13 Best Powerlifting Shoes Buyer's Guide (2022)

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So, you’re looking for powerlifting shoes in the UK? We don't blame you, as without the right help it can be difficult to find the correct pair. 

Here at OriGym, we understand how important it is to choose the right shoes to help boost your performance and hit those PBs! 

We have split our product list into two main sections for anyone who is specifically looking for either men or women’s powerlifting shoes.  

So, what are you waiting for? Let's jump straight into finding your perfect pair... 

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Do Powerlifting Shoes Work?

The answer is; yes! If you are looking to improve your powerlifting performance in a significant way then you should definitely invest in a good pair. 

If you are lifting on a regular basis, then it’s ideal to get yourself a pair of powerlifting shoes. Of course, you would not become a professional athlete by default if you bought a pair of shoes but as long as you get the technique right and learn the correct mechanics in the movements of your lifts, you will be able to hit those PBs in no time. 

How do Powerlifting Shoes Work? 

They're great for the following reasons: 

There’s a secure foothold when you wear these shoes. The majority of powerlifting shoes are made out of leather or rugged fabric which ensures a snug fit. These shoes would not allow the foot to slide within the shoe. Also, they usually have a heel clip at the back or a firm heel counter. 

Powerlifting shoes have a wider platform than other training shoes. The stiff sole is made out of either 2 materials, TPU or layered EVA. Having either of these soles will ensure effective force transfer from the wearer’s foot directly to the ground. The outsole will normally consist of a slip-resistant material to provide superior traction. 

This leads onto our next point, that powerlifting shoes in the UK have a noticeably raised heel which will help to reduce tension placed on the Achilles tendon during squats. Having an elevated heel will allow the knee to achieve greater flexion to prevent injuries due to incorrect form. Of course, you need to make sure you take rest days as well to prevent injuries! 

Compared to other workout shoes, these shoes are more durable and have a sturdier construction. The upper section is made to be stiff and more snug to ensure your feet stay in place. 

If you’re wondering how shoes such as these work, it’s not as straightforward as you think! There are many components to how they will affect the output of your workout, but it’s down to you as the user to adjust to the shoes to boost your performance! 

Powerlifting Shoes for Men

1.Adidas Powerlift 4 Shoes 

adidas powerlifting shoes uk

Price: £84.99

The popular Powerlift 3 shoes from Adidas have certainly had an upgrade! If you’re looking for cheap powerlifting shoes with great reviews then the Adidas Powerlift 4 may be your answer. 

This powerlifting shoe collection is renowned as it’s one of the most affordable shoes on the market. In comparison to the previous Adidas Powerlift 3.1. The Powerlift 4 has the full outer construction made from canvas which makes the trainers durable and lightweight. 

The Powerlift 4 offers a 0.6-inch heel which is made out of EVA foam. If you are new to powerlifting, having an elevated heel is ideal when you want to squat lower.

The outsole is firm and offers similar ridges to the previous Powerlift 3.1. However, while it's firm and stable just be careful as it can slip on wet platforms. 

The strap is made out of canvas and provides a lot of security and has a lighter construction. There’s a thick tube construction which covers the midfoot and around the tongue of the shoe. This will ensure the durability of the trainers and prevent any ripping of the laces. 

Whether you are a complete novice to weightlifting or a regular in competitions, your training will benefit from this product. You can even match them with a pair of running tights to help warm your muscles up! 

2. Nike Romaleos 3

Nike powerlifting shoes

Price: £169.95

If you’re looking for men’s powerlifting shoes, you have come to the right place! This product is not only practical for your training, but incredibly sleek in appearance. 

The heel of the Romaleos 3 XD is made out of TPU material and hollow, and the material of the outsole is protected by grease and oil. The Romaleos 3 still has pylons within the shoe to help structural rigidity. The forefront of the shoe is very bendy and flexible which allows you the ability to move better in them. The harder heel will ensure that you will achieve a deeper squat and will keep you supported during the lift. 

