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17 Best Men's Triathlon Suits of 2020

  • Last Updated: 29th September 2020
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Finding the best tri suit (men's) for your needs can be a huge challenge due to the vast amount of factors and features to consider beforehand. There are short-sleeved, sleeveless, full body, two piece tri suits for men, and more, all with varying pros and cons...  

Here at OriGym, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the right suit and compiled a comprehensive list of men's triathlon suit reviews to make the process a whole lot easier for you! 

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What is a men's tri suit? 

A men’s tri suit - or triathlon suit to give them their full name - is basically a specially designed outfit for men to wear whilst they’re participating in a triathlon.

You’re probably wondering - what’s wrong with a running top and my trusty pair of joggers? Well, a triathlon traditionally consists of three sporting disciplines; swimming, cycling, and running, and these all require different fabrics, features, considerations, and added extras in order to be as efficient as possible. Men’s tri suits are available as one complete suit or as a men’s two piece tri suit, and with a variety of designs and prices.

#1 - 2XU Compression Full Suit

Price: £160.00

2xu tri suit mens review

Australian brand 2XU is a big name in the world of triathlons, and their compression suit is considered the best men's tri suit on the market by many. It may not have undergone the rigorous evolution of some of the newer brands on the list, but why alter a classic?

This suit will cover all your triathlon needs, but the level of comfort and durability makes it especially suited for longer races (even those stretching to Ironman distance). The compression element of the suit helps to supply more oxygen to your muscles and can prevent the painful build-up of lactic acid. The patented PWX 105D power mesh fabric molds perfectly to your body and provides muscle mapping and increased stabilisation during the running and cycling sections of the race. For the right nutrition plan to best fuel your cycling, read our post on cycling nutrition plans

Throw in special Swiss Vent fabric for industry-leading breathability that still provides a lot of UV protection, and you’ve got a suit that's perfect for all weather conditions. There are easily accessible pockets on the rear (which is more aerodynamic than front facing pockets), and a full length zipper for added ventilation.

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The suit is designed to enhance endurance and prevent injury over longer distances, but anyone will benefit from the moisture management fabric and compression. It’s no wonder that the 2XU tri suit (men's) is so popular! If you’re searching for an all round suit with high performance from a brand you can trust, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

#2 -  Zoot Men's Ultra Tri Short Sleeve Aero Jersey

Price: £85.00

zoot tri suit mens

Zoot prides itself on innovation, and this might be the most technologically advanced men's tri suit on the list. The unique selling point is the new Aero fabric, which Zoot describes as wind cheating. It’s designed to help you travel faster by reducing wind resistance and drag through the air. 

Zoot has gone to great lengths to ensure that this fabric is effective, and the suit has been put through extensive testing in a wind tunnel. By placing the fabric at critical points in the suit, athletes can travel much more efficiently.

This suit excels in other departments, too. It’s made from premium Italian materials with moisture management in mind, so you won’t find yourself drenched in sweat, and it dries off quickly after being lifted out of water. There’s UPF sun protection of 50+, and the fabric helps to moderate your body temperature which is crucial for long distance races.

You won’t have any problems with chafing either, as the suit is skin tight. There are large pockets on the back, perfect for storing energy gels and snacks, and two smaller pockets on the sides. If you need some guidance on choosing the best energy gels then take a look at our article on the 13 best running gels to fuel your triathlons efficiently! The design ensures that these pockets are streamlined, and doesn’t sacrifice aerodynamics. Better still, the suit is designed with some reflective elements, so if you happen to be training at night you’ll always be visible and safe.

Anybody looking for a men's triathlon suit with a difference, and one that really uses science to guarantee optimal performance, need look no further. Zoot's tri suit (men's version) is one of the best you’ll find anywhere.

#3 - Stolen Goat Core Green

Price: £160.00

mens triathlon suit review

The Stolen Goat suit always ranks highly in men's triathlon suit reviews, and for good reason. With its neon green styling, this is certainly one of the more eye-catching suits on our list, and there’s a lot of substance underneath too. It has undergone extensive aerodynamic tests with wind resistance specialists Bioracer, and the results are impressive. 

The specially designed ‘Airstripe half-length’ sleeves are capable of saving 8-10 watts each, and over a long distance you’ll certainly feel the difference. Stolen Goat manage to strike a balance between compression and comfort, so the suit feels molded to the skin but it isn’t unduly tight. Leg grippers prevent chafing, but they aren’t so constrictive as to feel unpleasant. 

