17 Best Natural Energy Drinks (UK)

best natural energy drinks

Are you on the lookout for the best natural energy drinks in the UK, that can provide you with that much-needed boost, but minus the spoonfuls of sugar, artificial colours and sweeteners? OriGym have you covered.

Energy drinks have long been a popular quick-fix for those low energy days where we need an aid to power through. However, most traditional drinks of this kind are often loaded with ingredients and elements that we could well do without in our bodies - many of which can even cause you to feel jittery, anxious, or agitated.

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What Are Natural Energy Drinks?

Like we mentioned before, typical energy drinks on the market, despite their effective benefits, are more often than not packed with heaps of sugar, artificial sweeteners, colorings and a considerably high amount of caffeine. 

A natural energy drink has the exact same purpose as a standard energy drink - to give your energy levels a boost. However, certain ingredients have been significantly reduced or eliminated for your body’s benefit. With that, it means that your body will not be exposed to the same negative side effects as it would if you were to drink the likes of a Red Bull or drinks alike.

Below, we have listed the best natural energy drinks in the UK that will provide you with the boost you require without the side effects and are great to include alongside your meal plans.

#1 - Tenzing Natural Energy

1 Tenzing organic energy drinks uk image

Price: £11.97 (12 x 250ml)

If you’re looking for popular and great-tasting natural drinks to boost energy, then you can’t go far wrong with Tenzing. It’s become somewhat of a household name in the world of natural energy drinks, and it’s not surprising. Not only is this drink all natural, but it comes with an impressive triple hit of caffeine, so you certainly won’t be left feeling short of energy.

The drinks are inspired by famous mountaineer Sherpa Tenzing and the energy drinks consumed in the Himalayas. Only natural ingredients are used and everything is plant based, which means that, while you will be getting a pretty big hit of caffeine, it’s all natural. As you might expect, the drinks are responsibly produced and everything is Rainforest Alliance Certified. 

Tenzing doesn't use any additives in their natural energy boost drinks, and the products only contain 7 ingredients, so you always know exactly what you’re drinking. The natural sweetness comes from beet sugar, and a hint of lemon gives a refreshing twist. Every can is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, again all from natural sources.

Himalayan rock salt is rich in electrolytes, Guarana improves concentration and attention, and the green tea leaves are full of amino acids, which help reduce stress. You’ll also get a big dose of vitamin C from the Indian Gooseberries, and the caffeine comes from raw green coffee beans.

The inclusion of so much caffeine makes Tenzing one of the best natural drinks for energy available anywhere in the world. We love the backstory too, and the mix of plant based energy, antioxidants and vitamins really does taste like a traditional blend designed to harness the power of nature.

#2 - Matcha Energy Drinks

2 matcha natural drinks to boost energy

Price: £30 (12 x 340ml)

Matcha produces some of the best tasting natural energy drinks UK shoppers will find. They use green tea as their caffeine source, which has a range of advantages. Green tea contains 10x the amount of nutrients and antioxidants of standard tea or coffee, and because Matcha uses the whole leaf, the effect of the caffeine lasts much longer.

This, of course, means that there's no sudden peak or trough, which is common with other caffeinated energy drinks, and you won’t suffer from jitters either! Better still, the leaves are so nutrient rich that they’ll give your immune system a boost. Matcha produces some of the best natural herbal energy drinks for those with an eye on long term health, and the antioxidant properties can even lower your risk of chronic illness.

If all that sounds good, then you’ll be pleased to know that these natural energy drinks in the UK has not compromised on taste. There's a range of flavours on offer including sparkling lime, sparkling lemon, sparkling berry and sparkling peach, but our favourite was the mint variety. It has a wonderfully refreshing, lifting kick even before you feel the effects of the caffeine. 

Nutrition-wise you’ll be loading up on antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium. The drinks are also fibre rich, and help boost your metabolism. There really are too many health benefits to list, but these drinks can help lower blood sugar, cholesterol and even increase concentration.

As these are some of the best tasting drinks on the list, they make the perfect natural energy drinks for kids who might be a little more fussy!

#3 - Proper Wild Energy

3 proper wild all natural energy drinks image

Price: £18.50 (6 x 71ml)

Proper Wild leads the way in terms of organic energy drinks in the UK. Despite their diminutive size, these energy shots pack a big punch. A single shot contains x2 more caffeine than a cup of coffee, and x23 more L-Theanine. This is a big deal, as L-Theanine is proven to boost focus and productivity without any of the associated negative effects of excessive caffeine.

