49 Mindfulness Quotes to Quiet Your Mind

mindfulness quotes

Often, we need inspiration to push onwards through difficult times, and mindfulness quotes that help to keep you going and calm the constant noise in your mind are ideal for exactly that.

We’ve collected a range of quotes about mindfulness from Buddha to Mother Teresa to help get you through stressful life situations, or just to remind us of what’s important in our lives. 

Whether you’re looking to chuckle with funny mindfulness quotes, or encapsulate a moment with short mindfulness quotes on life and love, we’ve sourced a wide range to provide you with everything you’ll need to be self-reflective.


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Mindfulness Quotes from Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama, more popularly known as the Buddha, was a spiritual leader and philosopher who is considered the founder of Buddhism. The name ‘Buddha’ means ‘the enlightened one’, and we hope this collection of mindfulness quotes from Buddha will bring you some inspiration, and help to calm your mind.



Starting off with this quote on mindfulness from Buddha is bound to help you reframe even the worst situations, as it shows that you are the only one with power over your own mind. If we change our thoughts to be positive, mindful, and compassionate, we will experience greater happiness.

Essentially, this mindfulness quote from Buddha is explaining that whilst some pain is unavoidable in life, we can lift ourselves from the pain that comes from our individual minds. While this may not apply to physical pain, we can alleviate the mental anguish we go through, and use some of the best CBD oils for pain to help treat more physical symptoms.


Whether you do something amazing today or not, what matters is what you do with the day before you. This positive mindfulness quote will help you get through your day when you are struggling to keep going.

If you focus your energy on the present, you will always succeed because you will always be doing the best you can do in the moment.


This quote about mindfulness reminds us to take life as it comes at us, and to not force things that will have their time. It is important to understand that each and every event in our life has its time and will happen when it is supposed to.

When we lose our patience, we often end up making rash decisions that end up wrong. Just remember - if it is meant for you it will happen.


It can be incredibly stressful when you focus on where you have come from, where you want to be and where you are currently. But this Buddhist mindfulness quote tells us that our focus should be on the present and what we need to be focusing on right now to get us moving towards where we want to be. 



This short mindfulness quote has a large impact – there is nobody in this world who can do you as much harm as your own mind. When our thoughts are negative everything else follows; our activities will lessen, our work will suffer, daily life becomes tedious.

But if you think positively about the world and where you are within it, you will see positive change in your daily life, work, social life, and other activities!


Buddha here is talking about how much love you hold in your heart and how freely you give it to others (all the way down to the smallest acts of kindness!) in your life. This inspirational mindfulness quote is about your character and how well you treat people.

The start of this quote is about your death; often Buddha speaks in this final way to make you realise that as long as you’re breathing, you can change your behaviour, and make the right decisions. That can often start with creating an exercise routine - read more in our complete report on the benefits of regular exercise.


This short mindfulness quote maintains that the only thing we can count on to happen is for everything to change. Even moment by moment we are not ever exactly the same again.

Some people are fearful or resistant to change, however change is inevitable in life and a refusal to accept the change can have negative side effects.


Following on with another Buddhism mindfulness quote, this one is all about putting one foot in front of the other, and step by step reach our goals. Sometimes we feel like we want to give up, or take another path, or even turn our backs on what we want if it becomes too hard. But if we take one day at a time, one step at a time, we will get to where we need to go.


In Buddhism, worrying is a form of suffering – anything that prevents you from living a fulfilled and happy life is a form of suffering. This inspirational mindfulness quote reminds us not to be afraid of uncertainty and not to over analyse which causes worrying and therefore suffering.

If we can let go of the need to control the future, we can continue our lives more positively, and improve our overall psychological health. Exercise can also significantly help here - explore more on the mental health benefits of running with our complete guide.


Buddhist quotes on mindfulness often focus on the purpose of life and how we can work towards it to bring us fulfilment, and this mindfulness quote is no different.

