64 Of The Most Useful Personal Trainer Software On The Market According to Users

The recent popularity of fitness blogging has caused an explosion of interest with regard to stay-at-home fitness plans and home workout routines. As such, personal trainers and fitness professionals understand that they now have to divide their efforts between training clients in the gym, and offering advice on online digital platforms in order to capitalise on a rapidly diversifying industry and audience.

This has caused some confusion for trainers who are less technologically savvy…

With the added opportunity of online personal training comes added confusion. Perhaps most importantly is the question of the best ways to access this new, burgeoning digital market?

Fortunately, a whole host of digital designers have developed a multitude of personal trainer software platforms. These allow personal trainers to effectively deal with their hectic workloads, without having to worry about the internal workings of coding a new website for their digital business.

There are many different examples of personal trainer software improving personal trainers’ workflows in a variety of different ways.  They can help with, for example, balancing schedules, offering workout plans to clients, automating marketing emails, improving customer retention, and implementing payment plans, to name but a few. Furthermore, most new personal trainer software platforms enable trainers to employ a range of applications in tandem with each other, meaning a trainer can tailor their digital interface according to their exact requirements and needs.

What we’re saying is, when it comes to finding the right personal trainer software for you, you are spoilt for choice.

In fact, this might actually throw up another problem: you may find that the market is somewhat oversaturated for your personal needs. Often, it can be hard for personal trainers to choose the software that best suits their business requirements, and bigger name market leaders regularly overshadow their smaller named counterparts, even if the latter is a better option than the former.

So, to put your mind at ease, we have collected the esteemed opinions of fitness professionals from around the UK, in order to give us a definitive list of the best personal trainer software options on the market.

These personal trainer software recommendations come with a number of payment options that include free, paid and trial options, suitable for all trainers, regardless of what stage of their career they are at.


Quick take: The 8 best personal trainer software options on the market (according to fitness professionals)

1. Virtuagym

2. PT Minder

3. PT Flow

4. PT Scope

5. Trainer Workout

6. Trainer Sync

7. Zenfit

8. 10 to 8


OriGym’s Definitive List: The 62 Best Personal Trainer Software Options



‘MINDBODY’ is a smart and effective way to market your self as a personal trainer. The personal trainer software intends to help PT’s organise their day, from warm up to cool down. It also has a number of useful perks that can be of benefit to a busy PT. For example, the ‘MINDBODY’ application allows your clients to book their sessions online through a personal trainer website or the ‘MINDBODY’ app. Clients who are paired with your application can also use the software in real time to confirm their attendance as well as track their progress.

  • The application also allows the user to make payments either in or out of the primary account.
  • The service prides itself on its accessible banking. This means that you can sell them from your laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Finally, the application allows personal trainers to use the automated marketed tools. PT’s can use pre-determined promotional materials or automation software to increase their client outreach.
  • These applications are all available through one piece of downloadable software and they are all instrumental to the economic and sociological success of a PT. The app currently has over 250,000 users.

You can have a 20-minute demo before you decide to pay. Only after the 20 minute free demo are subscriptions options available.


2) Vagaro

‘Vagaro’ is equally as impressive and has some additional incentives that really bolster its drawing power. The main bulk of the personal trainer software includes a calendar that you can customise. This digital schedule will help you and your clients have a mutual understanding in regards to dates and times. Other features include:

  • The ability to also view other service provider’s schedules and compare them to your own. Like many personal trainer applications you are able to use marketing tools such as automated emails, follow-ups and reminders. The more effectively you use these tools the higher you will be on the ‘Vagaro’ stream. The higher the feature the more marketable your brand can become. With this you will be able to promote your daily deals to other ‘Vagaro’ users.
  • One of the most impressive services that ‘Vagaro’ offer is the ability to use the app on any device. Clients don’t just have to have the app to book a session, they can also book through Google, Facebook or Yelp.
  • The selling point for this application is the ability to customise and even personalise your brand identity and therefore, your users experience. You can do this easily by creating custom memberships, packages and classes. This is all included with additional tools such as emailed reports, push notifications and additional equipment for physical transactions.

Depending on the amount of users or service providers you will be able to purchase the app for: 

  • $25.00 per month.
  • If you want to purchase the app with a partner you will only have to pay $35.00 per month. 

A free trial is also included.


3) OneFitStop 

‘OneFitStop’ is a all-in-one personal trainer software that features various applications that can help a PT to effectively market, finance and organise their brand and business. ‘OneFitStop’ claim that users will love OneFitStop for four different reasons.

  • Firstly, ‘OneFitStop’ enables users to organise themselves effectively with features such as a scheduling. Their online calendar not only tracks your clients attendance and payments but it also enables clients to requests sessions in your available time slots. You can embed this calendar into your website or Facebook page. You can also sync your calendar with your phone or computer so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
  • Secondly, the personal trainer software also helps you with to practice what was previously an unprecedented way of managing clients. With this personal trainer software you can track your clients assessments, goals and progress. As well as this you can collect feedback that will help improve your business while simultaneously communicating with your clients through an already included messaging system. Clients will also be able to view their progress history from their client portal.
  • Thirdly, ‘OneFitStop’ has implemented a hassle free payment engine. This payment system enables you to create single sessions packs (e.g. 10 packs) or membership packages (recurring payments e.g. 1/ week) that will automate billing and management of the services clients can book into. All of your payment admin will be in one place. This makes it easier to administrate.
  • Finally, ‘OneFitStop’ can be used as a tool of growth that will not only help you attract new clients but keep your current clients as well. The personal trainer software provides you with the opportunity to use a public directory that your business will be listed on to generate leads. This can be a great source of customers. Their lead management module will help you keep track of all incoming leads and assist in converting those sales. You can also develop PR releases such as articles and sessions for users to view. This can increase your brand identity and awareness. 

