A Complete Guide To Nutrition Coach Hashtags & How To Use Them

A Complete Guide To Nutrition Coach Hashtags Banner

Most people don’t realise how important using nutrition coach hashtags is when trying to promote their business on social media. If you want to stand out, it’s crucial you know how to utilise these hashtags, which is why have put this guide together, covering:

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Nutrition Coach Hashtags

nutrition coach hashtags

Before we dive into the reasons why you should be using nutrition coach hashtags for your social media profiles, we’ll start by explaining what hashtags do!

Using hashtags is a simple way to group conversations or content revolving around a specific topic. This makes it easier for people to find relevant content that interests them. 

Fitness hashtags can be used on the majority of social platforms but are most commonly seen on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. These are essential as they help boost your brand’s social media engagement and reach.

nutrition hashtags social media

You should use hashtags that fit your industry by using common relevant words or by creating branded hashtags. A branded hashtag is utterly unique to your business. 

This can simply be your brand’s name or tagline, or it can have nothing to do with your name and everything to do with your brand’s identity.

Now, let’s get into the reasons why you should be using fitness and nutrition hashtags!

#1 - The Best Nutritionist Hashtags Increase Your Post’s Visibility

Using the best nutritionist hashtags

Keeping your brand in your target audience’s minds is how you turn followers into clients. If your fitness social media accounts are not easy to find, potential clients and followers will look to your competitors for content they’re interested in.

When you use popular hashtags for nutrition, your posts appear at a higher volume in searches, giving you a wider reach and the potential to generate an immediate burst of activity for the post. 

Plus, using these popular hashtags periodically keeps you and your company active in those search results.

This means your posts won’t constantly be buried among popular hashtags. As a bonus, it signals to the Instagram algorithm that your content has a long lifespan, meaning you’ll stand out more!

If you aren’t currently using nutrition coach hashtags, you’re missing out on a considerable amount of visibility. 

nutrition coach hashtags social media

People who don’t yet follow your profile can find you through hashtags, often visiting your profile if what you post is valuable. In turn, this leads to more people following your account too!

Using trending hashtags is another popular way of improving views, likes, and follows on social media. Trending hashtags often relate to what’s currently popular or revolves around current world events. 

When you see a trend relating to your business, engage with that community by using it in your next post. Trending hashtags are a great way to boost your brand’s visibility, but before using them, you should ensure they add value to the existing conversation. 

If it’s completely unrelated, it’s likely to be ignored and lost in a pile of posts, and it can negatively affect your brand image.


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#2 - Posts That Use Nutrition Coach Hashtags See Much More Engagement

nutrition coach hashtags engagement

Once you’ve got the hang of improving your post’s visibility, you’ll see an increase in engagement as a result.

Social media engagement measures how much and how often people interact with your account and your content. The higher this engagement rate, the more likely you’ll build a strong community around your brand.

This shows your followers have built and feel a connection with your business. It can then lead to new followers and clients, more sales, and even better client retention.

A good engagement rate is considered to be 1% and above. This means at least 1% of the people who have seen your post have interacted with it by reposting, liking, sharing, or commenting. 

nutrition coach engagement

Although it may not seem like a lot, for reference, these are the average engagement rates across different social media platforms:

  • TikTok: 3 - 9%
  • Instagram: 1 - 5%
  • Facebook: 1 - 2%
  • LinkedIn: 2%
  • Twitter: 0.04%

When you use the top nutrition hashtags, you allow your brand to be discovered by new audiences. Even if they haven’t connected with you before, using suitable hashtags can put you in front of your target audience, leading to higher engagement.

However, these ‘suitable’ hashtags don’t always need to be the most popular ones, some niche hashtags will get you good responses too, such as:

  • #NutritionLife (26K posts)
  • #HealthyLifestyleCoach (137K posts)
  • #NutritionTipOfTheDay (2K posts)

Another way of boosting engagement is to use branded hashtags for nutritionist social media pages. When you use branded hashtags and encourage their use amongst your audience, it becomes another form of engagement. 

