Best 15 Mud Run Shoes Buyer's Guide (2022)

best mud run shoes

Are you looking for the best mud run shoes in the UK? If so, you'll be glad to know OriGym has performed extensive research on the vast range of products that are available online, and we have shortlisted the very best. 

If you haven’t used mud trail running shoes before, all that you need to know for now is that they are similar to regular running shoes but with extra grip, traction, and protection so that your feet do not get wet, and you will not slip as you excel in your running technique.

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Now, let’s get down to business and reveal the answer to the common question; what are the best shoes to wear in a mud run?

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1.More Mile Cheviot Trail Running Shoes 

Price: £28.75

Best mud run shoes UK

If you’re on the hunt for the best trail running shoes for mud and water then look no further! More Mile Cheviot is a British sports brand established in 2001, and are specialists in sports performance footwear. 

With their new and improved sleek and low-profile design, the Cheviot shoes come with thin, tight-woven mesh giving stability on rough trails and the ability to maintain water resistance whilst still providing breathability. 

The shoes have a sewn-in tongue for water repellence that if submerged in pools and puddles, no filling up or retaining of water will occur. Cheviot uses high-quality and durable fabrics allowing for flexibility on all varieties of terrains. Cheviot has designed a rubber outsole with a multi-directional tread pattern to provide greater traction whilst improving the impact protection of the shoe. 

These running shoes have flex ribs in the mid/outsole give improved forefoot flexibility allowing the foot to contour and mould over rocks and roots on the trail and permit more precision in foot placement. 

The full-length Phylon EVA midsole provides a longer-lasting, softer feel to the shoes over those with a standard EVA midsole. This results in an ultra-comfortable, plush ride with amazing impact protection on longer runs and rocky descents. This makes this product ideal if you do not know what shoes to wear for a mud run. 

If you’re looking for good mud run shoes then the cheviot trail shoes are comfortable, lightweight and agile to help nimble movement whilst moving quickly over terrain and obstacles. 

2. Salomon Women's Mud Run Shoes 

Price: £71.98-£245.53

best shoes for running in mud and water

Salomon offers durable and flexible shoes in their collection. Their philosophy is to create the next generation of gear and experiences that make people live the joy of progression of their sports is enshrined in their products. 

This stylish shoe is made solely for long-distance off-road runs and different terrains. This product is perfectly fitted and easy to slip on and off the foot due to the new quick lace lacing system technology. 

If you’re after the best shoes for running in mud and water then this product is water-resistant with an upper material durable if submerged in water. This will help keep your feet dry and pebbles out of the shoe with the mesh inserts and tight closure underneath the ankle. 

You can’t go wrong with these good mud run shoes as they have removable insoles which keep your feet cool and dry. This will help to maintain good cushioning and provide anatomical foam foot support.

These shoes have non-slip properties because of the contagrip technology maintaining a low profile for a good performative run on even and uneven terrains. 

3. La Sportiva Lycan GTX

Price: £136.57

best mud run shoes

If you’re looking for a versatile shoe that you can take on technical trails or on obstacle courses, then this shoe is for you. Not only are they known for their durability, but they are also lightweight with a breathable wrap for optimal in-shoe comfort during wet runs. They are perfect for training and competitions.

Whether you’re tackling outdoor terrain on a humid or rainy day, the Lycan GTX has got you covered. Boasting next-level waterproof capabilities and traction to rival even the most high-end gripping shoe. On muddy, rocky and snowy terrains, this shoe bites its way through with ease.

The unique lug design releases grit and debris like no other shoe, making sure that each foot is given optimum grip. This shoe delivers extra protection and comfort courtesy of the abrasion resistant reinforcements and snug heel.

Living up to the standards of a quality trail shoe, it is crafted to supply maximum protection, traction, and support to help you in your outdoor endeavours. Available in red, green, and blue.

4. Icebug Men’s Running Shoes For Mud

Price: £101.96-£144.24

best mud running shoes

Icebug shoes are known for their versatility, offering your feet a unique barefoot feel. These shoes are perfect for minimalistic runners who are motivated by a challenge and wanting a mud run shoe for a competition or obstacle course. If you’re looking for more minimalist shoes apart from this product, why not take a look at our list of the best barefoot running shoes to help your search. 

With a lightweight and comfortable fit, these shoes offer a barefoot feel, so each stride is comfortable and enjoyable. With a secure fit, your feet won’t slip around as you track over muddy and wet terrain, making this pair one of the best trail running shoes for mud around.

The TPU mudguard will ensure your feet are protected from all the elements as the shoes promote a natural movement of the foot so you feel like you’re running in socks. 