If you are looking for squat shoes for powerlifting, then you should know that they're not meant to have full support on the midsole. One thing that is handy, however, is that the product has two removable insole sets that you can swap out based on the needs of your workout. 

One of the insole sets has a softer texture, while the other one has a harder feel. 

The softer insole would be more suited to workouts such as CrossFit, whereas the other insole (which is harder) would be more suited for powerlifting or weightlifting. Find out more about weightlifting injuries and preventative measures here

The upper material of the shoe is made out of a synthetic leather overlay. The overlay helps to protect the mesh of the shoe whilst allowing breathability and airflow through the shoe. There is Flywire technology to prevent your feet from wobbling when you are wearing the shoe.

There’s a handy velcro strap which you pull across in order to have a more secure and tighter fit. The Nike Romaleos 3 is true to size which is ideal if you’re looking for shoes for powerlifting. In terms of durability there is a rubber outsole which features a honeycomb pattern, which typically allows the shoes to last longer. 

The Romaleos 3 is designed to help keep your feet stable and in place when you apply pressure, or in this instance when you perform any powerlifting exercises. The Romaleos 3 help support your weight as you squat or deadlift. These trainers would be helpful for individuals who tend to squat in a narrow stance, as they will help you to get deeper into your squat whilst keeping your back straight as you come down.  

In terms of price, the product costs £169.95 and you certainly get the quality that you pay for. They come in the colour black and would be an ideal pair of powerlifting shoes for men! 

3. Reebok Men’s Legacy Lifter  

Reebok powerlifting shoes

Price: £229.05-£307.42

The Reebok Legacy Lifter is one of the best on the market if you’re looking for powerlifting squat shoes! These shoes are built with a stacked heel for stability and provide an ideal squat position. 

The trainers have a breathable low cut design to help maximise ankle mobility. The heel height of the Legacy Lifts is 0.86 inches which makes them ideal squat shoes for powerlifting. They have a wide base with a heel cup, which will help the ankle and foot stay in place when it comes to providing maximum power and strength lifts. 

The upper shoe material has a little bit of stiffness on the toe box of the shoe and the midfoot has some added leather and mesh around the ankles and heel. Lifters who transition from all leather construction to this Reebok Legacy Trainer may find it helpful if they tend to train for longer sessions. 

The snug fit around the heel and ankle will help with the flexibility of the mesh around the ankles. This will ensure that your feet are well-supported when you decide to train with heavy and explosive lifts. If you want to switch up your conventional deadlifts, then check out our Sumo Deadlift article

The Legacy Lifters have two-foot straps on the trainers for maximal lateral support. The first strap goes across the mid part of the shoe. The second strap will help when you help plant the midfoot into the floor which prevents any sliding. 

They offer a solid base and would be highly beneficial when it comes to heavy squats. It may take time to get used to wearing them due to the slight heel, but once you'be powered through this they will become the ideal powerlifting squat shoes!

4.Inov-8 Fastlift 335 Men’s 

INOV 8 powerlifting shoes cheap

Price: £140.00

If you’re looking for one of the best powerlifting squat shoes then Inov-8 Fastlift 335 may be the right option for you. 

A lot of powerlifting shoes can often be bulky and not comfortable, the Fastlift 335 has the flexibility of a CrossFit trainer yet the structure of a powerlifting shoe. 

The Innov-8 lifting shoe has gained great reputation from the powerlifting and weightlifting community as one of the most popular powerlifting shoes in the UK. 

These powerlifting shoes are made from heavy-duty plastic and strengthening material, which will ensure the shoes are durable and more effective. 

The Inov-8 Fastlift 335 comes with a one-inch thick strap across the midfoot of the trainer to ensure maximum foot stability. The TPU heels are one of the most common heels used in modern lifting shoes.

The outsole rubber holds secure on the box or gym floor, especially if it’s when lifting heavy weights. There's an external heel cage with POWER-TRUSS Technology that gives you lateral stability and a stable base for lifting. 

To ensure your foot will not move from within the shoe, there is an adjustable hook and loop to total lockdown. The collar and tongue are made out of thick and comfortable material. 

