41 Best Personal Training Motivational Quotes

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If you’re looking for motivational personal training quotes, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a PT with clients to inspire, or a client needing motivation, we’ve collated a range of personal training quotes that are guaranteed to give you the boost that you need to achieve your goals.


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Personal Trainer Quotes

First up is our selection of quotes about personal training, for personal trainers.

Some days, a love for all things health and fitness isn’t quite enough to motivate even the most dedicated of personal trainers, so here’s some inspiration to refuel that passion.


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Speaking of passion, here’s a quote from Van Gogh that even on the bleakest of days will remind you of why you dedicated your career to fitness.

This is a motivational fitness trainer quote that will help you through those hard days where the clock seems to have slowed down and you’re impatiently awaiting heading back to bed.


personal trainer quotes

Whether you started as a fitness pro or you’re learning along the way, this is a reminder that as long as you have the drive, you can achieve big things.

Not only is this one of the gym instructor quotes that’s great for you as a trainer, but this is a great one to pass onto clients too.


best personal training quotes

Written by French philosopher Albert Schweitzer, who dedicated most of his life to being a medical missionary in Africa, this is one of the fitness instructor quotes that serves as a reminder of why you decided to turn your passion for fitness into a career.

This is among the best personal trainer quotes that will remind you to smile; after all, happiness is contagious! 


personal training motivational quotes

Known for publishing several essay and poetry books, seven autobiographies and receiving over 50 honorary degrees, Maya Angelou clearly knew the meaning of hard work. 

Here’s one of the perfect gym instructor quotes for inspiration as she reminds us that to achieve our goals, we need to work to make it happen - it will not be done for us.

As quotes about personal training go, this is a great one as it highlights the ‘domino effect’ of hard work. Not only will you see results as a trainer, but in turn, your hard work will help your client to achieve their goals too.


motivational fitness trainer quotes

When you’re spending hours writing programmes, preparing for sessions and training clients, this has been chosen from a wide selection of the inspirational PT quotes.  It is a great source of motivation to remind you of why you do what you do, and of how far you’ve come on your personal training journey.


pt quote

Reading this from former American basketball player Jerry West, you’d have thought it was written specifically with motivational personal trainer quotes in mind.

When you’re tired, achy, and dreaming of a duvet day, this is a great reminder that you can only get out what you put in with fitness; another one to keep in your bank of good personal training quotes.


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It can be hard working as a personal trainer when there are so many great competitors within the industry. This is among the fitness instructor quotes from basketball player Steph Curry, as she highlights the importance of staying in your own lane.

After all, to quote Theodore Roosevelt, comparison is the thief of joy!


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When seeking out inspirational personal training quotes, this is another great one for a motivational boost to keep yourself making progress. 

To do this, the quote suggests a focus on measuring progress based upon your own journey, rather than the achievements of a colleague or another personal trainer. 

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fitness instructor quote

Spoken by the late great basketball player Kobe Bryant, this is one of the best PT quotes for highlighting the sole purpose of personal trainers - re-igniting that desire to help clients to achieve their fitness goals. 

Why not keep this one in your bank of great fitness trainer quotes for those days when inspiration is lacking?


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To finish up our selection of the best personal trainer quotes, this is one you’ll benefit from telling yourself the changing room mirrors, just when you’re struggling to find the motivation to get started with your day. 

If our selection of personal trainer quotes has successfully inspired you, why not check out our article on how to motivate your personal trainer clients?

Personal Training: Motivational Quotes For Clients

Being relatable is important to make money as a personal trainer as clients are likely to remain with your programme if they know you're understanding, especially when they need that extra boost. 

Whether you’re a PT looking to encourage your own clients, or a client looking for a source of self-inspiration, you’re sure to find some great motivational quotes that will leave you excited about fitness and ready to hit the gym.


personal training quote

American fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne hits the nail on the head here. 

This is one of our best personal training quotes, as it is the perfect mantra to help new clients understand the importance of nutrition, as well as a motivational reminder for the old ones too!


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Every good personal trainer quotes this recognised rule.

Similarly to the well-known saying within the fitness industry that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, this is one of the best personal training quotes that highlights the importance of combining exercise with a healthy, balanced diet.

