43 Best Personal Training Slogans And Taglines

personal training advertising slogan

Starting up a personal training business can be exciting, but we know that finding the best way to market your brand can often seem overwhelming.

You may have already come up with a great personal training business idea, name and logo. Now all you need is a catchy personal training slogan to tie everything together and that’s where we can help!

In this article, we will cover:

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Why Are Personal Training Slogans Important?

A personal trainer tagline or slogan should be a short phrase, which usually follows your business name. 

It is used as a marketing tool and its key purpose is to reflect your brand; for instance, what you do and the benefits that you can offer to potential clients. It can also reflect everything that makes a good personal trainer, and how you embody those qualities.

But before we jump in, here’s why having a good personal training slogan can be crucial to the success of your business.

#1 - Builds Your Brand

personal training advertising slogan

An effective personal trainer slogan will be able to represent the vision of your brand. This includes the services that you offer, why you offer them, and the benefits you can offer to your target audience.

As well as helping the customer to see the benefits that they could gain from you, it also allows you to clarify the vision behind your business. This ensures that you are clear on the direction that you are going and can therefore ensure that the services you offer reflect this on an everyday basis.

Good personal training advertising slogans therefore act as a mini-mission statement for your business, which is a great way to build and position your brand in a constantly growing market, as well as explaining exactly what you can offer to potential customers. 

OriGym’s guide to becoming a master personal trainer outlines exactly how you can boost what you offer to new clients.

#2 - Key Marketing Tool

personal training taglines

As a strategy for helping to build a brand, personal trainer slogans therefore act as a key marketing tool.

A catchy, straight to the point fitness trainer slogan helps to attract potential clients - the first step to make money as a personal trainer. This can spark the interest of those who may have been unfamiliar with your business or the personal training market beforehand.

You may have heard of the ‘4 Ps’ of marketing- product, price, place and promotion. Not only is your slogan a free source of promotion, but it will also reflect the key details of your ‘product’, as well as the value of the services that you offer.

As a marketing tool, personal training taglines or slogans are therefore as important as your brand name or logo. A good slogan, combined with a stellar personal trainer website, can determine your position within the fitness industry, help you to build a presence, and can help you to be remembered for years to come!

#3 - Differentiates You from the Competition

personal training slogan

In recent years, the fitness industry has seen huge growth. It's therefore crucial that, as a personal training business, you can stand out from the crowd in an ever-growing, ever-changing market.

This isn’t only the case in the fitness industry- general consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising slogans from social media, television, and even when they’re walking down the street!

If chosen correctly, fitness instructing slogans can help you to differentiate your business from those of other personal trainers, showcasing your personal training professional development, and giving potential clients a taste of what you can offer them.

Personal training slogans can carry your unique selling point, or USP. For instance, what services can you offer to the customer that others don’t? Why should they choose you over the hundreds of other businesses in the fitness industry?

If your slogan reflects your brand’s vision and USP, it may be the small push that a potential client needs to invest in you and your brand!

#4 - Gives a First Impression of Your Business

fitness instructing slogans

Gym instructing slogans, alongside a personal trainer business card, make up an important part of the first impression that potential clients get of your business. If they like what they read, this may encourage them to enquire, which is when you get your chance to shine!

However, if potential clients don’t like what they read, they may choose to invest their money somewhere else before giving you and your business a chance. This is why good personal training slogans are key!

Taglines for personal training businesses also act as a promise to potential clients. 

This is because the tagline will give them an indication of the services that they will receive in return for their investment. Does your slogan promise to help them to achieve the results that they desire?

If you succeed in fulfilling this promise, you can create brand loyalty, which is crucial for those working in the fitness industry. As a result, you will also be able to begin building a reputation as a great personal trainer, through word of mouth from satisfied clients.

These benefits can all be gained from choosing effective personal training advertising slogans!

How to Pick the Right Personal Training Slogan For Your Business

Now that you know why personal training slogans are so important, let’s take a look at some tips for choosing the right one to represent you and your business!

Consider How it Sounds

fitness instructing slogan

Something to keep in mind when choosing a slogan as a fitness trainer is to ‘enthuse not confuse.’ 