Everyone’s purpose is to further our life’s meaning in the best way possible for us, whether that be family, faith or the application of our talent. 


We repeat our past mistakes over and over if we don’t learn from it or refuse to let go of the past. This quote would be perfect for mindfulness meditation where you have to focus on letting go.

Unlike snakes, we cannot easily shed our skin; we have to make the choice ourselves to let things go – this is at the core of Buddhism mindfulness and mindfulness quotes: we have to act for anything to change.

Mindfulness Quotes from Jon Kabat-Zinn

Jon Kabat-Zin is the creator of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR) which is offered by many medical centres, hospitals, and health maintenance organisations. This collection of mindfulness quotes images from him can help you cope with anxiety, stress, and pain.


This quote about mindfulness encompasses what it is to be mindful – focusing on the present in a non-judgemental way to live in a more positive way, and ensuring that you’re enjoying the present moment as much as possible.

A mind that does not think this way is easily overwhelmed by worries and concerns, and can often lose sight of the things that matter.


This mindfulness phrase from Jon Kabat-Zin focuses on concentration; having the ability to concentrate your mind is the alternative to allowing your mind to run amok, potentially causing you mental discomfort by making you focus on fragmented thoughts, worries and concerns.

Concentration is useful for mindfulness as it creates a freedom from distraction, leading to a calmer mind, a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately a better outlook on life.


As you become more adept at mindfulness, you will find it easier to savour the good things in life, fully experience the activities you do (even something as simple as walking to work), and deal better with caregiving challenges. By focusing on the present, you are less likely to get caught up in worries or negative emotions.

When you surround yourself with positive mindfulness quotes and follow what they teach, you will be your best self, and improve your own life as well as the lives of those around you.


Waves are an unstoppable force of nature, and you can choose to brace against them, be pulled under, or take the advice of this positive mindfulness quote and learn to surf!

This quote for mindfulness is about worrying a little less about the things we have control over, and quite literally learning to go with the flow, because fighting it can end up with us being pulled under.


This quote is perfect for anyone struggling with grounding themselves. Mindfulness quotes for anxiety are often focused on the senses, and this one focuses on sight – whilst we are always technically looking through our own eyes, it is a completely different thing to view the world as we see it and to then assess that world view. 

Taking a moment to ground yourself is often all you need in a moment of anxiety. We’d also suggest 


When we bring mindfulness into our daily routine, we bring a little bit more focus to each moment. For example, when you’re washing the dishes, you may treat it as a goal to complete. Even small things like that are achievable, and often form part of setting SMART goals

However, this positive mindfulness quote shows that instead of getting energised about completing a task, we should use all actions as the energising force in our lives.


Life is full of magical moments; all we need to do is look around. When it rains, appreciate the rhythm of the raindrops falling on the ground. Cherish the sunrise and sunset each day, and treasure each and every day.

This inspirational mindfulness quote encourages us to not only live in the moment, but to also fully appreciate each one, especially those we spend with loved ones.


This powerful mindfulness quote presents the idea that letting each day unfold can help us to be more attuned to the path we are on.

When we learn to appreciate that others are going through the same experience as us, and there is no need to judge or project onto them, we become freer and more comfortable in ourselves.


If you’re looking for meditation and mindfulness quotes, this is the one to look out for: being able to centre yourself shows high levels of self-restraint. When practicing meditation, it can often be difficult to not find your mind wandering and look elsewhere for distraction, but anyone who’s practiced for long enough will tell you it’s simply about doing it little and often.

Quotes About Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a practice that engages you fully in choosing, preparing and eating food. It allows us to become completely immersed in the taste, texture, colour and scent of eating and drinking.

Whilst many people use mindful eating as a technique to cope with anxiety or other food-based disorders, you can apply it to your life at any time - mindful eating is about replacing self-criticism with nurturing.


