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    Personal trainer advantages? Surely they are fairly straight forward… 

    They’ll help you get fit…

    They’ll guide you through lifestyle changes…

    They take away the thinking element of getting in shape…

    And, let’s be fair, all of those personal trainer advantages are reasons to invest in your own PT, and will have been given as reasons by clients at the start of their fitness journeys since the dawn of time.

    However, if you’re at the other end of your fitness journey, and you’ve already invested in a personal trainer, you’ll know the benefits are far more than what is covered above.

    In this article, we’re going to eliminate the fear of the unknown. We’re going to show you exactly what you should expect and look forward to from your personal training journey, so you know if your own experiences match the experiences of others.

    Not sure if you should invest in a personal trainer? Read this article!

    Uncertain as to whether your personal trainer is giving you the best value for money? Read this article!

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    The 7 Biggest Personal Trainer Advantages You May Not Have Thought About 

    1. If you’re going to do it, do it right!

    Here’s the thing about getting in shape…

    It’s not easy.

    And when I say “not easy,” I’m not talking about all the strength training, cardio, and flexibility (though they are pretty tough at times). I mean the actual mechanism of how the body works, and how to best maximise your fitness gains.

    See, there’s a reason that personal trainers have to go through so much training and education in order to get the Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications needed to coach clients (inadvertently, this training is also one of the major personal trainer advantages).

    And that reason has something to do with the endlessly complex system of muscles and bones that we all carry around on a daily basis…

    Aside from having to learn everything from anatomy to health and safety in gym settings, there’s the not-so-small matter of attention to detail.

    See, when your average joe goes to the gym for a quick session, very rarely will he or she have a fully thought out programme of exercise in mind.

    A personal trainer, on the other hand, will always have one (just wait and see how effective SMART targets are with regard to fitness later in this article). And on top of that, your PT will be thinking about any existing injuries, your overall workout schedule, any long-term and short-term targets you’ve set for yourself, as well as any further opportunities you could make the most of to improve your fitness.

    In short then, unless you have the self-awareness to consider all of those things, and then spend the time executing that plan on a weekly basis, one of the major personal trainer advantages is that you will immediately benefit from the planning a PT puts into getting you in shape.

    2. No more injuries! No more time spent watching from the side-lines!

    Here’s a scenario that you might find all-too familiar…

    You’ve kick-started your health and fitness again after a few months away from the gym. Already you’re feeling stronger, fitter, capable of doing so much more than you’ve achieved in the past.

    Adrenaline is high, morale is high, hopes are high; and then…


    It’s so easy to lure yourself into a false sense of security when it comes to working out. Naturally, the more you go to the gym, or the more you exercise in general, you trick your mind into thinking that you’re getting stronger with every session.

    However, the truth of the matter is that if you don’t leave enough time for recovery, then eventually you’re going to pick up an injury that takes you right back to square one.

    Did you know that over 40% of Brits have admitted to training through an injury, and that, every year, 1 to 1.5 million people in the UK go to A&E because of a sporting injury? This lack of transparency when it comes to suffering pain is why personal trainers spend so much time emphasising rest and nutrition for their clients.

    One of the main personal trainer advantages therefore, is a PT’s knowledge and ability when it comes to recovery.

    See, your trainer isn’t just there to help you get stronger. They’re also there to make sure that your fitness programme is sustainable, and that you continually make improvements to your performance without the risk of injury.

    Ever heard of clients talk about longevity of training as one of the main personal trainer advantages?

    Well, that’ll be directly linked to a PTs knowledge and awareness of the significance of rest and recovery during training, and also their willingness to specialise in areas like sports massage therapy.

    3. Accountability is key!

    You will have heard of this one before in lists of personal trainer advantages, but maybe in the context of training with friends, work colleagues, or family.

    It works something like this…

    If your sole motivation for going to the gym is keeping yourself fit, then you are more likely to take a couple of days off in the middle of your training. However, if you’ve pre-arranged to go with a friend, then you’ll be less inclined to cancel on your fitness plans at the last minute.

    …Unless, of course, you really don’t like your friends.

    The good news is, and another huge benefit to add to the list of personal trainer advantages, is that your trainer can work in the same way.

