Where to find a personal trainer job

At Origym we qualify hundreds of aspiring fitness professionals in various sporting and fitness based qualifications each year. Our team are always on hand to answer any queries that any aspiring or newly qualified fitness professionals have. Our team is consistently questioned about the employment options that each of them have after becoming a personal trainer.

Origym include post course support for life and with our team’s arsenal of experience, we leave no stone un-turned. Some students will ask about what websites they should upload their CVs to while others ask about jobs within big national health club chains, sporting associations or the many sport specific institutions advertising their roles to perspective fitness and sporting professionals?

So grab a cup of coffee and we will run through them one by one and show you they must have places to upload your CV this summer to get your fitness and sporting career off to a flying start.

Our recruitment advisors will take the time to look at some of the biggest recruitment agencies within the UK for you. We have advice for personal trainer concerning the largest sport specific job’s boards and associations in the UK. We will also do all the hard work for you and show you, which major employers are advertising there so you simply don’t have to! Hopefully this will aid you in your bid to find the perfect fitness job role while accelerating your application so you can realise your perfect fitness career.

Before we begin, there are some essentials to address:

1. Be Qualified For The Role You Are Applying For.

As tempting as it might be you should only apply for positions that you are qualified to work within. If you are a qualified Level 2 Gym Instructor and if you are actively applying for a Level 3 fitness based role, do not be surprised if you don’t get a reply. You have to appreciate the fact that employers get inundated with hundreds of CVs each week and they will not give you the time of day if you are not qualified to fulfil their vacant position.

2. Ensure Your Fitness CV Is Spot On.

Here at Origym we look at our fair share of CVs produced by our students. Each student is looking to enter into the fitness sector and those looking to come and there are many who work within our own gyms, but most of them have ignored the basic fundamentals of being a fitness professional. To simply put it, many applicants CV’s do not represent them as an employable candidate. In the modern day there are no excuses, there are great resources available online to write a truly engaging, well-structured and comprehensive CV.

3. Tell The Truth

A little exaggeration here and there is fine, but outright lies can get you in a serious mess when applying for health and fitness jobs. You will soon be found out and this will diminish your chances of finding a role that you really want. Employers appreciate honesty (within reason) and being a little more humble in your approach will not hurt your chances.

4. Wear Appropriate Clothing To Interviews

This is perhaps the most common question we have to ask when it comes to fitness and sporting based interviews; What should I wear? Fitness gear or business attire? The answer is always business attire, unless the employer specifies otherwise. Just because it is a fitness job you should make sure that you are not turning up in your joggers and Vans if necessary.


Now we have answered a few of the big questions that prevent people from being considered for fitness roles, let’s begin with our list of the top fitness recruitment sites you must utilise in 2017!


Leisure Jobs


Kicking off our list is Leisure Jobs. With over 1,210,560 registered jobseekers and16,500 daily visitors looking for a career in the Leisure industry; it is not hard to see why they have become the premium market leader within their sector. Their site has also undergone a lot of maintenance, this maintenance has made the website easier to navigate, quicker to upload your information and it also allows you to narrow down the type of job role that you want to find.

The embedded toolbar enables users to type the job you want. These listing will provide you with a number of jobs within your industry. They cover everything from travel, tourism, hospitality and of course fitness. It is probably easier to name of list of Employers within the fitness industry who do not advertise on Leisure Jobs, but rest assured you can find the likes of Pure Gym, The Gym Academy, DW Sports, The Fitness Space, Virgin Active, Nuffield and The Village to name a few.


Leisure Opportunities


‘Leisure Opportunities’ is part of the Leisure Media group. The group was established in 1981 and it’s a catalogue of 100,000 industry contacts. Although they predominantly focus on selling magazine subscriptions (over 12 million copies to date have been purchased) they also facilitate a fantastic jobs board to where hundreds of the best personal trainer jobs are found each and every month. You must upload your CV to Leisure Opportunities. Big industry leaders like the GLL Leisure Group, Parkwood Leisure, Xercise 4 Less and Everyone Active all promote their personal training job roles via this platform.