This quote from Thich Nhat Nahn (a Vietnamese monk) describes tea meditation: the beautiful practice used as a way to slow down and reduce stress.  This short mindfulness quote is a wonderfully simple way to stop those overwhelming thoughts from taking their toll.

We’d recommend using green tea to make the most of its additional advantages and calming aroma - read more in our comprehensive exploration of green tea benefits.


This mindful eating quote from Jan Chozen Bays explains that mindful eating helps us to move away from the shameful or anxiety-inducing aspect of eating, towards a more positive and open mindset.

This mindfulness quote for anxiety helps us to remember food is not harmful; it Is our energy! Sunlight is converted into plants and into animals, and when we eat, we take in the energy of the sunlight.


Like any other form of mindfulness, it’s about awareness, and enjoying the benefits of meditation; when eating mindfully try to develop awareness of your experiences, physical cues, and feelings about food.

This quote about mindfulness from Susan Albers focuses on the way we rush eating in modern society – it takes the brain up to 20 minutes to realise you’re full, and when eating fast, this often results in overeating and binge eating. 


Have you ever been eating, and a moment later look at the plate and it’s gone? Plus, you don’t really remember eating it? Often our lives are so busy we begin to act on autopilot for common tasks such as eating.

This mindfulness quote about eating comes from Jan Chozen Bays, and it encourages focus on how our body and how it reacts to what we’re eating. As the quote says, our internal nutritionist is the best guidance we can receive.


How often do you reflect on things such as this whilst eating? Taking the time to appreciate all these seemingly small things that go into our food can greatly improve our gratitude for life itself.

This long mindfulness quote from Thich Nich Hanh encourages us to contemplate the source of our food – from the supermarket to the delivery drivers, the manufacturing plants to the farms. Consider not only the people, plants and animals, but the soil and the sunlight as well.


Seeking even more motivation? Here are 3 more inspirational articles


With this quote, Susan Albers encourages us not always to focus on the food itself, especially if your relationship with food is negative: focus on what is related to food, such as preparation, the social aspect of dining out, or even the health benefits of superfruits and vegetables.

When looking for positive mindfulness quotes about eating, this one is perfect for anyone who has a complex relationship with eating – the main purpose of food is nourishment, but via mindfulness we can appreciate food in different ways.


This is an incredibly positive mindfulness quote, all about the joys of mindful eating: Jean L Kristeller is a professor of clinical psychology and has studied mindful eating as part of her research.

Rather than seeing eating as something to get over and done with, try finding the joy in choosing, preparing, and eating a meal.


This quote from Shunryu Suzuki is based on ‘ichigyo-zammai’, the Japanese practice of full concentration on a single act. 

This short mindfulness quote comes from the idea that when we do just one activity, we express our true nature: when we aren’t fully present, our true nature cannot reveal itself, but when we are fully absorbed in what we are doing, we can express ourselves fully.


This mindfulness quote image comes from Mary DeTurris Poust touches on the topic of chocolate mindfulness, one of the most delicious forms of mindfulness meditation available. Many of the benefits are the same as other forms of meditation, but the in-built reward of chocolate can be incredibly helpful for those struggling to get started. 

It can also have hidden health benefits, too - there’s a huge amount of cocoa powder benefits, and dark chocolate has scientifically proven advantages for our heart, too.

Quotes About Being Mindful in Nature

Being in nature can boost feelings of connectedness and improve your general mood and coupling that with mindfulness can only lead to a stronger connection with the world around you, as well as a greater awareness of your surroundings.

If you live in an area where there are limited opportunities for you to connect with nature, it’s all the more important that you find the time to experience this! Take up walking or running uphill, explore your local area, and connect with the natural world.

And for additional support, these mindfulness quotes about nature are sure to ease your mind.


In the above mindfulness quote, Lao Tzu is speaking about attention; when our attention is divided and we are multitasking, time can pass much more quickly, making us feel like nothing has been accomplished.