Jarron from ‘OneFitStop’ says that, “OneFitStop is guaranteed to enhance your client experience and save you time, money and energy with a complete client management system that’s agile, easy to sue and cutting edge”.

‘OneFitStop’ is available to download for a free 14-day trial. Their pricing is simple: if you are a solo trainer it will be $29.95/month and if you have a team working for you pricing starts at $89.95/month.


4) Virtuagym

‘Virtuagym’ is designed to help personal trainers assess and support various parts of their business. The personal trainer software includes:

  • The platform allows personal trainers to engage with their clients on a more frequent basis.
  • It also helps you manage your business with effective economic and marketing tools.
  • The platform optimises a users engagement through many available tools such as the club community that includes social media like features, challenge/reward system based on gamification and various communication tools like private messaging, push notifications, discussion groups etc.
  • You are also able to create reusable training plan templates. These templates are really easy to generate. ‘Virtuagym’ helps you develop these templates because it has over 3,000 animated exercises.
  • You can also generate nutritional plans with just as much ease by using the same tools that are used when you develop workout plans.
  • Furthermore, you are able to track the progress of your clients. Users can do this through their mobile or on your website. This makes it accessible at all times.
  • Other utilities that are available through the application include the ability to manage client’s information through virtual interfaces and documents. These documents can be sent to and from your clients when engaging with the app.
  • You can also schedule and book client’s sessions while handling payments and invoices. You can handle all methods of payment including debit card, credit card and PayPal.

You can request a demo online from the developers. If you enjoy the 30-minute demo you can review the membership payments. The most accessible and rewarding membership for a personal trainer is the ‘Professional All In One Service’ that is priced at £49.00 per month. However, these costs are subject to change through the number of coaches and clients who use it at any one time. This is based on a scalable, pay for what you use pricing model.

‘Virtuagym’ also has an optional Point of Sale/Web Shop module that allows personal trainers to sell e.g: supplements or merchandise to existing clients; the web shop also supports online sign-up. You can embed the web shop in your website, where prospects can sign up as a member; they will be automatically registered in the membership management module. An invoice will be automatically generated in the financial module; which of course the client can immediately pay online, or you can for example have it sent to their email address. 


5) Trainerize 

‘Trainerize’ is a personal trainer software that is designed to help PT’s better connect with their clients. The software facilitates your businesses growth with tools that will optimise aspects of your business such as: online personal training, online meal planning and in-app communication. ‘Trainerize’ emphasises the need for personal trainers to focus upon client engagement because client engagement directly results in client retention. You can easily do this by managing your client’s progress, automating client tasks and safely securing client information.

This personal trainer software is one of the best sources of online service and communication for contemporary personal trainers. For example 

  • Users can send workout and nutritional plans to clients through a multitude of media formats such as videos, calendars and graphs. The software relies on a shared platform for it to be really effective. Therefore, clients can activate the platform at any time and see what you have made available.
  • On the other hand personal trainers can use the software to sell products or services.
  • Personal trainers can develop a nutritional or workout plan and send them directly to their clients. They can also sell additional services to their clients through the software and develop a substantial economic foothold while further utilising the other services that are available through ‘Trainerize’.

This all-in-one fitness solution has over 35,000 users and you could join this community by creating an account and subjecting yourself to a free 30-day trial. There is no credit card required so you can choose whether to sign up after the duration of the demo.


6) PT Distinction

PT Distinction claim that, “If you decide to grow a really big online personal training business and want to go all in, the PT Distinction is no longer just your best option, its your only solution. Unless you want combine 3-4 different software or apps”. 

In reference to this you can take a one-month demo that will let you test the personal trainer software and its different tools that allow you to improve your personal trainer business by:

  • Creating online fitness challenges that you build once then deliver on auto- pilot.
  • You can check your clients exercise technique inside the app.
  • Provide nutrition and lifestyle coaching and track adherence and habits.
  • The ability to integrate your app into your website and turn it in to a powerful tool for your members.
  • Organised interface that will enable you to handle anywhere from 1 to 1000 clients at no extra cost or hassle.
  • The schematics to develop and sell your own individual flagship programs.
  • You can also run online bespoke online coaching through the software.

The personal trainer software also comes with a six-months risk free guarantee. They state that if you do not become a successful personal trainer after six months of following the guidelines you will be paid back. In the mean time you get a month free trail and then pay subscription to the following five months, the price is disclosed till you apply for the trail period.


7) ClubWorx

‘ClubWorx’ is described as a time saving, profit producing personal trainer software that is create for the modern personal training studio. It offers a great amount of useful resources such as: 

  • Attendance Tracking.
  • Automated emails and SMS.
  • Email and SMS integration.
  • Client lists and reports.
  • Automated Payments.
  • Free customisable website.

However, this personal trainer software is directed towards a more slimmer demographic than personal trainers. In fact it is directed to supporting studio owners. It support studio trainers by steadying the stream of payment and communication between the studio and its members.

