Writing a personal trainer cover letter: The industry guide

    Getting your personal trainer cover letter right can be a tricky task.

    After all, it’s the first impression you give to a prospective employer, and first impressions can be make or break for competitive openings in saturated industries.

    How your personal trainer cover letter is presented, and the manner in which it is written, is therefore of the highest importance.

    Before jumping headfirst into writing your personal trainer cover letter, you need to know exactly what you are going to include, and have a ready-prepared structure that is easy to follow.

    Luckily for you, we have made this process as easy as it could be.

    With our step by step guide, alongside a wide variety of fitness cover letter templates that you can adapt to each employer and to your personal experience, you will be able to secure the interview of your dreams in no time at all!


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    What the experts say…

    While it may be tempting to get started right away using the templates we provide later in this guide, it’s worth first examining what the experts say with regard to writing your personal trainer cover letter.

    Without knowing what employers and recruiters are looking for, even the best template is going to come across as directionless and miscued.

    So, with that in mind, let’s see what our recruitment experts and CEOs say will make you stand out above other prospective fitness candidates.

    Here’s where things get exciting…

    Now’s the time to find out how to write the best personal trainer covering letter, from research to formatting and addressing.

    Step One – Spend time on your research

    This much should be obvious, but regardless of industry, you need to know the role you are applying to before you can write an effective covering letter.

    And the same goes for writing your personal trainer cover letter.

    We don’t just mean knowing the title of the role, and some piecemeal details of the job specification, either. To be successful, you need to find out exactly what the role you are applying to entails, and what that particular employer is looking for in a personal training candidate.

    Look out for some of the following things in your research:

    As such, each employer will have different goals, even for positions that look relatively similar. These may range from targeting different aspects of the market, to the structure of their personal training roles, and mission statements specific to each company.

    By ensuring that you can be incredibly specific and detailed with your personal trainer cover letter, you show your prospective interviewer or recruiter that you are passionate to work for their brand, not just in the industry in general.

    It also shows that you are capable of carrying out thorough research, which shows off your skills in various fields including organisation, work ethos, determination, and professionalism.

    And that’s without them even opening your CV!

    Step Two – Formatting your personal trainer cover letter

    The presentation of your personal trainer or fitness instructing covering letter is of paramount importance.


    Well, no prospective gym owner or fitness manager will even read the first line of a covering letter that is ill-formatted, uses a variety of text styles and sizes, and that is grammatically incorrect. In short, your formatting and presentation say a lot about you as a person.

    With that in mind, your personal trainer cover letter should be clean, use standardised formatting across the entire document, and be written in a concise manner with no fluff.

    This means there should be no harnessing of pictures, animations or anything similar to try and make yourself stand out.

    You need to let your experience, and your words, do the talking.

    Stick to using clear fonts, with structured paragraphs that flow from one point to the next in order to state your case.

    We will cover exactly what you need to put in each paragraph very shortly…

    Step Three – Addressing a personal trainer cover letter

    This may sound simple, but you’d be surprised as to how many people stumble at this crucial stage of the application process.

    A key thing to remember is that you are writing to a person: at the end of the day, somebody is going to read your personal trainer cover letter, so you need to write it with that in mind.

    For example, if you are aware of the recruiter’s name, address your personal trainer cover letter to that individual, as opposed to the company.

    More often than not, such names can be found in the job advert itself, either at the top of the page as part of the overall specifications of the job, or at the very bottom with the information regarding who to apply to.

    If a generic email address is all that is given, you may want to consider calling to enquire as to who is handling the recruitment for that job role in particular.

    You should also always address using “Dear” followed by their title (Mr, Ms, Miss or Mrs) and surname.

    If you have found it difficult to locate the name of the person responsible for recruitment, using Dear Sir / Madame is an appropriate substitute.

    Finding the interviewer’s name and addressing them on your personal trainer cover letter not only draws their attention to your application, but also established a personal connection, and shows you genuinely want the job you are applying for through the effort you have put in.

    Here’s our step by step guide for how to ensure you address your personal trainer cover letter correctly:

    Step Four – Structuring and writing your personal trainer cover letter

    The last three steps could be grouped as the preliminary stages of writing a personal trainer cover letter.

    The preparation you need to make before starting the real work.

    Now comes the fun part: writing the meat of your covering letter!

    Don’t worry though, this isn’t as difficult as you might think.

    Below, we’ve broken down the structure of a winning covering letter, and what you need to include in each section in order to impress even the most rigorous of recruiters…

    Paragraph one – An introduction that will make the recruiter want to read more

    This should be short and to the point.

    Tell them why you are getting in touch to apply for their personal training vacancy. Remember, specificity is never a bad thing.

    You can reference how you came across their brand or job role, and you can include little extras and personal anecdotes if you wish, especially if they reveal something positive about your experience and connection to the industry.