A great example of a branded hashtag would be #ShareACoke by Coca-Cola:

hashtags advertisement

A few years ago, this hashtag was used to launch a new campaign where Coke promoted the idea of sharing a Coke by offering personalised labels for bottles. 

These tagged posts are saved in search results, while stories with hashtags are saved only for the duration of the story. However, you can pin a story on your profile indefinitely! 

#3 - Hashtags For Nutritionists Help Track Social Media Performance

hashtags for nutritionists social media

You can track the performance of your social media page from hashtags and nutritionist software, which gives you insight into how hashtags are being used. It shows which hashtags for nutrition improve your page's metrics.

The following metrics can be tracked by the fitness or nutrition hashtags you’re using:

  • You can track your reach using hashtags. This is the number of people who see your content. An invaluable subset of this metric is seeing what percentage of your reach is made up of non-followers and followers. If dozens of non-followers are seeing your content, that’s a good thing! This means it’s doing well in the algorithms, being shared by other accounts, or both.
  • You can track your impressions using hashtags. This is the number of times people engage with your content by clicking on it. This will certainly be lower than your reach stats as not everyone is going to click your post. However, this metric gives you a more tangible idea of how many people are intrigued by your business and brand. 
  • You can also track your CTR (click-through rate) with hashtags. This is how often people click a link in your post to access additional content or information. This might be your fitness blog, appointment schedule, or online shop. CTR metrics are fantastic, as they’re often a good indicator of how well your social content and hashtags are promoting your brand.

#4 - Using Nutrition Coach Hashtags Helps Provide More Context To Your Posts

nutrition coach hashtags for context

Context is an incredibly important part of your social media posts. You want everything you post to make sense to your audience.

When you use nutrition hashtags for Instagram, the context should be serving the marketing goal of your business. For more information on how to promote your business, read up on the 'Top 9 Marketing Strategies for Nutrition Businesses'.

The best nutrition hashtags that add context are ones like #nutrition (61.2M posts) and #nutritioncoach (3.2M posts). While your post may disappear within the sixty million other posts of the nutrition hashtag, having it there provides much-needed and appreciated context to your audience.

nutrition coach hashtags search

Along with a general spike in engagement, you can expect another five positive effects your brand can experience by using context in your social media posts:

  • Increase public awareness of your company
  • Improve your standing as an industry expert
  • Connect with your page’s fans or followers and provide insightful health and fitness content
  • Give those supporters a reason to click through to visit your website
  • Provide purpose to your posts and better achieve your marketing goals

Ultimately, marketing online is about promoting your business and driving sales. Communication has to be effective throughout the messaging, or the goal of your promotion will be missed and negatively impact sales.


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#5 - Categorise Your Posts Using Nutritionist Hashtags On Instagram

nutrition coach hashtags search

Hashtags can help categorise your posts. For example, when you click on a hashtag or search for one on Twitter, you’ll be taken to a page where you can see all of the tweets containing that hashtag.

This can be especially useful for filtering tweets on specific topics of interest. It makes sense that tweets with a few hashtags in them also get more retweets, likes, and engagement.

On Instagram, nutrition hashtags can help organise your posts in numerous ways and considering posts with at least one hashtag generates an average of 12.6% more engagement than those without hashtags.

nutritionist hashtags instagram

Organise using searchable terms which are words or phrases your audience will commonly look up. These may be things such as #nutritionguidance (20K posts) or #nutritiontips (1.7M posts).

You may not want to go for the most commonly used hashtags here. Instead, explore the ones that are most likely to be searched by your desired audience, as well as what you do as a nutritionist

Use your geographic location to your advantage by using it as a hashtag too! If you own a chain business, these can be tailored to each location. For example, an offer you’re running only in one location can be categorised this way.