The Mid-Foot Hold has a velcro strap over the top of the shoe which securely holds the laces in place. With its META-FLEX technology, they will have a transition from powerlifting to other functional movements in the same workout without changing your shoes which can be annoying!

5. Sabo Deadlift Shoes 

SABO best cheap powerlifting shoes

Price: £70.00

Compared to other powerlifting shoes in the UK, the SABO Deadlift shoes are only 2mm-5mm thick and the pair comes with a handy strap which will prevent movement within the shoe when you perform the lift. 

The metatarsal strap will be useful to prevent any pronation or supination of the foot. When you perform a deadlift you will want to have your foot flat against the ground, this will help with a more stable surface to push again which will help increase force transfer and the amount of weight you will lift. 

When it comes to the best powerlifting shoes, it’s ideal when performing deadlifts to have a shoe which is closer to the ground because it’s shorter to pull the bar when it comes to the full extension. 

Comparing the SABO deadlift shoes to deadlift slippers, this pair of men’s powerlifting shoes have reinforced sides. If you are a powerlifter and want to lift in Sumo style, the SABOs will allow you to spread your weight across the floor effectively. You can also even check out our guide to the trap bar deadlift to use as an alternative exercise! 

When it comes to squats, some individuals may not want to choose this product because it doesn’t have much of a heel. However, these trainers will help with people who have a wider squat in general. 

In terms of price, the product costs £70.00 a pair and comes in the colour black, and would be the ideal pair of men’s powerlifting shoes.

6. Nordic Lifting Powerlifting Shoes

Nordic Lifting powerlifting shoes amazon

Price: £70.43

If you’re looking for one of the best cheap powerlifting shoes on the market, look no further.

The Nordic Lifting Powerlifting shoes feature a sturdy velcro strap with a 1.4-inch heel to provide fantastic foot support. The product also has reinforced stitching to ensure that it’s built to last. 

These shoes are not only designed for professional athletes but also individuals who are looking for powerlifting squat shoes. If you are a heavy lifter this product is designed to maximise your lifting capabilities for either the squat or deadlift, as well as to provide maximum foot stability and support. 

The soles of the shoe provide an anti-slip sole which will allow you to remain stable when you perform a deadlift or a squat. These shoes are true to size to ensure your feet do not move when you perform any exercise. 

When you are performing a squat, for example, it’s beneficial for you to stand upright. Squatting with a raised heel like the Nordic Lifting shoes will help you to improve your accuracy in terms of your lifting force which in theory will help you to lift more weight! 

The powerlifting shoes are made out of high-quality cotton, and like with other powerlifting shoe brands it comes with a sturdy velcro strap. This product is also ideal for individuals who are bodybuilders and Olympic weightlifters.

7. Adipower Weightlifting 2 Shoes

Adidas weightlifting powerlifting shoes

Price: £149.95

If you’re looking for one of the best powerlifting shoes on the market then look no further. These shoes were the first pair of shoes to utilize the TPU heel!

The AdiPowers are designed to be flexible and manoeuvrable for powerlifters, weightlifters, functional fitness athletes and recreational lifters. 

The outer construction of the shoe is relatively simple yet effective. The Adipower 2 outer construction is more rigid and a little more durable compared to its previous model. The foot strap is slightly lower as well! 

The outsole of the Adipower shoes is made out of anti-slip rubber to help with a firmer grip and steadiness. These weightlifting shoes have VentFlow installed in them so even during long training sessions your feet will be ventilated. There’s also a mesh tongue to help make the shoes extra breathable.

The midsole of the shoe has a firm wedge of TPU. This is a lightweight yet it doesn’t get compressed when weight is applied to ensure sturdiness in the shoe. There’s also a 20mm heel to help improve ankle mobility. 

There is an adjustable hook and loop instep strap which will help individuals to have a secure foothold when performing a squat. 

Even though the exterior may be tough and rigid, the inside of the shoe has a soft textured lining to ensure your comfort when you perform a lift. 

In terms of price, it retails at £149.95 however it’s one of the best powerlifting squat shoes on the market. 

