17 Pilates Gift Ideas (2022)

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Struggling to find Pilates gifts for your friend or family member?

If so, you’ll be glad to know that OriGym have rounded up a selection of the best Pilates gifts in the UK. Whether the individual you’re shopping for is a self-confessed Pilates expert or simply a beginner, you’ll find some great gift ideas within our article! 

We’ve divided the Pilates gifts into sections including equipment, accessories, and clothing. From Pilates gifts for clients to those for your favourite Pilates teacher, read on if you’re looking for a round-up of some great gift ideas. 

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What is Pilates?

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Before we jump into our Pilates gift ideas, we thought we’d give a quick summary of Pilates itself as it may be useful for you to know a little more before you begin browsing.

The main aim of Pilates is to strengthen the body, with a particular focus on core strength.

Pilates is usually performed on a mat, although it can be performed using specialist equipment such as the reformer machine. Reformer Pilates creates internal pressure, which elongates the muscles and joints. This has several benefits, including better posture, increased strength and flexibility, and greater stamina.  

The main difference between the two styles is that regular Pilates uses body weight as a form of resistance, whereas reformer Pilates uses the springs and pulleys that make up a reformer machine. However, the basic concepts of Pilates remain the same

What are the Benefits of Pilates?

A 2016 study exploring the effects of a Pilates exercise programme on balance, flexibility and muscle endurance found that Pilates has a beneficial effect on static balance, flexibility and abdominal muscle endurance in healthy adults. 

Joseph Pilates, who founded Pilates in the 1920s, stated that the practice is about “the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” This suggests that Pilates increases mind to body connection, which is beneficial in creating a sense of mindfulness and self-awareness, as well as promoting good mental wellbeing.

Finally, a huge benefit of Pilates is that it is accessible to anyone. Whether you are an exercise lover or are completely new to fitness, Pilates exercises can be easily modified to make them easier or more difficult. 

Although Pilates can be performed in a specialist studio, you can easily take classes from the comfort of your own home, and there are many helpful resources online which can facilitate this. You can also learn a lot from the multiple Pilates books that have been published over the years. 

Pilates Gift Ideas

Now you know a little more about Pilates, let’s take a look at some Pilates gift ideas! 

Pilates Equipment

Although equipment is not necessary for Pilates, having a few basic pieces can enhance user experience and aid progression, particularly when practicing from home.

The type of equipment that is best as a Pilates gift depends on the user’s level of experience and of course what they already own. For instance, a beginner may appreciate a Pilates mat or set of resistance bands to get them started, whereas a fitness ball or Pilates ring may be more suitable for someone with more experience.

However, the piece of equipment that you choose as a gift ultimately depends on individual preference, and all of the pieces of equipment we recommend would make great gifts for Pilates lovers. Here are some of our favourites!

1) Manduka PROlite Yoga and Pilates Mat

Price: £72.09

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Whether you need gifts for Pilates instructors or you’re just looking at high-quality equipment for beginners, a Pilates mat is a gift that suits all ability levels. 

Usually identical to yoga mats, Pilates mats are a key piece of equipment for those wanting to practice this form of exercise comfortably, as they have a thick cushion which protects the spine from the ground during floor work. 

This Manduka Mat is a good option as it has a 4.7mm thick cushion to support the joints, as well as a closed cell surface to prevent sweat from seeping into the mat. 

The price tag may seem a little expensive, but it is significantly cheaper than its ‘big brother’, the Black Mat PRO, and a high-quality mat is always a sensible investment. 

As well as being cheaper than the Black Mat PRO, the PROlite is lighter at just 1kg, which makes it a great option for those practicing on the go or travelling to and from the studio. 

Manduka also claims that the PROlite is non-toxic, latex free and good for the planet because of its emissions-free manufacturing process. Choosing this Pilates gift will not only help the receiver, but the planet too. 

2) Domyos Durable Fitness Gym Ball

Price: £12.99-£14.99

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If you’re looking for a Pilates gift for someone who already has a high-quality mat but little other equipment, why not consider a Pilates ball? 

Also known as a swiss or stability ball, Pilates balls are a great addition to any collection as they force the core muscles to engage in order to stabilise the body. This challenges balance skills and allows the user to improve their core strength. 

Has your friend or family member expressed an interest in improving these aspects of their fitness? If so, they may also appreciate a balance board - they’re one of the most effective methods of training balance! 

If you’re already convinced that this is the perfect Pilates gift idea for you, then this Domyos Durable Fitness Gym Ball is a great budget option. Ranging from £12.99-£14.99, there are different colour options and three different sizes, meaning that there should be a size to suit every height and weight.

