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A personal trainer can benefit you in a number of ways. Depending on your objectives, exercising with support from a personal trainer can help you burn fat, increase muscle mass, build strength while also improving your overall health. Personal trainers also have a wealth of knowledge that will help you towards maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. Also by having a personal trainer you are able to develop specific exercise that will help you reach your health and fitness goals.

However, you may not have the money or time to hire a personal trainer. Without time and money it is not always easy to have regular sessions with a personal trainer. Due to this, health and fitness podcasts have become increasingly popular. This method of training is often popular with people who want to exercise at their own convenience.


Health and fitness podcasts provides people with the flexibility to switch up their fitness regime and try different methods of fitness. A client’s freedom of choice has also been accompanied with the categorical influx of portable technologies. This is why digital media, such as podcasts have become so popular. No wonder, it is easy to listen to podcasts because all listeners have to do is plug in and listen.

For personal trainers podcasts have also become a lucrative proposition. It is so lucrative that the number of personal trainer podcasts has multiplied exponentially in recent years. Each individual has there own preferences when it comes to health and fitness. This is why it is important for you to understand what podcast is best for you. We have compiled this list so you can enjoy some of the most informative podcasts that cater to you and your fitness goals.


The best Running Podcast


Couch to 5k


Coach to 5k is for amateur runners who want to improve their stamina and overall fitness. Couch to 5k is an app that can be downloaded on to your own hardware. Coach to 5k requires you to be part of a plan that involves three runs a week, over a duration of nine weeks. This training regime combines intervals of running and walking, together to provide a injury free and structured training regime. Coach to 5k is structured so you can gradually build up your stamina while providing its users with realistic and achievable expectations. This enables you as a user to build up your fitness at a steady pace while improving your overall health. For each weekly instalment of the plan there is an accompanying podcast that features additional music and tips that will help improve your fitness while keeping you on track.


Military Fitness Podcast


Ben Coomber Radio


Ben Coomber is a nutritionist who got into fitness after completing his journey from unhealthy to fully fit. Impressively, Ben lost six stone by aligning a number of nutritional programs with innovative fitness methods. These methods are so effective that Ben Coomber Radio has become the UK’s number one health and fitness podcast. The podcast enables viewers to absorb knowledge about health and fitness, while enhancing their body’s performance. A podcast is released each week and they include in-depth interviews with a number of inspiring guests. The podcast aims to make each individual motivated, more educated while directing you down a clear path towards your goals.


Body Building Podcast


The podcast


For those that like to lift, the podcast will provide you with the inspiration and motivation that you need to succeed. This podcast is created and published by, therefore you can expect to find a resource of helpful fitness tips. Furthermore, there are individual session about strength, nutrition and motivation. These sessions cover themes as diverse as ketogenic dieting, competition training and how to build your body like a professional. This weekly podcast includes interviews with experts in health and fitness so you, the listener can gain better insight into effective techniques that they use to optimise their body.


Nutritional Podcast


Food For Fitness Podcasts


The Food for Fitness Podcast is hosted by Scott Baptie. Scott is a health conscious individual with experience in fields such as nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle. Not only does Scott share his knowledge he also develops strategies with for demographics of listeners. Scott is used to working with people that are frustrated with their lack of progress. This is why he makes sure his podcasts are full of effective tips that actually work.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain a normal cholesterol level or simply live a healthier life, Scott is dedicated to making easy to use media that will help his listeners see his results. His wealth of experience provides enables him to develop evidence-based approaches to nutrition. These evidence-based approach has been tested  and proven on some of Scott’s former clients. As well as this, Scott has a number of experts that provide advice on topics such as meal prep and macro-nutrient/micro-nutrient fat loss.


Body Transformation Podcast


Ultimate Body Transformation with Tommy Caldwell


Tommy Caldwell is another pioneer a series of podcasts straight to those who want to completely transform their body and want to cut through the confusion of fads and throwaway trends. In the podcasts he covers various subjects as well as that are tools needed to sustain good health, fitness and weight loss. Tommy is not a believer in quick fixes, he guides his listeners through various processes. He presents his methods as a transformational journey that can be applied and practiced over a period of time that suits the user.


These podcasts are very helpful because they can get you in shape while also keeping you inspired and motivated. Each increment of a podcast is a continuation from the last so you can match the chronology of Tommy’s fitness regime. If you carry on doing this, you should soon start to feel confident in training yourself. By absorbing the knowledge, understanding structure and how each exercise compliments the development of your physique, you will become your own personal PT with a wealth of resources, the resources being Tommy Caldwell podcasts.


If you’re a personal trainer yourself then you can also benefit from these podcasts. There are also many podcasts which are specifically designed for health and fitness professionals. Firstly, you can take away key knowledge that you can then incorporate into your own practices. Whether this is with clients or incorporated into your workplace health and wellbeing, there are many podcasts that will help you become a personal trainer.


Podcasts for Personal Trainers.


The Guru Performance ‘We Do Science’ Podcast


This podcast focuses on the science behind sports and exercise, this podcast is for you. This podcast is hosted by Guru Performance’s founder, Laurent Bannock. The podcast includes a wide variety of guests from leading experts, practitioners and researchers who specialise in sport and exercise science. Throughout the podcast they discuss significant and cutting-edge developments in subjects such as sports nutrition and exercise physiology. The podcast also challenges the latest research regarding scientific research. The podcast applies the real-world context so a wide demographic of listeners can get understand how the latest developments in science impact sports and exercise within modern society.


The Fitness Business Podcast


This podcast is a lot more fitness orientated, The Fitness Business Podcast provides professional development for fitness business owners. However, this podcast is also very useful for personal trainers who want to expand their fitness business. The podcast features a weekly interview that is packed full  the latest marketing ideas, business strategies with additional insight into the life of fitness professionals. The podcast provides real business tips with topics about fitness services, identifying fitness trends and how you can run particular exercises and challenges.


The Fitcast Podcast


The Fitcast Podcast is also very useful for any newly qualified personal trainer. It was created by Kevin Larrabee, who failed to find a high standard podcast and fitness and nutrition. Kevin has a passion for health and fitness ever since he managed to lose 30 pounds in 3 months. Now he is striving to learn as much about nutrition and fitness as possible while also informing his students. In these podcasts, various topics are covered which include precision nutrition, fat loss, workout methods, dieting and fitness motivational tips. Most of the podcasts include interviews with leading experts.

They are packed with tips and advice that is proven effective. It is effective because it worked for Kevin and many of his listeners. If you want to amass more knowledge about health and fitness, this podcast will benefit you. Not only will this improve your profession as a personal trainer, it will help you better understand your anatomy.


The Performance Podcast


The Performance Podcast is a personal trainer hosted by two strength and conditioning coaches, Will Fleming and Robert des Remedios. Each podcast is 30 minutes long and both coaches break down the latest trends and topics in the fitness and conditioning industry. Topics covered include weightlifting, rotational training, core training, density training, cardio strength and many more effective exercises. This is great for strength and conditioning trainers who want to incorporate more of these exercises into their own and their client’s routines.

So, there you have it. A list of useful podcasts from a variety of sources both hobbyists and experts. With podcasts becoming increasingly popular, there is certainly no shortage of brand new information. Incorporating at least one podcast into your daily routine means that you can stay on top of all the latest trends and findings by getting up-to-date information from experts in the field. You can then implement all of that information to make your health and fitness regime the best it can be.



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