The rise of the online personal trainer

become an online personal trainer

More personal trainers are optimising their business through online platforms. There is a large amount of online personal trainer who are increasing their client base, everyday.

Technological intervention has changed every aspect of industry. We no longer take payments, we process them. We no longer open a store to sell products, we open a web store and use e-commerce. This psyche has given credence to a different kind of professional. One that does not even have to leave the house.

The personal trainer industry is just one of the industries that has adapted to technological intervention. Personal trainers no longer have to sell their services within a gym by utilising P2P marketing. A lot of personal trainers actually work online. There are many benefits to selling personal trainer services online. For example, an online personal trainer is able to increase the acquisition of potential customers. By comparing the amount of people who enter a gym with the amount of people who see your sponsored post on Facebook, online presence is much more beneficial to a personal trainer.

Another benefit of being an online personal trainer is the ability to expand your business with simplicity and effectiveness. Tech savvy PT’s are able to optimise the sales and exposure of their business. There are so many applications available to young professionals. It is obvious why a personal trainer will become an online personal trainer. In fact, here are a list of ways that a online personal trainer can improve their business more effectively than a in-house PT.


Accesbile Software

Not only is a online personal trainer taking full advantage of online platforms. Personal trainer software companies are producing products that simplify all aspects of a personal trainer business. A personal trainer business is hectic to say the least. If you are a freelance PT you will find it difficult to balance your administrative duties, client sessions and online marketing. These are three of the most important aspects of a personal trainer business. They settle your payments, service and marketing.

Some personal trainer software will specialise in one singular aspect of your business while others will combine them together. This software will help a online personal trainer juggle all of their tasks while organising them within one simplistic interface. This is why a subscription to a personal trainer software is always necessary.

You do not have to be an online personal trainer to use this software. A lot of software will enable you to take payments from your clients while using a smart tablet. They will also provide you with a digital calendar that will enable you to organise your PT schedule.

If you are a in house personal trainer or online personal trainer with a thriving business, you should consider purchasing personal trainer software. This will not only optimise your business but increase valuable resources such as time and money.

Check our Origym’s list of 64 different personal trainer software. Enjoy promotional discounts with some of the UK’s leading personal trainer software companies. Leave a rating and receive additional incentives.


Increase the size of your client pool

A personal trainer business relies on obtaining and maintaining clients. A personal trainer can not sell personal trainer sessions without a willing payer. This is why Origym offer a business CPD course that educates personal trainers in client retention. Without these valuable lessons your business will fade into obscurity.

An online personal trainer is able to communicate with more clients on a more frequent basis. A client can utilise a number of digital media platforms such as Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram to create a wealth of resources. These resources are then shared, commented upon and liked. 10 shares may seem futile in contrast to the number of followers on a social media accounts but it all contributes to your payments and marketing. The best part is that you do not have to pull as much weight as when you market yourself with P2P tactics. Your followers will do it for you.

Use software to increase your following

While you can use automation software or technologically manipulative resources to increase your leads, it will not be organic. To fully engage customers with your business and products you have to stand above the rest. Start by making a cache of content that appeals to your demographic. Your demographic will most likely be men and women between the age of 19 and 40.They will want content about health and fitness. By producing content about health and fitness and sharing it on your social media you will entice your already established followers to share your content. This will make your content visible to your followers followers. This will increase your online engagement as well as your client pool.

In summary, you need to be active if you are an online personal trainer. By engaging with followers you are highly likely to develop more followers.  These followers will become aware of your business and you can convert this interest into sales.

To further understand the benefits of online marketing and how it can increase the size of your client pool as an online personal trainer, check out Origym’s Business CPD.


All of your potential customers are online

Contemporary consumers are much more demanding. This is why companies have to intentionally develop products that either customise or personalise a customers experience. People are much more flattered and therefore willing to purchase a service if it caters to them.  Online platforms and e-commerce make it much easier to facilitate this.

An online personal trainer allows you more time and resources to ensure this standard of service. Not only will this help you retain your client base but also develop your client base. You can do this very easily by contacting and communicating with your clients in a time efficient manner. It will also save you a lot of money.

Before I stated that by becoming an online personal trainer you can increase your network of clients as well as your network of associates. This is very true. By optimising your social media channels, fine-tuning your software and streamlining your services you will be maximise your online business and create a rather lucrative personal trainer salary for yourself.

To better understand how to maximise your personal trainer salary, have a look.


The freedom to develop more services

Being an online personal trainer enables you to expand your horizons. Conventional personal trainers who are likely to work from their own gym will work well within a certain area. However, to maximise your profits and stay current, you have to expand your services. The most simple and effective way to do this is by developing online services.

There are a number of ways you can increase your profits by using online platforms. For example, you can create your own YouTube channel and distribute personal trainer tutorial videos online. You can do this for Youtube revenue or you can sell these videos in a package as webinars. By selling online courses you can multiply your appeal and expand your reach. Either way, the internet provides users with a bounty of free resources that will reward an online personal trainer with additional funnels of revenue.

Make as many sources of income as possible

You could also establish your own online store. From this online store you can sell products such as gym paraphernalia, clothing and personal trainer sessions. This is also a steady source of income and it will attract more customers to your sessions.

These additional funnels of revenue will provide your business with stability. Say if you are having a slow month with no clients contacting you for sessions, you can rest easy knowing that your business is still making money. These options are available to anyone but being an online personal trainer provides more opportunities than not being online.

Look at Origym’s blog to gain some ideas of how to create engaging content for health fitness enthusiasts.


These are the benefits of becoming an online personal trainer

become an online personal trainer


These are just some of the ways you can benefit from transitioning from an personal trainer to an online personal trainer. Because of the rising popularity of online platforms and the popularity of online resources, more personal trainers are transitioning into the digital market. Not only does a PT improve their business, they also improve their customer experience.

For more advice on how to become a successful online personal trainer contact Origym today by email at [email protected] or call one of our advisors on 0800 002 9599. We look forward to helping you innovate your business and become a successful online personal trainer.



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The number of personal trainers becoming online personal trainers is increasing. If you want to be a online personal trainer you should read this article and better understand what it takes to become an online personal trainer.

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