The fabric is lightweight, water-resistant and breathable. It’s also fast-drying and offers UV protection, making this a great all rounder for races in any weather conditions. The Tri Specific Pad is another added bonus. It was developed with triathlon professionals, and offers maximum comfort on the bike, but zero interference off of it. If you're on the lookout for other pieces of equipment to help you in your race, check out OriGym's list of the best running gear here

With its specially designed sleeves and aerodynamic performance, this is the perfect men's triathlon suit for anybody looking to shave those extra few seconds off their time. We were also big fans of the design, and this suit really stands out amongst the often much more conservative offerings available elsewhere. 

#4 - De Soto Forza Flisuit

Price: £261.00

men's two piece tri suit mens review

Another big name brand, Forza has made a tri suit men will love. This might just be the best men's triathlon suit for beginners, as its huge number of aerodynamically designed pockets offer unprecedented levels of storage. There are a total of 5 pockets, and a hidden fly just above the pad, making it easier to quickly head to the bathroom.

The De Soto is a robust suit all round. It offers one of the best levels of UV sun protection on the list, at an impressive 90. This is thanks to the patented De Soto Skin Cooler 90 fabric, which is also breathable, and designed to fit securely against the skin. It’s fantastic for temperature moderation in both hot and cold conditions. 

The lower part of the suit is made of compression fabric, and there’s a back panel made out of Liftfoil, another Forza patent. The foil is designed to lift and support your muscles during the race, leading to higher levels of comfort and endurance. There’s even a very welcome “modesty” panel added to the crotch area, to prevent any embarrassing saddle stains. 


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It’s the Skin Cooler fabric which provides the main draw here, and there are a variety of testimonials from medical and sporting professionals on Forza’s website which sing its praises. When the fabric is wet, it can reduce the surface temperature of the skin by an impressive 7 to 10 degrees, which is absolutely essential if you're planning to run a longer, more gruelling triathlon. 

If you’re looking for a triathlon suit (men's) that will keep you comfortable in extremes of temperature, this is likely the suit for you.

#5 - Pearl iZumi Men’s Team Octane Suit

Price: £155.32

mens triathlon suit sale

Pearl iZumi is another company that spends a great deal of money on research, and as a result it produces some of the more technologically advanced suits available. The Octane Suit is no different. It was originally designed as part of the company's Speed Shop programme, and was intended to give Pearl sponsored athletes an advantage in competitive races. Nowadays it’s one of the most requested men's triathlon suits in the world.

The main selling point is the Pro Transfer Aero fabric on the sleeves, which smooths out airflow around your shoulders, reducing wind resistance and drag, and therefore saving you watts. Special Speed Sleeve modification reduces wrinkles between your upper arms and torso, saving a few more watts there, too.

It’s the attention to detail that really stands out here. Even the cuffs are laser cut for added comfort, and leg grippers provide just the right combination of compression and comfort. We also loved the collar, which is low, making it perfect for all three parts of the triathlon. There’s ample storage too with four pockets spread around the suit, all easy to access and, of course, expertly streamlined.

It’s no wonder that men's tri suit reviews are full of praise for both company and suit. There are two designs available, and they’re both quite striking. We particularly liked the orange pulse theme, and it’s great to see a men's triathlon suit with half an eye on fashion as well as speed.

#6 - Louis Garneau Aero Tri Suit

Price: £330.90

tri suit mens uk

It’s certainly not the cheapest option on the list, but this might just be the most complete men's triathlon suit that you’ll be able to find. Louis Garneau is well known in the cycling world, but they’ve recently made the move into triathlon equipment, with stunning results. The company's motto is simply 'no compromise', and this shows through every design choice.

This is a premium suit with a premium design. It comes with the latest cutting edge aerodynamics and ergonomics. Its patented SpeedTech fabric underwent rigorous speed tunnel tests, and was found to be the fastest out of over 180 other contenders. Louis Garneau incorporated it into the shoulders and back of the suit for maximum efficiency.

Temperature moderation is key for any triathlete, and the suit takes care of that too. There are ice pockets located over the femoral and iliac arteries, ensuring maximum cooling of the blood vessels. Pockets are expertly designed to be streamlined, spacious, and secure, with a tight elastic seal to prevent the loss of any crucial nutritional snacks. For the best 21 running supplements, read our article for all the information that you need. 

