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online pt prices

Whether you're researching online personal training prices ahead of hiring a new motivator, or you're looking for guidance on how to best plan your online personal training price structure - this one-stop guide covers all bases.

Here, OriGym has put together the ultimate guide for all things regarding online PT prices where we’re certain you will leave with no queries unanswered. If you’re looking for something specific - you can jump straight to it; in this article we will cover:

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Let’s start with the basics.

What is an Online Personal Trainer?

online pt prices

An online personal trainer, simply put, is a fitness professional who works from an online platform and aims to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. They will have undergone qualifications of either an online personal trainer course, a level 3 in personal training, or even a diploma in fitness instructing and personal training.

Online personal training works in a similar way to an in-house trainer, however as a client you have the freedom and ability to perform chosen exercises at your own pace and leisure without their physical assistance. It is perfect for those who have busy schedules and don’t always have access to a gym environment, and especially good for those who intend to take ownership and accountability for their fitness.

Progress is typically tracked, stored, and viewed on online platforms such as apps or the trainer’s personal website; it is an efficient way to keep track of how far you have come along a fitness journey. 

Therefore, it is more often than not down to personal preference and usually the big differentiating feature between personal trainers and those online - is the price.

What Does an Online Personal Trainer Do?

online pt price

Just like in-house personal training, some clients receive workouts and programmes tailored specifically to both their fitness ability and goals. 

However, the way you interact with an online personal trainer depends on the platform and method you choose. 

For example, available apps offer access to their personal database of trainers and experts who create customised programmes for clients. Upon enrolment, clients share their goals and exercise background in the app.

Then, a trainer assigned to them formulates a plan based on the apps’ library of exercises. Clients often interact with their trainer regarding their progress by sending messages within the app, this keeps up motivation and accountability.

Alternatively, online personal trainers can sell pre-made plans that are ‘one size fits all’. This would typically include a library of exercises with descriptions that the end user can choose from at their own convenience.

Further, if the client is looking for personalisation there are options for online personal trainers to work on platforms such as Zoom, this can provide clients with live sessions to get all of the benefits that an in-house trainer would provide.

The kind of service you would receive would be described before you pay, however the service types are typically reflected in the price. Overall, it is not expected to pay the same amount of money for a pre-made and untailored workout plan as one would for a deeply personalised structure.

You can also find out more information on how to become an online fitness coach here.

So let's find out, how much does an online personal trainer cost?

How Much do Online Personal Trainers Cost?

online personal training price

As mentioned, online personal trainer prices fluctuate massively but to provide a benchmark price; we’ve explored the typical price of an online personal trainer using an example of a successful PT business.

Many online personal trainers opt for a package system which will see clients tied into a contract to ensure a period of commitment. However, this commitment period is often only between 1-3 months long, meaning clients do not feel a level of pressure to stick with a trainer for a prolonged length of time and trainers are still guaranteed a minimal contract.

To demonstrate a typical package price structure and what is provided; we examined InShape Online.

Their programme mirrors many of online personal training price structures throughout the UK providing a 12 week structure. The InShape programme consists of: 

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Fitness coaching

  • Lifestyle coaching

Costing £130 for 12 weeks, clients of this service receive personalised plans based on: 

  • Nutritional habits

  • Calorie and protein guidelines

  • Tailored training programmes

  • Weekly progress reports

  • Continuous support

This kind of commitment presents a strong relationship from trainer to client, with continuous contact and personalisation. This price is deemed a low average for the industry and provides the expected features of an experienced online personal trainer.

£130 across 12 weeks averages out at just over £10 a week, this presents a huge difference between trainers online or in-house who work on a session by session basis. Therefore, this is a good option for clients who don’t require a personalised plan.

Contrary to the aforementioned package price structure, some online trainers do work to a session by session structure where they train clients over a video platform such as Zoom or other specialised app software.

With this method of online personal training, you tend to find the cost is not too dissimilar to that of an in-house trainer, with the average price per session sitting at £25-£40.

Personal trainer online prices are usually structured this way for sole traders in particular due to the fact that there is one person behind the business, this equates to a lot of work for one person and therefore their time is more valuable. 

This one on one relationship provides a huge sense of exclusivity, clients are no longer seen as just a sale, but rather a member of a community. 

This kind of commitment can work as a huge selling point, many friendships are built in the gym and regular goers will understand the bonds created between like minded individuals. Therefore, clients may be happy to pay the extra few pounds for an online personal trainer that provides this community feel.