This is the perfect motivation if you’re struggling to match your effort in the gym with your effort in the kitchen!

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When you’ve got the nutrition side of things sorted but are struggling with training, this is a great motivational quote to get you out of that rut and into the gym!

If you’re only spending 4% of your day training, think of all the time you have to discover some more amazing quotes about personal training; these can really help get you up and out for the day.


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When you’re in the middle of a rep wanting to give up, these quotes about personal training sessions are great to keep in mind when you’re struggling. This quote reminds you of how progress is important and looking at how far you’ve come already is a great motivation alone.

After all, everyone starts somewhere in the world of fitness.


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This is another great quote to remember when your personal trainer adds two extra seemingly-impossible reps to your sets. 

On the flip side, this is also one of those great motivational quotes for when your client seems to be struggling with their fitness programme. It’s always good to remember that it's never going to be easy, especially when you’re starting from scratch; so don’t be too hard on yourself.


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Cassey Ho, fitness entrepreneur and owner of ‘Blogilates’ provides us with one of the best personal training quotes to remind you that anything is possible if you have the drive to make it happen.

This is definitely one that your personal trainer quotes regularly to clients, to keep reminding them that it takes hard work to get results.


pt quotes

The King of fitness himself hits the nail on the head here, with one of our favourite personal training motivational quotes. 

Perfect for when you’re trying to fight the urge to sack that early morning run or gym session off in favour of an extra half an hour’s sleep!


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This was chosen from the best personal training quotes for those who may be struggling with a negative mindset.

If you believe you can push out that last rep, then you will. If your gym instructor quotes this, they believe in you enough to think you can do it!


quote about pt

Did you know that research has shown that forming a habit can take as little as 18 days? 

So, if you learn to quit in just over 2 weeks, it can become a life-long habit that will haunt you for the rest of your days.

Keep this in your bank of PT quotes as a source of motivation for when sessions become tough.

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Good habits can be formed as quickly as bad ones, but as Sony CEO Jim Ryan explains here, they can’t be formed without motivation. If your personal trainer quotes this as some inspiration, they know that your sessions are about to become a part of your everyday lifestyle.

We hope that this article so far is providing you with enough personal training motivational quotes to help you form some good fitness habits.


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Written by strength and conditioning specialist Jay Cardiello, this sounds exactly like one of those PT quotes you’d hear as a client who is worried about pushing themselves during a session. 

There’s nothing worse than regretting not putting that extra weight on the bar, or running that final kilometre, so this is one of the perfect personal trainer quotes for someone needing that final push of motivation!


funny personal trainer meme

Though a controversial figure, Churchill’s words here ring true in our round up of the best personal training quotes. 

If you fail a rep, it can be hard to get back up and try again. This could be one of those motivational personal training quotes you use as inspiration to get yourself back into that ‘can do’ mind-set!


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You’ve probably heard the saying so many times before, but consistency really is the key to success.

In the modern world where many favour quick-fix solutions, this quote highlights the importance of making fitness a part of your lifestyle rather than a dreaded chore. This way, you are more likely to enjoy the process and therefore remain consistent. 

This is one of the personal trainer quotes that reminds us that being successful in fitness is a marathon, not a sprint!


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This is one of the best quotes about personal training to keep in mind for that cold, rainy winter’s morning when you’re debating whether to skip your session or brave the chill.

If your personal trainer quotes this, it’s likely that they believe in you and they know you will succeed if you stay consistent and motivated.

To find out how to become a part-time personal trainer, you can find out all the information you need here with OriGym.


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Who knew that the words of a Greek philosopher would make one of the most relevant personal training quotes of the 21st century?

So when you’re about to skip that final set of deadlifts, just think to yourself: what would Aristotle do?


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It can sometimes be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, whether that tunnel is your training session or your fitness journey in general.

Out of all of the personal training quotes to remember, this will help you when your tank is low and you need a burst of motivation. It’ll remind you of your strength and keep you going through that tunnel!


fitness trainer quote

When your hamstrings are too tight to move or your abs are cramping after a tough workout, remember that this is when your muscle fibres are breaking down and re-building themselves back up to be stronger than before. 

Whilst it's important to rest in order to allow these muscle fibres to repair themselves, don’t let the soreness put you off; read more about the importance of rest days in our article here.


