7 Best Men's Walking Boots of 2021

mens walking boots

Men’s walking boots are an essential piece of kit for any man who loves the outdoors, and wants to properly experience everything that the countryside has to offer.  And what you wear on your feet can often play a pivotal role in the distance you can walk, the terrain you can cover, and your overall comfort levels.

Whether you’re into mountaineering, hiking or even just general rambling, we’ve handpicked the very best men’s walking boots to suit a wide range of budgets and tastes, as well as sizes.

UK trails and mountains can be strenuous, so we’ll also break down the most quintessential qualities you’ll need in your boots to bring out the true outdoorsman in you, and ensure you get the most out of your men’s hiking boots.


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How To Choose The Right Walking Boot 

There’s a huge amount of walking boots on the market, and choosing the right one for you is often more important than you might think. We’ve explored all the key factors you’ll need to consider, and what you should be looking for to get the most for your money.

#1 - Terrain

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider when you’re looking to buy a pair of mens’ walking boots is the terrain you’ll be walking on, and how that can affect the level of protection and comfort you need.

For instance, if your journey takes you trailing or rambling, perhaps you’ll only need a pair of boots fit for a casual walk. These are often cheaper and lighter, as these environments aren’t extreme or dangerous, so you won’t need expensive boots more fitting for mountaineering. 

You might also want to consider a sturdy pair of the best men’s trail running shoes, too, if you’re planning to up your speed.

By the same token, if you happen to be hiking on extreme terrain then you’ll definitely need to find the best men’s hiking boots you can. For this, you’ll need a sole with great grip and traction, capable of manoeuvring tricky ground.

Ultimately, we’d recommend working out the type of terrain you’ll be walking on before you commit to buying a pair of mens hiking boots, so you can have the best possible experience.

#2 - Comfort

As with any gear you’ll be wearing for an extended period of time, or during particularly strenuous exercise, comfort is absolutely essential. It not only means you’ll feel more capable of carrying on, but you can push yourself that bit further when it comes to the effort you put in.

We’ve already touched upon how you’ll need to consider the terrain you’re walking on, but this ties heavily into the levels of comfort you’ll experience during your walk, especially as a thinner sole can mean you stumble over stones, or feel the impact of tougher trails. 

Opting for boots that offer more advanced technology in terms of build materials or key components of the boot (like the sole or the heel) is ideal, as these are the areas that will take the most consistent strain.

Tougher, more rugged terrain might also require sturdier construction on the main body of the boots, especially as jagged rocks can cause rips and tears that may make the boots more uncomfortable.

For even more detail on how terrain can affect your choice of footwear, read our complete beginner’s guide to trail running.

#3 - Durability

Durability is everything on your walk. If you’ll be out on your trails for hours or even a few days, you need a sturdy pair of boots that won’t fall apart or give in halfway through, and that can withstand the trails you’ve chosen to walk on.

It’s imperative that you find boots that are well-crafted and resilient to weather as well as general wear and tear. They’ll be getting beaten and battered over time, so you need to find a thicker and heavier pair of boots if you’re engaging in a longer walk, or you’re including long-distance walking for weight loss as part of your routine.

Finding a pair of men’s walking boots that combine the right levels of comfort (which we’ve already mentioned) and strength to ensure that you’re able to keep going, even when the trails you’re walking get difficult.

It can also mean you don’t need to spend as much on your men’s hiking boots as you otherwise might have. Where cheap men’s walking boots might crumble after a few difficult trails, more premium pairs will offer much sturdier construction, and stay stronger for longer.

This is definitely an important aspect to take into consideration when you’re considering your budget for a pair of men’s walking boots.

#4 - Weather

Weather impacts everything when it comes to walking, and should always factor into your decision when it comes to your next pair of men’s walking boots, especially as wet surfaces and muddy ground.

In order to best manage wet conditions you need proper durability and effective grip, especially if the trails you’re walking are prone to slipperiness, or can be dangerous after heavy rain.

Good build quality can significantly mitigate against slipping, and can also stop water from getting into your boots, which can seriously impede your progress, as well as cause discomfort.

If you’re keen to learn more about getting out for exercise in inclement weather, check out our complete tips and tricks for running in the rain.

It’s really important that you are prepared for weather conditions on your walk, and you need a pair of boots that will be adaptable for windy, snowy and rainy conditions. Let's get into our list of the best walking boots for men as we highlight a wide range of boots designed for different environments, so you can find your perfect pair!

