17 Best Pre Workout Supplements

good pre workout supplement

Are you looking for the best pre workout in the UK? OriGym has got you covered! 

We understand how important it is to feel ready for a challenging workout, and that’s why we have tried and tested tons of pre workout drinks and narrowed it down to the best 17!

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What is pre workout?

Just before we share our thoughts on the best pre workout to buy in the UK, we’re just going to explain what pre workout is and how you should take it!

A pre workout is a supplement powder mix designed to help boost energy and performance in any workout setting. 

Well, what is in pre workout? Some pre-workouts often include BCAA’s, caffeine and creatine as their primary sources to energise the user. 

It’s vital to fuel yourself properly before a challenging workout so you can keep working out for longer and harder!

So if you’re asking ‘what is a pre workout supplement?’, you should know that this is a supplement that is often purchased in powder form and mixed with water for a great tasting drink. It can also be bought in tablet form for a more compact and convenient way of feeling energised.  

What does pre workout do for you? 

Pre workout supplements like drinks and powders are designed to give you increased concentration and energy boost you need for your upcoming workout. 

With the added BCAA’s, caffeine and creatine, you will feel stimulated and energised to smash your personal best in no time! 

A lot of fitness professionals and beginners use pre workout to help boost athletic performance so there’s never been a better time to buy it! 

How to take pre workout

If you’re taking pre workout for the first time, don’t worry OriGym is here to help you out! First, we need to discuss when to take pre workout!

As the name suggests, you should take this supplement at least 30 to 60 minutes before your workout. 

Many people take supplements before the gym or during their workout to keep them fueled and ready for their next rep. 

If you’re wondering how long does pre workout last, well, it will all depend on you and the product. Some pre workout supplements can last up to 4-6 hours with the most potent effect being 30-60 minutes after taking it. 

For that reason, we strongly suggest you do not take a pre workout within 4 hours of going to bed. Otherwise, you will be up most of the night struggling to sleep!

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Now, since we’ve discussed what it is and how to take pre workout, let’s find the right one for you!

17 Best Pre Workouts (UK)

#1 Cellucor C4 Original Pre-Workout

Price: £17.99

good pre workout supplement

If you’re wondering ‘what is the best pre workout supplement’, look no further than the C4 Original Pre Workout! 

It’s a good pre workout supplement and is one of the most well known supplements in the world, and it has the impressive accolade of being the supplement of choice for Mat Fraser, winner of the fittest man on earth title four times in a row. 

C4 is marketed as a back to basics, no nonsense formula that offers high level performance without a plethora of ingredients and complications. 

The bulk of the supplement is made up of 150mg of caffeine, designed to make you more alert and focussed, and 1500mg of creatine, which is excellent for high intensity performance. 

The creatine content is why these pre workout supplements are often favoured by people partaking in an intense exercise like Crossfit.

Of the nine other ingredients, Vitamins C, B6 and B12 are there to combat fatigue and give you more energy by supporting your metabolism.

Other notable additions include beta-alanine and arginine support muscle function and can help boost circulation. 

It’s a great, simple mix that does the job and will see you through even the highest intensity workouts. 

When mixed with water, the drink has a faint watermelon taste, but it’s not the most potent flavour on the list. However, few choose these supplements purely for their taste as its all about the creatine and caffeine content.

Cellucor produces some of the best pre workout supplements globally, and they’re one of the most respected and trusted brands. 

If you’re looking for a supplement that has been suitably tried and tested for years, then this is undoubtedly the place to start. Each tub contains an impressive 60 servings, so it’s excellent value for money too. 


Price: £23.36

best pre workout supplement for females

BSN claim that this is their most powerful supplement yet, and it’s hard to argue. XPLODE regularly ranks high in top 10 pre-workout supplements lists, and it’s one of the most popular supplements in the world. 

BSN has been around for a long time (nearly 15 years!), and they have a string of awards to their name, so if pre workout supplements reviews influence you, then you’ll love this company. 