  • ‘ClubWorx’ does this by ensuring a regular and predictable source of income through an automated payment system. This is included in the app and it can be used to your advantage.
  • Secondly, the software will integrate the payment process by collating a load of optional data such as demographics and contact information.
  • Furthermore, ‘ClubWorx’ open a secure and accessible conduit of communication by implementing SMS and email platforms. By using these communication tools you are able to obtain and maintain your studios client base.
  • Finally, the most unique aspect of ‘ClubWorx’ offer is the opportunity to use a powerful and equally easy-to-use website design. Your own website is also included with the membership. This can save you a lot of money. However, I would make sure that you are meticulous with your design choice so you can develop a consistent brand identity. This is what will set you apart from all the other personal trainers who can also provide the same service. 

The monthly payment depends on how many members your studio has enrolled.

  • The monthly payment depends on how many members your studio has enrolled.
  • If you have between 21-100 members you will be charged £20.00 per month.
  • If you have 101-250 members you will be charged around £35.00 per month.
  • If you are an already established health studio with a membership pool over 250 you will have to pay the maximum price of £55.00 per month.” 

With each option you will receive a 15-day free trial.


8) Nudge Coach.

‘Nudge Coach’ is a mobile client app and management platform that targets fitness businesses and trainers. ‘Nudge Coach’ wants to simplify client accountability and enhance relationships between clients and trainers beyond the gym and in-between sessions. This will improve both your client retention and economic results.  See the brief promo video below or visit the website for a full product tour and familiarise yourself with their services.

The ‘Nudge Coach’ platform is designed to let you set up daily health tracking for your clients to help them stay accountable to their goals. The client mobile app allows your clients to track specific lifestyle habits manually or by simply syncing up with other data collecting apps or wearables, such as Apples Watches, Fitbits and many other market leaders. Client data is neatly organised in the Nudge Coach platform to provide insights on client health habits and reasons for more valuable touch points beyond the gym, which can be sent directly in the app.

The application’s foundation is the data augmentation software but it has been evolved so that users can communicate instantaneously with trainers and vice versa via in-app push notifications. For personal trainers and clients alike, it is surely a useful resource that enables precise information that eventually leads to client retention. 

The price of the personal trainer software varies depending on the plan that they would want. For instance:

  • If you manage up to 250 clients you are eligible for the solo essential package that costs $100 per month.

  • If you want more bells and whistles and want multiple accounts then you will be more inclined to purchasing the Team Essential package that comes at a cost of $250 per month.

  • Finally, there is a white label option that is custom made for your brand. The price of this package is based on your business’ unique needs, but the base starts as low as $500 per month with discounts available for annual upfront payment.

  • All plans include hands-on account setup and a free training session, and you can request a free 14-day Pilot Account to try it before you commit.


9) EZFacilityPT.Software

‘EZFacilityPT.Software’ is a personal trainer software that can manage all aspects of your PT business in one system. According to EZ Facility the software can help, “from trainer and studio scheduling, to commission tracking and automated billing, EZ does it”. 

The software has many applications but the most important features of the software include:

  • Being able to schedule personal trainer sessions so you can optimize your productivity.
  • You can mange your client’s progression with simplicity. For example, a PT can create a detailed client profile by inputting information concerning both the health and fitness of a client. By further inputting data from sessions, the software will output resourceful data that will help you improve your tutoring or plug a weakness in a clients progression.

The software also allows users to:

  • Make payments and issue billings.
  • Eliminate time-consuming commission calculations.
  • Track staff hour and issue payrolls.
  • Act as the software for a point of sale while recording income and outcome.
  • Help book and schedule studio and classes.

There are more additional features included as well. These additional features surpass the original amount of content but they are not as integral to the economic optimisation of the company or an important aspect such as customer retention. Some examples include: a branded mobile app, marketing tools, customer relationship management and extensive reporting.

You can sign up for a free trial and online demonstration. Once you have finished the initial trail you are able to discuss the costs of a personalised software plan. This will mean your plan is customised to suit your businesses needs.


10) My PT Hub 

‘My PT Hub’ is an online web and mobile application that enables personal trainers and fitness professionals to manage their clients by creating customisable training and nutrition programmes, whilst tracking their progress and achievements. The personal trainer software is compatible with IOS and Android so clients can always access a log of their workouts, nutrition and progress. This makes it easier for clients to track their progress and achievements. 

Some of My PT Hub’s defining features include: 

  • The ‘Find A Plan’ option that allows the user to select from over 370 workouts and nutrition plan templates. From here you can copy them into your own app and use them when you want. The application also facilitates bookings by synchronising My PT Hub with a leading calendar provider such as Google, ICloud, Outlook or Yahoo. 

Industry professional Rachel Hobbs uses My PT Hub and has only positive words about the software.

“The feedback I have received is testament to what My PT Hub can deliver. Easy to use, in and out of the gym, Happy Clients = Happy Me”.

There is currently 45,000 fitness professionals using the app and you could join them by applying for a free trial. If you are a member of Origym you can purchase the app with 40% off. You can do this by including the following promo code that is ‘ ORIGYM40’.


11) PT Minder 

‘PTminder’ is a cloud-based website and mobile app that manages the day-to-day running of Personal Training businesses. It aims to save you time while also increasing revenue. The software can be accessed anywhere, anytime from any device. ‘PTminder’ offers everything you need to run your Personal Training business from one simple platform.The main features of the software include:

  • Easily manage your busy schedule and bookings with the Calendar.
  • Integrates with payment processors so your clients can pay you online.
  • Your clients can book into your classes & sessions online and through mobile apps.
  • Manage clients progress, fitness assessments and sessions.
  • Develop individual packages and memberships for your clients.
  • Setup reminders so your clients receive SMS text messages before their sessions/classes to help reduce no-shows.
  • Customise your own Workout & Nutrition plans which can then be assigned to your clients.
  • Integration with your existing website, custom branding.
  • PTminder also offers multiple trainer accounts. This makes it a good option for any growing business that wishes to distribute an increased workload.