In fact, these natural energy boost drinks provide a much smoother energy release than your standard energy drink. The caffeine is derived from green tea, so it’s longer lasting. They’ll be no sudden peak or jitters, and no crash either. Instead, you'll get a long lasting lift of slow release energy, perfect for a busy day on the go or extended workout.

All ingredients are natural and organic, so you won’t find artificial flavourings or preservatives. These are some of the best organic energy drinks available, and the all natural ingredients come with a number of benefits. They’ll increase your concentration, alertness and mental energy. This is due mostly to the high L-Theanine content, which makes these drinks perfect for those in search of a little more mental energy to start the day.

At only 25 calories each, these natural fruit energy drinks are also low in sugar, and free from pretty much anything you can name. A Proper Wild Energy drink is vegan, gluten free, GMO free, dairy free, stevia free and soy free! We really couldn’t ask for much more than that, and they taste great too!

Anyone who follows organic energy drinks reviews will already be aware of these fantastic little shots, and they’re proof that a little really can go a long way. 


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#4 - Tea Riot

4 teariot healthy natural energy drinks

Price: £28 (12 x 240ml)

Overflowing with fruits and flavours, these are some of the best natural fruit energy drinks on the market. They also contain zero added sugar and zero synthetic stimulants. Everything is natural, and the energy boost comes from tea.

For those searching for natural pre workout energy drinks; there’s quite a bit of caffeine per drink, an impressive 160mg, so you’ll certainly feel the effects. As this is derived from tea, it comes with the added benefit of L-Theanine. There’s 100mg of that, which helps with cognitive focus and alertness. The drinks are also rich in vitamin B12, which is great for the brain as well, so they’re particularly effective if you need something to boost your concentration.

The nutrition profile is equally impressive in these natural fruit energy drinks. Each product contains a mere 30 calories and just 4g of natural sugars. Sodium content is negligible, but you’ll be getting your full 100% daily requirement of vitamin B12 from just a single serving. The ingredient list is refreshingly short, consisting mostly of fruit and natural flavours like chilli. Since these drinks are high in adaptogens they’ll help combat stress.

As natural energy boost drinks go, we think these contain the most actual fruit, and that really comes across with the taste. Every drink is brimming with flavour, and the fruit isn’t lost behind a wall of other ingredients. 

They come in a number of flavours too, although our favourite was Cherry Watermelon, which is the most refreshing of the bunch. The taste is great across the board though, so we recommend starting with the variety 12 pack. You'll be able to sample the different flavours and choose your own favourite!

#5 - Clean Cause

5 clean cause natural energy boost drinks

Price: £29 (12 x 473ml)

Another fantastic choice for anyone in search of natural pre workout energy drinks, Clean Cause makes the list in part due to the companies philanthropic activities. 50% of their profits go to help those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. It’s a noble cause, and it’s already made a huge difference. The money goes to “CLEAN kickstarts,” which help individuals establish a recovery schedule and find employment.

Fortunately, these natural energy boost drinks are high quality and some of the healthiest on the list, so you’ll have no trouble getting behind the cause. They’re vegan, gluten free, organic certified and provide a huge range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Caffeine is derived from purely natural sources, so it’s crash free and long lasting.

Each can contains no more than 60 calories, and around 160mg of caffeine. Clean Cause also offers one of the largest ranges on the list, so you’ll have a number of different flavours to choose from. Our beverage of choice was the Watermelon Mint, which offers unparalleled refreshment and has a fantastically fresh, invigorating taste.

You can order a 12 pack of any flavour, and if you want to go big there’s a discount available for 25 packs. These are some of the best organic energy drinks uk shoppers can get hold of via international shipping. The fruity taste really comes across, and we loved the long lasting effect of the caffeine.

Obviously, the company's philanthropy represents a huge draw too, so if you’re looking for all natural energy drinks that benefit entire communities, we certainly recommend giving Clean Cause a try.

#6 - Bai 

6 natural herbal energy drinks

Price: Currently Unavailable

Bai has been able to produce some of the best natural energy drinks in terms of taste, and we think they might even be the best tasting offering on the list! The flavours are big, and the drinks are very bubbly. They actually taste quite luxurious, which is especially impressive considering that they contain just 5 calories each and 1 gram of sugar. 

Interestingly, while coffee is made from the coffee bean, Bai has utilised the coffee fruit itself. The bean is just the centre of the fruit, but the flesh itself is packed with antioxidants. Better still, using the coffee fruit provides sustainable farming and economic opportunities in poorer parts of the world, and Bai has worked hard to establish mutually beneficial relationships with its farmers. 