XPLODE has over 2000 Amazon reviews already, along with an impressive four star rating.

Mixing this powder with water creates a good pre workout drink for people who want a bit of everything from their supplements. 

XPLODE will give you an energy boost, enhance your performance and, perhaps most interestingly of all, give you a mental lift and help you focus. 

It is an all encompassing supplement and an excellent place to start if you aren’t sure what type of pre-workout you want.

150mg of caffeine helps with focus, but that’s only the beginning. A careful blend of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins B6, B1, B12, C and magnesium, is formulated to give you more energy. 

The mix is potent and will support you through even the most arduous workout. There’s also 3g of creatine and 1.5g of betaine, which will help with muscle function and recovery.

XPLODE is the favoured supplement of weightlifters and bodybuilders, but anybody will feel the benefits. 

A single 600g pack contains 30 servings, but you can also get a bigger 1.05kg offering containing 50 servings. 

Flavours are surprisingly varied too. You can choose from fruit punch, green apple, blue raspberry or the ubiquitous watermelon flavour. 

Whichever you choose, the benefits are the same, and there’s a reason that this particular supplement is coming close to attaining legendary status.

If you need a bottle to put your pre workout in, take a look at OriGym’s article on the best protein shakers

#3 Nutrex Research Outlift Clinical

Price: £32.89

top pre-workout supplements

As the name suggests, this supplement is all about lifting and power. We think it’s the best pre workout supplement to get ripped, and it’s backed up by reams of science and a host of satisfied customers around the world. 

This is one of the few supplements that can actually increase muscle mass and strength gains. It does this through its unique blend of specially formulated ingredients. 

A mix of BCAAs, caffeine, and creatine alters how your muscles behave on a molecular level, encouraging greater ATP replenishment, more forceful contractions and dramatically increased energy production.

Many supplements promise better focus and more energy, but very few offer real performance benefits. 

Outlift contains 6g of BCAAs, which reduce muscle breakdown during a workout and help with recovery and repair afterwards. 

The supplement is straightforward to prepare. Just add a single scoop to 8-12oz of cold water, and you’ve got the best pre workout drink for getting ripped quickly and safely. 

The drink is best consumed 30-45 minutes before you start working out, and you should avoid taking more than one per day, but this supplement is so potent that we’re sure you won’t need to! 

Outlift is undoubtedly the best pre workout supplement available for bodybuilders. Flavours are nicely varied too and include the fantastically original gummy bear, Italian Ice and Miami Vice. 

This is a supplement for serious athletes in search of series gains, and it will support you every step of the way. 

#4 Genius Pre

Price: £27.76

best pre workout energy drink

There are some undoubted benefits to a caffeine infused pre workout drink, but quite a few downsides too. 

Caffeine can lead to energy peaks and troughs. A crash is the last thing you need, especially if you’re a runner in the middle of a lengthy race. Caffeine isn’t ideal if you’re working out late at night either, and it gives some people the infamous “jitters.”

That’s where the Genius Pre comes in. It’s the best stimulant free pre workout supplement on the market, and it provides a nice wave of energy without caffeine, and therefore without the accompanying crash. 

It’s great if you work out late at night and want to go to bed soon afterwards, and anyone searching for pre-workout supplements for runners will love it too. 

The energy release on offer here is smooth, gentle and will see you through a race without a single slump.

Genius emphasises focus and engages the brain, which they believe will expand your physical capabilities. 

Ingredients are formulated to increase focus and concentration, so the supplement contains many nootropics and neuro-boosters. By fostering a better brain/muscle connection, you’ll be able to push harder through your limits.

Beta alanine, citrulline malate and AlphaSize are included to work directly on your muscles, increasing nitric oxide and, by extension, increasing blood flow too. 

The science behind the supplement is interesting, and Genius suggests that you can even use it in other areas of life, perhaps in the office to boost your concentration.

