13 Best Gyms in Nottingham (UK)

best gyms in nottingham

Looking for gyms in Nottingham but unsure on which is the best option for you? Don’t sweat it!

Here at OriGym, we know that there are tons of brilliant gyms in Nottingham city centre and the surrounding area, which is why we have shortlisted 13 of the very best gyms in the area.

Our list includes gyms in the different parts of Nottingham, so you should have no problem finding one that is easily accessible for however you plan to commute.

Plus, we have made a point to include a variety of fitness centres, from gyms with swimming pools, to ladies only clubs, and the some brilliant MMA and boxing gyms in Nottingham. 

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13 Best Gyms Nottingham 

#1 – Castle Gym 

castle gyms in nottingham

Castle Gym in Nottingham is one of the city’s oldest hardcore gyms. Located on the outskirts of the city centre, close to the iconic Nottingham Castle, Castle Gym is easy to access by any form of transportation.

Known for being one of the best bodybuilding gyms in Nottingham, catering to the most hardcore of gym-goers, Castle Gym became under new owners several years ago and ever since they have worked immensely to change towards being more modern, inclusive, and diverse space. 

This involved fitting a new studio, where multiple fitness classes take place each week, as well as a separate cardio room, brand new exercise machines, and updated changing facilities. 

However, they have still managed to keep their hardcore heritage, as soon as you walk in to this gym you can feel that this a space where people work hard and make serious gains.

They offer various memberships ranging from monthly direct debits for full memberships, to cardio only contracts, or a pay as you train no contract option. 

On top of this, their trainers are also qualified offer nutritional advice, and, for competitive prices, many top supplement brands are on sale.

As a bonus that could definitely win you over, dog lovers will be delighted to know that members are welcomed to the gym by Milo, the gym’s friendly Rottweiler!

Location: 4 Castle Boulevard, New Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 1FB.

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 06:00 - 21:00; Friday: 06:00 - 20:00; Saturday: 08:00 - 16:00; Sunday: 08:00 - 13:00.

Membership Prices: From £19 per month for a 12-month contract (£228).

#2 – PureGym Castle Marina

puregym gyms in nottingham

PureGym’s Castle Marina site opened in 2019 and has been a welcome addition to the great range of Nottingham gyms ever since. 

As a large commercial franchise of gyms operating around the country, most people already have an idea of what PureGym has to offer. 

If you are unaware, PureGym is a modern-style gym franchise that is available to use 24/7.

If your lifestyle means that other gyms with a more traditional timetable don’t work for you, then PureGym could be here to save the day.

With many bookable classes running every day and a fully-kitted out gym floor, this is one of the best with something for everybody.

Their no contract memberships have two options: Core and Plus. Both memberships offer unlimited access to the gym and a range of free classes available to book. 

The Plus membership also gives members the option to freeze their memberships at anytime at no added cost, as well as multi-gym access for if you are ever out of Nottingham and would like to keep up your routine in another city, plus guest passes for a friend to train with you upto four times a month, and unlimited use of their flavoured Sports Water. 

If you aren’t already sold, Plus members also get access to a discount scheme for many top fitness Brands.

The gym is fully equipped with a large variety of strength and cardio machines and a huge free weights area.

On top of this, there is a separate studio where their range of classes take place, including a dedicated spin class area and a zone dedicated to circuit training, complete with the gyms own sled track.

You can find out all about the benefits of taking part in group classes on our recent blog post!

PureGym definitely have a lot to offer, especially if you require a 24-hour gym in Nottingham outside of the city centre. You won’t be disappointed!

Location: 20 Castle Bridge Road, Nottingham, NG7 1GX.

Opening Hours: 24/7.

Membership Prices: From £21.99 per month.

#3 – UFC Gym Nottingham

ufc Mma gyms nottingham image

If you’re a fan of UFC or any other combat sport, then you will sure be in for a treat with this gym. 

Back in 2019, two UFC franchise gyms were opened in the UK, one of which is in Nottingham!

These gyms are currently the only officially licensed UFC gyms in the country (with more to be added over the coming years) and they happen to be located in Woking and, you guessed it, Nottingham. 

If you are looking for an MMA gym in Nottingham then look no further as this will definitely be the best gym in Nottingham for you.

The UFC Gym has three different memberships available to their customers, each with their own range of classes on offer. 