‘PTminder’ has currently made over 2.5 million bookings and processed over $50m in payments. These numbers are still growing and it does not just gratify success, it also gratifies the reliability of the software.Joanna from LesMills earned gratification from the software. She said; “As a PT this Software is just the best thing. I have found the Finance side a real savior, as clients can log in and track payments, plus I can see exactly what sessions have been completed, and what has been paid for – great for avoiding any discrepancies with unpaid sessions. Being paper free is a huge bonus!Weeks are easy to plan and clients love the flexibility of choosing their own session times.Time saving, easy to use and great value for money. I wouldn’t run my business without PTminder.”There are a few different subscription options available:

  • The Free Plan includes all features except you are limited to just creating 2 clients.
  • The Premium Plan is £30 per month and allows unlimited clients.
  • The Platinum Plan is £60 per month which also gives you your own custom-branded Mobile Apps for your business.

As an Origym member you are entitled to a discount code that gives you 20% off any PTMinder products. When puRchasing the PTMinder app you CAN use this discount code: ‘save’.


12) Total Coaching

You can apply for a free trial with ‘TotalCoaching’ immediately and experience the benefits of what is described as a concise personal trainer software. Like most personal software applications you can develop a training plan for your clients and let them access it through a number of platforms. These platforms include smartphones. Both Apple and Android devices can be paired with TotalCoaching software.

Once you have the software you will be able to get to grip with the features of the software. These include:

  • The ability to use a bank of 3D exercises. You can use these to develop your exercises and add these to a bank of custom pictures and video. This creates a more visceral experience for the client and will help with your client retention.

‘TotalCoaching’ also claims to add more value to its online coaching service. It does this through four different ways. 

  • Firstly, the software allows clients to access a training log that memorises their progress both inside and outside the gym as well as their progression. Their progression is calculated and presented through graphs and charts so they can be simply understood.
  • Secondly, there is also a nutritional log that has records of over 20,000 different food types. ‘TotalCoaching’ goes that much further by including a virtual fridge that enables your clients to select ingredients and create recipes. The 20,000 different food types also take micronutrient and macronutrient analysis into account. You are able to access this food database from anywhere in the world so you and your clients can be sure to keep your nutritional plan consistent.
  • Thirdly, the platform creates additional value is the communication tool. ‘TotalCoaching’ has developed and gifted users with access to online forums that allow users such as clients and trainers, to message each other directly. Furthermore, a personal trainer or client can publish feedback on sessions and maintain frequent communication. This will support aspects of a PT’s brand such as retention and service.
  • Finally, as a fitness professional you are always trying to out perform their clients it is important to understand the strengths of your brand and some points of improvement. You are able to do this effectively through ‘TotalCoaching’. You can create and share questionnaires or assessments so you engage with your customer and further improve your brand.

Alli Rainey, of Alli Rainey Coaching uses ‘TotalCoaching’. She says that; “Using TotalCoaching makes it easy for me to deliver a complete, comprehensible training plan to each of my individual clients”.

There are two different options plans for personal trainers to choose from when subscribing to a ‘TotalCoaching’ membership. There is: 

  • The Personal Trainer plan is USD$49 per month. This plan is great for any one who has up to 20 clients. 3 different trainers can use it at the same time.
  • However, if you have a large amount of clients or more than three trainers using the software at once, you should consider subscribing for the studio version. The subscription price has to be discussed with the company itself.

Either way you are able to apply for a free trial before you choose your subscription. Origym users are also able to gain 10% of with this unique promo code: ORIG10


13) Acuity Scheduling 

‘Acuity Scheduling’ state that their personal trainer software brings simplicity and power together. They do this by enabling clients to view their personal trainers schedule in real time through a concise but effective fully automated booking system. Some of the features included in the software are: 

  • The digital calendar brings together important aspects of a personal trainer business within a single interface. The interface was intentionally designed so that it could be navigated with ease. It is fairly easy because it is a digital calendar. However, this calendar has a few additional perks. The perks include the ability to adjust to different time zones and real time editing. The calendar is available to all of your clients as well as yourself but you do not have to constantly perform maintenance on your calendar because it can be directly edited by other users. The calendar has the potential to become self-sufficient without your intervention.
  • Furthermore, you can automate client intake forms so you can gain all the information that you need. You can save these to your documents and re-assess them at any time you choose.
  • The software has some friends in high places and this is very helpful for users because you will be able to synchronise data from different data platforms. These integrated tools include QuickBooks, FreshBooks, PayPal, WordPress and GoogleAnalytics. These integrated tools act as plugins and can enhance you and your clients user experience.
  • Acuity Scheduling enables you to undertake admin tasks such as organising payment methods, data storage, inputting client profiles and developing marketing opportunities. 

Jared Matthew Weiss from Overture is a user of ‘Acuity’ and in reference to the platform he said that, “The 2 way sync, time-zone conversion, multiple appointment booking, multiple calendars/users, customisation settings, and billing integration (to name a few) are all amazing features of this product that others simply lack”.

To start a trial you have to create an account of the main website. You do not have to include your credit card details so you don’t have to worry about being charged for six months of membership while you are sat in ignorance.The payment schemes differentiate in terms of client base and experience. There is:

  • An ‘Emerging Entrepreneur’ package that costs $10.00 per month. This is best suited for any one PT with one single location.
  • There are more expansive packages such as the ‘Growing Business’ package that costs $19 per month. This comes with more advanced features and can be used by six different staff with six different locations. This package also includes the ability to send text messages to clients in real time while using the software.