Flow Sports


Flow Sports is a recruitment agency that is specific to the sports and fitness industry. Flow Sports is also a great facilitator to finding really specific fitness and personal training roles within the leisure sector. This London based recruitment agency has worked with some of the most respected names in the fitness sector and because of its pedigree many fitness graduates use this platform. It is one of the go to places for recruiters to find people.

Therefore we recommend that you upload your CV here because it is a handy place to start when looking for your first personal training position. Some of the companies that work with Flow Sports include market innovators such as Reebok, Roko health clubs, PFP Leisure and Leisure Division. Each one of these companies harness flow sports bespoke platform to find top quality fitness candidates.


Fitness Associates


Fitness Associates is considered as a clean and easy to use platform that allows you to find fantastic new fitness jobs, whether you are as gym instructor, class coordinator, physiotherapist; there are a lot of fitness jobs available to you through Fitness Associates! This up and coming fitness brand offers genuine career advice and support in addition to the cool new salary estimator feature which enables you to calculate how much income you could potentially learn from that particular job role.

Origym is proud to be a partner of Fitness Associates. We ourselves have found great candidates for our own positions. Origym also use Fitness Associates as a platform to find applicants who need to upgrade their fitness qualifications. So if you are looking for a brand new position or wanting to optimise your CV, you should get register today!


Careers In Sport


Set-up in 2008 the Careers In Sport website has been a major player in helping people start a career within the health, fitness and sport industries. Origym also advertise on Careers In Sport! This site thoroughly investigates each employer’s job posting to ensure that the applicant receives the highest quality of the roles that you are applying to.

Some companies that advertise through Career In Sport include Charlton Athletic Football Club, GL Leisure, PowerBody, schools and local sports clubs which all use the site to find candidates within this niche. With over 2.7 million page views since 2012 it is not hard to see why Careers in Sport is attracting the biggest names in fitness to their jobs platform. If you want a multitude of advertisements their best personal training and sporting job roles on their website.




Indeed is the world’s largest job platform that receives over 200 million unique visitors every month. Although they are not sport specific and work across every industry you can imagine, their site is slick and easy to navigate. It is very popular among recruiters because they do not have to pay additional ad costs unless they wish to drive more applicants to their postings. Even the smaller more private and localised gyms will be using indeed for recruitment purposes.

There automated email alerts enable both recruiters and candidates to receive consistent updates and the ability to track their progress. You will be alerted whenever their crawl bots find new fitness job or personal training roles within a certain radius of your area. Within two clicks, your CV will be on its way to who could potentially be your new employer!




Reed is very similar to Indeed due to its structure and layout. However, employers have to advertise their vacancy for £115 but for an employer they are able to provide you with access to over 8.6 million candidates CV’s. For a candidate, this sounds rather intimidating. There is a lot of competition but this influx of possible candidates is diluted by a large amount of relevant job listings that are consistently being updated.

For a graduate looking for a personal trainer position, there are not many better recruiters than Reed. Reed has a number of in branch recruiters who will streamline the process for you so you can transition from the classroom to the gym studio. There are currently 966 personal trainer advertised on Reed, throughout the UK. For recent graduates this is not an opportunity to pass up.




Gumtree is a multi-purpose website that’s consists of a multitude of P2P marketers. While Gumtree is not renowned for it’s job’s board it is a useful asset for any job seeker. Gumtree’s Job Listings look very similar to their product listing’s that provides you with links to the job site they are advertised on. While Gumtree is not renowned for its job’s board it is a useful platform for anybody with limited options in regards to finding employment.


Club Training


Club Training is a unique platform for any fitness professional because it is precisely that a platform that is unique to fitness professionals. Soon as you are on the home page of Club Training, the tab asks you to either ‘Become a PT’ or look for a ‘Job’. Upon following these links you are able to view a number of listing that are relevant to your niche.

The jobs listing currently have 33 pages full of possible positions for you. Furthermore, there is a handful of content about finding a position as a personal trainer within the current industry. These resources can also be very useful and worth a read if you are struggling to find your first job out of graduating your Level 3.


