23 Best Power Towers For The Ultimate Workout (2022)

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Are you looking for the best power tower in the UK?

We don’t blame you; they're a great piece of equipment to use at home, especially if you're looking for a full-body workout. Many of the products on our list come with several grip positions meaning that they offer many different oppourtunities to exercise, and all in one piece of equipment! 

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1.Phoenix Fitness Pull Up Station

Price: £124.99

power tower

This pull-up station is an all in one equipment that allows you to perform pull-ups and push-ups, as well as dips and vertical knee raises. If you decide to go with this tower, you will be able to use it in the privacy of your own home to help achieve your fitness goals. 

Made of a lightweight but sturdy metal, the Phoenix Fitness Pull Up Station is ideal for any home gym or fitness set up. It's easy to assemble, but the compact size doesn't mean it loses any of the impact that its larger competitors may have. 

Standing at 200cm tall, 95cm wide, and 77cm deep, it's not out of place in even the smallest of home gym setups!

We'd recommend the Phoenix Fitness Pull Up Station for anyone looking for an affordable power tower that doesn't lose any of the muscle impact.

2.Yoleo Tower

Price: £169.99

chin gym

This is the latest pull-up dip station from Yoleo, and it will help to bring the best out of every user. Unlike some of the towers on this list, this product has a curved base so it can be as secure and stable as possible when in use. 

The tower also comes with 4 power suction cups attached to the base, so it will not slip or slide when you are using it. If you’re thinking of working out at home on a regular basis or you’re struggling for ideas, why not take a look at our step by step guide on how to build your own home gym!

This product is made of reinforced steel, which gives you the confidence that you will get your moneys worth over the years. Installed on the tower is a foam armrest, back support, and anti-slip elbow pads to reduce any pressure on your joints. This will help you to avoid injury, which is always a plus. 

This chin-up station features a height adjustment system and has 6 levels. This makes it an excellent choice for people of all ages, and ensures that anyone who uses it will get an incredible upper body workout.

Yoleo, unlike other companies, has gone the extra mile with helping their customers to install their equipment. They have provided clear instructions and also put together an installation video to help you further! 

3.Sportstech 7 in 1 Machine

Price: £184.90

bodybuilding equipment

You might not have heard of Sportstech before but we can assure you, this tower is fantastic! The pull up frame is made out of steel, and has an extra frame with suctions cups attached at the base to reduce movement in the equipment as well as making it suitable for all types of flooring. 

Unlike other products out there, SportsTech facilitates at least 7 different exercises that could be performed using this piece of equipment. You could even go further and install ropes or resistance bands, as there are eyelets pre-installed.  

The free-standing machine features a full bar for pull-ups, which means you can change your grip to how you would normally perform this exercise without the worry of constantly adjusting your hand position. It also gives you the opportunity to target your back and shoulder muscles through variations of the exercise. 

The pull-up tower also comes equipped with extra-thick back and armrests. This will ensure your joints and back are protected whenever you exercise. Also, there is a foam roller on the bottom of the machine to allow you to perform comfortable sit-ups, and the handles themselves have grooves to ensure optimum grip when you perform leg raises. 

4.JX Fitness Tower

Price: £129.99

Best power tower

If you’re looking for a chin-up bar suitable for all family members, why not take a look at this tower from JX Fitness. It has a 5-level adjustable height mechanism to ensure that even teenagers can use this equipment. 

It has an H-shaped steel structure with a steel tube frame to ensure stability and safety when you exercise. 

This fitness station will help you with a number of exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, dips and many more! You could potentially include knee raises as part of your workout programme, and luckily for you, we have a step by step guide on how to do knee raises

5.Ultrasport Power Tower

Price: £139.99

free standing pull up bar uk

Ultrasport may not be a well-known brand within the fitness market, but this product happens to be Amazon’s #1 best seller for power towers in the UK! This is a result of years of experience, and the expectations of Ultrasport's customers for this well-designed product. 

This hybrid tower offers many training features and has an adjustable height and depth mechanism, so you can modify your exercises within a few minutes. 

There are arm and back supports made with soft foam to prevent any joint pain when you’re exercising. This fitness station would be ideal to perform dips, pull-ups, chin-ups and many more! If you feel you want to strengthen your core even further, find out more from our ultimate list of ab rollers

The tower has a solid steel construction with non-slip feet to ensure stability and safety when you perform any exercises on the tower. 