We could go on and on about the huge number of exceptional features of this men's tri suit, but it’s likely that whatever you’re looking for in a tri suit the Aero has it, along with masses of other features that won’t even have crossed your mind. This luxury comes at a price, of course, and you might have to wait for a men's triathlon suit sale to try and save a bit of money.

#7 - TYR Men’s Competitor Tri Suit

Price: $109.99 (international shipping)

2 piece tri suit mens

This men's triathlon suit from TYR is specifically designed to increase blood flow to your muscles, thus boosting performance, endurance and speed. This is fundamental, and we were very pleased to find a suit with so many features at such a reasonable price.

Obviously, the blood flow boosting compression will be the biggest draw here. The suit is constructed with special webbing that molds to the muscles and promotes circulation, boosting muscle performance. This makes a huge difference over longer distances, but anybody will be able to feel the benefits even during a shorter triathlon.

The suit comes with some other great features too. It offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun, and the fabric is quick drying. The front locking zipper is huge, and useful if you require some extra ventilation. The built in pad is specially designed to absorb your weight during the cycling phase of a triathlon, ensuring that you feel comfortable and unrestricted. 

Throw in a free finish leg grip and you’ve got one of the best suits for first time triathlon runners who want to make sure that every base is covered. Due to the positioning of the zip and grips, this is also one of the easier suits to take on and off, so you won’t have to spend hours grappling with it when you’re already exhausted after a race!

With so many tri suit men's versions available, and some of them in a much higher price bracket, it’s good to know that quality can still be affordable.

#8 - Castrelli Free Sanremo Suit Sleeveless

Price: £189.00

best mens tri suit reviews

There’s a lot to love here, but perhaps the most attention grabbing feature is the anti bacterial saddle pad, which is designed to prevent painful saddle sores. This isn’t surprising from a company renowned for its cycling speciality, but Castrelli has been able to produce a men's tri suit of extraordinary quality, with enough original features to make it stand out from the crowd.

The Sanremo promises all the convenience of a two piece tri suit men's version, but with the comfort of a one piece. There’s certainly plenty of space, with full pockets on the back of the suit, which lie flat during the swimming section of the race. A further two hip pockets give you a little more room for nutrition, and the leg grips provide enough compression without feeling uncomfortable.

We love this well thought-out design. The top section of the suit is made from patented SpeedFreak race fabric, with soft arm holes to reduce any chafing. Velocity mesh has undergone extensive wind tunnel testing to prove how fast it is for the cycling leg. Instadry speed fabric is specially engineered for pace through the water with minimal moisture absorption. 

The front of the suit is designed for quick bathroom breaks, and also with ventilation in mind. Castelli developed the Sanremo with Ironman distances in mind, but we’re sure that any athlete will benefit. Castrelli are based in Switzerland, but they ship worldwide, so anyone searching for triathlon suit men's UK delivery will not be left disappointed. 

#9 - 2XU Active Trisuit

Price: £85.00

2xu tri suit mens

The 2XU tri suit men's department is famous across the world for its high quality, streamlined designs. The Active Trisuit represents a lower cost alternative to the Compression Suit, which also makes an appearance on this list, but this is a fantastic suit in its own right. With an emphasis on muscle support, durability and airflow, it comes packed with enough features to interest even the most seasoned triathlete. 

It’s the highly specialised fabrics which are of real interest here, and they come with a number of benefits. The upper SBR Skin Lite segment is designed with moisture management in mind. It’s water-resistant and dries fast, as well as being extremely breathable. The lower section is all about muscle support. It moves with the body, and stretches with your muscles to ensure that they’re getting all the support they need.

Sensor Mesh X panels increase ventilation, and ensure that sweat and moisture never build up inside the suit. All of this combines to eliminate sweat and water build-up, and ensures that the suit remains cool and breathable even at high temperatures.

Everything has been extensively researched to the highest standard, and 2XU is a trusted name in men's triathlon suits, with a reputation for quality. You can’t go wrong with this suit, and we think it represents a perfect entry point for anybody taking their first steps in the world of triathlon, especially if you’re searching for the best men's tri suit on a slightly lower budget: the Active represents incredible value for money.

#10 - Orca 226 Perform

Price: £129.00

triathlon suit mens uk

If you’ve been reading a lot of men's triathlon suit reviews you’ll already be familiar with the Orca brand. It’s extremely popular, and its suits are known for their high quality. 