The same can be said for the location of the venue. You can use the name of your studio as a hashtag and people searching for activities and amenities in the area will find you!

nutrition location hashtags

If you’re starting or joining in with a conversation, make sure to create a hashtag specific to that topic or use an already established one. This allows you to create a space for your audience to discuss topics that appeal to them. 

We recommend staying away from things that resonate with you personally and go for topics that reflect your brand’s values, or that best reflect your nutritionist business plan.

You can even use nutritionist hashtags for objects or products. Look at what’s being highlighted in your photos or posts - are there any hashtags relevant to this? You can also search for product-related hashtags that might be useful during brand deals. 

For example, if you team up with a clean living shop, you might want to use their brand as a hashtag in your own post.


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How To Find The Best Nutrition Coach Hashtags: 3 Key Methods

We understand finding the best hashtags for nutrition may seem like a daunting task. However, there are a few basic ways that make the whole process much easier which we’ll explore below!

#1 - Capitalise On Instagram’s Related Hashtags To Find Other Nutritionist Hashtags

nutrition coach related hashtags

Unlike Twitter, Instagram doesn’t release lists of trending hashtags. Instead, related hashtags show up as you begin to type in the search bar. You can see in the screenshot below that when you search, Instagram shows you the things you’re most likely to interact with. 

To see more hashtags, you’ll want to click ‘See All Results’.

best nutrition coach hashtags insta

This will take you to the full results page of tags, accounts, and locations. To see tags only, navigate to the ‘Tags’ heading across the top.

nutrition hashtags insta

Here you can see that when you type in ‘#nutrition’, you’ll also see #nutritioncoach, #nutritiontips, #nutritionfacts, #nutritionplan, and a ton more. 

Underneath each tag, you can see the number of posts made with that tag. The higher up in the list, the more popular it is. This means if you’re looking for more targeted, niche hashtags for nutrition posts, you’ll need to scroll down.

#2 - Explore The Hashtags On Other Nutritionist’s Posts

Pretty much every community and industry has several hashtags that are commonly used within them. To find nutrition coach hashtags relating to the community, head to some popular nutrition influencer posts or fitness Instagram accounts and check out which hashtags they use.

For example, #nutritioncommunity, #healthcoaching, #healthylifestyle, and #nutritionexpert are all commonly used, but you may find some niche ones depending on your brand.

nutrition hashtag accounts

Follow the same route as in the previous example, except instead of clicking on the ‘Tags’ heading, select ‘Accounts’. This will show you the most popular influencers related to nutrition hashtags.

When you find a reputable account, consider Googling them to see if they have a blog or website of their own. You may find that they post about their Instagram strategies or the most effective hashtags they have found.

nutrition hashtags followers

Always choose an account with a good following as they’ve gained this for a reason! Take a look through their posts for one with good engagement (meaning the post has a high number of likes and comments), then scroll through the caption or comments to find the hashtags they used.

best nutrition hashtags and accounts

In the above example, the post uses all 30 hashtags available on Instagram to reach as wide an audience as possible. This post is aimed at nutrition specifically for weight loss, so more niche tags like #weightlossroutines (160K posts) are used alongside popular tags like #weightlossjourney (49M posts).

You don’t want to necessarily model your strategy directly off your competitor, but simply taking a look at the hashtags successful accounts are using can give you the clues necessary to discover what works for people in your industry.

You might find some of the best nutrition hashtags this way or even decide against some if you don’t want to actively compete for the same audience.

- - - - 

While knowing how to effectively use the best hashtags for nutrition can help develop your online presence, these articles can help you develop an exciting career:

#3 - Look At The Nutrition Hashtags Your Clients Are Using

nutrition hashtags clients using

Another fantastic way to find hashtags for nutritionist posts is to use your audience. If there is a hashtag being used by your current audience, the likelihood is other people just like them are using it too.

Finding these existing communities to break into is a great way of reaching out to more people who are likely interested in your business, or those who have an interest in the knowledge and skills a nutritionist possesses.