Your Personal Training


‘Your Personal Training’ is a website that is dedicated to the development and employment of personal trainers. The website claims, ‘Your Personal Training’ are looking for to recruit motivational, inspiring and driven individuals to join our high performance, self-employed personal training team”.

For instance, once you have signed up to ‘Your Personal Training’ you are updated each time there is a job that suits your input details. Each position is accompanied by useful information including location, package content and earning potential. The content is broken down to make it easier for you to digest so you can understand what position suits you best.




LinkedIn is often described as a professional Facebook. However, Origym believe that LinkedIn should not to be used like the other social media channels. LinkedIn does have a similar structure to other social media platforms but it is a site for professionals and you should treat it as such. The beauty of LinkedIn is that it’s used by employer’s as well as recruitment agencies to scout for possible candidates.

In 2016, it was confirmed that there are over 7 million professionals from the UK on LinkedIn. Competition will be fierce but LinkedIn is the new platform for anything career related. LinkedIn has many unique features that enable’s you to search for job’s that match with criteria found in your profile. They will also provide you with emails about jobs that will interest you. LinkedIn is a sure fire way to establish both a network and understanding of your chosen injury. You should utilise it for all it is worth.


4 Leisure Recruitment


Specialising in over 5 different sectors, Leisure Recruitment are the veterans of the recruitment game. They encapsulate the recruitment of the health and fitness sector. With careers in fitness right near you, nationwide and internationally there are plenty of opportunities to gain your dream role. These guys are fitness recruitment specialists. They specialise in getting your CV in front of the right employers tailored to your individual skills sets and experience.


The Ultra Force


Running for over 30 years since 1985, Ultra Force is a tried and tested platform for women, sorry guys! They specialise in providing international jobs for women in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman and Bahrain; amongst many other developing nations. The Ultra Force provides a number of roles for fitness professionals including fitness management and other sport specific roles such as swimming and tennis.

However, before applying off the bat do keep in mind that you will need to be at least 24 years of age. You will also have three years experience within that specific role type in the UK. Most of the counties they operate have the lowest taxes in the world so it could well be worth your while, plus the weather is not to bad either! So if you want to try your hand at personal training in locations that are not only different but thriving with fitness business, use ultra force for all of your employment needs.


Future Active


Future Active us a employment agency that was built on the values of everyday actions. These values are designed to provide a “game changing recruitment” experience to both clients and candidates. They cover five sectors of employment including ‘Physical Education’, ‘Education’, ‘Healthcare’, ‘Active Leisure’ and ‘Sport’. The majority of these sectors certainly cater to fitness professionals. What is truly unique in regards to Future Active is the diversity of job listings. They advertise for positions all over the world and they can be available to you.


Rated Recruitment


Rated Recruitment is another platform that can be exploited by fitness professionals. Rated Recruitment is not your conventional job site. Instead of listing job’s it lists recruitment agencies that sign up to use Rated Recruitment as a middle -man between them and possible candidates.

For instance, a recruitment agency that is looking specifically to employ personal trainers for a leading health club chain; will register their agency and make a detailed profile of their company. This is where you come in. When a fitness professional, like you, registers a profile, looking for a position; Rated Recruitment will forward your details to the relevant recruiters. It is that easy and it will surely help you to find a position that matches your experience.


Active Connection


If you are looking for a fitness vacancy that is international, Active Connection is renowned as a hotbed of great opportunities. Active connection offer a diverse amount of fitness management roles ranging from personal training jobs and careers within health clubs and spas, If you fancy a venture you should relish working abroad in some of the most prestigious countries in the world. Origym recommend for you to take a look at the huge volume of jobs available at Active Connection.


Global Sports Jobs


Perhaps you prefer the idea of working within fitness but not necessarily within a fitness instructor role. Well Global Sports is certainly the right place for you. They are the world’s leading platform for the international sports industry. This creative website has jobs within the likes of the FA, Tough Mudder and the British Olympic Association to name but a few.