6.DlandHome Tower

Price: £79.99

best power tower

This pull up station has a heavy-duty metal frame, and at the base of the tower is an anti-eversion base which helps with stability and durability. The height of the frame can also be adjusted quickly, making it suitable for all ages. 

This equipment can be used for a variety of exercises like chin-ups, dips, push-ups, vertical knee raises and more! 

The long-term usage of this bodybuilding equipment means that you won’t need to sign up for a gym membership any longer; a lot of the exercises that you complete using this tower will help to tone all of your muscles in one place.

7.Sogeshome Tower

Price: £89.99

free standing

Similar to the DlandHome tower, this product comes with a heavy-duty metal frame with splayed anti-eversion legs to ensure safety and stability. 

You will be able to use this tower as both a pull-up and dip station, making it pretty versatile. The bar has handles which curve downwards, making it easy for you to find a grip that’s most comfortable for you. 

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable tower that’s durable then this would be a great option. However, compared to others on the list, the usage is quite limited and it doesn’t have the same padding to protect your joints. 

8.OneTwoFit Tower

Price: £199.99

free standing chin up bar

OneTwoFit may not be a well-known brand in the fitness industry, but don’t overlook it just yet. It has earned its spot as an Amazon’s Choice product, and has been labelled as the best free-standing pull-up bar in the UK on the platform.

The tower has 3 levels of height adjustments which makes it ideal for all ages. It also has a solid metal frame with curved legs to ensure stability during use. The feet of the tower have been installed with rubber on each side to prevent the equipment from sliding across the floor. 

It also has a front-facing tower bar with a wide grip to ensure the optimum and most comfortable grip for you. 

The back is cushioned, and the handles are manufactures with a foam padding to help protect your joints whatever exercise you want to perform using the tower.  

9.VidaXL Dip Tower

Price: £135.00

power tower

If you are on the lookout for a lightweight tower with a pull-up and dip bar then this product would be ideal. It is a multifunctional tower designed for a wide range of exercises like sit-ups, chin-ups, dips, pull-ups, leg raises and more. 

The leg raise and dip support are thickly padded for a comfortable and easy workout experience. Also, the sturdy frame is finished with a black powder coating which will make the tower stylish yet practical.

10. Power-Tower PT300

Price: £199.99

best power towers

This chin-up station from Sports Tech is made from high-quality tubes and has a max capacity of 120kg. There’s foam on each of the handles to ensure that your hands will not slip when the tower is in use.

The pull-up bar has grooves within the handles so your hands will be protected if you want to use this station for long periods of time. The thick padded back support is perfect for if you wanted to do leg raises, as it will help to keep your back straight and prevent any injury.

Unlike other towers on this list, this pull-up station has up to 7 different height adjustments, so it’s suitable for all the family.

You will also be able to perform different types of exercises with this machine such as knee raises, leg raises, pull-ups, dips, and more!

11. Dripex Multi-Function Power Tower-Pull Up Bar Station

Price: £76.99

best power tower for pullups

The max capacity of this tower is 181kg, meaning this pull-up tower is suitable for the vast majority of people. The pull-up bar is made out of thick steel for durability and safety when you exercise

The height levels can be adjusted and are between 164cm and 230cm. They go up in 10cm increments, making the product ideal for most heights.

The tower supports many different exercises like the push-up, knee raise, dips, and more! Also, all of the handles are surrounded by foam to prevent hand fatigue.

Other models on this list typically come with handles wrapped in foam, but never the middle section. However, this chin-up bar has pre-installed foam around the bar so even if you struggle with chin-ups, you will not lose any grip.

12. Homcom Steel Multi-use Exercise Power Tower Station

Price: £66.99

home pullup training bar

The Homcom Tower is made from steel and has a max capacity of 120kg. Fitted with grips on parts you’ll use to prevent you from hurting yourself, this frame is finished with adjustable foot pads for continual balance.

The tower is easy to assemble as there are not many components required. It comes with clear instructions to help you to complete the assembly within an hour, which is also pretty useful!

The pull-up tower can be used for a range of exercises like pull-ups, sit-ups, knee raises and more. The product is made only of high-quality materials to ensure stability and safety when you exercise.

