17 Best Nutrition Software for Professionals (2024)

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Looking for the best nutrition software to kick-start your business? Or maybe you're struggling to manage your client database and have no idea where to start, whatever the reason may be we've got you covered.

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#1 - Nutrium

Nutrium nutrition software logo

This is one of the most popular pieces of nutrition software in the UK, mainly due to how effective its features are and how easy it is to navigate.

One of the first things you’ll notice about it is that is has that satisfying ‘everything in one place’ feel to it, which you would expect when purchasing a software to enhance your business processes.

Not only is it fantastic for setting goals, but it’s also great for nutritionists wanting to take an active stance on their client’s eating habits rather than just setting them a meal plan and leaving them to it.

They can send their clients notifications around the time that they’re due to eat so that they’re reminded not to stray back into unhealthy habits!

It’s also incredibly interactive for the clients to use for themselves, as they can record the meals that they have had and therefore keep their nutritionist informed about how well they’ve managed to stick to their plan in case any adjustments need to be made in the next session.

In terms of pricing, there are a variety of packages listed on the Nutrium website. These include a meal plan package aimed at independent fitness professionals who ‘want to be more organised and offer an innovative service to clients.’

Or, the other option is a follow-up package aimed at those ‘who want to grow their business and focus on clients’ follow-up and retention.’ The difference between the two options listed is currently £16 per month, or £192 annually.


  • Easy-to-navigate homepage
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Recommendations for exercise & foods to avoid
  • Anthropometry feature (to help identify body composition)
  • Diet assessment (energy requirement calculation)
  • Meal planning
  • Additional users (add your secretary to the nutrition assessment software!)
  • Follow-up capabilities

#2 - DietMaster Pro 

dietmaster pro nutrition software logo

Another popular piece of nutrition software amongst dieticians is DietMaster Pro. It has over 1.2 million users around the world, which gives you an idea of how well-known it is in the world of nutrition!

It works as an effective nutrition analysis software due to its ability to print nutritional facts labels from custom recipes, and the fact that it provides pre-loaded templates for meal plans and individual meals (to save you from doing the hard work yourself).

One thing that comes up regularly in customer reviews for DietMaster Pro is that it’s great for copying and pasting meal plans across accounts, which makes it extremely easy for dieticians to share meal plans with their clients.


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The hardware integration is a feature that stands DietMaster Pro apart from the crowd as not every piece of software for nutrition can do this. It is stated on their website:

‘DietMaster Pro easily integrates with bioelectrical impedance body composition analysers and metabolic measurement systems from leading industry manufacturers.’

It’s great for those wanting to closely monitor body composition targets and any shortfalls/deficiencies in their client's eating habits, which is arguably one of the most important aspects of nutrition. Could this be one of the best nutrition tracking software products? 


  • Option to print nutritional facts labels from custom recipes
  • Meal planning/grocery lists
  • Individual meal templates
  • Body measurements input & body composition control targets
  • Fitness assessment capabilities
  • Copy/paste feature for meal plans across accounts
  • Hardware integration
  • DietMaster Web platform allows professionals to upload meal plans to client’s smart phones

#3 - Nutritionist Pro 

nutrition software

Designed and managed by registered dieticians, for nutrition professionals, Nutritionist Pro is a piece of comprehensive nutrition software for all of your analysis needs.

Some of their most well-known clients include Weightwatchers, Google and Whole Foods.

Nutritionist Pro is amongst the best nutrition software for professionals as it consists of three separate modules, which are: 

  • Food Labelling
  • Diet Analysis
  • Menu Creation

The Diet Analysis programme uses built-in formulas to allow you to calculate the individual calorie needs of each client.

You can then set a client’s nutrition goal, and monitor their nutrient intake using the Dietary Reference Goals feature. With a large database of food from around the world, the software makes it easy to track a patient’s intake.

To gain feedback on how clients are eating over time, use the Food Frequency Questionnaire, which will allow you to see whether you need to alter your approach to their nutrition tracking.

The creators of Nutritionist Pro recognise that exercise is just as important as diet, so the software also allows you to set exercise goals.

Simply pick from a list of exercises to see calorie expenditure, and factor this into the nutrition goals that you set for your clients.

With the built-in menus feature, you can quickly create personalised menus for your clients using templates for categories such as high protein, heart healthy, eating out, and more.

Although these are pre-set templates, you can edit them to suit individual client needs. Nutritionist Pro offers a free trial for all modules, with the Diet Analysis programme costing $599 for 1 computer, or $885 to be set up on a larger server.