This means that your slogan should be short and simple - ideally under 10 words, as a guideline.

The language that you use should be easy to understand and straight to the point. It’s also important that your slogan is accessible to everyone in your target market, so should just roll off the tongue when pronounced. 

As well as being fluent, a good gym instructing slogan should be catchy. Those TV advert jingles that you find yourself singing all of the time might be irritating, but they’re memorable for a reason!

A top tip for creating personal training taglines is to consider using alliteration. The similar-sounding syllables (see what we did there!) will roll off the tongue and should stay in the head of the potential client. They’ll struggle to forget you after reading your slogan, which is exactly what you want!


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Ensure That it Reflects Your Brand

gym instructing slogans

As already discussed, personal training slogans are a key marketing tool that helps to build your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition.

You should therefore ensure that your slogan reflects your brand. This includes your brand values, as well as the services that you offer. 

A top tip is to think of the target customer when choosing slogans for a fitness trainer. 

What could a potential client achieve while working with you? What specific goals can you help a client to achieve? Model your slogan around one or more of these goals.

Also, be sure to consider how you would like clients to describe their experience with you to their friends. You want them to talk about how you’re one of the best personal trainers, or how you’re really making a difference to their overall fitness.

Does the slogan reflect the positive experience that they will have with you? Most importantly, does it accurately reflect your brand values to the clients that you hope to attract?

Incorporate Your USP

gym instructing slogan

An important part of any brand is its unique selling point. This is what makes a brand stand out from the crowd and helps to potentially attract more customers than other businesses within the same market. 

As one of the first things that potential clients will see, it is therefore crucial to incorporate your USP into your personal training slogan in some capacity. 

Whether it’s a particular service that you offer, what level of personal trainer you are, a specific method of training, or something personal to you within your journey as a personal trainer, use it to create your slogan. 

If your business is filling a gap in the market, then make sure you promote it within your slogan! From this, you are likely to attract clients from your target audience, who are looking to achieve specific goals that you can help with.

For instance, if you specialise in strength and conditioning, then be sure to incorporate it into your fitness instructing slogan!

Seek Feedback

fitness trainer slogans

When creating personal trainer taglines for your business, the first one that you choose may not be the final version!

The best way to find out if your slogan is successful before launching is to ask others what they think. 

Test out your slogan on friends, family members, other personal trainers, potential clients, and regular gym goers. If you’re struggling to choose a slogan, you could even create a survey to distribute to those around you, asking what they would look for and even testing out some potential ideas. 

Social media is also a great tool for personal trainers who are building a business. Use it to test out some personal trainer taglines and to gain feedback. This will also help to ensure that you are in touch with your target audience before your business even launches!


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Ideas for Personal Training Slogans

If you need some inspiration for creating your own personal training slogan, then this section is for you! We’ve created a guide to some of the best slogans for a personal trainer to take inspiration from.

Whether you want your slogan to provide some motivation for potential clients, encourage them to take action, or if you’d like your slogan to reflect the services that you provide, we’ve split our personal trainer taglines into smaller sections for you to navigate.

Remember, an effective slogan is unique and reflects the brand values of a business, so use these as some good examples and tailor them to fit your brand.

‘Action and Effect’ Personal Training Slogans

fitness trainer slogan

The slogans in this section all consist of an action or set of actions that a client can take, followed by the effect.

This will give potential clients a straightforward idea of how you will help them to achieve the results that they desire, and will encourage them to invest in you!

#1 - “Train Hard, Live Better”

This is a simple yet great fitness instructing slogan for targeting clients who want to lead healthier lifestyles and feel better overall!

#2 - “Move Your Body, Shape Your Future”

This is another of the best personal trainer slogans, which shows a simple link between exercise and a brighter future. 

Although this one may be making a big claim, it successfully shows clients that investing in you is investing in their future!

#3 - Don’t Quit, Get Fit

The short, sharp nature of this personal trainer tagline may sound harsh, but it certainly conveys the message!

The rhyming syllables also make it memorable, ensuring that a potential client won’t forget you any time soon.

#4 - Get In, Get Fit

This one has quite a similar feel to the last; short, definitive and motivational.