Struggling with fitness when you’re in the office? Take a look at our ultimate guide to office fitness! 

If you’re looking for a pre workout supplement without caffeine, your choices can often seem limited, but you can’t do much better than this offering from Genius. 

Not only does the supplement increase blood flow, but it gives you a mental edge too, and all without any accompanying crash or jitters.

#5 Bulk Powders Elevate

Price: £19.99 

pre workout supplements reviews

Bulk Powders are another big name in the world of fitness, and their supplement doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of the most densely packed available, with an impressive 12 active ingredients, one of the highest numbers on the list. 

That makes the powder great for any form of workout from running to weightlifting, and each of the ingredients gives you a different kind of edge.

Vitargo is the most interesting. It’s a high quality sports carbohydrate, so these powders are perfect for anyone searching for a pre workout carb drink. 

The supplement also contains above average amounts of caffeine (200g), beta alanine (3.5g) and Trimethylglycine (3g). The amino acid L-tyrosine is closely linked to adrenaline, and Elevate contains 400mg.

You won’t find a more densely packed supplement anywhere on the list. The combination will boost energy, focus, performance and, perhaps most importantly of all, endurance. 

Elevate is undoubtedly the best pre workout supplement for multidisciplinary athletes and those who want their powders to cover many bases. Its lengthy ingredient list has undergone rigorous testing to work out the optimal dosages for top performance.

Bulk Powders are also very strict about their labelling. There are no hidden ingredients, and everything is listed in its exact quantity, so you’ll always know what you’re consuming. 

That makes Elevate arguably the safest pre workout supplement on the market, and it’s certainly reassuring. Many worry about taking safe pre-workout supplements, but you will have complete peace of mind with this fully transparent approach.

#6 Dymatize ISO100 Hydrolyzed

Price: £54.00

best pre workout supplement for energy

ISO100 is one of the best pre workout supplements for men and women who want protein with pre workout properties. That makes it great for bodybuilders, weightlifters and those trying to get ripped. 

This supplement isn’t just about protein though and offers plenty of other great benefits around energy release and muscle repair.

A single serving contains as much as 25g of protein, which is by far the most you’ll find on this list, and one of the highest totals offered by any supplement. 

That amount is crucial for muscle growth and repair and will give you a genuine edge in the bodybuilding stakes. 

Don’t just take our word for it either, this supplement won the “Isolate Protein of the Year” award for five years in a row between 2013-2017, and it’s still the best selling supplement of its kind.

If you’re looking for cheaper protein powders, take a look at OriGym’s list of the best cheap protein powders! 

It's easily one of the most effective pre workout supplements for weightlifters looking to load up on protein and get quite a few additional benefits at the same time. 

The supplements include BCAAs (up to 5.6g per serving) which are essential amino acids. BCAAs are present in quite a few supplements, but this is a higher than average amount. BCAAs have a crucial role in synthesising protein, and also delay the breakdown of proteins within muscles.

High levels of BCAAs alongside high levels of protein mean that you’re not only getting the raw materials but also the means to process the 2.6g of leucine has a similar effect and generally prevents protein degradation during a workout. 

ISO100 is one of the best pre workout protein supplements in terms of sheer balance. It gives you a huge dose of protein while also helping your body make the best use of it. 

#7 NutraBio Pre-workout

Price: £29.21

pre workout supplements for women

NutraBio has been around for a long time, and they’ve spent years working on the perfect supplement. 

The result is this pre workout powder, which contains a mix of amino acids, caffeine and nitric oxide boosters. This combination makes it one of the most effective pre workout supplements you’ll find. 

It’s won Supplement Review’s Product of the Month on several occasions and is generally one of the world’s most popular supplements. 

L-citrulline is the main nitric oxide pump. Studies show that regularly taking this supplement improves oxygen uptake in those undergoing rigorous exercise, making it especially useful for long distance runners. 

A high L-leucine content assists with protein synthesis, which in turn stimulates muscle growth and repair. It will also help with soreness the next day and generally shorten your recovery time.