With over 1000 other associations and a reach of 1.2 million industry professionals it is paramount to share your CV with the companies on this site. While increasing your awareness you will also be able to receive notification regarding the latest jobs within some of the biggest associations surrounding sport.


Idea Fit


Idea Fit is an international company with extensive ties in both the UK fitness and personal trainer industries. You can advertise your personal training services via their ‘Get Listed’ page. This is a cool little feature that is free of charge and available once you make an account. Due to Idea Fit’s extensive worldwide reach they provide some of the biggest and most prestigious jobs in health and fitness.

Upon opening their website, Idea Fit proclaims that it houses over 250,000 fitness professionals on their way to inspiring a world of fitness. By registering an account for you are able to access a bunch of interactive content, content and you also gain a place on their unique fitness directory. By being on the Idea Fitness Connect you are increasing your exposure among many other professionals. If you have just graduated as a personal trainer but if you are lacking a network of professionals within the fitness industry, why not sign up, it wouldn’t hurt.


Total Jobs


If you have not heard of Total Jobs you must have never applied for a job before. Total Job’s is a major player in the online jobs market and it covers every type of job role you could possibly conceive. They also have a jobs board for the fitness industry.

The Job’s Board has over 110,000 live jobs, 7 million job seekers and a total of 3.3. million job applications. However, the Job’s Board is still growing, employers are naturally drawn to the huge amount of potential candidates. Consisting of 6 jobs boards for different areas, employers such as Your Personal Training and Flow Sport utilise this platform to find the next generation of fitness professionals.




‘JobisJob’ collates all the best roles from across all of our jobs boards. ‘JobisJob’ make a conscious effort to filter out all the additional spam so you can find the best quality jobs on the internet within one manageable and visually pleasing website. This sophisticated search engine, established back in 2007 makes job-hunting quick and effective and it is becoming the go to place to find your ideal fitness career. This is a service that is exclusive to the U.S market.


UK Sport


UK Sport is a government backed website with a lot of prestige, it is also a great place to find job positions in sport and it offers a free service for employers to post their sport related jobs. Therefor, if you are looking to become a fitness coach for a particular type of sport, there is no better place to start.

The UK Sport organization is funded through Sport England, this means that they properly vet all fitness and sport jobs that get submitted to their site, so you know the quality of the roles are worth your while. You may as well apply now and begin a lucrative career in the fitness industry that the government is obviously backing.


Sport England


Talking of Sport England, they too have a jobs section that will benefit any aspiring fitness professional. Incase you did not now; Sport England funds the large majority of the English health and fitness sector. Some of Sport England’s funded clients include football clubs, sporting institutions and various fitness associations. Each funded clients use their functional platform to promote their existing roles.

The best element when you find a great role job on these government and lotto-funded sites is that they are not spam jobs that are either commission based and some may turn out to be freelance once they have your details. This happens in all industries but due to the high standards of the government’s webpages, you can be sure you will not waste your time. Definitely check out their latest fitness and sporting roles via the link above.


Sport & Recreation


The sport & recreation alliance works closely with the government as well. The organisation aims to change the lives of its members through the medium of sport and recreation. Thy also have a pretty nifty jobs board that lists various coaching positions, strength and conditioning jobs as well as some of the most exclusive positions with some of the most renowned names in sport.

These renowned positions include the likes of the Lawn Tennis Association, England Golf and UK coaching. They all advertise their latest positions via Sports and Recreation; so if you have the relevant coaching qualifications, get applying today.


Sports Management


The sport management site is packed to the borders with jobs within the niche of sports and fitness. When I say packed, I do mean packed with fitness jobs. These job range from health club management positions to freelance opportunities and swimming instructing jobs. It literally has the lot! Part of the Leisure Media Group that we mentioned a little earlier has all the major fitness players utilise their site so they can find the right candidates. Its worth putting your name into the proverbial hat before the wealth of options available to you is taken by the rest of the fitness industry.




If you have a sports relate degree you should be sure what jobs roles are out there? The guys over at can certainly help. This website helps university graduates find job roles that really value their educational background and they have a number of roles that are relevant to their degree.