The fact that ‘Get’ is repeated in this personal trainer tagline makes it imperative for the client to spring into action- if they begin training with you, then they’ll see results!

#5 - Harder, Faster, Stronger

Sounds familiar, right?

Basing a gym instructing slogan on a popular song is great if you want to create something memorable for potential clients.

This one suggests that if they work hard under your supervision, then they will get stronger; great if you specialise in strength and conditioning!

#6 - Train Mean to Get Lean

pt slogans

If your area of expertise is weight management, then this is one of the best personal training slogans to take inspiration from!

Again, the rhyming syllables of ‘mean’ and ‘lean’ will really stick in the reader’s mind, which is always an effective method of grabbing a potential client’s attention.

#7 - Do More, Be More

If you’re looking for advertising slogans for personal training businesses, then this is a great template to use.

This is because the imperative verbs ‘do’ and ‘be’ give direct instructions, suggesting that if a client takes action, then they will be successful.

However, it also remains quite vague, meaning that this tagline for a personal trainer can be adapted to suit your brand.

#8 - If You Believe, You Will Achieve

For most people looking to get into fitness, self-doubt is one of the biggest barriers stopping them from taking the plunge.

This is one of the best inspirational fitness instructing slogans that shows how you support your clients to help them to achieve their goals, both mental and physical.

#9 - Commit, Perform, Succeed

The rule of three is a rhetorical device for a reason, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it to create the most effective fitness trainer slogans!

As shown in this example, listing two actions followed by an effect demonstrates a clear process that you follow to achieve success for your clients. If they invest in you and follow the programme you set to the best of their abilities, then they will see results!

#10 - Fight to Be Fit

This is a great example of how to successfully use alliteration when creating a personal trainer slogan.

The words ‘to be’ help the phrase to flow, but what the reader will really remember is ‘fight’ and ‘fit’. They will then associate these concepts together in their mind, which shows that you will go above and beyond to help clients to fulfil their potential.

#11 - Strong Body, Strong Mind

The link between mental health and exercise is well documented, and its potential in preventing and treating mental illness. Our article on the mental health benefits of running explores this phenomenon in much greater depth.

If this is something that you hope to advocate through your slogan for gym instructing, then this example is a great source of inspiration! 

Personal Training Slogans For Advertising Your Services

 personal trainer slogan

As a marketing tool, personal training taglines are a great way to promote the services that you can offer to potential clients.

Here are some examples of advertising slogans for personal training businesses that you can adapt to suit your USP.

#12 - Delivering Good Health

This one is a short, simple slogan that does exactly what it says on the tin.

If your mission is to improve the overall wellbeing of your clients, then this is the perfect personal trainer slogan for demonstrating it. 

Want access to more useful information? These articles will certainly help:

#13 - Better Body, Better Life

As slogans for fitness instructing go, this is a great one for both its content and structure.

While the alliteration is catchy and helps the slogan to flow, it also helps to promote the idea that improving the body leads to better overall health- something which all good personal trainers will advocate!

#14 - Championing Health

This is another simple yet great slogan for the fitness trainer who wants their business to be focused on health and wellbeing, rather than purely strength and fitness!

#15 - For Fitness, Performance and Life

If you’re a trainer with a wide range of specialities, then this personal trainer slogan could be perfect for you to take inspiration from.

Incorporating three different aspects that personal training covers, this tagline will give clients who are unsure of their end goal a good place to start. Not to mention that catchy rule of three appearing again!

#16 - Your Body, Transformed

Personal trainer slogans should be short and to the point, whilst encapsulating as much information as possible about your business. This slogan is the perfect example!

Clearly targeting those looking to make a dramatic change, this is the perfect tagline for a personal trainer who specialises in weight management.

#17 - Celebrating Performance

personal trainer tagline

If you specialise in CrossFit, powerlifting or improving sports performance, this is the perfect slogan for advertising your niche!

As personal training slogans go, this one scores extra points from us for its positivity, which is sure to reflect in the clients that you attract!

#18 - Fitness That Fits Into Your Lifestyle

One of the biggest barriers to fitness for the average person is finding the time to incorporate exercise into our busy lives.