Beta alanine has been shown repeatedly to delay fatigue, again great for endurance athletes, and this supplement is especially high in creatine. It contains 7g per serving, one of the highest on this list. 

Creatine helps the body replenish diminished energy stocks more quickly, and is considered an essential amino acid. There are plenty of other ingredients too, including caffeine, which helps with alertness and focus.

Mixing the powder into cold water gives you an excellent creatine pre workout drink that's packed with amino acids and fully dosed, so you don’t have to worry. Peace of mind is key with NutraBio. 

Not only does the company have nearly twenty years of experience, but they operate with full transparency. All ingredients are clearly listed along with their dosages. Pre workout energy supplements don’t come much transparent than this, so you’ll always be in control of what you’re consuming.

#8 Transparent Labs Bulk

Price: £35.83

cheap pre workout supplements

If you’re looking for a pre workout supplement that’s careful about its ingredients, then you’ll absolutely love Bulk. 

It contains zero artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives, and it’s even gluten free and non GMO. You won’t find a much better profile than that anywhere, and the supplement still packs a huge punch.

If you’re looking for gluten free products, you should take a look at the 15 best gluten free protein bars!

In fact, Bulk is one of the most effective pre workout supplements for athletes looking to gain muscle and mass (hence the name). 

It excels in those areas for quite a few reasons. The formula is designed as testosterone support and includes Vitamin D3, boron and zinc. This combination builds muscle and is scientifically proven to increase mass.

The supplement will help you push harder, too. A single serving contains an impressive 19 active ingredients, including nitric oxide pumps. These will help you work out harder for longer by giving oxygenation a boost. 

They’ll also stave off fatigue and cramps while the testosterone support does it work getting you ripped. 

Bulk contains BCAAs too, again geared towards muscle development and the synthesis of protein. Everything in this supplement is designed to help you build muscle quickly and safely, making it immensely popular amongst bodybuilders. 

There are several flavours to choose from too, including the super tasty strawberry lemonade and tropical punch. This isn’t a pre workout energy drink that you’ll mix up and then have to force down; the flavours are actually quite appetising! 

That might explain why Bulk has some of the best pre workout supplement reviews around, with an impressive five star rating to its name from 2883 reviews!

#9 Revere Pre-workout

Price: £29.21

good pre workout drink

Revere stands out on the list as the best natural pre workout energy drink currently available anywhere in the world. 

These powders contain all natural ingredients, and as such are perfect for anybody searching for completely safe pre workout supplements free of unfamiliar ingredients and additives. 

Natural ingredients are the order of the day here, and the ingredient list is refreshingly short. 

There’s sweet potato, included to boost stamina and energy, as well as beetroot and pomegranate for increased blood flow, extra endurance, and strength. Vitamins B12 and B6 help with endurance too, and the whole thing comes to a mere 45 calories!

That minuscule calorie count makes Revere the best pre workout drink for anybody worried about their weight, and it’s an all round healthy option. 

There is caffeine, but since it's derived from natural ingredients (green tea, coffee and guarana to be exact), it comes without any crashes, sudden spikes or nasty jitters. 

This supplement is proof that natural ingredients can deliver a big performance boost, and the crash free caffeine is particularly great.

If that wasn’t enough, Revere tastes good too. There's an assortment of flavours available, including blackberry-strawberry and peach mango, as well as a neat twist on the traditional watermelon flavour in the form of watermelon lime. 

It can sometimes be difficult to make up an all natural pre workout drink, but these powders are perfect. All the flavours are suitably refreshing too, and genuinely taste like a natural health drink!

#10 Pre-Kaged

Price: £29.21

pre workout supplements for men

Pre-Kaged is another supplement that’s excellent for bodybuilders due to its high amino acid content. It helps with protein synthesis while slowing protein breakdown.

Pre-Kaged is much more than just a weightlifter supplement though, and it has enough active ingredients to improve your energy levels, focus and endurance.