Keep tabs on your top followers and see which nutrition hashtags they’re using. Using Instagram’s related searches feature gives you some additional information about the most commonly used hashtags. 

When you actively search for nutrition hashtags, the search bar will also show you if anyone you follow also follows the hashtag. To see which hashtags your followers are following and using, head to their profile and click on their following list.

nutrition hashtags for instagram followers

This can help you find out the topics or hobbies your followers are interested in. This can be useful for finding niches within the nutrition community. 

It may even lead to interesting post ideas or brand collaborations with a company you wouldn’t have thought to reach out to previously.


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5 Tips On Using Your Nutrition Coach Hashtags Effectively 

In this section, we’ll explain how you can use nutrition hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media pages as effectively as possible.

#1 - Using Insights Can Help Optimise Your Nutrition Hashtags

instagram nutrition hashtags insights

The Instagram app gives you the ability to check the performance of your top nutrition hashtags each time you launch a new campaign. To access this data directly from the app, follow the steps below:

  • Open a post
  • Tap the “View Insights” text 
  • Swipe up and you’ll see a full-page breakdown of how and where your post was discovered.
  • Under the Impressions metric, you’ll find ‘From Hashtags’, which tells you how many people found your profile post through the hashtags you used.

Using the Instagram Insights feature allows you to track incredibly valuable information like reach, impressions, geographical impact, and how people who viewed your posts found them. This crucial information can assist you in optimising your fitness and nutrition hashtags.

#2 - Diversify Where You Use Your Nutrition Coach Hashtags

diversify nutrition coach hashtags

You might be used to using nutrition hashtags for Instagram captions, but did you know you can put them in many other places too? 

You can add them in your comments after posting, which is especially useful if you’ve forgotten to add them while posting. As there’s no difference in their functionality, your post won’t be affected.

We’d also recommend adding these hashtags to your nutritionist Instagram bio, too, especially as this can immediately set the tone for the viewer.

However, captions and comments aren’t the only places you can use hashtags for nutrition! Using relevant hashtags in your Instagram reels can help boost engagement with your audience. 

top nutrition hashtags instagrams

Hashtags can be added to a reel the same way you add a caption. If you don’t like the idea of hashtags being all over your video, you can make the text smaller and hide them with a sticker, location tag, or interactive element.

As is the case with most social media platforms, the more views and engagement you get on your posts, the more the Instagram algorithm pushes your content out to larger potential audiences.

Consider using fitness nutrition hashtags in your stories too! You can add these in the same way as you would with reels. When people search for the hashtags used here, your videos will appear on the results page if they’ve garnered enough interest.

#3 - Avoid Overusing Your Nutritionist Hashtags

avoid overusing nutrition coach hashtags

You can use a maximum of thirty hashtags on a standard Instagram post and up to ten on your stories. That being said, it isn’t always in your best interest to max out the available hashtag space.

The most common number used across Instagram is between one and three, so we recommend doing some tests to determine which hashtags for nutrition are best for your brand.

As we’ve spoken about, thirty hashtags are the maximum Instagram will let you use. Instagram themselves have posted on their own Creators account, using three to five hashtags per post is the best practice for reaching the platform:

However, you need to be cautious of using too many hashtags in your posts. If you’re overusing hashtags consistently, your content appears spammy and you may even get shadow banned, leading to a complete lack of engagement and growth.

hashtags instagram creators

You should also vary the hashtags you use. Although copying and pasting the same tags over and over is an easy way to stay on top of the Instagram nutrition hashtags you use, we strongly recommend against this!

Instagram’s community guidelines state “posting repetitive comments or content” isn’t acceptable. Going against this guideline can lead to your account being penalised by the algorithm.

nutrition hashtags guidelines

Pick and choose the right keywords for each of your posts individually. Remember, it’s not about getting your posts seen by a lot of people, it’s about getting them seen by the right people. 