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Here’s another of our favourite personal training motivational quotes, again from the legend himself Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Although it's important to recognise the difference between delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and actual injury, we all know that to make those gains you sometimes have to push through the barrier of both physical and mental pain.

If your fitness instructor quotes this, they want you to keep in mind that for those times when you’re struggling, break that barrier!


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Sometimes comfort has to be put aside in order to make progress, and as motivational fitness trainer quotes go, this one from PT Jillian Michaels is a great one to remember when those moments of discomfort or anxiety strike.

Again, recognise when pushing through pain is safe; however, nobody said results would be easy! So remember this if your personal trainer quotes this to you.


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It might be short and snappy, but it doesn’t make this personal training quote any less valuable.

During those last few seconds of a plank or the last 1km of your run, push through for a long term reward.


gym instructor quotes

It can be easy to just keep living for the weekend, but why not take the advice of ‘The Greatest’ Muhammad Ali and enjoy each and every day instead?

Not only is this a great mantra to live by everyday, but it’s amidst the best personal training quotes to apply to your gym sessions - make each and every rep count!


fitness trainer quotes

Before embarking on any fitness journey, it’s important to check in with yourself. Why are you doing it and what do you hope to achieve?

This will give you a goal to aim for and along with our round up of the best personal training motivational quotes, you’ll have all of the inspiration you need to make that journey.


personal training quotes

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Even that guy who deadlifts 150kg with ease started with an empty bar.

If your personal trainer quotes this, they’re reminding you that everyone has a beginning, no one is born with the knowledge or physical power that we see down the line.


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To round off our selection of quotes about personal training for clients and gym-goers, we thought we’d include this mini pep talk.

We feel that this sums up all of the personal training quotes included so far; be fierce, stay strong, and most importantly, keep going!

Funny Personal Training Quotes

Sometimes, the best source of motivation comes from having a good old belly laugh, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite personal trainer memes that will brighten up your day.


personal trainer memes

You didn’t like the sound of that last set of squats, so you sacked it off and went home instead, but the next thing you know, you’re wishing you were back underneath that bar finishing your workout.

Is this one of those quotes about personal training that seems all too familiar? Personal trainers have all the knowledge to help you to achieve your goals - so trust them.


personal trainer meme image

It’s harsh, but true. Though you’ve got to get your rest in, this is one of the personal trainer memes that can be taken with a pinch of salt!

Get your rest, but go on to seize the day.


pt quotes

Even if your heart is saying “yes”, your aching limbs are definitely screaming “please no!”

Personal trainers can seem like your enemy when they’re pushing you to finish those last couple of sets, or reeling off motivational fitness trainer quotes when all you want to do is give up.

However, they really do have your best interests at heart. Even if those interests mean pushing you to your absolute limit.


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gym instructor quote

This personal trainer quote to make us all laugh, you may be leaving the gym looking like you’ve just swam the English Channel - but it’ll be worth it for those booty gains, right?

Remember these funny personal trainer memes when you’re getting in your last rep.


fitness trainer quote image

While some of us love lifting, others prefer to be at a different type of bar on a Saturday night!

But this is one of the funny personal trainer memes that will remind you to earn that drink, get in that hours of exercise for the day.


funny personal trainer memes image

Relatable, right?

All jokes aside, hiring a personal trainer is a great way to keep yourself accountable. As well as being your coach, personal trainers act as mini cheerleaders and give you that boost of motivation you need to reach your goals!


funny pt quotes

Last, but certainly not least, is this spark of wisdom from Gigi Hadid. Of course one of our favourite personal training motivational quotes had to involve food, right?

If we break it down, health and fitness is simple really, as Gigi so rightly tells us here. Train consistently, eat a nutritious diet, balance it all out with some treats, and you’re on the road to success.

If you liked this section, check out our fitness memes article for more personal training memes. 

Before You Go!

Now our selection of the best personal training quotes has provided you with that spark of inspiration needed for your sessions, it's time to continue growing your client base.

You can do just this with our range of Level 4 Fitness Courses, especially our Sports Nutrition Course. Incorporating nutrition advice alongside your tailored training programmes will help clients see results much faster and keep them motivated!

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