Developed back in 1982, over 1 million have relied on the Nutritionist Pro family of products since its creation, making it some of the best nutrition coaching software on the market.


  • Food Frequency Questionnaire for analysis
  • Create and analyse unlimited recipes for clients
  • Calculate caloric expenditure
  • Set nutrition goals and track client progress
  • Built-in menus and templates that can be customised
  • Comprehensive nutrition database of foods and drinks

#4 - AppointmentPlus

AppointmentPlus brand logo

As we want to make this article something for everyone looking for professional nutrition software, this is one for those looking exclusively for product that is makes booking and tracking appointments easy (and keeps them all in one place).

The technology is cloud-based, meaning that your appointments can be seen in real-time if anything changes, so you don’t have to worry about any lagging when it comes to the software updating information.

Your clients can also view this real-time format, and book appointments with you anytime they wish (so it saves you having to keep in phone contact with them 24/7). It’s time-efficient and completely portable as it can be used across devices, which makes your business much easier to run.

The sales and marketing reports feature is handy as you can track the history of appointments that your existing customers have made, trends in what times are popular with clients and the rate of no-shows that your business receives.

This level of insight is great for learning what exactly attracts customers to your business. If you'd like further advice on this matter, check out our article exploring '9 Strategies for Marketing Your Nutrition Business'. 

It can help you to manage your overall time-efficiency when it comes to working with clients and being able to fit in as many appointments as possible without compromising the quality of your services! 


  • Cloud-based software
  • Email notifications & text reminders
  • Customised sales and marketing reports
  • Pre-built templates
  • Third-party integration enabled

#5 - Healthie

Healthie nutrition analysis software logo

Healthie is a more holistic fitness and nutrition software in the UK that can be used by many different professionals in the industry, such as ‘health coaches’ or nutritionists, personal trainers, massage therapists, occupational therapists, etc.

It’s perfect for dieticians or nutritionists looking for something centred around the organisational side of things and communication with clients rather than structuring meal plans. If you already have a software or process for structuring meal plans and keeping track of your client’s progress, you cannot go wrong with Healthie.

The ability to process billing is great, as it enables you to securely store your client’s credit card information in one place, to keep track of which payments have been received and which ones are outstanding, to create custom payment packages for your clients (which is incredibly important from a sales perspective) and more!

As well as this, you can also connect with your clients securely through a messenger and share images, documents and video links, etc. to add a personal touch outside of sessions. This also allows you to upload customised meal plans that you may have constructed in other software.

You can conduct video consultations or webinars too, which is fantastic if you run an online nutrition business or you’re thinking about doing so in the future! It’s also good for gaining enquiries from people in your area that stumble across your website or social media platforms.

In a nutshell, there are a whole host of features on this platform that make it so that essentially all you need to do for this side of your business other than using this software is build meal plans… not too bad!


  • Billing/payments feature
  • Messaging feature with clients
  • Video consultations & webinars
  • Appointment managing
  • Email & text appointment reminders for clients
  • E-paperwork

#6 - Nutritics 

Nutritics nutrition analysis software image

One of the best nutrition analysis software products on our list is this software from Nutritics. They have a list of high-profile professional clients including the NHS, Public Health Guard, Nestle Health Science and GSK.

When it comes to meal planning with this software, there are over 800,000 foods to choose from, which also include foods and supplements from popular brands. There is also the ability to analyse recipes that are either created by the user or pre-uploaded to the system, and to then create healthier versions of them for clients before adding them to meal plans.

Each program created with the software is customisable, as nutrition professionals can schedule events with their clients, as well as share videos, recipes, articles, meal plans, etc. via LIBRO, which is their mobile app.

LIBRO (described as a ‘health & lifestyle AI assistant’) is useful for both clients and professionals as it is an effective method for clients to log their own sleep and eating habits, etc. and for their nutritionist/dietician to then access and analyse that information in order to aid them in their journey.

Perhaps one of the main reasons that Nutritics stands out from many of its competitors is the unique feature that allows users to track their profit, cost and waste. Armed with this, professionals can boost their profitability by seeing where unnecessary outgoings are being made!


  • Nutrition analysis
  • Meal planning for clients
  • Schedule events, articles, videos, etc. for clients to view
  • Ability to analyse recipes
  • Opportunity to add your brand to the software
  • Ability to customise dietary requirements
  • Cost, Profit & Waste Calculation

#7 – Nutrition Maker

nutrition maker software logo

Providing nutritious meal plans for clients has never been easier than it is with Nutrition Maker. Each meal plan pre-uploaded to the software is designed by registered dieticians, so you can rest-assured that some of the work is already done for you!