The Best Men’s Hiking Boots

#1 - Scarpa R-Evo GTX

Price: £210

Sizes: 41 - 48 (UK: 7 - 12½)

The R-Evo GTX series from Scarpa are among some of the best men’s walking boots you can find when it comes to hiking and trailing across hills or fells. They're designed with lighter walks like these in mind, so they’re perfect for a countryside ramble. 

These boots are all about comfort, featuring ergonomic tailoring and breakthrough technology with the softshell sock-fit tongue, so no matter how your foot is shaped you’ll be able to enjoy a cosy and painless walk.

But if you’re struggling for inspiration on your walks, check out OriGym’s complete report on the best walking apps for your smartphone.

The inner-lining is the base layer, followed by the GoreTex membrane material and topped off by a protective knit. This extensive layering creates water and damp resistance, and alleviates any water vapour from sweat, so it’ll keep you nice and dry on your trek. 

Not only do these boots offer a high level of insulation and protection from the elements, they’re also extremely breathable, so the product offers the best of both worlds. It's difficult to find boots that possess both of these qualities as they seem counterintuitive to one another, but the Evo-GTX's juggle both with ease.

The soles of the boots are a part of the Vibram Biometric Trek range; they offer outstanding stability and grip to prevent you from slipping or losing your footing at any point, as hikes can often be precarious. 

As if these boots weren't comfortable enough already, they boast an ankle padding feature- with the use of memory foam, the boots will adapt and mould to your unique ankle shape and retain this new shape over long periods of time. 

They come in a decent range of sizes too, ranging from size 7 to 12.5. Coming in a sharp ‘cigar-rust’ colour scheme of orange, black and brown, you’ll be looking good as you traverse the countryside. 

#2 - La Sportiva TX5 GTX

Price: €218.90 (approx. £188)

Sizes: 37 - 47½ (UK: 4 - 12½) 

The main strengths of these men’s hiking boots are their sturdiness, durability and protection. The protective rubber coating will shield you from tough terrain, and the toe cap will protect the toes from bumps and bruises.

These men’s walking boots feature a high cuff to prevent any stones or debris from getting inside and irritating your feet, so rest assured you’ll have a smooth and uninterrupted walk. 

One feature of particular note is the multidirectional hinge that allows for enhanced foot movement on difficult terrain, providing stability and protection to your ankles whilst maintaining their natural mobility. 

Whilst this feature will help you on an uphill running or trail walking, the innovative Impact Brake System will assist you when traversing downhill terrain. Small studs on the underside of the boots are designed to create as much friction as possible with the ground to prevent you from losing balance or control of your stride.

This grip also works exceptionally when it comes to rock climbing; as you scale upwards, the boots will provide you with much more grip and stability of the rock surface that a flat sole would. For this reason, the La Sportiva TX5 GTX’s are extremely versatile performers in a range of outdoor activities.

These are also some of the best men’s waterproof boots, so you have the advantage of superior traction coupled with water resistance, meaning you’d have a sure grip even in wet conditions.

#3 - Garmont Pinnacle GTX

Price: €269.90 (approx. £232)

Sizes: 37 - 48 (UK: 4 - 12½)

The Pinnacle GTXs strike a great balance between comfort and protection. The insole is incredibly lightweight as it’s made of nylon and fibreglass, so you’ll feel light on your feet. The insoles also feature air pockets to improve insulation, keeping your feet warm in the coldest of climates. 

The boots feature Alveolen’s footbed technology, providing supreme comfort for your hike. They also function as shock dissipators, to break any force you may come across (such as from a big step downwards).

Garmont have achieved universally positive 5-star men’s hiking boot reviews for their product, so if you’re looking for reliability then you’ll find it here. This reliability then means you can take them out to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise outdoors, without the worry of damaging them. 

Being extremely comfortable, waterproof, and protective, this pick offers a well-rounded approach to men’s hiking boots. They’re a great choice for any outdoor enthusiast, from a mountaineer to a hiker; a suitable choice for any weather condition or terrain. 

Coated in a suede leather fabric, and equipped with a 360-degree rubber rand, the boots will suffer minimal abrasion, meaning they’ll deteriorate at a far slower rate, making them an ideal choice for sustainability and longevity. 

#4 - The North Face Crestvale FutureLight Boots

Price: £200

Sizes: 6 - 13

As a brand, The North Face specialises in mountaineering equipment, so you really can’t go wrong with their flagship men’s hiking boots. What makes these boots stand out from the rest of the North Face options is their versatility - they’re designed to be tough and resilient as well as lightweight and agile. 