If you’re looking for one of the best running shoes in mud that drains water well with optimal traction on all terrains, then these flexible and stable shoes are for you. 

5. Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0 Shoes For Running In Mud 


best running shoes mud

These shoes from Reebok provide a ghillie speed-lacing system with H20 draining technology, so your feet stay cool and dry on those wetter runs. This shoe is one of the best mud running shoes on this list due to its high-wear durability. 

These running shoes in mud perform great, especially in rough conditions due to their lace adjustment feature. The drainage ports fitted in the shoes are great as the water can easily flow out of the shoe and keep your feet dry and yet still tightly fitted to your feet. 

These shoes have very grippy treads which are great for trail running and managing even the muddiest courses. They provide comfort and a light feel as you keep your pace. 

The drainage design and fabrics allow air to flow through the shoes and disperse throughout allowing for a durable and long-lasting product. 

If you’re looking for a shoe with dual functions such as drainage ports to keep your shoes dry and you moving for longer, then these shoes are definitely for you (especially with their mesh sides and stylish colour options!).  

Reebok has designed a shoe which will last for years to come as you cover a variety of terrains and mileages which makes these shoes one of the best trail running shoes for mud on this list.  

6. Salomon Alphacross GTX Men’s Mud Run Shoes 

Price: £68.45 - £192.19

best shoes for mud run

Another entry by Salomon but these are the best shoes for mud run obstacle courses if you have to deal with rough rocky terrain. If you want to find out more information about races around the UK, why not take a look at our article on the best obstacle courses! 

With an aggressive contra grip outsole feature, these shoes for running in mud have a versatile lug pattern that is prepared for both wet and dry surfaces. 

You can’t go wrong with the comfort technology that contains an upper mesh to deliver comfort as soon as you put the shoe on. The men’s mud run shoes ensures weather protection through the shoes full Gore-Tex membrane that gives climate comfort to keep feet dry and cool and constantly moving forward. 

If you’re looking for cheap mud run shoes which are still high quality, then the Alphacross GTX is guaranteed to be your new best friend. 

They're ideal for use during your daily workout in the park, but can also be used on harsher and wetter terrains. With a chevron sole and deep heels, these shoes offer multidirectional grip helping with traction on soft and slippy surfaces. Salomon has designed a midsole that improves shock-absorption and durability thanks to their EnergyCell compound fit. 

So, if you’re looking for a lightweight shoe that is durable and flexible then Salomon GTX is one of the best trail running shoes for mud.

7. Saucony Peregrine 8 Mud Trail Running Shoes 

Price: £98.03-£186.38

best shoes mud run

Regarded as one of the leaders in the running shoe industry, the Saucony Peregrine 8 is a must-buy for tackling wet, smooth, slippery, and rough surfaces without losing grip. If you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish and rugged design then this is a must-have!

The Saucony Peregrine 8’s is an extremely durable shoe which will last a long time. Even in intense conditions, these shoes will keep going. Whether it be running through puddles, mud, or other difficult terrains, this product will be able to handle any problem due to the outsole's ability to grip to almost any surface.

A nice feature of this product is the high-density of the sole which will absorb shock whilst maintaining incredible traction. If you’re after the best shoes for a mud run then this may be your answer. 

Claimed to be one of the most cheap mud run shoes that money can buy, it still has the highest quality workmanship. The Saucony shoes are perfect for mud runs because of their solid protection and surface adherence. They have an amazing drainage system that will keep your feet cool and dry. 

With a padded tongue and heel, these shoes are incredibly comfortable as well as being able to guard against friction and irritation such as chafing. The lacing system offers a secure, locked-in feel as you run with extra responsive cushioning giving a smoother ride, especially on the difficult or unpredictable terrain. 

The Saucony Peregrine 8 features an overwhelming, aggressive tread style for optimal grip and traction. So, if you’re looking for the best trail running shoes for mud and water then this is definitely for you. 

8. Adidas Kanadia Shoes For A Mud Run 

Price: £78.57

best trail running shoes for mud

A simple shoe that comes in a variety of colour combinations, the Adidas Kanadia offers good traction with a breathable, light, and comfortable fit. If you’re after the best mud run shoes and you are a beginner mud runner then this product is great for you due to its affordable price. 

Boasting extra padding and support these shoes are extremely comfortable especially on rough surfaces. The true-to-size fit of the shoe will prevent too much movement within the shoe. 

The high-quality construction means Adidas has created a durable and long-lasting shoe with reinforced soles. The Ripstop upper sectioning provides support and durability with a synthetic underlay to help your feet breath and maintaining a good, tight fit. 