The online portal access for both professionals and their clients is a fantastic way of keeping clients motivated, as they can monitor their own progress and keep on track with their goals. Could this be one of the best nutrition analysis products due to this feature? 

The ability to monitor weight loss, body measurements, body fat percentage, etc. in clients with a biometrics test is invaluable, as it makes progress much easier to track and flags up any pitfalls that should be rectified in the next session.

Following on from this, the health risk questionnaire is a good method of keeping clients in-the-know about where they stand with their current health and gives them inspiration to stick to their goals set by the professional.

Looking for a nutrition software that is self-explanatory? We don’t blame you, as it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin when working with something you haven’t tried before. The great thing about Nutrition Maker in general is that it comes with free training and video tutorial access, so you don’t need to worry about figuring things out for yourself!


  • Nutrition/diet analysis
  • Over 1400 unique meal plans
  • Healthy recipes (accompanied by shopping lists)
  • Online portal
  • Health risk questionnaire for clients
  • Free training and video tutorials

#8 - TiqDiet 

tiqdiet nutrition software logo

One glance at the TiqDiet interface will show you that this piece of nutrition software is incredibly professional and easy-to-use on both desktop and mobile. The nutrition plans and recommendations can be easily accessed from any compatible platform, making it easy for you and your clients to use TiqDiet on the go.

The software comes with ‘intelligent reminders’, that are both inspiring for clients and time-efficient for professionals.

Reminders take the pressure of constantly motivating clients from the nutritionist’s shoulders, reminding them to stick to their scheduled activities and meal plans on the software without the need for professional intervention (until the next session!).

If there’s something that you need to let your clients know outside of your sessions or vice versa, you can always use the built-in chat feature to make communication easier to track. This can be much more efficient than texting separately, as we all know how easily messages can get lost when running a business.

One feature that absolutely blows us away is the ability to use TiqDiet on Apple Watch. We haven’t noticed many other nutrition software products that offer this feature, and it certainly helps TiqDiet to stand out from its competitors.


  • Nutrition plans available across all compatible platforms
  • Built-in chat feature
  • Intelligent reminders
  • Shopping lists alongside meal plans
  • Real-time
  • Apple Watch compatibility (view nutrition plans on your favourite smart watch!)

#9 - NutriAdmin 

NutriAdmin nutrition software brand image

NutriAdmin is a nutrition software for nutritionists who want to keep all their business processes in one place.

It’s relatively rare to see pieces of software that incorporate billing into their platforms, and we’ve only mentioned one other with this capability on our list. NutriAdmin allows you to manage client payments easily without the need for any other platforms, making it a good choice for those who don’t want to overcomplicate their business!

The ability to create customizable client profiles is another plus in this area, as not only does it keep your files both secure and ‘tidy’ in one place, but it’s also easy to update the information as you go along.

Tired of all the admin work that your business brings in? You’ll be glad to know that with NutriAdmin, you can automate a lot of your admin work, by sending out client questionnaires, recipe suggestions, progress reports, etc. in a matter of minutes (and without all the printing). You can also schedule appointments with clients via the platform, which saves a good amount of unnecessary phone calls!

The meal planning side of things is well-equipped for professionals, with over 70,000 different food items listed in the platform’s database. The software also generates shopping lists automatically alongside this, making it easy for you and your clients to put together a weekly/monthly plan.


  • Billing/payments features
  • Meal planning
  • Professional client questionnaires
  • EHR (electronic health records)
  • Appointment scheduling

#10 - Waterlogged 

waterlogged nutrition software image

We wanted to include every area of professional nutrition software on our list, so we’ve gone for something a little different with this choice.

Are your clients struggling to drink enough water? Perhaps they’ve relied on fizzy drinks or gallons of coffee in the past, and now you’re trying to get them to change their hydration habits.

Waterlogged is a great software for nutritionists who want to boost their client’s water consumption, as the name may suggest. It could also be a good nutrition software for personal trainers to recommend to clients who are struggling to drink enough water. 

It sends your clients personalized reminders of how much water they have left to drink for the day, tracks their consumption week on week, and even allows them to add a custom glass/water bottle using their smartphone camera!

In terms of pricing, it is pretty inexpensive for clients to go premium if they wish to, and only amounts to $3.99 (£3.07) per month. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Tracks water consumption
  • Customized reminders
  • Fitbit integration

#11 – LifeSum

LifeSum software logo

The slogan of LifeSum is simply ‘Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Eat Better,’ and it really will help your clients to do all three of those things whilst they’re working with you.

Following on from the previously mentioned nutrition facts software, this is a great product to suggest to your clients if they want to feel as though they’re acting autonomously in their journey as well as following your advice.