This is how proper use of hashtags, alongside effectively fulfilling the role of a nutrition coach, leads to higher followers and more engagement.

#4 - The Best Nutrition Hashtags Are Specific And Focused

best nutrition hashtags focus

Effective hashtags for nutrition coaches should relate directly to the target audience or the content in the post. The more specific your hashtags, the better for your brand, as you get to compete in a smaller pool of posts.

Know which hashtags are going to work. Just because a hashtag is popular, doesn’t mean it will work for your company’s brand. If you see a trending hashtag, do a deep dive into how and why it’s being used, as well as who is using it.

Keeping up with such due diligence ensures every hashtag you use benefits your business. If you don’t background check each hashtag, you may end up supporting the wrong values or engaging in a conversation that damages your brand.

top nutrition coach hashtags guidelines

Make sure you’re using clear, understandable nutrition coach hashtags too. It’s incredibly important the message being relayed by the hashtag is easily understood by the reader, so avoid vague or ambiguous tags.

Try to keep your hashtags short and simple. The simpler it is to read, the easier it is to understand. For this reason, we recommend keeping your hashtag under ten characters. 


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#5 - Ensure You Use The Most Relevant Hashtags For Your Nutrition Business

best nutrition coach hashtags relevant

Using relevant nutritionist hashtags means your posts are more likely to be seen and interacted with by your target audience, resulting in a boost in views, likes, and shares.

If your hashtags aren’t relaying information relevant to your company, there isn’t much point in using them, even when they’re well-performing or trending hashtags.

Remember, the success of your nutrition hashtags is unique to each social media platform, so you’ll get better results by customising the post content to each platform rather than posting the same content on each platform. 

relevant nutrition hashtags social media

If you follow a brand on numerous platforms, you don’t want to be bombarded by the same post on every page you open.

Relevant hashtags make it easier for your target audience to find your content and assist in driving traffic to your content - whether through likes and comments on posts or by clicking through to your shop or blog.

Using hashtags on Twitter will make your post accessible when people search for your tag. It can also help you find conversations to get involved in. For even more impact on this platform, research trending hashtags and select ones relevant to your posts and content.

9 Examples Of Nutritionist Hashtags For Instagram You Can Use

Below we’ll go over a few examples of the best hashtags for nutrition coach accounts on Instagram, along with an idea of the type of picture or post you might make with that hashtag.

1 - #nutritionist (5.1M posts)

best nutritionist hashtags

This hashtag is likely going to be one you use the most, if not in all of your posts, as it identifies the industry you’re in. 

From the image above, you can see the top posts are a mixture of food photos (these will often include the recipe for these healthy meals) and list-style pictures with nutrition tips for eating well.

Consider using this hashtag to post one of your healthy meals or a meal plan. Make sure you state that the meal has been certified or created by a professional nutrition coach.

2 - #sportsnutritionist (108K posts)

top sports nutritionist hashtags

There are many variations of the sports nutrition hashtags, so dive into the ones that will suit your post best - you may want to choose a hashtag with fewer posts, such as #sportsnutritionexpert, which only has 1K posts.

Unsurprisingly, the top posts under this hashtag are geared towards nutrition for:

There are also some snack and meal ideas, all geared towards a high protein and fibre intake to give the athletes more energy during practice.

If you’re thinking of using this hashtag, consider using it with an infographic of how sports nutrition differs from standard nutrition coaching. A list of tips like this can be helpful for people unfamiliar with the world of nutrition.

3 - #holisticnutrition (1.3M posts)

holistic nutrition hashtags

The holistic nutrition hashtags for Instagram often centre around posts that talk about emotional and spiritual health, as well as how they relate to nutritional principles. Topics like hormone imbalances and natural painkillers are some of the more popular posts.

If you’re posting your content with this hashtag, consider showing a selection of foods or meals and how they can impact you holistically. For example, encourage your audience to eat kale as it’s rich in iron or avocado because it lowers cholesterol levels.