14) 10 to 8

’10to8′ is a popular personal trainer software that helps optimise a business. ’10to8′ claim to be trusted by 25,000 companies. Some of the companies are highly respected within their fields. Some of these businesses include the University of Cambridge and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The free appointment scheduling software is used by a multitude of businesses. This software’s main feature’s can also be taken advantage of by a personal trainer. It could possibly renew their professionalism and brand. The software enables the user to use a number of tools that can improve the digital aspects of a modern fitness business.

These aspects include:

  • Increased professionalism with free bespoke booking website.
  • Improved customer loyalty with text and email reminders.
  • The option to share personalised services through a two-way chat with your customer.
  • Reduced the need for time-consuming admin by collecting and automating information and tasks.

Personal Coach, Paul Colaianni uses the software. He says that, “With the ability to see an immediate history of all interactions with your client in a chat-like column, the synchronisation with external calendars and the Zapier integrations, I am thrilled I kept testing other programs until I ran into the game changer that is 10to8. I love it”.

There are a diverse amount of payment plans that can cater to each type or size of a personal trainer service. 

’10to8′ is free forever for businesses needing up to 2 staff logins and 100 appointments per month, no strings attached. All the features are included despite white labelling (which can be included upgrading to the Basic Plan that costs £12/month). 
Other plans:

  • Grow Plan- Up to 3 staff logins and 300 appointments/month – £25/month
  • Bigger Business Plan- Up to 6 staff members and  600 appointments/month
  • Enterprise – Up to 25 staff logins and 2500 appointments/month – £200/month (can be customisable)

You can also use this discount code for the ’10to8′ platform: ORIGYM517


15) Timely 

Timely is an appointment scheduling software for Personal Trainers. The software aims to make scheduling less time consuming, so users can spend more time doing what they love — whether that’s more time with clients, or working on their website.

The software saves time by streamlining appointments. You can streamline appointments by organising the schedule, staff, clients, stock, reporting and more.

The application so far has been trusted with over 42 million appointments and has garnered many positive reviews by its users. Timely is also supported by many of the fitness industries market leaders, such as the Register of Exercise Professionals, the Australian Fitness Network and the Exercise Association of New Zealand.

The personal trainer software also contains all of its features within one single interface so the user can save both time and effort when performing the remedial tasks that accompany any business venture.

Furthermore, the personal trainer software is accessible through multiple platforms. You can access Timely through your iPad or mobile so you can organise your bookings from anywhere. Finally, Timely have included automated reminders that can ensure your business is running efficiently — and so you don’t lose out on those no-shows!

Timely has helped Kate Lugtigheid take her business, Pumped Personal Training, to the next level. She says that with Timely acting as her ‘front desk person’, she can focus back on helping her clients see success.

There are three different pricing options to consider when signing up for Timely dependent on your business model.

You can now start a free 30-day trial!

There are three different pricing options to consider when signing up for ‘Timely’. There is:

  • The initial package that is called ‘Schedule’. This package allows you to pay £15 per month.
  • The ‘Schedule and Sell’ package cost barley anymore at £20 per month. This package includes the ability to produce and make payments and invoicing.
  • Finally, there is one last package that is called ‘Tailored’ and you will have to contact Timely themselves to discuss the different customisation options.


16) Rhino Fit

Rhino Fit is a easy to use gym management software that is designed to support gym owners and personal trainers. It is a software that is on the precipice of the market and while people who are using it love it, it does not have as many features as some of the current market leaders. 

For what Rhino does lack in marketability it does make up for in its multitude of features. Rhino’s features include the ability to schedule appointments, issue assessments, track attendance, produce billing and payments, manage clients and sell produce through their online store.

Daniel Lyle, the owner of DEFI Fitness who uses the software has said that the app is helping streamline his business. On top of this, he said, “The app is a perfect way to streamline your business. It has all the features and integrations you need to have an efficient and successful business system”. 

There is a free version that can be deployed on either the Cloud, SaaS and the web. The software is free for up to 20 members and that includes your client’s accounts. If you are surpassing 20 clients you can purchase the software for a price of $57.00 per month.


17) Booksteam

‘Booksteam’ is a cloud based online scheduling service aimed at small and large businesses worldwide. ‘Booksteam’ is designed to offer a wide range of flexible calendar management tools that help the user automate appointments, classes and group schedules. This makes it easier for a business to grow its current service or extend its services to new ventures. 

‘Booksteam’ is not a multi-purpose tool like many of the other options on the market. In fact it has a limited amount of features. The three main features of the software include:

  • The resources to schedule appointments.
  • The means to track attendance of your clients.
  • An online store. 

These resources are very useful but they limit the users engagement to nothing but bookings. In contrast to that, if you just want a tool that tracks your bookings and appointment, there may be no better option.

Emily Wagner of EMJ Pilates loves the software because it enhances her customer service. She said, “Customer service always responds quickly, in a friendly manner, and with easy to understand instructions or answers to my questions. They have taken into account my requests along with those other clients, and have made upgrades to the software to benefit all of us”. 

There is a free version and a free trial available as well so it is rather affordable.. These versions and trials are available through Cloud, Saas and the Web. The starting price for the software is at $19.95 per month.


18) Wellness Living

Wellness Livings Systems is an all in one personal trainer software that offers you the means to optimise your businesses processes of email marketing, merchant processing, payroll, reputation management, robust reporting and reward programs. Therefore a business owner can easily manage their business on a day-to-day basis.