Rated 4.67/5 on Decathlon, this Pilates ball comes highly rated for its extra thick material which prevents popping, as well as its non-slip grip.

The only downside to this product is that it does not come with a pump for re-inflation. However, these can be purchased separately for a fairly cheap price if required.

#3 - Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Exercise Ball  

gifts for pilates instructors

Price: £17.49 - £23.82

While slightly more expensive than the Domyos ball, Trideer’s range is another great gift for Pilates lovers. 

Each exercise ball is crafted with a non-slip surface, perfect for those who enjoy doing Pilates sessions in their garden, in parks, or on slippery gym floors. 

Trideer’s premium-range, slip prevention material allows users to perform a range of movements safely and confidently. 

With that, the brand proudly notes that each exercise ball can resist up to an incredible 2,200 lbs of weight thanks to the highly durable, strong material.

Each ball is also made with a honeycomb structure to allow the ball to deflate slowly while being burst-resistant. 

Now, when shopping around for pilates gift ideas, reviews of products may help you to make a decision. 

If Trideer’s range is sparking your interest, you’ll be pleased to know that it has amassed over 18,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. 

Many reviews love the ball’s durability and high-quality feel for an affordable price which is why we think it’s one of the best gifts for Pilates lovers. 

4) PhysioWorld Foam Roller

Price: £14.99-£24.99

best gifts for pilates lovers

Another piece of equipment that would make a great Pilates gift is a foam roller.

One of the main uses for foam rollers in Pilates is to massage sore muscles and release tension. Using a foam roller after a Pilates session helps to remove lactate pooling around the muscles and promotes good blood flow, which releases tension from the muscles and reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (also known as DOMS). 

Foam rollers are also useful for facilitating Pilates exercises. For example, if you lie down and place a foam roller behind your back, the curved surface helps to support the spine as you extend it. This will increase flexibility with regular practice. 

Something to consider when buying Pilates gifts such as foam rollers is whether the receiver is a beginner, or is more experienced in this exercise method. If they are a beginner, it may be a good idea to purchase a slightly softer foam roller, as firm rollers activate deeper tissues and could be too painful on the muscles. Also, smooth foam rollers are typically gentle, whereas spiky ones are more intense. 

This PhysioWorld Foam Roller is a great option if you’re looking for a smooth foam roller as a Pilates gift. 

We chose this foam roller as it is specifically recommended for Pilates and was developed by physiotherapists to ensure that it provides enough resistance for self-massage and muscle recovery.

The foam roller itself is made from PE foam, which makes it durable and long-lasting. It is also available in a 45cm or 90cm length, meaning there should be an option suitable for any user. If you do want a wider selection of products to choose from, however, check out our list of the 19 best foam rollers

5) Physical Company Performance Roller

Price: £19.99

best pilates gifts for clients

What makes this foam roller so great as a Pilates gift is that it has Near Field Communication technology. This means that if the user holds their smartphone over the tag on the foam roller, it brings up a library of exercises that the roller can be used for. 

Besides this unique feature, the Performance Roller is made from high-density EVA material, which is both hard-wearing and durable. The hollow core makes the roller light and compact, meaning it is a great Pilates gift idea for those who travel to a Pilates studio, or even just for those who are always on the go!

Want to learn more about how foam rollers can benefit those who practice Pilates? OriGym's guide to self-myofascial release includes everything you need to know.

6) Beenax Pilates Ring

Price: £15.99

pilates gifts for women

Also known as a ‘magic circle’, the Pilates ring is the perfect present for a more experienced recipient. When squeezed gently, Pilates rings add resistance to exercises, making them great gifts for Pilates lovers who wish to intensify their workouts. 

This Beenax Pilates Ring is a popular option, achieving an Amazon rating of 4.5/5. 

Weighing under 500g and measuring 36cm in diameter, this ring is the perfect compact gift for those wanting to add resistance to their Pilates exercises at home without taking up too much space.

This ring is a particularly great gift option as it is made of fiberglass with an outer rubber sleeve, meaning that it will not bend or break during use. 

The sleek, sturdy and compact Beenax Pilates Ring would therefore be greatly received by any Pilates lover!

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7) Gritin Resistance Bands

Price: £7.19

pilates themed gifts

The final piece of equipment on our list of recommended gifts for Pilates lovers is resistance bands.

Resistance bands are mostly made from plastic, and they're a great way to increase the difficulty of an exercise. Read more about the benefits of resistance bands here

These Gritin resistance bands make great Pilates gifts as they come in a set of 5, ranging from x light to xx-heavy. This means that they can be used by both beginners and experts, as the user can select a band that challenges their personal level of strength.