When you feel overwhelmed, this short mindfulness quote can help you to remember that the busyness is not sustainable and focusing on one thing at a time may be more beneficial than doing everything at once.

It’s also a great reminder to enjoy your resting days - click here to read more on the importance of rest days, as well as how many you should be taking to stay healthy.


This inspirational quote for mindfulness from Albert Camus is a metaphor: the winter is cold, dull. There is truly little sunshine, no new life. Whereas the summer is ‘alive’ and full of colour and warmth.

When you’re in your own winter, at a low point, remember what makes your summer so full of beauty and warmth. And remember, summer will always come around again. Adopting a positive mindset, and exploring activities that can reconnect you with brighter times (such as running on the beach) can be hugely beneficial.


Theodore Roethke is regarded as one of the most influential poets of his generation, and this positive mindfulness quote asks the reader to think of the metaphorical mountains in your life and try to cultivate a habit of finding the path that leads over that mountain.

This mindfulness meditation quote helps us to remember that focusing too much on the mountain can be an obstacle in itself, so it’s important we learn to take a step back sometimes, and understand how we can get to our next step.


In day-to-day life, our attention is very rarely sustained for long enough for true observation. This quote about mindfulness from Allan Lokos tells us not to expect too much of ourselves too fast: nobody masters mindfulness immediately.

There are plenty of tips for beginners to help you improve your mindfulness techniques, but this inspirational quote for mindfulness shows us that the only thing that will have a consistent effect is consistent practice.


This famous mindfulness quote from Mother Teresa means that silence in your movement, surroundings and thoughts allows you to start actively listening. In this active listening, we find new energy and a new outlook on everything.

Mother Teresa takes this notion further when she talks about how silence is found in nature, where plants grow in silence and the stars traverse the sky in silence, and our connection to nature can inspire our lives. You might also choose to take this over into a mindful practice, like pilates or yoga.


Amit Ray’s above quote on mindfulness may seem simple, but it’s true – when you make the decision to clear away the things in your mind that are not helpful to you, you make room for noticing the beauty of the world.

This short mindfulness quote shows that when you look at the world from an open, humble, and willing place, you will be able to face the difficult things in life.


The above is a very famous line from Robert Frost’s poem ‘Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening’, where the metaphor of miles means that there is a long journey full of responsibilities ahead of everyone, and that we can only ‘sleep’ after we have completed the journey. 

This thoughtful mindfulness quote draws our attention not to the conclusion of the journey, but to the journey itself.


This beautiful mindfulness quote from Amit Ray compares life to a dance, one that everyone does on a daily basis. Amit Ray believes that if we were fully conscious of each ‘movement’ in the dance, we would be more aware of the beautiful moments around us.

If you find yourself focusing on the end of the dance, the destination rather than the journey, you’ll miss those beautiful moments and become less appreciative of the dance itself.


Hans Christian Anderson is well known for his fairy tales and magical realism. In the above quote, he speaks about how ‘just living is not enough’; to simply exist is not fulfilling. 

Sunshine, freedom, and flowers can all be considered ‘small’ things, and that is entirely the point of mindfulness; to focus on the little things and gain an appreciation for them. That can be as simple as learning new aspects of your favourite type of yoga, or using a new herb for weight loss in your cooking.


While competition isn’t a bad thing (it can encourage hard work and productivity), too much of a focus on it can be: life is not supposed to be a competition, it is supposed to be a journey.

This inspirational mindfulness quote from Zen Shin encourages us to compete only with ourselves to become a better person than yesterday.


Have you ever noticed how our minds quieten in nature? How the trees, lakes, sky, and rolling hills give a sense of connectedness and flow – something greater than ourselves.

The above quote from Albert Einstein is a perfect meditation and mindfulness quote: being receptive whilst in nature will show that the ‘flow’ is throughout all aspects of life, not just in the wilderness.

Quotes About Being Mindful At Work

Our jobs can be a source of significant stress: long days, close deadlines, sleepless nights of overthinking. It can be handy to have some mindfulness quotes for work to quiet your mind during those stressful meetings, or even to remember as you’re running to work in the morning.