As a personal trainer you can empower your clients by giving them the option to book the training sessions with you from home, the office or on the go. The software is also available to use on any Android or iOS device. This means you can use your ‘WellnessLiving’ account on the go, on various platforms. The ‘WellnessLiving’ account comes with a trusted directory that contains most of the worlds largest and most trusted health and wellness companies. This can be a great asset to any up and coming PT or a savvy PT who has prior knowledge of networking.

Furthermore, you are able to embed your class schedule on your website. This will help your customer retention because it makes more tools more accessible to your clients. Your schedule will receive real time updates when edited. You can also embed the ready-made widgets onto your own Facebook page so clients can book classes, appointments, workshops and courses right on your Facebook page. All reminders, such as edits and bookings, are sent through instant email and SMS notifications to both the clients and the admins. 

As you can already tell there are a multitude of tools that are of a benefit to each and every buying customer but there are some other tools that are even more important to developing a personal trainer business. These include:

  • Debit and credit card processing can enable you to issue and track payments. You are able to manage your account with your own intervention. You can also analyse the economic growth of your company by using the advanced reports feature. The reports will also come in handy if you are looking to market and acquire local customers.
  • It is a very diverse application that offers a lot more than just a scheduling program. However, it is even more impressive when you understand how you can automate all aspects of this software. This gives you more time to spend with clients at the front line of your business and less time having to micro-manage the backstage of your enterprise.

The information does not overview all of the payment options for the personal trainer software and instead you have to request a demo so you can assess what is best for you and your business.


19) Club Manager

Club Manager is not the conventional personal trainer software that focuses solely upon personal trainers. If the name did not already give it away it is worth confirming that the software was designed to support health club managers. However, it can also be very helpful for established PT’s who are looking to lighten the burden of their business. ‘ClubManger’ is described as a affordable management software that is used by a variety of fitness institutions such as Leisure Centres, Personal Trainers, MMA gyms and Dance clubs. This is a testament to how versatile this software is.

The personal trainer software enables the user to assess and implement important aspects of the business. For example, you are able to schedule appointments, track attendance, set up and take payments while also managing your clients. Any user can grasp the single interface of the software. Once they do, they will be able to take advantage of all the opportunities that the app provides. 

A club manager, David Rowe said that Club Manager is, “The best thing we have purchased and for our business. Freed up our time with this software keeping all our figures and notifications of non-payers for memberships. We have purchased entry gate to work alongside this and about to add on online booking. We have used this for 6 years and still get help and on-going support”.

There are three different subscription options to choose between. These include:

  • CMGo – Designed for individuals who are growing their personal business (Cost starts at £25 per month).
  • Standard – Designed for businesses with a larger member base, premises and teams of any size (£69 per month).
  • ClubManager Plus – Designed for the larger business providing a wider range of activities and service to their members (£99 per month).

This should help you decide what is the most functional and cost effective approach for your business.


20) BobClass

‘Bobclass’ is a native app for iPad and iPhone. It was designed to cover the full range of administrative tasks for the busy fitness professional: It offers an appointment calendar, payment tracking and progress note taking through a mobile user interface. The developers boldly claim that they aim to make calendars, notepads and spreadsheets obsolete.

What makes ‘Bobclass’ stand out from the competition is that it runs a local database meaning that the app can be used even without internet connection (think gym, park, yoga studio) and changes made to client or calendar data will sync across as soon as you’re back into WIFI or 4G. This also means that the app is very fast and can be purchased in the App Store without a subscription since you are not forced to sign up to any service.

For those who work in a team or manage multiple instructors, there is a Studio version available. This is a subscription that includes multiple calendars, rosters and premium support.

Bobclass has received 4.5 stars on Capterra* and 5 stars in the UK App Store**. Typical users are solo professionals and small studios for whom MindBody and the likes are too complex or costly and prefer mobile over desktop. The founders Rob & Nigel are continously adding new functionality and personally answer any questions you may have.

– 14,99 GBP one-time purchase in the App Store for the standard version (single instructor)
– optional 24,99 GBP subscription for ‘Bobclass’ Studio (multiple instructors)
– ‘Bobclass’ Cloud comes for free with both versions


21) WorkoutLabs Train 

‘WorkoutLabs Train’ is summarised as a beautifully simple personal training platform that provides personal trainers with the ability to build professional and visually appealing workout plans and manage client-training programs while substantially growing your business.

What is unique about ‘WorkoutLabs Train’ is the drag and drop interface. You are able to create detailed, easy-to-follow workouts. This feature is made achievable by a collection of sub-features that work directly with it. This includes: 

  • A library of clear and accurate illustrations that is still being added to. These are available to include on each and every workout plan. You can search the directory instantly with the real-time tool bar. You can easily add direction and text to further support your client. You can print these plans or view them on any device that you choose.
  • Not only is the interface really easy to use but it is visually appealing and it will certainly add some more credibility to your brand while saving you some time.

Personal Trainer, Cameron Richards said that, “This is just amazing! Thanks to this platform, I’ve been able to sign clients from all across the globe. I highly recommend this to anyone who is building an online personal trainer business”.

As well as this you are able to share an interactive calendar with your clients, track clients progress and instantly message your clients as well.

If you are interested there are two simple plans for you to mull over. All features are included in both plans but they have different methods, such as:

  • A $29 per month plan. This will allow you to have up to 3 clients but you will have to pay an extra $5 to include another client.
  • If you are not sure how many clients you can account for and you are not currently budgeting, you should opt in for the unlimited clients option that is only $295 per month. You can further assess your options on the website.


