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Have a quick scroll through Google and you’ll find a ton of articles pertaining to offer personal trainer advice from blogs and writers who have never stepped foot on the gym floor.

For you, a future fitness professional, this is a real problem…

How am I meant to split the good personal trainer advice, from the – quite frankly – terrible stuff.

Well, fear no more!

In this article, we’re going to take you through all of our tips compiled by some of our expert fitness tutors and mentors.

Our content is straight from the horse’s mouth…or rather, straight from the minds of our expert tutors and mentors, who deliver our Level 2 and Level 3 personal trainer qualifications on a daily basis.

So, shall we get suck in?


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Personal Trainer Advice: The Top 25 Expert Tips for 2019

Experience is key

Just like our tutors giving advice for this article, you should have plenty of experience behind you before you even think about charging for your services.

This causes some personal trainers to raise their eyebrows…

How are you meant to make it as a personal trainer to begin with, if you aren’t charging for your services from the very beginning?

Here’s our personal trainer advice: gaining experience needn’t be as stressful or difficult as you think.

The key to success here is making sure you start gathering experience early. Or in other words, if you were to take our personal trainer advice, you would start shadowing professional PTs or helping out in your local gym before you’d even taken your Level 2 or Level 3 fitness examinations.

Here are some easy ways you can build experience:

Build a routine

As professionals, we all like to consider ourselves as creative in our work. Mavericks, even.

But if there was one piece of personal trainer advice that will drag you through difficulty and doubt, it’s that building a reliable routine in key.

Creativity is going to earn you clients and a reputation. The reason we are all drawn towards it is because it is an outward-facing attribute: we see the best personal trainers have creative plans and marketing, and therefore want to replicate that in our own business.

A routine, however, is going to be your bread and butter. It’ll get you through early morning sessions and difficult clients.

This is why early experience is a key piece of personal trainer advice: without that early experience of training clients, you’ll have to develop your routine on the job.

If, however, you’re struggling as to what counts as “a personal trainer routine,” check out what some of our expert tutors proposed from their experience in the industry.

The hours of your day will get eaten up quickly: sort out your schedule

This one couldn’t be more important, and was something that was mentioned by several of our expert trainers.

In personal training your schedule is everything. It’ll dictate where you need to be, how many clients you can take on in one day, and ultimately, how successful your fitness business will be.

There is, however, one small problem when talking about schedules in terms of personal trainer advice…

They’re difficult to organise, and even more difficult to generalise.

Depending on whether you’re focusing on one-to-one training, group classes, or a mixture of several different practices, your timetable may look nothing like your competitors.

As such, offering you a template here is going to be no use whatsoever.

How about some ways to make your timetable more economical instead?

Insurance can save your career: get it right from the start

As far as personal trainer advice goes, you’d think this one would be obvious…

But surprisingly, there are still many trainers out there who are working in gyms without the appropriate personal trainer insurance.

This is because, while in most larger facilities and chain gyms you will be covered by your employer or they’ll request you take out a sponsored policy before you start working for them, there is actually no legal requirement for a personal trainer to be insured.

You would, however, be completely insane not to take out at least some basic insurance if you’re planning on working with clients on the gym floor.

You have a personality…learn how to market it

It’s true, your Level 2 and Level 3 certificate are important – crucial, even – if you want to become a personal trainer.

But there’s a difference between becoming a personal trainer, and becoming a successful personal trainer. For the latter, you’re going to need to learn some personal trainer marketing tips, and you’re going to need to learn them fast!

The first step is to learn how to market your personality.

While this may sound fairly basic, knowing how to pitch your traits, strengths, and specialisms is going to be what will set you apart from the rest of your workplace.

Think about some of the tips below if you haven’t already decided on your brand!

The Importance of Marketing, Targeting, and Target Audiences

Linked to our last point, but important enough to qualify as a point in its own right.

Once you have a brand, the next thing you need is a marketing process. What does that mean?

Well, a marketing process is how you intend to identify, segment, and deliver your message to your desired audience. If that all sounds like business jargon, then consider it this way:

You have a product, you now want to know who likes that product, where they will look for that product, and how they would like to receive news of that product.

If you’re still a little lost, don’t worry. Marketing processes, while they can be complex, can be effectively boiled down to these three steps:

Building a Community

With a career like personal training, or one where you’re not surrounded by office workers and team mates, it can be easy to take on the persona of the lone ranger.

It’s just you vs. the world.

In terms of popularity with clients, however, this is not a great idea…

The best way to ensure you keep your clients in the long-term is to make sure they feel valued, and the best way to do that is to create a community around your services.

