give you some resistance as you exercise, as if it's too light and you're doing a diamond push up for example, then you definitely need a medicine ball with a heavier weight. 

Before you go! 

We hope that after reading our list, you're able to make an informed decision when selecting the right medicine ball for you. As long as you pick a product that is heavy enough to challenge you (but not so heavy that it's dangerous to exercise with), and you pair your training with a good diet, you’ll quickly see the results that you're looking for. 

If you’re feeling inspired after this article and want to pass on your passion for fitness to others, check out our REPs accredited personal trainer courses, or download our FREE prospectus before you go! 

Written by Zac Yeo

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