Kaged has been tweaking this formula for years, and this offering represents the pinnacle of their research. It's won an array of awards including accolades from, Vitamin Shoppe and Micro Pure to name but a few. 

We're not surprised, because the specially formulated mix of ingredients will genuinely help you build more muscle by triggering harder muscle pumps, helping you train for longer and giving you a mental edge.

It does this through a mixture of BCAAs and amino acids like L-citrulline and creatine, all of which support muscle growth and repair.

If you want to use BCAA’s differently, look at our article on the best BCAA tablets you can find online! 

Pre-Kaged is undoubtedly one of the top pre-workout supplements for bodybuilders, but the inclusion of pure, organic caffeine and antioxidants will benefit anybody. The increased mental focus is tangible, and the supplement will shorten your recovery times too.

Identifying safe pre workout energy supplements is always important, so you’ll be pleased to hear that Pre-Kaged is a fully disclosed, dosed supplement that’s undergone rigorous testing. All the ingredients and quantities are clearly displayed, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting. 

Various minor adjustments to the formula mean that it can now be prepared using much less water, which gives it a smoother texture and enhanced flavour. 

Stirring a 30g scoop into a glass will give you a low carb pre workout drink that’s miles ahead of the competition in terms of taste and sheer drinkability. Most importantly, it performs big too, and Pre-Kaged won all those awards for a reason.

#11 Evlution Nutrition ENGN Shred

Price: £29.24

pre-workout drink reviews

ENGN Shred is unique on the list in that it's geared mainly towards losing weight and burning fat. 

It’s unusual to find a pre workout energy supplement that will actually increase your metabolism. While this claim might seem somewhat dubious, the truth about pre workout supplements like this is that they really do work, and are fully supported by science. 

The supplement works via a clever mix of unique ingredients, many of which you won’t find elsewhere. CLA boosts your metabolism, and in doing so, encourages your body to burn through stored fat as you work out. L-tartrate and L-carnitine work a similar effect and encourage your body to use up fat.

Coleus is of particular note. It’s a natural ingredient extracted from a herb that offers excellent appetite control and, again, gives your metabolism a boost. 

Combining these ingredients will encourage your body to use its fat reserves to fuel energy, especially during a longer workout. 

Best of all, ENGN comes with all the usual benefits you would expect from a more standard supplement. 

It contains all natural green tea and coffee, giving you a clean hit of energy that will help you push harder for longer, as well as beta alanine, which reduces lactic acid buildup. That makes a big difference and will help to ward off muscle cramps and fatigue.

This combination of fat burning properties and workout support makes ENGN Shred is the best pre workout supplement for women and men looking to lose weight fast. Not only will it make your workouts easier, but it will make them more effective too. 

#12 Naked Energy 

Price: £29.24

top 10 pre-workout supplements

Naked has been rigorous in their testing of this supplement. Not only does it contain no added salt or sugar, no artificial stimulants, soy or gluten, but it’s been independently tested for heavy metal elements by a third party laboratory. 

It might just be the safest pre workout supplement in the world, and it’s certainly the best pre workout drink for those who are careful about what they put into their bodies. 

Naked Energy has the rare accolade of being free from all additives, and its clean energy hit distinguishes it as one of the purest additions to the list. 

It’s fast acting too, so you only need to consume it around 15-30 minutes before your workout to get the full effect. 

There is caffeine, so this isn’t a stimulant free supplement, but the caffeine is a natural source from unroasted coffee beans to make for a smoother, longer lasting release of energy.

Alongside the caffeine, there are many vitamins for energy including C, B3, B6 and B12, great for muscle development, energy release and endurance. 

The supplement doesn’t have the spectacularly long list of ingredients that many others do, but what it does contain is safe, pure and effective. 

You’ll be getting a decent dose of creatine and beta alanine too, along with some calcium and folate.

The supplement is easy to prepare and requires just one or two scoops into an 8 oz glass of water. 