Moreover, the drinks are rich in vitamin C and polyphenols. The secret behind the tiny caloric content lies in the type of sweetener used. A combination of Stevia and Erythritol gives the drinks their sweet taste, without any of the associated calories. Stevia is actually 200 times sweeter than sugar, so Bai didn’t need to use a lot to pack a punch!

These are some of the purest natural drinks for energy currently available anywhere, and they come in a wide range of flavours (including a variety pack for those who aren’t sure where to start). We particularly enjoyed the refreshing Waikiki Coconut Lime, which delivers quite an intense citrus kick.

Whatever flavour you choose, you’ll be absolutely blown away by the taste. It’s difficult to believe that these drinks contain just 5 calories per can, but that’s all down to Bai’s cunning recipes.

#7 - Pin Natural Energy Tea Drink 

natural energy drinks best

Price: £19.99 (12 x 330ml)

If you’re after more natural drinks for energy, we have another great option for you here.

Pin’s Energy Tea is naturally caffeinated and contains L-theanine which offers a wealth of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. 

As mentioned earlier, L-theanine can enhance focus and alertness when combined with caffeine, thus providing consumers with a great energy boost.

As for the actual contents of the drink, Pin’s range is made from only natural ingredients. It is a non-carbonated drink that has 0g of fat and carbohydrates.

Each drink is also made without preservatives or artificial flavours and sweeteners, promising an all-around organic, healthy energy drink. 

As well as peach flavour, Pin also offers ‘Green Tea’ and ‘Black Tea’ options to keep your drinks varied and interesting.

With that, these are the best natural energy drinks for vegans and gluten-free individuals. 

Pin’s drinks currently have a 100% 5-star track record on Amazon, proving that the product description truly lives up to customer satisfaction. 

So, if you’re wanting to get your hands on the best organic energy drinks on the market, Pin’s range is top tier. 

Why not follow the link above to see what all the fuss is about?

#8 - James White Zinger

8 natural energy boosters drinks image

Price: £19 (15 x 70ml)

Next on the list is an entry for those shopping for natural energy drinks with no caffeine.

Zingers are natural herbal energy drinks in shot form. They come in tiny, easily portable bottles packed with a range of healthy herbal pick me ups. They’re an excellent alternative to caffeine-rich drinks like tea or coffee, are low in calories, contain only negligible amounts of naturally occurring sugars and come in a range of flavours.

Those flavours are nicely varied, too. The Extra Hot Ginger Zinger packs a real punch, as does the Lime and Chilli. The turmeric based shot might not be to everyone’s taste but it does bring all the well publicised health benefits of turmeric.

The ginger shot is a particular favourite. While many energy drinks are overcomplicated with a mass of ingredients offering varying properties, this shot is nice and simple. It’s made from pure, pressed ginger with apple juice. It goes down a treat and the ingredients are, of course, certified organic, making it a great product for natural energy drinks for pregnant women.

As natural energy boosters, drinks like this are incredibly convenient. The small shot style bottles are perfect if you’re on the move, so they’re great for a mid afternoon pick-me-up. We love the simple, back to basics approach here, and the Zingers are proof that a drink doesn’t have to be crammed with ingredients to pack an energy punch.

Hydrating your body is often overlooked in relation to keeping your energy levels high; for products to further your hydration levels, make sure you check out our article on the best hydration tablets to fuel your body.

You can choose to order an individual flavour, but we can recommend the variety box to get a taste for the brand, and find out which you prefer. Whichever you choose, you can be assured that you’re getting some of the finest natural drinks to boost energy in shot form.

#9 - NOCCO Functional Energy Drink

healthy natural energy drinks

Price: £43.49 (24 x 330ml)

Next on our list of the best natural energy drinks is a range by NOCCO.

This option will benefit those searching for natural energy drinks without caffeine that still provides an invigorating boost. 

This is the perfect drink for athletes and fitness fanatics who want to feel refreshed and replenished after a vigorous training session. 

NOCCO’s range promises to enhance performance and speed up the rate of recovery which is something all active adults could benefit from. 

Each drink contains zero sugar with at least 5000mg of BCAA. These are in a 4:1:1 ratio of leucine, valine, and isoleucine. 

These are essential amino acids that are required for a healthy, balanced diet. 

