11 Best Mic Belts For Fitness Instructors

Best Mic Belts for Fitness Instructors

A mic belt for fitness instructors is the simplest solution to keeping your equipment healthy and working efficiently. 

So, regardless of whether your main concern is tangled wires or sweat damage, OriGym has got you covered with this definitive list of the best mic belts in the UK

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The 11 Best Fitness Instructor Microphone Belts

#1 - AV Now Aeromic Peach Sparkle Pouchbelt

Price: £37.98

The Aeromic Sparkle Pouchbelt is designed to hold your body pack transmitter, and is suitable for popular electronic brands such as:

  • Shure
  • Fitness Audio
  • AKG
  • Sennheiser

In terms of its design, this wireless mic belt pouch is crafted from high-quality neoprene, and features an adjustable waist buckle to accommodate sizes up to 39 inches. 

In addition to this, the Aeromic Sparkle Pouch’s design is also popular for its eye-catching pattern. With a unique colour and fabric choice, this product is sure to add a pop of excitement to any workout gear.

This fitness instructor mic belt uses a standard ‘upright’ design which significantly reduces damage done to wires during movement. So, if you’re worried about tangles or rips within your tech,  the Aeromic Sparkle Pouchbelt may be the product for you.

Another reason why this product is regarded as one of the best mic belts for a fitness instructor in the UK is that it’s multifunctional. 

Whilst you can use the pouch to store a microphone, it can also adapt as a phone holder, allowing you to change your workout class playlist or song without disturbing the flow of those in attendance.

But don’t just take our word for it. Other major players within the fitness industry back Aeromic’s design. Many regard this to be a fan-favourite Les Mills mic belt, as the company regularly endorses it among their ‘must haves’ for their teachers.

Be aware that if you’re interested in purchasing this mic belt in the UK, you may have to pay additional shipping fees as this is an American product. 


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#2 - Ultra Light & Sounds Radio Mic Waist Belt

Price: £12.49 - £18.50

If you prefer to use Sennheiser audio equipment for your classes, this radio mic body belt from Ultra Light and Sound might be perfect for you. For reference, this is compatible with the Sennheiser:

  • G2
  • G3
  • G4

Whilst being comfortable, secure, and lightweight, this radio mic belt also comes with a vertical pouch design to ensure your wireless transmitter stays snugly in place when teaching your fitness class.

But the benefits don’t stop there, as you can even double up on the Ultra Light & Sounds Radio Mic Waist Belt, and purchase a two pouch alternative.

For the single option buyers can expect to pay £12.49, while the dual pouch option bumps your cost up to £18.50.

We’d recommend taking advantage of this bargain, as not only can this dual radio mic belt hold a wireless transmitter, but you can use the other compartment for a signal booster. 

This makes it an ideal option for fitness instructors who teach in large spaces, with a great number of attendees. 

As discussed earlier, if protecting your equipment is a primary concern, the neoprene pouch will protect your transmitter from sweat damage. 

Similarly, the elasticated one-size-fits-all waistband comes with an adjustable velcro strap that allows you to fit the product around a variety of waistlines.

With a range of benefits for a low cost, the Radio Microphone belt can be the perfect choice for fitness instructors on a budget, proving that you don’t need to spend an excessive amount of money for quality equipment.

#3 - Urban Fitness Mic Belt

Price: £14.99

If you want to purchase one of the best selling mic bags in the UK, then Urban Fitness’ Mic Belt is an ideal product for you. 

With a sleek design, this highly efficient bag has proven to be a big hit with customers who are looking to add a splash of colour to their equipment. 

And when it comes to the quality of its design, Urban Fitness ensures that each of their radio mic belts are created with tough, machine-washable neoprene. 

This is great for those instructors who may be worried about sweating during class, as you can simply wash the belt with the rest of your workout gear. 

The design also includes an upright compartment to ensure the stability and security of your audio equipment. This means that you won’t have to worry about your transmitter falling out during class. 

Finally, this mic belt for fitness instructors also comes with a flexible and adjustable strap to suit all body types. However, if you still find the Urban Fitness Mic Belt too tight, you can also purchase an additional waist extender (EX2) to add an additional 10-12 inches. 

#4 - URSA Straps Transmitter Waist Belt

Price: £35.28

The URSA wireless mic belt pack features a low-profile velcro, curved strap design, with a built-in Cable Pocket to accommodate the two bodypacks and their cables. 

