Personal Trainer Website Ideas (2024)

Personal Trainer Website Ideas - CTA

Okay, we get it… You didn’t get into the fitness industry to spend hours thinking about personal trainer website ideas.

Unfortunately, in 2024, unless you put some real thought into your online presence and strategy, you’re not going to stay in this industry very long.

Sound daunting?

Not anymore!

With our new 2024 guide to personal trainer website ideas, we’ll give you an overview of the fundamentals you need to consider when setting up your personal trainer website, and how you might focus your creative effort by going through some of the most popular personal trainer website ideas available now!

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The Fundamentals of your Website

Sounds pretty boring, right?


Having a basic knowledge of what works online in terms of attracting readers, converting leads to clients, and increasing website traffic is essential if you’re to succeed in the fitness industry.

Let’s put it this way…

If you’re a good personal trainer, you’ve already mastered the tricks of the trade when it comes to approaching customers on the gym floor, offering advice and freebies, and endearing yourself to your target audience through local and print marketing.

You’re probably doing most of these things without even realising you’re doing them!

Having a basic grasp of personal trainer website ideas and how they might affect your business is only going to expand your reach both locally and to a national audience, helping you make money as a personal trainer.

So sit back, relax, and let us quickly take you through everything you need to know when it comes to the fundamentals of personal trainer website ideas.

Already know about the fundamentals of online marketing? Skip this section and head straight for our top five most effective personal trainer website ideas below!


Doubtless, if you’ve done any amount of research when it comes to online marketing that you’ve seen the letters CTA bandied about blogs and forums with reckless abandon.

But what exactly does it mean?

CTA, pretty simply, means Call to Action, and while it’s super-easy to get your head round, getting it right could literally be make or break for your personal trainer website ideas.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples…

Personal Trainer Website Ideas - CTA

Notice how you can have really clean and neat copy on your website, but still fall short of success?

Example two succeeds in terms of website copy because it has a clear and easy-to-grasp CTA at the end.

By inserting this simple command, you can start to lead readers to your most important pieces of content. And, if you’ve planned this correctly, these pieces of content should be geared towards converting readers into paying clients!


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Email Capture

This may sound complicated, but really it’s just a matter of getting clients invested in your brand.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to personal trainer website ideas, in order to turn your planning into a success website you need data.

In 2024, data is king.

You need to ensure your clients are willing to let you contact them, you need to have their preferred means of contact, and you need to make sure you aren’t using their data in ways that they have not given you permission.

And the easiest form of data to get started with is email addresses.

Now, you can just outright ask for their email addresses via your website, and some readers might subscribe to your website of their own volition (particularly if they’re already committed to becoming a paying client).

But these are not the readers you have to convince. You have to convince the ones who aren’t committed.

Aside from just asking for email addresses, there’s a couple of ways you can do this…

Personal Trainer Website Ideas - Email Capture 101

Social Proof / Client Testimonials

This is another aspect of personal trainer website ideas that you’ve probably already thought about.

In fact, you’re most likely already doing it in your print and face-to-face advertising without even noticing.

Social Proof is simply the process of showing the world that people recognise your brand. And by people, we mean influencers, celebrities, magazines, and companies in your industry that could readily be described as an “authority”.

Let’s give an example…

As part of an article on the obesity crisis in the UK, a national newspaper reached out to you for comment and for your expertise. Great! This is amazing publicity for you and your brand. But the hard work is not done yet, now you need to show off that you’ve been covered in this newspaper.

On the homepage of your website, you decide to stick a big banner that says “as featured in NATIONAL NEWSPAPER” with a link to the article. Your readers are impressed, your current clients are reassured that they have made the right decision, and your email capture is inundated with new data.

That’s the power of social proof.

To get started, these are some of the brands and kinds of content you might want to show off as social proof…

Personal Trainer Website Ideas - Social Proof

Client Journey

This sounds awfully similar to your gym manager banging on about customer experience and all the jargon that goes with it, right?

Well, when it comes to personal trainer website ideas, defining your client journey is crucial with regard to designing and figuring out the purpose of your website.

Gone are the days where you could just buy a domain and leave it stationary, expecting the clients to come to you (did those days ever really exist?). You need to justify every page of your website, and be able to confidently outline the pathways a user might take through your site.