It provides meal plans that are centred around specific diets, whether that’s clean eating or keto, that clients can view and use in sessions with you when you’re aiding them in constructing a plan that incudes foods that they enjoy.

There is a ‘Macro & Net Carb Tracking’ feature that helps clients to gain a better insight into what they’re eating and how it will affect their end goal and encourages them to closely monitor their own progress.

Recipes are always a plus when it comes to getting clients excited about healthy food. Thankfully, this nutrition planning software has hundreds of recipes for them to choose from, which they can try out or ask you about during your sessions together (regarding how they could fit it in with their current meal plan!).


  • Meal planning
  • Healthy recipe database
  • Macro & carb tracking
  • Meal plans based on specific diets (clean eating, keto, etc)
  • Can sync with other health apps

#12 – MyPlate

MyPlate nutrition software logo

Since your entire business revolves around your clients, it’s handy to have a few nutrition software suggestions to make that will aid them in sticking to their goals.

If we think about the psychological side of things, clients are more likely to stick to their goals if they truly believe that they are making these changes for themselves, not just for you and your sessions together (even though they will have booked these themselves, it’s just the way the human mind works!). If they have one separate app that they can use for themselves, it could boost their progress. 

MyPlate is a perfect example of an app that does this for clients, hence the name ‘MyPlate’. It was created by Livestrong and is effectively a calorie counting app but with many added features, that make it more holistic in comparison to competing apps on the market.

For starters, it gives you a great insight into the nutrition side of things (rather than just calories). You can view nutrition charts and graphics both on your smartphone and smartwatch and view exactly how much of each nutrient you have consumed in that day.

There is the ability to scan barcodes on food items, making it easier to find or log them into the app database. You can view serving sizes, food suggestions (based on your dietary preferences) and even free meal plans and 30-munite workouts! While they are limited on what advice they can give, this could be a good nutrition software for personal trainers to recommend to their clients. 

Finally, the online community in-app is great for those looking to connect to others who are on a similar journey, and who want to give and receive support to boost their own motivation.

We couldn’t recommend this app enough for professionals who want their clients to feel fully engaged with a healthy lifestyle and also feel as though they are acting autonomously as well as being under the watch of their nutritionist/dietician.


  • Personalised meal planning
  • Nutrition goal tracking
  • Nutrition charts
  • Barcode scanner
  • Motivation tips (daily)
  • 30-minute workouts
  • Online community
  • Apple Watch compatible

#13 - SimplePractice 

simplepractice software logo

We’re finishing our list of the best software for nutrition professionals out there with a pretty holistic platform, as our aim in this article is to provide you with every option out there!

Already using a nutrition analysis software for your client meal plans that you’re happy with? Not to worry. SimplePractice brings everything else that you need to the table, without you having to pay more for the nutrition features that you’re already using.

It’s a software that comes with secure billing/payments, so that you can take payment from your clients without having to handle credit cards.

Your clients can also schedule themselves in for appointments by viewing your available slots within the software, so this significantly reduces the amount of admin that you would usually complete day in, day out!

Working as a nutrition professional can be tough when clients no-show, therefore the ability to send out email, text, or voice reminders with SimplePractice is invaluable. Save your time and boost your earning potential with this feature and get notified about cancellations before it’s too late to fill the slot with another client.

Unlimited document storage is another fantastic element of this software, especially considering the number of documents that you are likely to store working in the health and fitness sector! Documents can be viewed on the go in the SimplePractice app, as well as any notes or other client information, and are always securely stored.  


  • Appointment scheduling
  • Billing/payments feature with online reports
  • Ability to upload and store documentation
  • Support

#14 - Foodzilla

nutrition software for food tracking

When your day is spent searching for recipes and updating spreadsheets, it means you have less time to spend working directly with clients, not to mention being extremely exhausting!

As some of the best nutrition software for dietitians, that’s where Foodzilla comes in, allowing you to create highly-personalised nutrition plans ten times faster than if you were to do this manually.

You can either import a meal plan from the template database, or auto-generate a new plan based on the client’s individual nutrition and dietary needs.

For instance, you can generate a meal plan based upon their macronutrient ratio, and choose a list of foods to avoid.

Foodzilla will then find recipes that match their needs in seconds, which you can edit to ensure that it perfectly meets the requirements of your plan.

The software also automatically generates shopping lists for clients and groups items into categories, to make their supermarket trip easier and more efficient.

What’s great about Foodzilla is that it offers a free branded and customisable mobile app for clients, which you can publish their meal plan directly to.