Their advanced Waterproofing technology will keep you dry in locations across the globe, from swamps and marshes all the way to glaciers. The boots are crafted with worldwide adventuring in mind, so you’re never limited on where you can adventure to. 

This is down the FutureLight membrane interwoven into the boot, innovative hiking tech that’ll keep you protected wherever you are. As far as waterproof men’s hiking boots go, these are as good as they get, and are ideal when paired with a sturdy set of waterproof trousers.

They’re protective and durable, featuring a rubber-moulded toe cap and heel to stop you from injuring yourself on a trek. Not only this, they also feature rust-proof hardware, so the harshness of the elements can’t wither away the sturdy craftsmanship of these hiking boots.

The North Face have implemented their innovative Cradle Guide technology- the midsole is fitted with dual density properties, meaning it will be robust and secure whilst also cushioning your foot. The support this provides will help you control your gait, so you can achieve a great sense of rhythm on your walk.

The sole of the boots consists of Vibram XS Trek technology. It's designed with traction and grip in mind, particularly in wet or challenging conditions. It works in perfect tangent with specific technology that helps enhance your mobility.

#5 - Balenciaga Track Hiking Boots

Price: £895

Sizes: 39 - 47 (UK: 5 - 13)

The most expensive walking boots on our list by far, the Track Hiking Boots from Balenciaga are all about style. With the signature bright white colouring, they may not be best suited to a muddy walk through fields and wooded trails.

But, with such a high profile name, the aim with this pair of boots is to look incredible, and they achieve that with flamboyance. You can also pick them up in black too, so this should disguise some of the muddy wear that the boots are bound to experience.

The boots are adorned with stylish panels and fluorescent laces to fully accentuate the chic, fashionable design. And with a Balenciaga logo embroidered onto the tongue of these men’s walking boots, you’ll be making a significant statement.

While the boots may not offer all that much in terms of practicality, they'll definitely get the job done. Their high collar will stop mud and debris like pebbles from falling in and disturbing you, and their rounded front will deflect any incoming minor obstacles. 

Their ridged rubber sole will help you to break your pace more quickly in case of a suddenly approaching terrain change, and will offer you good grip on the ground for added traction. But if you’re seeking better grip elsewhere, check out our complete guide to improving grip strength.

#6 - Mammut Nordwand 6000 High

Price: £675

Sizes: 6 - 12

Seeking a pair of men’s hiking boots that are specifically designed for extreme environments? The quality, performance and endurance of Mammut’s signature men’s walking boots in potentially deadly scenarios is second to none. 

It's also a 2-in-1 Gaitor boot, with a detachable inner boot so it has great versatility - if you need something suitable for a more casual, local walk then you can remove the top layer of the boots. This will detach the entirety of the shin area, which is designed to protect you in the most perilous environments.

Their inherent resistance to all things cold and wet makes these some of the best men’s waterproof walking boots that money can buy, offering truly top of the line performance, even when conditions are at their worst.

The extended boots ride extremely high, coming up to just over halfway up your shin. Not only will these provide protection against debris like snow or stones, but it'll thoroughly insulate you. Men’s high walking boots are great for keeping you heated and protected, especially in cold weather.

The lining of the boots features alumina insulation, which is capable of combating the cold in temperatures as severe as -35 degrees Celsius. This is an outstanding choice if you see yourself venturing to some of the colder corners of the world.

We’d recommend getting yourself accustomed to colder temperatures first, though - explore  more in our complete guide to ice baths and their benefits.

The soles offer a great grip under a variety of environmental stress, but in case they're not what you're looking for Mammut grants options for resoling to more freely customise your walking experience.

Furthermore, the boots’ insole is crafted with double-insulated carbon, allowing for rigidity and sturdiness whilst still retaining agility. This is ideal, as you'll stay light on your feet with unrivalled support from your insole.

These are easily some of the best hiking boots for men due to their versatility and high performance in any environment. 

#7 - ArcTeryx Aerios FL Mid GTX

Price: £160

Sizes: 6.5 - 12.5

If you’re looking for cheap men’s walking boots, then look no further. These boots from Arc'Teryx are perhaps the most civilian pick on our list - they can be easily integrated into an every-day outfit, so you can head on a hike or hit the streets with these and feel comfortable during both.

The main reason these boots can blend in with more regular attire is their low-cut collar. They have the appearance of a chunky pair of trainers, so if you're looking for something a little more subtle in visual design, then these could be the boots for you.