Women’s Powerlifting Shoes

8. INOV-8 Fastlift 400 BOA Women’s 

Inov 8 powerlifting shoes uk

Price: £170.00

If you’re looking for women’s powerlifting shoes, then this product from Inov 8 might be for you! In comparison to the 325 model, these shoes are designed specifically for the powerlifting community. 

The shoe has the latest lifting technologies to help with grip and stability which is optimised for lifting purposes. 

One fantastic feature of the product is the BOA Laces that ensure your feet are secure. They also have a medial strap as well to stop it from slipping. The 400 features has a PowerTruss TPU heel so you will be able to drive through with your heels with ease. 

Also, the INOV-8 Fastlift 400 has still got the flexibility which the majority of shoes for powerlifting do not have. It’s also one of the lighter powerlifting shoes on the market as well weighing only 396 grams!

There is a flat outsole and heel which features dimples that act like suction pads. This will ensure you will get a stable and even platform when you perform a lift. 

There is META-FLEX technology in the forefoot that provides more comfortable movements, this will allow you to transition from powerlifting to other functional movements without the annoyance of changing shoes midway through your workout.

This can be supported by our article on the different rules of gym etiquette, in which we mention that having the correct footwear in the gym is essential. 

There is a welded rubber toe bumper on the front of the shoe to protect the toes in the case of any accidental drops, which we also mention in the article!

In terms of price, the shoes cost £170.00, so they're not exactly cheap powerlifting shoes. However, with the flexibility of the shoes and the BOA tightening strap, they're definitely one of the best on the market.  

9.No Bull High Tops 

NoBull hi top Powerlifting shoes

Price: £121.70

These ladies powerlifting shoes from No Bull are fantastic in both their design and features. When it comes to long-term training, they truly go the distance. 

There is a high cut collar on the trainers that provides security and padding for your feet. There’s also an upper feature which is made of a durable and breathable fabric, which will ensure proper air flow through the trainer. The abrasion-resistant material that makes up the outer shoe will help to make the trainers long-lasting. 

The outsole was designed for not just lifting but for transitional movements as well. It can be used either indoors or outdoors with a great blend of flexibility, traction and support. 

The No Bull ladies powerlifting shoes are fantastic as there is a 4mm heel to toe drop, making them an ideal deadlift shoe as they will enable you to drive closer from the floor to full extension. 

There are medial guards for extra protection on the side of the shoes, as well as a handy reflective No Bull logo to ensure safety if you decide to use these trainers for a run at night. 

These shoes cost £121.70, and even though they may seem a little expensive, you should keep in mind that they can be used in a number of different exercises (whether they're indoor or outdoor!).  

10. Adidas Women’s Powerlift 3.1 

adipower powerlifting shoes

Price: £59.10

The Adidas Powerlift shoes are popular for a number of reasons. They offer a lower heel which makes for a smoother transition into a proper heel when you lift. 

The single strap design on the shoe would enable you to have plenty of security without the worry of foot movement. 

They're a great pair of cheap powerlifting shoes at £59.10 which is significantly cheaper than other powerlifting shoes on the market, making it a great starter shoe! 

It’s one of the lighter powerlifting shoes out there, which will help you to get used to wearing this type of shoe. The heel height is 0.6 inches which is ideal for helping with squat depth and stability in lifts. 

The EVA heel is durable and will last for a significant amount of time. Having an EVA heel would be ideal for cross-training and help you to get better at CrossFit

The product has a lightweight leather and breathable mesh enclosing them. So if you are performing high reps, they will be ideal because they're well ventilated. 

The Powerlift 3.1s womens powerlifting shoes have a foot strap which is wider than usual. The strap also has no excess overlap when you pull the trainers tight, making the shoes less hazardous. 

11. Adidas Leistung 16 II Weightlifting Shoes 

Adidas powerlifting shoes female

Price: £97.00

If you’re looking for ladies powerlifting shoes with comfort, then you have definitely come to the right place. 