One thing that really makes this gym stand out is their youth programme, which involves a range of martial arts classes for children from six years of age. Those classes include:

  • Boxing
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Kickboxing
  • Self-defence
  • Daily Ultimate Training

The official UFC gyms in nottingham and London also offer Fitness memberships, which give members unlimited access to the gym and fitness facilities, as well as classes including:

  • Flex and Tone
  • HIIT
  • Intensity
  • LBT
  • Pilates
  • Salsa Fit
  • Ultimate Pump
  • Ultimate Spin
  • Yoga

Once we're done here, check out these benefits of classes like HIIT circuit training!

Their premium membership is the Ultimate membership. 

This includes access to all of the facilities included in the Fitness membership, and it also provides access to their range of martial arts classes. 

These classes take place in custom built areas and consist of:

  • Boxing conditioning
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (gi and no gi)
  • Daily Ultimate Training
  • Kickboxing
  • MMA
  • Muay Thai
  • Wrestling

Whether you go for the Fitness or Ultimate membership, you can be sure to expect excellent quality equipment and service from their highly trained staff.

Location: Huntingdon Street, Nottingham, NG1 3NL.

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 05:00 - 23:00; Saturday - Sunday: 08:00 - 21:00.

Membership Prices: Announced upon enquiry.

#4 – CrossFit Nottingham 

Crossfit gyms nottingham image

If you’re looking for CrossFit gyms in Nottingham, this official affiliate to the worldwide CrossFit brand is definitely the best option for you!

If you aren’t already familiar with CrossFit, it is a modern exercise regime made up of high intensity interval training, it has a real emphasis on strength and conditioning, and advertises itself as a lifestyle rather than simply a programme to follow in the gym. 

Their regime involves a range of high-intensity, functional workouts that borrow techniques from weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio exercises.

Rather than joining one of the many basic Nottingham gyms where all members do their own thing and you are left with the responsibility to choose your own workout, CrossFit Nottingham members all workout together, following the same workout of the day (W.O.D).

This fosters a friendly but competitive group environment, something which this gym say they are really proud of.

A membership here also provides access to the open gym during the mornings and afternoons on weekdays and over the weekend. 

However, this is not an equivalent for what most would expect an open gym to be. CrossFit’s open gym may be considered as more of a practice area, where members can improve their form and technique for the many WORLDs that they can choose to take part in. 

This area is technically uncoached, but the staff and instructors are always available to offer advice if needed.

Think this might be the best option for you? CrossFit Nottingham offers a free taster session where you can join the other members for a W.O.D exercise and see if CrossFit is the right way of life for you.

Or, if you're a big crossfit fan, check out the best crossfit gyms in the UK right here

Location: Unit 8, Alfred Street South, Robin Hood Industrial Estate, Nottingham, NG3 1GE.

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 06:30 - 21:00; Friday: 06:30 - 19:00; Saturday: 08:00 - 11:00; Sunday: 09:00 - 13:00.

Membership Prices: From £10 per session or £61 per month.

#5 – Virgin Active 

gyms in nottingham city centre with swimming poos virgin active

If you are looking for good gyms in Nottingham city centre, Virgin Active may win you over with a wealth of facilities available to members, including a great gym floor, studio space, and brilliant group classes to try out.

On top of this, being located in the extremely unique venue that is the old Nottingham train station will make your time in the building interesting and engaging. Not to mention this location is super convenient to commute to!

Their fully stocked gym floor contains a staggering array of equipment. 

In addition to any workout machines or free weights you could need, Virgin Active also have a Boditrax machine. 

More than just a set of scales, Boditrax reveals a comprehensive report on your body composition, which includes your body fat percentage, total muscle mass, and hydration level.

Virgin Active offer a creche service with fully qualified staff members too so you can work out while knowing your little one is in safe hands. 

For any older children, after school camps may be a great way to get active. Or, if they are aged between ten and thirteen, your child can accompany you and use the gym facilities after an induction with a staff member.

Plus, if you are looking for a gym in Nottingham city centre with a swimming pool, you’ll be glad to know that Virgin Active have a 24 metre laned swimming pool and offer lessons and coaching for all ages. 

If you fancy a bit of competition in the pool, Virgin Active holds two swim galas every year where you can test your skills against other members and meet other keen swimmers.

If you’re looking for more than just a gym, and you’d like more of a high-quality fitness and leisure hub that has tons of features you can’t find elsewhere, Virgin Active could well be the gym for you.