    When you’re spending money on a PT, you’re obviously not going to waste your allotted hours by cancelling your sessions at the last moment and voiding your contract. You’ll be wasting money, your personal trainer will be annoyed, and there’s literally zero benefit for anyone.

    But it goes deeper than that…

    Your personal trainer should be more than just a coach. They should be a friend, willing to keep you motivated even when it’s raining outside, and even when you feel like giving in.

    In fact, one of the major personal trainer advantages is the support you’ll receive on a personal level. Your personal trainer is going to be the person who, if you can’t make a gym session, will get you to an outdoor class, or a group training session, so you don’t fall off the cliff when it comes to your training.

    And the best news is, a good personal trainer will have all the tools to help you along the way…

    Just some of the sessions available to an experienced personal trainer…

    4. Personal Trainer Advantages: SMART Fitness Goals vs. Working out Blind

    Now we’ve already discussed this, in part, in our first point on this list, but it’s definitely worth mentioning in more detail.

    Think about the main reasons why someone might hire a personal trainer to help them.

    Their reputation. Their expertise. Their track record with other clients.

    But more generally, the number one reason people turn to fitness trainers is because of a PT’s ability to structure workouts.

    Think about this in terms of personal trainer advantages vs. the disadvantages of getting in shape on your own terms…

    In terms of the latter, you may see some early progress as your body adjusts to your new routine, but without knowledge of the scalability of workouts and proper training when it comes to long-term programme design, you’ll soon hit a frustrating plateau.

    That’s where SMART targets come into play…

    Generally, a personal trainer will have you working towards a target that abides by all of the categories above.

    But what is key here, is that your target is never firm, and is never just about one thing. A good personal trainer will always have you aiming for something more on the horizon; something extra that will keep you going.

    In this sense, one of the major personal trainer advantages is their ability to contextualise your workout sessions: telling you why you are doing this, and how it’s going to help you in the future.

    5. Not just a gym session, but a lifestyle change

    One of the first things a PT should tell you when it comes to personal trainer advantages is how it’s not just a get-fit-quick scheme, but about making tangible lifestyle changes.

    There’s no point altering your fitness schedule if everything else is going to remain the same.

    You’ll only see the full benefit of your training if you buy into this, one of the biggest personal trainer advantages: changing your lifestyle.

    When you hear personal trainers and fitness instructors refer to “the big three,” they’ll be talking about the axis on which clients can start making changes to their everyday lifestyle.

    And the best bit is that these don’t have to be huge changes.

    Changing your nutrition could be as simple as cutting full-sugar drinks from your diet, or to stop snacking in between meals.

    Changing your routine could be using your lunch hour to get out on a walk, or to wake up an hour earlier to give yourself some more flexibility.

    The idea is to supplement your new gym routine with changes to your everyday schedule, or to put it another way, capitalise on some of that adrenaline and optimism at the start of your personal training journey to make some real changes to your lifestyle.

    6. Opens your eyes to a whole new industry of possibilities

    Here at OriGym, we have a direct view on the kind of people entering the industry as new personal trainers.

    And let me tell you, at the very least, over 50% of new trainers come through our doors as a direct result of good experiences with their own trainers.

    This is one of the key personal trainer advantages.

    Sometimes, when you’re training by yourself in a gym, you can still feel dislocated from the culture of health and fitness: as if you were swimming against the tide, or not quite fitting in.

    This is particularly true if you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for with your training.

    A massive personal trainer advantage then, is the fact that a PT allows you to fully engage with your new hobby. Once you start training with a trainer, you’ll start to use more equipment, gain more knowledge, and attend more classes than you ever would have if you were just training alone.

    And guess what? For many, this translates as a newfound desire to change career paths and start a personal training business of their own.

    The reasons for joining the fitness industry are clear…

    The industry as a whole has been expanding for over a decade and shows no sign of slowing. There are an increasingly diverse range of personal training services available, from chain gyms to freelance trainers, meaning that more qualified trainers are needed all the time.

    Job satisfaction is also considerably higher in the fitness industry than it is in office-based work and other sectors, partly due to the varied workload, and the flexibility to work in a freelance context.