Another great feature of these bands is that they are 600m x 50mm, meaning they are long enough for total body extension, which is important for those wanting to get the most out of their Pilates workouts.

The bands come with their own carry bag, which is great for storage and transportation purposes. At £9.99 for a set of 5 bands and a bag, not only is this Pilates gift high-quality but it is great value for money!

Pilates Clothing and Accessories

If you’re looking for Pilates gifts outside of the equipment category, then Pilates clothing and accessories are another great option to explore. 

Clothing is one of the best gifts for Pilates lovers, as wearing a practical yet stylish outfit can give the wearer that boost of confidence they need to relax and enjoy their practice.

In general, if you’re looking to purchase clothes or accessories as gifts for Pilates lovers, you should ensure that they are of a high-quality. They should never restrict movement, move, or fall down - they should ensure that the wearer remains comfortable and relaxed during their practice. 

8) Lululemon Align Pant 28”

Price: £54-£88

best pilates gifts

Leggings are one of the best Pilates lover gifts as they are an integral piece of clothing, whether for a beginner or a long-time Pilates enthusiast!

When purchasing leggings, it is important that they are made of a high-quality, form-fitting material. This is so that they do not get caught in any Pilates equipment that is used during practice. Also, form-fitting leggings should be worn so that the wearer and instructor can see the form of the body and make any corrections necessary for best practice. 

Taking these points into consideration, we recommend the Lululemon Align Pant 28” as one of the best Pilates gifts for women. 

Designed in their trademarked sweat-wicking Nulu fabric, which has Yoga and Pilates specifically in mind, these leggings are light-weight, high rise and are described as a ‘second-skin’ layer. This means that they are comfortable and won’t distract the wearer during practice.

The Align Pants contain Lycra for stretch and shape retention, meaning that they should stand the test of time. This makes them an ideal Pilates gift for your friend or family member! 

One thing to be aware of is that this material requires a little extra care, so these leggings should be machine washed at a cold temperature with similar fabrics only. 

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Align Pants is that they have pockets, which are handy for holding valuables during practice.

Ranging from £54-£88, the Align pants are a higher price point than many leggings on the market, but they are definitely the perfect investment in terms of gifts for Pilates lovers!

#9 - Sweaty Betty Barre Gripper Socks 

Price: £25.00 

pilates gifts image

If you’re on the hunt for the best Pilates instructor gifts, we have a great option for you. 

More often than not, Pilates studios are made from hardwood floors and so having gip socks will help to prevent wearers from losing balance and slipping around.

Plus, Pilates can involve using various machines and so enhanced grip can always be beneficial. 

This is where Sweaty Betty’s socks come in handy, especially for Pilates instructors who will be in the studio day in, day out. 

These socks are constructed with a highly breathable organic cotton blend with a gripper panel on the sole. 

They also have built-in anti-blister heel panels, something which many other socks don’t appear to have.

They also designed with Sweaty Betty’s high-tech arch support. This creates a slight compression on the feet to promote blood flow and circulation. 

Each pack offers 2 pairs of socks; one black and one grey, perfect for those that prefer their sports gear to be minimalistic and chic. 

We think that Sweaty Betty’s range is one of the best Pilates gifts you can give. They’re super useful, high-quality, and can seriously transform their experience when working out. 

Why not consider giving a pack to your Pilates-lover friends and instructors?

10) Composure Yoga Bag, My Protein

Price: £26.99

pilates lover gifts

If your loved one already has the best Pilates equipment and clothing, why not treat them to a new bag to store it in?

This Composure Yoga Bag is one of the best gifts for Pilates lovers, as it combines both style and functionality. 

Not only is it attractive and compact, but the bag has elasticated straps on the bottom to hold a Pilates mat. It also has a side zip shoe pocket, as well as many other storage pockets. This makes it perfect for use on the go, whether the user is traveling from work to the Pilates studio, or just needs an all-in-one storage vessel. 

The bag comes in a neutral sleek and stylish grey colour, making it one of the Pilates lover gifts we would recommend for both women and men.

At £26.99 reduced from £45, this bag is great value for money considering all the features it has. If your loved one was to receive this as one of their Pilates gifts, they’d never need to invest in a Pilates bag again!

11) FitBit Charge 4

Price: £109.99

pilates presents

Finally in the Pilates clothing and accessories category, if you’re looking to splash on technology-based Pilates gifts, we’d recommend a fitness tracker.