In a nutshell, online personal trainers price their time according to what they have on offer - for example, if they have multiple aspects of service on offer their prices are likely to be higher than average. 

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Benefits of Hiring an Online Personal Trainer

average cost of online personal training

There are heaps of benefits that come with hiring an online personal trainer. So briefly, here are some of the most renowned benefits that make online personal trainer prices worthy and justifiable.

#1 Freedom

There is a particular level of freedom that comes with online personal training in contrast to in-house training. Workouts that are set by trainers can more often than not be performed whenever, wherever and at a time that works around the clients schedule - unlike with in-house training where clients often have to fit into the schedule of their trainer, in a location that they haven’t specifically chosen. 

So if the client works night shifts and struggles to find a good workout routine, an online trainer can cater for that demand. Not only this, but if the client has a preference for home workouts then exercises can be provided that are bodyweight only, dumbbell only, or tailored to any equipment that is to hand.

#2 Communication

Communication efficiency is one of the primary features and most justifiable factors of the online personal training price. For the most part, online trainers are readily-available throughout the day, and respond promptly to any communication or questions their clients have. 

Communication productivity is perhaps one of the most popular elements of online personal training. As their platform is exclusively online, they have more availability to keep on top of their messages and maintain more consistent and regular communication with clients; it is expected practice to have a good relationship with an online trainer than those in-house.

This is because an in-house personal trainer, particularly a busy one, will not be able to reach for their phone if they have clients back to back and if they do, it’s likely to be at the end of the day or even days later before they get time to answer queries.

#3 Accountability

The average cost of online personal training relates to the level of accountability that is upheld with clients. Due to the aforementioned communication aspect of online personal training, accountability and motivation are easily provided. 

All it takes is a message, call or a look at your progress log to be provided with a plethora of motivational material. Online personal trainers are likely to have areas of their app, webpage or personal platform that provide this kind of information. 

It is a certainty that any experienced online personal trainer prices their service according to their level of communication, availability and services for motivation. Also, this being correctly delivered to the client - it’s important they’re experienced in creating a safe environment for accountability and not allowing it to steer into shame.

#4 Affordability

Undoubtedly, the affordability of online personal training prices are a huge selling point. Online trainers often charge less than the average in-house trainer and therefore, are at the very least a great starting point for a fitness journey.

Of course prices vary, however the sheer amount of content in an experienced online personal trainer package is likely to provide more information than those in-house, for a cheaper price. 

Overall, the investment level of an online personal trainer seemingly stretches out longer than those in-house - clients may learn more about the exercises they do and find out more about their body to turn healthy habits into a lifestyle change.

Speaking of costs, how much does it cost to become a personal trainer? 

Factors That Impact Online Personal Training Prices

how much does an online personal trainer cost

There are many different factors that affect online personal training prices, but we have covered the main ones that may pose notable differences.

#1 Live or On Demand Service

One of the factors that presents one of the biggest price gaps with personal trainer online prices boils down to the structure of their classes, in particular whether they’re held as live, on demand classes or sessions. 

To exemplify this, KTChaloner provides both services and therefore, we can see the price difference between both services.

For £45 per month potential clients receive access to an on-demand workout library of real time workout videos and workout schedule. This is perfect for those who are looking for a budget scheme with flexibility and freedom. 

However, the next step up enforces the online personal training prices to raise, the increase is due to the addition of 1 live session per week alongside the on demand library. This price raises from £45 per month to £160 per month - this is a jump of over £100!

This works out at around £25 per live session almost matching those of an in-house personal trainer; this example goes to show the investment level needed for live sessions to be a part of online personal training plans.

#2 Location

Location can be a factoring element into how online personal trainers price themselves, so if you’re an online personal trainer who is researching how to structure your service, it's a good idea to do some scoping of the industry within the area of which you desire to practice. 

For those seeking out information on how to hire an online personal trainer, it is a good idea to still research the industry in your area for the best price. However, the beauty of online personal training is that they can operate miles away from the client and still provide the same service. 

Therefore, if you live somewhere like London’s city centre where prices are typically a lot higher than they would be in other parts of the country; or even globally, you could hire an online personal trainer in a more rural area that may have lower prices.

#3 Specialist Areas

Many online personal trainers price their service according to their level of expertise and additional qualifications on top of their L2 and L3 that they possess. These further certificates and specific areas that they have put ample amounts of time into are generally what helps set them apart from other individuals in the industry.