This is a one piece, sleeveless suit, but don’t be put off by the lack of sleeves. While some sleeveless outfits can cause chafing around the arms, there are no such worries here. The fabric is soft and anti-chafing, and the elegant design will keep you cool during the race. 

Somewhat uniquely, this suit uses nanocrystal technology for that cooling effect. The crystals are sewn into the fabric, cooling it down and drawing any excess moisture out. This is a fantastic feature, and it means that you’ll be safe from sweat, and you won’t get weighed down after the swim.

To help keep you even drier, there’s mesh fabric around the pockets in case anything that you’re carrying leaks. The innovative Stretchskin fabric molds to the body, providing an excellent level of targeted compression and muscle support, as well as UPF 50+ protection.

There’s thermo-sealing on the upper suit to prevent chafing, and even the chamois is made from dense Italian fabric for maximum comfort. A lot of attention to detail has gone into this suit, and it’s a strong all rounder, especially if you’re thinking of running a longer distance triathlon, where you’ll benefit much more from the moisture and temperature control features. You may also want to grab some extra running accessories if this is something that you're planning! 

If you’re struggling with different sizes from other countries, then you’ll be pleased to know that Orca is UK based, so anyone searching for tri suit men's UK sizes will be able to find exactly what they need. 

#11- HUUB Essential Long Course Tri Suit

Price: £99.99

mens triathlon suit reviews

If you run longer triathlons or even want to tackle the formidable Ironman distance, then you’re probably searching for a men's triathlon suit that’s just right for the job. You'll also need the right mindset and attitude for such demanding challenges, so read through our article on improving mental toughness to get your mind ready as well as your body. It needs enough storage for nutrition and hydration, offer ample muscle support to see you through the challenge and, of course, be durable enough to last the entire course.

There are plenty of factors to take into consideration, but fortunately, HUUB has tailormade a men's core long course tri suit that’s sure to see you through even the most gruelling event. It comes with upper body UV protection, which is essential if you plan to spend a long time in the sun, and easy access to rear pockets spacious enough to hold everything you need.

The fabric is quick drying, and we especially like the mesh panel on the back of the suit. It’s light and breathable, and lets any excess moisture escape easily into the air. This is one of the most comfortable suits you’ll find which is increasingly important if you’re going to be wearing it for a long time. Even the leg grippers manage to strike a balance between compression and comfort.

Everything feels specifically geared towards long distance running in this tri suit. A full length front zip facilitates quick and easy rest stops and can also help with some added ventilation if you need it. Long sleeves are essential for longer distance events, as you’ll want to lower your exposure to the elements.

The fleece lining is one of the suit's best features, functioning as equal part protection for the cycling section, and as a way to quickly wick water away after the swim. Whether you’re getting ready for your first long distance triathlon, or you’re a seasoned pro after a more up to date suit, every design choice has been made with your needs in mind.

#12 - TRI400 Men’s Compression Sleeveless Tri Suit

Price: £110.60

tri suit mens

Anybody searching for a men's tri suit geared slightly more towards swimming will be extremely happy with the TRI400. Its pressure treated fabric has been specifically engineered to help swimmers glide easily through the water, and moisture management technology means shorter drying times. There are even specially placed panels of TRI400 fabric, designed to reduce drag. And if you’re also contemplating buying a swimming tracker, check out our article on the best 15 swimming trackers to find the perfect one for you.

That said, this is much more than just a glorified swimsuit, and you’ll get plenty of benefits from it over the rest of the race. Drawing upon data from 3D body scans, the suit is designed around 400 individual fitting points, which adhere to specific parts of the body and boost compression. This is part of the suit’s Dynamic Gradient Compression system, which aims to increase muscle oxygenation and reduce the build up of lactic acid over long distances.

Anti-friction carbon panels protect the thighs from any chafing, and we loved the feel of the super smooth TRI400 fabric. It molds to the body to present a perfectly streamlined profile, optimised for speed. The foam chamois is impressive too, reducing friction as you pedal. It expands and contracts with your movements, so you’ll never feel uncomfortable.

The odour management system is a nice addition. Fabric is treated with antimicrobial substances, discouraging the bacterial growths which lead to bad smells. There’s 50+ UV protection too, and really very little reason not to give this great suit a try.

With free UK delivery for orders over £100, anyone searching for a triathlon suit (men's) in the UK need look no further.