The fitness station boasts 7 different positions to fix to a level, so it’s suitable and safe for the whole family!

13. VOUNOT Power Tower with Backrest

Price: £119.99

dip station pull up bar

This pull-up stand features one of the best height adjustments on this list, with 9 separate holed that can be adjusted according to your preference. The height ranges between 164cm and 203cm, perfect for the majority of people.

The ergonomic design of the PU leather padded back support helps to reduce pressure from excessive force during your exercise, and the extra-long H-shaped base allows the pull up bar to support more weight. The max weight capacity for this pull-up tower is 150kg.

At the bottom of the machine, there are 4 suction cups to keep the tower stable on any surface. This means you’ll be able to do your exercises knowing that the free-standing chin-up bar is secure and stable. 

VOUNOT upgraded from one of their previous models by adding non-slip handles to this model which prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself during your workout. The foam surrounds also reduce the fatigue on your hands.

14. TecTake Power Tower

Price: £259.99

power tower best

This is something very different from all of the products what we have mentioned so far. The design of this tower is perfect for those looking for a pull up frame to use for calisthenics. Unlike others, however, there’s no back support. Thus, if you wanted to do leg raises, for example, this might not be suitable for you.

However, don’t be put off if you’re a beginner! Luckily for you, we’ve written a step-by-step guide on calisthenics for beginners.

The pull up station has adjustable heights so you can use it for a range of exercises like the push-up, chin-up, pull-up, and many more.

The high-quality steel tubing frame will stand the test of time, not to mention the cool design with the black and red colours running throughout the frame.

15.Zkhysm Tower

Price: £189.99

bodybuilding equipment

If you’re after a free-standing pull-up bar in the UK then this product from Zkhysm is exactly what you're looking for. It has a steel-shaped H frame base which provides extra stability on hard floor and carpets during training. There are also 4 strong suction cups on the base of the frame to ensure the tower is secured when in use. 

It’s a training station where you can work out a whole range of muscles, for example; the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and more! 

The tower also comes with installation tools and clear instructions, so you’ll be able to fix this frame together in no time at all. 

It can also be adjusted into 6 different heights, making it suitable for anyone. On the pull-up and dip bar, it has sweat-absorbent properties and this will help you to grip the bar with no issue at all. 

16. NXLWXN Tower

Price: £209.99

free standing chin up bar

NXLWXN isn't a well-known brand in the world of fitness equipment, and you may be wondering what justifies the price for this reason. However, if you’re looking for the best power tower in the UK, then you might as well invest in a product which will last for years!  

This is the ideal training partner for diversifying your weight training exercises. You can use it to train your biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, and many more. 

One great thing about this tower is the 4 eyelets installed within its frame. They allow you to attach ropes or bands to the frame to vary your workouts even further. If you’re struggling to find resistance bands, why not take a look at our ultimate list of resistance bands here for more information!

The product is made out of chrome-plated steel with a matte black painted finish. The finish is not only stylish, but the surface will be easy-to-grip and safe to use. 

The difference between this tower when compared to others is the customisable heights on almost anything on the frame. Whether it’s the handles on the pull-up bar or the handles on the dip bar, you can adjust the height according to what you want. 

17. Home Fitness Cose Multi-function Power Tower Dip Station

Price: £79.99

best home power tower

This pull-up stand is constructed from heavy-duty steel piped, with an extra steel pipe welded at each end for extra support and stability. The 102cm H-shaped base has 4 powerful anti-slip suction cups to increase the force-bearing area and improve stability. You’ll also notice it comes with pulley handles, so you can vary your workout even more!

This affordable tower has 6 adjustment levels, from 175cm to 240cm, perfect for all of your adult fitness needs. The max capacity of this machine is 150kg, so you can be sure it will suit your whole family. Plus, the armrest’s are tilted 10 degreed inwards to prevent your arms from slippinh out during your workout, reducing the risk of accidents and injury.

This heavy-duty metal frame can support any workout, from knee raises, to dips, to push-ups, and more!

18.BEIAKE Tower

Price: £216.99

free standing pull up bar uk

Beiake, like with some of the others on the list, may not be a well-known brand but it has got one of the highest weight capacities out of all of the products. The tower’s capacity can hold up to nearly 200kg, meaning it’s definitely suitable for all sizes. 