Specialist areas are those that require an extra level of training, this shows commitment to the industry and an eagerness to progress. They are often advertised as Level 4 certificates or CPD courses - specialist areas to look out for are those such as:

  • Advanced level sport nutrition 

  • Obesity and weight management

  • Diabetes control and weight management

  • Lower back pain management

There are plenty more specialist areas that you may come across when seeking out an online personal trainer - ultimately, the more specialities under their belt, the better. However, contrary to this, another good sign of an experienced online personal trainer is them having a one or two specific focuses and areas of expertise. 

So, although it's good for the online trainer to have as much knowledge as possible, do not restrict yourself solely to those who hold a great number of additional qualifications. It is also good to have a trainer that specialises in one area and invests their time and knowledge into this sector. This way, you know you’re getting the best in that specialist area and are definitely going to be taken care of in that department.

As you can imagine, having specific specialties can also bump up the price bracket similarly to having more certificates, as the time they have invested into becoming specialists in that one area has required a great amount of time and effort.

So, factor this into account if you think that prices are higher than average, double check how many extra qualifications they have under their belt as it’s likely to be worth the slight price increase!

personal trainer online prices

#4 Qualifications

Similarly to specialist areas, a good idea is to check out an online personal trainer’s qualifications before justifying their price or before setting a price bracket.

Qualifications can all appear the same on the surface to those who don’t know what to look out for. However if clients are interested in getting the most for their money, it's good to check out if their qualifications are REPs accredited, such as what we offer here at OriGym.

Likewise, for those who are attempting to price structure an online personal training business, it is helpful to advertise expertise such as REPs or CIMSPA accreditation as this may just tip the scale in your favour over any competition. 

Qualifications can affect the pricing of an online personal trainer just like any other job. Most job roles in any industry base success and knowledge of a professional on qualifications and experience. Therefore, the role of an online personal trainer is no different! 

It is important to remember that the minimum qualification sometimes isn’t enough simply due to the competitive nature of the market, so it is possible for prices to be affected by this accordingly.

This is because the more qualifications an online PT has, the more valuable they become. Qualifications don’t have to just be fitness based too, biology based education paths or sports science routes are also helpful indications of an educated online personal trainer that can justify their higher prices.

#5 Package or Session-by-Session

As previously mentioned, packages are a highly popular sales structure that many online personal trainers use to price their service. The only thing that allows for some caution toward this choice is the level of commitment as typically, online personal trainers price packages with a discount due to the commitment of what is usually a minimum of 4-12 weeks. 

Packages are typically rolling ‘contracts’ that are paid monthly or even quarterly, this ensures that this discount is amounting to commitment for the online personal trainer - so ultimately, it is a win-win situation for both parties. 

Therefore, if you’re a client who is looking for a definite investment, or an online personal trainer looking for the best price structure, the best option is to opt for, or offer, package deals.

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Indications of a Good Online Personal Trainer

online personal trainer prices uk

There are certain signs that highlight the quality of a personal trainer which you should be aware of when looking into online personal trainer prices in the UK. This goes for those who are looking to hire one, or those who are in the industry trying to formulate a pricing structure.

Results are a key indicator to account for the average cost of online personal training. There may be levels of scepticism before starting with an online personal trainer, as a lot of the responsibility is on the client. 

Therefore, a great feature that can help personal trainers gain the trust of clients is to include a results gallery either on their website or social media. Of course, online personal trainers all have to start somewhere, so without a gallery or proof of results it may be difficult to justify raising prices higher than the average. Yet it is important to note that though those with a smaller price mark may not be able to display experience, this isn’t to underestimate their knowledge. 


Patience is a crucial characteristic of a good online personal trainer as without patience, results are likely to be underwhelming and posed with empty promises. 

To explain this, an indicator of a good online personal trainer is honesty, this works hand in hand with patience - but why? Results may take weeks, months or even years depending on the starting point of the client and a  number of variables around their training programme, therefore it’s important that the online trainer understands this and avoids promising results in weeks for a client that may take months.

Patience, understandably, is hard to spot in a trainer or individual you have never met or know little about outside of their business pages, so instead you can look out for the following indications of things to avoid.

Advertised services such as packages that ‘guarantee results in X amount of weeks’ of course for every body type, this can’t be guaranteed. Thus, it's a good idea to question or challenge these kinds of online personal training prices by simply asking for proof of results or an explanation of their action plan. 