If your target audience consists of those working 9-5, busy parents or simply those with the common ‘I don’t have time’ excuse, then this personal trainer slogan is perfect for appealing to even the busiest of people!

#19 - Bear Witness To Fitness

Here’s another example of how to create a catchy rhyming slogan that won’t be forgotten easily!

#20 - Stronger, Healthier, Happier

Using a list of comparative adjectives is an effective tool for creating personal training slogans, as it creates a vision for potential clients of how they’ll feel after investing in your services. 

This is a great example, because it not only focuses on the physical benefits that they’ll gain, but also the mental improvements they’ll make! 

#21 - Fit For Life

Despite the wealth of research into fitness and nutrition, there are still many fad diets and methods of ‘getting fit’ circulating in the fitness industry today.

If your business focuses on making long-lasting lifestyle changes, this is a good, straight to the point slogan for a fitness trainer.

#22 - Transform Your Mind, Body and Life

Many personal training taglines may sound dramatic when hearing them for the first time, but they must stand out from the crowd in an already saturated industry.

Making an impression on potential clients can therefore be hard, so if you’re looking for hard-hitting personal training taglines to go with your business name, then why not use this one as a template?

Most personal training clients are looking to make some sort of transformation, so this is always a good theme to focus on!

#23 - Putting Health First

This is a great template to use if you’re hoping to create a slogan for fitness instruction that emphasises the priorities of the service that you offer.

While this example chooses ‘health’, you could easily substitute this for other words such as fitness, strength or performance.

#24 - Strength That Shows

pt slogan

This is an all-around brilliant slogan, as it focuses on both performance and aesthetics- both of which many clients hope to improve through hiring a personal trainer.

If you’re looking for personal training slogans that encapsulate all of the services you offer in a few catchy, alliterative words, then look no further!

#25 - Fast Track to Fitness

Although making lifestyle changes can take months or even years, many people who invest in personal training are looking for a quick way to get involved in fitness.

This is therefore a good example of a gym instructing slogan if you specialise in achieving quick results for your clients!

#26 - Changing Bodies, Transforming Lives

This is one of the best examples of personal training slogans that can emphasise the effectiveness of your services.

Suggesting that you can transform lives is a big statement, but will allow you to attract those clients who are really dedicated to making a change!


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#27 - Fitness For Everybody

As slogans for advertising personal training services go, this is one of the best for celebrating diversity.

Many potential clients are put off from the gym and fitness in general as they are often made to feel that it is reserved for those who are already fit and healthy.

Adopting this slogan for gym instructing will emphasise the fact that your services extend to anyone who is willing to put the work in, no matter their age, shape or size!

#28 - Making Healthy Happen

Using an imperative verb such as ‘making’ at the start of your personal trainer slogan is an effective way of engaging your target audience, as it shows your willingness to act.

Clients hire personal trainers who can prove that they will help them to achieve their goals, and using a definitive slogan such as this one is a great way to demonstrate this!

#29 - Be Part Of The Elite

It’s important to promote inclusivity in fitness, and this is one of the best personal training slogans for doing so!

As well as this, creating a community feel amongst your clients can be a great marketing tool to reach other potential clients who are looking for inspiration.

#30 - In Pursuit of Good Health

As slogans for gym instructing go, this is a great template for emphasising the journey that you can help to guide clients along.

‘In pursuit’ suggests that you are a personal trainer who chases goals until they are achieved, and the phrase ‘good health’ could easily be substituted to fit in with your USP or the services that you offer!

#31 - Making Fitness Fun

personal trainer taglines

Many potential clients avoid hiring a personal trainer, as their past experiences with fitness have taught them that it is too difficult, is boring, or that it takes too long to achieve results. You can show them how wrong they are with this gym instructing slogan!

Using a slogan that emphasises the fun side of fitness allows you to tackle, and even overcome, one of the common barriers to exercise for many potential clients.

#32 - The Future of Fitness

In an ever-changing industry, staying on top of trends and looking to the future is key to ensuring that you are able to retain, as well as attract, clients from your target audience. 

This is another perfect example of using alliteration to create catchy personal trainer slogans, that will allow you to stand out from the crowd and establish your place within the market.