    These may include, for example, if you have been a member of their gym, if you were referred by an existing employee, or if you have worked with that company in the past. Remember, this is a judgement call. If it feels forced, stick to being as clear and concise as possible with regard to your ambitions to work for their company.

    Paragraph Two – Meeting the criteria of the job role

    This section should outline your fitness qualifications that are relevant to the role, with relevant industry specific experience referenced and why you feel you are the right person for the role.

    This last part is especially important, and should not be ignored.

    You need to ensure your passion comes across on your PT covering letter, in addition to the fact that you are meeting the pre-determined requirements of the job description. It’s no use having all of the grades, but not making it clear what your ambitions are within the role, and where you see yourself progressing.

    Don’t be afraid of letting your desire come through on the page. It will only ever work in your favour.

    Paragraph Three – What unique attributes will you bring to the role?

    Your personal trainer covering letter should now address what you are giving the employer in terms of skills, and this should be evidenced through facts, figures and key achievements. Anyone can say they are reliable or great at sales, but you must to back this up with evidence.

    If you need a framework for this remember to PEE (Point, Evidence, Explain) every time you make a claim about your skill set.

    So, for example. If I was to claim that I am highly skilled at coaching group classes, I would structure my claim as follows…

    No claim in your covering letter should go unsubstantiated.

    All claims should also be related to the fitness job role you are applying for, and why that matters to the specific employer. Or, in other words, how you would use those skills in the position you are intending to occupy.

    Paragraph Four – Summary

    In this final section, you need to summarise to the employer your passion for the role: why you are the right fit, and the extent to which you would love the opportunity to meet them for an interview.

    As an added bonus, here you can even refer to references listed on your CV as testament to your character, which adds further weight to a personal trainer covering letter.

    Signing Off

    Always thank the recruiter for their time as if they are reading your covering letter over your shoulder. This will further ensure that you are addressing them directly, as a real person, rather than speaking to the company in general.

    Lastly, sign off your covering letter with “Yours sincerely” if you know the name of the person reading it, or “Yours faithfully” if you do not, followed by your full name.

    You should also notify the recruiter in your covering letter if you have submitted any attachments, just to make sure they do not miss them (e.g. your CV and any supporting certification).

    Sample Covering Letters

    Not wanting to leave you in the dark in terms of writing your own covering letter, without any examples of what a finished one might look like, we decided to write some of our own!

    Please feel free to take a look through our sample fitness covering letters, especially if you’re still struggling for inspiration when writing your own.

    It’s worth remembering that you still need do all the steps outlined above. These samples are merely here to give you a point of reference as to how to complete your personal trainer covering letter effectively.

    We’ve covered a wide range of fitness-based roles in the industry, but feel free to get in touch via the comment section below if you feel we’ve made any significant omission.

    Gym Instructing Covering Letter

    Dear Mr Smith,

    I came across your advertisement for the vacant gym instructing position via Active Careers, and I would like to officially be considered for the role.

    I am a fully qualified and REPs insured gym instructor with 4 years’ experience within the sector working for GL Leisure. I have attained further qualifications in spin, kettlebells and suspension training, which I can see you are looking for in your gym instructing candidates if they are to excel in this role.

    I am passionate, hardworking, and reliable, which I have demonstrated through my 99% attendance rate during my employment thus far with GL Leisure. I have won a customer service award, which stems from my ability to consistently engage with members on the gym floor, all the time providing an invaluable experience that I know your company ethos is keen to promote. I also have a strong sales background, and have hit ten months out of a possible twelve on my additional revenue spends via selling supplements and heart rate monitors. Indeed, I hope to harness these skills within the gym instructing role to boost member retention, increase class numbers, and help members achieve their personal fitness goals.

    I feel I would be a good fit for the role as I have the relevant experience and skill sets while also sharing the company’s mission of promoting health and wellbeing awareness. I would love to be give the opportunity to come for an interview, and I am available via my mobile number (INSERT NUMBER) between 9am – 3pm Monday to Thursday, or alternately anytime on the weekend.

    I would like to thank you very much for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Yours Sincerely,



    Class Instructor Covering Letter

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    I would like to apply for your vacant class instructor / studio co-coordinator position that I saw advertised on your website (INSERT REFERENCE). I was referred to you by current employee (INSERT NAME), who mentioned what a fantastic and ethical company you are to work for.

    I am qualified in Exercise to Music, Fitness Instructing Level 2, and have completed my Les Mills Training that would enable me to deliver classes on your timetable such as Body pump, spin, body combat, and Body Jam, to name just a few. I am fully insured through CIMSPA, and have extensive knowledge of running and structuring a class timetable.