22) PunchPass

‘Punchpass’ is a multi-purpose small business software that can be used effectively by personal trainers and health clubs. This all-in-one software manages to fit a great amount of resources that are not just good for utility but also optimisation. These features include:

  • The resources to schedule appointments.
  • Book and run assessments.
  • The options to track clients attendance.
  • The software to process client billings and to collect invoices.
  • Client management tools.
  • The resources to create and send fitness plans.
  • A shared online store to sell your own resources.
  • Includes package of wellness plans.

As you can see there are many incentives for you to purchase this software. It seems to handle all types of issues within one interface. Karen Freier, a gym owner in Valley, ‘Fit n Lean’ uses the software to manage her health club and she enjoys ‘PunchPass’. She says, “Its very easy to use both clients and staff to find PunchPass easy to use! I like that I can use the software from my smart phone. Also, clients and staff like how easy it is to use”.

‘PunchPass’ has three different subscription options that are called Bedrock, Birch and Banyan. 

  • Bedrock – includes all core features and essentials ($34 per month).
  • Birch – includes all core features and the additional juggernaut that is the online payment platform, Stripe ($54 per month).
  • Banyan – includes all inclusive core features and also gives clients access to customer logins ($74 per month). 

All of these options are available to view along with the additional upgrades on the homepage.


23) bookitlive

The personal trainer software ‘bookitlive’ is the ideal solution for small to large organisations looking to automate their appointment scheduling and management workflows. It can also help you open up new opportunities to increase the efficiency of your bookings and up-selling while reducing the duration on queuing times. This should all contribute to a more positive and collective customer experience. The business savvy entrepreneur can also use ‘bookitlive’ as a reference point to further understand the internal aspects of their business. The software can gathers data that will help you better understand customer behaviour, staffing requirements and resource allocation. By managing and improving these aspects of your business you are more likely to have better results.

The personal trainer software can also be used on platforms such as Cloud, SaaS and Web. The software has four primary features that can benefit both the external and internal aspects of your company. These include: 

  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Tracking attendance.
  • Managing clients.
  • Up-selling on an online store. 

This is not anything out of the ordinary in regards to personal training software or applications. However, these tools are not one-dimensional and they can be used to collate a substantial number of inputs and outputs. How effectively you use the inputs and outputs will determine how effective the implementation of the software is.

‘bookitlive’ is targeting small business owners as well as personal trainers. Therefore, while it is applicable to PT’s you may not have every feature that you require. This can be damaging to your user experience.

The pricing is split in to three different increments. These include:

  • Lite – Unlimited bookings and unlimited staff accounts (£35 per month).
  • Regular – Unlimited bookings and unlimited staff accounts with additional options such as memberships (£45 per month).
  • Premium – Unlimited bookings and unlimited staff accounts with additional options such as memberships & more resources (£85.00 per month). 

You can look at the product and services among all of the other additional inclusions at the features page.


24) Fitfix

‘Fitfix’ is an iOS app that was intentionally created for personal trainers. The application gives you access to a vast range of different tools to train, manage and retain your clients. A 3-month trail will let you test a multitude of features that makes ‘Fitfix’ stand apart from the rest. These include:

  • Workout builders
  • Client profile builders
  • Body stat monitoring
  • Interactive 3D charts.
  • Other features include health assessment forms and meal plan templates.

As a PT you can be sure this will support your business in more ways than one.

‘Fitfix’ released a survey that claimed that they have saved up to 86% of time for personal trainers. Users also saw their efficiency increase by 90% and due to this 90% of users rated the software above 8 out of 10.

E Brent is a Level 3 Personal Trainer with over 6 years of experience. He used ‘Fitfix’ and he said that, “There are loads of fitness apps out there, but nothing quite like ‘Fitfix’. Finally there is something that caters towards fitness professionals, and not just your average Joe. It helps me run my business more efficiently and more effectively than I ever could without it”. 

There are two different plans that both come with the option of paying either every month, every six months or every year. These options include:

  • Trainer – Unlimited clients, unlimited workouts and all other features ($34.99 per month).
  • Pro – All trainer features with analytics and self-branding (To be announced).  


25) Omnify 

‘Omnify’ is an e-commerce and scheduling performance platform for sports, wellness and fitness ventures. The software can be deployed on Cloud, SaaS and Web. It can also be used on Android and iOS platforms. ‘Onminfy’ offer training through resources such as documentation, webinars and live online.

The main resources that ‘Omnify’ offer include:

  • Being able to schedule appointments.
  • Track your client’s attendance.
  • Add billing’s and invoice’s.
  • Manage client’s records and work.

Apart from this ‘Omnify’ does not list any other additional resources. It is a fairly new platform without much media. The prices are not disclosed but it is currently running in the beta phase and gaining a lot of positive reviews.

Jason Conelly says the application is great for scheduling classes. He even goes as far to say that, “Omnify is a great class scheduling software. Their class pack features help me manage my fitness studio well. The Omnify GO mobile app lets me check my class schedules and attendances on the go. Overall, I am happy with what I have seen so far”.

Origym students will receive 30% of any ‘Omnify’ products be receiving this code: omnify30


26) GoMotive

‘GoMotive’ gives health and fitness providers the power to virtualise their services, manage clients, and design custom workouts that serve clients on a frequent basis. Furthermore, ‘GoMotive’ is tailored to the fitness professional that includes custom workout videos, news and feedback loops. This make the user experience much more engaging. Also, as soon as you sign up you have access to 6,500+ exercise and templates.