The Adidas Leistung 16 II is designed for powerlifting and weightlifting and the shoe features a higher 1-inch heel. The material is a woven synthetic material, the BOA lacing system has a completely different look and it’s more subtle than the previous Leistung 16 Rio model. 

This shoe may not be ideal for hybrid lifting like CrossFit, however, with its raised heel the powerlifting shoes will help those who suffer from ankle or hip mobility issues. You can even use these shoes for landmine squats! If you haven't tried them before, check out OriGym's guide to landmine squats for full instructions and video demonstrations. 

The Adidas Leistung 16 IIs has a durable and sturdy TPU heel. The upper shoe material is slightly different from the other models, as it’s made out of fibreglass which will help lifters break into the shoe quicker. 

The reconstructed BOA lacing system enables the lifter a complete alternative to the regular strap. The BOA system is designed in the midfoot of the trainer so it does act as a strap yet without the worry of the overlap. The only thing to mention is the BOA system on these shoes would not be ideal for lifters who do long-duration sessions. 

If you’re looking for the best cheap powerlifting shoes then this could be an option for you! Having a 1-inch heel if you’re brand new to powerlifting may take time to adjust. However, if you have hip and ankle mobility issues then this could be a viable option. 

12. INOV 8 F-LITE 290 KNIT Women’s 

powerlifting shoes womens INOV 8

Price: £135.00 

These shoes are ideal as women’s powerlifting shoes as it would be ideal for squats! The grip on the soles is made from industry-leading sticky grip rubber which delivers better traction for every workout. It’s ideal for when you do squats with a solid base.  

The midsole minimises any shock impact and delivers underfoot cushioning without any compromise of feeling the ground properly. 

The heel of the shoe is 40% denser than the front of the shoe, the combined 4mm drop and the heel provides you with the maximum power and mechanical advantage when it comes to lifting weights. 

There is extra comfort within the lining of the heel, which is packed with memory foam to ensure you have the snug feeling in your shoe. These shoes would be good for not just powerlifting but for other sports like Olympic lifting and CrossFit. 

The grooves on the outsole of the shoe provide multi-directional flexibility. This will ensure you have high levels of exteroception and will allow your shoes to move naturally. 

As mentioned earlier, they're a great pair of powerlifting shoes because of how durable they are! In terms of price, they're not exactly cheap powerlifting shoes costing £135.00 as of March 2020, however they do come in a choice of 3 colours! 

13. Reebok Legacy Lifter II Women’s Training Shoes

best powerlifting shoes

Price: £150.00

If you’re looking for ladies powerlifting shoes with a heel, then these Reevok Legacy Lifter II shoes may be the option to go for. These powerlifting shoes are built with a stacked heel for stability and help you gain the optimal squat position.

They also have a breathable upper part of the shoe and like the men’s legacy lifter, have a low-cut design to help with ankle mobility, The outsole of the shoe is made from rubber which gives you a superior grip on the floor.

Reebok has a specific Flexcage technology which is used to help make the shoes lightweight yet stable. The leather material is also flexible which wraps around the foot for an extra snug fit, yet the movement will not feel restricted.

Unlike other brands, Reebok decided against using the single strap for these powerlifting shoes. Instead, it utilizes velcro straps, one of which is fitted nearer to the ankle, and one that is closer to the forefront of your foot. These straps run in opposite directions which will allow the wearer to quickly adjust the fit for personal preference. 

There are open mesh panels which are placed across the upper part of the shoe to provide ventilation. The material will allow cool air to flow through the shoe whilst having warm air released, which will ensure your feet will stay cool and fresh. 

The Exoframe technology wraps around the back of the shoe and offers good support to the ankle and heel area. This means better comfort for you and more importantly, keeps your foot stable throughout your training session. 

The Reebok Legacy Lifter II does not have a full TPU heel. Instead, it just has a TPU piece on the midsole to provide stability when you squat. The rest of the midsole is covered by EVA which provides lightweight cushioning and is highly durable. 

The grip rubber outsole provides great traction and durability, yet with the Legacy Lifter II, you will still have flexibility from the forefoot so it would be suitable for Olympic lifting, powerlifting or even CrossFit!

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