Fitness trackers and heart rate monitors are ideal for those looking to track their exercise and general levels of wellbeing. They display exercise metrics, such as the number of calories burned, which allows the user to manage their fitness goals and track their progress.

Many trackers have added features such as guided breathing exercises, which marks them as one of the best Pilates gift ideas for someone who likes to unwind after a session.

We would recommend the FitBit Charge 4 as a Pilates gift, which is the newest fitness tracker launched by FitBit. This tracker can measure steps, heart rate and sleep, but most importantly the Charge 4 has a great new feature which allows users to track Pilates sessions!

The Charge 4 has a sleek and smart design, as well as being compact enough to ensure that it does not get in the way of the user’s Pilates practice. It is also water-resistant, so it can be worn during the sweatiest of sessions!

What makes the FitBit one of the great Pilates gifts for women and men alike is that there are several colours available, as well as the option to customise the wrist strap to the user’s preference.

We’re sure you’ll agree that these features make the FitBit Charge 4 one of the best gifts for Pilates lovers, whether they’re a beginner or want to level up their Pilates workouts by tracking their progress.

Other Pilates Gifts

If you’re looking for some unique Pilates gift ideas, then this section is for you!

Below we’ve compiled a variety of Pilates gifts, from books to mugs, and even Pilates vouchers.  Whether you’re looking for presents for a Pilates teacher, friend, or even if you’re searching for perfect Pilates gifts for clients, we’ve got you covered with gifts that will suit anyone with an interest in this form of exercise.

12) ‘Anatomy of Fitness Pilates: Cased Gift Box’, Isabel Eisen

Price: £20.75

pilates gifts uk image

Whether your friend or family member is a beginner or a more experienced Pilates enthusiast, it is always good for those interested in Pilates to have a supply of books that guide their work and improve their practice. 

However, it can often be overwhelming to choose from the wide range of books available, so we have narrowed it down for you.

Our first recommendation is ‘Anatomy of Fitness Pilates’ by Isabel Eisen. This is perfect if you’re looking for Pilates gifts for clients or for someone looking to dip their toes into Pilates practice, as the cased gift box comes with a book and DVD.

Although much knowledge can be gained through reading about Pilates, having the option to watch a professional demonstrate the exercises is a great advantage for beginners, as they can practice correct form from the very start of their Pilates journey.

The book also features anatomical diagrams, which not only helps readers learn how to perform Pilates exercises, but also shows which muscles will be worked. If your client or loved one is interested in learning more of the science behind Pilates, then this book would be the perfect Pilates gift!

13) Return to Life Through Contrology’ Joseph Pilates

Price: £6.10

pilates instructor gifts

For a real Pilates fanatic or someone who’s interested in learning more about the history of Pilates, ‘Return to Life Through Contrology’ is the perfect Pilates gift.

Written by Joseph Pilates himself, the book explains how Pilates originally began as a practice. It also details the foundational principles of Contrology and illustrates the original 34 Pilates exercises. 

The book was first published in 1945 and has been described as a concise guide to Joseph Pilates’ theories of health and wellness, including exercise, sleep and diet. 

As ‘Return to Life’ is often a staple text for Pilates teacher training, this would be perfect if you’re looking for gifts for Pilates instructors, or could even be the push that your loved one needs to begin teaching Pilates themselves!

If you’re looking for more Pilates book recommendations, check out our article on Pilates books here.

14) Papier Wellness Journal

Price: £24.99

pilates themed gifts image

As already discussed, Pilates stresses the importance of the mind to body connection and encourages inward thinking and reflection.

In the busy world that we live in, it can be useful to take a step back and think about what you are grateful for, and your future goals, as well as reflecting on day-to-day life. Wellness journals, or gratitude journals as they are sometimes known, can help with this journey to mindfulness.

This is because they act as a tool for users to reflect on these aspects of life, in a private, safe, and personal space. Wellness journals can therefore help to clear the mind, which creates the perfect conditions for a focused Pilates practice.

If we’ve convinced you that a wellness journal would make the perfect Pilates gift, then why not consider the Papier Wellness Journal?

This journal specifically is one of our top gifts for Pilates lovers as it has 12 weeks' worth of pages, which include a wellness map, pages to set intentions, goals, and to express gratitude and feelings. It also allows the user to track elements of physical health, such as exercise, diet and water intake. 

The Papier Wellness Journal is available in 3 different colours and will set you back £24.99, which we think is a reasonable price to pay in exchange for all the features that this journal has to offer.