The personal trainer software is available to deploy on platforms such as the Cloud, SaaS and the Web. You can also use the software on Android and iOS software. Once you have both the software and hardware you will be able to use the following features to better optimise your business. These features include the option to: 

  • Create your own branded app. With this opportunity you can create your own protocols and workouts. You can them sell them through your app and pocket the profit for yourself or your business venture.
  • Create your own content. Due to the evolving nature of health and fitness many people are always looking for fresh or updated resources and content. You can develop resources for both exercises and business promotions.
  • You can also assess your clients’ conditions using Gray Institute or other leading movement screening and analysis software such as Spark Motion, Motus, HUDL, Camtasia, Qualisys and Krossover.

These three aspects are integral to the process of developing a fitness business. The fitness business is a client-orientated business and the designers recognise this because they are targeting the client experience with their new software. This six-step process can optimise your personal trainer business. These six steps include; Intake, Analysis, Guidance, Treatment, Tracking and Results.

You can motivate yourself and your clients today at a starting price of $9 per month.


27) FitFerret

‘FitFerret’ is a personal trainer software that is designed to help you create visual workouts online. It also provides PT’s with the means to instantly communicate with any clients who have an open account on the platform. ‘FitFerret’ believe that it is the perfect app to help a personal trainers build and grow their business as well as optimise a business services both in person and online.

Like many personal trainer applications you are able to deploy them on all three major operating systems. This means that you can deploy the software on the Cloud, SaaS and the Web.

The app allows users to build workout and nutritional plans and then upload them for their clients viewing. This is all easily accessible through the software and because of this it saves time and improves your communication with your clients. Other important features include:

  • 500+ HD graphics that accurately illustrate how an exercise is done.
  • A simplified calendar where you can manage appointments and events.
  • 100+ pre-made meal plans that will help you customise your own meal plans for yourself and your clients.
  • Be able to view your plans and desktop on any device for easy accessibility.

This collection of resources breeds opportunity. It will make your user content more authentic and impress your client base. One fitness coach who believes that this app has helped his business is Jacob Hobbs. Jacobs says that, “This is the only product that I have found that incorporates what a trainer needs”.

The pricing is suitable to newly established personal trainer as well. You can choose between two options 

  • The first option is the free option that is most suitable for basic online training. There is a maximum of two clients per download when purchasing this package. It has a smaller file storage in comparison to the core package.
  • On the core package you are able to handle 50 clients per download. You also have unlimited saves for meal and workout plans due to a much more larger storage capacity. Two trainers are also able to the core package simultaneously. This package comes at a cost of $19 per month.

If you are an Origym member you can use this one time promo code: ‘origym’, to get additional discount on ‘Fit Ferret’ products.


28) Trainer Pulse

‘Trainer Pulse’ is a powerful piece of personal trainer software that allows you to create, deliver and sell coaching programs online. All of these features are collected together so you can facilitate positive growth in your online and offline applications. By downloading ‘Trainer Pulse’ you will be able to: 

  • Easily develop and deliver coachable training programs. ‘Trainer Pulse’ enables you to create, deliver and sell programs with a feature called AutoCoach. AutoCoach has already established templates that will help you design engaging PT sessions.
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies that will help you attract new clients.
  • Sell singular programs or monthly coaching packages.
  • Analyse weekly reviews that are automatically sent to your email.
  • Instant progress dashboard that will help you and your client assess the progress of your sessions. There are also progress charts that will help you further analyse your clients progress.
  • Included nutritional templates that will improve your client resources.

All of these resources make for a great collective experience that will surely help you optimise your business and service. This will help you obtain and retain customers while also teaching you new tricks of the trade so you can get a head start in the market. 

In reference to this, physique coach, Clinton Sills says, “As a physique coach, Trainer Pulse makes my job much easier. The automated weekly reviews make it easy to keep track of multiple clients at once”. The automated reviews will be sure to help any personal trainer gain clients both in person and on digital platforms.

There are two subscription plans that you can choose from. Neither of them feature different content. These include:

  • You can pay monthly for a price of $27 per month.
  • You could pay annually for $22 per month.


29) InGym PA 

‘InGym PA’ is considered as one of the most advanced piece of scheduling software on the market. Like many other pieces of personal trainer software the primary resource is designed to help personal trainers to organise their schedule. It also meticulously tracks your money, time and user profiles while providing you with real time updates. These real time updates are triggered by push notifications so you can be omniscient about your business when on the go.

The software can be deployed on all main deployment software; Cloud, SaaS and Web. Once you have obtained the hardware you can begin to use the software. The real features that make ‘InGym PA’ its own software are:

  • The ability to schedule sessions with fast and flexible ease.
  • As well as this you are able to instantly overview your bookings and history. With this information you are also able to run group sessions and run multiple sessions simultaneously. Of course this takes a lot of your own initiative but it is organised so you can conduct these sessions with as much ease as possible.
  • The app also aims to optimise your levels of communication with your clients. The app saves and analyses all client information and all of it will be collated so it can be forwarded over emails or SMS.
  • Finally, the app manages both the money and performance that are needed for a business to profit. This is easy for any business owner because they are able to analyse and manage the outgoings & incomings while suggesting expenses based on current forecasts. 

Personal Trainer, Ben from Concept PTS uses ‘InGym PA’ and he says, “I have carried my diary for years and nothing changed. Now, I am scheduling in seconds on my Ipad and it is much more effective”. 

In terms of subscription packages you will be able to choose between two. These two options include:

  • The Freelance package – schedule up to 10 hours of sessions per week (£15 per month).
  • T<