#13 - Synergy Triathlon Tri Suit

Price: £89.95

mens tri suit mens reviews

Every athlete looks for something different from their suit. Some will search for speed, others will want quick dry fabric or lots of storage space. If comfort tops your list of priorities, then this offering from Synergy is probably the suit for you. It’s absolutely the best men's tri suit for comfort, and it comes with enough additional features to make it one of the best all round performers.

The suit uses a superior Nylon/Spandex blend to create a fabric that offers optimal compression and aerodynamics while remaining incredibly comfortable. Extra large arm holes ensure that you won’t experience any chafing, and there’s even an added modesty panel for extra comfort. 

Better still, the fleece is anti-microbial, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and should prevent any build up of unpleasant odours. The 2 pockets are situated on the back of the suit to keep it as streamlined as possible, and there’s ample space to store gels and nutritious snacks. 

If that wasn’t enough, the front zipper is adjustable up to 3/4, ensuring maximum comfort and some extra ventilation should you require it. This suit represents an excellent balancing act between comfort and efficiency, and manages to deliver both without sacrifice on either side. A commendable effort indeed.

As this particular suit is readily available from Amazon, you might just be able to get it for a lower price during a men's tri suit sale.

Triathlons are a long and intense challenge so you need to remember to stay hydrated. OriGym have an easy solution: check out our article on the best hydration tablets to fuel your body to stay healthy!

#14 - Anemoi Aero Tri Suit

Price: £124.99

triathlon suit mens

The Anemoi is quite an innovative and forward thinking brand. In an attempt to revolutionise the tri suit industry, HUUB brought in Dan Bigham, an aerodynamic performance engineer fresh from Mercedes-AMG. A cyclist and triathlete himself, Dan worked with HUUB to try and better understand the fundamental principles of speed, efficiency and endurance, and the results are spectacular. 

HUUB claims that the Anemoi is the fastest men's tri suit on the market, capable of shaving an impressive 6 to 7 minutes off your time in an Ironman distance race. Looking at the evidence it’s hard to argue with them. This is probably the most advanced men's triathlon suit you’ll find, and the work that went into the project has paid dividends. 

There are almost too many features to list, and the suit comes with an incredible array of unique, patented additions. Arms Neutral makes swimming more comfortable and efficient by reducing your usual stretch cycle by up to 50%. Neoprene Trip Technology streamlines every movement and saves you time. 

Even the basics are done well. Longer arms and legs streamline your contours, and there’s a spacious rear pocket, itself designed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind. While these features and the promise of faster times will probably appeal to triathlon veterans the most, we think that anybody regardless of their level will love these suits, which genuinely feel like the future of the sport. 

HUUB is quick to point out that this suit isn’t the end. It’s just the first stepping stone on their journey to designing the ultimate triathlon suit, and we can’t wait to see where that journey takes them.

#15 - BlueSeventy TX2000

Price: £155.00

triathlon suit mens reviews

The TX2000 underwent a lengthy testing phase, as it was put through its paces for over a year by professional and amateur athletes over a variety of distances. Now, the suit is particularly popular with those running long distance or even Ironman triathlons who need durable suits that don’t chafe and keep the elements at bay.

This might well be the best men's core long course tri suit in its price bracket, and it comes with several features that make it absolutely perfect for longer distances. Its long sleeves provide additional protection from the elements, and the design is geared towards maximum flexibility, especially of the arms during the swim.

It’s praised for its efficient heat transference properties, which will help to keep you cool on even the most gruelling course. Special Carvico VITA fabric with coldblack moderates body temperature and helps keep the heat of the sun at bay. With two spacious back pockets to store everything you need on a long distance track, there's no wonder why it's favoured by Ironman around the world.

We loved the Berenis chamois, which is light enough so that you don’t even notice it during the run, but provides excellent support during the cycle section of the race. Blue Seventy is primarily a developer of wetsuits, but they’ve really struck gold with the TX2000, and developed possibly the best men's tri suit for long distances.

That said, we can heartily recommend this suit to anybody, regardless of the distances they plan to take on. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and the VITA fabric will keep you wonderfully cool as you race.

#16 - Funky Skull Speedsuit

Price: £135.00

mens core long course tri suit

If you’re on the lookout for a men's triathlon suit that’s a little different, and you want to stand out from the crowd, then look no further than the Funky Skull Speedsuit. Funky Skull has a reputation for making stylish and attention grabbing sportswear, and this suit is no different. With its vivid colours, striking lines and eye catching logo (a multicoloured skull wearing sunglasses), you’re certain to make a statement. 