The chin-up station has a stable base, and the length of the base is one of the longest on this list. This helps provide more loading points when you jump on the frame.

There are multiple support points on the steel to increase the contact area, and this provides stability to the frame. For further stability, there are 4 suction cups on the base of the frame. 

The tower has non slip handles to help stabilise you when you perform a leg raise, this will prevent your elbows from slipping from the bar. 

Another great aspect of this product is the armrests are slightly angled at 10 degrees, this will also help support your elbows as well!

19.TecTake Tower

Price: £314.99

free standing

This free standing tower from TecTake has truly taken home fitness to the next level. Unlike other products on this list, it has a bench included within the bundle.

This means that not only can you workout by doing pull-ups, chin-ups, press-ups, and leg-raises, but you’ll be able to incorporate weight training into your routine if you own a pair of dumbbells. 

The handles are non-slip to ensure safety when you’re using the tower, and the fact that the handles are made from foam means that its ideal for performing leg raises and dips. 

20. BodyMax CF260+ Power Tower

Price: £199.99

bodymax power tower

This free-standing tower from BodyMax has truly taken home fitness to the next level. Unlike other products on this list, it has adjustable handle positions that you can change depending on which workout movements you’re doing.

This means that you have multiple exercise options, like chin-ups, pull-ups, dips and more. Plus, the conveniently placed foot restraints ensure that you perform sit-ups correctly. This affordable tower has a max capacity of 120kg.

The comfortable, durable upholstery adds additional support and protection, while the heavy-duty tubular frame construction is robust and stable to ensure your training can go on for longer in complete comfort.

21. Men’s Health Tower

Price: £99.99

free standing pull up bar uk

Men’s Health has always had a good reputation in providing high-quality gym equipment, especially for people who are looking for a more affordable option. 

This is the cheapest product on our ultimate list of power towers, but it has great versatility. The multi-grip pull-up frame allows you to complete a variety of chin up and pull up variations. 

If you are thinking of doing vertical knee raises, the back-pad is well cushioned and the grips are also there to support you when you exercise. 

The push-up handles at the base of the tower will help you get a broader range of motion and protect your wrists when you practice. If you feel like you want to challenge yourself, why not take some time and read our top push-up bars list!  

22. Origin Fitness Alpha Series Compact Half Rack

Price: £533.99

half rack power tower

If you’re looking for a chin-up station that’s easy to assemble, then this will be for you. There are a total 19 adjustable racking positions for you to choose from, each 8cm apart for precision, allowing you to adjust the height exactly where you want it to be. 

The Alpha Half Rack also comes with an optional drop-in pull up bar which makes the rack more versatile. The drop-in bar allows users to use a pull up bar in top position, or switch to j-hooks for squats without having to disassemble.

The structure of the tower is slightly different because normally the H-shape would be up top. Instead, the H-shaped structure is on the bottom meaning this tower will not wobble or topple over,

Origin Fitness has also supplied the tools you need to build this product so you don’t have to source it yourself, a nice touch considering it’s one of the cheapest on our list.

23.Foride Dip Station

Price: £176.99

best power tower

Our final product on this ultimate list of towers is from Foride. Now, you may not have heard of this brand before but don’t worry; this product is built to last. It has a steel-frame construction and is able to hold a maximum capacity of 120kg. 

This pull-up stand also has a stable base. The base is longer than others so it has more loading points. This means the weight can be spread out evenly across the support points ensuring stability and safety when you exercise. 

This tower also has 4 suction cups at the bottom of the base and this will prevent the tower from moving from side to side when you use it. The pull-up dip station will be also suitable for any surface that you use. 

The elbow pads are great if you’re doing vertical knee raises. Normally, when you perform this exercise, you will be adding a lot of pressure to these joints, so having the pads there will prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself. 

Before you go!

We hope that you found our list of the best power towers useful, especially since there is such a great range of products listed! We understand that 23 towers sounds like a lot, but we felt that it was best to give you a good insight to the products that are available - that way, you're only investing in something that you know is of a great quality. 

The main point of this article is to make people aware that there are towers available at reasonable prices online, so if you do not have a lot of space at home, you will be able to work your entire body with just one single piece of equipment. 

If you want to kick start a career in the health and fitness sector, why not take a look at our REPs recognised Level 4 Nutrition Course or download our FREE prospectus before you go! 

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