Cans also contains the following vitamins:

  • Biotin
  • Niacin 
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12 
  • Vitamin D3

When combined, these vitamins help to support your bodily functions while boosting energy and alertness.

NOCCO’s healthy and natural energy drinks come in a range of fruity flavours. These include:

  • Apple
  • Elderflower
  • Ice soda
  • Miami strawberry
  • Passionfruit
  • Red berries
  • Tropical

Once you realise the vast energy-boosting benefits that the drinks provide, getting your hands on different flavours ensures versatility each day. 

This is why we think NOCCO’s range is amongst the best natural energy drinks with no caffeine and one we’d suggest checking out in time for your next workout. 

#10 - Nau Snse

10 organic energy drinks reviews

Price: $39.99 (approx. £30)

Nau Snse is an interesting one. Designed with gamers in mind, it’s an all natural powder based energy drink formulated to give you a mental rather than physical edge. That said, we think anybody will benefit from these healthy natural energy drinks, which promise a caffeine free boost without any of the associated jitters or crashes.

The powders consist of herbs, vitamins and minerals, which are then dissolved in water. The flavour isn’t as potent or tasty as some of the other offerings on the list, but these natural energy drinks with no caffeine are focussed on pure performance. 

They combine a unique set of ingredients not found in other drinks. Spanish sage and garden sage are combined to make a compound called Cognivia, which has been shown to increase cognitive functions including memory, alertness and learning processes. These are bold claims indeed, but everything is backed up by science and these drinks really do give you a mental lift.

There’s an antioxidant rich cranberry infusion and added vitamins including B3, B5, B6 and Magnesium to help fight fatigue. The many cognitive benefits of L-Theanine are well known, and here it’s combined with lemon balm to boost its efficacy still further. The combination increases alertness, focus, and reduces stress.

If you haven't got the right container to carry your Nau Snse organic energy drink, we've got you covered. 

Nau Snse drinks are certainly some of the most advanced natural energy drinks without caffeine, and we have to applaud the depth of research that’s gone into producing them. They might not be the best tasting drink on the list, but they do give you a real edge. We think they’d make a perfect mid afternoon pick-me-up, or help you get out of bed for an early start!


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#11 - Celsius

11 natural drinks for energy

Price: £26.85 (12 x 354ml)

These natural energy drinks stand apart from the crowd due to their special fat burning capabilities. Celsius drinks are made with movement in mind. When you combine a drink with exercise, it’s scientifically proven to boost your metabolism and increase your body's fat burn. These fat burning credentials make them fantastic natural pre workout energy drinks.

This alone is enough to justify their position on the list, but they're also completely natural, contain no artificial preservatives or flavours, no aspartame and no corn syrup. Best of all, they’re very low in sodium, and they come with enough flavour variations to keep you interested. 

Each set of drinks is designed to help with a different area of fitness. Celsius Heat is made with performance energy in mind. It contains an impressive 2000mg of L-citrulline and 300mg of caffeine, which will give you a big, long lasting energy boost. BCAA is vitamin and electrolyte rich, and is recovery focussed. High quantities of vitamins and electrolytes help the body replenish itself after a workout, and reduce inflammation. 

Celsius Stevia is probably the tastiest line. It’s sweetened with low calorie stevia for a fantastically refreshing taste, and it comes in an array of flavours including orange and pomegranate, and grapefruit. This would probably be our drink of choice to relax, and it still carries many of the benefits of the other varieties.

Celsius On The Move comes in a specially designed bottle with portability in mind. Whatever drink you choose you’ll love the healthy energy boost and the potential to raise your metabolism.

#12 - Guru Organic Energy

12 guru natural pre workout energy drinks

Price: $48.99 (approx. £37)

Another set of organic energy drinks which are free from virtually everything, Guru drinks contain no artificial flavourings, are suitable for vegans, free from GMOS, are all organic and derive their caffeine from purely natural sources. They’re great if you’re worried about what goes into your food, or feel put off by the long list of ingredients common to so many other energy drinks.

That said, there’s no compromise on taste, and the Matcha Green tea natural herbal energy drink is our particular favourite. Matcha caffeine releases much more slowly than coffee or tea, so you get a far smoother release of energy without a subsequent crash or jitters. It’s also rich in L-Theanine which helps with concentration.

Other ingredients like ginseng and monk fruit bring an array of health benefits too, and the sweetener of choice is low calorie stevia. Guru Energy Lite comes in at a minuscule 20 calories - so you can certainly enjoy a can or two guilt free!

