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Can Running Music Aid Performance

Music is a form of entertainment many use to relax or keep their mind busy during difficult times in their life. However, the benefits of…

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How To Improve Mental Toughness In Athletes

Mental Toughness: 21 Sport Psychology Experts Give Their View On How To Improve Mental Toughness In Athletes. Many of us love going to the gym,…

Best Swimming Blogs - Banner

Origym Awards: Top 35 Swimming Blogs (2018)

Looking for everything you need to know about swimming from some of the biggest and most experienced names in the industry? Then you’ve come to…

personal trainer salary

Personal trainer salary explained: The Ultimate Guide to starting your new career in the fitness industry.

You may be sat at your desk, at home or in the office, thinking: This whole 9-5 desk job isn’t all it cracked up to…

Best CrossFit gyms

50 Best CrossFit Gyms in the UK: The Definitive List (2018)

What is it about CrossFit that causes such a stir?   Whether you love it or loathe it, it is clear that CrossFit polarises the…

high protein foods

18 Best Vegan Protein Sources: How to Maximise Fitness Gains on a Plant-Based Diet

  For a considerable period of time, vegan protein and vegetarian protein diets were shunned by fitness professionals and nutritionists. Indeed, if you know anything…

personal trainer with a disability

How to Become a Personal Trainer When You Have a Disability (Updated 2018)

Can I be a personal trainer with a disability? Over the last few years, access to appropriate health and fitness facilities for people with disabilities…

personal training in Australia

Working Abroad: Personal Training in Australia

You don’t have to stop your day job if you want to travel the world. How to become a travelling PT! More and more, people…

How do I motivate clients

OriGyms guide for motivating personal training clients.

Motivating Personal Training Clients Motivation is a little like an appetite for food. Some days you’re starving, others you’re not. A number of people deal…

Do Personal Trainers Need to be First Aid Qualified

First Aid Qualification: Do Personal Trainers Need it?

Do Personal Trainers Need to be First Aid Qualified? For what seems like a fairly basic question, you’d be surprised as to how much confusion…

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