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4 - #nutritioncoach (3.2M posts)

top nutrition coach hashtags

Another one you may use in every post to identify yourself and your business is the nutrition coach hashtag. This includes a wide range of posts, with a mixture of infographics, tips, meal prep ideas for clients, facts and figures.

You may want to avoid this hashtag because of the large number of posts (3.2M), so look for other options like #nutritioncoachuk, which has less than 1K total posts. 

As we said earlier, using popular hashtags means you’re getting viewed by a lot of people, but using less popular ones puts you in a stronger position for a niche post and better customer acquisition.

For this hashtag, you can post pretty much anything in the realm of nutrition - recipes, diet plans, nutrition tips, and more.

5 - #nutrition (61.2M posts)

best nutrition hashtags on instagram

This hashtag has the most activity out of all the ones on this list, meaning it’s a great option for posts you want to reach a large audience. However, it also means you’ll be competing with all those other posts.

If your post doesn’t add value to the hashtag, it’s likely to get lost in there. We recommend using this hashtag with a really strong post. You could pair it with a brand deal or sponsored post, or use it to break news to your followers.

For example, if you’ve just launched your website, YouTube page, or TikTok account, you could use this hashtag to get the news out to as many people in your audience as possible.

6 - #vegannutritionist (51K posts)

vegan nutritionist hashtags

Another popular hashtag for a nutritionist is to specify what type of one you are, such as a #vegannutritionist. The top-performing posts under this kind of tag are: 

  • Recipe and meal pictures
  • Top tips
  • Motivational posts

You could use this hashtag to post a before and after picture of one of your client testimonials, along with the steps you took to make the change possible. Include tips or images of the meals they’ve eaten to show off your hard work.

This hashtag can be used to advertise the positives of a vegan diet and the effects it has on people, especially by using posts about people who have never previously followed a vegan diet. 


If you find this article useful, why don't you give these articles a read?

7 - #nutritionistbristol (1K posts)

nutritionist bristol hashtags

While this hashtag is one of the more niche ones on our list, it shows how your posts can reach individuals who live in your area. This makes them more likely to seek you out and use your service if you offer one as there is a sense of familiarity in regards to being from the same area.

When using this kind of hashtag, you can still post ordinary content such as before and after pictures to encourage others to keep going to the gym and eating healthily. If you use a location-specific hashtag, you should pair it with some motivational tips and business or tourist locations to recommend places and let people know where you are.

If you want your posts to reach different types of people, you can alternate hashtags to specify an area you work in, such as #nutritionistliverpool or #nutritionistlondon.


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8 - #nutritiontips (1.7M posts)

nutrition tips hashtags

This is another popular fitness and nutrition hashtag. While there is a good degree of competition, you should be able to stand out amongst the meal pics and infographics as a knowledgeable nutrition coach.

If you’re using this hashtag your post should be full of invaluable tips and tricks your audience can use to successfully control their nutrition and diet. You could also link back to a blog post of your own that can offer more detailed tips and how to implement them.

9 - #nutritioncoachingonline (25.7K posts)

nutrition coaching online hashtags

This is one of the best hashtags for nutrition posts, as you're not only showing users your skills and knowledge but also advertising any services you offer. 

If you’re posting with this hashtag, we recommend posting one of your most visually impressive healthy meals to compete effectively against the other posts and highlight your knowledge of different foods and the science behind what each meal can do for users.

This shows people you have plenty of information available for them that goes beyond just your social media posts. It allows you to give a snippet of your services without providing them with so much they feel they don't need to seek you out.

Before You Go!

Nutrition coach hashtags are essential to ensuring your content is reaching the right audience. Now you’re aware of their importance, it’s time to utilise them across your social media.

But before you do, why not check out our personal training courses? With our Personal Trainer Diploma, you’ll understand how to effectively train clients by combining both your nutritional and fitness knowledge!

Download our full course prospectus to find out more or leave your details below.

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