Natural energy drinks are a great source for sportsmen and athletes to power their performances.

They're already making quite a splash on social media, and Guru is slowly morphing into a lifestyle brand for those who like an adventure in the outdoors. Whatever your needs, these are some of the best organic energy drinks on the market, and they’re certainly one of the purest. 

On an interesting side note, if you enjoy the Guru energy drinks it’s worth checking out their flavoured energy waters too. They don’t pack as big a caffeine hit, but they’re incredibly refreshing and perfect if you’re after a cold, thirst quenching drink post workout.

#13 - MyProtein Sparkling Vitamin Water

natural energy drinks for health

Price: £2.99 per 330ml can

MyProtein is a brand that recognises busy lifestyles can often result in feeling fatigued which is why they’ve created a natural alternative to caffeinated drinks. 

Their range of sparkling vitamin water is a zero-calorie and zero-sugar drink that is rich in vitamins B and C to support energy levels and promote alertness.

These vitamins are fused with pantothenic acid to maintain regular mental performance, meaning just 1 drink can help you to stay awake and work towards your goals.

These healthy and natural energy drinks also contain high levels of magnesium which helps to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat when working out. 

This sweet tropical drink is a fusion of passionfruit, mango, and lime, a delectable combination of flavours that will be sure to keep you revitalised.

Not quite convinced? 

Well, when shopping around for the best organic energy drinks, reviews offer insight into whether they’d be a good fit.

MyProtein’s drinks have 5-star ratings across the board with many enjoying the fruity flavours and feeling of replenishment. 

You might not have thought about MyProtein to begin with when searching for the best organic energy drinks, yet their range is one that shouldn't be overlooked.

At the end of the day, the reviews speak for themselves!

#14 - Glaceau Vitamin Water Zero Defence


healthy organic energy drinks

Price: £1.45 per 500ml bottle

Did you know that drinks with a high vitamin content can provide fantastic energy boosts that rival caffeinated drinks? 

Glaceau’s vitamin water is packed full of vitamins and minerals that promote immunity, support bodily functions, and offer a must-needed energy boost. 

But what vitamins does Glaceau’s drink contain and what are their individual benefits?

  • Vitamin C helps to support the immune system while being necessary for the growth and repair of body tissues.
  • Vitamin B3 can boost alertness and brain function, thus keeping you energised each and every day.
  • Vitamin B5 is a super important vitamin that supports the body’s blood cell production which converts food into energy. 
  • Vitamin B6 helps to maintain a normal amount of amino acids in the blood while also supporting the immune system.

Each bottle contains a mere 5 calories and so can support your workout without diminishing your daily calorie allowance by much. 

With these benefits in mind, you might also be curious as to which are the best natural energy drinks for pregnant women.

As mentioned previously, caffeine and pregnancy should never mix, which is why Glaceau’s vitamin-rich drink is a viable alternative that we’d definitely recommend. 

Priced at just £1.45 per bottle, this is a great way to provide your body with a great energy boost without relying on caffeine.

#15 - Hi Ball Organic Energy Drink

15 natural energy drinks no caffeine

Price: Currently Unavailable

Hi Ball has done the seemingly impossible and created some great tasting all natural energy drinks that also happen to contain zero calories and absolutely no sugar. It’s an impressive feat, and this alone makes them worthy of the list. These are absolutely the best natural energy drinks for anyone on a tightly calorie-controlled diet, and they have a lot of other things going for them too. 

Every can is crammed full of natural ingredients and vitamins. Sparkling water is infused with ginseng, guarana and organic caffeine for a great taste and smooth energy release, with no subsequent crash. The taste is especially lively, and the ginseng gives every can a real kick. 

Aside from the obvious benefits of zero sugar and calories, we were particularly impressed with the nutrition profile. These drinks contain some of the highest concentration of vitamins on the list, and every can provides you with a heady mix of vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12. 

B vitamins are especially important for maintaining energy levels, so the energy boost you get from these drinks isn’t solely down to the caffeine content. They also help with brain function and cell health. Flavour-wise you can choose between Wild berry, Grapefruit and Lemon Lime, or you can opt for the variety pack in the first instance. 

These are the perfect natural energy drinks for kids, especially young children who you might want to keep off sugary drinks. The B vitamin dense nutrition profile is brilliant for people of all ages though, and these drinks can have a positive impact on your all round wellbeing.


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#16 - Grenade Energy Cherry Bomb

natural energy drinks for pregnant women

Price: £1.99 per 330ml can

This next cherry bomb option is one of the best natural drinks to boost energy. 