Of course, a men's tri suit must be much more than just good looking, and there’s plenty of substance beneath the stylish exterior. The elastane suit is aerodynamically streamlined, with the two pockets placed on the back to lower drag. These pockets are nice and spacious, so you’ll certainly be able to fit a few gels in there.

Interior flatlock seams make the suit comfortable to wear even on longer triathlons, and we loved the full length zipper on the front. Unlike some of the other 3/4 length zips, this is extra convenient for quick bathroom stops, or if you need a little added ventilation. The pad is double density too, so it’ll see you through even the most punishing Ironman triathlon.

This suit is an excellent all round performer, and Funky Skull is a brand you can trust. They won the prestigious ‘Tri-suit Brand of the Year’ from 220triathalon back in 2018, and they’ve continued to go from strength to strength since.

The iconic design is probably the biggest draw here, but the Funky Skull Speedsuit is fantastic in its own right. It might just be the best men's tri suit in this more affordable price bracket.

#17 - dhb Blok Vesuvio

Price: £75.00

two piece tri suit mens

One piece tri suits might be the more popular choice at the moment, but there are still a lot of advantages to be found with the classic two piece. They’re more comfortable, and they don’t hold the heat like a one piece often does. They usually have more storage too, and make bathroom breaks much easier. 

If you’re searching for a modern and well designed men's two piece tri suit, then you can’t go far wrong with the dhb Blok Vesuvio. It’s somewhat of a classic, but it’s been updated wonderfully, and we absolutely love the striking design.

The fabric on top is lightweight, so it’s breathable and will help keep you cool. It’s also quick drying and moisture resistant, and holds a 50+ UPF rating. Interestingly, it’s also sunscreen and chlorine resistant, features rarely seen in some of the much more expensive suits. Two back pockets complete the top, so you’ll never be short of space. 

The shorts offer all the same benefits, as well as compression to aid circulation and a chamois designed specifically for triathlons. Comfortable silicone grippers are a nice addition, and this is definitely some of the most comfortable racing gear that you’ll find. 

While a two piece tri suit in men's fitting might not be as popular as they once were, with innovation shifting towards the more aerodynamically effective one piece, but that doesn’t mean that you should forget about them altogether. The Vesuvio proves that a two piece can be comfortable while still retaining many of the benefits of its more streamlined cousin. 

How to choose a men's tri suit? 

tri suit mens image

There are a lot of important considerations that you should make before committing to a triathlon suit.

  • The fabric and design: is it lightweight, waterproof or water-resistant, fully zipped or partially zipped (for ventilation), is it aerodynamic and streamlined, temperature regulating, does it have pockets and where are the pockets situated, long sleeved, short sleeved, or sleeveless?
  • The built-in pad: is it comfortable, anti-microbial, anti-chafe, does it provide enough support?
  • Any added features: UPF protection, added vents, compression sections, eye-catching design? 

Ultimately, there will be factors that you feel are completely necessary in a men’s tri suit and others that won’t be as important. Our advice would be to first decide if you prefer a one or two piece and then go from there as this will reduce your initial options and make the further search a lot easier.

What is the best men's tri suit? 

Obviously deciding on the best men’s tri suit is very subjective as you might feel that other suits are better and for different reasons. With so many features, materials, prices, and designs to choose from it’s a very difficult question to answer and you shouldn’t take our opinion as the only answer! We have done plenty of research and we know a thing or two about triathlons, but you should check out each of the men’s triathlon suits for yourself too. 

One of the best men’s tri suits on this list for us has to be the HUUB Anemoi Aero Tri Suit. This tri suit has all the features and structure you would need for a challenging triathlon, including: lightweight and breathable fabric with Neoprene Trip technology for increased aerodynamics, a spacious rear pocket for all your energy gel needs, Arms Neutral innovation for easier swimming, and the overall capacity to knock 6 minutes of your final time.

The input from Mercedes-AMG performance engineer Dan Bigham has clearly paid off and makes this a product that is definitely worth investing in.

Before you go!

With so many factors to consider when purchasing the right men's tri suit for you it can seem like a daunting and time consuming task. Hopefully we’ve taken most of the stress out of the process, and you’ve found the right one for your next triathlon challenge. 

Be sure to check the measurements, and remember that some brands recommend going up a size to ensure the fit isn’t too snug!

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