If you choose to send this as a gift straight to the recipient, the journal comes ‘prettily packaged’ as a bonus, which really seals the deal to make this one of our favourite Pilates gift ideas. If you are interested in viewing other products on the market, take a look at our list of the 15 best fitness journals to keep you motivated

15) Pilates Classical Exercises Poster

Price: £9.64-£23.64

present for pilates teacher image

If you’re looking for unique gifts for Pilates lovers, this poster is the ideal choice.

Designed by Canadian independent artists from ‘thepilatesshop’, this poster displays the classical Pilates exercises in a fun yet informative way, which is sure to catch the attention of anyone who walks by!

The clear diagrams and semi-gloss finish make this poster a perfect point of reference, or a great option for jazzing up a blank wall in a Pilates studio, living room or office space.

Available in three sizes: small, medium or large, this Pilates poster has an option to suit everyone, making it a great choice if you’re searching for gifts for Pilates instructors, or simply just gifts for Pilates lovers!

16) Personalised Pila-Tea Pilates Mug

Price: £12.50

gifts for pilates instructors

Here at OriGym we think that everyone needs a good mug in their life, especially to hold a nice cup of tea or coffee in after a hard exercise session. 

As Pilates themed gifts go, this ‘Pila-Tea’ mug would be a great option for someone with a combined love of Pilates and tea. It's definitely one of the best gifts for Pilates instructors who need to take a well-earned tea break after classes!

Handprinted by Lovetree Design in their West Midlands studio, this is guaranteed to be a high-quality mug and every purchase supports Lovetree as a small independent business.

The feature that makes this one of the most unique gifts for Pilates lovers is the fact that you can include the recipient’s name on this mug, allowing you to add that special personalised flourish to your gift.

#17 - Kajoma Studio Pilates Gift Box 


pilates gifts uk image

Finishing up our list of the best Pilates gifts is this wonderful Kajoma Studio Pilates gift box.

Each box is full of Pilates essentials that are perfect for Pilates newbies and long-term lovers, making it a great go-to for every occasion.

This Pilates gift box includes:

  • A voucher for one month’s access to Kajoma Studio classes
  • Uplifting 10ml blend mat spritz 
  • Resistance band
  • Protein snack
  • Personalised gift card

Items are beautifully presented on a bed of tissue paper and secured in a small box that can be slotted through a letterbox, so there’s no need to arrange for the recipient to be home to receive the delivery. 

Plus, this is one of the best Pilates gift ideas for friends and family that live far away from one another and may not be able to visit on special occasions. 

Therefore, this Pilates gift box is a convenient gift to give while still being incredibly thoughtful. 

How to Choose a Pilates Gift

Now that you’ve read our guide to some of the best Pilates gifts in the UK, you might be wondering how to narrow the options down to just one or two gifts for your loved one. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which of these Pilates presents to purchase:

Who are you buying for?

As we have discussed throughout this guide, some Pilates gifts are great for all levels of experience, whereas others are designed with those who are more experienced in mind. 

For instance, a Pilates mat makes the practice of this exercise method more comfortable, so is a great gift option for all Pilates lovers.

In contrast, more advanced pieces of equipment that are designed to increase the difficulty of Pilates exercises, such as a Pilates ring, may not be the best option when considering Pilates gifts for beginners. 

What do they already have?

pilates gift ideas

Another important point to consider is the Pilates equipment and clothing that your recipient already has.

As discussed, equipment is not necessary for Pilates, but some basics can help to improve the experience of a beginner. For instance, a foam roller could benefit a beginner who is struggling with delayed onset muscle soreness after their Pilates sessions.

If the recipient already has a high-quality range of Pilates equipment, then you could consider other Pilates themed gifts instead. Presents such as the wellness journal and classical exercises poster that we have recommended make great Pilates gifts for instructors, as they give a stylish yet gentle nod to their love for and experience with Pilates. 

Before You Go!

Whether you’re looking for Pilates gifts for beginners, gifts for Pilates instructors, or even a treat for yourself, we hope that you’ve been able to find exactly what you’re looking for after reading our guide. 

It can be difficult to choose Pilates presents when you’re overwhelmed with so many options, but we hope to have made that decision a little easier for you. 

Is your passion for Pilates and fitness in general tugging you towards a career in the industry? Find out more by checking out OriGym’s diploma in personal training, or browsing our course prospectus before you go. 

Written by Rebecca Felton

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Graduating from the University of Liverpool with a first-class degree in English, Rebecca’s combined passions for fitness and writing are what brought her to OriGym. Rebecca is a keen gym-goer and specifically enjoys lifting weights. Outside of fitness and writing, Rebecca enjoys cooking, reading, and watching the football.

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