Whether you’re looking to battle through your workout or power through the daily grind, arming yourself with the necessary tools will be sure to enhance your performance.

Grenade’s drink has a high vitamin B count which helps to speed up the rate of recovery even after the toughest of training sessions. 

The drinks are packed with electrolytes to replace those that are lost through sweat while also being free from artificial colours and preservatives.

Grenade suggests consuming their cherry bomb drink 30-minutes before your chosen activity to give the caffeine time to get to work.

Now, as ever, when shopping around for natural energy drinks, reviews will help you to decide which is best for you. 

On Grenade’s website, the cherry bomb has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars which have been awarded by over 1,300 satisfied customers.

Many reviewers comment that the drink rivals most fruity cocktails while being a fantastic source of energy that gets them through the day.

So, when searching for the best organic energy drinks on the market, why not consider Grenade’s range?

#17 - Dark Dog

17 natural fruit energy drinks image

Price: £24 (12 x 355ml)

Dark Dog’s mission statement is quite simple. They want to produce an energy drink which tastes great, but also meets the high demands of health conscious athletes and adventurers across the world. In fulfilling that aim, they’ve made some of the best organic energy drinks on the market, and we think you’ll love the pure energy on offer here.

Not only does a single can provide a staggering 50% of your daily vitamin C allowance (more than any other drink on the list), but the natural energy boosters drinks are also high in antioxidants and low in sugar and sodium. For extra peace of mind, the packaging is free from BPA.

On top of that, they’re suitable for vegans, gluten free, certified organic and contain absolutely no artificial sweeteners. If you’re searching for natural drinks for energy, but also want to ensure that you’re drinking something totally pure, then Dark Dog is probably for you.

The caffeine comes from guarana, green tea and green coffee, all of which is organic and completely natural. Dark Dog prides itself on providing a crash free, jitter free caffeine boost, so you can consume these drinks without any of the associated downsides.

The same applies to the sugar and sodium content. These drinks contain only organic cane sugar and a minuscule 10mg of sodium. The calorie count is on the slightly higher side at around 110, but we think that the antioxidant properties make up for this. All in all, these are exceptionally tasty energy drinks, and they elevate themselves above the competition with their unusually high vitamin C content. 


Are Natural Energy Drinks Safe?

Though we see no issue with enjoying natural energy drinks on occasion, and they are a much healthier alternative to your standard sugar-loaded energy drinks, we must advise that if you find yourself relying on energy drinks to get you through your day frequently, it would be in your best interest to find the potential causes of what is destroying your energy.

Like with any caffeinated drinks, they risk causing the following side effects: anxiety, headaches, insomnia, diuresis, gastronomical upset and hyperactivity.

What is the Recommended Daily Caffeine Intake?

NHS guidelines state the recommended caffeine intake is as follows:

  • Healthy adults: 400mg a day 
  • Healthy pregnant women: 200mg a day 
  • Healthy adolescents and children: 2.5mg/kg a day

How Many Natural Energy Drinks Should You Have?

This will vary from brand to brand, depending on how much caffeine that product consists of, however it is important to keep in mind that the daily recommended amount should not exceed 400mg a day. To put that into perspective for you, the Proper Wild Energy Shots contain 180mg of caffeine in their 71ml shot, so we would recommend having no more than 2 of these.

Many of the drinks on our list consist of an average of between 120-180ml of caffeine, though there are products like Bai that have a low caffeine content of 70mg, and there are also multiple caffeine-free options on our list.

Before You Go!

And that rounds up our list of the best natural energy drinks in the UK! We hope our article has been of good use to you and we have provided you with enough options to find a product that caters specifically for your tastebuds!

Before you head off, check out our CIMSPA-endorsed Level 4 Sports Nutrition Course to develop your own nutrition knowledge and the benefits of natural foods.

Download our latest course prospectus to discover the full range of courses we offer.

Written by Annie Williams

Fitness Content Executive, OriGym

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Graduating from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA (Hons) in Journalism, Annie specialises in mental and physical wellbeing, with a specific interest in nutrition and mindfulness. Her long standing interest in fitness is what brought her to OriGym, and led her to become a qualified Personal Trainer and obtain specialist qualifications in Advanced Sports Nutrition. Annie’s primary professional attraction lies in following and tracking the ever-changing trends in the fitness industry. Beyond OriGym, Annie divides her time between personal writing, her passion for the countryside and mountain walking, and charitable runs.

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