Now, there’s a couple of ways to do this. Here’s what our expert PTs offered as their personal trainer advice on the matter:

Be realistic with your salary expectations

In every industry, you will find people with wildly inflated salary expectations. But this is perhaps no more true than the personal training industry.

The sad truth is, some people get in this business for all the wrong reasons.

If you’re in it for the money, then this piece of personal trainer advice is going to bring some bad news. Personal training takes long hours, lots of experience, and a ton of commitment…and that’s before you even have a half-full client list.

Now, salary expectations are complex for a number of reasons. But as an overview, here are some of the major influencing factors of personal trainer salaries.

For the full rundown of personal trainer salaries, check out our ultimate guide to PT wages here!

Never learn your place. Don’t be afraid of business opportunities!

Do you know what we hate at OriGym?

When people tell up and coming trainers to learn their place, and to stick to what they’re good at.

What’s the point in that!?

If you’ve entered the fitness industry, you should be ambitious, eager, and ready to jump at any opportunity thrown your way. In fact, to succeed in this industry you have to be those things.

There’s no way you’re going to make it in the long-term if you’re not willing to experiment and take a chance every once in a while.

So, next time your gym manager is on the lookout for the next big thing in their gym, or if there’s a potential promotion on the horizon, remember these quick pieces of personal trainer advice:

Supplement Personal Training with Rehabilitation

Think about it, as far as personal trainer advice goes, what could be better than ensuring your clients are getting fitter, while also making sure they are injury free.

Usually, if a client picks up an injury, it puts an end to their programme of training for the foreseeable future. While this is, of course, bad for the client, it is also bad news for you as you’ll be losing out on hours and vital income.

However, if you were trained as a sports massage therapist, you could retain this client in the intervening period by offering to take a lead on their rehab programme. This means, you get exclusive access to your clients, and it also means that more clients are likely to trust you, as you’ve proven that you can both train and treat.

If you want more information, check out our specialist Sports Massage Therapy course today!

Be assertive

This is a tricky one as it’s hard to know where to draw the line.

Let’s put it this way…

Your client is making good progress towards their goals. They’re eating right, training hard, and doing all the right things.

And then, one day they approach you to say that it’s not working, something has to change.

You’ll be shocked as to how often this happens in personal training, and as far as personal training advice goes, it is now your job to think of a solution. If you’re certain that your plan is what is best for the client, that solution may be sticking to your guns and talking the client round.

If you do happen to find yourself confronted by this situation in the early stage of your career, try using some of these easy tips and tricks:

Know your boundaries

Every now and then, you have to say no.

You should frame this piece of personal trainer advice in gold and hang it on your wall.

This may be hard for a beginner who is still looking to fill up their client list, but trust us, if you don’t start setting clear boundaries early, then your timetable will quickly get out of hand.

Your boundaries needn’t be complex, either.

When you’re deciding on your brand and what kind of training you’ll specialise in, think also about the mechanics and logistics of your working day. It’s also worth saying, if you’re not enthusiastic about being a personal trainer because of a tiring schedule, your clients will almost certainly notice.

New Avenues: Online Coaching

Let’s say you’re making good progress with your personal training business.

You’ve taken on plenty of personal trainer advice, you’ve filled up your clients lists, your marketing is targeted and direct, and your superiors have noticed your progress and are considering your group class ideas…

One problem…

Your timetable is absolutely rammed.

Every personal trainer reaches a point of saturation where it looks like no more can be squeezed into their schedule. This is a real issue if you’re still looking to expand. Without any more hours in the day, how are you meant to take your career forwards?

Two words: online coaching.

You are never done: The Importance of CPD Courses

Take a second to think: when you’re offering personal trainer advice to your clients, how do motivate them?

Do you tell them that there’s always more to learn, always more potential?

Well the same goes for qualified personal trainers!

You should never rest on your laurels. Always look how you can expand your business, what new skills you can learn, and where you next challenge lies.

The better news is that there’s an easy way to keep up with the latest trends in health and fitness: CPD Courses.

Read up! You don’t know what you might be missing!

Of course, you can’t be doing CPDs all of the time… you still have a fitness business to run, after all.

As far as personal trainer advice goes with regard to staying on top of your game, the best thing you can do is make sure you read.

Read about the industry, read about latest trends, follow personal trainers on Instagram – whatever it takes, make sure you know what’s going on in the industry around you, and make sure you replicate big industry shifts in your training and business plan.

To get you started, here are some of the most popular articles with our readers!

And one more piece of personal trainer advice for good luck… Coffee.

Trust us. You’re gonna need it….


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