Universities, Colleges and sporting institutions advertise their jobs via this platform to pick the crème de la crème of candidates to work for them. Their extensive career section is a nice feature for you to explore. This can ensure you have signed for their email alerts to get them delivered to your inbox with a minimum fuss.


Sports Recruitment


Is it your dream to work within your favourite professional football club or major sporting brands like Garmin or Redbull? If the answer is yes, then you need to register your details with sport recruitment. They are a specialist agency that works closely with private sports clubs, football clubs and international brands. Football clubs such as Swansea and West Ham United recruit via this platform. It is an excellent way to push the cue when looking for a coaching job. If you just want to work in a sporting environment, there is no better place to look.


Sports Jobs UK


As the name suggests this website is ideal if you are looking for a job within sport. These jobs include coaching roles, lifeguard positions and sporting based jobs that are both full time and salaried. However, you can set your own criteria and view a listing that is specific to you. You are allowed to advertise yourself and your credentials on Sports Jobs UK’s website. Therefore, if your looking for a complete career switch into sports you are in a great position to begin.


The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences


The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences is a professional body in their own right, so it is place of choice for most academic based job roles. Most universities go to this website to recruit fresh graduates. Conventional positions on this board include sporting lecturers, strength and conditioning coaches, performance nutritionists and sports researchers. If you are from the academic side of life, this website could provide you with the perfect platform for a career in sport science and sporting performance.


English Federation of Disability in Sport


Do you love helping people and would the idea of working with those with a disability inspire you? That is what the English Federation of Sports and Exercise Science is all about! The EFDS is a registered charity that host’s many sporting careers within a large amount of British Paralympic clubs. These groups include the likes of British Gymnastics and British Cycling. So if you are interested in a cool sporting job role like talent development or a coaching and sporting administrator, which are readily available.




Glassdoor has not just one of the largest review platforms on the planet but also a fantastic source for careers in fitness. It’s wealth of resources are overshadowed by one in particular and that is personal training. The fantastic integration of their review system allows you to see what staff members think of the management, the pay system and other factors before applying for job roles with a particular company.

This concept is almost completely unique to Glassdoor and it gives you a real insight into the working environment of that particular fitness company. Jobs within the likes of Sweat Gyms, private personal training studios, Leisure Centre’s and local councils all use Glassdoor for their recruitment. If you want to localize your job search to your hometown or city district, we recommend that you use Glassdoor.


Gym Jobs 4 U


This website does exactly what it says on the tin. You can submit your CV and receive email alerts on relevant targeted jobs within the health and fitness industry. This site also has a CV manager and other useful resources around building not just attractive CV’s but a CV that is aimed at a specific target market. Therefore, if a company the size of Pure Gym and Nuffield Health advertise for a fitness instructor job you can apply through this platform. You know where to go if you like the sound of that!


All Cruise Jobs


Travelling the world with a job sounds very appealing and to do it whilst on a cruise is even more impressive. You can apply for a fitness instructor job on a cruise ship. The best site to go to is ‘All Cruise Jobs’ that allows you to follow your passion for fitness while visiting some of the most luxurious locations in the world. Yoga jobs, class instructor roles, personal trainers and specific sporting guides are all needed in luxury yachts and cruise ships. Therefore, if you fancy coinciding an adventure with your passion for fitness, get applying today.

The health and fitness sector has grown dramatically over the past 20 years. This growth has been emulated year upon year due to extra awareness generated by the government. There are also a number of health initiatives that will continue to do so. This has subsequently led to more gyms, private studios and greater sporting participation than what we have seen before. This has created more jobs in personal training, gym instructing, football coaching, and many other industries.


Finding the right job role is not that difficult when you know where to look, so get qualified and get applying! Happy job hunting!

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Written by George Aird

Fitness Professional & Marketer

George Aird is a content writer and marketer with specialist knowledge of health and fitness, online marketing, and start-up businesses. In his spare time, he is a keen climber, and a (reluctant) runner.