If you’re searching for a reasonably cheap pre workout supplement that’s all natural and carefully checked, then this is probably the one for you. It even tastes good, and the standard fruit punch tastes delicious! 

#13 Powher 

Price: £35.00

natural pre workout drink

Powher is one of the few pre workout supplements designed specifically for women. Pre workout supplements for women are notoriously difficult to find, and female athletes often have to make do with what’s currently available rather than finding something tailored specifically for them. 

Powher’s mission statement is simple: make “bespoke” pre workout supplements uniquely designed for female needs. They’ve done this by focussing on three main areas; weight loss, increased concentration/energy, and shorter recovery times. 

There’s a different pre workout on offer to support each of these goals, every one of them rigorously tested. Powher fat burner does what it says on the tin. It contains Konjac fibre, which controls your appetite and reduces calorie intake.

The nootropic variant for focus is the best pre workout supplement for females who want to boost their energy, endurance and concentration levels. 

Lion’s Mane mushroom is included to support the regeneration and repair of brain cells, niacin reduces fatigue, and Vitamin B6 has a range of neuroactive benefits. For example, Vitamin B6 plays a crucial role in forming the feel good hormones serotonin and norepinephrine and is important for improving the nervous system function.

The third and final supplement might not seem like a pre work out at all, but it is important. Sleep support is vital if you want to maximise your workout gains. Muscles repair, regenerate and grow while you sleep, and your body recovers in time for the next session. 

That’s why Powher’s sleep formulation is so important. A combination of melatonin, magnesium and L-tryptophan will help you get to sleep quicker and enjoy a better quality of sleep, so you'll be ready to push hard the next day.

#14 .50 Calibre Pre Workout

Price: £40.00

best pre workout supplement reviews

.50 is another pre workout designed to be explosive and give you bursts of energy that are perfect for more arduous workouts and is one of the best, cheap pre workout supplements. 

It contains high levels of essential amino acids, so it’s great for bodybuilders, many of whom consider it the best pre workout supplement to get ripped. 

The formula is designed to increase blood flow to the muscles, facilitating muscle growth and shortening recovery time.

Recovery is vital whether you’re a novice at the gym or an elite athlete, take a look at the following articles to help you recover in no time at all:

The ingredient list contains citrulline malate, beta vulgarise, and theobroma cacao, which boosts blood flow and oxygenation, enabling you to push harder and longer without experiencing cramps or fatigue.

.50 is the best pre workout energy drink for weightlifters who want to go for longer, and it’s great for getting ripped as it increases muscle pumps too.

It’s carefully dosed, unlike many supplements which don’t reveal their dosages and just contain trace ingredients that look attractive on the label. 

A serving with water around 30 minutes before a workout is perfect, but this pre workout is long lasting, so you can take it up to 2 1/2 hours beforehand and still feel the effects.

It’s exceptionally cheap too, and one of the most reasonably priced pre workouts on the list, making it an ideal choice for anybody in search of cheap pre workout supplements that still pack a huge punch. 

It’s also good if you’re trying to cut down on caffeine because it’s one of the more caffeine light supplements on the list compared to others.

#15 MyProtein the Pump

Price: £24.29

best natural pre workout energy drink

There are a lot of benefits to caffeine based supplements. Caffeine is a fairly safe way to give yourself an energy boost, and it can also help with focus and concentration. 

There are downsides, though. The burst of energy from caffeine isn’t always smooth, can cause jitters and even a crash when it eventually wears off. That’s why so many search for low caffeine or even caffeine free pre workouts to see them through their session. 

The Pump contains no added caffeine, so it’s a great choice for evening workouts and won’t interfere with your sleep. 

It’s the best pre workout supplement for energy that doesn’t rely on a high caffeine count, and it contains the patented ingredient VASO6. VASO6 is extracted from green tea and provides an even, slow release of energy that’s long lasting and won’t result in a crash.

