How Much Does It Cost to Become a Personal Trainer? (UK)

how much does it cost to become a personal trainer

People often ask ‘How much does it cost to become a personal trainer in the UK?’ when looking to price-compare course providers.

But before you rush into choosing the cheapest option to save money, there are a number of elements you need to consider, including: 

With OriGym, you can spread the cost of your Personal Training Diploma into manageable monthly instalments. This allows you to cover the cost of your qualification at a suitable pace, without the worry of ever encountering unwanted hidden fees.

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The Average Cost Of A Personal Trainer Course

Personal trainer course prices vary between training providers, so it can be difficult to get a definitive answer to the question, ‘How much does it cost to become a certified personal trainer?’

However, by looking at the industry as a whole it is possible to get information on how much personal trainer courses cost on average.

For example, according to the National Register of Personal Trainers, the average cost of a personal trainer course is £1500! This does not mean every provider has to adhere to this, some will charge more and others will charge less. 

For example, if you decided to complete OriGym’s Diploma in Personal Training, you would be paying below the average for a PT course at only £1399

The cost of this course saves you money and allows you to attain both Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer rather than paying for the 2 courses separately.

The affordability of our PT Diploma is rooted in OriGym’s belief that vocational training should be affordable and accessible to everyone without compromising on quality. 

However, when looking at these prices you need to remember that there is no legal minimum or maximum cost that providers can charge. As a result, they can charge whatever they want! 

So, it’s important to research what you’ll receive for your money before enrolling with a course provider. 

Factors That Affect The Overall Cost Of A Personal Training Course

Now that we’ve established that Personal Trainer courses prices will differ from one provider to another, you may be questioning why some charge more than others. 

In truth, many factors can influence the overall cost of a level 3 personal trainer course of these courses, let’s take a look at them in more detail: 

#1 How The Course Is Delivered

No two students are the same, some will prefer to study independently online, whilst others will benefit from in-person face-to-face tutoring. 

Your chosen study method could actually influence the overall cost of a personal trainer course. For example, online courses are typically cheaper, as they require fewer overheads. 

In contrast to this, in-person tutoring will cost more to cover other expenses such as rental on gym settings. It’s therefore important to consider what study method suits your needs, as this will affect how much you pay!

#2 - If The Course is Part of a Package Deal

Another factor that can influence the cost of a Level 3 Personal Trainer course is whether the qualification is being sold separately, or alongside other courses as part of a package deal.  

Packages are a cost-effective alternative to buying multiple courses separately. However, students who just want the Level 3 PT course will find it’s cheaper to purchase it by itself. 

Some training providers such as OriGym will sell courses both separately and as part of package deals, but that’s not to say every provider follows the same formula.

Others may only offer packages, prompting their students to pay higher prices to receive the qualifications they require.

#3 Whether They Accept Loans

Some training providers allow their students to cover the cost of a level 3 personal trainer course through government-funded Advanced Learner Loans.

The minimum loan of £1,987 for a course requires you to complete 293 to 388 guided learning hours.

Training providers that accept these loans will typically charge higher fees than the ones that don’t. This is because they’re aware of how much their students will receive from the government, and will ensure their prices are set to get as much of this as possible.

Remember, you will eventually have to pay a loan back. This means that if you opt for a provider that charges a significantly higher price, you will eventually have to repay this sum to the government!

price tag

#4 Whether They Charge Interest

When questioning ‘How much does it cost to become a personal trainer in the UK?’ you need to look beyond the price that is initially advertised on a provider’s website. 

Specifically, you should research whether a training provider will charge interest on monthly payment plans, as this could result in you paying more than you expected.

Some training providers may even try to deceive their customers by offering 0% interest for a limited time only. This may sound appealing, but once this period has expired you’ll be paying more than you expected! 

That’s not to say every training provider is deceitful about this. For example, at OriGym we believe in making our qualifications as accessible as possible, which is why all our payment plans are completely interest-free! 

#5 Marketing Strategies

Occasionally, providers that inflate their level 3 personal trainer course price will do so for marketing purposes. For example, some may charge higher fees and then brand themselves as a ‘luxury service’.

These marketing strategies can encourage certain students to pay extra for their qualifications, believing they are receiving a ‘better’ education than others. 

In reality, these pricer courses will still adhere to the same Ofqual-regulated guidelines as the cheaper alternatives, meaning you’ll pay more for the same Level 3 qualification. 

Additionally, these pricer courses likely won’t offer any unique services that warrant the increased cost. For example, at OriGym we offer free post-course career support that has helped 92% of graduates find employment, all whilst maintaining our dedication to affordability.  

#6 Hidden Fees

When you enrol on a course to become a personal trainer, you might be surprised that hidden fees can influence your course's total price. These fees can apply to things like:

  • Administration cost
  • Certificate 
  • Exam Resits 

Here at OriGym, we don’t believe in subjecting our students to any of these hidden fees! This is why we offer students free unlimited resits and will never charge for things like postage of certificates.