As the shoes are lightweight, they are great for faster running and can hold up well in wet conditions due to their brilliant drainage system. 

If you’re just starting out, these shoes are ideal, especially due to their quality and weather resistance ability. With a Traxion outsole for maximum grip, these shoes are great for activities like hiking, running, and racing. 

9. Merrell All Out Peak Running Shoes For Mud 

Price: £69.34-£197.03

best trail shoes for mud

Providing a soft ride whilst remaining supportive, the All-Out Peak provides cushioning with a mesh upper construction. The air is encouraged to permeate the exterior, providing breathability within for a more comfortable internal environment. 

Merrell has created a shoe that’s overall weight is minimal without sacrificing structural integrity. The 360 Degree Fit System provides a secure finish that is designed to promote natural stability and agility.

With midsole UniFly technology the shoe helps keep a great fit with close contact cushioning and enables strong terrain shock-absorption. The Merrell All Out Peak gives rigid support against the foot, with comfortable step-in feel that offers excellent grip properties on both dry and wet terrains while maintaining a high level of durability.

These shoes are great for increased stability and help provide the wearer with a responsiveness to improve speed and distance. The materials used help give the shoes a fashionable look with extra details of comfort providing amazing grip and feel on the ground making it one of the best shoes for running in mud. 

The neat lug pattern on the sole gives guaranteed balance, strength and security in any environmental conditions. With a good drainage system, these shoes are brilliant for maintaining flexibility and good striding patterns. 

If you’re looking for the best shoes for a mud run obstacle course with great shock-absorption then these are for you. 

10. Inov8 X-Talon 212 Running Shoes In Mud 

Price: £80.48-£135.52

best trail shoes mud mud running shoes

Inov8 is a British company that is a leading specialist for off-road running shoes, and they have created another classic running shoe that now features on our best mud run shoe list. 

This is a shoe that is popular for both racing and training with a good fit for all sizes; it is an essential piece of equipment that helps enhance your performance.

This trail running mud shoe is flexible and lightweight which gives the wearer excellent grip over different terrains and allows for super-fast dry runs.

The Talon 212 is a classic shoe that allows you to keep your confidence in wetter and muddier conditions. Whether you’re up in the mountains or running along rocky trails, the grip helps you to maintain good balance. With human biomechanics in mind, the shoe has quality construction and high-performance materials.

With impressive treads, the drainage system is excellent keeping your feet cool and dry making it one of the best mud running shoes on this list. The support in the heel with a pull loop helps support your feet on uneven trails. With comfortable padding and an EVA midsole, these shoes are great and quick and easy to clean. 

So, if you’re looking for shoes that are lightweight, breathable, and allow you to get more miles out of your shoes then this product is perfect for you. 

11. Vibram V Train Trail Mud Running Shoes 

Price: £26.78 - £123.99

best shoes for running in mud

If you’re someone who loves running barefoot, then this is the shoe for you. This shoe has additional layers of comfort and support so your bones and tendons are fully supported. 

With added structure and support, this is a shoe that allows movement in all directions and environments. The Vibram V Train has a five-toe system that whilst odd to look at, provides a stable fit. Plus, these shoes can easily be adjusted, especially if you are going on seriously arduous and long runs. 

Unlike many shoes out there, the minimalist design is particularly amazing in what is packed into it. With extra features to allow for more versatility such as special rope traction lugs in the arch to help with rope climbing and harder, rockier climbs. With added support, extra tread, and slim design, this lightweight shoe provides good drainage and extra flexibility on uneven terrain due to its barefoot style. 

Vibram V Train has a built-in tread system that offers great protection that spreads shock from your strides over a large surface area minimising the absorption felt in the pads and soles of your feet. The materials give your feet breathability whilst the polyester and nylon mesh keep your feet dry as possible. 

These are a great sensory shoe for those of you who love a barefoot run. The supportive design and safeguarding against rugged terrains are great for those wanting a more organic flex ability on their runs. 

12. Salomon Speedcross 4 Shoes For A Mud Run 

Price: £69.49-£215.84

best mud run shoes UK

These shoes are the epitome of the Salomon philosophy, as they create the next generation of gear and experiences and make people live the joy of progression of their sports.

These are made specifically for trail running, mud racing, and obstacle course challenges. Designed for rugged outdoor and off-road exercises these shoes are extremely durable and long-lasting. With a mesh upper that is both anti-debris and water-resistant, these are great for protection against the elements. 