    I am a conscientious, adaptable, and analytical group co-ordinator with 2 years’ experience of managing a team of both freelance instructors and personal trainers in-house. I have proven these skills through alterations I made on the class timetable to maximise group attendances, and through reducing freelance overheads of the club by £3,000 per month by conducting more in-house training for salaried employees. I have taken over 2,000 hours’ worth of group exercise and led my club to being rated one of the highest for class delivery in the UK.

    I am a very passionate individual and take pride in my work, and I would strive to hit all targets presented to me and represent (INSERT COMPANY NAME) with the professionalism that its current members have become accustomed to. I would relish coming down to the club for an interview at a time that suits yourselves and can be reached on (INSERT CONTACT DETAILS) between 12pm and 4pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays if that is convenient.

    Thank you for considering my application and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours Faithfully,



    Fitness Manager Covering Letter

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is (INSERT FULL NAME) and I noticed there is currently a job advertised for a fitness manager on Given my experience and skillset, I would love to be considered for this role.

    I have an extensive managerial background from my time at (INSERT COMPANY) and I am both a qualified personal trainer and sports masseur, specialising in corrective exercises and fat loss. I am fully insured through Insure4Sport and have undertaken various management and business courses that I have implemented into my previous role.

    I have managed both operational and sales teams over a seven-year period, and have honed my skills in communication, managing of KPIs, and training. I have demonstrated this through leading my team to achieving a company record for the highest turnover from sales for January 2017 whilst simultaneously maintaining a green status of compliance” (highest you can get) over the last 12 months of my employment. Despite my limited time as a personal trainer, I feel my management experience coupled with my raw passion for the industry, something I know (INSERT COMPANY NAME) values highly, would help me thrive in the role.

    I believe I possess all the skill sets required and outlined within the job description, and can add some real value to the set up at (INSERT COMPANY NAME). Indeed, I would relish the opportunity to potentially come down for an interview. I am available to be contacted on (INSERT CONTACT DETAILS) between the hours of (INSERT HOURS).

    I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours Faithfully,



    Leisure Manager / Club Manager Covering Letter


    I noticed your job advert for the vacant club manager’s position at your Colchester branch and would like to put my CV forward to be considered for the role, which I have enclosed for you perusal. I feel my skills and ambition match where the company is looking to head in the future, and as such I would be a strong candidate for this role.

    I have been in the fitness industry ever since graduating with my first class honours degree in sports and exercise science, and have worked my way up from being a personal trainer on the gym floor, to sales manager and deputy manager all within a four year time frame. I have just completed a business and sales management course in my spare time and have completed both customer service management and operational programmes through my existing employment. As such, I now feel I am more than ready for the jump up to a club manager position.

    I am extremely motivated, career driven, and have vast experience in hitting and surpassing targets within this sector. During my time as sales manager of David Lloyds, I managed to hit target eleven months consecutively and even doubled it one month, which was the highest in the company over that time period. Additionally, after my promotion to deputy club manager, I was tasked with hitting both operational targets and driving additional spend. I implemented a new system and targeted high yield growth streams that were not being harnessed to their maximum, and increased my branches turnover by 17% through this mechanism alone.

    I feel I would thrive working for (INSERT COMPANY) and have the relevant holistic sales, operations, and industry specific knowledge to make a real impact on the branch, and would therefore love to be considered for this position.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon, and I can be reached on (INSERT CONTACT DETAILS) at any time suitable to yourselves.

    Yours Sincerely,



    Freelance Personal Trainer Covering Letter


    I am interested in applying for the freelance personal training role within your prestigious establishment that I saw advertised on, but thought I would apply directly to yourself to ensure you received it.

    I have been running my own successful freelance personal training business for 5 years since qualifying through OriGym. I have supporting fitness qualifications in exercise to music, level 4 sports massage and exercise referral, which I can see from your personal trainers listed on your website would offer a different angle for your gym members.

    I have a proven track record of self-marketing, promoting and sustaining a client base which I managed to grow to over 40 members over the past few years. I am self-motivated, extremely organised, and have great time management skills, which I have continuously shown through the managing of own my own diary, processing of my own financial forecasting, and the creation of my own online PT booking system, which I would love to share with you if given the chance.

    I am seeking a new challenge working with a reputable company, such as (INSERT COMPANY), who share similar views on fitness to myself, and feel I am more than capable of meeting the targets and requirements set within the job brief.

    I would like to thank you for taking the time out to read my covering letter, and I have enclosed a copy of my supporting certificates and an up-to-date CV where you can find my contact details if you would like to arrange an interview with myself.

    Yours Sincerely,



    Before you go…

    If you’ve followed this guide carefully, you should be well on your way to writing a killer personal trainer cover letter, and one step closer to securing your dream job in the fitness industry!

    The next step is to let us know what you think of our guide to writing the best personal trainer cover letter!

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