#33 - Train Like A Champion

If you want to show potential clients that you are willing to push them to their limits to achieve the best possible results, then this is the perfect example of a personal trainer tagline that will help you to emphasise this.

Using strong nouns such as ‘champion’ or ‘athlete’ in your slogan will show potential clients that you offer only the best personal training services.

#34 - A New and Better You

For many gym-goers, exercise offers them a way to improve not only their fitness levels, but other aspects of their lives too, such as mindset and wellbeing.

Simple personal training slogans such as this one show that you are able to facilitate these improvements; helping clients to become better people, as well as better athletes. 

#35 - Fitness For You

fitness instructor slogan

In a similar way to the previous slogan for fitness instructing, this one shows that, as a personal trainer, your main focus is on the client and helping them to reach their goals. 

#36 - Fit for the Future

As slogans for advertising personal training services go, this one ticks all the boxes.

It’s short and simple, yet catchy and memorable; the alliteration speaks for itself!

This would make a great slogan or tagline as it looks positively towards the future, emphasising that your sights are set firmly on achieving long-term goals for potential clients.

#37 - Committed to You

Although different personal trainers specialise in different areas of fitness, one thing that they all have in common is their dedication to helping their clients to reach their full potential.

If you’re unsure of the specific services that you want to convey in your slogan, why not focus on the commitment you will show to your clients instead?

Motivational Personal Training Slogans

personal trainer slogans

If you’re looking for some effective personal trainer taglines or slogans that have been designed to provide a source of inspiration for clients, then keep reading.

Whether you need to motivate a client to get them exercising or to finally hire a personal trainer, using a slogan similar to any of these will encourage them to invest in you! 

#38 - Work On Yourself, For Yourself

Another rhetorical device that is a great tool for creating motivational fitness trainer slogans is repetition.

It may seem simple, but repeating the point that you want to convey really hammers the message home; especially when trying to convince potential clients to invest in themselves, by investing in you!

#39 - Be More Fit

If your personal training style is demanding, punchy and motivational, then your slogan for fitness instructing should reflect this too!

This works well as a template for you to use, as ‘fit’ can be exchanged for other words that suit the services that you offer.

For instance, the words ‘strong’ and ‘motivated’ would both work here, or even ‘woman’ if your target audience is mainly female!

#40 - Hustle to Gain Muscle 

Here’s another great example of how to use rhymes to catch the attention of potential clients.

If you specialise in hypertrophy training, then personal trainer slogans such as this one are sure to attract those hoping to build some muscle! 

#41 - Rise to the Challenge 

Like in this example, using words such as ‘rise’ when creating slogans for gym instructors not only provide a source of inspiration for potential clients, but also help to empower them.

If you are able to provide feelings of motivation and empowerment to an individual before you even begin working with them, then they’re guaranteed to want to invest in you and your business! 

#42 - Be Stronger Than Your Excuses 

As personal trainer taglines go, this is one of the best for really addressing and overcoming those common barriers to exercise that many clients face.

Whether you hope to target those who claim that they don’t have time for fitness, it’s too expensive, or they don’t have the right ability, this is an all-round great slogan for showing that you can help with all of these things!

#43 - It’s Never Too Late To Lose The Weight

This is one of the best slogans for a fitness trainer who specialises in weight management.

It’s simple, catchy, and reminds clients that no matter their age, shape or size, you can help them to reach their goals.

Alternatively, you could switch up the end of this phrase so that it reads ‘It’s never too late to feel great,’ which would work well as a general motivational slogan.

Before You Go!

Remember, slogans should be concise, catchy, and reflect the services that you provide. An effective slogan will help you to stand out from the crowd, as well as allowing you to successfully attract clients from your target market!

And now you’ve got your slogan ready to go, you need to find the right training provider - that’s where OriGym comes in. Grow your business by increasing the number of services you offer, beginning with our Level 4 Sports Nutrition Course.

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Graduating from the University of Liverpool with a first-class degree in English, Rebecca’s combined passions for fitness and writing are what brought her to OriGym. Rebecca is a keen gym-goer and specifically enjoys lifting weights. Outside of fitness and writing, Rebecca enjoys cooking, reading, and watching the football.

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