Not only are they extremely comfortable for off-road shoes, but they also support your feet for running long distances and they keep your feet protected against the terrain and blisters. If you wanted to find more off-road shoes, why don’t you read our best cross country running shoes to find your perfect pair!  

The Salomon Speedcross shoes have a great durability rating too even in the roughest of conditions. This is due to their rubber cap toe, outsole and insole that all owe to their long-lasting nature. 

The versatility of this product covers Spartans, hikes, trails, and mud runs. Their lug pattern allows for their high-traction activities due to their amazing gripping ability, making them one of the best shoes for a mud run to choose today!  

The drainage system is excellent as you’ll be able to work out in water whilst getting rid of any excess water in the shoe.  

The Salomon Speedcross is a brilliant shoe that absorbs shock and helps keep your feet comfortable as you manage all types of obstacles. 

13. Icebug Acceleritas 6 Trail Mud Running Shoes 

Price: £89.80

best shoes for running in mud and water

If you’re on the hunt for cheap mud run shoes then take a look at the Icebug’s sixth generation. Icebug is known for the versatility of their product and it’s surprising how good the quality is considering it’s a lot more affordable than some other mud-run specific shoes. 

These shoes are great as they provide the wearer with a more secure fit which prevents your feet from slipping around inside of them. With a TPU mudguard, these shoes are amazingly durable and will keep your feet protected from all the elements. The heel counter maintains a strong heel and overall durability. Icebug has incorporated an EVA foam that won’t compress and give way so it can last for countless sessions. 

The traction has been designed with flexibility in mind with a midsole that keeps weight downwards and the heel cup reduced to help support the Achilles tendons. The low profile of the shoe helps promote natural movement of the foot with thermal and impact protection. These shoes keep traction easy and changeable due to whatever climate you’re exercising in. 

The Icebug Acceleritas 6 offer great drainage and effectively drain excess water out. If you’re looking for a reliably durable and strong gripping shoe, then the Icebug is for you. 

14. Salomon Running Shoes For Mud And Water 

Price: £88.49-£256.87

best trail running shoes for mud

Here’s another great shoe from Salomon. The Speedcross 4 GTX is an excellent shoe for runners who want a lightweight yet aggressive grip on technical and soft trails. 

Salomon’s lightweight, waterproof Gore-Tex membrane means that the wearer can easily handle the most difficult terrains. Need a backpack whilst you’re on a difficult run? Take a look at our top running backpacks to help you find the right one for you.

With the shoes being lightweight (260 to 300 g) Salomon ensures easy comfort even during long workouts. The Gore-Tex lining means that even if the shoe is fully submerged your feet stay dry and the outer membrane can easily get rid of the water as you continue your workout. 

The Quick lace system allows you to tighten the laces quickly and easily, without knots and the Sensifit system cradles the foot perfectly, offering a secure and snug fit. Even the traction is designed with a sole that is smooth and made from resistant rubber that offers exceptional traction and support for running on wet surfaces.

These shoes are available in a variety of black, navy and yellow colour combinations making your feet that more stylish. 

15. Nike Wildhorse 6 Trail Running Mud Shoes 

Price: £104.95

best trail shoes mud mud running shoes

These shoes not only look fashionable, but they are a stable, secure, and lightweight shoe for trails and mud runs. The newly updated outsole delivers the strong traction needed for going off-track. The foam midsole maintains a cushioned run. 

The Nike Wildhorse 6 have trail-ready traction with a full-rubber outsole that features abrasion-resistant materials with the forefoot and heel in mind. It has a sticky rubber secured in the middle for a strong gripping run making it one of the best shoes to wear in a mud run. 

These shoes have a soft foam that provides a smooth run with a little spring as the extra cushioning in the heel creates a platform for the foot and a stable run. These shoes are incredibly durable and breathable with mesh at the forefoot which helps with ventilation and prevent abrasion from rocky terrain. 

The collar around the ankle hugs the foot and has anti-debris properties as you go off-road. This is an excellent mud run shoe as the thin tongue features segmented padding to cut down on lace pressure and keep your foot secure. If you’re a Nike fan then this trail running mud shoe is certainly for you. 

Before you go! 

If you were previously wondering; what shoes to wear for a mud run?, we hope that you no longer feel as lost in your search after reading our article. We feel that 15 products is a wide enough variety for you to choose from without feeling overwhelmed, and we hope we gave you an insight on finding your perfect pair of mud run shoes for you! 

As mentioned earlier, having good traction and a drainage system will make your off-road runs more successful and most importantly, help you to avoid any injuries from not choosing suitable footwear. 

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