If you are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, remember this funny mindfulness quote; whilst humorous it is absolutely true! 

Sometimes when life gets too much all we need to do is take a step back and have a genuine break – do not think about work in another place, fully allow your mind to settle. When you come back to it, you will feel refreshed and ready to do some more.


Ramana Maharshi was an Indian Hindu sage who believed that everyone was naturally happy, and it was simply our environment and our perception of it that made us unhappy. 

This quote about mindfulness helps us to focus not on external happiness, like getting praise for doing well in work, and to focus on internal happiness, like feeling pride in yourself for the work you have done.


This quote is perfect for mindfulness at work, especially when the work is getting on top of you. Our anxieties around work often come from what is to come (promotions or demotions, working to a timeframe) or remembering what has gone (perhaps it’s been years since your last promotion, and you have begun to feel stagnant).

Here, Louis L’Amour encourages us to draw our attention back to the present: it doesn’t matter what we have done or what we will do, what matters is what we do with the moment we are currently in. This is also great advice for building healthy lifestyle habits.

We’ve explored the benefits of healthy eating for both the body and mind in our complete report.


It’s something you hear a lot: ‘just be’, but what does it actually mean? Be what? If you have little to know experience of meditation and mindfulness, ‘just being’ sounds quite passive and pointless. 

However, Eckhart Tolle’s point in the above quote is that the feeling that comes from not having to do anything is wonderfully cleansing and can even improve productivity. 


Another one from Thich Nhat Hanh, this mindfulness motivational quote encourages your attention to be drawn the moment you are in: the cornerstone of mindfulness.

Instead of just only regretting the past, we must focus on the present. This mindfulness quote for work helps us to remember that if we live in the present and enjoy what it has to offer, we will find happiness.


Another short mindfulness quote from Jon Kabat Zin, here Zin encourages you to learn to appreciate each moment on the journey that we are on. If you have ever sat on a bench in a park and watched the trees sway, the bees bumbling from flower to flower, you have experienced this feeling of interconnectedness.

Sometimes when we feel overworked all we need to do is take some time away to fully appreciate these ‘small’ things. This can often be a great feeling to experience when exploring nature - check out our complete beginner’s guide to trail running on how to get started.


This quote from Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (a 19th century novelist and poet) focuses on our need to hold on to the past, even when it causes us pain. If we don’t learn to let go of the past, we will not be able to move on in a happier, healthier way.

Imagine you are sitting at a train station, and the trains passing you are thoughts. You can choose to jump onto the train and be taken elsewhere by the thought, or you can remain on the platform, grounded enough to observe, and acknowledge the thoughts without being swept away by them.


Jack Kornfield is a Buddhist practitioner, and practices mindfulness daily. In the above quote, Kornfield speaks on how time affects us: rather than letting moments slip by, if we focus on processing the moment, we can better appreciate its uniqueness and beauty. This inspirational mindfulness quote can help to remind us to keep our attention on the here and now.


We often complain about ‘not having enough time’, but time is an artificial construct: there is no time to manage, and it is not a limited commodity. What you do have are activities or tasks that you need to complete, often by the end of the workday.

In the above mindfulness quote for working, Crystal Paine tries to convey the fact that if you struggle with ‘not having enough time’, focus more on task-management and self-management instead of time management.

Before You Go!

Perhaps one of the best aspects of all these mindfulness quotes is that they can be applied to almost any area of life, as the core message is of focus and appreciation of the present, as well as self-reflection.

As you spend more time practicing mindfulness, you will undoubtedly find yourself feeling calmer, more patient, and more productive in your daily life. Mindfulness can also help you manage depression, anxiety problems and feelings of general stress.

And if you’re already feeling as though you can manage those feelings, and you’re looking for a way to pass on that expertise, then a career in fitness could be ideal.

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