Let’s give an example:

Personal Trainer Website Ideas - Client Journey

Above, you can see how each piece of online content justifies its purpose, with the ultimate goal of converting readers to clients.

Without planning how your online content is going to improve your business, your website will come across as scattered and disorganised.


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Five Incredibly Effective Personal Trainer Website Ideas to Try RIGHT NOW

So, we know the fundamentals of a successful personal trainer website idea: tick.

Now it’s time to choose what kind of website best suits your business ambitions.

This can be tricky if you’re out there by yourself.

But you’re not out there by yourself, you’ve got us!

So, let’s go through five of the most effective personal trainer website ideas online today.


1) PT Website or Landing Page

This is your most obvious function in terms of personal trainer website ideas. The scenario is typically that a personal trainer is having a good degree of success with their local business, and decides that they could expand with some online marketing.

And suddenly, as if by magic, they have a website!

While these websites tend to be quite basic, they really should be part of every personal trainer business plan. They serve a really important function for start-up fitness businesses, and therefore need to cover the basics:

Personal Trainer Website Ideas - PT Website or Landing Page

2) Online Personal Trainer Platform

The next step up from advertising your services via a landing page or website is actually offering your services via an online platform.

As far as personal trainer website ideas are concerned, online personal trainer platform is the best way to expand your business. The even better news is that this can happen fast. Often, personal trainers will turn to this form of training when their client lists have become saturated.

It can save you time, energy, and with the right level of investment, can transform you from a local personal trainer to a national one.

The main thing to keep in mind is focusing on what your service is going to offer, and how that’s going to stand out above the competition.

In other words, what is your USP?

Are you offering video tutorials, or are you tailoring workout plans to clients? Are you keeping in touch via skype, or text message?

Make sure to ask yourself these questions, before setting up your online personal trainer platform using our toolkit below!

Personal Trainer Website Ideas - Online Personal Trainer Platform

3) Online Nutritionist Platform

Where to go when you’ve conquered the online personal training sphere?

Online nutrition coaching of course!

These days, fitness is more about what people are doing in and out of the gym to stay fit and healthy. People are now taking a more well-rounded approach to fitness, incorporating mindfulness, fitness, and – perhaps more than anything else – nutrition.

Personal trainers are now capitalising on this market by offering both fitness advice and nutrition coaching, so your online platform has to stand out if it has any chance of turning from a personal trainer business idea, to a viable business strategy.

Personal Trainer Website Ideas - Online Nutritionist Platform

4) Content-Rich PT and Lifestyle Blog

Fancy a different approach to personal trainer website ideas?

You don’t necessarily have to advertise your services or offer online services to new clients in order to make it as a successful personal trainer on the internet.

As opposed to offering fitness services, why not use your expertise to host a popular lifestyle and / or personal training blogs?

Such blogs are big money in 2024, and you can attract huge advertising revenue if you prove that you have a committed and loyal following who listen to your advice.

Of course, you also have to have your ear to the ground in terms of content and trends, and you have to have a unique voice that will capture the attention of online readers.

Personal Trainer Website Ideas - Content Rich PT and Lifestyle Blog


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5) Social Media Influencer

Last, but certainly not least, is the hugely exciting but ultra-competitive profession of becoming a social media influencer.

The great thing about influencers is that they are almost-always practising fitness professionals.

This means you can combine your thriving PT business with gaining followers online.

The slightly less great thing is that you really need to be an expert at branding, visual marketing, and content production to stand any chance of succeeding in the long term.

But if you already have a loyal following on social media sites, and find yourself spending more and more time catering to your online audience, you may want to consider looking into some of the below.

Personal Trainer Website Ideas - Social Media Influencer

Before You Go!

Before you try out your new personal trainer website ideas in the real world, why not let us know which online strategies work for you!

Our award-winning, nationally accredited courses are available anywhere in the UK and could be the thing you need to begin or transform your fitness career today. Begin improving your website today by expanding the amount of services you offer clients, starting with our Level 4 Sports Nutrition course.

Find out more by getting in touch with our team today or download our latest prospectus here to find out more! 

Written by George Aird

Fitness Professional & Marketer

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George Aird is a content writer and marketer with specialist knowledge of health and fitness, online marketing, and start-up businesses. In his spare time, he is a keen climber, and a (reluctant) runner. 

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