Essentially, the cost of our Level 3 personal trainer course will be as advertised on our website!

When considering the best provider to enrol on a course with, it’s important to consider these factors to find the right PT course that offers great value for money.

The Services That Are Worth Paying More For

The question ‘How much does it cost to become a personal trainer in the UK’ is somewhat subjective, as certain students may be willing to pay more than others for specific services.

With this in mind, let’s discuss what services are worth paying more! 

#1 The Right Study Method for You!

As previously discussed, training providers will offer multiple different study methods at varying prices. Whilst it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest option, you should always prioritise your learning preferences.

For example, if you don't feel confident completing a course online through independent studying, you should instead pay the slightly higher price for in-person training. 

In this instance, you can receive direct support from your tutors on both your theoretical and practical work. 

This will help you build your confidence as you develop your knowledge and skills from experts working in the industry who can help you pass the course.


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With OriGym's Personal Training Diploma you can kickstart a lucrative career! 

#2 The Level of Tutor Support 

When it comes to services that are worth paying more for, you’ll want to ensure that you’re supported throughout your study. 

Tutor support can make the difference between passing or failing modules, so you’ll want to opt for a provider that will be on hand to offer expert guidance.

For example, if you decide to enrol on OriGym’s PT Diploma, you’ll receive comprehensive support through our tutoring team, who are available 7-days a week.

Even better yet, they are easily accessible across a variety of platforms such as phone, email and chatbox. This means you can reach out in whatever manner you feel most comfortable with. 

#3 Post Course Career Support

You should pay more for a qualification that offers post-course career support as it can help improve your employment opportunities.

This support can help you find employment with reputable gym chains or provide you with the tools needed to launch a self-employed career in the industry.

For example, at OriGym we provide:

  • CV analysis
  • CV distribution
  • Guaranteed job interviews with corporate partners
  • Free, unlimited access to business marketing tools

Said services have helped over 92% of our graduates find employment within the fitness industry, proving just how valuable they can be.

#4 Location

Many training providers only have a select amount of locations for you to complete the practical elements of your course. This means that you could incur additional costs, for the likes of travel expenses and accommodation.

For example, a lot of training providers operate solely from London, meaning if you’re located outside of the capital you’ll be paying more than initially expected.

To avoid this it’s worth opting for a training provider that has multiple different venues. This greatly increases the chances of there being a venue within or close to your local area! 

For example, by enrolling on a Personal Trainer course with OriGym you can complete the practical elements of your course from one of our venues located across the UK. 

#5 Free Course Resits

Some course providers require their students to pay for an assessment they have to resit, so it’s important for you to complete a PT course where this isn’t the case to reduce your course costs.

At OriGym, we offer free resits to our students, giving them the confidence to complete their course, it also eliminates additional costs to help you get the qualification you deserve.

How to Price Compare To Get The Best Value for Your Money

balanced scales with two pound signs.

When questioning ‘How much does it cost to do a personal training course’ it’s easy to compare qualification providers based solely on the price that appears on the screen. 

However, this isn’t the best idea and could result in you comparing courses that drastically differ from one another and don’t meet all your requirements as a student. 

For example, as previously discussed the cost of a level 3 personal trainer course can vary depending on your chosen study method. It’s therefore pointless to compare the price of an online qualification from one provider to an in-person course from another. 

two people working out at the gym

Therefore, before you go about comparing qualifications to get the best value for your money you should consider exactly what you want from your training! 

Once this has been decided, you can then begin to compare training providers that meet these standards. 

Below is a price comparison table between providers offering online, part-time and full-time personal trainer courses. 

This is why it’s so important you know which study method, along with the level of tutor support and post-course support you’ll require before comparing prices between providers.

For more information on finding the right course for you, check out our article on the best personal training courses in the UK.

Can You Become a Personal Trainer for Free?

When considering which training provider to enrol with, you may find yourself questioning whether you can become a personal trainer for free.

In truth, any provider that offers personal training qualifications for free or severely discounted rates should be avoided at all costs, as they hold no real value! 

This is because they’ll lack CIMSPA endorsement and regulation from Ofqual which will prevent you from being trained to industry standards.

personal trainer holding a clipboard

As a result, employers won’t even consider you for vacancies, as many ask to see proof of certification before a job offer.

It’ll be difficult to personal training without the correct certification because you won’t be able to receive insurance either which could result in you facing severe legal fines and even jail time! 

For more information on why you should avoid these discounted ‘providers’ check out our article exploring free personal trainer courses.

Before You Go! 

Now that you know how personal trainer course costs vary, you can opt for a training provider that meets all your needs, be they financial or educational. 

So take the first steps and enquire about OriGym’s cost-effective PT Diploma, and discover why we’re one of the highest-rated training providers in the UK. 

Alternatively, download our FREE course prospectus to learn more about this course and many more!


Enquire to Become a Personal Trainer

With OriGym's Personal Training Diploma you can kickstart a lucrative career! 

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