    To put all of that into a concise statement: one of the biggest personal trainer advantages could be the opportunity to change career, and to discover a line of work that you could soon fall in love with!

    Sound exciting? Check out our Level 2, Level 3 and Personal Trainer Diploma information today to kick start your career!

    7. Personal Trainer Advantages: Equal parts coach, therapist, and friend.

    Again, we’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth saying again: your personal trainer isn’t just there to help you get fit (though, they will undoubtedly do just that).

    They are there to coach you through difficult times.

    They are there to be your confidante, and to be there when you’re feeling unmotivated.

    Think of all the times you nearly gave in, or that you didn’t go to the gym because you weren’t feeling up to it that day.

    The first goal of your new personal trainer will be to stop that happening. They will be there to make sure your time spent in the gym is as efficient as possible.

    Don’t think you need the extra motivation?

    Now, a personal trainer will employ a range of tools to help you through rough patches. In fact, one of the key personal trainer advantages is the experience they’ll have with difficult clients will help them guide through your difficulties.

    Trust me, they’ve seen it all before.

    You might expect then, a personal trainer to use any of the following methods to keep you motivated.

    • A combination of short-term and long-term goals
    • Constant measurement of performance and revaluation of targets
    • Progress photographs: sometimes, you won’t believe it until you see it!
    • Always changing routine: your fitness programme should never feel stagnant with a personal trainer.

    Personal Trainer FAQs – The questions you’ll ask before you’ve asked them!

    Sure, knowing personal trainer advantages and all of the benefits of hiring (or maybe even becoming…) a personal trainer is one thing.

    But knowing the practicalities of paying someone to help with your fitness journeys, and some of the alternative routes into fitness, is a whole different kettle of fish.

    See, personal training is just one option, and that option is by no means right for everyone.

    You may prefer working out from home, for example. Or maybe hiring a personal trainer is not in your price range at this present moment. Or maybe you prefer to train in groups, rather than on a one to one basis.

    In any case, the reason you’re probably here – right now – reading an article about personal trainer advantages, is to find out whether hiring a personal trainer is the right decision for you.

    And if you’re still trying to make up your mind, we’ve compiled some of the more frequent personal trainer FAQs to make sure you’re 100% certain before making what could be a life-changing decision!

    How much is a personal trainer?

    This one’s tougher than you think.

    See, personal trainers can operate on a freelance basis, as part of a gym, or completely independently. This means that charges can differ wildly, depending on what kind of setting you choose to train in, and who you choose to train with.

    There are, however, some common themes.

    Independent trainers usually cost the most (being as they are, the most experienced trainers) with freelance trainers and PTs who work in gyms competing for the middle ground and cost-saving clients.

    Instead of splitting prices into career paths, for personal training, it’s often more useful to split by region.

    We did some research of the 2019 personal trainer market, splitting the UK into Northern England, London, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. He’s what we found in terms of price.

    While the above survey is by no means comprehensive, it does show how important research is in terms of choosing your trainer.

    Of course, it goes without saying that to experience any of the personal trainer advantages above, you need to be comfortable paying what your trainer is charging.

    How often do I need to see a personal trainer?

    Bit of an easier question, this one.

    While this will be down to your trainer, and the programme he or she designs for you, on average, you will see your personal trainer 2-3 times a week.

    What? Surely it can’t be that easy, you must be thinking?

    Well, while you might see your personal trainer 2-3 times a week, this does not factor in extra sessions in areas like group training, and outdoor classes that your trainer will encourage you to attend.

    While you’re training with your PT, they might encourage you to attend any one of…

    Are there any alternatives to hiring a personal trainer?


    You should absolutely not consider hiring a personal trainer if you haven’t first considered other options. At the end of the day, you will not benefit from the many aforementioned personal trainer advantages if you are not fully committed to your training programme.

    If you’re still unsure, why not read some of our popular blog posts to get an idea of other popular areas of the fitness industry


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    And that’s that!

    As far as personal trainer advantages go, we’ve just about covered it!

    Or have we?

    Let us know what you think we’ve missed: any personal trainer advantages you’ve experienced in the past, or how you benefitted from transitioning from solo training to working with a professional PT.

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