Funniest personal trainer pins of June 2017

We all know that the fitness community has a good sense of humour. In fact, I believe that the fitness community will be the first to poke fun at themselves. Their is the occasional personal trainer who takes themselves seriously and while your work is important a client is more likely to purchase your services if you can have a laugh during a session.

To show you the true humour of the personal trainer industry we have gathered together our favourite personal trainer pins of this Month. May has been a monumental month in the world of personal trainer pins. I would know, I have been gathering them for this article. You might know because you have been gathering valuable life experience (sigh). Well, enough about me. Let’s start our odyssey into the weird yet wonderful world of personal trainer pins.

Some will make you laugh other will make you cry. Some will make you nod in appreciation while others will take you back to the time that happened to you. Yes, I was not there but it sounds funny (ha).

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Origyms list of funniest personal trainer pins from June 2017


1) Racoon with evil intentions



This pin opens our list for two different reasons. Firstly, the nefarious look of this racoon is comical. Secondly, it is relevant to personal training. A good proportion of ourselves have experienced the perceptively evil training tactics of a personal trainer. Better yet, many of our graduates have became the dispatcher of burning pain in the gym. While we do not openly commend this behaviour (quote from Origym’s lawyers) we understand how it can maximise the effects of a clients workout.

This personal trainer pin confirms the general consensus that all personal trainers are wicked in regards to their training. Anyone on the other side of our PT should count themselves lucky, you could be alone with that racoon.

2) Your opinion is invalid



Our second personal trainer pin parodies a personal trainers attitude towards their clients. In reality, many personal trainers will listen to their clients opinion but a personal trainer is not qualified for the sake of qualifying. A personal trainer has to command the respect of their clients so they can get the best out of their sessions. This personal trainer pin epitomises the dynamic between a PT and their client.

It can be pretty one sided but their is always mutual respect between a personal trainer and their client.

3) I need some water



If a workout does not make you thirsty then you are not working hard enough. This personal trainer pin again parodies the stereotype of all personal trainers being…….bastards. While partially true, this personal trainer in confederation uniform (I appreciate the historical context) is providing the other person with water. A happy ending for everyone involved.

However, you can be sure that the rest bite does not last for long.

4) The Rock is not impressed



Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is considered a demi-god of fitness and comedy. Not only does this personal trainer pin utilise his trademark eyebrow raise but it also takes the opportunity to have a jab at personal trainers who are not fully committed to a personal trainer lifestyle.

Origym fully believe that anybody should have the opportunity to pursue a career in the personal trainer industry whether Dwayne likes it or not. No eyebrow raise can change that. It is pretty funny because many un-qualified personal trainers will claim they are. If you are listening to this, get qualified silly.

5) Most inventive business card, ever?



This personal trainer pin gets a mention for its pure genius. It’s something all personal trainers look at and think, I wish I made that! Imagine being passed this flimsy excuse of a business card and stretching it to see an inspirational message in bold font. There is nothing more a I love than business card in bold font. The only other thing being a PT sessions. This man has managed to bring these together to make a ‘tight’ marketing campaign and for that we commend him.

6) Hot Sauce



Who loves hot sauce? Who loves Pizza? Do you love dieting? Yh you better.

7) Hospitalised



This personal trainer pin again places the personal trainer in a bad light. Are personal trainers that cruel? Surely not. Ok, maybe some of us.

8) Dear Lord Baby Jesus



This personal trainer pin borrows from the comical stylings of Will Ferrel. Here he channels a religious gym goer who really wants to eradicate burpees. They do not half burn and if you make your client do over 20 you are evil.

9) Gym Kittening



This one has to be a personal favourite. The position of the personal trainer and that leotard…..stop it! Its may be one of the most pictures that matches the previous perfection wherever you look. I enjoy the women’s face. She does not know where she walked in to. It gets extra marks for actually happening.

10) Reality TV or dark reality?



I genuinely feel sorry for the poor women who is hurting but you do not hire a personal trainer to go the fairground and buy some cotton candy. I no longer feel sorry for her. Of course you do not hire a personal trainer and get candy floss. Moreover, this personal trainer pin is timed to perfection. The PT sets her up with a slight sign on consideration and smashes all hopes of mutual adoration. Keep up the good work and come to Origym for more qualifications. Our newest CPD for the summer of 2017, ‘How to destroy someones spirit while exercising’.

11) Morgan Freeman



Yes, the most vocally graceful man in hollywood is in the minds of people while working out. Those reps must be pretty slow. Morgan Freeman certainly has a voice like a lullaby. Im feeling sleepy thinking about it. Maybe we should move on to the next personal trainer pin.

12) The Dream



This is a nice alternative to the atypical personal trainer who is presented as masochist. Instead a personal trainer dreams about top quality equipment in a tropical climate with reinvigorating sea air. Ahhhh. I have often thought about it during my sessions before turning to my client and saying ’30 more’.

Yes, this is the life!

13) Mr. Almost



Nobody wants to be Mr. Almost or Nearly Man. These are horrible names attributed to un-renewed gym memberships and re-scheduled personal trainer sessions. The only positive I take from this personal trainer pin is the promise that ‘Apocolyptos’ villain shows. He would make a great personal trainer. We are offering him a course, free of charge but he must improve his cardio because Jaguar Paw can outrun nearly anything.

14) ‘Why hello there’



There is always one! The question is whether it is you.

15) Burley English Street Fighter



This personal trainer pin shows the true spirit of the personal trainer. We are world movers, changers of perception and according to every other personal trainer pin, nasty people. I implore you to look at the personal trainer pin and view our community in this light. Classical and strong.

This concludes our list of funniest personal trainer pins from June 2017. We will bring you more pins across the coming months because it is fun and internet memes make everybody’s day more bearable. If you have any more suggestion, please share them on our comments section. In the mean time, keep up to date with our latest pins by following our account and board. Keep fit and keep smiling.




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Origym are active on Pinterest and to celebrate we have taken our 15 favourite personal trainer pins. These pins bring you laughter and realisation. Anyhow, enjoy the pins and make sure to follow our Pinterest page.

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