But before you dive straight in, you might want to check out OriGym's guide to gym etiquette here.

Location: Low Level Station, The Great Northern Close, London Road, Nottingham, NG2 3AE.

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 06:00 - 20:00; Saturday - Sunday: 08:00 - 18:00.

Membership Prices: From £50 per month.

#6 – Rebels Gym Nottingham

rebels Nottingham gyms cheap

Some gyms these days can make everything so complicated. Having to deal with salespeople

just to obtain a reasonable membership price, or having to jump through hoops if you ever need to freeze or cancel your membership. 

Rebels Gym in Nottingham definitely isn’t one of those gyms, for us, this is 100% one of the cheapest gyms in Nottingham, and one of the most hassle free options on this list.

No nonsense, no contracts, and no joining fees. Just £16.99 a month and you’re in. If you don’t want to pay by month, no problem, £4 per session or £7.99 a week and you’re good to go.

This old school simplicity also extends into the facilities offered in the gym. Within this club, there are lots of free weights, bars, frames, and plates, as well as tons of cardio machines so that you can have a full workout whatever your exercise goals are.

If you’re interested in the boxing gyms Nottingham has to offer, whether for fitness or for training, Rebels Gym are the best choice in the area. They have a dedicated boxing ring and a selection of punching bags available, too.

Looking for Nottingham gyms with great personal trainers? Rebels has that covered too! 

They have a selection of qualified personal trainers available for 1:1 sessions either on site or Online, all of whom have received some really positive feedback via Google reviews.

For a no-frills approach to exercise, consider Rebels Gym in Radford, Nottingham for your gym of choice.

Location: Hartley Road, Nottingham, NG7 3DW.

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 21:00; Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00; Sunday: appointment only.

Membership Prices: From £16.99 per month.

#7 – YMCA Gym Nottingham

ymca Leisure centre nottingham

YMCA Gym in Nottingham city centre has a lot of facilities on offer for members, plus it is conveniently located and easily accessible.

The YMCA are an autonomous regional charity, supporting young people and vulnerable adults nationally through branches located across the country. A membership at YMCA Gym would support the charity with their goals of providing housing services to people in need.

YMCA Gym operates over various floors, offering different ranges of equipment and services.

The main floor contains a variety of popular training equipment such as treadmills, rowing machines, and power plates, as well as a selection of strength training equipment. 

However, the majority of the strength training equipment is located in the performance room – a dedicated area for free weights training and HIIT classes.

More features on offer by the YMCA Gym in Nottingham include a spin studio, available for either classes and free to use when it's not booked. They also have a main studio where the majority of their classes are based, plus it's also available to book for commercial training and events, meaning there is always something different to do.

Finally, YMCA home to CrossFit 1871. To access this area, you will need a specific membership which includes complete access to all of the YMCA Gym facilities - a great option if you’re looking for CrossFit gyms in Nottingham with all the benefits of a standard gym, too!

If you would like to know that your membership is benefiting others in your community, then you shouldn’t hesitate with signing up for the YMCA Gym in Nottingham city centre.

Location: YMCA Gym, 4 Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, NG1 4FG.

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 24 hours; Sunday: closed.

Membership Prices: From £25 per month.

#8 – David Ross Sports Village 

Nottingham leisure centre david ross image

With David Ross Sports Village being located on the University of Nottingham campus, you would be forgiven for thinking that it was only available for students. However, this is not the case!

This is a great leisure centre in Nottingham, with a Public Membership package that comes complete with access to a range of facilities within the complex.

David Ross Sports Village opened in 2017 after a £40 million renovation process that resulted in creating one of the finest fitness centres in Nottingham.

As a Public Member, you will have full access to the fitness suite, with two-hundred stations including plenty of treadmills, a range of strength equipment, and a wide variety of strength training equipment to get a complete workout.

The building is stunningly designed. Very bright and airy, from the moment you enter the building to when you are inside the fitness suite area. 

For us this is one of the best gyms in Nottingham because there really is something for everyone.

All of the treadmills have the option for you to link your phone or watch Netflix, and if you are lucky you may be able to catch a competitive game of football on the full sized football pitches right outside the windows.

There are always staff on hand to assist you and, with your membership you are entitled to both a free induction and a review of a fitness programme for your needs, so that you can ensure that you are using all of the equipment safely and in a way that will help you to achieve your individual goals.