Alternatively, you can export the meal plan as a PDF and send it to them as a web link.

You can then stay in touch with your clients, offering them tips and motivation to follow their plan through the app’s live messaging feature.

Another unique feature of Foodzilla is that it can be personalised, to help build up brand recognition and loyalty for your clients.

For example, the mobile app and PDFs can be edited to showcase your brand name, logo, and colours.


  • Recipe database
  • Custom food database for each client
  • Meal planner
  • Recipe builder, allowing you to share your own recipes
  • Mobile app for clients
  • Nutrition reports
  • Shopping lists

#15 - Coach Catalyst

best nutrition softwares

Coach Catalyst is amongst the best nutrition software for personal trainers, coaches, and nutritionists, to help them hold clients accountable when they’re not with them.

The idea of the software is to make the coaching side of your nutritionist role quicker and more efficient, by reducing the administrative load.

This leaves more time for you to scale your business, whilst also allowing you to focus on helping your clients.

For instance, their intuitive and easy to use programme builder allows you to create programmes containing any combination of lessons, habits, or scheduled messages.

From transformation challenges, to habit coaching courses such as how to create a meal plan, simply select these programmes and your client can work through them on their very own Coach Catalyst mobile app.

You can edit this content to fit the individual needs of each client, or use elements in your own nutrition programmes.

Another great feature of Coach Catalyst is that it allows you to easily track your clients’ progress. Through their app, clients can update their measurements, add photos, and share what they’ve been eating.

They can also see their programme progress, overall progress, and compliance. Coach Catalyst integrates with other nutrition tracking and health tools so that you have all of the information you need in one place, such as:

  • Garmin
  • Apple Health
  • Google Fit

Keep all of your client communication and group posts in one place with the real time messaging feature.

This allows you to send text, voice notes, and attachments, whilst also allowing you to schedule messages in advance.

The Communities feature gives you space to share news and updates, as well as providing clients with an area to interact, ask questions, and swap tips.


  • Programme builder and library
  • Nutrition tracking and progress
  • Integration with other health tracking tools
  • Real-time messaging
  • Community feature

#16 - Zoconut

food tracking nutrition software

Trusted by over 500 PTs, dietitians, and nutritionists worldwide, Zoconut is up there as some of the best nutrition software for professionals.

Zoconut allows you to create meal recipes, send personalised diet plans, and make special recommendations to each client

As well as this, thanks to the app you can easily track the progress of your client, by checking their hydration levels and other vital signs.

Along with the mobile app, Zoconut provides clients with the opportunity to report their daily progress easily and efficiently.

The intuitive wizard feature helps you to create menu templates, which you can later modify to suit the unique needs of each individual client.

Clients will then receive an automatically generated shopping list to help them to easily follow and stick to your nutritional recommendations.


  • Client mobile app
  • Web browser functionality
  • Meal planning wizard
  • In-app live chat
  • Progress tracker

#17 - Cronometer

best software for nutritionists

Last, but certainly not least, on our list is Cronometer, which is the number one dietary adherence software for hospitals, research teams, and health professionals.

Designed to eliminate paper food diaries, which can be inconvenient and easy to lose, the Cronometer app has a built-in food diary.

This allows clients to log their meals, metrics, and exercise, to provide them with accountability for their dietary choices.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce time spent on administrative tasks, then Cronometer is ideal as some of the best nutrition software for professionals.

This is because it allows you to organise clients into groups, where you can then easily view and edit their nutrition targets, settings, and data.

You can also generate and download insightful nutrition reports to upload to EMR software, meaning that you can track progress efficiently, at the click of a button.

The secure internal messaging system allows you to easily communicate with your clients outside of your appointments, helping them to stay on track.

You’re also able to share custom foods and recipes for your clients to use, to help educate, enable, and empower clients to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, one of our favourite features of Cronometer is the professional directory.

This allows you to list your nutrition services on a directory that is accessible to over 6 million users, helping you to attract new clients from your target market.


  • Client food diary app
  • Syncs with other health apps and devices
  • Priority support from Cronometer’s customer service team
  • Nutrition reports

Before You Go!

Now that you know how beneficial software can be, you can begin to implement any of these options into your business, regardless of whether you're just starting out or have multiple years of experience. In doing so, you can ensure things run smoothly and streamline all of your services into one virtual location. 

For example, if you earn a Personal Training Diploma you could use this software during the creation of a client's bespoke workout programme. Armed with this information, you will be able to create an experience that is totally unique for each client.

You can also download our FREE course prospectus here, for more info on additional qualifications!


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Written by Chloe Twist

Fitness Content Executive, OriGym

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