However, this doesn't mean they lack any practical application. As you can imagine, they're significantly lighter than any other pick on the list, which means they’re ideal for more casual walks or even walking to work, offering protection from nasty weather conditions without feeling like your standard heavy-set pair of walking boots.

They’re pretty reliable, too. As far as customer satisfaction goes, they have 84 reviews with over half of them being an impressive 5 stars. One customer went as far as stating that these are ‘the most breathable waterproof shoes I’ve ever owned’- this is just one of the dozens of positive comments amidst the men’s walking boots reviews.

You can mix and match with these boots, too. They come in colours of blue and black, should you pick the blue pair, there are other pieces of gear you can grab to complete a set and make a great look.

These men’s lightweight hiking boots weigh in at an agile 740g, and are available in sizes from 6.5-12.5, so there’s more than likely something here for you. Resilient, mobile and sustainable, these are some of the top men’s walking boots you can find.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Walking Boots are the Most Waterproof?

Generally speaking, ‘waterproof’ is quite an umbrella term. If a pair of boots are listed as waterproof on their home website, then that’s exactly what they’ll be; there isn’t too much difference between a low-end quality waterproof pair of boots and a high-end pair.

However, more premium models of men’s walking boots will offer some form of better protection against the elements, and may even be equipped with a coating or material that actively repels water.

You might also choose to pair your men’s waterproof walking boots with a pair of waterproof trail running shoes, especially as you’ll then have much more choice for your outdoor pursuits.

Our advice would be to double check the website pages and details to determine exactly what you’re getting with the product you’ve chosen. Every pair of men’s hiking boots is unique with different strengths and weaknesses, so your best course of action if you’re in any doubt is to take an in-depth look at the fabrics and materials

These will be listed as part of the product, and you can determine what exactly is being used to repel water, and find out which boot out of your chosen contenders is the most waterproof.

Should I Buy A Size Bigger In Walking Boots?

This is a tricky one. You obviously want your walking boots to feel tight, fitted and secure, so why would you ever go for a bigger size? Well, if you plan on undergoing a large-scale hike then your feet can often swell slightly. 

To alleviate this, it’s nice to have a little extra room around your feet so that you don’t feel constricted under difficult conditions. You need to be careful though, as the last thing you need is to buy a pair of boots that are simply too big even with potential swelling. 

This is really hard to work with, as even the tightest lacing can’t help you if the boots are too big for you. Overly large boots can result in instability and imbalance on your walk, causing safety risks and discomfort. 

The best thing for you to do is find a safe middle ground, not too tight and not too loose- you're probably best by upping the sizes by 0.5, which many providers will offer. We’ve also listed the range of sizes below each set of men’s walking boots, to make this decision easier.

Alternatively, a seller might advise you to scale your regular size up or down depending on their unique product, so keep an eye out for any additional information online. Also, be sure to check up on a men’s hiking boots review; a previous customer could have noted relevant information with their own experiences, so you could take advice from there, too.

What Shoes Should I Wear for Hiking in Winter?

When it comes to some of the top men’s walking boots for winter, you’ll ideally want something thick, insulated, and waterproof to resist ice and snow. Thick soles are essential too, as they’ll keep your grip stable in slippery and dangerous conditions as well as helping to keep your feet securely sealed - the last thing you need is ice-cold water getting inside.

Rubber or leather uppers are a great help too. Not only will they keep you warm but they’ll also be more effective at keeping snow and water out of your boots. If you don’t have a pair of boots like these, don’t worry too much. A standard pair of sturdy walking boots should suffice in cold, wintery conditions.

However, a more simplistic set of walking boots wouldn’t be ideal in an extreme winter setting, so take precaution when planning the equipment for your trek and make sure you’ll be properly protected. You’re better off finding a specialised pair of men’s winter hiking boots, just to be safe.

We’ve included multiple different pairs of men’s winter hiking boots in our list, allowing you to make a choice that not only suits your needs, but your budget too. You might also seek to match with your existing winter clothing, such as your set of winter running gear.

Before You Go!

We’ve compiled a large and varied list, from cheap men’s hiking boots to extremely expensive ones, covering everything including lightweight options and heavy-duty men’s winter hiking boots, and stylish household names to practical offerings. 

It’s hugely important to understand all the practicalities of purchasing a pair of waterproof men’s hiking boots, and how you can make the decision that’s both appropriate for your exercise style and your budget.

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