On top of access to the gym equipment, you will be able to attend a wide range of over thirty-five group classes including functional circuit training, Les Mills, and yoga classes.

If you would like to have access to a gym in Nottingham with a swimming pool, then the David Ross Sports Village will be right up your street. 

You can include access to their eight-lane 25m swimming pool as part of your membership, or if you opt for just the fitness suite membership then a visit to the pool will only cost £2 per session. 

So far, this is a top contender for top Nottingham city gyms. 

To top it off, outside of university term-time, Public Members can even book the indoor courts for £5 per session, adding to the opportunities for you to get fit and try out new activities such as badminton, basketball, and futsal.

Location: David Ross Sports Village, University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD.

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 06:00 - 22:00; Saturday - Sunday: 07:30 - 21:00.

Membership Prices: From £30.50 per month.

#9 – Formula One Gym Nottingham

Best gyms nottingham formula one image

Formula One Gym in Nottingham city centre offer a great selection of facilities at a very reasonable price.

They have separate floors for their mixed gym and ladies only floor, making this one of the a few ladies gyms in Nottingham.

Their mixed gym area is the larger of the two, it is equipped with over seventy machines made up of thirty-plus cardio and forty-plus strength machines. 

On top of this, there is an extensive free weights area with dumbbells that go up to 53kg, meaning that whatever your fitness level, you will have access to some brilliant equipment.

The ladies only floor also contains a selection of strength training and cardio equipment, kitted out with plenty of free weights and other exercise machines. 

One thing that really makes this place stand out is that its one of few gyms in Nottingham with a sauna, as both floors come have their own changing rooms, fitted with a sauna and sunbeds.

If you would like to try the gym out before becoming a member, you can purchase day passes or book onto a specific class for £6. 

Or, a monthly membership will only set you back as little as £19 a month.

Considering all of the facilities that this club has to offer, Formula One Gym is a great choice for cheap gyms in Nottingham city centre.

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Location: 21 Victoria Street, Nottingham, NG1 2EW.

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 06:30 - 21:00; Saturday - Sunday: 09:00 - 18:00.

Membership Prices: From £19 per month.

#10 – Xercise4Less

xercise4less 24 hour gyms in nottingham

Looking for the cheapest gyms in Nottingham city centre without compromising on a club with a great range of equipment? Xercise4less is a great option!

Don’t assume that the low price point means a lack of facilities, because Xercise4Less have tons of equipment that many other commercial gyms don’t offer, and they offer some great group classes, too. 

Not only that, Xercise4Less have their own ladies’ area in their Nottingham branch, as well as a combat zone made up of boxing rings and an octagon for MMA training. 

If you’re looking to hit the gym and train for your desired combat sport, then Xercise4Less could be a great budget option compared to other boxing or MMA gyms in Nottingham.

Some of the classes that they offer members are all included in the membership price and include legs, bums and tums, Spin, and HIIT.

It is hard to express how much value you will be getting from Xercise4Less for such a cheap monthly price, potentially saving you over a hundred pound a year when compared with similarly equipped gyms in the area.

Location: 2-6 Chettles Trade Park, Midland Way, Nottingham, NG7 3AG.

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 06:00 - 22:00; Saturday - Sunday: 08:00 - 20:00.

Membership Prices: From £9.99 per month.

Active Nottingham Membership

The final three fitness centres in our round up of the best Nottingham gyms are all part of the Active Nottingham group, so before we get stuck in, we thought we'd explain a little bit about what this membership involves.

Active Nottingham are a range of eight city council gyms in Nottingham, each offering different facilities for members.

A full membership at Active Nottingham (called their ‘Flexible Fitness’ membership) includes full access to all of their gyms for just £36.99 per month. 

Depending on how many of their venues are accessible for you, this membership can provide incredible value as you will have access to a range of facilities that one gym simply could not offer all in one place.

On top of this, there are concession prices for corporate, disabled, junior, and student memberships. 

When you become a member with Active Nottingham, you will have access to the Active Nottingham app or web portal where you can monitor your membership and track your progress or book classes.

Aside from their Flexible Fitness membership, you can also opt for just swim, or just tennis memberships instead if you want to save some money but lose access to certain facilities.

Another feature of all Active Nottingham facilities is their inclusion of ladies’ only classes or time slots. 

All of this considered, the Active Nottingham facilities featured in our list are definitely some of the best places to workout in the area!