To ensure that all body types are accommodated with their design, URSA has created 3 unique sizes: 

  • Small (24-32” waist)
  • Medium (29-43” waist)
  • Large (37 -50” waist)

So, regardless of your size you will be able to teach your class with the reassurance that your tech equipment is well protected and won’t come loose mid workout.

To add to these perks, URSA developed a brand new bonded fabric to guarantee their clients ultimate comfort. This comes with an additional low-profile 1mm thick fabric strap,excellent for stretch and breathability. 

This fitness instructor belt is another Double Pouch variant that allows for two bodypacks to be used on the single waistband. You may choose to partner your mic with an amplifier, or can also incorporate an on-body recording device to have a copy of your session. 

Ultimately, the option for double pouches makes this fitness mic belt incredibly versatile in every environment you find yourself teaching in.

#5 - Weewooday Mic Belt Pouch

Price: £14.99

When it comes to sleek designs, Weewooday’s fitness instructor microphone belt has earned a rightful place on our list. 

This is due to the product's beneficial features which include adjustable, sweat-absorbent straps that can be altered between 29 and 40 inches in order to accommodate a variety of body types.

In addition to this, the chic black fabric makes the belt an ideal product for personal trainers who don’t require any additional flair.  

Whilst on the topic of design, the lightweight belt is created to guarantee a non-slip experience, enhancing the overall stability of your microphone. So regardless of what kind of class you’re teaching, you can focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about the safety of your kit. 

Weewooday specifically chose to craft their radio mic belt from elasticated neoprene, making it a wise choice for instructors who worry about sweat damage. Thanks to the water resistant properties, any moisture that is created during class will be driven away from the microphone.

Finally, when analysing the popularity of Weewooday’s Mic Belt Pouch, other consumers have noted that another key selling point they enjoy is the price. 

We’d certainly agree, and at just £14.99 it makes for an ideal product for fitness instructors on a budget.  

#6 - Aeromic Original Pouch Belt

Price: £29.99

Established in 1994 Aeromic has quickly become one of the leading brands associated with fitness microphones and associated accessories. Whilst there are a wide range of products to choose from, we have decided to specifically highlight the Original Pouch Belt.  

In this instance, what makes the original the best option for fitness instructors? Well, for starters 

Aeromic’s Original design is suitable for holding all known brands of audio transmitters, meaning that you won’t have to worry about equipment coming loose. 

On top of this, the waist belt has been specifically designed for running and other high-intensity activities. This ensures that it will stay snugly around your waist during any form of exercise you teach.

The word snug is paramount here as the Aeromic Original Pouch Belt was created to bring you maximum comfort and stability throughout all of your classes.

However, even if you opt for another Aeromic design you’re sure to receive a quality product. A key selling point of each of these products is an adjustable strap that can accommodate varying body types, stretching up to 32 inches.  

In relation to the wider fitness industry this design is arguably one of the most popular mic belts in the UK, with over 50,000 buyers enjoying Aeromic’s product. 

So, if you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, we’d recommend purchasing an Aeromic Original Pouch Belt today. 


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#7 - AV Now SP-7 FitPouch

Price: £27.99

The AV Now SP-7 fitness mic belt pouch is an exclusive product designed specifically with class instructors in mind. 

This one-size-fits-all design has been specifically created with an adjustable waist belt, which can be secured to your body to reduce the risk of it coming loose during movement.

The design includes a classic neoprene finish, which doubles down on protecting your equipment. With this material your mic will stay securely in place, without the need for additional support from velcro or straps.

However, if you require additional support or just want another level of comfort, you can purchase a compatible 11-inch waist extender

This list features many similar designs, but one distinct feature the AV Now provides is the top pouch which is created to protect the transmitter’s switches and connectors. 

This will provide great reassurance for instructors who worry about their equipment (in particular their wires) becoming damaged. 

Finally, we’re aware of how influential the opinions of others can be when it comes to purchasing a product. This form of social proofing allows consumers to distinguish a quality product from one which is not suitable. 

With this in mind you’ll be pleased to note the AV Now wireless mic belt pouch has a perfect 5-star rating, with over 70 customers vouching for its high quality. 


#8 - Shure WA570A Neoprene Bodypack Transmitter Belt Pouch

Price: £37.00

Whilst some of the products to feature on this list have been created with Shure mics in mind, this Bodypack Transmitter Belt Pouch has been designed by the company itself to store their audio equipment. 