There’s Vitamin C too, which has the additional benefit of supporting your immune system, so you’re less likely to miss a gym session through ill health! 

It also contains iron supports circulation, and high levels of amino acids assist with muscle growth and repair. 

The Pump also contains a higher than average thiamine amount, which is great for cardiovascular health and overall fitness.

Cheap pre workout supplements in the UK don’t come much better than The Pump, and you won’t find many with a lower caffeine count either. 

If pre-workout drink reviews sway you, The Pump has some highly positive ones from people who love the low caffeine content and the smooth energy release this supplement delivers. 

Anyone looking for safe pre workout energy supplements that won’t keep them awake through the night can’t go wrong with The Pump.

#16 100% Cyclic-Dextrin Carbs

Price: £20.58

cheap pre workout supplements uk

MyProtein has been a feature in many of our supplement articles but has also been included in the ultimate list of protein cookies!

The beauty of this particular supplement is that not only does it make an excellent pre workout carb drink, but you can consume it post workout too, and still get some great benefits.

 It’s somewhat different to the other supplements on the list in that it contains (as the name suggests) 100% cyclic dextrin, which is a soluble form of carbohydrate.

Carbs sometimes get a bad press, but they serve a useful purpose for working out. Carbs play a vital role in muscle growth and repair, and they support you during the post workout recovery phase. 

They’re a vital source of energy too, and when consumed responsibly will give you a real lift. You’ll get 24g of pure carbohydrate per serving with this supplement, and that’s a big dose that will have a tangible effect.

There’s no doubt that this is the best pre workout supplement for those who prioritise recovery above anything else. It does deliver an energy release, but the biggest difference lies in how your body recovers. 

Carbs replenish glycogen stores after a workout, which helps your muscles repair and grow much more quickly. That’s why you can take this supplement both before and after a workout for maximum efficacy. 

It’s vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free as well. Unfortunately, there’s only one flavour, and worse still it’s the somewhat insipid “flavourless” variety. 

However, the taste isn’t really the point with a pre workout, and we’d rather have something effective like this than a different supplement that tastes great but doesn’t offer many benefits.

#17 MyProtein - The Pre Workout

Price: £17.49

low carb pre workout drink

If there were an award for best tasting pre workout supplements, this product from MyProtein would probably win! 

It comes in a range of flavours including lemon sherbet, blue raspberry and even cola. They all taste great, so this is a good pre workout drink if you can’t stand the slightly more “chemically” flavour that many others have.

The advantages extend well beyond just the taste, though. The blend of caffeine and creatine is energy focussed and will give you a noticeable lift. 

The benefits of caffeine are obvious and include increased energy and a mental edge. This pre workout contains 175mg per serving. 

There are quite a few amino acids packed in too, which help with proper muscle function. These can't be produced in the body naturally, so getting them from an exterior source is vital. 

Creatine is the other primary ingredient. It increases blood flow and helps you perform more effective pumps.

It also has a part to play in muscle repair post workout to shorten your recovery time. Creatine has been linked to what might be termed “explosiveness,” and an athlete's ability to produce sudden bursts of speed and power. 

With that in mind, we think this particular pre workout is fantastic for runners who want a little extra boost or a moment of explosiveness to carry them across the finish line or see them safely through a mid race slump. 

The Pre Workout is one of the cheaper offerings on the list too, and with its great flavour and brilliant caffeine/creatine combination, there’s no reason not to give it a try!

Before you go!

Well, there you have it, the 17 best pre workout drinks and supplements you can find online!

It’s important when you do buy any of these products to regulate how much you take them because having too much at one time can be detrimental to your health. 

However, each of these products will help you feel energised and ready to take your workout to the next level!

If you want to be a part of the health and fitness industry, take a look at OriGym’s Level 4 Advanced Sports Nutrition Course. 

Otherwise, download our free prospectus for further information about the other courses we currently offer!

Also, don't forget to download our 16 week home strength training programme before you go! 

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