#11 – Victoria Leisure Centre

Nottingham city council gyms victoria lesire centre

Next on our list, is Victoria Leisure Centre, a great Nottingham city council gym located in the city centre.

They are one of the few gyms in Nottingham city centre with swimming pool facilities. The pool is 25 metres long and is accompanied by a smaller pool for infants and other learners. As well as this, other popular features are their sauna and steam room which are exclusive to members.

Besides the swimming facilities, Victoria Leisure Centre also contains a gym and studio. The gym is made up of seventy different stations including treadmills, stationary spin bikes, and rowing machines, as well as a free weight area and space to warm up/cool down. 

Their studio is separate from the gym and is home to a range of classes from Abs Blast to Zumba.

If you are looking Nottingham leisure centre that allows access to a large pool and a range of other gym facilities, Victoria Leisure Centre could be just what you are looking for. 

It is a huge bonus that they are part of the Flexible Fitness Active Nottingham membership, meaning that you can also access a range of other Nottingham fitness centres for no added cost.

Find out how to become a zumba instructor over on our blog!

Location: Gedling Street, Nottingham, NG1 1DB.

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 06:30 - 21:00; Saturday - Sunday: 06:30 - 16:00.

Membership Prices: Flexible Fitness membership for £36.99 per month.

#12 – Djanogly Community Leisure Centre

gyms in nottingham with sauna image

Djanogly Community Leisure Centre is one of a handful Nottingham city council gyms, with this one being located in Hyson Green, just north of the city centre.

Here, your membership will include access to the 25-metre swimming pool, with lanes that offers multiple classes as well as independent swimming opportunities. 

Djanogly are proud to offer inclusive access to the swimming facilities for all members, with classes ranging from Aqua Babies for adults with children aged over just six months, beginner lessons for children aged over five, and specific swimming times for disabled members or members with additional needs.

In terms of gym facilities, Djanogly Leisure Centre has a gym floor with forty-eight stations consisting of various cardio machines and strength equipment. 

On top of this, why not finish your time at Djanogly Community Leisure Centre with a spell in their sauna or steam room? 

The benefits of attending one of the few gyms Nottingham with a sauna are outstanding, and definitely worth looking into if you would like to improve your overall health and longevity.

Location: Gregory Boulevard, Forest Fields, Nottingham, NG7 6ND.

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 07:00 – 22:00; Friday: 07:00 - 21:00; Saturday: 08:00- 17:00; Sunday: 08:15 - 17:00.

Membership Prices: Flexible Fitness membership for £36.99 per month.

#13 – Nottingham Tennis Centre

Nottingham leisure centre tennis centre

Last on our list of the best gyms in Nottingham is another Active Nottingham venue. 

Nottingham Tennis Centre is the biggest and best public tennis centre in the country, and one of the largest in Europe too! To have access to it and their fitness centre in Nottingham is a privilege for any sports-fans in the area.

Every year before Wimbledon, Nottingham Tennis Centre hosts the Ageon Open Nottingham men’s ATP World Tour and the women’s WTA International competition, where some of the best tennis players around the world turn up to prepare for Wimbledon. 

Hopefully, this should give you some idea of the sheer quality of facilities on offer at Nottingham Tennis Centre!

Aside from the tennis facilities, Nottingham Tennis Centre is a great gym overall. 

Their gym has sixty stations including Arke range of movement tools, and Kinesis functional training devices. 

As well as this, they have their own dedicated spin studio and separate fitness studio where they hold a variety of classes every day.

If you have come to rely on your routine at any other Active Nottingham facility for ending your workouts, then fear not, as Nottingham Tennis Centre also have their own sauna and steam room.

If you are an Active Nottingham member and would like to make the most of your membership, then why not give Nottingham Tennis Centre a try! You can hire your own rackets and balls and can even book beginner or advanced tennis lessons depending on your skill level.

Location: University Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2QH.

Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday: 09:00 - 22:00; Tuesday and Thursday: 07:00 – 22:00; Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00.

Membership Prices: Flexible Fitness membership for £36.99 per month.

Before you go!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our list of the best gyms in Nottingham and regardless of your exercise goals, we hope that you have found your perfect match with one of the gyms on our list.

Before you go, have you ever thought about starting a career as a nutrition coach? If so, find out more about our Level 4 Advanced Nutrition course here.

Alternatively, download the OriGym course prospectus to find out about the range of courses that you can study with us.

Written by Abbie Watkins

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