In this instance, no one knows the inner workings of a mic better than the designers, so you can rest assured that your Shure tech will be perfectly secure once placed inside. 

For example, with a neoprene water resistant outer layer you can conduct even the most intense of classes without fear that sweat could potentially seep through and damage your equipment. 

Shure’s fitness instructor belt can be worn both over or under your clothing, and will remain securely in place throughout even the most intense movements. To secure, simply adjust the straps and mount to your personal comfort, ensuring that the tightness won’t prohibit your movements. 

The design of this radio mic belt is somewhat different from others to feature on our list, resembling a satchel more so than a phone holder.

However, this seems to be an aspect that consumers really enjoy about the product. Reviewers seem to view this as a unique feature that sets the product apart from competitors, regularly rating this aspect highly.

Whilst this design may seem different, keep in mind that the creators at Shure have specifically crafted this wireless mic belt pac to be compatible with their tech.

#9 - IMG Stageline Belt Bag

Price: £19.99

IMG Stageline has over 25 years in the sound and lighting industry. Their expertise and reach within the industry are a beacon for reliability and affordable professional equipment.

As leaders within this field, IMG Stageline are consistently developing innovative solutions to problems commonly faced across multiple industries. Part of this process involves communicating with those currently working in specific fields.

For example, through their communication with fitness professionals they have developed a fitness instructor mic belt with a flexible, adjustable strap that fits all body shapes and sizes.

This was a common issue which occurred throughout their initial research, as fitness instructors strongly stated that they wanted a product that wouldn’t prohibit their performance to teach.

As a resolution, a handy feature was created to include a hook and loop that ensures any cords are safely tucked away, reducing the risk of wire damage. 

Another bonus feature of this fitness mic belt is that it is entirely machine washable. This means that you can simply put it with the rest of your workout gear without the fear that it could shrink or retain water. 

This may seem like a minor detail, but other belts are typically listed as machine washes only, and even in this instance could remain damp and potentially damage expensive audio equipment. 

#10 - 2 Pack Mic Belt

Price: £22.00

If you’re a fitness instructor on a budget then this is a bargain you’ll want to snap up, as with  UBuy’s 2 Pieces Microphone Belt you get twice the product for the price of one.

This particular fitness instructor mic belt includes features that are specifically designed to increase the product’s longevity, which include:

  • Close fitting vertical security 
  • Machine washable capabilities 
  • Enhances neoprene edges 

Like many other products to feature on this list, UBuy’s mic belt comes with an adjustable waistline that can stretch anywhere between 31-36 inches. This feature has been backed by customers on the company site, who have given the product rave reviews praising its comfort. 

UBuy ensures its consumers that regardless of what class you’re teaching, this particular fitness mic belt won’t get in the way or prohibit your movements.

We’d recommend taking advantage of this offer, as having a backup mic belt may come in handy should another become accidentally damaged, or simply lost.  


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#11 - Aeromic Limited Edition Fitness Pouch Belt

Price: £40.99

Closing out our list of wireless mic belts is another example from industry leaders at Aeromic. This example, as with the others, places the consumer's comfort at the forefront of its design, ensuring that your mic stays intact without distracting from your teachings.

As we have stressed throughout this list, Aeromic products are used by more than 50,000 fitness instructors across the globe. Meaning that you can trust the quality of the mic belt you receive. 

In fact, when it comes to working for Les Mills this mic belt is actually part of a recommended list of equipment that instructors should purchase prior to leading their first class.

This particular design comes from a partnership between Aeromic and Sound Dynamics, who created this limited addition pattern to add a splash of excitement to consumers' workout gear. With another key feature being added stitched piping, which improves the overall durability of the product. 

So, if you’d like to experience this limited edition experience for yourself, be sure to act fast and purchase yours today.

Before You Go!

This exploration of the best fitness instructors microphone belts will have provided you with clearer insight into the existing market place. 

With this information, you can make an informed purchase that will benefit both you as a fitness instructor, and those in attendance of your class. 

Remember, if you wish to progress from just teaching fitness classes, you must complete a Level 3 Personal Training course. With the experience gained from this qualification you’ll be able to craft bespoke workout plans for individual clients.

Download our free prospectus to view every course we have to offer.

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