This is something that comes up again and again throughout the job description of an online personal trainer as prompt and useful communication is a key indicator of a good professional worker.

Good communication mechanisms can grant opportunities to raise prices, as platforms such as apps or community pages are helpful routes for useful communication between client and PT. 

This kind of advancement does more than just providing clients with a phone number where they can bombard their trainer with texts that they will eventually get around to replying to; instead, it also creates communities where clients can speak to one another.

Creating communities allows for clients to speak with one another and create potential friendships, clients are likely to enjoy the idea of prompt response and community communication as it makes them feel like more than just a number.


Flexibility with working hours are of course one of the indicators that makes online personal trainers so unique. They are typically not tied down to any gym commitments or other job roles that can take up any of their time so they work around your schedule, not the other way around.

Therefore, personal trainer online prices can vary depending on how much time they have to dedicate to their business. If this is their full time job and have a lack of clientele, you may find their prices are a little lower due to a higher flexibility range. 

Similarly, if an online personal trainer has less time and more clients their prices are likely to be higher. Their time becomes much more valuable than the latter and incorporating business flexibility hours becomes more costly too due to the sheer client demand. 

Again, this typically comes down to experience with the price acting as an indicator of performance; for example the higher the price, the more experienced they are, and vice versa.

Professionalism is something that may vary the online PT prices in the industry and is a key indicator of a good work ethic. Due to the versatility of online personal training it's relatively easy for professionals to hide behind a facade of professionalism, but do your research to find out if the results or reviews run parallel. 

Thankfully, most online personal trainers will be professional and have a good consumer to business relationship. However, looking out for reviews and the way an online personal trainer presents themselves or their business online, is something to look out for to determine if their prices are justified or not. 

Overall, a positive online presence and reputation will typically equate to a good service. So, if you are an online personal trainer pricing your service, ensure your platforms reflect this level of professionalism expected in any other field.

You can find an extensive list of the traits that make a good personal trainer here.

Online Personal Trainer Price Structure Example

personal trainer online prices

Here, we have put together an online personal training price structure that can be used for either a loose guide for your business or for those who are looking for the average price for the best service when hiring an online PT.

There are a few things to consider before jumping in to online PT prices for professionals in particular, such as researching the market in your area and asking yourself ‘what are competitors charging?’

For those looking for a price structure guide for clients, scope your area to find the most competitive price for the best service and find out what is best for your business and for the client, a flat rate or a package deal? Either are practiced widely amongst online personal trainer prices, UK specifically. So, where do you start?

When offering an on demand service it's typical practice to have a package deal for access over a set amount of time or a recurring rate fee which is billed weekly or monthly. 

For example a recurring rate fee may look like this:

  • Per month = £50

  • What does the client receive? A mass plethora of workouts alongside video instruction with consistently updated content.

After this stage, online personal training prices may start to increase steadily as live sessions become a part of the package and thus, become more valuable.

For example, a package deal may look like this:

  • 2 months = £250+

  • What does the client receive? 2 live sessions per week & access to a library of workouts alongside video instructions with consistently updated content.

However, another option is a session by session basis, which could look something like this:

  • 1 live 1-hour session = £25 - £35

  • What does the client receive? A tailored session to their goals, mirroring the structure of an in-house personal training session.

Of course, online personal training prices can vary considerably due to levels of experience, therefore it's a good idea to take into account all of the information on this guide before deciding if the price bracket is justified.


Hopefully now, whether you’re an online personal trainer starting from scratch or a client looking for the right trainer, you’ve got all the information you need. Pricing is something that can vary massively depending on all of the aforementioned topics, so before you take the dive - make sure you’ve taken into consideration all of our tips.

Just before you go, if you want to become an online personal trainer yourself, you can do just that with OriGym’s online personal training course. Further, if you’re looking to find your specialist area, you can find our specialist fitness courses here.

Written by Kimberley Mitchell


Having gained a B.A Hons degree in Media, Culture and Communications, Kimberley has gained experience in areas of web journalism, website production and marketing.

Alongside this, Kim expanded her knowledge and passion for fitness, by becoming a fully qualified fitness instructuor and personal trainer. Kim has also gained specialist qualifications in yoga, nutriton, spin and many more.

After working in the industry as a PT, Kimberley went on to study an MA in Digital Marketing and continues to expand her knowledge in the industry. Her main focus is to keep up with current trends and communications with a focus around health & fitness, writing and being creative.

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